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Full text of "Dictionary of the language of the Micmac Indians [microform] : who reside in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton and Newfoundland"

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>- IM III 
















WEESTER.N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 




Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes/Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographically unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checked below. 


Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

I I Covers damaged/ 

Couverture endommagde 

Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaurde et/ou pellicul6e 

Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps/ 

Cartes g^ographiques en couleur 

□ Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I I Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 

Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
Reli6 avec d'autres documents 




Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La reliure serr^e peut causer de i'ombre ou de la 
distortion le long de la marge int6rieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajoutdes 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela ^tait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas 6t6 filmdes. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires suppl^mentaires; 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a 6t6 possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-dtre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la mdthode normale de filmage 
sont indiqu6s ci-dessous. 

I I Coloured pages/ 

Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommagdes 

□ Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pages restaurdes et/ou pelliculdes 


Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages ddcolordes, tachet^es ou piqu^es 

I I Pages detached/ 

Pages d6tach6es 


Quality of prir 

Quality indgale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary materi£ 
Comprend du materiel supplementaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Edition disponible 

rVj Showthrough/ 

I I Quality of print varies/ 

[ I Includes supplementary material/ 

I I Only edition available/ 



Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont 6X6 filmdes d nouveau de fapon d 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 










This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est film6 au taux de reduction indiqu6 ci-dessous. 

10X 14X 18X 22X 










The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

Library of the Public 
Archives of Canada 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol — »> (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

L'exemplaire film6 fut reproduit grAce A la 
gAn«rosit6 de: 

La bibliothdque des Archives 
publiques du Canada 

Les images suivantes ont 6t6 reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition et 
de la nettet6 de l'exemplaire film*, et en 
conformity avec les conditions du contrat de 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est imprimie sont filmds en commenp ant 
par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
derni&re page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second 
plat, salon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
origiriaux sont film6s en commen^ant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la dernidre page qui comporte une telle 

Un des symboles suivants apparaitra sur la 
dernidre image de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbols — ^ signifie "A SUIVRE ", le 
symbols V signifie "FIN". 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre 
filmte d des taux de reduction diffdrents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre 
reproduit en un seul cliche, il est film* A partir 
de Tangle supdrieur gauche, de gauche * droite, 
et de haut en bas. en prenant le nombre 
d'images nicessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la m*thode. 



















HALIFAX, N. .S. . 





The Consonants are sounded as in English, g being always hard, as in 
go, egg, and c exactly like k : ch as in church. H following a vowel, in the 
same syllable, (as in ahk), is a soft guttural, (like the German ch in ich). 
The Vowels are sounded thus • 

a as in father. 

a as in fate. 

ft as \nfat. 

k as the second a in abaft. 

e as in me. 

€ as in met. 

ei as I in pine (ei in height). 

\ as in pin. 

o as in no. 

as in not. 

u as in tube, use. 

ii as in ttib. 

00 as in/ool, (move), 

60 as in good, wood. 

ow as in now. 
When any other vowel is doubled, as aa, aa, ee, or when an o is marked 
thus, o, the usual sound of these letters is prolonged. 

The usual place for the accent in Micmac is on the penult. When it 
falls on any other syllable, it is marked. But a prolonged vowel (aa, aa, 
ce. 6, or oo') always takes the accent ; n doubled (nn) at the end of a 
word 1% prolonged ; m or « at the beginning of a word, preceded by an 
accent (thus : '/«, 'n), is sounded without a vowel. 




compiler of the following work has been for more than forty years laboring as a Mis- 
sionary among the Micmac Indians. He considered it a matter of prime importance to 
make himself acquainted with their language, and early set himself to the task, with what 
few helps he could command ; and his success has surprized himself as well as many others. As 
many ^^ forty thousand o{ their words have been collected and arranged in alphabetical order ; 
the whole of the New Testament, and portions of the Old Testament, have been translated and 
published in Micmac, with other smaller books. The compiler of this volume soon discovered, 
what many are now willing to admit, that the Indians are a very remarkable people, with most 
remarkable languages, traditions, customs and habits, and that every thing connected with 
them is calculated to awaken the deepest interest, for the christian, the philologist, the ethnolo- 
gist, and all others who take an interest in exploring the works of nature and of art, and who 
are interested in the welfare of their fellow men. 

It is pleasant to know that a wide-spread interest in the aborigines of America has been 
of late years awakened, and is every where extending. 

From all quarters of the civilized world there comes a demand for more information 
respecting these people and ail that pertains to them. 

To contribute in some measure in aid of these enquiries, has been my object — qx one object 
at least — in preparing this Dictionary. 

It is hut one portion, and that the smallest and least important portion of the whole work. 
It is, however, complete by itself, and will give a good idea of the Language, and may lead, it 
is devoutly hoped, to the publication of the larger and more important portion — viz. : The 
Micmac- English, which is ready for the press, or nearly so, and the printing may be begun as 
soon as the means of defraying the expense is forthcoming. 

The Dominion Government have paid for the manuscripts of both portions of the work. 
They have declined to undertake f ,e cost of publishing both portions, but have furnished 
means for printing the jmaller porti .n— the Engiish-Micmac. 


A Dictionary of any language should contain all the words of the language— at least so 
far as their ground-forms are concerned. The Grammar should exhibit all the phenomena of 
the language; its Etymology and Syntax, etc. — the declensicm of the Nouns and the conjugation 
of the Verbs, and whatever else belongs to its peculiar idiom — but the Lexicon, the Dictionary 
— should exhibit the words to the eye. A dictionary is defective that omits a single word. 
Vocabularies and Abridgements have their value, and they can be easily obtained and printed 
at small cost. But what can a vocabulary even of one thousand worr's teach respecting a 
language, which contains besides the tens of thousands of foims in their inflections and Con- 
jugations, forty thousand ground-forms and more. 


The Micmac, like many, if not all, of the Native American Languages, is remarkable for 
its copiousness, its regularity of Declension and Conjunction, its expressiveness, its simplicity 
of vocables, and its mellifluousness. In all these particulars and others, it will not suffer from 
a comparison with any of the most learned and polished languages of the world. 

One peculiarity which has been termed by philologists, Hulophrastic, — a word derived from 
two Greek words, and denoting that "a whole sentence is comprehended in a single word" — a 
compound oi course,— may be referred to as explaining one cause of the multiplicity of words. 
This characteristic of the language, while it wonderfully shortens speech, greatly multiplies 
words. For instance the phrase, " I am walking about, carrying a beautiful black umbrella over 
my head," comprising a sentence of twelve words and twenty-one syllables, can be all expressed 
in a single word in Micmac, containing but ten syllables — " yaie-oole-mAktawe-pck6se " This 
is done by seizing upon the roots, or principle parts of the several words of which the word is 
composed, dropping off all that is mere grammar, and then by means of ««/<?«-vowels, or the 
union of vowels combining or dove-tailing \.\\a^ roots together in the most artistic manner, so as 
exactly to express the meaning of the whole, without any ambiguity or possibility of mistake. 
Like the arrow shot from his bow, by which the Indian lad can hit a cent placed in the sand, 
edge toward him, s.nA knock it up without missing his aim — which I have many a tmie seen 
done — so in his speech he learns to hit the mark exactly, say what he intends, nothing more, 
and nothing less— he can tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The ideas 
thus expressed, can also, if we choose, be brought out in the usual way, by using these words 
by themselves. 

Thus the above specimen is composed of four words and may be thus analyzed ; — 

1st. Pokwoson — meaning — i. A roof. 2. Any shelter from the rain over the head. 3. An 
umbrella. From this noun a verb is formed — cpkwosc — which means — "I have a shelter from 
the rain over my head." (In itself a capital illustration of the holophrasttc principle.) The 
other words which are combined in this long one are — ist. Yalea — " I walk about." MAktawae — 
"I am black;" weliie — '' I am well, good, or beautiful" — which becomes oole in composition — 
thus we get the whole word — (which may be added \.o ad libitum,) y7L\t-oo\Q — makl4we-pokw6se, 
a regular verb, in the Indicative Mood, Present Tense, First Person, Singular: I am — walking 
— about — carrying — a beautiful — black — umbrella — over my head." 

Several illustrations on a smaller scale, are given in the body of this Dictionary. But 
we may introduce here a more extended specimen. I select the word for foot. There are 
three words in Micmac to denote this ; some of them never used except in composition. 
But here, as in other cases, the usual term in other dialects of the same family, viz., The 
Algonkin, appears when the word comes out in compostion. 

The following list, which comprises more than ttvo hundred and fifty Micmac words, will 
show the wonderful fullness of the language — (a defect we may call it — but with that matter 
philologists and philosophers have nothing to do in the case. Our business is to exhibit /<T<r/J, 
and neither to make or to mend the language,) and the main reason why a dictionary unabridged 
must, if justice be done, contain so many words. Of course it is out of the question to exhibit 
all the forms of conjugation and declension. For the conjugation of a single Micmac verb 
would make a large book. It would have to contain d^aoMl fifteen thousand forms. 

We may be content to exhibit a few of the ground forms connected with the noun 
" mkit," a foot : — 


A foot, 'MkAt ; Ookwfit ; plur., Ookwodiil. 

i1/)//.w/, 'NksU'. Thy foot, vkW:. His foot, Ookysol'. 

The sole of the foot, flkrmSsedei'. 

The hollow of the foot, W6ln6ksedei'. 

The ball of the f'^ot, k»5tsedei'. 

The instep, Nsescs'iinum. Also, The top portion of the moccasin, coverins; the instep. 

The heel of the foot, 'Mkoon ; Ookoon. My, Thy, His, 'Nkoon ; ukoon ; Ookoon. 

The end of the foot, keneskooseedei'. 

To have feet, VVt^gdde ; Ookwode. 

The foot or hoof of a gramenivorous animal, Oosit' ; plur., Oositk'. 

He has a hoof, Oositawit'. 

// is a hoof. It is the footprint of a hoof, Oositawik. 

A pretty foot, WolckAt'. 

To have j^ood or pretty feet, WcIuhkwoJe ; Wglekadei' ; Welsedei'; Wcla'bookse ; VVClabookscdei'. 

An ngly foot, Winekat'. 

To have ugly feet, VVinuhkwode ; WinegAdei' ; Winsedei' ; Wina'bookse ; Winabookscdei'. 

A clean foot, VVokumekut'. 

To have clean feet, VVokumegddei' ; Wokumusedei' \ Wokumegide ; Wokuma'bookse ; Wokuma'- 

A dirty foot, MSjekftt'. 
To have dirty feet, MejegAdei' ; Mcjiksedei' ; Mejeguhwode ; Mcjega'bookse ; Mejega'booksedei' ; 

To have but one foot, Naooktegadei' ; Naooktekwode ; Naooktusekdei' ; Naookta'bookse ; 


To have poor feet and legs, i\oo\l\^cgdi(\^\^ \ aoolegdde ; aooluhkwode; aoolegadei' ; aoola'bookse ; 

To have tivo feet and lei^s, To be a biped, Taboocgadei' ; Taboosedei' ; Tabooa'bookse ; Tabooa'- 

booksedei ; Tabookwode. 
To have three feet, Nasuhkwt5de ; NasegAdei' ; Nasusedei ; Nasa'bookse ; Nasa'booksedei'. 
To have four feet, Nauhkwode ; Naoocgadei' ; Naooa'bookse ; Naooa'booksedei'. (And so on 

through all the numbers). 

To have many feet, Pegvveluhkwode ; Pegwelegadei' ; Pegw£lsedei' ; Pegwela'bookse ; Pegwela'- 
booksedei' ; kakeiyesuhkvvode ; kakeiyesegadei' ; kakeiyesedei' ; kakeiyesa'booksc ; kakei- 

To have a hundred feet. To be a centipede, kuskimtulndkunuhkwode ; kuskimtulnakunegadei' ; 
kuskimtulnaksedei' ; kuskimtulnaksebookse ; kuskimtulnakuna'booksedei. 

A ivhite foot, Wobekat'. 

To have white feet, Wobegwode ; WobegAdei' ; Wopsedei ; Wopsuhkwode. 

A black foot. Maktawekat'. 

It ts a black foot. There are black feet, Maktawegadik ; Maktawegadek'. 

To have black feet, Maktauhkvvode ; Maktawegadei' ; Maktaoosedei'. 

A red foot, Megwegdt'. 

It is a red foot, 'There are red feet there, Megwegadik. 

To have red feet, Meguhkwode ; Megwegadui, ; Mckwsedei . 




A cloven foot, Nclikse^Al'. 

To bt cloven footed, NeliksegAdei' ; NCliksedei' ; Nfliksa'bookse ; Neliksa'booksedei'. 

A lar\^e foot, MagckAt'. 

To have large feet, Maguhkw5ilc; Mageg;Vlci' ; Makscdoi' ; Maga'bookse ; Maga'booksedei', 

A small foot, Apsfisit. 

7r> //rt7v jwrt/Z/tr/, Apsiihkwode ; apsiisedei' ; .Ipsckadei' ; Apsa'booksc ; Spsa'booksedei'. 

To have long feet, I'cda'bookse ; Peda'booksedoi'. 

A short foot and leg, Tfgopskusit. 

lo have short feet, 'rCgopskusedei' ; Tcgwa'bookse ; Tcgwa'booksedei'. 

A wide foot, kcskusit. 

To have a zvide foot, kcsuhkwude ; kcsogAdei' ; kcskusedei' ; kcska'bookse ; kSska'booksede/. 

To have strong feet, )>\c\V,yMi.vjodQ; MclkcgAdei' ; MClkfisedei'. 

A strong f 00', MClkusit. 

To be lazy footed, or lazy on the feet and legs, Maluhkwode ; MiiluhkAdei' ; Maluhsedei'. 

To be web footed, 'Mta'gunegadei ; Oota'guiiegadei ; 'Mta'grMUihkwotle; Oota'giidiilikwode ; Oota'- 

guiniscdei' ; 'Mta'giinusedci' ; 'Mtagiina'bookse : Ootagunabookse ; 'Mtaguna'booksedei' ; 

Oota'guna'booksedei', (Lit., to have paddle-shaped feet). 
To have solid feet, like a horse, Mcsuhkwode; Mcsegadei ; Mcsusedei' ; Mcsa'bookse ; Mcsa'book- 

A cnrionsly formed foot and leg, Wegooekal'. 
To have curiously formed feet, Wegooiihkvvode ; WegooegAdei' ; Wegoo'sedei ; Wegooa'bookse ; 

What kind of feet have f ^ Talsedei ? Talnlikwode ? TalegAdei' ? Tala'bookse ? Tala'booksedei'. 
To have such feet, 'Y&v\hkvi6<\c \ Telsedei' ; T^labookse ; Tcla'booksedei'. 

To have a mans foot, To have feet like a man, ChenumooegAdei' ; Chenumoouhkwode ; Chen- 
urn oo'sedei' ; ChenCimooabookse ; Cheiuunooa'boukscdci'. 
A man s foot, CheniimoockAl'. 
A tuoman's foot, abitawx.^al'. 
To hare a xvomans foot. To have a foot like a woman's, abitauhkvvodc; SbitawekAdei'; Abitaoo- 

sedei' ; abitawa'bookse ; abilfiwa'booksedci'. 
An Indian s foot, ulnoockal'. 
To have an Indians foot, lilnooiihkwode ; ulnooekutei' ; ulnoosedei' ; uliiooa'bookse ; ulnooa'-' 

It is an Indian's foot. There arc Indians' feet there, \x\x\ooft\i^\!\\i. 
To have a luell-shaped foot, dsuniatsedci ; esiimata'bookse; esumata'booksedei'. 
A lady s foot, Sakumaskockat'. 

To have the feet of a lady, Sakiimaskuhvvkwode ; Sakiimaskockadei'; Sakumaskoesedei'. 
^\ Negro's foot, kundagvvechwekat'. 
7o have a JVegro's /o»t, kundagwechnhkwode ; kutidagwechooekatei' ; kundagwechooesedei' ; 

kundagwcchooa'bookse , kundagwechooa'booksedei'. 
A bear's foot, MooinawekAl'. 
To have a bear's foot, Mooinanhkvvode ; Mooinawekatei' ; Mooinaoosedei' ; Mooinawa'bookse ^ 





A /lorses foot, TascbowooikAl'. 

'Jo have a horse s foot, 'rasebowiihkwiSde ; Tfis^bowoockAtei' ; Tasebowuhscdei' ; TSsebowa'- 

bnokse ; Tasebowa'booksedei'. 
'I he foot of a moose, Tcamooikat'. 
To have tlu foot of a moose, TeamooekAtci' ; Tcamubkvwnle ; T<.«ilmoose<lei' ; Tciimooa'booksc ; 

Tea mooa' book sedei'. 
A» eagle's foot, kitpoockAl'. 
'Jo have an eagles foot, kitpoouckvvot' ; kitpoockAtci' ; kitpoosedci' ; kilpooa'bookse ; kitpooa'- 

booksedci'. (And thus through all the animals and birds.) 
To have tt red feet, V.Qfi^\\n\.\h.V.>N ode \ kcspiinckAtei' ; kcspiinscdei'. 
Jl'/y feet and legs are becoming tired, kcspunekkliit. 
To be foot-sate from walking, Woksedei'. 
To hurt my feet by treading on stones or hubbies in ivalking, or by something in my shoe, W5ksedei' 

Mcskoolkoogumei' ; \V6ka'bookse. 
My foot itches, kcscbekdtci'. 

A szvift footed man or animal, liksegowwa'sooenoo. (From kcsegowwaase, To rnn very fast) 
To be a szvift footed man or animal, uksegowvva'sooeiiooe. 
A alow-footed man or aninnd, kC'gwa'sooenoo. 
To be tilou'-foofcd, kcgwa'sooenooe ; MalegAtaabc, (To trot very lazily) ; OoIjakAchafuve, (He 

is ivtdking leisurely on purpose.) 

My foot has been cut in two, 1 cmsedei'. 

I'o have an am/ndated leg, Tcmekatei'. 

I'o be tied, one hand to one foot, To be tied, aa an animnl, head and foot, NcblCspesc, 

To ad off his foot and leg, Tcmekrucdaak. 

To cut 0^ one's oton foot and leg, Tcmek&tcdose. 

My foot is dislocated, or badly sprained, kc'Ikwiskedesk' 'nkSt'. 

To fall and dislocide or sprain the foot, kelkwiskcd'esin. 

2'o have cold feei, kuootftkskege. 

My feet are cold from walkiw^ in the cold, kaoocha'bookse ; kaoocha'book sedei'. 

My feet are ivaiin, epsedei' ; ^psa'bookse. 

My feet and legs are varm, ^bekStci'. 

To tvarm my feet by the fire, aboo'dokskege. 

To have ivet feet, SSimoogvionseAti' \ Sakpusedei' ; Sakpusekdtei'. 

To have wet feet and legs, Samoogwonekdtei'. 

To be making tracks w'dh wet feet, Samoogwona'bookse ; Stimoogwona'booksedei'. 

My feet are dry, Nuhsedei'. 

My feet and, legs are dry, NewekAtei' ; Newa'bookse ; Newa'booksedei'. 

My feet are damp, slightly wet, Melmoosedei' ; Melmooekatei'. 

My foot is frozen, keltiisedei. 

My feet and legs (or foot and leg) are frozen, kcIchekAtei'. 

To have muddy feet, Seskoouhkwode ; Seskooekatei' ; Seskoo'sedei' ; Seskooa'bookse ; Seskoo- 

A sock or any wrapping for the foot, Sigun. 
To otvn a sock or xvrapping for the foot, Sigunume' 



'/'(> /((»('(■ on <i ii'i(ij>iiiii(j fur till' fool, Sinrmaani, 

To ftiit It iird/ip'nii/ rounil the /ret, csiksc. 

To vnti) iif) till' Jilt K'Hli a thick irriif)fi!ii(f, I'Asiksc ; VViilpAsiksc. 

Ml/ j'cit 11 1 r liiiir, ScsAkscilci' ; Si:saj{ccin. 

i!i/ J'i'hI (itr Itiiir, nuthoiit norl,-n or ii}riip/)inijH, lolthhi inij mocciiKhiK or hIioix. Mc-tkoont-kskum. 

(ML'tkooiit'kskAkik, I slip my bare feet into my nhocH. Mctkooiifks'a'imriiu'il, I slip my 

bare feet into my minxnulnn. N. H. The word MkusTmul, inoccaHin8,\s ol tijc inaiiimute 

ijvnilrr. WcnJDoksrmrin' — nhoi'H, is niiinxiti). 
I hiirr II thin n'ro i> film f oil mt/ feet, J't^pki'isikse. 

To liiiir II m'lir, or fiirvinveiit mark' on in if foot or liij, VVisckiitci' ; Wisikscdei'. 
To hair loiiyh, hunt feet, Mclkusedei' ; Melka'booksc. 
To have a hI iff' foot iniil lei/, MclkckAlci'. 

To ininh anil ivi/ie the feet, To irnxh the, feet, rnhhlng them u'ith a cloth, kasiksedaase. 
To trend it under foot. MalkobAkteskum ; ckwchcboogooaase ; ckwcheboogoodcsin' ; Pt5jc-kooje- 

hoogooaase, (I Hlijipeil on It iicriilenfall//.) 
To foot it—lrarel on foot, Pcmea' ; Makumcgovvtfskowwa' ; Makumegowkawa' ; MakCimegow- 

To rcHfmhle a foot, 'MkAtamook '; Ookwotamook'. 
A I'litli foot, amiiekAt'. 

To lie el II li-foofed, Amnuhkwi'nlc ; amnekAtci' ; amniiscdei' ; Amna'bookse; Amna'booksedei'. 
To moke foot- [ir lilt n in imlk'nu/, C\\G\i\[i\.on \ I'cmaptoo ; I'cma'boukse ; Pcma'booksedei'. 
To fliniil on one foot, Naooktekata'loogwa'. 
yl /wi< /'(«//(, 'MkAtowteech, 
The foot of II ■inonnttii n, kiktanook'. 
To lift ti/) one fool lifter mkolher, <is in clind)ir>r/ a ladder, Lit., To make tracks in an uptvard 

direction, Ncpsa'bookse ; Ncpsa'booksedei'. 
To have a vooden leu and foot, kumoojekAtei'. Also, To ivalk on stilts, to hare ivooden legs. 
To xt retch out m;/ feet and legs, Scnoo<"»katei', (also, to have a straight leg), Sebekataase ; Senoo- 

Tohare a Hiiff leg,^\(•xV.\\ck;\\Q.\'. 
To drair np the f'et, utkiikaase. 
A firefint, Ooi)usaiiekAt' ; iipskusanekat'. 
A hind foot and leg. Oodekat' ; Aboogwokujekat. 

N. H. — ^In all the preceding adjecticc verbs, as in all similar cases, \.\\c degrees of comparison 
are to be added. Thus : 

Ho hare a prettg foot, (See the Article), Weluhkwode. 

To have jirettierfeef, ajeooliihkwodc ; ajeoolekadei' ; ajeoolesedei' ; ajeoola'bookse ; ajeoo- 

To hare the prettiest feet, Mowweooluhkwode ; MowweoolekAdei' ; Mowweoolesedei' ; 
Mowweoola'booksc ; Mowweoola'booksedei' ; licjeleooliihkwode ; licjele-oolekadei' ; 
Pcjeleoolesdei' ; Bcjele-oola'bookse; Bejele-oola'booksedei'. . 

N. B. — In the preceding list, the primary meaning of the terminations — ookse, and ooksedei 
— refer to the track. But because the foot makes the track, it is easy to see how a pretty track 
— for instance — becomes a pretty foot. 






A. The first letter of the Alphabet has four 
sounds in Micmac, viz. : 

a, as in father. 

a, as in mane. 

&, as the second a in abaft. 

<^, a in m.ln. 

Abaft, ' J;lmtoojTwaal. 

To abandon, Hoonaluk ; Hoonadoo ; N6ktum ; 

Nakaluk ; Segooodiim ; Segoodaak ; Seg- 

Abandonment, Boonalooksoode ; Boonalimk ; 

Nakalooksoode : Nakalimk. 

To abase, BCnogwadoo ; IJCnogwaaliik; Beno- 
kcdafidum ; Pfgfiwaluk. 

Abasement, BCnokedaalsoode ; BSnokedaliim- 

ooksoode ; Bcnogwalsoode. 
To abash, NcdagaA'k ; NftgrukSlumk. 
To abate, v. tr. Ajitkcladoo. 
To abate, v. int. ajilkciaasik ; I'Cmcapseri'k ; 
Pemitkcifiachk ; Pcmekgkasfik' ; ajitkcl- 

The fierce wind abates, alatiinedk ; P5me- 

The raging of the sea abates, WSnatk- 

The fierce heat abates, Naooloogefi'k. 
The fierce cold abates, WCtkuneA'k. 
His anger abates, Chcnaasik tan tel- 

The stonny weather abates, Pemechene- 
giskuk ; PcmewSntokaasik. 

Abatemer*^ tiitkClaadoomk. 

Abater, Hon ' pumekakeigwadum. 

To abbreviate, Pcmitkokwaadoo ; Tcgog- 

waa<! >i) ; AjitkCladoo 
Abbreviation, Tr^r gwaldimk ; Tcgogwaldim- 

Abbroviat' J, /VjilhclSsik ; TCgogwaadasik. 
To abdicate, Scgwiskaluse ; M-'nalusc ; VVc- 

jcskwiska'luat' n'talsoosoodimkii. 
Abdication, Skwiskaldimiv alsoosoodiktook. 
Abdomen, Oomooste. 
Abdominal, Abdominous, Oommoostea' ; 

Tan oomooostdk' tula'. 
Abduce, Wcjodoo , I'jigiiladoo ; aladoo ; ala- 

Idk ; Poktiimkadoo ; Poktumkaluk. 
Abduction, Poktumkadumk. 
Abed, Oonpogun iktook flesink'. 
Aberrance, Aberrancy, kcwGwimk ; ke- 

Aberrant, kewowe ; keskae. 
Aberration, keskaldimk ; kcwowimk. 
To aberuncate, kctpiskadoo ; kctpiskodoo. 
To abet, AbogCinum.l'k ; Asimk ; Asimooa. 
To excite him to quarrel, kamedoodu'lk. 
Abetment. Asimtimk ; Abogunumooksoode. 
Abetter, Nooje-asimooa'. 
To abhor, Moo kCsadumoo ; kCtked.ndum ; 

Makskeltum ; Makskcdadiim ; Makskdlum- 

uk' ; kCtkaptiim ; kCtkamk'. 
Abhorrency, Makskcltumtik' ; ketkedalum- 

ooksoode ; uktilkeda'dakun. 
To abide, aum ; cilugadiim ; Aptugadum ; 

Telliigadum ; kclapskwa' ; Wcmtiige. 


To abide a long time, PcKiikatlum. 
How long do I abide? Tali].kitkaclum ? 
I abide so long, Tclipkitkridum. 
Abject, aoolaje ; Bcnogwae. 
Abjectedness, aoolajoookiin ; aoolajimkawa' ; 

Ability, Mulgigunode ; Nadada'soode ; Nada- 
dasvvokun ; 'Nsiitooogun; NcstooDltinikavva'; 

To abjure, i. Mclge-looec'umase moo n'tul- 
adcgenu. 2. elooedumase neen keseap- 

Abjuration, ulooedumasoode. 
Ablactate, Boonetamoo'k. 
Able, Tetpigunnedum ; Tcbiguncdum; Mclkig- 
unae ; Niidadaase ; Mi'lese ; Pcgwodoo. 

I cannot do it, Ajclaadoo. 

I am not able for him, Ajclaaluk. 

Able-bodied, Melkigunae ; kinege. 
To ablegate, kesaluk ookuhkweninu. 
Ableness, Mulgigunode. 
Ablepsy, 'N kabegwadaktin. 
Abluent, Wokumadegc'k ; 

kawa' ; Wokumadakuna' 

Ablution, uksispadakun ; kcsispadegcm'k. 
Abnegate, Weje-mimoogwodum kulooswokiin 

Abnegation, Wcjemimoogwodumuk kulooswo- 

kun iktook. 
Aboard, Wenjoolkoodook ; kwediin iktook ; 

Abode, Wigwom ; Wenjegwom ; etliigadumoo- 

dimk ; Neek, keek, week ; Ncmutke ; 


To Abolish, kakeiksugadoo ; kakeintoo ; ka- 

Abolishment, kakeiksugaldimkawa' ; ukskwis- 

kalsoode ; kakeiskwiska'dakun. 
Abominable, Makskcltakun ; ijktug'driadakun. 
To abominate, kescmakskcltum ; Lok 


kesispadcgcmk' ; 

I Abomination, ukscmakskclsoodc ; uksiktuf^e- 

da'dakun ; Ukscmakskcltakun. 
Aborigines, Tiimkawagik ; ulnoo'k. 
Abortion, Chelaimk. To siijjer abortion, Q,\iQ- 

Abortive, Oochit saaku. 
To abound, Milcse' ; Mcgcnum ; Tabeak 

weskodiim ; Movvepegwc'lk kckoonum. 
Above, kakvvaak ; krdcvvagaal ; upkudeiik ; 

Espftak ; ajccspae ; Ajecspafik ; kiibudei- 

Above-board, Masoodck ; kokwojetula'daslk. 
/ do it above-board, kokwojaadoo. 
/ act above-board, kokwojetuladega'. 
AboVe-cited, kakwaak agunoodasik. 
Above-ground, Oosklt&ok ; Makumegck' ; 

Oositkumook. {underground, lamkumoo'k). 
Above-mentioned, kesuhskoo'dasik ; kesag- 

About, adv. Sooel ; Adcl. 
About, prep. Owiiu ; Oochit' ; kuhtogwasik. 
To abrade, Mcmkaigiboogwa' ; Nalseegoo ; 

Nalseegoom; Samapkvvadoo; Pcgwoiiaasei; 

To abridge, Ajitkokwadoo. 
Abroad, Moo aumoo nigunak'. 

He is from Jiome, Moo aiimook. 
He has gone aiuay, Poktumkasitok'. 
To abrogate, Kakeiksugadoo litploo'dakun ; 

kewonskaadoo ; Mogvvajooaadoo, 
Abrogation, kakeiksuga'dakun oochit litploo'- 
dakun ; Eigi^ila'diimk. 
Abrupt, VViskeitumaasik ; 'Mtasok, broken 

Abruptly, adv. Wiskuii ; Chijegoookii. 
Abscess, ToogoonijJkl'k ; kiimoocch'. 
To abscind, Tcmsum ; Tcmtaam. 
Abscission, Tcmsiimijgawa' ; Tcmtamiik, 
To abscond, Pokche ; Mimoogwose ; VVcse- 

moogvvei'; Wcjuhsemoogvvei'; cluhsemoo- 

Absconder, Booskuhsemoogwei' ; upkojoo. • 
Absent, Mogwa' umoo ; To be absent-minded, 






To absolve, kasada'k ootuloowriwoodeel ; Ab- 

iksiktak' ; keskacladum. 
Absolute, kakeikcserlSsik ; Kakeitula'dasik. 
Absolution, Abiksiktadimkawa' ; Abiksikt- 

adooltimkawa' ; kdskadadumugawa' oochit 

padaswokun ; kasadumk' uloowa'woude. 
To absorb, Wikpaktiim ; kakeivvikpaktiim ; 

Mesaadoo. // is all absorbed, kakeimcsa'- 

dasik ; kakeikchedasegck'. 
Absorbent, Wikpuktcgck' ; 'Mpesoon tan 

Absorption, Mcsadumk ; kakeiksugadumk ; 

To abstain, Moo samaadoo ; Wetkoolse ; Moo 

usedfi'liise 'ntuladegcnii ; Medadoodum. 
Abstemious, Wcimudoo ; Wetkoolse ; Moo 

poktumkwonow ; Moo kctkiiow ; Moo 

uktugcavvenoovvu ; Mo« booskadaloo ; Moo 

pesogwodaloo ; Moo mcsiktakunaoo. 
Abstemiousness, Wootkoolsoode 'msiit ko- 

gooa' iktook. 
Absterge, Moosegegwodum ; kasum ; kase- 
gwolse; kasumkwonaadoo; kasumkvvonaaluk. 
Abstersive, Tan moosegwodcgck' ; Moosega- 

Abstinence, Soonawi'mk ; Sooniiwimkawa'. 
Abstinent, Booske-soonawc'. 
To abstract, VVcjuhsooaadoo ; Tcpkesaarloo ; 

VVcjetooolkaadoo ; Wcjenuinaadoo. 

Abstracted, Tepkesa'dasik ; Wcjiihsooa'dasik ; 
Wcjetooolka'dasik ; Wcjeniuna'dumk ; 

Abstract, A small portion, 'Mkc'slgiin. 
Abtruse, Mcdoolnsiitasik ; Mcdooarik ; Me- 

dooeesit ; 'Mtooinsutoooncs ; Moo pake! 

kunooadumuk ; Tan kogooa wen moo 

nestumook' nakumasiaku ; Tan moo 

Abtrusity, Mcdooinsutumugawa'. 
Absurd, cloowawecmk' ; kulooskoowo'kunik ; 

Absurdity, kiilooskoowokun ; cksooogun ; 

cloowav -jcmkawa'. 

Abundance, Pegwclk' ; Poogwe-'lk ; Megcnu- 
niiigawa' ; Mowcpegwclk' ; Milasoookun ; 

To abuse, achkQnodcga' ; aoobiiladcga' ; 
kestawodegfi' ; emagwaadega' ; Winipkwo- 
dega' ; emcgodcga' ; achkunaadoo ; ach- 
kunaliik ; Obula'luk ; Obuladoo ; aoobii- 
ladoo ; kestawaa'k ; WinipkvvSdA'k ; kesta^ 

Abuser, Wlnmiidoo ; Booskeachkiinodcga' ; 
Booskewinipkvvodcga' ; Booskeobuladega. 

Abusiveness, emegodcgcmkawa' ; achkuno- 
dcgcmkawa' ; aoobuladcgcmkawa' ; kesfa- 
wodcgcmkawa' ; Winipkvvodcgcmkawa'. 

To abut, cjakunjedck' ; cjakunjcdcskuk'. 

Abutment, usooj^^omgakuna' clkunadck' j 

Abys, Wolkogumegck' ; Mcskeek pedalkuk' 
makumcgcgu ; Mcskeek ak demik elmun- 

Academy, School-house \ Noojekenamroedog- 
vvom espaak ; (kepmaak) ; cspe-etlenaml- 
dimkawa' wenjeegvvom. (The same wotds 
would mean a college — lit. a school-home of 
high grade.) 

To accede, Egae, to come to. Weledadum ; 

To accelerate, Tedagaase ; Naksaase ; T5da- 
gaaluk; NAksaaluk ; Ajinkusaase ; ajinkus- 
aaluk ; Ajinkiisaadoo. 

Acceleration, A j i n k i. ,v^d u' m k. 

To asceud, Tokchooae ; elkoosooae ; Slin- 
koojooae ; Wenagaase. 

Ascension, Tokchooaamk ; Wenagaadimk. 

Accent, Amaslamoodumuk'. 

To accent, Amaslamoodum. 

To a'>f»ontuate, VVelekeslamoodum, to accen- 
tuate a word correctly. 

To accept, Wcluhsooaadoo ; Welimsrinum ; 

Tedabooimsunum ; VVegoo'mk ; Tedabooe- 

Acceptability, VVelinisunumijgriwa' ; Teda- 

booimsuniimugawa' ; kuloo'soode. 


Acceptable, kcloo'lk ; Wclaak ; Welctula'- 

dasik ; kc'salkoosik ; Tedabooaasik. 
Access, La'dimk ; Piskwa'dimk ; Piskweda'mk. 

I cau?wt obtain access to it, Masimsunum. 

/ cannot get access to him, Masimsu'nk. 

Accessary, «. Noojeabogunumooet' ; Abo- 

Accessible, kesimsunasik. 
Accession, aja'dakun ; Tan kogooa' kese- 

Accident, Pejadtimkawa' ; Pcjeda'soode. 
Accidentally, I do it accidentally ; Pcjadoo. 
Acclaim, Mooewoltimk ; kcstgowe-mooewol- 

timk ; kcdoo'mk ; VVegoo'mk. 
Acclivity, Pakabiinegek' ; Tatkakck ; Nemak- 

umegck' ; Tokchooa'mk. 
Accommodate, Igunum^k ; abogiinuma'k ; 


To accoil, Chakulae. 

To accompany, Wijaa'k ; Wijfulec'k. 

To go in company, Moweledaeek'. 

My wife accompanies me, Nimskowa'. 

Accompanier, Wigiimajul. 

Accompaniment, Tan oksked^'k. Ncsfe — a 

prefix to a verb denotes that what it applies 

to goes zvith. 
Accomplice, Noojeabogunumooa'. 
To accomplish, kesedoo' ; kesadega' ; kakei- 

Accomplisher, Nooje-kesadcgct'. 
Accomplished, Wclekesedase; kakeikesedase; 

kakei-keskajati ; keskkaja'dasc ; Wcleken- 

oodumookse ; kakeikenoodumookse ; kakei- 

Accomplishment, kakeiwoolckesa'dakun ; ku- 

loo'soode ; Weladcgemkawa' ; keskaja'dd- 

kun ; kakeikeskaja'dakun. 
Accompt, kedumiimk ; egilchcm'k ; 'Mkadooti- 

timkawa' weegadlgun. 

Accomptant, Nooje-kilcha' ; Noolkilcha' ; 

To accord, v. a. Tcipugaadoo. 

To accord, v.n. Weltck' ; Wclpit ; V'clka- 

deedigul. They fit together well, Nu '>k- 

Accord, s. kesagunoodiimijgawa ; Welkddum- 

ugawa ; Tetpoo'degemkawa. 
Accordance {same as accord.) 
Accordant, Weledadum ; Wclmudoo' ; Wele- 

cheenumooe ; Wcladcga'. 

According to, Stiiga ; Tan naookta' teleke- 


Accordingly, Tan na tula' ; Tan na teleteda- 

To accost, Meltamekiiloolk ; Meltamuh- 

skwi'mk ; WCskvvimk, 
An account, agunoodiimakun ; 'Mkadooetim-' weegadigiin. 

To account, Teledadum; Ilkedumei ; kgpmeda- 

dum ; Teledaliimk. 
Accountable, a. Tedoojipkwodoo; Teltooa' ; 

Accountant, Nootkilcha' ; Nooje-mowe-kwil- 


Account-book,' Mkadawimkawa' wegadigun. 

To accouple, Ankwlskadumanniil. 

To accoutre, kegenaase ; kcgcnaliik ; kegS- 

Accoutrement, Poogoomdkun. My accoutre- 
ment, 'N kegenesiim ; kegcnadimkawa'. 

Accredited, Welikpumae; Wclmudoo; kedlam- 

Accretion, Tan ajaadasik ; Tan okskeddk. 
Accretive, a. Nik; Etleptimege ; ankooea' ; 

Pcmelck' ; Ankooadasik ; Nokseikik. 
To accrue, Ajaasik ; Wcjeak' ; Wcje-kane- 

awik ; Ajeak' ; Mowaadoo. 
To accumulate, Mowaadoo ; Pcmemilese'. 
Accumulation, Mowa'diimk, Mowa'diimkawa'; 

Accumulative, Mowcajadumiimkawji. 
Accumulator, Tan booskemowaadok, mcloo- 

ich' niilasoodccl. 
Accuracy, Wciekokwoja'dakiin ; Wele-kok- 





:awa ; 

Accurate, VVele-kokwojelookwa' ; Hooske- 

woole-tuladcga' 'msut logowokiin iktook. 
To accurse, VVcnmajfuVk ; VVcnmaje-ilsoomk ; 

VVcnmaje-ilsoodiim ; Wini'mk. 
Accursed, Winchuk ; Wonmaje-ilsoocklse ; 

Makskeda'daslk ; Maskeltumugawa ; Maks- 

Accusable, kesimsuniimookse. 
Accusation, s. Mcsimtimkawa'. 
To accuse, Mcsi'mk ; ulsoodum ; Nadaleda- 

lijmuk ; Anadaliinik. 
To accuse each other, Mcsimtimtoolteck' ; 


To accuse him or her of licentiousness, 

Accuser, Noojimsugaiidoo. 
To accustom, Nakalagaadoo ; clintawagaadoo ; 
clink u'l^gaadoo. 

To be accustomed, (Note. — The syllable e 
prefixed to a verb, denotes that, one is 
accustomed to perform the act, &c., indi- 
cated, e.g., pcmea', I walk ; epiimea', I am 
accustomed to walk : I am in the /ladti of 
walking; etlugadum, I dwell there; etlu- 
gadum, I dwell there constantly.) 

Ace, Nfiooktalkegwot'. Lit. Jie has but one eye. 

To ache, kcsenookwei ; kesenoogooik'. It pains 
me : it aches 

To ache. My bones ache, kitkigunei'. 

Ache, s. riiksenoogowokiin. 

To achieve, kesadoo ; keskajadoo ; Mcsuniim ; 
kesetHladoo ; kesedoo. 

Achievement, Wcleloogowokun ; kesa'dumk ; 
kesedoomkii ; kescjadcgcgcmkawa'. 

Acid, Saookw ; Tan saoomaak. 

Acidity, Saookw. 

Acknowledge, Pakeiboogooa' ; Pakciagunoo- 
dum ; Pakeiagiinimse. 

Acknowledgement, Pakciboogoocmkawa' ; 
Pakeiagunoodumakun ; Pakeiagunimsim- 

Acme, kencskwaak ; Mowekakwaak. 

Acorn, Mimkwokiin. 

Accoustics, Tan tula' 'msutoookun ; Noo- 

dumumkawa' kenamatitiawau. 
To acquaint, kcgenooaadak ; Agiinooduma'k. 
Acquaintance, kcjedcgcmkawa' ; Tan ncna- 

deck ; Nadoo wen tan wclikchijeek. 
Acquainted, ( We are), Nenaddoolteck ; kcje- 

doo ; Ncniim ; Nestum ; Ncna'k. 

To acquiesce, VVeledadum ; lisedadum. 
Acquiescense, Woolcdadakun ; Usedadakiin ; 

To acquire, VVejaadoo ; Mc'siinum ; kancawe ; 

Acquired, VVil-jaadasik ; VVcjimsuna'dasik ; 
Wej'uhtapsoonaasik ; Kaneawa'dasik ; Wej- 

Acquisition. Aja'dakiin ; Ootapsoon ; Oota'le- 
gcm ; Mowiidiimugawa' ; Moweajepegwclk'. 

Acquirer, Tan booskimsunk ; Tan booskcka- 
neawit ; Tan pcmemilcsit'. 

To acquit, P>oonajaa'k ; Wcle-ilsoomk' ; 

kokwojaalumk ; Boonaaluk ; Apkwaaluk. 
Acquittal, Boonajiiadimk ; Wcleilsoodcgcm- 

kawa' ; Apkwadcgcmkawa'. 

Acquitance, Boonaldimk'. 

Acre, Egadakiin cnkadumugawa' ; Mcmka' 

tan telkeek ; Mijga' tan tclinka'dasik. 
Acrid, Saoohk. 

Acrimony, Tan wejesaoohk ; Tan kognoa' 
wcjekesedasik oosaoohchudiin ; Ookwei- 
Across, ad. Asaak ; kamaak. 

To put it across, Ncmchenogwaadoo. 

To He across, Ncmchenogwcsin ; TakCi- 

Across Ihe river, kamesehook. 
Across the road, kamowtik. 
Across the lake, kabcmk'. 
To fall across, Takumooktcsin'. 
To put it across, Ta k u m oog waad oo. 
To lit down acioss, Takumoogwcsiiinaase. 
To act, Teladcga';'. 
Act, action, .*■. Tcladcgcmkriwa'; Loogowokiin. 



Active, Scsft'kuse ; Wcdutniie ; Chakuliie; 

Activity, Scsakasimkawa', Scsakasooltimkawfi', 
Actor, Tan booskelookwet'. 
Actual, Kedlawa' ; kedlawaoook'unik ; kedla- 

Actually, kedlawa iktook. 
To actuate, Asi'mk ; Masagaadoo ; Majaadoo. 
To actuate. To sharpen, Keneskwaakwcg- 

oodiim ; cseboodoo. 
Acumen, keneskwaak : 'Ncstooogun ; Nadad- 

aasoode ; Nfidada'soookun. 
Acute, Ncstooaak ; Wclinsiitooaak. 

An acute disease, Mcdooaak uksenoo- 
Adacted, cjigula'dase; clmtidcstoosiineek. 
Adage, Sakawa' kulooswOkun ; ctlavvistum- 

kavvfi' sakawau. 
Adamant, koondaoo' mowemulkaak. 
Adamantine, Mowemulkaak, 
To "adapt, Tctpugaadoo. 
Adaptation, Tctpugaadumk. 
To add, Mowckilcha' ; Ankooeedoo; Ankoo- 

tigadoo ; Mowkwedum. 

To so add and gain, Tan tcleajuhche- 

'I hey are added in, so as to increase their 
number, (An. Gen.), cleankooedaajik. 
Addendum, Addenda, kulooswokunul ankoo- 

cgada'sigul, kes kcspcak' weega'digun. 
Adder, Apchajit 'mtaskum noojenabadcgct' 

Addice, Adze, Cbekumkwonade. 
To addict, Nakuldiik. 
Addicted, Klintawaga'dcga' ; Tclkumikse. 
Addition, Mowkwcdiimuk'; aiikooa'ddkun. 
Addle, Mogwajooiidoo. 
Addled, Mogwajooii'dasik. 
Addle-pated, Moo ncstooau ; Niinooche cha- 

kulaak ; cunase ; awoie. 
To address, Wcskwimk'; kcloolk' ; Tclimk'. 
Address, s. 'N vvcsooniiin. 
To adduce, Nayaadoo ; Agunoodiim ; Masuh- 


Adept, Ncdowclookwa' ; Ncdowiiluladcga' ; 

Adequate, Tabeak'. 
To adhere, OkskedA'k ; Okskijegwa' ; Okske- 

dei' ; Okskedaase ; Okskedadaasik ; Okskij- 

egooegul ; Apchitkwaadeck; MowiJkooji- 


7o make them adhere together, Mowii- 
Adhesion, Okskijegwcgawa' ; Okskijegwcmk'. 
Adhesive, Okskijc-gwck'; Piskookawa' ; Oks- 

Adhibit, aoom. 
Adhibition, aoomk. 
Adjacency, WcjooiSwa'. 
Adjacent, VVcjooow' ; kwcii'chk ; kweiik. 
Adjective, Nadoo kogooa' Sjaadasik. 
Adieu, Adieu. 
To adjoin, v. a. Ankobcgadum ; Ankooaadoo ; 

To adjoin, to be near, VVcjooow' ahk. 
To adjourn, NCnkadum. 
Adjournment, Ncnkadumkawa'. 
Adipous, VVegawe. 
Adjudge, Ilsoodcga' ; Tebloodcga' ; eledaa- 

Adjudication, Nooje-eledadegcmkawa'; Nooje- 

eledfidcgcmk' ootumOdak'unum ; Noojc-il- 

soodcgcmk' ootumodak'unum. 

Adjument, Abogunfima'soode. 

Adjunct, Tan okskedasik uktuk kogooa ik- 
took ; Tan tula' ukti'ik' kogooa'. 

Adjuration, Tan kcsadiimk nadoo wen oom- 

To adjure, Tclaaliik oomulgeloocdiimasin. 

To adjust, kokwojaadoo ; elaadoo ; keskajaa- 

Adjustment, kokwoja'dakun ; eladumkawa' ; 

Adjutant, espaak sumagiinis', tan noojeiibo- 
gunumooaJLil tanul ctlesakuniowilijul. 

Adjutor. Nooje-abogunumooa', 

Adjutory, Tan aboguniimooek' ; Tan tatkaak. 







To adjuvate, Abo<^unumooa'. 
Admeasurement, cnkacliimugawfi' ; cnkemk'. 
To administer, clookwodum ; Noojeilsooo- 

dcga' ; Nojecla'doo, oochit 'npooenoo' oot- 

apsoon iktook. 
Administration, Loogowoktin tan kesedasik 

oochit 'npooenoo' ootap'soonul. 

Administrator, Nooje-elcdaadcga' oochit 
'npooenoo' ootapsoonul. 

Administratorship, Nooje-eledaadcgcmk 

oochit' ootloogijvvok'uiuim, kusna' ootumo- 

Admirable, Wcleiinkamkook ; VVcIfuTk ; kcp- 

maak ; Pakulcioook'i^inik. 
Admiral, Tan mowweuspe-kcptinawit 'ntdb- 

Admiration, Pakuleioode ; Wcliiankamkawa'. 
To admire, I'akulnptiim ; Wclaptiim. 
Admirer, Hooskeoolaptcga' ; Booskcoolaptum ; 

15ooskepakulaplum ; Booskepakiilaplcga' ; 


Admisable, kesuhsooa'dasik ; kesiktlamsutoo- 
oncs' ; kesiihsooa'dasis. 

Admittance, VVcswadcgCmkawa' ; Piskwadeg- 

cmkavva' ; usedadasimkavva'. 

To admit, lisedafdumk oopiskwanu ; lisedadiim ; 

Admittable, Tan keseiiseda'dasis. 

To admix, VVeiigaadoo. 

Admixture, Admixion, VVeiigadfimk' ; Weii- 

Admonish, Nestooiiboogooa' ; Nestooiimfi'k ; 

kcgenamooa' ; kcgenoodiimooa' ; kcgenoo- 

dum,Vk ; kc.qenamak' ; VVcjitploo'mk ; 

Admonition, Ncstooaboogoocmkawa' ; kenam- 

atinawa' ; kenoodumooksoode ; kcgenamoo- 

cmkawfi'; kegenoodumoocnikavva' ; iitploo- 

dakun ; Tcbloodegcmkavva'. 
Admonitor, Monitor, Noojitploo'dcga' ; Noo- 

jinsutooaboogooa' ; Noojckenamooa' ; Nooj- 


Ado, Scspcda'dakun ; Scspaniimak' ; Scspc- 

naak ; Scspcdoksooltijik ; Scspcilokso ; 

'Mtiiniokakiin ; Wctkowesk' ; Wcnmajesas- 

koodimk' ; Chakulai'mk. 
Adolescence, Tan tctpCigaak tclemijooajccjit 

wen ; Ulbadoosooimkawfi'. 
To adopt, Wenjunkei' ; Wcluhsooaadoo. 
Adoption, VVenjunkamkawa' ; Weluhsooiidc- 

Adorable, 'Mowikptimaak ; Mowikpiimeda'da- 

sis ; Tan mowik|)umciilasoomoos. 
Adoration, Mowikpumedaadakiin ; Mowik- 

piime-da'dasoode ; Movv-ikpume-alasoodti- 

To adore, Alasoo'mk ; Moocwolk' ; Mowik- 

Adorer, Booskealasoodumei' ; Booskikpumc- 

To adorn, Amaleesowwa' ; Amaleesum ; 

Amaloogwodiim ; kcgfinaaluk ; kcgfinase; 

Amaiogunagaam ; Amaloweekuga' ; Ama- 

loogwa' ; Amaloogvvodum. 

7o adorn with ribbons, elabcgeesowwa' ; 
elabegeesum ; Noodabcgeesowwa' ; 
To adorn ivith beads, clapska'dcga' ; 

Adornment, kuna'dakun; kcgiinalooksimkawa'; 

Adown, Maki'imcgegafil ; Nesu. 
Adrift, Alookogwck ; VVeskitpcgaase ; elkwo- 

seak' ; elkvvosea' ; Bfiookwija'dase ; Moos- 

koo'gwijca' ; VVenakugvva'. 
Adroit, Welinsiitooae ; Ncdovvwega'dcga'; 

Nadadaase ; Sasa'kuse. 
Adroitness, VVooHnsutogun ; Ncdewwcgadc- 

gemkawa' ; Nadiidaasoode ; 'Nsutogun ; 

Adulation, 'Mkedaadakun ; Wcsame-mooc- 

woltimkawa' ; Moonsamtlmkawa'. 

Adulator, Booskusamcmooewolajiil wcniil. 
Adult, idbadoos kusna' abitaas tan kesegwct'. 
To adulter, Winachkul teiadcgejiil ; auobidtL-t'. 




To adulterate, Obulaadoo kogooa ; kesaadoo 

kofjoofi moo' ootulckuloo'ltuni'in. 
Adulterer, Cheenum tan winachkul tclaasit. 
Adulteress, abit tan winachkul (tcladil-gcjul) 

Adultery, Winachkul abitrivvitktook tt^ilafil. 
Adumbrate, kcsadoo ootakci.egadcn ; kcchka 

avveekum ; Tcleweekum soocl mogwa' 

Adumbration, kcchka aweekiigCmk'. 
Adunque, Wokchooik'. 
To adure, kakeinoogwaadoo. 
To advance, v. int. Ctlepiimea' ; Pemetiila- 


N.B. — The prefix pcme, from pemea, / 
walk, denotes progress, advancement, 
e.g., Q\dk\\^\' , 1 zoork ; pemelookwa', 
/ continue luorking. I keep on, etc., 
etc. It ts a common prefix. 
To advance, v. tr. alaaltik; kfikwaaliik ; espaa- 

liik ; keskajaaliik ; kcpmaaliik. 
Advancement, Pemc2mk' ; aladakadimk' ; 

knneavvimk' ; Pemegimk' ; Pemikpiime- 

Advantage, Trukaak; kaneawoode; Abogun- 

umoocmkavva' ; Wclabedumugawa' ; VV661- 

Advantageous, Weluhtapsoonik ; Pegwcluh- 

tapsoonik; Wetapsoonik ; kantiawlk. 
Advantageousness, kaneawoode ; kaneawim- 

kawa' ; Wclabediimoookun, 
Advent, Wcchkooiicmk ; egaamk ; Wech- 

kwaadimk ; Wcchkwcdaamk. 
To adventure, kwcjaadoo ; Ncnestowwenokse. 
/ had an adventure, Nadoo kogoca' tcd- 

Adventurer, BooskekwCja'dcga. 
Adventuresome, Mcigudae; Moochepalooow'. 
Adversary, Noojiktantegawenoo ; Achkiinotc- 

gawenoo ; Noojeachkunodeget' ; Hooske- 


Adverse, Mcdooaak ; Achkunaak ; achkun- 
odcgck' ; Tan wcdiimaik. 

Adversity, 'MtCimodakiin ; Schkiinaoookiin ; 

Wcnmajode ; Aoolajoookiin ; Tan kogooa' 

Wcdrimaoo-ogul weniil. 
To advert, Ankedadiim ; Ankaptiim ; Mig- 

wcdridum ak wcskoodum kechkaii; 
Advertise, Mrisvvekenooild(5ga' ; Maswenayaa- 

doo ; Masweagunoodijni. 
Advertisement, Ok.skodadaasik wecgadigun ; 

Agiinoodumakiin awcegasik ak ega'dasik 

Advertiser, liooski-agiinoodiimooa,' weegadi- 

giin iktook ega'dasik maswuu. 
To advesperate, Wclaakw, wcjooowawsik. 
Advice, Wclimti-nk ; Ncstooiiboogoocmk' ; 

kcgenoocmk' ; Tcbloodcgcmkawa' ; Agun- 

Advisable, Ajckiilooltus ; Wooleiis'. 
To advise, Tcbloomk' ; Ncstooiibogooa' ; kegc- 

noodiimooa' ; Welimk' ; Tcbloomk'. 
Advice-boat, AgunoodQmakuna-woo'lkw'. 
Advised, Nestooaak ; kokwojetiiladega' ; Wele- 

Adviser, Nojitploodcgct'; Noojinsiitooiiboo- 

Advocacy, Abogiinumasoode tebloodcgem- 

kawiV iktook. 
Advocate, Nooje-aboguniimooet' tcbloodeg2m- 

kawa' iktook; Noodawistok ; Noojinsutum- 

alsaooa ; Noojeiigalooa'. 
Advocation, AbogunumSsoode tcbloodcgcm- 
kawa' iktook; Noojinsutumalsaoo-oode; 


Adze, Chekumkwonaade. 

Aerial, Moosegiskudoogawa'. 

Aerie, kitpoo oosoose ; Ak clp pepoogwcs 
oosoose ; kiisna tan milamoo'k sesipk 
nabadcgcjik oosoosewol', 'aooosik. 

Afar, kiinck'; kiinckaal; Amasck' ; Amasc- 

Affability, Wclmudoo'mk ; kiiloo'soode ; elaj- 

Affable, Wclmudok: elajaiik; Wclecheen- 

umooit ; Wcleabitawit. 



AffabrOUS, Wclckesedaslk. 

Affair, Loogowokiin ; 'Mtumodakun : nadoo 

To affect, v. tr. kesaaluk ; Majaaliik ; Masa- 

gaaliik; Masagaadoo ; Tckialiik. 
To affect tvitli pain, Wasweiak'. 
Affected, Majaadase ; Sitmaadasc ; Samaps- 

kwaadasc; Ti'-leniajaadase ; Tclcwadoodo- 

Affection, uksalsoode ; Wclaaltimkawa' ; ku!- 

Affiance, Malcawimkawa'; kesaj.'.uiioodumilkiin. 
To affiance, kesagunoodumajlk oomaleavvinowu. 
Affidavit, uloowedumasoode, 
Affinity, Tclagoodumumkawa'; VVogumadool- 

To affirm, Mclkekuloose; Sloovvedumase ; 

Mclkaboogoofi' ; Mclkeloo-wedumase. 
Affirmant, Booskemulgaboogooa' ; Noojeloo- 

Affirmation, uloowedumasoode ; Mclkaboo- 

To affix, Ankooaacoo ; Okskijegwaadoo ; Oks- 

kedadcstoo ; Okskedadaam ; Okskedaloos- 

kunum ; Okskedaadoo. 
Affix, s. Tan ankooa'dasik ; Tan kogooa *an 

etleokskedak' ; Okskedada'ddkiin ; Ankoo- 

Afflation, kamlamoodumugawa'; kamlami'mk; 


Afflatus, kamlamimkawa ; kamlamoode. 

The divine afflatus, Nikskam ookam- 

To afflict, Wcnmajaa'k ; Wcnmatkwijaaluk ; 
kenskaaluk ; Wagweiak ; Amaskwibiino- 
dcga ; Wenmajodega ; kestawaa'k ; ach- 
kunaak' ; aoobulaaluk: Obulaaluk ; Amas- 

Affiicter, 13ooske-oonmaj6dcga' ; Nooje-amas- 

Affiiction, Woonmajode; kestcjoo'de ; kes- 
tawaimkawa' ; kestavvodegcnikawa' ; Uks- 
enoogowdkun ; wenmajaoookun. 

Afflictive, Wi-nmajodLgck'. 
Affluence, Milasoode ; McgL-numiigawa'. 
Affluent, Milfise; Mcgcnum. 
To afford, IgunfimooCdcK;; kescltum ; Tctpig- 
uncdum ; Tcbea' ; Tcbiguiicclum. 

To affranchise, Apkwaaluk; TC-Iaaluk ootal- 

Affray, kamcedooltimk; Scspanaak ; Padaka- 

yt-mk' ; Mairmcgc'mk. 
To affright, Ncdeia'k ; Chipsoo'lk ; kwcdciak' ; 

Chcpakaluk' ; Chepaluk ; kcsikwtciak'. 
To affront, Wcgeiuktak' ; Padaadak'. 
To affuse, kakwekoodaadoo ; clckoodaadoo. 
Affusion, koodaadoomk. 
Afloat, aoonpitkogvvck ; alokogwck. 
Afoot, Pcmea' (I go on foot ) 
Aforetime, Saak ; Tan pcmeak' ; Wcchkoo- 

eak' ; eejugwu. 

Aft, Scda'mk ; oodek. 

After, kes ; kuiabis; Noodck'. 

After-ages, clme'gunik. 

After-all, Tan kespea'k ; ma kadoo. 

After-birth, Mljooiijeech-week. 

After-clap, Tan kogooii tetpakadcsk' kulabisii. 

After-crop, TabooJiwa' egadakuneman'. 

After-math, Tabooowal tanCil wcjegwcgul 


Afternoon, kese mcloweaagwot ; kipkwaat ; 

Afterward, kuiabis'; kes kese. 
Again, apch ; ap. 
Against, Tctpageiu. 

To fall, or kick, or hit against it, csoo- 
Agape, Tfioolkoodunaase tan tilesip' pakiileie- 

Agate, koondaoo kcloo'lk ak megddik. 
To be aged, said of a man, kesegooit ; said 

of a woman, kesegooiJ'skwoit. 
An aged man, kesegoo. 
An aged woman, kesegooecskw. 
An aged porpoise or seal, kesegooaakw. 
An aged beaver, kesegoo' msk. 



An aged porcupine, kcsegoook. 

An aged dog, kesegoo'sum. 

An aged cow, moose, horse, etc., kesc- 


An aged bird, kesegoo'e. 
Agency, keseclakun oochit' liktuk'. 
To be an agent, Clookwudum uktuk ootum- 

To agglomerate, Mowiidooonul ; Piptaoogop- 

To agglutinate, Okskedaadoo. 
To aggrandize, Ankooaadoo; Mcgaadoo; 
kcpmaaluk ; espaaluk. 

Aggrandizement, Ukpumaalsoode; Ukpume- 
daadakun ; Cspoltinikfiwa' ; ankooaadoomk'. 

Aggrandizer, Noojikpumaadegct'; Nooje- 
cspaadcgct' ; Noojeankooa'dcget'. 

To aggravate, Ajellbulaadoo; Wcgcii)kt&'k ; 
Ajaadoo oowinchu'dunu. 

Aggravation, Tan ajeobuladcgck' ; Tan ko- 
gooa' boosketuladege'k wen ookvveiinii; 
Winchiik ajaadakiin. 

To aggregate, Mowadooonul ; Mowodoo ; 
Mowomkadooonul ; Movvomkodoooiiul. 

Aggregation, Mowomasik ; Mowodasik ; 

To aggress, Bokche-obuIa'degS ; Poktum- 

ka'dega obiileemkawu', kusna' padaddkun 

iktook ; Achkunodcga' tumku. 
Aggression, limskwesawfi' achkunodakun. 
Aggressor, Tan kesedok' umskwcsawa' ach- 

Aggrievance, Padas'wSkun ; Achk&nodakun ; 

Woonmajodakun ; aoobulecmkawa'. 
To aggrieve, VVenmalkwijaaluk; achkunaaluk; 


Aggrievance, WoonmatkwIjaadSkun ; aoobul- 
a'dakun ; aoobtilecmkawa'. 

Aghast, Chcl Pakulamookst-tclewagwodaase. 

Agile, SasSkuse. 

Agility, Agileness, Sasakasoode. 

To agitate, Majaadoo ; Madogwaadoo ; Matp2g- 

aadoo ; Matpaktcstoo ; Matkcdeskoo; 

Matkadega' ; Mateskiim ; Maikumikt- 

gskum ; Paootestoo; Pavvega'. 
Agitation, Majaadoomk ; Madogwaadoomk. 
Agitator, Noojemajaadoo ; Noojeaboochka'- 

dcga ; Kooskescspcdaaga'. 
Ago, adv. Saak. 

Long ago, kes saak. 
Agoing, Pcmecmk ; clookwfk. 
To agonize, Lok wcnmajae ; kcsikscnookwei'. 
Agony, Movveoonmajode; kusiksenoogowokun. 
Agrarian, Tan mcmkaak tula'. 
To agree, Naooktedadumeedich : Naookta' 

tcledaasooltijik ; kese-wooltiagunoodumajik; 


Agreeable, Weled'k ; Welaak ; WclkAdeedich ; 
Weskawenaak ; cpiijae; Wclmudoo. 

Agreed, kese mowSgunoodumajik; kesinkoo- 
dadumeedich ; Mowekesoodasijik. 

Agreement, kesagunoodumumkawa' ; Naook- 

Agricultural, Tan ega'dakun iktook tiila; 

Agriculture, Egadakunamugawa'; Noojeegada- 

gook ootum6d.Vkunum j Loogowok'un 

miigaaktook tula'. 

Agriculturist, Noojeegadagoo. 
Aground, Sokwodcsk'. 

To run a " sJiip " aground, Sokwodestoo. 

Ague, kaoochcemkawa' uksenoogowokun ; 

Agued, kaoocheoot' ; Nenkubltkudeslnk'. 
Ague-fit, kaoocheemkavva' wiskuswokun ; ka- 
oochcemkawa nenkubitkudesiniimugawa'. 
Ah ! Aagei ! kaa ! 
Aha! Aha! 

Ahead, koo'kwa' ; Neganu ; Negantook ; 
egantook; eganaase. 

/ go aJiead, Neganaase ; Nc^Anea'. 

/ paddle the head canoe, Neganesoogwe. 

All time ahead, Neganu. 





To aid, Aboguiuima'k ; Abogunumooii' ; Abo- 

Aidance, Aid, AbogCinumSsoode; Abogun- 

/ endeavour to aid him, kedooopsumoo'- 

To try to aid myself, kcdooSpse. 
Aid-de-camp, (adakong), Noojeabogunumooct' 

matundimkriwa' iktook. 
To ail, kcsenookvvei' ; Wiskiise. 

What ails you ? TaladcgSn' ? TSlik- 
senookwon' ? 

Ailment, liksenoogovvokiin ; Wiskuswokun. 
Ailing, Aoolaje ; Moo wclau ; kechka' kese- 

To aim, kcchkweaptum ; keska'dunum ; kes- 

Air, Mooscgi'skw ; kamlamoode; oohchoo'sun ; 

Noo'ck ; Naavvck ; utkeel. 
To air, cgaadoo oochoo'sun iktook. 

T/ie air bladder of a fish, Mentu n. 
Aisle, Owte alasoodumogwoma'. 
Akin, Naookta' telagoo'tk. 
Alacrity, Sasakasoode; utigunaadimk ; Win- 

To alarm, kwcdeia'k j Chegoo'lk ; Chipsoolk ; 


Alarmed, kwedodase. 

Alarming, kwcdadaak; Wagwodaswokun ; 


Alarmiuq- to the sight, kwcdadaptumug- 
Alas, Aagei'. 
Albeit, Tiileaa. 

Alburnum, Sakpik ; ooskedogum. 
Alcohol, Booktawi'chk. 
Alder, Toopse ; Toobe. 

Spotted alder, Oojegunumoose. 
Alderman, Tan etlesaktimowit ukchegunkii ; 

Ale, kowotkoobe. 
Ale-house, Petupogwom. 
Ale-house keeper, Peetuba'. 

Alert, .Sasak'iise. 

To be on the alert, Woleskcbac ; Pc-mc- 
Alertness, Wouleskebacmkriwa' ; Sasakasoode. 
Alewife, Abit petulKt'. 
Algid, Tegaguk ; Tcgik ; Tcgogumkuk. 
Algor, utka'. 
Alien, Pelooa'. 
Alienable, kesintoorskcdiisis. 
To alienate, Ncdooeskcdoo ; Sjiguledriadum. 
Alienation, NcdooiskCmk' ; JiguledfiVlAkrin. 
To alight, Pt5sink ; PCgaweagaasit ; Mcskun- 

Alike, Naookta' ; Stuga ; Tclamoo'k ; Tela- 
mookse ; TCtpamookse ; Tctpamoogtil ; 
Tctpiguncdijik; TCtpclk' ; Alamoo'k; Wcl- 
amok ; alei'kw. 
Aliment, Mechipchawa'. 
Alimentary, Tan mechipchawa tula'; Mech- 

Alive, Memaje ; Memajuwuu. 

To keep him alive, Memajooonuk. 
All, 'Msut Tan tasCigiil ; Tan tasijik; Tan 

To take all, Mcstaase. 
To kill all, kcJmedfiagik. 
To eat up all, kakeiksubaadoo. 
To take it all, Mcstaase. 
To do it all, Mestaadoo. 
All-conquering, Mcsteiwisw Igunodcgct'. 
All-devouring, Noojiksuba'dok. 
All-judging, Mcsteiilsoodeget'. 
All-knowing, Mesteikchijedcget'. 
All-seeing, 'Mesteinemc'dcga'. 
All Souls Day, Nepkeek aiasoodiimmelsaooijik. 
All-sufficient, Mesteimulgigunei' ; Mestei tet- 
pigunedum ; kakei tetpigunediim. 

All-wise, Mestunit.sutooae. 
Allegation, uloowedCimasoode ; Mclkekuloo- 

To allege, cloovvedfimase ; Melkckuloose. 
AUegeable, Tan kcse'looudiimasis; Tan kese- 



Allcger, Tan Clor'.vcdumnsit; Noojcloocdii- 

mfise ; Hooskeruilfjckuloose. 
Allegorical, I'lsloodcfii'mkawfi' ; iipsloodA- 

krinft' ; kvvClabooKoocmkriwa'. 
To allegorise, Tcsloodcga' • kwclaboogooa' ; 

Allegory, uiJsIoodAkun; kwClaboogoocmkriwa' ; 

rcsloodcycmkawa' ; kwclfiwistunikawa ; 

Allelujah ! Alleluyah ! 
To alleviate, upkoonajunawaadoo ; upkoonSj- 


Alleviation, upkoonajunawaldimkawa'. 
Alley, Owteech. 

Allicnce, Widoogwcmk ; Mowobescmk' , 

To form an allience, Widoogwaagik ; 
Mowimiajik ; \\ ijitkwaakujik. 

Alligation, Mowoopelunnigawa'. 
Alligator, TAktalok meskllk'. 
Allocation, Egadiimkawa'. 
Allocution, AUoquy, etlawistoomkawa' ; 

To allot, Igunumagik 'msut wen ootutkun- 
oookunioool ; utkunoowa' ; utkunoowodum. 

To allow, usedadega ; uscdadum ; usedalumk. 
Allowable, Tan kcseiisedadasis. 
To be allowed, usedalumookse; usedadase. 
AllowableneSB, usedadegemkawa'. 
Allowance, useda'dakun ; usedfdumooksimk ; 

usedfdumooksoode ; utkiinoookun. 
Alloy, Tan kesaadok kogooa' moo ootulckul- 


To allude, Amuskoodum ; kechka' wcskoodum. 
To allure, ebajea' ; Moonsei^'k. 
Allurement and Alluringness, Moonseiam- 
kawa' ; Moonsauitimkawa ; ebajeemkawa'. 

Allusion, Ametulooemk' ; Amuhskoodumumk'. 
Allusive, Ameluloocmkawa ; Amuhskoodum- 

To ally, Widoogwe'mk ; Mowomajik ; Wijit- 
kvva'akijjik ; VVidoogwagik. 

Almanack, Dt^pkcgawa' wcegX'digiin ; D5p- 

k u noose ta wa' wcega'd i \i, \\ n , 
Almightiness, McsteimulgigunOde ; kakei- 

Almighty, MCstcimuIgiguniit' ; kukeimulgig- 


Almoner, Noojenadooiklcga' ; UtkunooQdum 
uktfik oonadoood.Vkiiniim ; IgunumooCdoo 
uktuk ootigumadimkawa'. 

Almost, Soocl ; Amiiu. 

Alms, Nadooodcgemkawa' ; .Ipcheedimkawa'. 
Alms, to give, Nadooodcga' ; Spchecdega'. 
Alms-basket, apchcdimkawa'-kumoode; Na- 

doodcgemkawa' pootaleawa'. 
Alms-deed, NadooiidAkun ; apclieedi5g5mkawa' : 

Nadooodcgemkawa' loogowokiin. 

Almsgiver, BooskenadooodCga' ; BooskeSpch- 

Almshouse, Spchedimkawjgwom ; Nadooo- 

Almsman, Tan wcdowsit nadoo6d2gemkawa' 

iktook ; edowwoklumei'. 
Almug Bay, p. «. elmugwa'daslk. 
Aloft, kakwaak ; ukpudeiik ; ukchikpiideiik ; 


Alone, Naooktoogwaloogwa ; Naooktaje ; 
Naooktoogwobe ; Cajae ; kajaase ; Naook- 
tooktum ; Naooktooktase. 
7o live alone, Nakabawe'. 
To be alone in a canoe, Chegaloogum. 
To sleep alone, Naooktoogwose. 
They go alone (by themselves) in a canoe, 

To stand alone {by himself), MedSdoo- 
Along, Naagow ; alaak. 
Along-shore, Cliajegaak. 

To sivim along the shore, Chaje-kekwaam. 
To walk along the shore, Chajegaase. 
Aloof, Medadook' ; Medaduogwaal ; keskajin* 

To stand aloof, keskajinkajae. 



• a- 




Aloud, k(5scdaw?flaamk. 

'Jo s/'cid- 7'ify loud, kinttikse ; kctuma- 

To shout aloud, Sfiskwa' ; Nfclovvwa. 
Almec Bay, p. «., clmuj^awaditsik. 
Alphabet, kenoogwodisunul mowadS'sigul ; 

Alphabetical, kenoogwMiguna'. 
Already, Nugfifiju; kcse luigaajti. 
Also, Ak t5lp ; skumtook. 
Altar, Batkwealasoodumrikun ; rukweiilasood- 

To alter, v. tr. Ilpcgadoo; kewonskaadoo ; 

itpskwtJdaase ; Apskwedaadiim. 
To alter, v. int. kewonskad.^se ; kewonskaaluse. 
Alterable, Tan kesekew6nskaadasis. 
AlterableneSB, kewunskaadasimkawa'. 
Alterably, Telaak ookesekewonskaadasin. 
Alteration, kewonskaadakun ; kewSnskadgg- 

e'nik ; Ilpegaadumk ; Ilpegaaddkun. 
Altercation, Wagwamoocmkawa' ; kekSjim- 

timkawa' ; kekajimtooltimkriwa'. 
Although, Tuleaa. 
Altitude, kakwaagiivva' ; espaimkawa' ; cspos- 


Altogether, Mowwuu. 

Alum, I'cbimkawa'. 

Always, Naagow ; Yapchoo ; apchoo. 

Am, iium. 

Amability, uksalsoode ; uksalsoodea' ; kesal- 

Amain, Miilgigunod Iktook; k2segow.vadegcm- 

kawa' iktook. 

Amalgam, Wcaga'dAkun. 

To amalgamate, Weagaadoo. 

Amalgamation, Weagadumkawa'. 

Amanuensis, Noojeweekuga'. 

Amaritude, Wiskukawa'. 

To amass, Mowa'dooonul ; MowcgwSdum ; 
Mowodoo ; Mowomkodooonul ; Mowomka'- 
dooonul ; MowoguskadnoSiiul ; alodoo; 
alolugik ; kakwomkaadoo. 

Amassment, Mowomkadoomkawa'. 

Amateur, Tan boosketfiladf '?t (nadoo kogooa 

Amatorial, Uksalsoode tula'; kiJsaiooc'mkawi'. 
Amaurosis, uksenogowokun tan ncgabcgwa- 


To amaze, kcsepakuleia'k. 

Amazement, uksepakulcioodc ; ukscpakulci- 
ooukiiii ; cooiiiisiksepakulcioookrin. 

Amazing, I'akulcioookkuna' ; rakulcioodea'. 

Amazon, kenapueskw; abtt tan noujumatun- 

Ambassador, (^-Ikcne. 
Ambassadoress, clkenc. 
Ambidexter, cdooinsCitkul oopCitunkul. 
Ambient, kubtogu. 
Ambiguity, Taboo tan kesinsLitoo6ni;s' ; Mil- 


Ambiguous, Tan aswedaadSsik ; Tan ko?cmi- 

Ambition, Pumcdoodiimrigawri'. 

Ambitious, Pcmedood&m ; Winpase 'ntCspe- 

daadasin ; k\v«5jemcgedaaliimookse. 
Ambrosia, VVasogawa' mechiijchawa', stiiga' 

tan teliktlamsutumeedich sc-gawculnook. 
Ambulation, Pemecmk ; Pcmadimk'. 
Ambulatory, Pcmecmkawa' ; Pcmadimawa'. 
Ambuskade, kc-dankcigwc'mlc. 
Ambush, kcdankeigwcmkawa'. 
Ambustion, kAktCgc'mk ; kasoksjjmijgfiwa'. 
Amen, Amen. 

Amenable, Tc-bloo'mimk ; Dcpkadik 'nsak- 

tumun ; Tetooil'. 
To amend, v. tr. Ajewoolaadoo ; Ajewoolaalfik ; 

Telaadoo ootajekulooltiinun ; Tclaaluk oot- 

ajewoolmudoonu ; kesaaluk oomavvcawin ; 

Telaaluk ootajipkoonajinawin'. 
To amend, v. int. ajipkoonajinawe; ajewool- 

mudoo ; Pcmeajewoolea'k. 
Amendment, ajewoolmudoookun ; PumeSje- 

wooleagavva' ; ajipkoonajinawcmkavva'. 
Amends, AbaMkudoo-owa'. 
Amenity, W66lmudoo6kun ; kuloo'soode; 




To amorce, UcsaaU'ik ootabankrul'iimrm oochil' 

Amorica, p n. Hostoon. 
An Amorican, Hostoonkawaach. 
An Amorican vessel, Hostoonk.iwoo'lkw. 
Amherst,/*. //. NcmalooskrKl.i.ifiuii. 
Amethyst, Koomlow kclou'lk ak mcgOdik, 


Amiable, Nakrimaksillooksc ; Wclmudoo ; Wi'I- 


Amiabloness, WnAlmridnomkriwri'. 
Amid, Amidst, Mcowwu' ; Mcawaak ; Iktook ; 

Amiss, Moo vvclc.inook ; Moo kokwojciinook ; 


/ do amiss, aoobula'dL'ga'. 
Amity, Uksitlsoodc ; Wij^umagaltooltimkawa'. 
Ammunition, Upsaoo, koolooskool, ak pcloo- 

owafd ; I'ltkusavvoilunuiga'. 

Amnesty, Abiksiktitdlmkruvfi' ijtploodakun; 

kasadoonikawfi' utploodakun. 
Among, Mowfiyoo ; iktook ; Mcawaak ; Mowwii. 
Amorous, liooskiksaloofi'. 
Amorousness, uksalsoode ; BooskiksSIsoode. 
Amount, «. 'Msut ; Kakcigilchcmkawfi' ; 


Amphibious, clememajit samoogvvon iktook 
ak clp makiimcgcku ; (stuga' kiiooiiik', ak 
kobcet, ak mik-cbikchk.) 

Amphibiousness, ctlcmemajimk samoogwunk' 
ak cl|) makumcgck'. 

Amphibological, Tan kese aswedfiadasis ; as- 

Amphisbaena, 'mtaskiim tan kiilooskoookiin- 

cdrifidasit ootaboootpaiui. 
Amphitheatre, Papediimkowokunogwom mcs- 

keek ; telekcsedasik mimkooska'wii, moo 

pogwodigunadasenook, ak poogwcle-kood- 

Ample, Mcskeck ; pegwclk ; mowimsugcck ak 

kaskaak ; Mowc-tabca'k. 
Amputate, Tcmsi^im 'mputun, kijsna' 'mka't. 

Amputation, Trrmsumrigriwa', oochTl' 'mpntnn, 
kiisna' 'mka't. 

My foot is tvnpiittited, Tcnicgailaalimk. 
'Jo mupiitate his foot, Tcmegadaah''ik. 
My fooi has been amputated. I have lost a 
foot by amputation, Ttitncgatcdogwfi'. 
Amulet, SiVoaticgc-mkasva'. 
To amuse, VVclcdardumk ; Tapcck ; Apkoonoo- 

ulk' ; VV<Jlkwiiaalrik. 
Amusement, VVclkwijadcgcmkriwa ; VVclcda- 
degcmk' ; I'apimk'. 

Amuser, Hooskcwr)olkwijadc,'jl'. 

Amusi' d, Kese woolkwijadcgck'. 

An, Naookt. 

Analogous, Soocl stuga' ; Tan tClamoo'k. 

Analysis, Sfiagwaadoomk. 

To analyze, Saagwaadoo ; SaaadCga'. 

Analyzer, Tan Noojesaaaduk ; Noojcsaaad£g<5t' 

Annapolis River, Taooopskik. 

Anarch, Anarchist, Hooskoscspcgwija'dcga ; 

HooskesespGdoo, mt^iooich' tcbloodumugawa' 


Anarchial, Anarchik, Tan scspudasik ; Tan 
utploodakun moo ahtunook ; Mogwfi' ut- 
ploodakunenook ; Alsoosoosode niogwa'tun- 

Anarchy, Coonasimkawa' ; Scs] »5naak ; iioonSs- 
aasimkawa' Utploodakun iktook tiila' ; Al- 
soosoode cjulaadoomk'. 

Anathema, Wcnmajcilsoodakun wasokawa'. 

To Anathematize, Nikskam wcnmajcilsood- 
cget' ; Wcnniajeilsooinajul. 

Anatomical, Ton tula' 'mtenm tan telekcsed- 

Anatomist, Tan noojesaiidok 'mtenin oochit 
kcgcnamoocmkawa' iktook. 

Anatomize, Saaadok memajooenoo' ootenin 
oochil' kdgenooadcgcmkawa'. 

Anatomy, kenamatinawa' oochit tan tclekese- 
da.sikul memajooenoo'k ooteninawoi'. 

Ancestors, Tanik ooteninawuk wcdabcksool- 
teekw kenoo ; ukbetooe-nikskamijenoogwik. 

Ancestry, Tan tula' betaocnikskamichkik. 











Anchor, koolpesoo'n. 
To anchor, I'iikasaailon koolpcsoon. 
AnchorngO, Tan cllopakasaJooclich koolpc- 
Anchored, koolpcsoona'd.lsik. 
Anchorite, Tan naooktoogwaloogwct' ak 

Ancient, Ankane ; ankana' ; Sakawfi'. 
The ancients, Sakawacbkik ; I'cjawaficlik. 
Anciently, Saak ; Tejaak. 
And, Ak ; skumtook. 
Andiron, NrimJinsaMAkrin. 
Androphagus, Androphagi, Memitjoocnoo'k 

taink niiilkoma'il^ i.u ni.ljooenoo'. 
Anecdote, Af^rinooauinjlkun ; atookwukun ; 

Aneurism, Uk.soKowr)krin, tan ni(5jagu'chk 

tiil.V, tan wcjc-pume-mowe-poogvvcle-mckw- 

Anometer, ^nkadtimugawa' tan wcjccnkad- 

riniuk' oochoo'sun. 
Anew, apch ; ilp. 

Made anew, Pelaowwa'dasik. 
To rcunv it, PelalookwoJum. 
Angel, Ans.llfiwit. 
Angelical, Tclaak stuga' Snsalawit ; Tan 

ansillaawlt-awiktook tula ; Ansalawomook- 

Anger, Ookweioode. 
To angle, cgwidama'. 

An Angle, Niktooik'. 
An acute angle, Tabooik. 
//// obtuse angle, kcjejclk. 
Angle-rod, Pakumadcguniitk'. 
Angler, Hooskecgwidama' ; NedowiigwidSmfi' ; 

Anglicism, Stuga' tan teleesooltijik aglascaook. 
Angry, VVtigeie ; Tagalaooimk. 
Anguish, WSonmajogun ; WoonmSjedaasoode ; 

Woonmajode. Amaskwlbunaooimkawa ; 


Angular, Mllekcje'gasik ; adooesaaguk ; adoo- 

Angulatod, kejceg.lsikawa'd.lsik. 

Angulous, kr-jfg.lsikawa'd.lsik ; wokchoocga'd- 

;1sik ; 'Mkrigunawa'ditsik. 
AngUSt, Chijikwtrk' ; Cbijcgwa'd.lsik. 
Anhelation, ITiskfilamitukawa'. 
Anhelose, I'askrdilnic ; Hooskopaskulamc ; Tcd- 

ak Til a me. 
Anights, DCpkc'gu. 

Anileness, Anility, kcscgooi-skwoimkawfi'. 
Animadversion, rLlkinitimkawa' ; kakawa'- 

d.lsimkawa' kuloowukfiniktook ; kakawiin- 


To Animadvert, ri-tkimk' ; k,*ka\vimk'; wcn- 

Animal, Tan mcmajit ak kamlamit ; wcisis ; 

ncniAjoocnoo' ; ulnoo ; scsip ; nuniaach ; 

rboojccch, &c , &c. 
Animalcule, apchajcogit ak mcmajit ; mogwa' 

nc-mcgoosooltcckw, pasuk tooi>boot' iktook, 

kadoo tulea' mcmajooltijik ak majcdaajik, ak 

seowwu' sasakasooltijik. 
Annual, Tiiseboonkugawa'. 
Annuity, Taseboonkugriwa' abankudooJiw;!', 
To annul, Mogwajnoaadoo ; kakeiskwiskaadoo. 
Annular, Nasogwaadakiinaasik ; Mimkoos- 

To Annumerate, Weje-ankoocgaadoo cgilch- 

cMTikawa' iktook. 

To Annunciate, Agunoodum. 
Annunciation Day, (Mar. 25 th.) 
To anoint, AmagCmum ; Amagcnk. 
To anoint the eyes, Ncbijegwci'; Amagcnowa'. 
An anointer, Noojcamagcnowwfi. 
Anomalous, Mogwa kokwojadit.sinook ; Mogwa' 
tclfmook stuga' tan tclitplooditsik. 

Anon, Oogoopchik ; chijegoooku ; cnkiiseiu. 
Anonymous, Moo wcsoonenook' ; Mogwa' we- 

soonkfiooimuk ; Mogwfi' wesoona'dfisik ; 

Mogwa' wesoonaasinook'. 

Another, ap uktuk'. 

To answer, usedaboogooa' ; usedem'k ; use- 

tcgidoo'lk; Sbajekii'doo'lk ; iisclcguloodum ; 




Answer, s. UseclSboogooemkilwa' ; usedemtim- 
kawa' ; abajckuloosimkawa' ; usetcguloo- 

Answerable, tisetegiiloodasis ; wclimsfitkwaa- 
diisik ; Weltck' ; Tan dcpkadik. 

Answerer, Nonjeusedaboogooa'. 

Ant, keelegwcch'. 

Anthill, keelegvvechogvvom. 

Antagonist, Tan pokwojedaadeget' ; ijktanteg- 

avvvveenoo ; Noojiktantcgfiwenoo ; Noojikt- 

ooiitcgawenoo ; kcdoo'deget' ; Noojiktooo- 

Antarctic, upkudaasiinoogawa'. 
Antecede, Tan ahkus noodeiu ; Ahku.s koo- 

dcnoo ; Neganaasit ; eganaasit. 

Antecessor, Tan eganaasit. 
Antechamber, umskvve.sawa' poktuskaasik 

Antediluvi?:^, Tan teleAkstip askw moo 

oohsaan eganooksup. 
Antecedent, Tan neganaasik ; Tan tcleak' 

aaskw moo eganook ap uktuk' nadoo kogooa'. 
Antelope, Tabii'lch kuloo'sit, tan oosoomoo' 


Antemeridian, askw moo mcowlagwck'; kipk- 

Antemundane, Tan ahkus askw moo mak- 

Antepast, Neganekwetiimumk. 

Antepone, Ajiksadum moo cnkoodfi uktuk' ; 

Anteriority, umskwcsawaya'. 
Anteriour, Neganetule&k ; askw moo ; um- 

Anthem, Alasoodurndkunabegeclkun. 
Anthropology, kenamatinawa' oochit' tan 

telekesedasik 'mtenin. 
Anthropophagi, MemamSjooenoo'k tanik 

mTilkoma'dije cheniMtioou, memajooenoo'u. 

Anti-christian, Tan miitumoodooojul Sasoo- 
goolcul' ookenamatinawaum ; Tan pok- 
wojedaalumajul Sasoogooleiil'. 

To anticipate, Neganuhsooaadoo ; cdoktes- 

koofi' ; edoktcskumak' ; edokskamak'. 
Anticipation, Neganuhsooiidoomk ; cdoktesk- 

umugawa ; cdoktcskowemk'. 
Antick, adj. Papimk ; meladimk. 
Antick, Tan tiilaalusit teladcgct' stuga' eloo- 

vkaweejel', papimkawa' iktook. 
Antidote, 'Mpesoon tan kakeiksugadok nabSd- 

cgck kogooa'. 
Antigonish, />r. n. Nalegitkoonee'ch. 
Antipathy, kcnskedaalsoode ; Makskeltiimug- 

awa ; uktugedaadakun : uklugedaalsoode. 
Antipodes, Tanik etlugadumoodijik makiim- 

egck, upkavvaak tetpageiu kenoo. 
Antiquary, Tan booskekenoodiimasit oochit' 

Antique, Saakawa'. 
Antiqueness, Sakawaya'. 
Antiquity, Saakawaya' tan tctpiigagawati. 
Antithesis, Tan tetpugeiu ahk etlewistoom- 

kilwa' iktook; Tan matijnagek kijlooswokiin. 
Antitype, Tan kogooa kakeiagunootk' tan 

nabooeegakiin telooek', kusna wcskooo'tk. 
Antler, Team, kusna kaleboo, kusna Icntook, 

oosiimoo ; ak 'msiit tan tclamooksooltijik 

weisi'sk oosoomoook', 
Antre, elmiinasik. 

Anvil, Batkwedaagiin ; Pitkwcdaagun. 
Anxiety, Anxiousness, Scspcdaadakun ; 


Anxious, Scspcdaadega'. 

Any, Nadoo wen ; Nadoo kogooa , kechka' ; 

Apchaach kogooa'. 
Any one. Tan ba wen. 
Aorta, Meskilk' mejagtich tan wejeel' 'mkam- 

lamun iktook. 

Apace, Sesaku ; 'Nkuseiu ; oogoopchik ; Wis- 

Apart, Medadoo'k ; Medadoogwaal. Booktiik- 
uya' ; Tcpkesumimk'. Tepkesaagul ; Og- 
umkigul ; Ogiimtekii. 

How far apart are they? Taika'digul ? 

/ keep aivay by myself^ Kajae. 



I ; edoktes- 


; edoktesk- 

Apartment, Poktuskaasik. 

Apathy, uneamooemkawa' ; Pesoopdadumug- 


idok nabad- 


ik makum- 


asit oochit' 

. . v 

'inootk' tan 
>na Icntook, 

idaadakun ; 

; kechka' ; 

;et' 'mkam- 

chik ; Wis- 

agul ; Og- 

.Ika'digul ? 

Apo, kundakunooejit ; AndunkiSnooejit. 

To ape, Nahloodum ; eloo'dum ; Nabloo'd^k' ; 

Nabloogowa', stuga andunkunooejit. 
Aper, Booske-nabloogowet', stuga' andunkun- 

Aperient, 'Mpesoon tan kechka' maja'dogul 

Aperture, elmalkuk ; Paoochalkuk ; Taoochal- 

kuk; Taoookwek ; Paoochaak ; Taooch- 

Apesookaam Lake, Kesapskul. 
Apex, keniskvvaak ; keniskogtim ; keniskig- 

wom ; keniskwopskudook'. 
Aphorism, Sakawa etlawistiimkawa' nest- 

uoaak ; 'Nsutooogune-kulooswokun saka- 

Apiary, Mechipchamooechwa owweloodakun ; 

owwepiska'dasik niechipchamooechwau. 
Apiece, 'Msut wen ootatkunwokiinum. 
Apish, Tan telaak stuga' andunkunoocjit ; 

emteskit, melooich oochit' ootokwonijl ; 

kwejesakumowa'lusit ; Sakumowcdoo'tk ; 

Apokalypse, Neganikchije-tegawenooadegem- 

Apocrypha, Weegadigiinul chiptooegaal tet- 

pikchepesooltigul Bibul iktook, kadoo 

mogwa' Nikskan fiwa'cnoogul. 
To apologize, kedooopse kiilooswokun iktook ; 

Apologue, kwelawistdrnkawa' ; upsloo'dakun ; 

eksooogun ; Atookwokuii. 
Apology, kedooopsimkawa' etlawistoomkawau; 

To apostatise, Booi.ctilasoodumat' ; Ejlgule- 

daatk alasoodumumk ; Booneloogiiwojul 


Apostate, Tan ulbd' mogwa' maach aiasood- 

Apostle, Apostalawit'. 

Apostleship, Apostalilwoode. 

Apothecary, Malbalawit ; Ncdoocskedogiil 

mpesoon ul. 
Apothegm, Etlawistumkuwa' pakuleioookiin- 

To appal, kwcdiak' ; Cheboo'lk ; Pakuleilk ; 

Apparatus, Ulgowok'tinul 'msut tan tasugui 

Apparel, Asoonamtimkawa' : Mtokwonul ; 

Asooniil ; Asoonadimkawa'. 
To apparel, Assonodtiik ; Asoonaaliik. 
Apparent, Neme'gooslk; Nemedasik; Masoa- 

dck ; Masooa'dase ; Maswoou. 
Apparition, Nemegoosimkawa' ; Teledaadum- 

ur.ik' ooteetiinun, kadoo moo ahtunook 

kidlawaiktook ; Skudaakumooch'. 
To appeach, and To impeach, Mcsimk. 
To appear, Nemegoose ; Maswaase ; Nayaase ; 

Maswaaluse ; Asumaptase ; Masoooptase. 
Appearance, Ncmegoosimkawa' ; Maswaasim- 

kawa' ; tan tclamc o'k, kadoo mogwa' ked- 

To appease, WSntAkweak' ; epajaak' ; akajaa'k ; 

Ilkwijaaluk; kakumaadei; Ilkwijaadcga.'. 
Appeaser, Noojeilkwijaadcgct'. 
Appelation, VVesoon. 
To append, Akabejaadoo ; Ankooecdoo ; Okoo- 

dooa' ; Akabijodoo. 
Appendage, Ankooadakun ; Akabijodoom- 

Appendant, Ankooaadasik ; Akabijodasik. 

Appendix, kospeankooa'dakun ; Nadoo kogooa 

etleiiiikooa'dasik tan kcspeak' weegaMiguii. 
Ao appertain, Tan tclaowwe ; tan trda' ; V.'rt- 

Appertainment, Ootapsoon ; Ootalegem ; Tnn 

kogooii' na tula'. 
Appetence and Appetency, rawotumugawa'; 

Wedumedaadakun ; VVedumedaadegonik' ; 

k wej edaad cgc m k '. 
Appetite, kawesinumuk'; kwcjedaadegcmk' 




To applaud, kesegowwe-mooewodum ; keseg- 

owimtogwolk' ; Moocwodum : Mooewolk' ; 

Megedaadum ; Mcgedaalumk ; cmtogwod- 

um ; cmtogwo'lk ; Makclumuk' ; Mooewa' ; 

Applause, kcsegowwe-moocwodiimugawa' ; 

Uksegowimtogwolsoode ; kcsegowwemooe- 

Apple, Wenjoosoon'. Lit. A French cranberry. 
Apple-woman, abit tan nedoocskcdogul wen- 

joosoonul ; ketpijitaaskw tan ncdooeskCdo- 

giil wenjoosoonul. 
Apple-tree, Wenjoosoonokse. 
Apple juice, Wenjoosoonaboo. 

Like an apple, Wenjoosoonamoo'k. 
Apple seed, Wipkoman. 
A sweet apple, Wigulja'k. 
Apple river, p. n. Agoom^kun, 
Appliable, kese-egaadasis ; Tan kese-ankoo- 

Appliance, Tan egaadasik ; Ankooaadasikawfi'. 
Applicability, Applicableness, egadoom- 

kawa' ; okskedaadoomkawa'. 
Applicable, keseiigaadasis. 
Application, egaadoomk ; Okskedaadoomk. 
To apply, egaadoo ; Okskedaadoo. 
To appoint, kcgunoogwo'lk ; Tcbloodum ; 

AppOiuter, Noojitploodega' ; Noojitkiinoogwa'. 
Appointment, Tebloodumuk' ; Tan kogooa' 

clliploo'dasik ; Tan kcgunoogwosik. 
To apportion, Nenasalkiinoowodum ; litkun- 

ooa' ; utkiinooodum ; utkunooolk' ; Igun- 

umagik 'msut wen ootatkCinwokunum. 
Apportionment, Ootalkunoookunum ; ulkun- 

oocdumumk' ; Ulkunooc'mk. 
Apposite, Welekesedasik ; Wclea'k ; Weltck' ; 

Wclpit' ; kokwojtak'; Uclimsatkwaadik ; 

To appraise, Telowtoogwa' ; Taalum ; owt- 


Appraisement, Tan telowtoogwe'mk ; Tcbl- 
oodumum'k tan telowlik ; Tebloodumuk' 
tan telowtik. 

Appraiser, Nooje-eelega' ; NoojetGlowtoogwa'. 
To appreciate, Megedaadum ; Weledaadum ; 

Appreciable, Tan likpumeda'dasis ; Tan 

Apprehend, kokwaaliik . Tcledaadiim ; Wes- 

waadoo ; Wcjuhsooadoo 'ntaledaswokQn 

Apprehender, Noojekokwadcget'. 
Apprehensible, kesemigwedaadasis ; kese- 

Apprehension, kokwa'degemk ; Migweda'- 

dakun ; Tuledaswokun ; 'Nsutooogun. 
Apprehensive, Welinsutooaak ; Chepalooa' ; 

Apprentice, NoojekenoodumSse ; Tan tebloo- 

moo't ootuUoogawaooon uktugul koolama'n 

ootoochekenoodumasin ootloogowokunum, 

kusna ootumodakunum. 
To apprize, AgunoodumSk'; kegenoodumd'k. 
To approach, Wejooowaase, kikchaese ; Teb- 

owaase ; elegeboogooaase ; Wechkooea' ; 

kikchudeskum ; Wejoo-ovvteskum. 
An Approach, Approachment; Wechkwa- 
di'nk ; Wejooowwa'dimkavva' ;Tebbwaadimk. 
Approbation, Wooledaadakun ; Weledadeg- 

Appropriable, Tan kesuhtalegemis ; Tan 

To appropriate, Weswaadoo nootAlegeminu ; 
Welapsoone ; Telooa ; ' Neen 'ntapsoon na." 
Appropriate, adj kokwoojeak' ; weltek ; welpit'; 


Appropriation, VVeswadoo'mk oochit' ootaleg- 

Appropriator, Tan weswaadok kogooa' oochit 


Approvable, Tan dcpkadik ookoopmed^adasin; 

Tan uesewooledaadasis; 
To approve, kesadum ; Weledaadum ; Wele- 

ankaptum ; kokwojedaadum ; Teledaadiim 

ootooleanu ; teledaadiim ootoolekokwoje- 








Approvement, kokwojeda'dumuk' ; Weledad- 

To approximate, Wcjooowaase ; WSjooow' 

Approximate, ac^f Wejooow aum. 
Approximation, Wejoo-owadimkawa'. 
Appurtenance, 'msut kogooa tan tula' uk- 

tugul kogooaal. 
April, Punadumooiigoo's, 
Apron, alakpesoode. 
Aproned, alakpesaase. 
Apt, Nestooaak ; Nadadaasit ; Sasa'kusit ; 

keskajaak ootuladoon kogooati ; Nedowa- 

Aptly, kokwojoou ; Welintowwaga'dakun iktook. 
Aptitude, Nedowagadegemkawa'; 'Nsutooogun; 

Aqua, Saboogwon. 
Aquatic, Saboogwona ; Tan saboogwonk tula'; 

Tan wejuhskaleak' saboogwonku ; Tan 

wejuhskaleet' saboogwonku ; Tan etle-me- 

majit saboogwonku. 
Aqueous, Saboogwonik ; Tan telamoo'k stuga' 

Aquiline, Telamoo'k stuga' kitpoo. 
An aquiline nose, Wokchooekoonei' ; W6k- 

chooik' 'nseskoon, stuga'-kitpoo ooseskoon; 


Arable, Tan keseidgususis. 
AraneoUS, adj. Owiiejitawa'. 
Arbalist, Paskawode-ogiimabe. 
Arbiter, Noojeilsoodcget' ; Nooje-eledadcget' ; 

Arbitrarily, kekajitploodegemkawa' iktook ; 

kekajeankedaswokun iktook. 
Arbitrary, kekajetuladega'. 

Arbitrarjrness, kekajeti'iladcgemkawa'. 

To arbitrate, Tebloodega'. 

Arbitration, Tcbloodegcmkawa' ; Tebloodiim- 

ugawa' ; Tebloodumu'mk 
Arbitrament, Utploo'dakun ; Nonjecleda'- 

dakun ; Eledaadakun ; Noojecledaadcgem- 


Arbitress, Abit tan nooje-eledafulcgc't ; Nooj- 

Arbor, Arbour, Maliktooch kcloolk ; Munog- 

Arborary, Tan kumoo'ch iktook tula' ; kiim- 

Arborist, Tan wejekenoodumasit oochit kiim- 

oojul; kusna' neboo'kt. 
Arbuscle, kumoojeech tan telegwck'. 
Arc, Tan wokchooik ; Tan akudemimkooskaa- 

Arcanum, kenoodumiigrxwa'. 
Arch, Wokabegan'. 
To arch, VVokabegaadoo. 
Archangel, ukcheansalawit. 
Archbishop, Mowiiukchepa'duleas. 
Archbishoprick, Mowcukchepadulea's oot- 

Archibald's Mills, /. «. Kesoku Ick'. 
Archaeology, Agunoodumakuu oochit saka- 

Arched, VVokchooiidasik ; Wokohooigca'dasik ; 

Archer, Nootugaam. 
Archery, Nootugamkawa' : atlagamkawii' ; 


Architect, Noodaweegadiim ; Noojinkei. 
Architecture, Aweegamkawa' ; Noodaweeg- 

Arktic, Okwotunoogfiwa'. 
Arcubalister, Sumugunis' tan Paskfiwodeog- 

umabeaak ; Paskinvfiogomkasitaam. 
Ardency, Ardour, Sasakasimkawa' ; utiguna'- 


Ardent, Sasakuse ; Booskeutigunaase. 
Arduous, Medooaak; 'Mtumodakiina' ; Medoo- 

itkojooimtiimaamk ; espaak. 
Arduousness, cspalmkawa' : 'Mtooaadakiin ; 


Are, V. int. The Micmacs have no word exactly 
corresponding to our substantive verb, To be. 
This idea is expressed by a verbal termina- 
tion joined to the noun. But they have two 



words which in signification come very 
near to our verb of existence. One, aum, 
is a verb of position, and means, To be in a 
place. The other, telae, is a verb of condi- 
tion, and means, To be in stick a state or 
condition : as : oot tct aum, /am here ; and, 
Na telae, and such is my condition ; I am 
so. The verb aum, which comes the near- 
est in meaning to the English verb of 
existence, is irregular in its formation and 
conjugation, as in Latin, Greek and other 

Area, Ooskitook ulba tame tan telkeek. 

Arenaceous, Tfipkwona' ; Pemamkeagawa' ; 
Tupkwonik ; Tupkwonigca'k. 

Argilaceous, Argillpus, upkaooa'; upkawik'; 

To argue, Agunoodumadooltijik : Wagwam- 
adooltijik ; Wagwamooa'. 

Arguer, Kooskewagwamooel'. 

Argument, Wagwamoemkawa' ; 'Mtumoda- 
kun tan wejewagwamadooltijik ; Tan wes- 
koodasik ; Weskoodemiimkawa'. 

Argumentation, Wagwamadooltimk' ; Weje- 

Argute, Nadadaase' ; Nestooae. 

Argyle, /. «. '3apkokte'k. 

Arid, kespadek' ; NeweA'k ; Newaikt ; Newom- 
kitk ; Newomkaasik. 

Aridity, Neweagfiwa' ; Newadoomkawa'. 

Aries, Nctolow chechkelooaooch kulokowechwa' 

Aright, kokwojeak' ; Welekesetasik ; Wele — ; 

Arichat, /. «. Neliksaak. 

Ariolation, Booinwadegemkawa'. 

To arise, Wenagaase; Numchaase; kakum- 
aase ; Nepsaase. 

To try to arise, kwejeboogoaase. 

Aristocracy, espoltimkawa' alsoosoode ; Tanik 
espoltijik alsoosooltijik. 

Arithmetical, Mowegilchemkawa' ; Mowe- 
gilchemk' tiila ; Mowkwedumiimkawa' ; 

Arithmetician, Nedowegilcha'; Nedowii-ilke- 

Arithmetic, Ilkedumugawa' kenamatinawa' ; 

Mowkwedumugawa' kenamatinawa'. 
Ark, Luiskeigun. 

Noah's Ark, Nooa ootool ; (Noalis Ship.) 
Arm, 'Mpetunogum ; OopoogumSkun ; Wepk- 

An arm of the sea, I.umboo'kt. 
To arm, v. a. int. kegunase ; kenitkoonSkse. 
To be armed, WepkoomA'kune ; Wepkooma- 

kunaam ; Paskawaaam. 
To arm, v. a. tr., WepkoomAkunodoolk ; Pas- 

To hold by the arm, kSlinskunawa'. 
To clasp in the arms, kakesooskwedaak. 
Armhole, Loogweel. 
Armipotent, kenap ; Melkcmatunaaga ; Nooj- 

Armistice, Ankooomk apchaachk ; Boonemat- 

undimk kechkau. 
Armorer, Noojekesedogul wepkoom&kunul. 
Armory, Tan etleegadasigul wepkoomd'kunul ; 

Armour, Wepkoomakunul ; upkoomclkunul ; 

Armour-bearer, Tan pemadogul uktuk oopoo- 

gumakunul, pemadooojul. 
Armpit, Nulookwei ; kulookwei ; oolookwei. 
Armpit, under the, Nuloogwek; kuloogwek; 

ooloogwek ; (ist, 2nd, and 2)rd persons). 
Arms, Matundimkawfi pooguma'kunul. 
Army, 'Ntubloo; 'Ntublooeme. 
Aromatical, Aromatic, Wclemaak ; Mllema- 

Aromatics, Milemagawaal. 
Arose, Wenagasea'p. 
Around, kuhtow ; Oweu'u ; MSdowwuu. 
To go around, kuhtogwaase. 
To szvim around, kuhtokekwaam. 
To turn it around, kuhtogwaadoo. 
It shines around, kuhtogubasladek'. 
To flow around in a circle, kuhtogubegitk' ; 








To come round back to the same place from 

which I started, Madawaase. 
To place it round, Oweodoo. 
To arouse, Toogwaaluk ; Masagaaluk. 
To arraign, Meslmk maswuu ; Tebloomk'. 
Arraignment, Maswe-mesimtimkawa' ; Tcb- 

loodegemkawa' oochit nadoo w2nu : IIsoo- 

To arrange, Klaadoo ; Ilsu'kunum ; alankaa- 

doo ; elamkoolugik ; Ilsugaadoo ; elam- 

Arrangement, eleda'dakun ; alankadoomk ; 

kwelooeda'dSkun ; eledadumugawa.' 
Arrant, Winsit ; Moweeloowawit ; Mowimtoo- 

Array, Asoonasimkawa ; ootokwon ; egunSsim- 

To array, Asoonaase ; Sgiinaase ; kegunodulk ; 

asoonodulk ; Nasadoo 'ntokwon' ; kegunase ; 

Asoona'm ; elaadoo ; elamkodooonul ; elam- 

Arrear, Mogwa' abankudasenook' ; Tan noodeiu 

ahkiis : Noodeiuaal ; Oodegawaal; 
Arrearage, Tan eskweak' mowkedumOgawa' 

iktook moo abankudaseno5k'. 
Arrest, Nenkaadoomk. 
To arrest, Nenkaadoo ; NSiikaaluk ; kokwaa- 

Arrival, egaamk ; Pegesooltimkawa' ; Wech- 

kweemkawa' ; Okwaamk. 
To arrive, Peg'esin ; egae ; okwiie ; okose ; 

Arrogance, Arrogancy, Mel ked cod fi m uga wa' ; 

Kepmeda'lsimkawa' ; Benokedaadakun 

oochit uktuge ; Mudeskoo'de. 
Arrogant, Melkedoodum ; kepmedaalse ; Ben- 

okedalumkik uktiigik. 
To arrogate, kweduhtalegeme emtesklksuboo- 

gwa'dSkun iktook. 
Arrogation, kweduhtSlegemimk gmteskiksub- 

oogwa'dSkun iktopk. 
Arrosion, Noochkunadumk ; Medakchgdumuk'. 

Arrow, MSjeoktclIgun ; Lutkaamun. 
Arrowy, Majeoktcliguna' ; Lutka'mQna'. 
Arse, Oonoogwa'. 
Arsenal, WepkoomaktinSgwom ; Tan etleiin- 

kodasigul matundimkawaal loogowokunul. 
Arsenick, 'Mpesoon melkigunak'ak nabadegek'. 
Art, Nedowwagadegemkawa' ; Loogowokuna' 

'nsutooogun ; Nadada'soode logowokun ik- 
Arterial, Moojguchawa'. 
Artery, Moojguch. 
Artful, Nestooae ; Nadadaase. 
Artfully, Nadadaasood iktook. 
Article, Nadoo kogooa'. 
Articular, ankwiskamkawa'. 
To articulate, Nedowwa' ; Stlawistoo ; keloose ; 

Articulately, Weleesimkawa' iktook. 
Articulation, Ankwiskamkawa'; AnkwiskAgul ; 

Artifice, Nadadaasoode ; uksuboogwaadakiin ; 

'mtumodfikiin ; Nedowweloogwemk'. 
Artificer, Nootloogwa' ; Tclenoodowweloogwa' ; 

Artificial, kesedasik ; WejekesedasTk memaj- 

ooenoo' iktook. 
Artificially, Welctulaadasik ; kesedasik ak moo 

Artillery, Toolkiiwa'; Meskeek paskowa'; 

Matiindimkawa' wepkoomakun. 
Artisan, An Artist, Nedowcloogwa'. 
Artlessly, Woolmudakun iktook ; kokwSja'- 

dakun iktook ; kokwojuB. 
Arundinacious, Telaak stuga sfsoo'skw ; 

Arundineous, Sesooskooa'kade ; Tan tet poog- 

welkul sesooskool wejeskaleiigul. 
As, adv., Stuga' ; Telamoo'k ; Naookta' telaak. 
Asafoetida, 'Mpesoona' Opkoo' tan mowemul- 

Ascending ground, eenumakumegek'; Ncm- 






To ascend, TSkchooac ; WSnagaase ; kakwaa- 
se ; eliskogwca' ; Pcmkoosooae; Tokchoo- 
imtumae; Clitkojooimtiimae ; elitkoojoojie ; 
kakoobaase ; kakwipsoogwae ; elegesogwaa- 
se ; etlimtumae ; Tcgoosooae ; Pemeoona- 
Smoke ascends from, WejeoonAkipkudak' ; 

Ascendant, Aifkuloo'lk ; ajecspati ; mowemul- 
gigunei ; mo\ JmulglifunSk' ;kakwasimkawa'. 
Ascendency, Mulgigunode ; alsoo'soode. 
Ascension, Tokchooiimkawa' ; kakwasimkawa'; 

The ascension of Christ, Sasoo Goole ootoo- 

naga'dimkawaum maswuu. 
Ascension Day, Tawaldimk. 
Ascent, Wcnagaadimk ; Tokchooaamk ; Tok- 
chooimtumaadimk ; Tokchooamkawa' owte ; 
ulkoosoookiin ; Tokchooa'dakun. 
Ascertain, kegenoodumase ; Wejikcliijedega' ; 

Wajedoo' tan teleSk'. 
Ascertainer, Tan booskekenoodumasit ; 

I?ooske-agunoodumooksit ; Nedowwikchije- 
degct' ; Booske-loowediimasit. 
Ascetic, Tan kechka' cloogwet, booskeaneapsit, 

ak booske-alasoodiimal'. 
To ascribe, Telooa' nadoo wen ootuladoon, 

kiisna' ootalegemin nadoo kogooa'. 
Ash, Black ash, Wiskok. 
WJiite ash, Agamok. 
Black ash grove, Wiskogvva'kade ; Wis- 

WJnte asJt grove, Agumogwakade ; Agum- 
Ash coloured, Tupkwonamoo'k. 
Ashen, Tupkwona' ; Wiskogwa' ; Agumogwa'. 
Ashes, Tiipkvvon' ; keokcliedo'. Wednesday, T-"; Vwondimk'. 
Ashore, Newaakto - 

To go ashore " akamaase. 

To swim athi >., u .a' "imaam ; Natakiim- 

To crazvl ashore, Okwosaase. 
To run ' the ship" ashore, Sokwodesin : 

Ashy, Tupkw?namookse; W6bejulmegwae. 
Ashmutogun, fir. n , ukpQdeskakiin, 
Aside, Medadook' ; Medadoogvvaal. 

To turn aside tvalkiiig, v int., Peskaase ; 

Peskimtumaii ; v. a tr., Peskaadoo ; 


To ttifn aside on horseback, Peskeeboolwa'. 

To stagger to one side, Peskeeboogwa'. 

To turn off in a sled, &c., Peskadejaalimk. 

7 paddle a canoe to one side, Peskesoo'g we 

Asinary, Asinine, Jakasooa'; Teiaak stuga' 

To ask, Pebanegese ; kweloodum ; Pebanimk ; 
kwejimk ; edaamk ; edowwa' j edowwok- 

To look askance, kelabulgegwii'. 
To look at him askance, kelabiilgegwedak'. 
To look at it askance, kclabulgegwedoo. 
Asker, Noodowoktumat' ; Booske-pebanegesit. 
Aslant, Sowtedek 

Slanting downward, edeboogooik. 
Asleep, Nabei'. 
Aslope, Nesagaak ; Nesu' ; Nesakiimegek' ; 

Asp, Aspic, 'Mtaskum tan noksenabadcget' ; 
Tanik wejepaka'loojik wejenabiidijik ak 
mijnaa toogeiideekw, kadoo wejinpoodljik. 

Asparagus, EgadagwodQmugawa' egadakun- 
cheech tiila'. 

Aspen, kiimoo'ch tan webeek naagow madok- 

Aspen, adj. Wcjekesedasik aspina' kii'mooch'. 
Asper, kakfiak ; kakamooksik ; kakawae ; 

Asperity, kakamooksoode; kakawaimkawa'. 
Aspemation, Alwoptumugawa' ; kenskedad- 

umugawa' ; Benokedadiimijgawa', 
To asperse, Pilsaboogooemkawa' ; Pilslmk ; 

Aspersion, Pilsaboogooemkawa' ; Pilsode. 
Asphaltos, Makumegowa' upkon'. 
Aspiration, kesemenwegemkawa'. 
To aspire, kesepawotum ; kesemenwega' 

'ntaje&spain ; winpase ; ajeespa'lu'se. 



t rinro' 

ti . 


Asportation, Poktumkarlumugawa; alodoo'mk 
Ass, Jfik-ass ; Akudiie; clsac. 
To assail, kwcdabocVik ; kwCtlabooloou'. 
Assailable, kesikwtabes'. 
Assailant, Assailer, kedantcgawenoo ; Noo- 

Assassinator, Assassin, NojenabadSga' ; 

Assassinate, Wiskoodaaga ; Wiskoodaak. 
Assassination, Wiskoododimk. 
Assault, "■ kwcdribooltimkavva'. 
To assault, kwedaboolooa' ; kwedSboo'lk. 
Assaulter, Noojikwlaboolooa'. 
Assay, «, Pakumajodumugawa'; kwgjadegem- 

kavva' ; kwejipscdoonik ; kvvcjaadoomk' ; 

Pebanooichkaduinumk' ; Tcdodiimajodum- 

11 mk'. 
To assay, Pakiimajodum ; Tedokumajodum ; 

Assayer, Noujepebanooichkadcga'; Nooje- 

ankaptuk sooleavvau. 
Assemblage, Mowiigumkecjik ; Mowaagik ; 

Mowcboogooedaadjik ; MowiiSme; Mowwe- 

To assemble, v. int. Pememowcdaajik ; Mowe- 

To assemble, v. tr. Mowolugik; Mowwewe- 

To assent, Wcledaadum ; lisedaadum; Telooa 

" aa, aa"; kesagunoodum. 
Assent, «. Wooledaadumumk'; kesagunood- 

To assert, Mclkektiloose ; eloowedumase ; 

Telooa' ; agunoodum. 

Assertion, Mulgekulooswokun ; uloowedum- 

Assertor, NoojeloowedOmase ; Booskemulge- 

boogooa' ; Kooske-mulge-tulawisloo. 
To assess, V\ eje-owtoogwowk' alsoosood' 

iktook ; Talumak oochit alsoosimkawa'. 
Assessment, Owtoogwemkawa' oochit alsoo- 

soode ; Talumugawa' oochit' alsoo'soode. 
Assessor, Noojeowtoogwa'. 

Assets, Tan kesiichcheabankuclasis wen oot- 
etadimkavvaum iktook ; Nadoo wen tan 
tetooet, ootapsoonul. 

To asseverate, Melkelooedumase. 

Asseveration, N ikskamawae-looediimasoode. 

Asshead, Melkatpci' ; Medoootpei'. 

Assiduity, Seskwogun ; Scskode ; Seskwaoo- 
okun ; Seskwaaimkawa'. 

To be assiduous, Seskwae. 

To assign, Telowtoogwa' ; utkiinowwa' ; ut- 

kunoowodumSk' ; Igunumak' ootutkiin- 

wokunum ; Egaadoo tan tulau ; ega'luk oot- 

umodfikunijmku ; Iguniimak'. 
Assignable, Tan kesigunumooedasis. 
Assignation, kesSgiinoodumumkawa' oochit' 

asiigadooltimk, kusna' mowweemk', mel- 

ooich oochit' kesalooemkawa' loogowokun ; 

Assignee, Tan kSgenoogwoIoot ootSloogaooon 

uklugial ootumoda'kunum iktook. 
To assimilate, Tclaadoo kogooa' ootiilain 

stuga' uktiik' kogooa'. 

Assimilation, kesaadiimk' nadoo kogooa' 
naookta' ootulainii stuga' ap liktuk kogooa. 

To assist, Abogiinumdk ; Aboguniimooa'. 
Assistant, Noojeabogunumooa'. 
Assistance, Abogunumasoode; Abogunum- 

ooemkawa' ; AbogQniiiTiadumiigawa'. 
Assistant, s. Tan noojeabogunumooet'. 
Assistant, adj. Abogiiniimasoodea'; abogun- 

Assize, Tebloodiimu'mk ; Mowagiinoodumiimk' 

oochit ilsoodakQn. 
Associable, Tan kesewijegwemoo's. 
To associate, Wigumagaitooltijik; Widoo- 

gwei' : V\ ijitkwaagik; Widoogwemk' ; awlt- 

kadooiteekw ; awltkadeekw. 
Associate, Nigumaach ; Nedap' ; Tan 'Tok- 

ooloogwedeck' ; Tan witloogwedee'k. 
Association, Moweome ; Mowomajik pegwgl- 

kik ; Mowomadimkawa'; Mowodasooltimk'. 
To assort, Tepkesadooonul ; Tepkesaliigik. 



To assuage, AbogunumKdiim -, upkoon<tjiin- 

aw.iadno ; cdupkwaadoo; Sdupkwaaluk ; 

cpdj.'iak' ; Ilkwijaaluk. 
Assuagement, Abogunum<1dumugawu' ; upk- 

Assuager, Tan noojeiiboguniirnooet' ; Nooje- 

apkoonajunawaadegct'; Noojeilkwijaadeget'. 
Assuetude, Tan telinkulagaadoo ; Nakalaga- 

To assume, VVeswaadoo ; Tclooa' neen n'tap- 

soon na ; kokwaadoo uksuboogwa'dAkun 

iktook ; Teledadum ootuletulca'n kadoo 

moo welikchijedoo'. 
Assuming, Mclkedoodum ; Sakumowaaluse ; 

Assumption, kokwadSgemk' ; Ian teledaad- 

asik kadoo moo kejeedasinook. 
Assurance, WSlikchijedegcmk' ; kedlawaik- 

To assure, MelkekenoodumSk' ; Pakagunod- 

umAk' ; Telaluk wen oomulgikehijedegen' ; 

Telaluk moo ootaswedaadegen' ; Tela'luk 

To be assured, kedlawaikchijedega' ; kesedase 

Assuredly, kgdiawa' iktook. 
Assuredness, kedlawaikchijedaadakun ; kSd- 


Asterisk, kunoogwosoode aweekugemkawa' 
iktook, (na telekesedasik, *.) 

Asthma, Asthmatic, Tedlamimkawa' ; Med- 
edaak oopooskoon ak paskulamit; ukse- 
noogowokiin tan teladoooch, wenul oopoos- 
koon oomcdedaanii. 

Astern, Sedamkaalii ; Wechkookwotk'. 

At the stern, Sedamk. 

To astonish, PaktileiAk'. 

To be astonished, Pakuleic. 

To be astonished at it, Pakiilastiini. 

Astonishment, Pakijieioode. 
To astound, kesepakuleiak'. 
Astraddle, Nasoo6kped&k' ; Nasooopetum. 
To straddle out, Medaboogooe. 

Astral, kulokowSchwa'. 

To be astray, kCskae ; kewowe ; P2sogow- 

teekumei' ; P2sogw;V ; aoobulowtekumae. 
Astride, (See To Bestride) 
To ride Astride, Pemeeboolwa' ; Pemeebool- 

To carry him astride my neck, kakajoo'- 
Astriferous, WSskwaooSje kiilokoweju. 
Astrologer, Tan wejeboooinwa'dgget' kiiloko- 
wejooiktook ; Tan w2je-neganikchijetega- 
wenooa'dSgSl' kiilokowcjooiktook. 
Astronomer, Tan welikchijeSje kiilokoweju. 
Astronomical, Astronomic, Tan tiila' kQl- 

Astronomy, kenamatinawa' ochit' kijloko- 
wechkii ; kegenamooemkawa' oochit' kul- 
Asunder, Tepkestggtil ; Medagaltigiil ; Now- 

To be split asunder, Nowskogwaasik. 
To be torti asunder, Nowskenaasik. 
We two are far asunder, Medabeekw. 
They all are far asunder, Medagaltooltijik. 
At, (Suel enkooka stiiga' iktook.) 
At a place, nadaal tet 
At such a time, Tokoo toochoo. 
At work, etlelookwa' ; ctleloogoodijik. 
He is at home, ebit' wigwomku. 

Atheism, Mektiimugawa' oochit' Nikskamiil 

Atheist, Tan moo kedlamsutiimoogiil Niks- 
kamiil ooteumulinii. 

Atheistical, Booske-mektooajtil Nikskamiil. 
Athirst, kedoo'samookwei. 
Athletic, Melkigunei' ; kokwadimkawa'ya. 
Athwart, Nemchenogwaadoo ; Takiimoogwa'- 

I place it athwart, Takiimoktek'. 

To fall across, Takumooktesin. 
To partition it across, TakOmuskaadoo. 
Atlas, Makunegul awee'gaslgul wegadigan 
iktook ak mowkulooskood^kul. 



Atmosphere, Moosegisk'. 

Atmospherical, Mooscsiskusawri'. 

Atom, Mowtapclifijc'ch kosoria'. 

To atone, Ilkwij.'ndcK''i; llkwijaaluk. 

Atonement, Ilkwijaadakun. 

Atop, kakwafik ; keniskvvafik'; kakoodt-k. 

Atramental, Atramentous, Awegigunabooa; 

Atrocious, kcscwinchuk ; kCsimtooaak ; kcse- 

Atrociousness, Mcskeek iiloowawoode. 
Atrocity, Mowimsugeek uloowawoode. 
To attach, Nastujjaaluk ; Okskedaadoo ; 

Astooaadoo ; Nasedoo. 
To attack, kwcdaboo'Ik ; kwcdeidk'. 
To be attacked, kwcdaba'. 

Attacker, IJooskekwcdaboolk'. 

To attain, adubunaam ; VVosvvaadoo ; Mcs'- 

unum ; kesetidaadoo ; egaii. 
Attainable, kesetidaadasis ; kesusooaadasis ; 

To attaint, VVoonmajeilsoomk' ; Mcsimk; 

Mcjegaadoo ; Mcjegaaluk ; obidaadoo. 
Attaint, n. 'Mtooadakun ; obilla'dakun ; Soo- 

To attemper, VVCleweaga'dooonul ; kokwoje- 

To attempt, kwcjaadcga ; kvvejaadoo; kvvcje- 

tulaadoo ; kvvcjetula'dcga'. 
An attempt, kwcjadcgcmkawa' ; likwchaada- 

To attend, v. a. Ankaptum ; elooga'ookvv ; 

Ncbiinedaadum ; Jiksctum ; Ankaptega' ; 

Attendance, cloogwaoookun ; Tanik eloo- 

gwaooa'dijiil weniil. 
To be his attendant, WenokiibcmTt 'ntenin. 
Attention, Ankaptumiimk'; Jiisclumumumk' ; 

Ankodcgcmk' ; Ankodakun. 
Attentive, Jlksctumagwa' ; booskcankodcga' ; 


Attentiveness, Ankodcgcmkawa'; Ukseiin- 

4 ' 

Attentively, Booskcankokcgcmkriwa' iktook ; 

ukseankodakCiii iktook ; Hooskeiinkodakuii 


'J'o listen to him voy attciitive/y, kcsik- 
Attenuate, Hcpkaadoo ; Apsiitkaadoo ; I5cp- 

Attenuation, Apsiitkaadoomk' ; Pdpkujaa- 

To attest, cloowediimase; VVL-jcloocdumase. 

Attestation, clooedumasoodc. 
Attic, Movvckakwaak poktuskaasik. 
AttigUOUS, Wcjooow' ; Mc'stowchooow' ; kwei- 

Attinge, Samtaatn ; Samtcskadigrd. 
To attire, Asoonaase ; kcgiinaasc ; Asooiia'- 

dcga' ; Asoonaaluk ; Asoouddidk; 
To be attired, kekkum ; ckwtei. 
Attire, n. 'Mtokwon; asoouadimkawa' ; Nas- 

Attirer, 'Noojeasoonddega'. 
Attitude, Tan telnumei'; Tan tclckoo'gooe ; 

Tan tclaaluse ; Tan tOlpe ; Tan tclcsin' ; 

Tan telege'. 
Attorney, Noodawistoo ; IJootoosooenoo. 
Attorneyship, Noodawistoomkawa' 'mtum- 

odakun ; liootoosooenooa'dakun. 
To attract, VVcswiidcjaadoo ; Pcsabcga'lugik; 

Attraction, VVL-swodcjaadoo'mk. 
Attractive, kesuswodcjaadiisis ; kesepcsabcg- 

aadasis ; epiiiftfi'v , apfjjcdootk ; Wcskovvka- 

kiin ; Wcskawedaadasik ; Usugavvcda'dasis. 
Attribute, Tclaimkawa'; Mulgiguiulde ; alsoo'- 

soode ; Tan tciinkulagaadoo ; Tan wcje- 

Attrition,' Samiipkwa'doomkawa' ; Pcgwona- 

dimkavva'; 'Msuga'dakun oochit' uloowaw- 
Atween, Atwixt, Meawaak ; Mcgweiik. 
To Avail, Wchibcse ; Pegweluhtapsoone ; 

Woolabcdumoookunik' ; wcluhlapsoonik ; 

Tatkaak ; kaneawik ; kaneawoodik. 





Avarice, VVi^sJimiksSdrimrifiiawa' oochit soole- 
avvfi' ak msit tan milcnioo'f;^! ootajisoonril. 

Avaricious, Pcsogwac ; Wcsumiksadum mil- 

Avaunt ! Jigulaasc ! 
Auction, 'Ntowodrimfdv ; Ncdowndumuk', 
To sell at auction, Ncdowwodnm. 
Auctioneer, Nc-dowwotk' ; Noojintoocskcl' ; 

Audacious, Lok mcdooaak. 
Audaciousness, iiksImtooa'dAkiin; Mcskeek 


Audaciousness, Audacity, Mcdoeloowa'- 

Audibleness, Audible, Noodasis : noodum- 

umk' iktook. 

Audibly, Tan noodasis. 

Audience, Noodumiimk ; Tanik jiksutiimee- 

dich pcsloonumiigawa'. 
To audit, elaadoo. 
Auditory, Tan kesejiksutumagwct'. 
Auditress, abit tan cliigistakunat'. 
To avenge, usedudega' ; usedfuik' ; Woon- 


Avengement, Woonmajeilsoodrikiin ; liscdodil- 
kun ; uscdodcgcmkawa'. 

Avenger, Noojeiisedodega' ; Noojewoonmajeil- 

soo'dcga' ; Booskeusedudcga'. 
Avenue, Owteech. 
Average, Mowwedamkawa' 
Averment, uloovvedumasoode; Mclke'looed- 

Averuncate, kctpiskodoo ; kctpiskaaddo. 
Aversation, Makskchumugawa'; uktugedaa- 

Averse, Moo wcledfulum ; kctkcdaadCim. 
Aversely, kcnskcdaadakun iktook ;' Moo woo- 

To avert, cjit.'ulaadoo ; I'cskadcjaadoo. 
Auger, iii)kooicgiin. 
To augment, t'. <i. unkooea' ; Ajea' ; An- 

kouaadoo; Ankooaalugik. 

To augment, v. int. PC-mflck ; Pcmcgc ; Pcso- 

kuya' ; Posokcgwcgrd ; PcsokegwCnumei' ; 

Pemegvva' ; Nokscclkik; Ajcak'. 
Augmentation, Aja'dakun ; PcsokegwCnum- 

unik' ; Pcsokcgwcnumrigrivva'. 
Augur, Hooiiin ; Negaiiikciiijelcgawcnoo. 
To augur, lioooinwadcga'; kcdookcgiimooch- 

t'daase ; kcdookcgumoochcdaadum ; Negan- 


lie augurs fine xvcathcr, Wclegiskuno- 


Augury, Boooinwa'drlktin ; uktoockcgiimooch- 
edaasoode ; uktoofkcgumoochcdaadakun, 

August, kosagavvegoo's. 

Auk, (the Great), Abaktooii. 

Aviary, Tan tot sesipk ctleankodasooltijik. 

Avidity, Mcsikwtakrinadumi'igavva'. 

Aunt, Nulis', My mothers sister. T'lsoogwls', 
My fat/ict's sister. 

Avocation, Loogowokiin ; 'MtiimodAkun. 

To avoid, Pcsogwaase ; WAkasiktooa' ; Medd- 
doodiim ; Tcpse ; Tepoose ; Yalitpoose ; 
VVcsemoogvvei' ; Kesitpusiktum ; Keseboo- 
looa' ; VVcsemooktum ; VVcsemooktAk'. 

Avoidable, kesuhsemooktasis ; kesipsogwaa- 

Avoider, Hooskitpoose. 
Avon River, pr. «., Tooettlnook'. 
To avouch, Mclkekuloose ; cloocdiimase. 
Avoucher, Nooje-looedDmase. 
To avow, Masvveloocdiiniase ; Masvvectlavvistoo; 

M as vvcagu n ood li m . 
Auricle, 'Msfitoookun. 

Auriferous, Tan wcjeegaak wisowsooleawa'. 
Aurora, Kskitpook'. 
Aurora Borealis, Wcgadusk', 

Auspicious, Wekak'. 
Auspiciously, VVcleak'. 
Austere, Mcdooamookse ; Mcdooae. 
Austerity, 'Mtooiimooksoode. 
Austral, Austrin, Upkiidasijnoogawri'. 

Authentic, Authentical^ kcdlawaik ; kcdla- 

kn(; dictionary. 


Authonticato, Wcjcmulgljirm.iwaadoo alsou'- 

sood iktook. 
Authenticity, kcdlawrioonkun ; Alsoo'snode. 
Authority, Alsoo'soodc ; Sakumowoodc; clc- 

To authorise, kcgunagwolk'; Alsoosoode 

Autograph, Tan tcleweekuKL-l' nadoo WLtui. 

'Msfit wen oolaweekugcnikriwaii. 
Autographical, Siuga'tan tclovveckugot' nadoo 


Automatical, kescm3ja'lusis; kescmasagaa- 

Automaton, Nadoo kogooa' tan naooktooktasik 

Autumn, Togwaak; Naooktitkwaak. 
This Autumn, I'c'milkwaak. 
Last Autumn, ulkok'. 
Autumn before last, uktugitkok'. 
Tlie ivholc Autumn, Naooktitkwaak. 
Auxiliary, Tan abogunumoock' ; Abogunum- 

To await, cskebcdiim ; cskiimit'lk. 
To awake, v. tf., Toogwaaluk; TooktL'lak' ; 

Ncstoodcskak' ; Toogwimk ; Tooktaak. 
To awake, v. int., Toogea' ; keskoose ; Ncs- 

tooea'; Wcspase ; Nebebe ; Nebabe. 
Award, Ilsoodakima' ; abankudooowwa'. 
Aware, VVcIikchijedcga'. 

Away, kTinik ; kunckaairi ; Mcdadook' ; mcditd- 

Awe, Cliepatogun ; VVagwrtdaasoodc ; Pakulci- 


Awful, I'akrdoioouk fine- wag wodasoodcari. 
Awfulness, Tan kcscdok pakulcioookune-wag- 

Awhile, kccbkaa ; pcgcjiljccchk. 
Awkward, A .vanagaMr-ga' ; (Jwwonaga'dcga ; 

Uwwon.'ic ; Awanagadoo. 
Awning, Lakpclakiin. 

'Jo put up an awnins;^, fdak pel lim. 
Awry, To carry the head axvry, Matlabaasc. 
Axe, Tumeegun. 

An Axe-helve, Tumcguniitkw'. 

A stone axe, koondiiwase. 

An American axe, Hostoonkawase. 

The cilij^c of att axe, VVihioogwon'. 

The pole of an axe, Ooocheedakun. 

The eye of an axe, Oopukik. 

lo hunt for axe-helve timber, Tumegiin- 
Axiom, Masoockcdlawaoookiin. 
Axis, Nemchenoktek. 
Axle and Axle-tree, NiSmchcnuktCk. 
Aye, aa ; aa. 

Aylesford Bog, p. «., kobctck'. 
Azure, Mooskooamoogwaasik. 




Baa, Chechkclooiioockweesimk. 

To baa, Checbkelooaoochweese. 

To babble, Nababoogooa ; kulooskoowokun- 

aboogoofi' ; Segawawistoo ; Petkoodoonka' ; 


Babbler, Booskesegawawistoo ; Booskepetkoo- 

A Babe, Baby, Mijooajeech ; Amsoodagun. 
Baboon, kundakunoocjit. 

Bacchanalian, Booskiktugcet'. 

Bachelor, cnkoodabaoo ; Chenum tan ma 
miinaa maleawik ; kesegoollbadoo. 
An old bachelor, 'Nkanilbaadoo. 
Back, 'Mpakum. 

To carty on my back, Pedooktoo. 

To come back, Apskwaase. 

To cause it to come back, apskwobcgaadoo. 

To turn the back, clniismaase. 
(Note. — Back, in composition, is made by ap and 
abaje, as prefixes.) 


KNfil.ISH MICMAd l>l(TI(i\.\l;V. 

Back-bono, (fiy.) 'Nwowiuun. 

7'//f swiill of the buck, t'tli'it|)Hoksc. 

To catry a load on tin back, Clmowoola'. 

To walk bock aitJ fottli, asooaase. 

To run hack atul fot'h, couswccbo. 
A Back-log, uktooon. 
To back, (a //orsc,) kaknohaasc oopakamku. 

Vo staiiit back, L'si'd.'iboo^onansc, 

To stand With the back toi<.<aids, cscililboo- 

To pull it back, Psf-daadoo. 
To backbite, WiskoDiKvaadrj,';!'. 
Backbiter, JSodskowiskoowaadcj^ri', 
Backhouse, VVcujcgwumchccch ootc-chkafil ; 

Backroom, I'oktuskasik ootcclikfialu. 
Backside, ()o|)akrin)k ; OoDoomvck. 

His hiiidti- paits arc oJ]\ Tcmikchat' ; 

His tail feathers arc off, Ti'miliuit'. 
SoJiict/iiiii^ falls and takes off his backside, 
To backslide, /.//, cscdimkrime; cscdaasc : 

/•'/;,'., J'Omo-()biila'dc;;a. 
Backwards, 'J'o wa/k, tsudaase. 
// runs back, csailadtk'. 
To fall backwards, escchldooca'. 
To tttrn back to, clnicboo^ooaase. 
To talk back'ii'ards, cscdaboogooa. 
Backward, kcj^wac ; Malae ; Aswedaadum ; 
Moo vvC'lcdaadumoo ; Moo noksinsutooau. 
On or toivards the backside of a building, 
Bacon, 'Mslbciisi-im. 

Bad, Wiiisit ; winkcluik ; cmegwa;lk ; Moo 

kulool'tunook ; sooj^rdiij^ak ; cloowavvit. 

Makskcliakunik ; Makskcihladakunik. 

Badness, Wmsoodc ; cloowawoodo ; niakskc- 

daadakun; 'Mtooctuk'ioookun; 'Mtoofioookrin 

Badge, kunoot^wosoode ; Sakumowkwoiiul ; 

Badger, kckwajoo. 

Badinage, kulooskoookiina cllavvistoonik. 
'I hey talk nonsense, kclooskawistok. 

To bafHe, Wiswijiunodr'^ja' ; wiswiprmc'mk ; 

cdoklifskAk' ; fdukskaniak' ; t;cIuktcskooa'; 

r'tlu^utnak' ; W'l'tkoolooa' ; VVclkoo'lk. 
Baffler, Hooskowiswij^rinodr^L't'; UoDskcluk- 

tcskiuva' ; Noojclokti'skiuvii', 
Bag, Mooiide; Munoode ; upsafikumoodc ; 


'/(' tie lip a bag, Soboosapclam. 
To bag, rttkumadi'irii niumoodc; MooiilcgAdum, 
Bagatelle, Scsawuhtapsoonrd. 
To have a bagatelle, Si';;avviihtapse. 
Baggage, 'Mtapsoon ; Nootitpsoon ; kootapsoon; 

Bagpipe, Wiskwe pcpoogwukun. 
Bagpiper, (Noojcwis':wopepoogwct). Ncdo- 

wrpt'poogwut' wiskvvoi' 
Bai du vin, p n, NCbcltook'. 
Bail, Naptagwcnigun (a handle). 
To bail, NaptagwCnum. 
Bailiff, Noojckokwadcj^ct'. 
To bait, WokadiKadiim ; Wokadiguiiaadoo ; 

NVokadi.^a'lk ; \V6kadij;uiiaaluk. 
Bait, Woka'digfin. 
Bair^e, VVi.s:)Wvvc;;un. 

(,'ieen baize Jlanncl, Mcseijecch. 
To bake, v. a., cbibrmadCim. 
To be baking, cbibuna'. 
To bake, v. in., cbubnna'. 
Bake-house, cbibimalsik. 
Baker, Nootpibima'; 

Bake apples, iiiJkooiigemink', 

Bake apple bush, ripkoo<'>;4C'Tiin6kse. 

To balance, v. a. 'Rb-'b.i.aim ; Tcbabak'. 


To balance itself, Tcbabakuiuak'. 

A balance, utkwabaki';rma'. 

Bald, Mijmkatpei'; amiskaak; Mcmkakunatpei'. 

Balderdash, ijksoooguiud. 

Baldness, ML-mkatpamkawa'. 
Bale, Siiakpclakuii. 

Baleful, Wuoiimajedasoodea ; vvcnmajudcgck' ; 

Balk, Ootkoolsoode. 
To balk, VVetkoolk. , 




Bail) Todokun ; alchrimAkTm ; Pcldoowwa' ; 
Naooktnpskrk ; Miiiito^^opskc'ch. 
7"(' />/</)■ />ii//, W ulLli.inifi ; Too'oi. 
7(1 viid-e a ball, Mimloo(,'op;,k.ii(Joo ; 

A btill (lioiiii), Anialknldimkawa wcjj- 
oobaltinik ; Anialkatuk.iwa'. 
Ballad, riktal)c'>;rakrin tan luliV oosilkumoog- 

Bnllnst, kcskoolooksoode. 
Balm, 'Mpesduna' upkoo Ian Ink wflcmaak ; 
'Msiit 'nipcsoon tan upkounajunavvaadok 
Balmy, Tan tcl.ifik strij;;V bam. 
Balsam, upkoo ; amakeinsoodc. 
Balustrade, Apiokrisoodc. 
Bamboozle, kcspoogwaaluk ; MTdcgaak'; Tag- 

Ban, Ootkoolsoode. 
Band, Owwcutkilbilakun. 

To band, kakispadrnn ; kakistfgadiim ; Owwe- 

Bandage, Tctpokpclakun ; akccbkopelAkiin ; 

ankoookpt'lakrin ; Cbcdoopclakrin. 
To bandage, 'rctpokpcirim : Akcchkopeltim ; 

ankoookpclum ; Chedoopelum. 
A bandbox, Agwcsuna-kumoode. 
Bandit, Bandito, No'ijckuniooiunri'. 
Banditte, Nojckrimootimadijik Mowecjik ; 

mowcome nooje-krimooliinadimkawa'. 
To bandy about, kuhtogwc-clcga'. 
Bandylegged, Wokchoncloogoonei'. 
Bane, WLiimajudcj^egawa' ; Nabadcgck'awa 

Baneful, Obiilaadok ; obuladcgek' ; NabadcgC-k'; 

To bang, Taktum 
To banish, cjigiilaaluk ; apchcjigulaaluk ; 

Wcjejigulaaluk oomutkigu. 
Banishment, apcbcjiguladoomkawa' ; apchcjig- 

Bankrupt, Moo kese abakudumook ootcdad- 


Bank, kaskilu'iiiAk', the bank of a rivfi: 'MtTdi- 
I'MJi'^lk, 'Mtrdji'ihrgikt ; MT'ih-dji'incgiak' ; 

Steep blink, Pakabfincgik'. 

// red bank, Migolii'mfgck', 

// //(c^' bank, rspfiilrbrinonikt' ; i-spun- 

aagwtk. •Mt'(h'd)rmcgcak', 
./ black bank, Maktavvinitrdjfincgcrik' ; 

A 'tv/iite luink, \\ oljobrinogrk'. 
Snow bank, kakwr»k'Cgij;iin. 
// has a hij^h bank, cspritlCbrinlgcAk'. 
'lopush the headoHt ovcra bank, I'ichko- 

To push the head ont snddenly over a bank, 

lo raise a bank of earth, Wciiagani- 
Bank*bill, Sooleawa VVccg.adlguna' ; 

A one dollar bill, Naooktagigawa'. 
// tivo dollar bill, 'raboo.Hgigavva'. 
A Jit 'c do I la r bill, N a n it j; i k a w a'. 
A ten dollar bill, Mctlasagigfivva'. 
Banner, 'MtowLgfin. 
Bannock, kalkoonawa'. 

Banquet, VVigoobalti'mk ; VVlgoobaltoocme. 
To banquet, Wigooba'lk. 
Bunquet-house, Banqueting-house, Wig- 

ooba log worn. 
To Banter, Malcgaak' ; Tag:llaak' ; Mrdegc- 

gcdfim ; Mrdegaboogooa'. 
Banterer, Hooskemrdegcgcdrim. 
BaAtling, Mijooajcecli. 

Baptism, Sigrmdasoode ; Haptcisawadcgcmk' ; 
Haineisawaldimkawa' ; Sigiindasinik. 

To baptise, Sigundak' ; Sigundoo; Slgundooa'. 
Baptizer, Nootsii^rmdooa'. 
Bar, ritkunioksoodakun ; Takiimamkiiak'; Tak- 
umoktck ; eloo'dakunatk'. 

To bar, Takumoogwaadoo. 

Barb, Wedool ; 'Mkrigiin ; Ookoojenoo6n. 

To barb, 'Mknguoaadoo. 

Barbarian, Scgawculnoo; I'clooa^. 




Barbarism, Pcloooboogonemkawfi' ; Maleesim- 
kfivva'; Obulaboogooeaikavva' ; Obulecsimk; 

Barbarous, Wa'kase ; Medoofie ; eloowawe. 

Barbecue, kljolkwees mcsoksasit. 

To barbecue, Mesoksuk koolkweesu. 

Barbed, 'Mkugiina'dasik. 

Barber, Noojipskiidooamooa'. 

Bare, amiskae ; Moosegae ; Moo asoonalimuk ; 

Bare ground, Metkumeek. 
To bare, Moosegaadoo ; Moosegaaluk. 
Barefaced, Winemulgedae. 
Barefoot, Barefooted, Sasageem. 
Bareheaded, Mctkwei'. 
Barely, Wagiich ; Pasuk. 
Bareness, amiskaimkawa ; amiskoltimkawa'. 
Bargain, kesagunoodumumkawa' ; kesaamoo- 


To make a bargain, kesagunoodumkeikw' ; 
Tcleagt.iookumeick ; adumadoolteck' ; kesaa- 

Barge, Papedakuna' wclcbot ; Papedakiinoo'lkw ; 

Bark, the bark of a tree, Maskwe ; Bochukul- 
inaskvve ; uloo'gcsk. 

White birch bark is called : 

1. Wlicn peeled in the proper season, 

Bapkookfiwa', and upkoonegwe. 

2. IVhen peeled out of season, ulnaskwe. 

3. W/icn peeled in the winter, Sunse- 


4. When stripped from an old dead log, 

'Msooigwe. The general name is 

Spruce bari-, iipkaoo. 
Hemlock bark, uksooske. 
Ihc inner bark of the white birch, Ooch- 

The bark of ordinary soft xvood, utkogiin. 
The bark of a young birch tree, 'Pkoonegwe. 
Bark for covering a iiigwom, Piilogumok'. 
Bark for building a canoe, 'Misookwecl. 

Bark mixed with tobacco for smoking, 
(usually of the red willow), Nespe- 
A kind of bark in former times used for 
the same purpose, Paktinutkwemoose. 
To gather birch bark, Manegvva'. 
To bark a tree, (by peclim; it), liapkwaadoo. 
To hark, (as a dog), Wcgilei' ; VVegilal'. 
To bark at it, VVcgidum. 
To bark at him, Wcgiiuk. 
He barks in the distance, unseen, Wed- 

He is heard barking, cJiasing some animal> 

The hound barks while pursuing, Yala- 
Barker, Booskewegilat'. 
Barky, Maskwtiaii ; Maskweamook'. 
Barley, Bale. 

Barn, Lakiilans, — .'. om the French, la grange. 
Barnacle, Slgasakiinachk koonda-wiktook 

Barnacles groiv on rocks, Okskcdooltijik. 
Barrack, Stimagunisogwom ; Wakaloosan. 
Barrel, Malegaoo. 

To barrel, Pitkiimadiim malegaoo iktook. 
To knock open a battel, Pelsaktaam. 

A gun-barrel, VVebagwik. 

Barren, Taimkooaak ; Taipkvvaak ; kattook. 

To be barren, Maseketei'. 

Barrenness, Maseketamk' 

Barricade, elegasoode ; Wokaloosan. 

To Barricade, etlegasoodeaadoo. 

Barricade, VVokaloosun ; elegasoode. 

Barrier, VVetkooloocmkawa' ; cdogvvodcsTiium- 

Barrister, Noodawistoo. 
Barrow, aooktijbelakrina' ; Pijmabilakun. 
To barter, Sasawadoo ; Malsunawe ; Memad- 

To barter, MemadooabAnkiidum. 

I pay Indian fashion, ulnooe-abankiidowwa. 
/ pay ivhite man fashion, i. e , I pay cash, 



Bartibog, P- « , Nt-hcltonk'. 
Base, Benogwae ; moo talekiiloo'su ; Rcnokedal- 
iimookse ; Winchiik ; kcnskeda'tlakiinik' ; 
Moo talekulooltunook' ; Mogvvajooik. 
Base-bom, Scgawuhskijenooe. 
Base-minded, kulooskabiiwe ; Noojiksuboog- 

vvaloofi' ; kcspoogwadcgiV. 
Abase, clkunadck' ; cinadek'; clkiinSdcgawa'- 
Baseness, eloowa'woode. 
Bashful, Nedagae ; Chepalooa'. 

/ am a baslifiil man, Ncdftgobfiwe. 

J atn a bashful woman, Ncdaga'skowe. 

Shame, bashfulncxs, 'Ntagogun. 

Bashfulness, Ncdagobawimkawa' ; NSdcgas- 

Basilisk, Tan pasuk 'mtaskum. 
Basin, Eptakun ; kusispadakuna' ; kasiptuna- 

Basis, elkunadcgawa ; Tan tet wejeboogooik 

To bask, v. a., *'ga'luk nagoo'set-awiktook. 
To bask, v. «., kcsalklksowwa'. 
Bass, (fish,) Chegaoo. 
Bass-wood, clnikpe. 

Bass-tvood grove, Elnikpea'gumikt. 

Basket, Pootaleawa' ; Likpen'igun. 
Basket-handle, Nabtidagvven'igun ; elnakun- 

Bastard, lipkotununch'; Segawa' mijooajecl. 
Bastardy, Scgawuhskijenoode ; S'jgf.wagakun. 
Bat, (a ball stick) Ooohamakunutk'. 
Bat, (an animal) Nr.jemookt:ikui;c'ch. 
Batch, MowclooskCnasik. 

Bath, r'tliksispalusooltimk ; ("tliksispali;sini cawa'. 
To bathe, v. a., kesispaaluk ; kcsisp^'lubC. 
To bathe, v. int., Tcgisme ; kcsispa'luse. 
Bathing-place, Etliksis|)alusimk'. 
Bathurst, /. n. Kebamkeak'. 
Battalion, Pegwclemowecjik sumaguniskij. 
To batten, Wcskedoktam'. 
A batten, Ooskedoktafigun. 
To batter, Pegwclitkum. 
Battdr, «., Peltegawa. 

Battery, Wakaloosan. 

To battle, Maifuidooltijlk. 

Battle Array, keskajoltijik oomatuiidooadin- 

To bawl, Saskwa' ; Ncdowvva' ; kcsiksegowwa' 

kcdoo : clkomiktcga'. 
A Bay, iSAktaba'. 

The head of a Bay, Wagobaak ; Es- 

kwoba' ; Bookt ; eliimbaak. 
The Bay tuns far up, (hence the name, 
Cobequid,) Wagobagltk'. 
To bay, Wcgidum ; Wcgilajul. 
Bay berry, kuljeman'. 
Bay berry bush, kuljemanokse. 
Bayonet, Sabalkudaagup kusawogvvau, (an iron 

Bazar, Etlintooeskaadimk. 
To be, aum ; Ttlae. To be so. 

Note.— aum means to be there. There is 
no verb in Micmac that exactly corres- 
ponds with to be. Telae means 1 am so 
or thns ; In this or tliat condition. 
Beach, PemamkeAk' adooomk' ; Amasagop- 
skool ; Natakumamkiidogwck; Natkamkiid- 

To walk along on the beach, Pemchajegam- 

Tlierc is a beach of fine stones, VVelamkeak'. 
Beacon, Piksaak ; Piksaadakun. 

To make a beacon, Piksa'dooe ; Piksadooa. 
I raise afire beacon fot him, Piksaadak. 
Bead, Weiupsk. 
To string beads, Napiiskwa'. 
To adorn with bea » ..dpskadcga'. 
Beak, Sesip ooseskoon. 
Beam, kode. 

Beamy, l^aktadL:- ; PedciJktck'. 
Bean, Wegoon ; Papawa'. 
BCcin-SOUp, Wegoonaboo. 

To bear, Pcmap Joo ; Pcma'dcga' ; Pcmegedei'. 
To i'uirxviti; kakumoodum ; kakumoodak'. 
fo bear yoiiii^. Mijooajejoome, 
To bear zvcll, VVelegedei. 




TJic Seal bears yoiirg, Pcneiigwit'. 

1 /le Hear bears young, Pencskwit'. 

The Dog hears young, Pcncsumit'. 

The Cow. Moose, Carriboo, &c., Pcnetkvvlt. 

To heat on tlieshonlders, Pcmnega' ; Pem- 

The tree hears fruit, Minik, or Mciiik. 
A bearer, (of loads), NoojepCimadcga'. 
A bear, Mooin. 
A male bear, Nabe'skw. 
A female bear, Noose'skw. 
A white bear, Mooin wopskw. 
The Northern bear, (constellation), Mooin. 
Bear's grease, Mooinome. 
Bear meat, «, Moinawa'. 
A bear skin, Mooinei'. 
Bear River, /. «., elsSikook'. 
Beard, Wedool. 

Beard of an arroiv, Lutkamun. 

Beard of a hook, Ookoojetiooon'. 
Bearded, VVe'dooe. 

Bearer, Noojeptimadega' ; Nooje-pumowwoolfi', 
Beargarden, Tan tct Mooinak ankwaasootijik. 
Bear-herd, Bear ward, Mooinawe-noojean- 

I am a Bear, Mooinawe'. 
Beast, VVeisis. 
Beastliness, WeisisooadigSmkawa' ; Weisis- 

Beastly, VVeisisooaadcgct'. 
To beat, Taktum ; Taktooaaga' ; Takumk ; 
Mataak' ; VVisodooncmkoose. 

To heat in battle, VViswigunodcga ; Wis- 



To beat hint in the fight, Wlsvviguncmk'. 

fqet the victory over him, VVisoowaak'. 

'To give him a sound beating, kcsedaak. 

To heat him in argument, VVisoo'dooncmk'. 

I'o beat cloth, washing it, kcsistaktfiga'. 

To beat a garment, Piivvoktafim ; cbit- 
Beaten, Matoksc, Matimk, VViswaooimk'; 

VViswigunemi'mk ; Wiswigiinodase. 
A beater, (a maul) Skoodaagunutk'; Maitej wa'. 

Beatific, Beatifical, Mcsteioolode. Mestei- 
oolodegcmk, mclooich aooosik oochit wa- 
sokawa oolode. 
Beatitude, Mcstowoolode ; Wclkwijadcgcm- 

kavva' ; Wclkwijecmkawa'. 
Beau, Cheeniim tan welkoodat'. 
Beaver, kobet. 

A braver slin, 'Mtiie. 

To dig beavers out, to hunt heavers, Noo- 

To hunt heavers by night, Welogvvei'. 
To open a heaver dam, Paliimakik kobe- 

taku ; Paaliim. 
A beaver dam, usegedooovv'. 
To hunt beavets in the morning, Scbae. 
A young beaver of the first year, kuje- 

A young heaver of the second year. Pee vvech. 
A young heaver of the third year, Pul- 
Beaver Harbour, /. «., Kobetawa' kwemoode. 
Also, Woliinkak'. Tke latter evidently the 
Indian name. 
Beauteous, Beautiful, kSloo'se ; kcloo'lk 
csmadumookse, csmadiimook' ; VVclean- 
kamkoose, and VVcleiinkamookse ; kese- 
ooleaiikamookse (or, koose) kaskamookse ; 
Pckskovve ; Wclaamookse, Welamook'. 
Beauteousness, Beauty, kcloo'soode Esma- 
dumooksoode ; kaskamooksoode. 
kamoo'ksoode; and Wcleankamkoo'soode. 
Wclamoo'ksoode ; keseooleamook'soode ; 
To beautify, Welamoogwaaluk ; Welamoo- 

Because, Oochit ; Miidii. 
To beck, To beckon, Matkwcdijm; Maje- 
kvvcdum; Matkvvedak' ; Majekvvcdoo; VVaa'- 
dumei ; Waadigoo ; VVaaduniAk' Wadiga, 
— To attract sea-fowl, loons or duels, by 
waving a red flag. (The difference between 
matkwcdum and waadigoo, is this : the 
former is a nod of the head ; the latter a 
a motion with the hand), 



To become, Wcjekesedase. (Note. — The idea 
of becoming is expressed by a verbal termi- 
nation : as Ciieenumooca', I become a man ; 
kesegooea', / am becoming old ; koonda- 
weik', // becomes a stone ; kumoo'jeak, It 
becomes -wood: from cheeniim, kesegoo, 
koondaoo, kijmooch', — atid so in all cases.) 

Bed, 'Mpogiin. 

To have a bed, Oonpogiin jme. 

I am abed, 'Mpdgiine, (and I am in bed.) 

A feather bed, Pesiimoode. {L,\\.. a flea bag) 

An animal's bed, Mootpoon. 

A moose's bed, Oonban. 

Bedabble, Saseboktestdk' ; IlakuIooskfidgskAk'. 

Bedaggle, Seskooaaluk ; Bulgotichaaluk ; Bul- 
gokch iktook. 

I throzv mire on him, amchijgdktak. 
I plaster mire on him, Amaktak. 
Jo drag him through the mire, Amchiig- 

Bespatter, ]\Iejegaadoo. 

Bedaub, amchugaadoo. 

Bedchamber, 'Mpogiina' poktiiskasik. 

Bedclothf^S, ankoonosoonijl ; ankoonosoodel. 

To bedeck, Amalabedaadega'; Amalabedaadoo. 

Bedeque, p. «., cbcdek. 

To bedew, Melt^imooaadoo ; Melumaak ; Mel- 
iimooaaluk ; Mcliimooobadcga'. 

Bedfellow, Nooje-weebcdeek'. 

Bedford, pr. «., kwebek', ( The head of the tide.) 

Bedlam, eloowawecdogom ; aweiecdogwom. 

Bedlamite, eloowawea' ; aoonasca' ; aweiea'. 

Bedraggle, Mcjegamoogwadooonul. 

Bedrid, Bedridden, apchesin. 

Bedstead,, 'Mpoguniitkool. 

Bedtime, kedoonpogiinooltimk; clesiimeda'imk; 
Tetpiigaak 'ntclesmaslnu ; Tetpugaak iiiit- 

Bee, Mechipchamooech'. 

Bee-hive, Mechipchamooech-ogwom. 

Beech, Sooomoose. 

Beechen, Sooiimoosea'. 

Beech-nut, Sooi>man'. 

Beef, Wenjoodeamwa'. 
Beer, (Spruce), kowwotkoobe. 
Beet, Mcgwibuncksit* 
Beetle, kiimaas; Maltcjwa'. 
Beeves, Wenjoodeamook. 
To befall, Tedaboodcsk'. 
To befool, kospoogwaadega' ; kcspongwaluk. 
Before, prep., Nooskalook ; oopula'kunuk. 
Before, adv., askw moo ; Aiikanu ; Neganu ; 

To go before, Neganaase ; Eganaase. 
To befriend, Welaaluk ; Witkimk' ; Nadoood- 
ega' ; Nadooaaliik'. 

To beg, edowa ; cdowvvoktumei' ; Nadavvok- 
tiimei' ; kevvikse ; Pektowwoktiimci' ; Ned- 

To beg of him, edi'mk. 
To be a capital beggar, NCdadowwa'. 
To beget, Mijooajechwafiga ; Wcgvvisea' ; 

Wenjiine ; Wcskijenooalooa'. 
A beggar, Nootowwoktumei' ; Boostowwok- 
tumci' ; Boostovvvva'. 

Beggary, aoolajoookiin ; kewiksimk ; edow- 

To begin, Poktumkeak' ; Poktumkadega' ; 
Bokcheak' ; Wejipkotiimkca.' ; Bokche- 
tuladega'. Bokche, as a prefix to any active 
verb, denotes to begin the action, whatever 
it may be. Poktiiloogwa', (It is impossible 
to be always able to distinguish the sounds 
^ and/ as the Indians utter them. They 
find the same difficulty with the English 
Z> and /"equally puzzling. An Indian can- 
not distinguish easily the words, gold cold, 
and colt, site and side ; also^ and k are the 
same to ihem). 

/ begin to work, Bokche-loogwa', 

I begin to pray, Bokche-alasoodumei'. 

A beginner, Neganea' ; Noojepoktiiloogwa'. 

The beginning, Poktiimkeadcgemkawa' ; Tan 
umskwcs' poklumkeaak. 

To begird, kcspesaase ; kcspesGdCtik. 

'■ 'i 


[ ;! 



Begone ! inter., Jigulaase ! 

Begrease, Memaadoo ; Memaaluk. 

To begrime, Mcjegaaluk. 

To beguile, kcspoogwaaluk ; kcspoogwaadega'. 

Behalf, Welaldimkawa'; 'mtumodaktin ; Tan 

tulu' ; Abogunumasoode. 
To behave, Tan teladega' ; Tan tclaaluse. 
Behaviour, 'Mttilaailakun ; Teladegcmkawa'. 
To behead, Temkwcdaak. 
Behest, utploodakun : Tebloodcgomkawa'. 
Behind, Oote'chk : Noodek' ; koodck : ootech- 

To be behindhand, Moo welettiladegow : 

To behold, Ankaptum; Ankamk'; Ankaptega'. 
Beholden, Tetooa'. 
Beholder, BooskeankSptega'. 
Behoof, kaneawimkawa' ; kaneawoode : Tan 

Being, Tan pasuk kogooa' ; kogooa' ; Tan 

memajit, ak elp tan moo memajenook'. 

To belabour, Mataak ; Taktuk ; Taktum : 
Taktega' ; ebatkwcdaaga, ebatkvvedaam, 

To beleaguer, Matunadum. 

To belch, Welei. 

Bellfrey, Sesooagweegunutk'. 

Belfast, /. «., (in P. E. Island), Megvvasa'. 

To belie, Pilsimk ; Pilsaboogooa'. 

Belief, kedlamedadumugawa ; uktlamsutoo- 
okun ; kedlamsutadlmk'. 

Believable, Tan uktlamsulasis. 

To believe, kcdlamedaadcga' ; kedlamsulum ; 

kcdlamsutak' ; kedlamedafidum. 
Belike, Chiptook. 

Bell, Scsooakudaagun. Sesooagweegiin, Sesoo- 

To toll a bell, Matega'd^ga. 

A bell ringer, Noojematugo'dega'. 

Belligerous, Belligerant, Hooskematiinaaga. 
Bellipotent, kenap ; Ncdowwematunaaga ; 

Bellman, Noojemaiuga'-lega. 

To bellow, etlelooaat ; Wedawelooaat. 

Bellows, Bootooe'chk 

Belly, Niimooste, kumooste, oomooste. 

T/ie belly part of a bear cut off tvith the 
fat outside and the inside left attached, 
The billy bursts, Paskine'desTn. 
Belly-ache, Numooste kesenoogowik' ; Ses- 

To belong, Na telae ; Telaowwe. 

// belongs to me, VVedalegame ; Sdo- 
neaweifj ; WcdSpse 
Belovec" '• -^I'-.oose ; Piowiksalkoose. 
Below, 'ip:,-i oik; upkawaak. 
Belt, ukspesv, • ukspesoonabe. 
To bemire, Seskooaadoo ; Bulgokchaaluk ; 

amchugakiSk' ; amchegudejimk'. 
To bemoan, Mawimk ; Mawedum. 
Bench, koodpoode. 
A wash-bench, ebitkwiksispa'ddkun. 
To bend, v. tr, VVokchooaadoo ; Wokchooeg- 

aadoo ; Wokchooadega' ; Mimkooskaadoo ; 

Oweokegaadoo ; ebitkwaadoo; ebltkwaaluk. 
Bent as a hoop, elega'dase. pas. 
To bend a hoop, elega'dega ; elegaadoo. 
To Bend, v. intran., Wokchooigedk' ; Naoo- 

pokuya' ; Ebitkwea'. Naookoojogeak'. 

Sckskvvebe ; Sckskwedek'. 
Bendable, kesewokchooaadasis. 
Bender, Noojewokchooaadega' ; Wokchooega- 

Beneaped, Newedesk'. 
Beneath, upkawaak. 

Benediction, Welaklimkawa'; Weleku'loosimk. 
Benefaction, Igunumagwemkawa' ; Igunium- 

adimkawa'; Nadooodakun ; Nadooaldim- 

Benefactor, Noojenadooodega ; Booskenad- 

ooodega ; Welodega ; Booskewooladega' ; 

Booskevvoola'laje aoolajooenoou. 
Benefactress, abit tan booskenadooudoget ; 

abit tan welalaje aoolajooenoou. 
Beneficent, Booskenadooodega' ; Welmucoo. 




Benificence, WcladAkiin ; VVcleda'dAkun ; 

Nadooodakiin ; Nadooodegcmk' ; Nadooo- 

Beneficial, Welabcdum ; Tatkaak ; Tatkae ; 

Benefit, Weolabcdumoookrin ; keloo'soode ; 

kanea'woode. Welabedumugawa'; Tan tat- 
To benefit, v. tr, AbogunumAk'; Wclabed- 

umak' ; Welaaluk. 
To benefit by it, v. int, Wclabedum ; Wcloo- 

Benevolence, Welmudoomkawa'; Wcladeg- 

emkawa' ; Tatkamkavva'. 
To benight, Bogunitpagaaluk ; Bogunitpakt- 

To be benighted, Bogunitpaga'dase; Bogtin- 

Benign, Welmudoo ; Booskeaooleda'dega ; 

Benison, Welaldimkawa'; VVelekiiloosimkawa'; 

Igunumadimkawa ; kokwodumudoomk' ; 


Bent, Mimskwogik ; Naoopo'geftk ; Naoopig'- 

eak' ; Naookoojo'geak' ; Wokchooea'dasik ; 

Wokchooege ; Wokchooaadasik ; Wokchooik'. 

To benumb, Pilsaadoo. 

To bequeath, Noktumak' 'ntapsoon nadoo 

wenu, oochit oosooaadoon kesinputes'neenu. 

Bequest, Igunumadimk oochit nadoo wen 

To bereave, Segoodaak ; kokwaadfik' ; Weda- 

legamkei' ; kumootunadumak' ; kcspoog- 

waaluk ; Wcjuhsooadak' ootapsoon ; cdok- 


Bereft, Segoodaimk. 
Berry, Menlchk. 

To gather bfrries, Mawese, 

I return from gathering berries, Aboowese. 

To beseech, Edamk' ; Alasoo'mk, 
To beset, Sespaak' ; Wedumaak' ; Sespodumak'. 
Tobeshrew,Almimk ; Wcdtimeda'lumkootoon- 
majodasin' ; VVini'mk. 

Beside, prep., Besides, Wejooow' ; kweiichk' ; 

Beside, adv.. Besides, Skumtook' ; Ak elp. 
To besiege, Matiinadum ; WcjikpejoktcskQm 

ukchegiin' matundimka-wiktook. 
Besieger, Noojookpejokicskooct' sumagunisoo- 

Besmear, Amchuga'dega ; Amchugaadoo ; 

To besmirch, Mcjega'dcga ; Mejegaadoo ; 

To besot, eloowaweaaliik ; aweicak'; kctkaa- 

liik ; Welapskaaluk. 
To bespatter, BakwQlooskudcskak' ; kakeiba- 

To bespeak, eloogome ; eloogomoodtim ; 

Best) Mowwekuloolk' ; Bejelekuloolk' ; Mowe- 

ooleak' ; MowwekQloo'se ; Bejelekuloo'se. 
Bestial, Weisisooa' ; stijga weisis. 
To bestow, Igunuinoocdoo. 
To bestride, jSCsooiipetum ; Nesoocipedak'. 
A bet, Egadadimkawa'. 
To bet, Egadooii'. 
Betimes, eskitpook' ; kcsecskitpook' ; 'Nkuseiu ; 

To betoken, Nayaadoo ; Tellmk' ; kegenooaa- 

dak ; Matkweduk' ; MajekwCdak' ; Ametul- 

To betray, kegenooaadega' ; kcgenooaaluk; 

Mesi'mk ; Mcseek ; Mcsegedum. 
Betrayer, Booskekenooadcgfi'. 
To betroth, kedoomaleawaaluk. 
Better, rijekiiloo'se ; ajckuloo'lk ; edupkvvea' ; 

Mavveawe ; Ajewooleak'. 
To better, TSlaadoo ootajewooleii'nu. 
Bettor, Booske-cgadooa'. 
Between, Betwixt, Mcgweiik ; Loogwaak ; 

Mcawaak ; ulkgvvaak. 

To come bettveen, Wcchkwinsoo«gwaase ; 

To place it betiveen, Nasooogwaadooa. 
// is placed betxveett, NasooiJktck. 




Beverage, Ncsamoogwomk' ; 'Ns?imoo£;wokun. 
Bevy, Movvcome ; Mowkwodumoo'dimk ;Mun- 

To bewail, Akayemtum ; Mawimk' ; Mawi- 

dum ; Wcjeutkedtime. 
To beware, Ankwa.lse ; Ankodum. 
Beware, Ankwaase ; Ankodaan', 
To bewilder, aweicak'. 
Bewitch, lioooinwa'dcga' ; Boooinwaaluk ; 


Beyond, kamaak ; asaak. 

Bib, Pinasoogwodca'. 

Bibber, Pesogwcnsamoogwei'. 

Bibacious, Hooskinsamoogwei' ; VVikpa' ; Boo- 


Bible, Beibul ; Nikskamawa' vveegadigfin. 

Bicker, kamcdooa ; kakaweboogooa'. 

To bid, Telitploo'mk ; TCbloo'dcga' ; Wegoo'mk. 

Bidding, Utplnodakiin, 

Bier, Lokpelakun 'npooiinooa' ; Pumakpelakun. 

Big, Mcskile ; Meskeek. 

As a prefix — Mag, As: 

I have a big head, Magatpei. 

/ have a big eye, I have big eyes, Magat- 

I have big hands, Magiptinei. 

I am bigger, \ ^ogunutpoogwa'; Pegunut- 

Hotv big round am I ? Talokse ? 

I am big round, Magokse. 

Big Pond, p. n , Naooktebnogooik 

Big Kespebaedak', /. «., kespabegea'chk. 

Big-bellied, Magapkudci'; Magokse. 

Bigamist, Taboosilije wetfibttcmilije. 

Biggest, Mowimsiiglle ; Mowimsugcek. 

Bilberry, kulumooejemanokse. 

Bile, \N iskiin ; Wisawo'w ; Cumooech. 

7'(9 be afflicted with biles, kumooejoo'se. 
Bilge, Wespege^k'. 
BilligSgate, Booskewinaboogooet'. 
To bilk, kcspoogwaaluk. 

Bill, Sesip' ooseskoon ; Tetadimkawa' weegadi- 
guii ; Sooleawaya' weega'digun. 

Billet, VVeegadigiincheech. 
Billow, utkoo ; Mugatkvvigawa'. 
Bin, Luskei'gun kiiioomkoori', kusna' mogobaga'. 
Binary, Togwomkudek' ; Togvvoktek'. 
To bind, kClpclum ; kcltakpilk'. 
Botmd, tied, keltAkpese. 
Jo bind up a ivoimd, kgiagAk' ; Sabaleg- 
adiim ; Sabalegalk'; Melkubilk'; 
To bind on a basket hoop, Wokpadakuna'- 

To bind anytliing fast by t^'ing, Sekabeliim. 
To bind Books, Moweku. oskoodooonul ; 
Tokoo-kQlooskoodooonul ; kuloosk- 
To bind Cloth, Tftpcgeesowvva' ; elakpa- 
dega' ; Mowwonkeesum ; Tetpabeg- 
To bind it up, Ankoookpelum. 
To bind up a bundle, Snakpelum. 
To bind an animal's feet up to his body, 
or to bind a man's hands and feet 
together, Movvwigunabilk. 
A Binding, Tctpabegeeslgun. 
Binocular, TabooalkegwSi'- 
Biographer, Tan booskewcekummooojiil nadoo 
wcnul oomemajoookunumul ; Noojeweek- 
uget oochit 'npootinoo' tan telememajedegu. 

Biography, Agunoodumdkun aweegasik oochit' 

Biped, Taboocikatat'. 
Bipenated, Tabooeoonuksit. 
Birch, Maskwe ; Saoopogeachk' ; Nimnogun ; 
Oopoogumakun ; Nebesokun, a switch. 

To go in quest of birch bark, Manegwa'. 

The bark for a canoe, 'Msisookweel. 

The bark for a wigwom, Palogiimok. 

Young white birches, Woseboogooichk. 

The birch bark will not peel, egogwaak. 
Birchen, clnejoo ; Boochkajoo. 
Bird, Sesip; Sesipcheech'. Nabaoo, a cock: 

uskwaoo, a hen. 
Bird-cage, Sesipcheech-ooogwom. 






Bird-catcher, Noojekokwalaje sesipu ; Nojc- 

scsipwriaj;;! ; Noosesipwaagfi. 
To hunt birds, Sesipwaaga. 
Bird Island, p. w„ Kloopskeaakade, 
Birth, Ooskljenoode. 
Birthplace, Niimutke; Tan tct telaowwe: 

Tan tet weskijenoocap'. 
Birthday, Oonfiookteboonamkawa oona- 

gwef^um weskijenooedck'. 
Biscuit, kulkoonawa'. 
Bishop, ukchepaduleas'. 
Bisulcous, (cloven footed), Neliksedat'. 
Bit, Tasebow ootoona' ; upkc'sigun. 
Bitch, Skwesum. 
To bite, Pakalooa' ; Pakadoo ; Pakaluk. 

To bite off a piece of meat, Pegedum. 
To bite the finger, Petpuse. 
To feel about by biting, Nenadooikchcmse. 
To bite it off, Tcmlum. 
Bitter, Wiskuk'. 
Bittern, VVcukujumech'. 
Bittumen, Makumegowwa' upkoo'. 
Bivalve, Tabooasakpit. 
To blab, Mileagunoodumooa' ; Movvepoogwel- 

Ivvistoo; Teloodum tan depkadik moo 

Black, Maktavvae ; Maktawaak. 
A black-bird, Poogootuleeskeech'. 
To blacken, v. tr., Maktawadega' ; Makta- 

waadoo; Maktwaaluk. 
To blacken, (groiv black), v. int., Maktavvea' ; 

The black of the eyes, Maktawipkegwei'. 
To have black eyes, Maktawobulgegwei'. 
To have a blackened (bruised) eye, Nes- 

To have a black head, Maktawotpei'. 
To have black hair, Maktawoltoogwei'. 
To have a black nose, or bill, Makiawis- 

To have a black neck, MaktaweskwSkunei'. 
To have a black beard, Maktawedooei'. 
To have a black face, Maktawob'awe ; 


To wear a black hat, Maktawotpaam. 

To walk about with a black straw hat on, 

To have black flesh, Maktawa'kuse. 
To have a black back, Maktawipkamei'. 
To have a black belly, Maktawaskudeei'. 
To have a black tail, Makawolooei'. 
To be dressed in black, Maktawigunaam. 
To have black hands, Maktawiptinei'. 
To have black fingers, Maktawilchigunei' 

To have black dirt under the finger-nails, 

To have on a black neck-tie, Maktawe- 

To have black feet, Maktawegadei' ; Mak- 

taiihkwode; Maktaoosedei'. 
Black Cloth, Maktawek' ; MaktawCkcheech ; 

There is black cloth, Maktaweasoonik. 
There is no black cloth, Moo maktaweas- 

To have a black rump, Maktawikchei'. 
The clouds are becoming black. The sky 

is covered with black clouds, Mak- 


Black wood, Maktawogomkuk" 
Black iron, Maktawaaguk. 

A black rock, stone, bead, or ball, Mak- 

Black sand, Maktawomkek. 
A long stretch of black sand, Maktawom- 


Black earth, Maktaooktimegck'. 

Black mud, Maktawelooskeck'. 

Black bread, Maktawibunaak. 

A black-berry, ajeok'chemin. 

A black-berry bush, ajeokcheminokse. 

A place where black-berry bushes abound* 
ajeoksemanokse-akumegck' ; ajeokseman- 
okse-a'gumikt ; ajeoksemanokse-a'kade. 

A creeping black-berry, Asooeman'. 

A creeping black-berry bush, Asooeman- 



A black cloud, Maktawolook. 

Black paint, MaktokoKiniakfin. 

The paint is black, There is black paint, 

There is no black paint, Moo maktokogun- 

To be painting with black paint, Maktog- 


To paint it black, Maktokogunum. 

To paint him black, Maktokdgunuk'. 

To be painted black, also, To paint some* 

thing of one's own black, Maktokogun- 

It is painted black, Maktokogunasik ; Mak- 

To die it black, Maktowtusiim. 
To die it black for myself, Maktowtusumei'. 
To be dying with black die, Maktowtusowwa' 
To blacken it by burning, Maktawoksum. 
Blackness, Maktawaagwa ; Maktawaimkawa'. 
A blackamoor, kundagwech'. 
A black fish, {species of porpoise) Tedmunat- 

pajit ; (Lit. The blunt head.) 
A blackguard, Mejegae ; Booske-mejega-aboo- 

A blacksmith, kulapran. 
A bladder, Wiske ; Piskwe. 
The air-bladder of a fish, Mentun. 
A blade, {of a knife,) Wilnoogwon'. 
Blame, «., Mesimkawa' ; Padasvvokuna' , Ana- 

dalumugawa' ; iilgoma'dakun. 
Blain, kumoocch'. 
To blame, v., Anada'lumuk ; ulspodum ; Na- 

daleda'iiimuk '; Nadaledaadum. elkomaaddk; 

elimk' ; anadaase ; anadafiduiu ; anadaak ; 

elkomoodumak' ; aneamk'; aneaptum ; ane- 

apse ; Petkimk'. 

To blame one another, elimtooltijik. 
Blameworthy, Blameable, Padadega' ; Pada- 

tegavve'nooe ; Aneamkoose. 
Blameless, Weladega' ; Welmudoo ; Ma kesip- 

togumimuk ; Ma aneam'koosu. 
To blanch, v. tr , VVoboksowwa' ; Wobaadoo. 

V. int, Wobawea' ; Wobaweak'. 

Blancher, Noojew6ba'dega. 

Bland, Welmudoo; Wclaboogooa' ; WSIedoo- 

diim ; Wcskawedoodum ; Tedabooedoodum ; 

Tcdabooamookse ; Tedabcoimk'. 

Blank, Wobaak ; Scgawa ; Sespcdaase. 
Blanket, Ankoonosoode ; Migiinase ; Pedoo- 

To blaspheme, Winaboogooa' ; Winoodtim ; 

VViiioo'mk ; Mowvvewinaboogooa' ; Mclooich 

winimk' Nikskam ; Almegcdum. 
Blasphemy, Mowwewinaboogooemk' ; Alme- 

gcdumugawa oochit' Nikskam. 
Blast, Oochoo'sun ; Pepoogvvemkawa' ; Pootoo- 

emkavva, and, Bootocmkawa'. Tan teltaak 

To blast, kakeiksugaadoo. 
Blatant, Wenjoodea'mooch-weesimk. 
Blaze, Sesooa'. 
To blaze, Sesoowaedk' ; Sesooaaasik ; Sesooa- 


/ make a blaze, Sesooaaadoo. 
// blazes up, Noogwaasik ; Noogwaak. 
To blaze trees, elmijeloktaam ; eltaam ; 
cjeloktaam; cheloktafim; Cheloksum. 
To bleach, Wobawaadoo ; Woboksuni ; Wob- 

Bleak, (a cold place), Tegaak ; Tegelamsuk ; 

Blear, Amchugaak. 
To bleat, Cheechkelooaoojooeese'. 
To bleed, v. int., Maldawea' ; MaldaweSk. 
To bleed, v, tr„ Taktowwa' ; Taktumooa'. 
/ bleed htm, TaktumAk'. 
To have the nose bleed, Pagetuna'. 
To blemish, achkunaadoo. 
A blemish, achkunaoookun. 
To blend, Weagadooonul. 

To bless, Welaaluk; VVelkwijaaluk; Weius- 

kwimk' ; Welekuloolk', 
Blessed, Mowwewoolalimk' ; Welkwijaalimk' ; 

Blessedness, Mowweoolode ; Woolode ; Oos- 

ugawenoksoode ; Wasogawa' woolode. 



A blessing, WSIaboogooCmkawa' ; WooladJJg- 
emkawa' ; Igunumagvva' ; Jgunumagwcm- 
Blind, Negabegvvae. 
To blind, Ncgabegwaaltik. 
A blind, Blinder, 'Nkabegwaadakuna' ; Ok- 

oonokoope'l^kun ; 'Nkabegwaadakun. 
To blindfold, Okoonokoopelak'. 
Blindness, Negabegwaimkawa'; Ncgabegode. 
To play at blindniaiis btijf, Negulwajooe. 
Tlie one who is blindfolded is called, 
To Blink, Sebegwedesin ; Moo kedoonmedoo. 
Bliss, Mowwemulgewoolode. 
Blissful, Mowweemulgewoolae. 
A blister, Petooiskwadakuna' ; Pedoobcgaasik. 

A fir blister, Poogoogwich'. 
To blister, Pedooiskwaase ; Pedooboktaam ; 
Pedooiskoktek ; Petooiskwaadoo; Petooisk- 
Blithe, Weledaadega' ; WeskawenSkse. 
To bloat, Megwe. 
BloatedneSS, Mekwpemkdwa'. 

My face is bloated, Mekwpa'. 

A block, Temapskudaagun. 

To block up, keboogwoskudaam ; kebloodoo. 

Blockhead, Melkatpei'; kumoojoowotpei ; 

Blomidon, p. «., Owkogege'chk ; utkogun- 

Blood, Maldaoo. 
Bloodshot, Neneskunanaak. 
Bloodsucker, uskoo'. 
Bloody, M^ldawea' ; MaldaweSk' ; Mfildavve. 

To have a bloody face, Maldfiwegwei'. 
Bloody-flux, Maidawikchamkawa'. 

To have the bloody-flux, Maldawikchei', 

Blood-thirsty, keslktooontega' ; kesiktoona- 

To bloom, Wosowek' ; Paskasooaak ; Paska- 

Blossom, Wosowek ; Wosowechk'. 
A blot, Amchaga'ddkun ; Amchaweegasik. 

To blot, kasweekum. Amchagaadoo ; Arrcha- 

Blotch, ChoojejogwSm. 

To have blotches on the shin, Mooskikse. 
To blote, {to dry by smoke), IJaskawodiim. 
To blow, «., TAkumudlmk' ; Wcjoo'suk. 
To blow, VVejoo'suk ; Pcpoogwa' ; Bootooa' ; 

To blow through it, Sabebooodum. 

To blow out fire, Nakasooe-bootooodum. 

To bloiv the nose, Situncgoo. 

The ivind blows, Wejoo'suk. 

To be blown down, Neesiii ; Neesuk. 

To be blown about by the wind, ejigulsuk'. 

Blubber, Mema' ; Bootupooeeme. 

lo cut up blubber, Nooksowwa'. 
Bludgeon, kumoocha' poogumakun : kumoo'ch. 

A war club, Mimtugopkatpusasik. 
Blue, Mooskoonamook'. 
Blue-berry, Upkweman'. 

Blue-berry bush, lipkwemanokse. 
Blueish, Mooskoonamoogwaasik. 
Blueness, Mooskoonamooksoode. 
Blue Mountains, p. «., ( Yarmouth Co., N. S.J, 

Blue (cloth), Mooskoonek. 
Blue broad cloth, ulncgun. 
Bluff, kintokse. 

A steep rock, 'Mtasok'. 
Blunderbuss, Meskeek. paskowa'. 
Blunder-head, A blunderer, Melkatpei' ; 
Medoootpei' ; Booskeaoobiilgumae. 

To blunder, v., ObCilaadoo ; Pesogowteekiimei ; 
aoobiilaadega' ; Obulea' ; Pesokuya'. 
To read blunderingly, aoobulgediim. 
To blunder in ones language, aoobulaboo- 
gooa' ; aoobiileese. 
A blunder, n., aoobtila'dakun ; Pesogowtee- 

Blunder-head, Moo nestooiiow ; eloowawea' ; 
Booskeaoobulgiimae ; Pesokuboogooa'; 
Pesokteskiim ; aoobulgiimae. 
Blowzy, (sunburnt) M^ktawokse. 





Blunt, kfspuk' ; TCdmunaak. 

To blunt, Tc'dmunaadoo. 

To blur, Amchagaadoo ; AmchagaadSsik ; 

To blush, Pelooegwei ; N»5dagae. 
A blush, PeloocgwSmk'. 
To bluster, kintokse; kakawoboogooa' ; MSd- 

ooamoogwaasik ; kinedoodiim ; Chakulae ; 

kesegovvwistoo ; Noksiksckgowwistoo. 
A blusterer, Booskekintokse ; Hooskiksegow- 

Boar, Netolow' koolkwees. 

The ntshing tide, Oosoo2gow. 
Board, Sakska'. 

To board, v. a , gsiimk' ; VViboomk'. 
To board a ship, kekajetcbaase. 
Boarder, Stladdl' ; etlugAdum ; etiad^loolteck'. 
To boast, Mudogwolse; kinse ; emtogwolse. 
Boaster, Bookimtogwolse ; Booskekinse. 
Boasting, emtogwolsoode ; cmtogwolsimkawa'. 
A boat, Wclebot ; Padalolkooch. 
Steam-boat, {a fire ship), Booktowwoolk'. 
Boatman, Welebotcheenum ; Welebotaam. 
Boat-hook, Nabedageegiinuchk'. 
A Bob, Mooskooloo'dakun. 
To bob, Tepse ; VVcskitpaktesk' ; Nanamtesk' ; 

Pegobcdcsk' ; emooskoo'gwek. 
Bobolink, Nowskipkamaalow. 
Bobtailed, Temkwolooot'. 
Body, 'Mtenin ; 'Ntenin ; uktenin ; Ootenin. 
Bog, 'Mkoook ; koolpok' ; Banooskck'. 

Boggle, emagwaase ; Owwonetuladcga' ; Ow- 
vvSnagadega' ; Owwoneloogwa' ; Owwone- 
A Boggier, Owwoneloogowenoo'. 
To Boil, kwejakumiiaadoo; kwejakiimea' ; 

It boils over, i. e., the pot ; which is of the 
Ah. gender, Winpegitk' ; Wechkwo- 
The kettle boils, kwejakumget' wo'. 
A boiling spring, Poogulkujakumeak' ; Win- 

To boil, V. tr., kwcjakumaadcga' ; kwC-jakiim- 

aadoo ; kvvcjakrimaaluk. 
A boiler, cclikwcdcldkun ; Wo ; W^chkwcdcl- 
A person zvhose business is to boil, Nooje- 
Boisterous, kcsegowwistoo ; kCsegowintflkse ; 

Boisterous weather, Mcdooamoogwaasik. 
Boisterous waves, Mugatkwik. 
Bold, Mclkudlic; Mclkudaase ; Mclkedoodum. 

/ enter boldly, Melkilepiskwae. 
Boldness, Mulgedaasoode. 
Bolster, P'kwaadakun. 

'To bolster up myself, egwadcsmodulse ; 

To bolster him up, egwadSsmodulk. 
A bolt, Majcoktcligiin ; ulkumoksood^kun ; 
kdktoogow, thunder. 

To bolt, kcpsiigaadoo ; aptuskaam ; aptuskeiga ; 

To bolt meal, Pfioogwistega' ; Paoogwis- 

To bolt out, (spring out) Tawipkedesin. 
A bolt for meal, Paoogwistakuoa' kuhto- 
gwaasik moolina'. 
A bomb, Noogwalooechk'. 
To bombard, Noogwalooechwadoo. 
Bombast, kiltoksimkawa' ctlawistoomk. 
Bond, (a fetter), ukchepelakuii ; usogomutkub- 

edegun ; piskadakunabe. 
A bond, (written,) kesagunoodum^kuna wee- 

Bondage, kestejooadegemk' ; kestcjooaadakun ; 

Bondmaid, kestcjoceeskw. 
Bondman, kestcjoo. 
Bone, Wokundaoo ; plur., Wokundemul. 
Made of bone, Wokundavvea'. 
To pick a bone, Moosiktame. 
I am bone, Wokundeme. 
Bonfire, Papedoookuna bcoktaoo. 
Bonnet, A'gwesun. 



BooV., VVecgSdiRrin. 

Bookbinder, Noojemowckulooskooflcsa' ; Mow- 

ekulooskoodoootuil VVeegi'idiguiuil. 
A boom, Numjenatkohiliikun. 
Boon, iKuunmadlmkriwa'. 
Boot, Tcboot. 

Booth, VVigvvom ; S2gcguncegun. 
Booty, kokwa'clTikun. 

Border, A'babe ; Tcpabcgeesigtin ; Skweiik, 
A Border seivcd OH, Tcpabcgoesiguti. 
The border or edge of the woods, kaskdtk' 
7 he border of a fire-place, kaskoostow'. 
7 he border of a river, kaskis'eboo. 
On the border of a river, kaskesebook'. 
To bore, Piioochaadoo ; Taoochaadoo ; Paoo- 
ehalkaadoo ; Tiioochalkaadoo ; Sabiptakun- 
eegfi ; Pogiim. 
To bore through, Sabalkaam ; Saabum. 
A bore, A hole bored, PaoochalkeigwodSsik. 
A borer, Sabipsigun ; Sabiptakuneegiin. 
To be a great bore, Siktawaaluk ; Siktawaa- 

dega' ; ctlevvogwa. 
Boreal, Okwotunoogawa'. 
Boreas, Okwottinook' wejeak' oochoo'suii. 
Born, Weskijenooe. 
Borne, Pcmaadase. 
To borrow, Makadooe. 
Boscage, Nebooktooch. 
Bosky, Nebooktoocha' ; Nebooktoochawa'. 
Bosom, M'pooskoon ; Ootlamse ; I./., 'Ntlamse. 
2. p., uktlamse. 

To put the hand into the bosom, N'tlamsck 

To bosom, To put into the bosom, Mimoo. 
laase ; Mimoole; Pc-memimoole. 
Boston Bank, p. n., Oojiktook. 
Botanist, Tan welekenoodumooksit' noojeken- 
amooet oochit' tanul kogooaal wejeskale- 
agiil makiimegegu. 
Botany, kenamatinawa' oochit' taniil kogooaal 

vvejeskaleagul makumegegu. 
A botch, aoobulaadegii ; aoobulookwodum : 


To botch, aoobiilookwa'. 
Both, kitk. 
Bottle, Pootei'. 

A bottle made of skin, upsenei'. 
Bottom, clnanck; clkiinaclck' ; Lampok. 
Tlie bottom, of the sea, Lamamk. 
7 he bottom of a tub, etc , upkuskci'gun. 
The bottom of a canoe, 'Msusooge. 
I can't reach bottom, Nowomkwaam. 
To put in a bottom, v. tr., kcpsakum. 
Bough, upsctkoon ; Amastaga'dakuii, 
Boughs of fir, Sto'kuniil. 

I go for fir boughs, Mcnasta'. 
The fir bonghs are large, Makastaksijik. 
The fir boughs are small, A[)sastaksijik. 
To arrange the fir boughs in the loigivom, 
Snagfi' ; criagadum. 
To bounce, NoksewoonakuyiT ; Mcdogwolse. 
A bound, Skweiik . Ababe. 
To bound, Wcnakayfi' ; Abcioikpcdesk'. 
Bound up (as a bundle), Mowokpedck'. 
To be bound, kclpese ; kcltaki)cse; kclagase; 
kciagiibese ; Alclkubesc : Mowkulooskooda- 
gul ; Tokookulooskoodakiil ; kclpilkoose; 
kclpelimk ; kcltiikpeiimk. Scbalgooaase ; 

2 6* be bound with others, VVijekiilagubcs- 
Boundary, Ababe, 

Boundless, Mowimsfigcek; Moo skweienook. 

Bounteous, Wclmudok': liooskeaooledadcgct'; 

Booske-nadooodega' ; Movvvvepoogvvele- 


Bounteousness, Nadooodep -r^Mv.iwa'; Mowwe- 

Bouquet, VVosowcka'dakuu. 
Bourn, Skweiik ; Eskweak'. 
To bow, V. tr., ebtilkweaadoo ; ebiitkweaaliik ; 

ejinkwcdaak ; Ogrilumkwaaiuk. 
To bow, V. int., cbutkwefi'. Oguiiimkwaase ; 
ejetooiimkwaase ; Ogidumkwcge : aiadcja'- 
dcga' ; Wokchooegaase. 
Bow, (bo), Abe ; Munkwon, the rainboju. 



KN'rn.IHH-MrrMAC dutioxakv. 

A crossbow, r.isk,'ivvo(Ic()>;rini,1be. 

A small bow, NDotiihcL-ih. 

To own a small bow, Ootilbceje. 

To bo armed with a bow, Al)iaam. 

Bow-legged, WoUiliooii^rmcgailci'. 

A bow knot, MLHabcdtk'. 

Bowels, Oolfikse. 

A bower, MLiifltki-k': Mowegwcgril kfimoo- 

A bowl, Cplakrin ; Hoi. 
Bowsprit, Al)abcrij()otkw. 
Bowstring, Nastahakun. 

'J put 0)1 a hinvstriugy Nastabakunaadoo. 
I make a bowstring, Nastabakuiiume. 
Bowyer, Nootabewaga'. 
Box, Lriskcigun. 
To box, cnnK'gwi^dailk. 
Boy, Ulbadoo ; rdbadoos, lilbadoojecch. 
Boyish, Mijooiijccbwfi'. 
To brace, Cbcdogum; Wcnrikpelum ; Chedoo- 


A brace, Chcdokigun ; Wciiakpclaktin ; kulok- 

Bracket, ktilokigrm. 
Brackish, Salawaa'dasik kccbka ; Salavvaemaak 

kcchka. Malkogemaak. 
Brad, Sabigun. 
To l"rag, Mooiiwolse; Mudogwolsc ; Mudog- 


A brag. Braggadocio, Braggard, Booske- 

modcwulse ; Ikjo.skcmudogwolse ; Uooskc- 
To braid, cliskunoowa', cliskunooodum ; 
cmkoojelahL'gaadoo ; Movviskuiiooa; Mowis- 

A braid, Mowwiskunooodumugawa. 

Braid to be stitched on to the edge of a 
gatfnent, 1 ctpabcgeesfgun. 
Brain, Out up'. 
Brainpan, Oosiigaip'. 
Brainsick, aweica'. 
Brake, Masuuse. 

Bramble, kowiksdmonsel ; kencgw?jit; knlcd- 
ornoDsc ; .Ijci'ikcbcniarioksc : kcncgwogul. 
J'lace of brambles, kovviksomoosegCk'. 

Bran, Sogoo.ska'dAkun, 

Branch, upsrikoon. 

To branch, upsclkoonlk ; cHpskcnik; Nik- 
tocjoc^ik ; Mibpsclkooiiik. 

To branch from the root, Wrdabck'. 

To be cutting off branches, Moo.scgiit- 


The road branches off, I'cskudck'. 
The river branches off, Madooomkitk. 
Branchy, Mdipsctkoonik; regwclipsctkoonik. 
A brand of fire, Tcmsakadck' ; 'rrimsakudow'. 

lUirnt to a brand, Scguooktck. 
To brand, Oolakunega'. 
To brandish, Yalcga'. Y.nicgcjul. 
To brandish a sword, cspoogwosikiaagfi. 
To brandish a knife, VVokrintaaga. 
To brandish a weapon, I'oogumakunfaaga. 
To brandish an axe, 1 fimeguntaaga. 
To brandish a cane or club, kumoochtaaga. 
Braudgoose, Mogulawccch. 
Brandy, liooktawi'cbk ; Ulande. 
Brangie, kameedooltijik ; kamedooltimk. 
Bl'as d'Or, p. «., {Cape Iheton), Petoobdk. 
Bras d'Or, p. «., {eu trance to), UanooskL'k. 
Brass, VVisawOk. 
Brassy, Wisawogwa'. 

Brat, Mijooajech Icluhchewesoonkaoot weg- 
eiood' iktook. 

Brave, kcnabawe : kenap : keiKlmoogwaase. 

Mclkedaase; Moo chelooovv : moo wagwod- 

aasu ; Wclesrimaguiiisawe : Mt-lgiguna- 

uaasc ; VVclciiiairinaga. 
Bravery, kcnabawoode: Mulgedaasoode ; 

Mulgcdaadakun ; Wclesumaagiinisuvvim- 

kawa' ; Melkigunawaajoode. 

Brawl, Scspcnaak : kamedooltimk'. Scspcn- 

Brawler, HooskesCspcnokse. 
To bray, Jaka'soowecse ; Wintokse. 
To braze, Wisowwokawe-astooaadoo. 




Brazen, WiHawci 

Breach, Skwiskaadakrm ; Srj^wi.skaadooiiik ; 

NesokupskaailaM'iri ; Scgogwaadakriii. 
Bread, I'llji'mukuu. 
Bakers' bread, ripkwod^liKrina' Pil)riin5kCin, 

('ioit<^lit htcaii.) 
au have bread, I'ihrinokrnuimc. 
The bread is good, Wigibrmak'. 
To make bread, clooskrniowwa' 
A piece of bread, l'il)rinoksi;;riii. 
To break bread, Sr;;wiskil)unc;4aa(loo. 
How many loaves of bread ? Tasibriaaagul ? 
Inve loaves, N'anibuiiaa^ul. 
Six loaves, Cis()()g()nitasriljrinaa<,'ril. And 
so on in every case of nund)cr, etc., 
the syllable- Ihuii, ribun, comes in, 
denoting bread. Tliis construction 
imitates the Mohaivk idiom. 
Breadth, Tan tMikskaak 

^adth of a piece of land, Tan telikskak- 


Ureadth of a road, Tan teliskamkek. 
Breadth of a "ship," Tan telikskoolkek. 

Breadth of a river, Tan tclikskuikwck. 

Breadth of cloth, TClikskogMmak'. 

To break, Segwiskaadoo ; Pesikpaadoo ; 

Temaadoo ; Tcmaaluk : Pegaadoo ; Pegaa- 
dak : Tcktaam ; Tektaagfi. Peksikpaba' ; 

To be breaking things, Scgwiska'dega' ; 
Pt-sikpa'dega ; 'I'emadega ; Tektaagfi. 
Segogwa'dega ; Tektaaga ; Nesog()|).ska'- 
dega. Temega'. Tembriiiegiina'dega. 

To break it (anything), Scgwiskaadoo. 
To break a string, Pesikpaadoo. 
To break it up by pounding it, Tcktaam. 
To break a stick with my hands, Temaadoo. 
To break it into small pieces, Tembuneg- 

To break a wall down, Nesogopskaadoo. 
To break his back, Temawi;;una,iirik. 
To strike him with something and break 

his back, TCMnawiguncdaak. 

To break bread, Si'gwi>kihi'nu^gaa(lo(). 

To break off his tail, 'ITmalooaaluk. 

Null-: — Fm several ol tiiesc 'atter words 
tliere is a coincidence with the 
Moltawk {boijuois), which intro- 
duces the noun in rfginicn into the 
middle of the word. 

To have a broken back, Tcmawigunae. 

My carrying strap breaks, Pesikpaba'. 

The clouds are breaking away, Ilmegis- 


The waves break. Hakabedaajik. 

The waves breakover the rocks, Munumk' 

To take breakfast, eskltpoogwndrd. 
Breakfast, •'■^k i t [loi )g wod uli n )l t i m k.i wa'. 
Break- water, kwesowooloo'd.lsik. 
The breast, 'Mpoos'ioon. 

To place it on tlic bnast, Peskoosaase. 

To have it on the bnast, Peskoose. 

To strike him on the breast, VVepskoon- 

To strike him right in the breast, VVel- 
i|vsko()ntaak : Wciipskoonedaak. 

The breast bone, Oopusawigun. 
Breath, kamlamoode ; Memajuookiin ; Oolam- 

To hold the breath, egoolamoo'sc. 

To breathe, kamlamc. 

To breathe on it ; or, to breathe it out, 

To breathe badly, Medooekamlame. 
To breathe ivill, VV'elekamlamc. 
To breathe easily, Noksekamlamc ; Nak- 

How do I breathe ? Talekamkime "i 
I breathe so, Telekamlame. 

Breathing, kamlamimk. 
Breech, Oonoogwek'. 

'The breech of a gnn, Wadakunaasik. 

N 15. — Tills word also means /vv/. 

'J'he brcech-ptn of a gnn, kulalooriaj^un. 
Breeches, Pcdagawafd. 




To breed, VVenjune. 

Breeze, kechka wejoo'sQk ; Noo'suk. 

// bloivs goitly frcm that quarter, Wetud- 

A breeze from the south-7vest, Senov/sok- 

A btecze from the east, Wcjebcnewaak. 
A breeze from the north, Okwoliinewaak. 
A breeze from the xvest, Tcksunewaak. 
A breeze from the south-east, upkudasune- 


Brethren, Wijegudooltijik. 

To brew, kowwOtkoobea'dega. 

A brewer, Noojekowwotkoobiiadcga'. 

Brewery, kowotkoobe-ogwom. 

Bribe, Abanktidoo-owwa' oocliit' pada'soode. 

To bribe, Abankudum pada'swokiin. 

Briber, Booskeabankutk padaswokun. 

Bribery, Igunumooemk' kusna' vvesvvadegcmk' 

abatik. -loowwa oochit' padadcgemk'. 
Brick, i' . •'iniguncheech. 
To brick, Wcje-kesaadej elsegunigiin iktook ; 

Wejeankoonaadoo elscgunigun iktook. 
Brick-bat, clsegunigun segvvTskaasik. 
Brick-dust, Chegajawaach tan vvejekesedasik 

clsegunigun iktook. 
A brick-house, cLscgunigiineegiin. 
Brick kiln, Ian eUoksasigul elsegiiunigun- 

Brick killiS, p. n , Kooldanegoo'chk. 
Bricklayer, Noost-grmega'. 

Brickmaker, Noojeelsigunigiinadcga ; Nootel- 

Bridal, Maleawooltimkawaya'. 
Bride, Mata-malea, (frovi the French : Madame 

Bridegroom, Moose- malefi, (from the French : 

Monsieur Marie'). 
Bridewell, Laplesoon. 
Bridge, usoogomgakun. 
To bridge, Usogomgadum. 

'Jo make a bridge for viyself, Usogomukse, 
Bridgeport, /. n, Mikisuk. 

Bridle, Ootoonabe. 
Brief, Tegwokjeech. 

Briers, Meskigiidooltijik. 

Brig, Nab'Igwon. 

Brigade, 'Ntiiblooaak enkoodiinamiksook'. 

Brigand, Noojekiimootrma'. 

Bright, Baktoktck; Boktadek'; kSsasck; 

Very bright, Moowwiksasck'. 
To brighten, VVosogwaadoo ; Wosogwaaliik ; 

Wosogwageboodoo ; Wosogwageboolk. 
Brightness, VVosogwadegcmkawa'. 
Brilliant, Mowwiksasek' ; Mowwikpiimaak. 
Brim, Wokpadakiin. 

To fill it {him) to the brim, Tetpam- 

keaaluk. (N. H. — Bucket, barrel, etc., aie of 
the An. gen.) 

Brimming full, Tetpamkeak' ; Tetpubega'- 

dasik ; Tetpamkeet'. 
Brimstone, Soobuleawa'. 
Brindled, TilkiTu-nooegasik. 

A brindled fish or seal, Amalagvve; 
Brine, Saboogwon sak'iwa'dasik. 
Bring, VVcchkwaadoo; Wechkwowoola'. 
Brink, kaskaagek ; kaskitiimik'. 
Brisk, Sasakuse. 
Brisket, Oopooskoon. 

A bear's brisket, kwcjelun'. 

A moose or carribou's brisket, Oosaamun. 
Bristle, koolkweeswobe. 

Bristles on the breast of a moose, Oos- 
To bristle up, Nikchowegaase. 
British, Inglunkawa'; Aglaseaooa'. 
Briton, Aglaseaoo. 
Brittle, kakchuk ; kagik. 

To make it brittle, kakchaadoo. 
Brittleness, kakchadoomkawa'. 
Broach, Sesigun. 

Broad, keskaak ; keskae ; Nemchenikskae. 
The wood is broad, keskaak. 
The river is broad, kcskuikwek'. 



The road is broad, kcskudck'. 

The rock is broad, kcskapskek'. 

The house is broad, ktskiswomkck. 

The bark is broad, kcskogtimakuk. 

The cloth is broad, kcskck. 

The knife is broad, kcskoolook : a broad knife. 

The ship is broad, kcskoolkuk. 

The land, woods, plain, etc., is broad, 

The iron is broad, keskaskuk. 
The sand-bar is broad, keskamkek. 

N. V>. — kesk, signifying broad, is prefixed to 

words denoting all parts of the body, and 

to those denoting other things — 

As : To have a broad face, keskabavve. 
To have a broad head keskatpei. 
To have a broad foot, keskabookse, etc. 
Broadcloth, iilnigun. 
To broaden, v. tr., keskaadoo. 
To broaden a road, keskutcgaadoo. 
To broaden a river, keskijikwcgaadoo. 
To broaden a vessel, canoe, or any kind 

of a water craft, keskoolkrigaadoo. 
To broaden the house, keskigwomkegaadoo. 
To broider, clabegeesowwa ; elabegecsum. 
Broadwise, keskagaal. 
Broad River Lake, p. n., VVobeakade : Swan 

Broad-sword, Anabalook ; kcskoolook espoo- 

A broil, kamedooltimkavva'. 
To broil, cdoktadum ; cdoktaik' ; Sakskiibase ; 

Sakskfibaasik', broiled. 
Broken, Tcmaak. 

To have his tail broheti off, Tomalooot'. 
To be breaking off tails, Tcmaloocga'. 
To break off his tail, Temalooaaliik. 
Brooch, Niskuman. 
To brood, ednesink ; ankedaadega'. 
A brood, Oonejinn. 
Brook, Chiboocheech. 

To brook, To bear, NenkaamSse. cnkaamase. 
Brooklyn,/. «., (Queens Co,N. S.J kalkooch', 

and katkoolch'. 

Brooklyn, /. ;/ , (Hants Co.,) Nelegakunck'. 
Broom, Fooeegun. 

Broomstick, Pooeegiiniitk'. 
Broth, Lasoop ; VVcoosaboo ; Putaoo. 
Brothel, Badwoomijneeskw-ogwom. 
Brother, Older than I, 'Nsees. 

Younger than I, Nchig'iinum. 
My brother, either older or younger than I, 
Wijegidcck' cheeniim. 
Brotherhood, Wljegidooltimk' ; Wijegidool- 

My brother-in-law, (A man speaking), Num- 
akteni. (A zvozvan speaking), Ne'liimoos, 
My wife's brother-in-law> Nechoos. 
Brow, (eye broiv), Nitkvv, kitkvv, VVitkool. 
Brozu of a hill, kaskibtinak. 
Brow of a mountain, kaskepiimdijn. 
On the btotv of a mountain, kaskepiim- 

dunook, and kaskekumdunook. 
On the brow of a hill, kakwibuiiakadook'. 
Brown, Wlskoonamookse ; Wiskoonamook' ; 

A brown study, Woonmaje-anke-daasoode. 
To browse, Piiktuk. 
Browse, «., upselkoonul apchaachkul. 
Browsing place for moose, Pak'tigun. 
To bruise, Nookpcgaadok ; VVedegaadak ; 
VVcdegaadoo; VVcdegaaluk ; Pelubaktam' ; 
A bruise, Wcdegaimkawa. 
To be bruised, VVcdegae. 
Brule Harbour, /. «., Segooaak. 
Brunette, abit an wiskoonamooksit; iilnooe- 

Brunt, Takumuk' ; Movvwitkiimuk' matundim- 

A brush, Tclegwod'igiin ; kasesagosoode. 

For brushing aivay flies, Owwosaniakun. 
To brush away flies, Owwosaaga ; 0\v- 
To brush, kasesaga'dcga' ; kasesagaam ; Tcle- 
gvvodiim ; Sasoobegvvodiim; Sasoobegwolk'. 
To brush myself, kasesagose. 
'To brush thee, kasesagol. 






Brushwood, Mestusatkek. 

To make a hedge of brushwood, clatkuclaaga. 
Brutal, eloowawiiet ; weisisoofi' ; cloovvawe- 

Brutality, eloowaweweisisawoode. 
Brute, Weisis. 
Bubble, Pesakun. 
To bubble, Pesakimcak'. 
To make it bubble, Pcsakunaadoo. 
Buccaneer, Matelota' noojekumootunet.'. 
A buck, ( Yap), Netolow ; Latolovv. 
A bucket, Ladoksoon. 
To own a bucket, Ladoksooniime. 
To have a bucket, Ladoksoonaam. 
A buckle, Naseda-^a'dakiin. 
To be fastening buckles, Nasedaga'dcga'. 
To buckle it, Nasedagaadoo. 
Buckler, Matudimkawa' legasoode 'mptituiio- 

Buctouche, p. n., Chebooktoosk'. 
Buckwheat, Sooomancheejul; (Lit., Little 

Beechnuts ) 
Bud, Wiskusok ; Keniskwin'emin ; Wiskiisok- 

To bud, (put forth buds), Pooskikpaasik ; Sa- 

kei|)keak'; Sakskeak'. 
To budge, ejigulaase ; VVcjipkotunikaase. 
Buffalo, Mcslugepegajit ; (Thick ribbed). 
To buffet, cgaskwegwcdaak. 
Buffoon, cloovvavveedop. 

To play the buffoon, cloovvaweedopawa'de'gfi. 
Buffoonery, cloovvawe-edopawadegemkawa'. 
Bug, kumas' ; Choojeech. 
Buggy, adj., kumasoowfi'. 
A buggy, (a light carriage), kuhtogwaasik 

■"ugle horn, Makekesoodunachk'. 
To build, avveegci' ; kesedoo' ; eledoo' ; kese- 

gadum ; keseegadiimasc. 

'To build it high, espogcogouJoo ; espeg- 

To build it high with stoue or bricks, cspc- 

To build a house high, cspeganaadoo. 

Builder, Noojeegei ; Nedowweegei. 

Building, kescda'dakiiii ; Wigvvom ; Wcnjee- 

// is built, kesedasik ; eledasik. 

To bulge, V. tr.y kcjogwaadoo. v. int., kejog- 

Bulk, Tan telimsugeek. 

Bulkhead, Nabigwona' clmiiskaasik. 

Bull, Yap; Nctolo'vv ; Latolovv. (From the 
French, Le taureau, the article being sup- 
posed to be a part of the word, and the r, 
which is not in Micmac, being expressed 

A bull bird, Ootkigianiisees. 

BuUbaiting, Yapak' ak lilii mooch', kiisna' 
chenurnook' matiJndooltijik. 

Bulldog, Yapawaasiim ; booldog. 

Bullet, Peiooowvvfi'. 

Bullfrog, Adagaie ; ablegcmoo. 

To croak as a bullfrog, Adagaleaweese. 

A bullock, Weiijooteaam. 

BuUsgut, p. n, emkokchajit. 

Bully, Mulgigijnawenoo; kinedaaluse. 

Bullrush, Nasoon. 

Bulwark, Wakaloosan ; Baloodakiin. 

Bumble-bee, Mechipchamoocch'. 

Bum, 'Nsoogoone ; Oosoogoone. 

Bump, Magapskaasik ; Melchugopsktk'. 

To bump my head, Sokatpcdcsin'. 

Bunch, upkokt ; esnaksawaak. 

A bunch of fir boughs tied together, Snas- 

Bunch berries, usogomaniil. 

Bundle, Mowpeiick'; Snakpelakijn ; Lokuma- 
ka'dakun ; Eooniskwcbeliikun. 

To bundle up, kakpaiegel' ; Mowokpeliimftnul ; 
cooniskwobeliim ; «lpalegadiim ; k;lkpalega- 
dum ; elokCimagaadoo ; ■ esnakpelowwa' ; 
esnakapelum ; iiooneskwegeak' ; keltopedek'. 

A bungler, Booskccmagwaase; Uooskabak- 

Bunglingly, kabaksu. 

Buoy, MouskouiooMakun. 

To J&X a boy, Mooskooloodakunadcgedoo'. 



To buoy, Pokwijaadoo; Pokvvijaadcga'. 

Burden, Wuhsoon ; Muhsoon. 

To burden, v. tr., keskoonaaluk. 

To carry a burden, kcskoonega'; keskwow- 

To be burdened heavily, kcskoonase. 
Burdock, usoowoclcjaadakun ; kchaloofjijik. 
Burglar, Noojekumootunct' tan cleskvviska- 

dcgct' wenjeegwomkij depkeegu. 
Burial, Ootkoodaamk ; Ootkoodajik. 
Burlesque, Malegegedumugfivva' ; kekSdaboo- 

To burlesque, Maleglmk' ; Malegegcdum ; 

Burly, Magokse. 

To bum, Noogwaadoo ; k&ktck ; Sesooamkiilck'; 
kaksum, kakse. Booktavveak ; kaksuk ; 
etlaak ; etlamkulTk'; etlaiuimei'; kfisoksoose; 
kasoksuk ; Sabokse ; kakiimkulck ; kaksoose; 
kcsokse ; kesoksoose ; Noogwiie ; kascga' ; 
kakoksum ; kakoktek. 

To burn a Jiole tJirough Iiim, Sablpsiik. 
I avi burned out ; I lose all by fire, kedum- 

T burn it to a cinder, Mctkiiscsum. 
To burn a hole through it, Sabipsum ; 

To burn a kettle by letting it get dry, so that 
the " material" burns to it, Okokwcs- 
um. , 

7 he kettle burns, Okokwcsit ; Okokvves- 
To burnish, kasagadcga' ; kasagaadoo. 
A Burrow, VVokwis-wigwom ; Wigwom ma- 
kumegavviktook ; Weisisooogwom makum- 
To burrow, Makiimegowwolkcgwet'. 
To burst, V. tr. Pastclum ; Pasliim ; Pasum ; | 

Paskaadoo ; Paslcsiim ; Paskaaluk. 
To burst, V. int., Paskaasik ; PasSse. 
To fall and burst, Pastcsink'. 
To burst the belly, Paskincdcsin'. 
To burst it open, Aboojebaadoo. 

A burthen. See Burden. 

To bury, Okunipkwaadjo ; Okunipkvvaaluk ; 

To be burying things, Okiimpkwa'dcga. 
To attend a burial, (a funeral), Ootkoodci'. 

To bury it deep in the ground, Paskcuum. 

A Bush, Nebesokun ; Stokun. 

Thick bushes, Mcdoootkik. 

The bushes extend along, Pcmatkck 

The bushes extend in a direction from the 

speaker, cimatkek. 
The bushes extend along towards us, 


Bushes yonder beyond a cleared place, 

In the bushes beyond a cleared place, 

To run through the bushes, clmrakeibe. 
Busly, Full of Bushes, Mcstugatkck. 
In the bushes, Lamatkoodook. 
A bushy head of hair, Wcnakawcdck'. 
To have a bushy head, Poogwotloogwei'. 
A dry soft wood bush, kegatkeow'. 
To get through the bushes, Sabatkaase. 
To be chopping out paths through the 

bushes, Sabatkudaaga. 

To chop a path through the bushes, Sabat- 

Business, umtumodakun ; Loogowokiin ; Na- 

dankooomk' ; Nadankooomtumugruvri'. 
To transact business, Nadankooei'. 
To transact business for one's self, Nadan- 

To transact business for him, Nadankooaak. 
Buss, OosugagL'lumoodc ; Ooostigagijlsoode. 
A Busk, Chetunankripesoode. 
To Bustle, Chakiilac. 
A Bustle, Cbakulfiimkawa'. 
Busy, Wedumae ; clookwfi'. 
Busy body, Booskcloodiimaaga. 
But, r(^';//., kadoo ; koonoo. 
But-end, Oochogum. 
Butcher, Noojenabadcga'. 

I;: I 






To Butcher, Nfibadcga' ; Nabaak. 

To Butt, Sokotpcdesin' ; Sokotpedeskdk'. 

To butt each other, Sokotpedeska'deek. 

Butter, Mulugcchweme ; Teboolawa'. 

Butter-fly, Mcmegech'. 

Butter-milk, Segooboktaoo ; Segoobaktaagun. 

Buttock, Oonagwegii 

To uncover the buttocks, Banikcea'Iuse. 

Button, Pejokiisoode. 

To fasten a Button, To Button, kebejogoo- 

doo ; PejSgulse ; kelooskoodoo. 
Button hole, upkwilsigiin. 
Buttress, Chedokigun ; Tumaoo ; Malkoeegun. 
Buxom, Booskemelaase. 

To Buy, Pegwodelega' ; Pcgwodelum ; Pcg- 

To Buzz, Tedooet' ; Tedooaase. 

The people or animals are making a confused 
noise — bussing — in the distance, Wed- 
awistdk ; Wedawistoodijik. 
A Buzz, Tcdooemk'. 
By, prep , Oochrt, weje — iktook. 
By, adv , Wejooow' ; kweiichk'. 
By-and-by, Wegoopchik. 
By-path, kemoodoogawa' owteech. 

We cross over by a by-path, kcskunigvvol- 
By-word, kwelaboogooemk'. 


Cabbage, Nebeel. (Note.— Nebe means a leaf. 

But as applied to the leaf of a tree, etc., it 

is of the animate gen, making the plur. 

nebeek ; but the plur. nebeel, inan. gen., 

means, a cabbage.) 
Cabin, Pokttiskaasik nabigwSnaii ; Wenjeg- 

Cable, koolpesoontoogwobe. 
Cachination, Oosugawogiin. 
To cackle, kwesaawit. 
A cackle, «., kwesaawimkawa'. 
Cadaverous, Telaak kusna telamook' stiiga' 

Caddy, PQtawaya' liiskeigiincheech. 
Cadet, 'Nchig'iinum. 
A cage for animals, Weisisawe-akupiska'da- 


A cage for birds, Sesipawe-a'kupiska'dakun. 
Cajole, Moonsamk'. 
Cake, «., kulkoonawa' ; Loosku'nigiin. 
Calamity, 'Mtooode ; 'Msugfiookun ; 'Mtooa- 

moogwa'dakun ; Woonmajode; Woonmajc- 

daadakun ; Scspcdaadaktin. 
To calcine, Metkusesum. 

To calculate, egilcha' : kesedadum ; keseda'- 

Calculation, Sgilchemk'; kesediiadegemkawa'; 

Caldron, Meskilk wo. 

Calendar, Depkiinoosetawa' ; Depkegawa. 
Calf, Wenjoodeamoo'ch. 

T/ie calf of the leg, Ankalow. 
The calves of his legs, Ootankalamul. 
Calico, Amalegun. 

Caligraphy, uvveekiigemkawa' keloo'lk. 
Caliginous, Piskedk ; Alooomook' ; Alooom- 

To calk, kejetulooktaam : kejetSlooktaaga'. 
A calker, Noojiktalooktaaga'. 
To call, elkomiktcgfi'; Wegoomk'; emitoogwa'; 


What do you call it ? Talooweedumun ? 
I call (name) it so, Teloovveedum. 
A call, Elkomiktegemkawa'; Emitogwemkawa'. 
Calling, 'Mtiimodakun ; Wegoodimk ; Weg- 

Callosity, Callous, Wipkwesedamkawa'. 
Callow, Miilchugooe. 



Calm, Sankawae ; avvi'btineak': awipk ; Chiktek'. 

Calumet, adooomkawa' tumakuii. 

To calumniate, Pilsimk ; Pilsaboogooa ; Pil- 

Calumniator, Booskepilsaboogooa'. 
Calumny, Pilsoode ; Pilsaimk. 

To calve, Penetkwit'. 
Calx, Metkiiscdck'. 

Camel, Meskilk weisis, tan mogwfi' wcsoonik. 
Camp, Oodun' wejekesedasik vvigvv6m-oo- 

iktook ; Scgeguneegunul pegvvelkul mow- 

Campaign, Matundimk tan telipkijematunemk'. 
Camphor, upkoo' wSlemaak. 
Can, eptakun ; kuneepsumoon'. 
Canal, upsugaagun. 
Canard River,/". «.,Apcheechkumooch\vaakade. 

(Dtickland. Hence the French name. Canard ) 

Cancel, kaswekum. 

Candent, Booktawek'. 

Candid, kedlawae ; Wdlmudoo. 

Candle, Wosogoonumakiin. 

Candlestick, WasogoonumAkiiniitk'. 

Candor, kedlawaoookiin ; kcdklvvaimkavva'. 

Candy, Upkoo, (chewing gum.) 

Cane, Aptoo'n. 

Canine, ulumoojooa'. 

Canine teeth, iilumoochooobetul. 

Canker, kaskwamkeak'. 

Cannibal, Memajooenoo' tan malkomaje mem- 

ajooenoou ; kookwes'. 
Cannon, Toolkowa'. 
I cannot, ejclaadoo; ejuliia' ; Masea'. 
Canoe, kwedun ; Ootool ; 'Ntool, iiktool, — his, 
my, thy canoe, or ship. 

A new bark canoe, Sko'gumool. 

A log canoe, Wolsaktaoo. 

To go in the same " canoe" " shi/>," etc., 
Weedoolemk' ; VVeedoolemooa'. 

To otun a canoe, Wedoole. 

To build a canoe, edoole. 

To go in a canoe, kwedunaam. 

Canoe: Its different parts, etc. — There arc 
about seventy terms connected with making 
and operating a birch bark canoe. The 
principal are the following : 

To go for birch Jiark, Manegwu'. 

To go for (lnibern, Tclooska'. 

To bend the ribs, elegadcga'. 

To get the iipj^er " timbers,'' Okwojegiin- 

The thwarts, Niimjesemoonul. 
The gumoale, Okwojegun. 
To get ready the thwarts, Numjesera- 

The ribs, the timbers. Pegoonk. 
" Midships," in the middle of the canoe, 

The six ribs for the middle part of the 

canoe, kiidaloogwaak pegoonk'. 
The sitting place : the cruss-piece on which 

the paddler sits, Boon. 
The ribs of the sitting place, Boonaak 

Ribs for the end next to the boonaak, 

Small uinegalow', iilnegala'ch. 
Ribs next to the end, Mimkooskawijik. 
The ribs next to the mimkooska'wijik, 

Nedook, j^^iu-. Nedooukw. 
Curved oval ribs, Wolwobesijik pegoonk'. 

(Oval, Wolwobaak.) 
The last rib in the end, N- Joookcheech. 
The place near the end, Boochkalkudook. 
To cut oat the places for the thwarts, 

To frame in the thwarts, Nasmiskaltigik. 
2'he end^ of the okwoj'egun are fastened 

together. Scbokpeseedich. 

Brought together and fastened, Seboos- 

The frame is brought together at the ends 

and fastened, Sebokpeesijik. 
Stakes for setting up the frame, Soonok- 



I ! 




To prepare the stakes for setting up the 

fvavie, Soonokteogumaaga. 
To he ])reparmg " the ship-yard" elam- 

To level and prepare the place for build- 

ing a canoe. To prepare the "ship- 
yard," elamkaam. 
To set up the canoe, SaKadooaadagoo. 
Little paddles, Ootaguncheejul. 
A paddle, Ootaagun. 
The steering or stern paddle, Sedamebe. 
The prow paddle, Ooskalebe. 
Pieces of something put under the hark 

to make it level. Etakeegun, ul. 
The stick to which the torch is affixed 

ivhen " torching " for fish, upsee- 

A stick to keep the end of the canoe to 

its place xuhile heing constructed, 

To raise up the end of the canoe and 

secure it in the upseegwodeech, 

A slit in the hark made for the purpose 

of making it set snugly, Numta- 

To he sewing xcp the slits in the hark, 

To sew up a slit in the hark, Nemtakun- 

The bottom of the canoe, 'Msusoogwe. 
The uj^per tier of hark, Bajaadakun. 
To he seu'ing up the bajaadakun, Bajaa- 

/ seiu it up, i. e., the bajaadakun, Bajaa- 

To affix the bajaadakun, elcgodooon'ul. 
T'o raise uj) the ckwojegunul ^^ ""akok- 

A small prop, Tumaoo. 
To he sexving on the bark, Wokpadcga'. 
'fo nail on the hoops, eloktaaga. 
To raine it up, Wenakokwaadoo. 

To capsize it, ketkoojaadoo. 

To shape the ends of the canoe, gliskoo'- 

eliskoo'desum, the same nearly as the 
preceding. (The difiference ofiva 
made in the meaning of a verb by 
the long and short initial e, is this: 
e denotes what one is in the habit of 
doing, and e what one is just then 
doing, or working at at the moment.) 

The flat hoop that goes over the end* 

Pelowok, plur. okw. 
To tar the inside before jy^^tting in the 

slats and ribs, Lamegoo'sum. 
To put in the slats or fiat pieces between 

the ribs and the hark, Ilsukiinowwa'. 
I put in a slat, Ilsiikiinum. 
A slat for a canoe, NAkiin. 
To drive in ribs, Tekwtole. 
A small piece of board placed in at the 

end of the canoe, on the inside, Chig- 

To i)lace in the chigwSbedooow', to adjust 

it to its place, Egaaluk chigwobe- 

To pitch the canoe — to tar it, Pegoo- 

To fill it with water, in order to discover 

the leaks, Sigiinbaadoo. 
Pitch for the outside, Ooskijegoo'sigun. 
Pitch for the inside, Lamegoosigun. 
To be testing its tightness, by filling it 

xvith ivater, Sigunbadega'. 
(T christen it. Sigundoo'.) 
To make paddles, Ootaguneega. 
To finish off the canoe, kestoole. 
The fiat hoop nailed on the top of the 

gunwale, Ooskedoktaagun. 
The stvffing for the nose of the canoe, 

A " ribbon " to keep the bark snug up to 

the gumvale while the work is going 

on, Pakeegun. 



The frog — a mnnll stick that the chigwebe- 

dow MtandH on, Samoogvvoneech. 
Spruce roots for sewing the bark together, 

Stones for keeping down the bark while 
setting up and building 'j canoe, 
Let us take a trip by water : Let us go 

atvay in a canoe, Boo'senech. 
To paddle, Cheema. 
2\> steer, esedemka'. 
To paddle in the proiv, Ooskalega'. 
To shift your paddle to the other aide, 

To press the paddle from the canoe 

To be a good hand to paddle, NSdow- 

To paddle towards home, elmesoogwe. 
To paddle myself, elesoogwe. 
To capsize them all together, Mowiktook- 
Canon, utploodakun. 
Canopy, Pogwosun ; Mooskoon. 
Canorus, Weltaak. 
Canter, kaaskwit. 
Canticle, uktabegeakun. 
Canvass, Segeegunut^'. 
To canvass, Weleankaptum ; Togumajodega ; 

Togumajodum ; Pebanooichkadum. 
Cap, Agvvesun. 

To own a cap, Agwesunume. 
I am a cap, Agwesune. 
It is a cap, There is a cap, Agwesunik'. 
I have a cap on, Agwesunaam. 
I put a cap on him, Agwesunaaluk. 
To put on my own cap, agwesunaase. 
Capability, Mijlgigunode; 'Nsutoo5gun ; Na- 

Capable, Nestooaak ; Melklgunuk' : Nedow- 

Capacious, Meskeek. 

Cap-a-pie, Wejadegemu' oonjek' mesokoo 

Cape, kwcsowwaak ; kespuhsowwaak. 

Cape Breton, p. n., Oonamaagik. 

Cape Dolphin, ;>. n., Kookumijenagwandk'. 

Cape Negro, p. n., Kespoogwitk'. 

Cape St. George, p. v., Plckteok. 

Cape Enrage, p. n., Tcjeegooch. 

Cape Mispek, p. n., Mespaak. 

Cape Traverse, p. n., Booslooaakade. 

Cape Spry, p. n., Noogoomkegawaachk. 

Cape Shubenacadie, p. n., KitpooaakSde. 

Cape Porcupine, jh n., Pookudapskwode. 

Cape North, p. n., uktiitunook'. 

To caper, Wenakuya' ; Amalkei'. 

Capsize, ketkoojaadoo. 

Captain, kcptin ; Sakflmow. 

Captainship, keptinaoode. 

To captivate, kokwaaluk ; kestSjooaaliik ; 

Captive, kestejoo. 
Captivity, kestejooildegemkawa'. 
Captor, Nooje-kestejooadega' : Noojekokwaa- 

Capture, kokwaadegemk' ; kokwa'dakun. 
Car, Tobakun kuhtogwaasik ; Booktawoolk' 

Caravan, Mowomajik malsunak tanik alasooe- 

Carbon, kulumooech-wopskw. 
Carcass, 'Mtenin nepk. 
Card, VVeegSdigunchech' ; Elaskw. 
To play cards, Elaskoogwei'. 
To card wool, Nalkwaaga. 
Cards for carding wool, Nalkwagunaal. 
Care, Ankeda'dakun ; Ankodcgemkawa'. 
To care for, AnkoJum ; Ankwadk' : Anko- 

dega : Sespaooak' : Ankwaak' ; Agunaak' ; 

To take care of one's self, VVclaase; ked- 

Career, Pemeebimkriwa'. Tclowsimk'. 
Careful, Booskeankwaase ; Noojeankodega' ; 

Carefully, Menaka ; Menak'iiju. 
To keep it carefully, Menakujawodum. 




To make it carefully, MLnakujaweedoo. 
Careless, Moo ankodcgow' ; iineamooa' ; Sesoo- 

ecla'clegfi' ; emagwaase. 
I am careless about it, Nootkweankodum. 
To caress, Moonsamak' ; kcsalk' ; Wclkwijaa- 

liik ; VVcskagulcmak', 
Caress, Moonsannigawn' ; Oosugagelsoode. 
Cargo, I'cnasolkvva' pitkfimakiin. 
Car, Hooktaoolkw' makumegovva'. 
Caricature, Maligooeesit. 
Carman, Cabman, Nooiukunowwu'. 
Carmine, kusimkwarik. 
Carnage, Nabadcgcmk'. 
Carnal, 'Mtenina' ; Wageia' ; Mteninawae. 
Carnival, Papawooltimk meskeek. 
Carnivorous, VVcdowsit wcoo's iktook. 
Carol, uktabcgeakiin wooltdasoodeii'. W66le- 

Carpenter, Noojcegei ; kaloosawe ; kaloosawit- 

awea' ; kaloosawitrdookvva'. 

Carpet, kegunajoocch' ; Balajwei'. 

To make a carpet, kegunajooejooa'dega'. 

To make it a carpet with flowers, (A Cape 

Breton vjurd), kcguiiajooejooaadoo. 
Carriage, Pcmadoomk' ; rdadoomk' ; Tobakun ; 

Teladegemk' ; kiihtogwaasik tobakun. 
Carribou, Krdeboo. 
A male Carribou, Achkajit. 
Carribou Island, Comagunuk'. 
Carrier, Noojepuma'dcga'. 
Carrion, Soogulugak' weoos' ; clkijjak'. 
To stink like carrion, clkujemaak. 
Carrot, VVisowibuiiLksit. 
Carraget Harbour, Caluget. 
To carry, Pcmaad )o ; Pcma'dega ; Pemnegd- 

dum ; claadoo ; elaaliik; Poktowoola' ; Ta- 

To carry him on the back, Pemobuk. 
To carry him out on my back, Taoobtik. 
To carry a load on the back, Pedowoola' ; 

cliuimega' ; Pcmncga'. 
To carry it in my hand, kedunum ; Pemked'- 

uiuim. To btiny, VVechkoonega', 

To carry it on my shoulder, Pcmnegadum. 

To carry a liquid, clabelum. 

To carry up from the water side, cskogwaa- 

To carry one's self properly, kokwojeedoo- 

To carry a heavy load on the back, kes- 

kvvowoola' ; Makowoola'. 

To carry them slung over the shoulder, 


Cartilage, Wiskakunik'. 

CartilagenOUS, Wiskakunigawa'. 

Cartridge, kalgoonsawa'. 

Cartrut, Cheladejaaak. 

To carve, (t<fonc), clapskudaaga ; (wood), elok- 


To carve it in stone, elapskiidaam ; (in wood), 

To carve him in stone, elSpskudaak; (in 

ivoud), eloksiik. 
To carve flowers on stone, Amalapskudaaga ; 

Amalapskudaam ; Amalapskudaak. 
To carve flowers on wood, Amaloksowwa' ; 

Amaloksum ; Amaloksuk. 

Carver, (in stone), Noodapskudaaga ; (in wood), 

Cascade, kapskw. 

Case, Luskei'guii. 

To be in such a case, Na tglae. 

Case-knife, VVokun ; Mijesimkawa' wokun. 

Cash, Sooleawa'. 

Cashier, Noojeankotk' sooleawaii. 

Cask, Malegiioo ; Malegaoocheech. 

To cast, cjigijlaadoo ; elcga ; ejigulega'. 

To cast into the water, Pakusega. 

To cast out of the water, Natkega', 

To castigate, Mataak; VVenmajekenarndk' ; 

Matafiga ; Wenmajekenamooa'. 
Castigation, Mataimkawa' ; Wenmaje-kenoo- 

dumooksoode; Matodimkawa' ; VVcnmajeil- 

Castigator, Noojemataaga ; Noojewoonmaje- 




Casting-net, kobigun. 

Castle, VVokaloosai) ; Mcskeek ak melkigunak' 

Castor, kobet ; Wesunow ; Welele' ; WesunAk' ; 

To castrate, Mensiik. 
Casual, Tcdaboodcsk'. 
Casualty, Tcdaboodcskawa'. 
Cat, Mtiowch'. 
A wild cat, litkogwcch'. 
A wild cat skin, utkogwcchwei'. 
The cat bird, Amalikchaajit. 
Cataclysm, Oosan' ; Wcsaak. 
Catalogue, Mowwcgasigiil wesooniil sebcllegul. 
Catalepsis, Wegweut' ; VVegwecmk'. 
Catamenia, Dcpkunoosetawa ; abitawa' ukse- 

Cataplasm, amchukumgun. 
A Cataract, kapskw ; Mpukika' tiksenoogo- 

Catastrophe, 'Mtooa'dakun tan wiskodaagCk 

To catch, Wcswaadoo ; Wcswaaluk ; Wesvva'- 

dcga ; kokwa'dega' ; kokwaadoo ; kokvvaaluk. 
To catch fish, Nemajwaaga. 

To catch a fish with a net or hook, Paadulk. 
A catch, (a seizure), kokwadegemkawa' ; aptoo- 

goolooodumuk ; aptoogoolooodumugawa'. 
To catechize, Pebanegese ; Wagwamak' ; 

Pebanegeme ; Pebanimkik. 
A catechism, Talnanootawa' ; Tan ba weegad'- 

igun wejuhchooeAk' pebanegesimkawfi-ooik- 

took ak usedaboogooemkavva-ooiktook ; 


Catenation, Piskadakunamook' ; Telemowwa'- 

dasik stuga' piska'dakfinabe. 
Catfish, utkogwech' ; 'iMtebes'. 
Cathartic, 'Mpesoon sabooda'dakun ; Saboo- 

da'dakuna' 'mpesoon. 
Catholic, Movvimsutawa' ; Tan telkeek oosit- 

kumook' tula ; Mesteieek. 
Catholicism, kloocheowktosimkawa' alasoo- 


Cattail-flags, Skunaaskw ; Skunow' ; 'plar., 

Cat-0-nine-tails, Poogiimakun pcskoonAdrik- 


Cattle, Wcnjoodeiimook' ; VVeisisk. 

To own cattle, Ootooame. 

My cattle, 'Ntooaamk. 

Caul, Oohtelkw'. 

Cause, Tan cloogwck' ; tan wcjetula'dasik tan 

pasuk kogoofi'. 'Mtumodiikun tcbloodC-gcm- 

kawfi' ; upsitkwa'dasik. 
Causeway, Owte ncpsaagasik ; owte. 
Cauterize, (to sear), kakstim ; Metkuscsum, 
Caution, n., ankwaasimkawa' ; ankodaslmkawa. 
Cautious, Ankodasc ; ankvvaase. 
Cavalcade, Mowecjik noojopumeeboolwa'dijik. 
Cavalier, «., NoDJepiimeeboolvva'. 
Cavalier, adj., MClkedaase ; kcnab'iiwe ; kenab- 

awedoodum ; AJclkedoodum ; Noojeniatun- 

Cavalry, Sumagunisk' tanik noojepumeebool- 

Cave, Cavern, Wolunsuktek' ; Wowchakum- 

egck' ; Lamsok ; elmusaak'. 
To cave, AVcjepoojulkudaam. 
Cavendish, P. E. I., p. n.. kikcheboogwek. 
To cavil, Sagawe-Amselaboogooa' ; Papaboo- 

Cavil, Amselaboogoo^mkawa' ; Scgaweams^L- 

Cavity, Toogoonaak ; elmalkuk ; Wolbcgaa- 

dakun ; Pijiskik ; (Peliiniskik) ; Wolkobeg- 


Tu make a hollow in the ground, VVolum- 

kaam ; VVolkobegaadoo. 
llie hollow of the foot, Wolnoksedei'. 
To caw, kakakoojooweese. 
Cayenne, Dapesawaal mcgwaagul. 
Ceaseless, Moo bonadaslnook ; Yapchoo ^-loo- 

gwck' ; Yapchoo tela'dega' ; Moo yapchoo 

Cecity, 'Nkabegwa'dakun. 
Cedar, kakukoose ; Sdkskoose. 

i I 



To cease, Hoonaadcfja' ; Hoonagodum; Boonea'; 
BooneJik' ; HoonabCk ; kCspcfi' ; kespcAk'. 
'To cease beimj a mnn, ktJspeulnooe. 
Boona — as a prefix to any verb, signifies 
To cease — as : 

/ ceane speaking, Boona-wistoo. 

/ ceane Hcvatcking myaelf, «£'c., Boon- 

I stop ; cease wdlkhig, Nenkaase. 
To ceane talking, Boonfiwogwa. 

Cedrine, Sakskoosea' ; kAkskoosea,'. 
To ceil, Peetloo'skum. 
Ceiling, kfiakwa' poktuskaasik. 

Alaleridi for celling a room, Pedoo'- 
To celebrate, Megedaltimk ; Moocwolk'; kcp- 

maadAk' ; kepmedaaiumk ; kcpmedfiadega'. 
Celebrator, Noojimtiimedaaiiimk ; Nootume- 

Celebrity, kepmafik ; Mowikpumeda'dakun ; 

Celerity, Sasakasooltimk; Sasakasimk' ; Nak- 

saasimk; Wiskaadimk. 
Celestial, Wasogawa'; Nikskamawa' ; Tan 

etliigatk vvasogu ; ansalawijik. 
Celibacy, Moo maleawik ; kesegooculbadooim- 

Celibate, kesegooc-ulbadoo. 
Cell, Apchaachk' poktuskaasik ; Slmalkuk ; 

Cellar, Lakab'. (Fr., la cave). 
Cement, Okskijegooegawa' ; 'mchiigcgun ; um- 

To cement, OkskijegooCk' ; Okskijegooaadoo ; 


Cemetery, Ootkoodakuna'kade. 

Censer, Weiipkogusigun. 

To censure, Anedalumiik'; Mesimk'; nadale- 

dafiliimiik', nadaledaalumk'. 
Cent, Sent, plar. Sensul. 
Centenary, kijskimtulnaktine-boonkugawa'. 
Centenarian, Tan kuskimtulnakian-eboonaat. 
Centesimal, kuskimtulmakuna'. 

Centipede, Choojech' tan kuskimtulndkunega- 


Central, Meawagawa' ; MSgwelikawa'. 
Centre, Ansuma' mcgweiik. 
Centrifugal, Megwiik kwcjejigfilaadegCk'. 
Centripetal, Megweiik kwcjeia'degck. 
Centuple, kiiskimtulnkunelankeak'. 
Centurion, Tan alsoomaje kuskimtulnakijnilije 

Century, kuskimtulnrikune-boonkiik. 
Cerastes, 'MtaskCim tan wcsumooit. 
Cereal, kooloomka'. 
Ceremony, Telpcagawa' ; Tan tetpeik' ootula'- 

Certain, kcdlawa' ; kcdlawaya'. 
Certainty, kcdlfiwaoookun. 
Certainly, kcdul cdook; Meamooch' ; amooch'. 
Certificate, cloowedumasoodeadegemkawa' ; 

To certify, eloowedumasoodcri'dcga ; kedla- 

waeagunoodum ; kegenoodiimak' ; kedla- 

Certitude, kedlawaookijn. 
Cerule, Cerulean, Mooskoonamook'. 
Cerumen, {the wax of the ear), Miikigiim. 
Cessation, Nenkaadimk. 
Cetacea, 'Msut tan tasijik niiniaachk bootup- 

Cetacean, Bootup ; Moochpa:h'; Sabudeemekw; 

To chafe, v. tr., {To loorrij), Wegeiak' ; Scspaak' ; 

Sespemk' ; Tagalaak'. 
To chafe, v. int., To tvorry, fret, Jtc, kesuh- 

kweie ; W^geiedaase. 
To chafe. To nih, Samapkwaadoo. 
It is chafed, Pegwona'deboodek' ; VVoseam- 

kwa'dtiboodek ; Wosamkwaasik ; kcsooiide- 

Chaff, Segooeboogvvistakiin. 
To chaffer, Pegwodeliga' ; adummooa' ; adum- 

Chaffy, VVejuhchooeak segooeboogwistakun 

iktook ; Moo taiegulooltenook'. 



Chagrin, WoonmSjaooAkun ; Woonmajcdaa- 

clAkun ; Ookweioode; St'spaoo;\kiin. 
To chagrin, ScspaAk'; Wcdumaak ; Wcgeiuk- 

Chain, v., PiskadAkiinaabe ; Piskadakun. 
A large chain, Maktuk. 
To chain, '•. ((., Piskadakiinaadoo ; Piskadak- 

unaaluk ; Wejckulbilk' piskadakunab' iktook, 
Chair, koodpoode. 
Chalice, 'Nkuneepsumoon. 
Chalk, kakayok'. 
To chalk, kakayokuvveckiiga'. 
Chalky water, kakayOwoboo. 
Chalky, kakayogwa'. 
To challenge, TCIoocmk "Choogooyc, kumoo- 

dooltes." 'Nskooltes. 

Chalybeate, WcjuhchooaadSsik kusaw5k 
Iktook, kusna' ooskunaagwiktook. 

Chamber, kakwaak' poktuskaasik. 
The chambrel of a horse, umskwes ankwis- 

To champ, Soktame. 
Champion, kenap. 

Chance, (Tcdabodeskawa'.) Tgdabooeak' ; 
Ted Abooeaga wa. 

Chandler, Noojedogul wosogoonumakunul ; 

Chandeleer, Wosogoonumakunu'tkw. 
To change, Apskwaadoo ; kewdnskaadoo. 

Sasawe ; Sasawaadoo. 
To change the appearance, Sasawamoo- 

Channel, tipsedun ; upsugaagun. 

On the border of the channel, kaskipsediin. 
The middle of the channel, Meowipsedun. 

To channel, u a., Wolkoosum ; Wolgwodum ; 

To chant, kedabSgea'. 
A chant, uktabegeAkun. 
Chaos, Aboochkude.skumugawa'; Aboochkod- 

umugawa' ; 'Msut kogooafd moweabooch. 

kodasigal ; eoonasimkawa'. 

Chaotic, Abonchkodasik. 

To chap, Tc-maiikeibiadfk ; (Timankeibeaadoo ) 

TIiIh I» siilil uf haiuln or feet, Tc-menaasik ; 

Thin in fiald of ground, or hrcad, Tcmc- 
punCgciigul ; Tcmopuncgcak'. 
Chap, (Tin; upper part of a Iii'(Ik('h mouth), 

kakwaga ootoon ; Upsoolkooskooow'. 
Chap, ]>ron., Cbop. (a elf It). 

In the ice, Tclkwiskooow. 

7/1 a rork, Pcsegapskcilk'. 

In wood, Pcsegafik. 

In a rock, Wolapskck'. 
Chapel, Alasoodfimogwom. 
Ohaplet, AptTigopesoode. 
I wear a chaplet, Aptrigopesoodcaam. 
To put on a chaplet, Aptugoopesaase. 
To put a chaplet on him, Aptugopesodulk. 
Chaps, Weisis ootoogoba'guniil. 
Chapt, Chapped, 

Chapter, Nowskaadumk weegadigun iktook. 
To char, (kuksum.) Amoksum. Amoktck. 

Charred, Eblbunoksum. 

To char it, Segoooksiim. 

It ia chared, Segoooktek, (burnt to a 
Character, What is his ? Talmud6k ? 

Such ishia character, Telmudok'. 

He has a good character, Wclmud6k'. 

He has a bad character, Winmudok'. 
Charcoal, Loosakadow' ; Booksctow' ; kulum- 
ooechwopskw ; eblbunoktek booksetowu. 
Coal black, Mowimkudawae ; Booksetawim- 

To charge, To give him charge of it, 

To take the charge of it, kclodum. 
To charge a gun, Pttkusowwa'; Pitkusa- 

One charge for a gun, Naookt teksfikadek'. 

This word means one load before it is put 

into the gun. Pitkusadumugawa' is the 

charge in the gun. 

i ■ 



To mako a charge, Owtnrjwa' ; Owt()()^,nvr)'kw 
What do you charge for it 1 Taalimuiu ? 
I charge so much for it, Trifilum. 
Charge, I'ilkrisavvo(]rimri;;rivvri' ; Ankadfivvin- 

ka(lumrit;riwri' ; Tan trlowtik. 
Chariot, kcpmaak tobakfrn : Tatkaak tubakiin, 

Tobakun kuhto^vvaasik. 
Charioteer, Noutrikunawa'. NootCp;rinowwa'. 
'rill' ilvlirr of till' liDVurn, Noojeprimkonoje, 
Charitable, liooskenodooii'dcya' ; Nadooa'liik ; 

Apchecdcga', Apchcck. 
Charity, Wclaaltimkawa, nabloodcsL-mkruvfi ; 

iloolcdardsimkriwa' ; Nadooodegcmkawa' ; 


Charles's-Wain, Okwotrmookawa Mooin. 
To give all away in charity, kakeinXd- 

To charm, Rooiiinwaaluk. Sabaalidt : VVCd- 

kvvijaaluk ; wclkwija'dc^^a'. 
A charm, Hooiiinwa'dakun. liooiJinwadcgem- 

Charmer, Rooskcwoolkwijo'degfi'. 
Charnel-house, 'Npoocnoodgwom. 
Chart, Weega'digun tan tet Makumegiil et 

samoogwonid ctlcwecgasigrd. 
Charter, Alsoosoodca', ak cip igunumagw^m- 

kavva' weegadigun. 
Chary, Booske-ankodase. 
To chase, iMajoolkwa' ; kedantega, Majool- 

kwolk' ; kcdank' ; Ncdoogoole. 
Chasm, Pcscgapskck ; VVolapskck ; Pesikseg- 

eak', I'csikrigeak' ; iipsoolkooskooow. 
A clidHVi in ice, Mekpaak, 
Chaste, VVclmudok ; Wcleabitavvit ; Wole- 

To chasten. To chastise, Matuak; Wcn- 


Chastity, kidoo'soode ; Wclodegemkawa'. 
To chat, WcskwimtooUijik ; Scgawe-etk'iwis- 

too ; Papaboogoofi'. 
Chattels, Ootapsoonul. 
To chatter, Ncnkubitkaaloogwa' ; eloowawea- 

boogooa ; Scgawawistoo. 

Cheap, Wfflowtik. 

To cheapen, Wclowtoogwcdoo. 

To cheat, kcspoogwadcga', kL-spoogwaairik. 

A cheat, kclooskabawc ; uksilbuogwaadakun. 
J am (:hi<(tfil, Noojiksuhoogwa'loogw.i'. 
1 atii a clii'iif, Ni)()jiksrd)oogwadcga'. ' 

Chebogue, p. n., utkribok. 

To check, Wctkoolk ; Wctkoolooa' ; NSnkaa- 
dix) ; Ncnkaaluk. 

A check, Ncnkaadimk; Wclkoo'lsoode. 

To checker, Atnakunawcekuga' ; Atnakiin- 

Checker-work, Atnakunweegasik ; Atnakiin ; 

To play checkers, Atnei'. 

Checker-board, Atnakuna'. 

Chedabukto, p. n., Scdabooktook. 

Cheek, Ookujenooon. 

My cheek, 'Nkujcnooon'. 

Thy cheek, ukujenooon'. 

His cheek, Okoojenooon'. 

To have red cheeks. 

To have sunken cheeks, Wolkinjcdoonei'. 

Cheer, WoolaooAkCin ; Wcladcgcmkawa' ; \Ve- 

To cheer, kcsaoulik, (it cheers me.) 

Cheerful, Wclae; Wcledaase; VVclkwija'luse. 

Cheerfully. (The word weskawe, as a prefix, 
from wcskavvae, denotes that the action of 
the verb annexed, is performed cheerfully, 
as: VVcskawe-piskwae, 1 enter cheerfully ; 
Wcskawe-abogiinumool', / aid thee cheer- 

Cheerless, Mcskedaase ; Takawojae ; kewStpe; 
I'clidtajae ; Wakajaase. 

Cheese, Cheesawa' ; Tabulmasawa'. (N. B. — 
This is from the French des froimijea. One 
would not see it at first sight ; but a little 
acquaintance with the manner in which 
letters are substituted when there are 
sounds in one language which are not in 
another, explains all. There being no 
article in Micmac, of course they supposed 



tlio <liH to 1)0 a part of the word. Thci 
tluiro is IK) /' ami no *•. For these letters 
lliey invariably siibstitute h and /, Tluis 
\vc have da bfil (or tabfil) ; then they have 
not the French sound of the letter /, ami 
always for this siil)stitnte ■><. Tims for *»",/V 
tliey say DniN. The aw;i is the common 
Micmac termination for a nuiin or ndjectlce 
derived from another noun— as : koolkwees, 
a plij , koolkwscs-vva', y/'/ iiunt — n piece of 
ii piij. They sometimes say for clieexi^, 
theesawfi. This is from the l'2nglish, of 

Checly, ulchif^un ; Wajit^un. 

ChcgOgun, />. n., Noojcogunilk'. 

Chemise, Atlei'. 

To cherish, Ankwfiak'; Akfrnaak' ; kelfiak'. 

Cherisher, Noodankooei'; Noojeakunarik'. 

Cherry, Maskuascman ; Looeman'. 

Cherry-tree, iMaskwasemanukse. Lsocman- 

Cherry-pit, Wipkooman maskwasemana'. 

Cherub, Waso^awa' memajooenoo; Ansalawit. 

Cherubim, rej^wclkik wasoyawaak memajuo- 
nook' : ansalawijik. 

Chess, Atnakun. 

Chess-board, Atnakuna'. 

Chest, Luskei^uii. 

To own a chest, Luskeigrmume. 

To be a chest, There is a chest, Luskeig- 

Thi .3 no chest, Moo Ifiskciguncenook. 
Chester, jx n., Mcnskwaak. 
Chever (a chub), Mimapskwcs. 
To che w, S(;ktame. 
To chew the cud, Etlabcgunaat. 
To chew gum, Sokumoo'tiwa'. 

Chezetcook, p. n., Scsetkook. 
Chicane, Chicanery, uksuboogwa'dAkun, 
Chick, Chicken, Sesipcheech. Sesip' ooncjun. 
Chickadee, Clmgcegcs. 
Chickenpox, Wcchkimkawa'. 

To chide, kakawimk'ikakawuboogooa'; Mcsimk'; 

Chief, SakTimow' ; MowimsTigeek ; MoweCspile. 
Chiefly, Mowwe-|)0()g\vi le — . 
Chieftain, Noodowteekumooa' ; Alsoosit ; kat- 

aiieboogooe ; Noojeitlsooilegel'. 

To bo a chief, I^tlesaknmowo. 
A chief's house, Sakfiningwom. 
ChignectO, pr. n., Sigunikt'. 
Chilblain, Wcjiksenoogooik' litka iktoogri. 
Child, Mijooajecli' ; Oonejun'. 

Child-bearing, Mijooajejumimk'. 

Child-birth, Oi.skijenoode. 

Childhood, Mijooajejooeanek. Iiitltc, il(iijni)f 

til >! ill ihllniDil. 

Childish, Stuf^a mijooiijeech. Mijooajechwa'. 

Childishness, Mijooajooimkawa'. 

Childless, Mogwa wcnjrmu ; kcdumunetkik 

Chill, Tegaak ; kaoochea. 
To chill, Tcgaba{k)o ; Tej^aadoo ; I'^tlitkubeg- 

aadoo ; Tcgcaadoo ; Tekpcgaaliik. 
Chimegwe, />.>)., Oosfunoogwik. 
Chimegwe River, Oosumogweesk. 
Chimney, Hooktawrigwom. 
Chimney-swallow, kaktugobunchech'. 
Chimney sweeper, Noojebooegajecjit ; Noo- 

Chin, 'Mtoogobaagun. 
Chin-cough, Ndgumimkowwa'. 
Chinh, n., Pcsiksugcak' ; Tcmanskcibcadck' ; 

Tcmbuneg('ak' ; Pcsiksegeak'. 
To chink, v. n., Mcdeakuva' ; Medeagunsc ; 


To chink, v. n., Medeakiidcsk'; Wedawakudesk'. 

To chip, Puhsaktaaga. 

A chip, Booksaktaagnn. 

To bring in chips, Booksaklagunaaga. 

A chip of stone, Puhsaktaagun. 

Chipping-bird, WcdfiwiskCidat'. 

Chirographer, Noojcwcekuga'. 

To chirp, Scsip Mcdotuksit ; kcdabcgect'. 

Chisel, Wuleskigiin. 




Chitty, Tclaak stugfi' mijooajeechcl'. 
Chitchat, kulooskoowoboogooCmkawa' ; kcl- 

Chiverie, p. v., WSbock'. 
Chiverie-Split, Naeadich. 
Chiverie-Point, Naooktooboogoocdck'. 
Chocolate Plant, cgwitkawa'. 
Choice, 11., Nenasoonumiigawa' ; Nenasooip- 

simkawa ; Nenasooipsooltitnkavva'. 
Choice, adj., Mowekuloolk' ; Bcjulckuloolk'. 
Choir, kcdabegeemkawa moweome ; Noojikta- 

bcgcaadijik mowomajik: Noojintoodijik. 
To choke, Cloo'we ; eloogoodiilk' ; eloogwei ; 

eloo'gvve ; cloogooba' ; kestoonaaluk j kes- 

Choke cherry, Loocman'. 
Choke cherry tree, Looiimanokse. 
Choke berry, upsooleman', ul. 
Choke berry bush, upsoolemanokse. 
Choler, \^'lskuii ; Ooku i^oile. 
To choose, Nenasoonadega' ; Nenasooniim : 

To choose by sight, Nenasoooptum ; Nenas- 

To be picking and choosing, Nenasooipse. 
Chooser, Noojenenasoona'dega. 
To chop, Temtaaga ; Tcmtaam. 
It xS chopped, Tcmtaasik. 
To chop all, kaktaaga; kakta'manul. 
A mighty chopper, keaskunoo'gwcjit, fa fahu- 

luiis being — ic/iu caL-i dovjn treeti. You hear 

the chopping, but the ivorkman is invisible ; 

but (he free falL-i. 
To chop it through, Sabudeadaam. 
To chop wood, Nalabcdaaga. 
To chop wood into chunks, clmapsktidaaga ; 

A chop-down, Mcmkoktaasik. 
A chopping knife, Wcoosa' tumcegun. 
Chops, 'Mtoon. 
Chord, Abeajechkabe. 
Choriotei', Neganiklabcgca : Noojintoo. 
To chouse, kcspoogwaadcgfi'. 
Chrism, Amakunsoode. 

Christ, Klistawit. 

Jesus Christ, Sasoo Goole. 

To christen, Sigundak. 

Christening, SigCindasimk. 

Christened, Sigundase. 

Christian, Sabavvit; Alasoodumawenoo. 

Christmas, Nebcalasoodumumk'. 

Christopher River, p. v., Oochoo'such. 

Chrysalis, Miseminkunow'. 

Chub, Munapskwes'. 

Church, Alasoodumawemowome ; Alasoodum- 

Churchyard, OotkoodakunaakSde. 
Churl, Amasegae ; Mcdooiicheenumooe : Mcd- 

ooae ; Mcdoocdoodum. 
A churn, S6goobaktaguna' ; Poodadaagun. 
To churn, Scgoobaktaaga ; Poodadaaga. 
Cicatrice, Wesaak. 
Cider, Wc-njoosoonaboo ; Sedulawa'. 
A cider-press, Cbinpakigun ; Etlechinpagum- 

Cimeter, espoogwosik tcgwokjeechk ak wok- 

Cincture, ukspesoonabe ; ukspcsoon ; Lut- 

Cinder, Mctkiiscdek'. 
Cinnamon, upkwajechk. 
Cion, iipsclkooiicheech. 
A cipher, kunegwodigiin cgilchemkawa'. 
To cipher, cgilcha'. 
A circle, clabaktcstakiin ; kuhtogwa'dakian ; 

Mimkooskaavvik ; Mimkooskaooweegasik ; 

To describe a circle, clabaktestoo ; Mimkoos- 

kaoowekiiga ; kiihtolabaktcstoo. 
To circuit, kuhtogwaase. 
Circuition, kuhtogwadimkawa. 
Circular, Mimkooskaawik. 
I cut it in a circular form. Mi nkooskaoosam. 
To circulate, v. n., kuhtogwaase , kuhtegwai- 

sik ; kuhtopumefi' ; owcaase. 
To circulate, o. a , kuhtog-vaadoo ; kuhtogwaa- 

ird. ; kuhtaadoo; Alok.ihtaadoo. 
Circulation, Oweaadimk. 



Cii'curaambient, Oweaadasik. 
Circumambulate, kuhropumefi' ; kuhtogwaase ; 

Yalckuhtaasc ; kuhtaase. 
To circumcise, kuhtogusak'; Mimkooskaoosuk • 

Circumcision, Pegwonesaopdimkawa ; Mim- 

Circumference, It in ho big round, Tclagik. 
^\ hut is its circuvifeyence f Talagik ? 
I'lie circumference is four cuhitn. It is 
four cubits round, Naooijik moos- 
kunigun tclagik. 
Circumflex, Tan wokchooeegasik. 
Circumfluent, kuhtogtibcgitk'. 
Circumjacent, Oweogwamoogwaagul. 
Circumnavigate, Owwesoogwe. 
Circumscribe, kuhtogubakumaadoo ; kuhto- 

giibakumaaluk ; kulitogwfkeiioogvvolk' ; 

Circumspect, Booske-ankwaase ; kokvvodow- 

Circumstance, Tap kogooa tctpakadcsk'. 
To circumvent, cuokteskak ; kcspoogwaaluk ; 

Circumvention, uksuboogwaadakiin. 
Citadel, VVakaloosan. 
City, ukchcgun'. 
Clack, Mededaak. 

To clack, Mcdcdcsk'; Sesooakadesk'. 
Clad, ckvvtei ; Asooiiaam. 
To claim, Noodapsoonkwei'. 
Clam, n., aas ; a'siik ; upkwafisk ; Sebooaas ; 

To gather clams, Monfuisaktumei. 
A clam-shell, Sugasakunow. 

To gather clamshells, Sugfisakuiiaaga. 
Clam-Harbour, />. /(., aasCigfidich. 

To clap, Mcdcdaam. 

To clap the hands, Mcdcdamanul 'nputrmul 

'logwoiikridcstoouiiul 'iiinriuiiul. 
Clarify, \\ okumaadoo : \\ okuiisaad( o ; Scb- 

Clarification, Wokumaadoomk ; \\ ukunsaa- 


To clash, V. n., Samtcskaadigul. 

To clash, »'. ('., Samtcstoo. 

A clasp, lisedaga'dakun. 

To clasp, usedagaadoo. 

To clasp it in the hand, Sakupchaadoo. 

Tebokchciiuin ; Tcbokchciik'. 
To clasp the hand, Sakupchaase. 
To clasp it in the arms, kakejokchaadoo ; 

kakcjokchaaluk ; kagesooskwaadoo ; kakis- 

Clasp-knife, Jigulgwicbkajichk ; kulugwich- 

To clatter, v. n., Mcdedcsk' ; ctkldCk. Ses- 
To clatter, v. a., Mcdeiigwaadoo ; Medeagwaa- 

A clatter, Mededesk'. Sesooiikadesk'. 
\ Clavicle, (the collar boiie.), VVollimkunumk'. 
' Clause, etlavvistumkavvaya 'mkuse. 
Claw, 'Mkwot. 
A lobster's claw, Ooljigun. 
To claw, keehkabaadoo ; kechkabaaliik. 
Clay, upkaoo. 
To be clean, Wokumae ; Wokumaak ; Bookt- 

To clean, Wokumaadoo. 
Something containing a cleansing quality, 

To be cleaning, v. a., Wokum.i'dega. 
To deem it clean, Wokumcda idum. 
It seems clean, Wokumaptum. (Lit., I see 

it clea.t).) 
Pure and clean, Wokumik', (snidof a liquid. 

Samoogvvon wokumik, Ihewnter is clemi.) 

To have clean nails, VVokumikseei'. 

To have a clean face, VVokumegwei' ; Wok- 

To have clean hands, VVokiimiptenci' ; 

To clean his hands for him, Newilchaaluk, 
To ' ave a clean head, VVnkuniatpci'. 
To nave a clean crown ("f the hend), 

W uk u 111 u k w a i, u ot i ic i '. 

To have clean feet, VV6kumei;boose. 




The house is clean, VVokumegftnik. 

A clean house, Wokiimecgan. 
To have a clean forehead, Wokumutoo- 

To have clean eyes, WokumalkcKwei'. 
To have a clean nose, Wokumiskoonei. 
To have a clean mouth, Wokiimalknoclunei'. 
To have a clean tongue, Wokiimilnooei'. 
To have clean ears, VVokiimistakiinei. 
To have clean teeth, \\ okumabetci. 
To have clean cheeks, Wokumukoojinooone. 
To have clean nostrils, VVokumetunei'. 
To have a clean neck, VVokumeeskebei. 
To have a clean belly, WokumapskCidcei'. 
To have a clean breast, W okumipskoonei'. 
To have clean heels, Wokumuskoonei'. 
To have clean breast and nipples, (dugs), 

To have clean hips, Wokuma'gudcei'. 

To have clean legs and feet, Wokumo- 

To have a clean tail, Wokiimalooei', on', 6t'. 
Cleanliness, Wokiimaimkawa'. 
To cleanse, VVokumaadoo ; Welesabaptasik. 
Clear, Sebooiisaptasik ; Sebooa'sumoot. 
Clear water, Wokumik; Wontukinsaak, 

Clear sky, Mooskoou'. 
Clear sky comes out, Woscdaasik mooskoon. 
Clear sky's coming out, Mooskwcak' ; Wcch- 

A cleared place in the woods, 5ebaw6sek'. 
A cleared field, Mcmkaak 
To clear a field, Memkaadoo. 
The fog is clearing away, Pagooneak'. 
Clearly, Pakiiu. 

^I'cittg dearhj, Wclnumedoomk'. 
Clearness, Saboooptumuk. 
Clearsighted, Nadabe. 
Clearsightedness, Nadabimk. 

Cleft, I'csikscgcak' ; I'csn<pu.i;cak' : Pcsioap- 
hkck' ; upsoolkooskuuow'. VVolapi-kck. 

To cleave to, Okskedak'. Okskijekooa, cgwe- 

d;lk', okskedei. 
To cleave, v. a., Sabedoksum : Nowskoktaaga. 

Clemency, aooledafdsoode ; aooledadcgem- 

kawa'. VVoolaoookun. 
Clement, aooledaadega ; Welmudoo. 
Clergyman, Paduleas' ; Miuistul : aglascaoo- 

paduleas'. Noojinsutooaboogooa' ; Noojip- 


Clever, Nedooagaadega ; Nestooaak. 

To click, iMcdeagudcsk; Mcdcdesk'. 

A cliff, kinsaak ; kakoosdk. 

To climb, v. int., Tokchooac ; elkoosooae. 

To climb, v. a. tr., Tokchooaadoo. clkoosoo- 

aadoo ; Tegoosooae. 
To clinch. To clinch the fist, Sakiipchaase ; 


To unclinch his hand, Apkwilchaadoo. 
To unclinch my hand, Apkwilchaase. 
To cling, Ukskediie ; kelooskoodei'. 
To cling by the claws in climbing, Okoo- 

To clink, Mcdcdaak. 
To clip, Moosiksum; Segooskiil ; clcgeesum ; 

To clip the hair, Tcmastuktaamei. 
To clip one's own hair, kcptoocsumei'. 
Clippings, Segoosigunul. 
To climb down a tree, by catching hold 

of the limbs, Neskoosooa'. 
Cloak, Pcdoogoon. 

To cuver wltli a cloak, 
Clock, Nagosetawa'. 

What u cluck is it / 
oochednagwek ? 
Clod, Pukumiktaaguii. 
To clog, W etkoolooa'. 
A clog, Wclkooloocmkavva'. 
Close, ("//., Sokwoltigul ; 

kikclioo ; kvveiik ; VVtjooow', 
To close the door, i^ooskwodcgaadoo. 

taadoo ; Iltaadoo ; Illegaadoo. 


Tasaject ? Tad- 

Sokwodooltijik ; 



To close, kcbejoktcskiam. 

Closet, Puktuskaasik. 

Clot, VVadooow'. 

To clot, Wadooiivvaadoo. 

To clothe, Asoonodulk ; Asoonaaluk, asoon- 

aase ; kcspesodulk. 
Clothes, Asooii ; Weiegun ; Ootokvvoniil. 
To have on clothes, kCkkum ; ekwtei ; 


To own clothes, Wctkwone. 

To sleep in one's clothes, kekwonaam. 

Clothing, Asoonadimkavva'. 

Best clothes, Nasooniguntil. 

Cloud, Alook ; Pasaalook. 

Cloudy, Aloogcak ;kaktoogvvoloegcak'. 

A cloudy day, Aloogegiskuk. 

Cloven-footed, Neliksedat'. 

Club, kumooch'. 

A war club, Mimtugopskusasik. 

To cluck, Wegoomaje oonejinn. 

Clumsy, Melnumei'. 

A cluster, csnaksawaak : csndksavvaajik. 

Clyde River, p. ■»., Oonigunstik. 

Coach, kuhtogwaasik tobakun. 

A coachman, Nooiukiiovvvva. Lit., one who 

'pulls ilie lines. 
Coajutor, Noojeabogfinumooa. 
To coagulate, Pcmbuldck : Wadooowvvaasik. 
Coal, Booksctow' ; kulumoocchwo'pskvv; Loo- 

sakadow'. plur., Loosakadul. 
Coal mine, kulumooechwopskwaakade. 
To coalesce, kooloobcgcagul ; We;igadas'igul ; 

IMowiikoojigoocgiil ; Mowkooma'dasik. 
Coalition, Widoogwcmimkawa'; VVidoogvvomk'. 
Coarse, Wintak ; kintuk. 
To have coarse hair, kintugooei'. 
Coarse grass, kimugui 'mskcgool. 

Tohavebig, ugly, coarse fingers, kiniptenei'. 
To have a coarse voice, kiniokse. 
Coast, kaskeukchigumo'ik ; Pemchajegaak. 
To coast, Pemchajegaase, (to walk along the 


To sail along the coast, Pemchajcgaktcga'. Cohort, Mowcetr 

To paddle along the coast, Pcnicliajege- 

Coat, Oolokwon' ; Aswaga'dakun. 

/ put on my coat, Asvvagadakunaase. 
I To coax, Moonseia'dcga' : ebajca'. 
To coax him, Moonseiak': cbajekiiloosk'. 
A Coaxer, Booskccbajea'. 
Cob, (corn-cob), PcTiskamuiiask'. 
To cobble, Owwoneloogwa'. 
Cobbler, Noojimsinloogwolkik sakawilk' vvcn- 

Cobequid, p. n., Wakobegltk'. 
Cobweb, Ovviicjit oostise. 
Cocan, i>. '/?., cjakulma'kadik. 
Cock, Nabaoo : oosedoon'. 
To cock, VVcnagaadoo. 

To cock a gun, Seskagaadoo. 
Cockmagun, p. n„ Kookumeegun. 
Codfish, Pejoo. 

To fish for cod, Pcjooaaga. 

Codfish skin, Pejooaage. 

Co-equal, Tetpamookseekw ; Tctpiigiltooltcck'; 

To coerce, Wctkoolk' ; kckajaadcga' ; ke- 

kajaaluk ; kesaaluk. 
Coercion, kekajaadcgcmkawa' ; Wetkooloocm- 

kavva'; Wiswigiinodcgcmkruva'. 
Coeval, Tctpficck; Tctpolteck'; Tcfpeboonacek. 
Coffee, koppce. 
! Coffer, Luskei'giin ; Sooleavvayakumoodc. 
Coffin, 'Npooenooa' luskeigun. 
Cogency, MulgigunOde. 
Cogent, Mulgigunak'. 
To cogitate, Tcledaase; Ankedaase ; kese- 

To cohabit, \\ ijitkadumak ; Apchitkwaadeck'. 
To cohere, Oksktdaase: Okskedcdoolligul ; 

Okskijegoocgiil ; apchitkwaadeck. 
Coherent, Okskedei ; Okskcdak' ; Okskije- 

Cohesive, Tan kcscokskcdus'. 
Cohesiveness, Okskcckikuna'. 

b...nagunisvva . 

■ r i « > lirlt < l ii ll Mriiii i! Biwi»ii (arl «MMu»iM,«g » fl'iWlll » i)yi l 




To COhibit, VVetkoolk' ; Nenkaadoo ; Ngn- 

Coif, Quoif, A'p;\vcsun ; keneskwotpa'makun. 
To coil, Mimskwobegaaluk ; Mimskvvobegedo- 

A coil, Mimskoo'loot ; Mimskwobegaalaot. 
Coin, Sooleavva'. 

To coin, Sooleawa kesedoo. Sooleawaaadega'. 
Coinage, Sooleawaaadcgcmk'. 
To coincide, Naookta teloltijijik. 
Coiner, Noojesooleawaaadega. 
Coke, kulumoocch'wopsk edoktasik. 
Cold, v., utka. 
Cold, '"//' , Tcgaiik ; Tegik. 
A cold day, Tegegiskiik. 
A coid winter, Tegebook. 
The ground is cold, Tekumegck 
The weather is cold, Tegaak. Fut, utkaado. 
A cold board, Tcgasktik. 
Cold water, Saboogwon tekpaak. 
Iron is cold, Tegoguk. 
Cold wood, Tcgogiimkiik. 
Cold wind, Tcgtilamsuk. 
I am cold, kaooche. 
My feet are cold, kaootakskege. 
I am becoming cold, Tetpegea'. 
It is growing cold, Tetpcgeak'. 
Cold milk, Tckpaksit. 
A cold summer, Tcgenipk. 
The room is cold, Tcgigooomkiik. 
The food is cold, Tcgik mechipchawa'. 
Cold cloth, Tegek. 
A cold evening, Tcgeoolaak. 
A cold night, Tcgltpaak. 
The stone is cold, Tcksaak ; Tegapskck. 
The ground is cold, Tegogumegck. 
My hands are cold, kaoochiptinowche. 
My ears are cold, kaoochestakunowche. 
My nose is cold, kaoocheskoonowche. 
My back is cold, kaoochipkamowcbe. 
I cannot bear the cold, Segajegoo'je ; 


Cole Harbour, p. n., Wonpaak. 

The stouG is cooling, Tcg.lpskeAk. 

Colic, Nemooste kesenoogowik' ; Sesakteei'. 

Collar, liktoguloovvokuna'. 

The collar-bone, I'cgogumik wokundow'. 

To collar, kokwaaluk. 

To collate, Napkedoo ; NaboogwCdoo ; Na- 

boogwa' ; Napka'. 
Collation, Igrmumadimk' ; Mechipchawa; 

Collator, Noojenapka. 
Colleague, Tan widoogweiek'. 
To collect, Movvaadoo ; Mowolugik ; Mowwe- 

gwodum; Movvvvemaskodoo; iMovvkwemaje; 

Mowodoo ; Tedlemow5doo6nul. 

To collect grass, Mowweskeega. 

Collection, Mowadoomkawa'. 

A collection of water, Mowpegeak'. 

A collection of people, Mowweome ; Mowij- 

To collide, Sa-. teska'digiil ; Samtestoo'digiil ; 

Sokootpedesk' ; Sokootpedeskadigul. 
Collier, kiillumooeehwopskwaaga. 
Colliery, kullumooechwopskwaakade. 
Colligation, Mowpelumuk'. 
Collision, Sokootpedeskadimk'. 
Colon, kunoogwosoode egedumiigawa' iktook, 

na telekesedasik, [ : ]. 

Colloquy, etiawistoomk : etklvvistadooltimk. 
To collude, Mowiksuboogvva'dakadeek'. 
Collusion, Movviksuboogwa'dakadimk. 
Colour, esowweakun. 
To colour, essum ; essuk ; essowea ; es- 

Coloured, esit ; VVelttisit. 
Colouring, v., Esowwcmk'. 
Colourless, Moo Csowweasinook'. 
Colt, Tasebowcheech. 
A column, Nadoo kogooa' kakumik'. 
Comb, Nalkon ; Noogwoltoogwoti'. 
To comb, Nalkose ; Nalkwiiak ; Noogwoltoo- 

gOse ; Noogwoltoogwaak. 
Comb-maker, Noojenalkunaaga' ; Noojenoo- 




Combat, Matundimk' ; kameedooltimk'. 

To combat, Matunaa'ga; kamedooa'; kesa^k'; 

csaak ; kekajaaluk. 
Combatant, kenap ; Booskematunaaga ; ke- 

napavve ; Suma'gunis. 

To combine, r. int., Weagadooonul : Mowoma- 
deek' : VVijoogvveick' : Widoogweick'; Okski- 

Combination, Weagadoomk' ; Mowomadimk ; 


To combine, v. <7-.,VVeagaadooonul;Ankwiska- 

Combustible, Tan kesenoogwaadasik ; Dook- 

Combustion, Noogwaadoomk ; kaktekawa'. 
To come, Wechkooea' ; Pegesink'. 
To come up, Pejelaase. 
To come out, VVcjetoocri. 
To come out of a " ship," water, waggon, 

etc., Natkaase. 
To come from, VVejea'. 
To come down, Nesaase. 
To come by water, Wcclikwesoogwe. 
To come sailing, Wcchkwoktegri'. 
To come up and show myself, Wcchkwe- 

To come drifting, Wechkwogogwa. 
To come along the road, Wechkwimtumae. 
To come down descending ground, Wech- 

To come by land, Wechkwemakumegawaase. 
To come on horseback, Wcchkweboolwa'. 
To come in a carriage, Pedadtjaalimk. 
To come talking, Wechkwetulfivvistoo; Wech- 

To come laughing, Wcchkwcl'ume. 
To come crying, Wechkwodeme. 
To come scolding, W'echkweyalumegcdum; 

To come running through the bushes, 


To come from the shore, Wechkwiskoguya. 
To come on the ice, Wechkoogomae. 

A comet, VVCsagoonawit kulokowcch'. 
To comfort, Welkwijaaluk ; kcsaak' ; Ilkvvij- 
aadega ; ilkvvijaaluk. 

Comfort, Wooleda'soode ; Oolode ; Wclaltim- 

Comforter, Noojeilkwija'dgga. 

Comfortless, VVenmajae ; Wenmajedaase ; 
Movvvvcn ilkwiiaalik. 

Comical, Wegooaak. 

Coming, Wechkwa'dimkawfi'. 

Comma, kunoogwosoode vveegadigiiniktook, na 
televveegasik. [ , ]. 

To command, Tebloomk' ; Tebloomak' , Tel- 
kimk' ; Alsoomk' ; Alsoose. 

Commander, Sakumow ; kataneboo'gooc ; 

Commandment, utploodakCm ; Tcbloodcgcm- 

To commence, Bokchea' ; Puktumkaadcgri'. 
(Bokche — as a prefix to (inn '''''■''• N. 15. — - 
The sounds of p and t) are often inter- 
changed in the same word, and by the same 
and ditTerent speakers). 

To commemorate, kesaadoo oomigweda'dasin. 
Commencement, Poklumkeagawa'. Tan um- 

skwes' poktiimkeaak. 
To commend, Mooiiwodum ; Mooewolk'. 
Commendable, kcloolk' ; Wcleak'. Pcgwodoo 

'nmootiwolkoosin ; VVelmudoo 
Commendation, Mooiiwolkoosoode; Megedaa- 

dakiin ; Moocwoltimkawa'. 
Commensurate, Naookta tetpooltijik ; Tct- 

To comment, Pakagunoodum ; kegenoodQin- 

ooa' ; Pakeikenoodumak'. 
Commentary, kenamatinawaya' weegadigun : 

Commentator, Noojepakagiinoodum ; Nooje- 

Commerce,*Ncdoocskcmk ak pcgwodclcgcnik'; 


Commingle, v. tr., Weagadooonnl. 
To commingle, v. int., Weagadasigul. 


, \ 




To commiserate, r. t., aoolcclaaliimk. 
Commiseration, n., aooledafilsortde. 
Commission, Loogowokun ; Teladcsemkavva' ; 

Alsoosoodea' vveegadif^iin ; kcgenoogwolimk. 
To commission, '•. /., kcgenoogwolk' ; Sak- 

umovvaaliik ; SAkumowa'dcga'. 
Commissioner, Tan kcgenoogwoloot'. 
To commit, Tclaadoo ; kesedoo, kadoo tan ba 

kogoofi' moo wcleiinook. 
Committee, MoweOme alsoosooderui. 
Commix, Weiigadoo. 
Commodious, a<lj., Wcltck ; Wclekcsedasik ; 

To commune, v. mi., ctlawistadoolteck' ; Mal- 

kodumumk' uksakumamooa' wclogwodul- 

Communication, n., agiinoodiimakun : etla- 

wistiimkavva'; kenamatinawa' ; kegenood- 

Communion, ■«., Wigiimagaltooltimk' ; uksa- 
?)., ctlemowkwodumoodimk' ; 




Memajooenook' tanik naoi 

Commutation, Sasfuvadimk'. 
To commute, Sasawaadoo. 
A compact, kesagunoodumumkawa'. 
Compact, adj., Melkfulk ; Mclkigunak'. 
Companion, tK, Nigiimaach ; Nedap'; Okooda' : 
VVitloogoodeck' ; 'Nta'piti-m ; 'Nche'iuim- 
. com ; Widabovvteek' ; Wigumadeek'. 
Company, ■»., Moweome; Mowomajikj cnkoo- 

To compare, v. f., Napkcdoo ; Naboogwcdoo ; 

Nabogwa' ; Napka' ; cnkcdoo. 
Compartment, Poktiiskaasik. 

Made With mamj compiirf.ment.'i, kakei- 
yese militkumiska'dasik. 

Compass, n. Oweagawa' ; Mimkooskawigawa. 

A mariner's compass, cloo'gwcch. 

A pair of compasses, n., Niktooikchechkul ; 

Compassion, n , aoolekaalsoode. 

To COmpaSPlornte, aooledaalemak'. 
Compassionate, adj., aooledaadegfi' ; Nooje- 

Compeer, Tan ictpeek'. 

To compel, kcsaaliik ; Wiswigunemk' ; Mcl- 

kekesaahtk ; kekajaaluk. 
To compensate, Abnnkudak'. 
Compensation, Abankudooowa'. 
Competency, Competence, Tan tabeak' : 

Compilation, MowSdiimugawa'. 
To compile, Wegadigunaaga; Weegadigiin 

L'ledoo' ; agunoodumfdvun aweckiim. 
Compiler, Noojeweegadigunaaga. 
Complacency, Wooledaadakun ; Wooledaa- 

Complacent, adj , VVclmudoo : Booskewclaa- 

To complain, Amscklwistoo; Amsclaboogooa'; 

Amscladaadcga ; Mfisimk : Askodase ; As- 

kodcga' : Mfiweedum ; VVCnmajeboogooa' ; 

Complainer, BooskeamsSlawistoo ; Booskeiim- 

sclaboogooa' ; Booskcamscladaadcga. 
Complaint, Amsclaboogoocnikawa' ; Amscla- 

wistoomkiivva'. Altsimtimkawa', uksenoo- 

Complaisant, adj., Wclmudoo : Wela'dcga'; 

Booskevvclaaluk tan ba wen. 
Complete, adj , Wclekakeikescdasik ; kakei- 

' To complete, kesedoo' ; keskajaadoo. 
Complex, Mileweiigadasik. 
Compliance, n., Saktumiigawa' ; used a'dak tin. 
Compliant, Welmudoo: kcsalooa'; lisedaadega'. 
To complicate, Scspulabcga'dcga' ; Mowa- 

doooniil ; VVeagadooonid ; VVeakegwodum. 

Complicated, Mowwadasik; AVeaga'dasik ; 

Milcmowwa'dasik ; kakeiyese-mile-weaga'- 

Complication, kakeiyesc-mile-weagadasigawa. 
Complot, I'adasvvokiine-moweome. 
To comply, liscdalumk ; Sakluk. 



To compose, Wcjemowe-kesedoo ; Ilsukunum ; 

Ledakunweeku^^fi' ; Ilsusahdoo ; elamko- 

dooonul ; Ncnkaaluk ; Wontukaak'. 
Composition, ,\Veakegwodumuk' ; kakeiyese- 

Composer, Noojekesadcgfi'. Noojeweekumoo- 

oiitil weegadigunul ; Noojekesaadoo wee- 

Compositive, Mileweiiga'dasik. 
Compositor, Noojeleddkumveekuga'. 
Compost, epkenakun weje weiiga'dasik pe- 

gwelk' kogooa' iktook. 
Composure, Sankawaimkawa.' ; Wontiikodc; 

Ankedaswokun ; kokwojaadakuii ; Elaada- 

Compotation, Mowesamoogoldimk. 
Compolator, Compotor, Tokoosamoogweiek'. 
A compound, v., Nadoo kogooa' mileweagaa- 

dasik : Moweweaga'dakun. 
To compound, Weiiaadega'. 
Com]iOUnder, Noojeweaga'dega'. 
To compiehend, Nestum; kakeinsutum. 
Comprehensible, 'Nsutumunes' ; 'Nsutooones'. 
To compress with a press, Sekabakum. 
To compress with the arms, Sckubcgaadoo. 
To compress with the foot, Sekugum ; 

To compress it with the teeth, Sekudum. 
To compress it by pounding, Sektidaam. 
To compress it by binding, Sekupelum. 
To compress it with a lever, Sekegwodum. 

(N. B. — The intransitive forms of ail these 

verbs, with ail the voices, moods, etc. 

are in use ; but the Alicmac and Evg- 

Ikh portion of this work is the most 

proper place to exhibit them. »SVe 

under Sek. Also, in this ivork, under 


Computation, egilchemk' ; Mowkwedumiimk'. 

To compute, Mowkwedum ; Mowkwedega'. 

Computer, Nootkilcha' ; Noojemowe'dega'. 

Comrade, n., Nigumaach ; Nedap' ; Okooda'. 

To con, kegenoodumase. 


To concamerate, Wnkabeganaadoo. 

To concatenate, kelagodum ; kclagiipeliini ; 

Concatenation, 7?., Piskadakun. 
Concave, Wolkwaak. 

To conceal, Mimoogwodoo; Mimoogwodega'. 
It is concealed from sight hi/ an iiiter- 
vening object, kepsaptum. 
Concealer, Nooje-mimoogwodegu' ; Booske- 

mimoogwodega' ; Nedowemimoogwodega'. 
Concealment, Mimoogwodumiigawa' ; kemaa- 

Something concealed, Mimoogwodakun. 
To concede usedaadcga' ; iisedaadum ; lise- 

Conceit, Megedaalsoode ; Mooewolsoode; espe- 

dfudsoode : Mooewolsimkawa. 
To conceit, Teiedaadum ; Tcledaadega' ; 

Teliktlamsutiim ; kedlamedaadega' ; Tele- 

Conceitedness, cspedaalsoode. 
To conceive, Ankedaase ; Teledaase ; Nenes- 

towae ; Bokchnciiestowae. 
To concentrate, Mowaadoo. 
Concentration, Mowwaadiimk ; kakeimowa- 

Concern, 'Mtumodakun ; Logowokun. 
Concerning, Tan tula'. 
To concert, kesagtinoodum : kakeikesedaadiim ; 

Conch, Moochkwojaas ; Chigujich'. 
To conciliate, Abajipkwaak ; Tclaaluk 'nwig- 

Conciliation, Abiksiktadimkawa'. 
Conciliator, Nooje kuloodummelsawa'. 
Concise, V\ qepoogwciaboogooegul tcgalfiachkul 

kuiooswokiini'il : Much is said in few words. 
Concision, Temsumuk'. 
Conclamation, Mowesaskooltimkawa'. 
Conclave, kemoodoogawa' poktuskaasik ; Etle- 

mowedaajik moweukchepaduleaask. 
To conclude, kakeikesedoo; kakeikesedaadum ; 

kesagunoodiimaadijik ; Tan wejeledaadiim. 

i t 




Conclusion, Oochetuleclaiidakun ; kakeikese- 

(lafKlakun ; kesaadasigawa'. 
To concoct, kesedafuliim ; kesedfi'dcga'. 
Concourse, Mowwcdaamk ; .'^owweome. 
Concremation, N^spenoogwaadoomk. 
Concupiscense, I'adaswokriiiei)avvotrimugawri'. 
To concur, Wcledaadega': Naoukrcdaadcfiack ; 

Weledaadum ; Mowiiikoooda'dakadeck'. 

Concussion, M.ljaadoomk. 

To condemn, Wcnmajeilsoomk' ; VVcnmas- 

oomk' ; Alooomk' ; clsoo'dum ; elsoomk'. 
Condemned, elsoo'diise ; Wcnmasoomimk'. 
Condemnation, Wcnmajeilsoodakun ; Clsoo- 

To condescend, v. inf., l?cno<:;\vaairise. 
Condign, Tan kokwojeAk' ; Tan wclkadik. 
Condisciple, Wijekenoodiimookscck'. 
Condition, Tan tclae. 
To condole, aooledafdumk. 
Condonation, ri., Abiksiktadimkawa : Abik- 

To condone, Abiksiktumak'. 
Conduce, Aboguniimadum. 
Conducive, Abogunumoock' ; Wctapsoonik. 
Conduct, v., Teladcgcmkawa'. 
To conduct, v. tr, NeganowteegumAk'. 
To conduct one's self, Tan telimtumae. 
Conductor, Nooje-neganowteegumak : Tan 

etlesakumowe ; Alsoose. 
Conductress, Sakuma'skw ; abit tan alsoosit. 
Cone, Mcsaak kogooa, tan ootclkunadcgiim 

mimkooskaawik ak tan mowvvekakwaak 


To confabulate, iitlawistadeek : etlawistad- 

Confabulation, ctlawistadoomkawa' : t-tlawis- 

Confederacy, n , Mowodadimkawa'. 
To confederate, Mowinajik. 
To confer, Weskwimk' ; ctlektiloose ; 

Conference, tj., Wijeagunoodumumk' 




To confess, Pakaboogooa'; Pakaboogoowodum. 
Confession, Pakaboogooodumugawa'. 
Confidant, Nigumaach. 
To confide in, r. tr., kcdlamsutum ootenink ; 

kcdlamedaalumk ; Melkcdafdumuk' ; ko- 


Confidence, v., Mulgedaadaktin; Mclkedaa- 

Confident, »»., Tan kgdlamedaalumAk'. 
•To confine, '•. inf., adagaltigul ; Samkadigul. 
To confine, v. fr., Mcjimkaadoo ; Mcjimkaaluk ; 

Pcjaaluk laplesoonk ; kcltfikpilk'. 
To confirm, clk-kakeikedlawaadoo ; Mclke- 


Confirmation, ML-lkegedawaadoomk. 

The rite of confirmation, Minoowcsigtin- 
dak' ; Minoowcsigundasoode ; Minooeslg- 

Confirmator, Noojelooedumase. 

Confiscate, Wcje kokwadak' ootapsoon oochit 
padaswokun wcnmajc'ilsoodakiin iktook. 

Conflagration, Noogwaadoomk. 

Conflict, kameedooltimk' ; Maliindimk'. 

To confound, Aboochkadooonul. 

Confounded, adj., Makskeltakunaasik ; ketke- 

Confraternity, Alasoodtimakuna' ; WijegQd- 
ooltimk' ; Alasoodumakuna' moweome. 

Confront, Astoogobeek' Takiimeboogoocaek' ; 
cleboogooaase ; eleboogoodiam ; Astooeboo- 
gooeaek' ; VVechkvvcasumustebe. 

To confuse, Aboochkaadoo. 

To be confused in mind, eoonase ; eoon- 
asaase ; aweie : tioonasea', (to bccunie con- 

Confusedly, eoonasu : (eoonase is a prefix to 
many words, denoting : in a confused man- 

Confusion, Aboochkaadoomk ; eoonaseSmk'. 
A confused, and noisy gathering of jieo- 
ple, SSspenaak. 

To confute, VViswigunCmk' wagwamadool- 
timkawa iktook. 



Confutation, kulonswokiina' wisvvif;rim(jmk'. 
To congeal, v. int., kwestuk ; kclcliaasit. 
To congeal, v. tr., kclcliaadoo ; kclcii taluk. 
Congratulate, Wcledaase nuulu ncgum wSle- 

daaclasit, ak na tellmk'. 
To congregate, v int., clemovvcdaajik ; Mow- 

oftooinkccjlk : PememowwcdaacC-k'. 
To congregate, v. tr., ctlemowwaalugik : 

Pememowaa'lu<{ik ; Mowwiiluf;ik. 
Congregation, Mowogoomkecmk' ; Mowwe- 

ome ; Mowcdaamk'. 
Congregational, Tan mowco'm' Iktook tuhV. 
Congress, clegawa'gca' mowomajik ; Tanik 

ellenoojjtploodakadijik mowiidaamk 
Conik, Conical, Tan mimkooskiioodasik aboo- 

naak, ak keneskwaak movvckakwaaku ; 

To conjecture, Tcledaadum ; kedookegum- 

oochedaase ; Tcledaase. 
To guess right, Tedaboodaadcga. 
To conjoin, Astooaadoo. 
To COn'jure, Booiinwadega'. 
To COnju're, kesaluk ootelooediimasln. 
Conjuror, Boooin kulooskab'awit. 
To connect, Ankwiskaadoo. 
To conquer, Wiswigunemk'; VViswigunodega'. 
Conqueror, kenap' : Booskewiswigunodega'. 
Conquest, Wiswigunodegemkriwa'. 
Conscience, Sabawiledaaswokun ; Bcjiiledaas- 

oode ; kokwojedaasoode. 
Consciencious, kokwojedaasS : kokwojetula- 

Conscious, Nestooedaase ; kejedega'. 
To consecrate, Nikskamawaadoo : Jgunumak' 

Consent, usedaadegcmkawa' ; usedafulakiin ; 

Weledadegemkavvu' ; VVoola'dakun. 
To consent, usedaadega' ; usedaadum ; VVele- 

da'dega' : Weledadum. 
Consequence, Tan ba kogooa' weje-tiileak' ; 

Tan ba kogooa' weje-tulekesaMasik. 
It is of connquence, Tatkaak : Tatkae. 
It is of 110 covHeqafvcr, Moo tatkaa- 
nook : moo achkunaanook.. 

Consequently, tidr., Na oochit' : Na wcjc- 

To conserve, Ankodtim, 
To consider, Ankcilaase ; Ankedaadum. 
Consideration, Ankeda'soode ; AnkedaMAkun ; 

Ankedadrmiigawa' ; Abankiidoo-owwa'. 
To consist, TCIae ; Na wejelulae ; Na wcje- 

ConSOCiate, WedabAl' ; Tan widoogweick' ; 

Tan wijoogvveick' : Tan mowomeick' ; Ni- 

gumaach ; Nedap'. 
Consociation, Wljemowweejik: VVidoogwaamk ; 

Consolation, Ilkwijaadakiin. 
To console, Ilkwijaaluk. 

Consort, Nedap' ; 'Nta'pitem / 'Ncheenumoom. 
Conspicuous, Pakeinumeegoose ; Pakeinumee- 

dasik ; kcpmaak ; espaak. 

Conspiracy, Wcje-moweejik padaswokun ik- 

To conspire, Padaswokun Icledadum. 

Constable, Noojekokwadega'. 

Constantly, Naagow. 

Constellation, kulokiiwechk' mowomajik. 

Consternation, Pakuleloode: uksepaktileioode: 

Constitute, Wejekesedoo ; VVejekesaadoo, 

To constrain, kesaaluk ; VVetkoolk'. 

To construct, kesedoo ; kesaadoo. 

To construct a house, aweegei. 

To make a Iionw of it, VVeege. 

To construct a '• ship," edoole. 

Construction, kesedoomk'. 

To consult, eloodiim ; Tebloodum ; Mowag- 

To consume, keskaadoo ; kakeiksTigaadoo ; 

To consummate, kakeikesaadoo. 

Consummate, 'tr//., kakeikesa'dasik. 

Consummation, kekeikesadunuik'. 

Consumption, (to hove, thfj, Wepskoonena'. 

Contagion, Wiskuswokiin ; uksenogowokun. 

Contagious, Wisku-swokun tan nakiamasim- 

I I 




To contain, Tr-Icpcsokriluk. 

To contaminate, Mcjct;aacloo. 

Contamination, 'Mcheufi'. 

To contemn, AlvvSptfini ; HcnokedaaJrim ; 

To contemplate, Ankcc'aruirim ; AnkSptum. 
Contemplation, Anketlaasoode; Ankeda- 


Contemptible, <t<li., HCnokedaadasik ; Moo 

To contend, Padakaya' ; T.lp.tlaitse ; kame- 
dooltcck ; kamedooa' ; Matrmaasa. 

Toj'iijlit lihe liro f(>('/>s, rliiifiug each other 

arourtif, flmrindcfk'. 
To vovlcvd iv 'ii'orth, Wrif^wamadooltcck. 
Content, Currtented, kcsatkadiim ; VVfle- 

Contention, MStiindimk'; kamedooltimk' ; 

Contentious, l^ooskcpadakaya'. 

A continent, clmimtukumTk'. 

Continual, Naagow; Clior)}j;woo. 

To continue, /•./»/., Ncnkaase; Pcgltkadum. 

Contract, kesagunoodumumkawa'. 

To contrive, eledaadum. 

To control, Alsoose : Alsoomk'; Alsoodum ; 

Tebloodega' ; Tclitploo'dega, 
Controversy, VVagwamadooltimk'. 
Contusion, Peluboktegcmkawa ; Petubokto- 

Convalescent, Maweawe: ediipkwea'; upkoo- 

najiinawe ; lipkoonajunawaase. 
To convene, v. hit., Mowedacek'. 
To convene, v. fr., Mowkwlmk' ; MowaalugTk. 
Conventicle, Mowct'mk'; Mowcume kemoo- 

Convention, v., Movv<;cmk'; Mowcdaaink : 

kesagiinooduiinimk' ; Mowagunoodumumk'. 
Conversation, v., ctlawistoomkawa'; kuloo- 

snoltimk' ; VVcskvvimtooltimk' ; Agunoo- 

dumadooltimk' ; etlewogvvaciiik'. 
To converse, Weskwimtoolteek' ; Agiinoo- 

durnadooltcck' ; ctlawistoodeck'i elagun- 

oodrim;1dooltcCk' ; VVidawistoodcck' ; t-tlc- 

Tico pt'rudVH cnvversc, Tabnoawistoofk. 
We amrerHc <in 'X'c vdlk, Pemowistoock. 
Two of ua covverse about it, Taboo- 

Tim of II » covrcTHfi an we walk, P2me- 

To cuvie ttdkivf], Wcchkvvckuloose. 
To go away talking, Slmekuloose. 
Conversion, kcwfinskaadoomk. 
To convert, kewfinskaadoo; kcvvonskaaliik. 
Convex, NcmakumigiAk. 
To make it convex, Ncmakiimigeaadoo. 
Convexity, NCmakiimlgeakawri' 
To convey, Poklumkaadoo; alaadoo ; alodoo j 

To cunvei/hij ivatt'v, Pamoodoo ; Pamoolk. 
To convey him hi a carriage, Pcdadcj- 

To be conveyed in a carriage, Pcdad5ja- 

To convict, Wenmajetubloomk'. 

A convict, Tan wenmajeilsoomoot ; kestejoo. 

Convivial, Wegoobaltimkawaya', 

Convocate, Mowkwimkik. 

Convocation, Mowkwimooltimk ; Mooecmk'. 

To convoke, MowalTigik. 

To convolve, aooneskwaadoo. 

Convoluted, aooneskwaadasik. 

Convolution, aooneskwa'dakun. 

A cook, Nootokta'; Ncdadokta'; Nootoktaaskw ; 

To be cooking, VViskoogwodega'. 

To be conking i)i company ivith others, 
To cook it, Wiskoogwodum ; keesiim. 
To cook him, VViskoogwolk' ; keesuk. 
To cook for myself, \\ iskoo'gwei, and Wis- 

koo'goose, iiikI, Wisko'i'buse. 
To cook for him, Wiskoo'buk. 
To cook him whole, Mesoksuk. 
To cook it whole, Mcsoksiim. 
It is cooked sufficiently, kesit ; kedek. 



Cook-room, Noolokogwum ; NoodanuniAkun : 
((I, I'iiokirx] jiltivv ant tlnorn.) 

Cool weather, Tcfifijccchk. 

Tlifre in a Jhif, cool Jtrvczi', Wflnoork'. 
To cool, V. (i:, Tfpabaadoo ; Tfgabaaluk. 

Tc^jaadoo ; Tcgaaluk. 
To cool it by blowing it, Tf^ebootoocVliim. 
It is cooling, Tctpc-Kcak' ; Tctpcgecl'. ftlit- 

kribcRcAk' ; ctlitkiibcKcet'. 
A cooper, Noojekoopulawia'. 

To be workivi] itt coo/wr }i'nrl\ avd Iipjird 
in the dixtdvce, Wfclakoopfilawea'. 

To co-operate, \Vitl()o<j;oodeck'; Abogiiniim- 

cldoolteck' ; Tokumeic-k'. 
A coot, fikcbigumootfch : WSbedAkiinaooch' ; 

Co-partner, VVedabAl' ; Witloogawenoo' ; Tan 

Co-partnership, Tokumeii^mk' ; Witloogoo- 

dimk' ; AJowwitloogoodimk'. 

Copious, Mowwepoogwclk'. 

Copper, v., Soom.llke. 

Copperas, SalawaamkCk, 

Copse, Mincgwolkik. 

To copulate, v. ivt., I'ooskca'. 

Copy, /(., Aseedimkawa'; Nabooweekumugawa'; 

Naboovveckigun ; NabooegSkun ; Nabogun. 
To copy it. Nabooweekum ; etlegeboguwee- 

kum : NSbogwa' : Nabogvvedum, r<abo- 

gwedoo. Nabocgase ; elcgeboguweekuga, 

Cord, n., Abe ; kiildakpelakun. 
To cord, kelpelum; kelpilk'. 
Cordage, Mowwepoogwelkul abeel mowaa- 

Cordial, /»., 'NFpesoon. 

Cordiality, ukt>alsoode ; VVoolmudoomkawa'. 
Core, Lama'. 

Com, (iiiiiian corv), Peiis'kumLin. 
Relating to corn, adj , Pcaskumuna'. 
Corn-cob, IVaskumunu'skw. 

Green corn boiled and dried, Soo'bun. 
Corn-hill, Ptaskunnma' wees. 

Corn-stalk, 1 'cask n m u n u sk w'. 

An ear of corn, Naooktaak pea'skrimrin. 

Corn-spindle, Sfmaa.skw : yliir., Sunaaskook. 

Corn-silk, Oosahoo?!. Lit., Ux lifnd nt liuiv. 

To gather com, Mowooskwodrimanul. 

To parch corn, Okolvsvadooonfd. 

Te shell com, Paook vadooom'il. 

To hull corn, 1 Tipkvvam'imAnrd. 

A cornfield, Pcaskumuna' cga'dAkun. 

Com on the foot, Pcaskunuin : Cii corn). 

(N. B. — They have no name for a corn on 

the (oc, proof that they had no such 

affliction till tlivi/ learuetl to wfur li(jlit 


A comer, kcjccgSsik. 

A comer of cloth, Ookwodawc. 

Having comers, (ungidar), Adooesaaguk ; 

Having several corners, AdoocsaagunAk'. 
The corner of the mouth, cskwodoonei'. 
Comet, Pepoogwokun : (ii (jener<d iKnne for 

(dl kiii<ls of musicol wind iiintrujncnts.) 

Comwallis River, p. n., Chijikwtook'. 

Corpse, 'Npooenoo. 

Corpulent, Megokse; Megege. 

To correct, kokwojaadoo: kokwojaaluk ; Tcd- 

abooeek ; Tedabooaadoo : Tedabooedoo ; 

TedabooeAk' ; Tedabooaadasik. 

Correct, (xfj-, Tedaboocu' ; kokwojae. ko- 

kwojeAk' ; kokwojik : WelcAk'. 
Correctly, odr., Chajegu. 
To act correctly, kokwojaadega' ; Tedaboo- 

aadcga' : kokwojimtumae : Welchajcgae. 

To see them ((in.(j.) correctly, Tedamooam- 

To put it down correctly, kokwoje'gaadoo. 
To speak correctly, kokwodaboogooa' ; ku- 

kwojeese ; kokwojetuladooa'. 
To be all correct, Tcdabooae. 
To stand correctly, krkwodaboogooc. 
To sit correctly, kokwotpe. 
To deport one's self correctly, kokwod- 

owtetkumae : (Lit , to moke a ntraight rood.) 

i>.ji««n»HHi i u«»i if »M»im.M- - ar^aBaitMlWIIMiBa 


Exnrisir-MicMAC dictioxary. 

To corrode, *'. ''(., IjoKwn<;iiyAk'. 
To corrode, »'. ^•., Iju^jwaj^aadoo. 
To corrupt, ML-jegaadoo ; S(K);;riluf;aai!oo. 

Corruption, Soonriiri^'ajiawfi'. 
To coruscate, redcokK'sk'. 
Cost, "., Titlowtik ? (W'liul ix ifn in'U'*'!) 
Tliiit is itx i>ricr, Tt'lowtik. 

Costly, Mc'^dilik. 
Cot, \N ciijo^wcSnu-lieecI). 
Cotton, /( , 'MkoLiwobe. 
Cotton, '"//, 'Mkojiwehcfi'. 

Minlf ut cotttm. 'Mkoj^wSbcaasik. 
To couch, V. */(/., Klesmaasc. 
To couch, ('. ii'., clcsmaaliik ; elesmaadoo. 
Couchant, clcsink' ; S«5haat. 

Cove, cscilabfifik ; VVoliiafik. 

A HiiHili/ coi'r, W(')lnamk''ak'. 
To covenant, Tokaj^rmooduinciC'k' ; kesagun- 

A covenant, n., kesagriiioodumumkriwjl ; 

To cover,, Ankoonaa'loo. 
To cover him, Ankoonaak' ; Ankoonaaluk. 
To cover it, Ankoonaam. 
To cover one's self with a cloth, Ankonose. 
To cover it with earth, Ankoonakumii^um. 

To cover him with earth, Ankoonakrimiguk. 

To cover it with stones, Ankoonapskaam. 
To cover him with stones, Ankoonapskaak- 
To cover over a hole, Algojou'gum: (Tu 

cover a disk.) 
To cover him, (a barrel, etc., an. (j.), Algo- 

To cover in a house, cpkwodum. 
To cover one's head with an umbrella, 

To walk about with an umbrella over my 

head, Yalipkwose. 
A cover, Ukpuskei'gun ; Ankoon'eegun. 
A coverlet, Ankoonosoon ; Ankoonosoode ; 

Covert, clegasoode; Apkoo'sk: Apkooek'. 
Covertly, kemoodook'. 

To covet, Mcsi'milptrim ; Wiskoogwoduin ; 

HooskinisuDaptum ; Wiskooa'. 
Covetousness, Mcsooii.lptfinirik' ; Wiskooo- 

gfin ; rioos.lme-pawotrinuigrivva'. 
Covey, Sosip ak oonejiiiii'. 
Cough, kogi'iinimkawri' ; Nugumiinkawa', 
To cough, Nognm. 

Council, Movvitploixlakadimk' ; MovvSgiinoo- 
(iritiiiljik ; MowagUDOddumumk' ; EtiilmoW- 
Sgunoodumaadich ; kiikwcnimk'. 
Counsel, Nt^stooabongonemkriwri, Nfcmoksoode; 

Ncmoksoodcgcinkriwa' ; Klcdrifidakun. 
To counsel, Ncslouabooguofi'; Ncinuksoodcga'; 

Counsellor, Noojilploodegfi'; Noojemowiigun- 
oodiimei ; Noojinsutooaboogooa' ; Nooje- 
To count, cgilcha'. 
The countenance, Tan tClamookse. 

Wliat cuuntenaiice do I axmune / Tale- 

dooduin ? 
/ ((Kt^arne a dera countenance, Mclke- 

/ tvear an evil countenance, VVinedoodum. 
1 tvear a pleanant countenance, Wele- 

/ ivear a fierce countenance, kwedadum- 

ookse ; kwedadoodum. 
To assume a proud countenance, emtcs- 

To he of a luimjldy countenance, Melke- 

To countenance it, Wclcdadum ; Weleda- 

lumk ; Abogunumak'. 
A counter, kedoomakun; kilcliakun; ulkiimoo- 

owa ; NaiUumegavvaach. 
Counter, adr., kckiijoou. 
To counterfeit, Nabooweekuga' uksuboo- 

gwadakdn iktook : uksuboogwadAkun ik- 

took wcje nabooweekum nadoo wen oowe- 

A counterfeit, Pasuk nabooeegasik : Pastik 

tclamook' ; uksuboogwa'dAkuna'. 



Country, Nadamc, kadoo mogwA' flkchegrinc- 

My country, Nfimulkc ; Makumegck' tan 

Our country, kriiuritkoiioori. 

To go to one's own country, VVcmiriKc. 

Country Harbour, />. »., nnukwaakilde ; 

Moitlabooj^wfck'. (Tiro pInceH.) 
A couple, Tal)oosijik ; Taboojjul. 
To couple, (rliaiiin), Tf)ki)(jkulooskotHl()o5iiul. 

(To tif, tiro tiiijifltrr.) 

Til ('(III lilt; two clidhiH, Tokookiiloos- 

To am jilc (n'o r(»/)r,s, Tokcaiikoopcditlkik. 
To coii/ilc tliniijn, Ankooadoooiiul. 

Courage, M ul^icda'soode. 

Courageous, MC-lkedaase ; Moo chepAlnnow'. 
Court-house, Ilsoodakrmccgrin : clcgawita- 

To court, Moonsamk'. 

Courteous, Wclmudoo. 

Cousin, Akrimagoodt'ck' ; akumagoodooltcck'. 

My cousin, Nogumow. 

Thy cousin, kogumow. 

His cousin, Wugumal. 

Cow, Wt-njoodcaarn : uigwedook. 

A cow ilidt lidH (I calf, Noosootkw. 

A farrow cow, Scgiiitoos. 

It is icortli (I cow, VVcnjoodeamooo\utik. 

Cow Bay, ]>. n., Nooloktoo'kch. 

Coward, MCnadae. 

To be a coxcomb, Milkoo'dose; Wclkoo'dose ; 
cmtcskootkul ootokwoiud tan tulemilkoo'- 
dosit ; emteskedoodum ; cmtcskabfiwe. 

Coy, Ncdagajeeje ; VVelencdagae. kechka 

wagwodaase : abitas tan wclechepalaje 

To cozen, kespoogwadcga*. 
Crab, Numjinegcch'. 
Crabbed, kakawae; Hoochjowkweie; eloowawe; 

Crabbedness, kakawaimkawa' ; Hoochjowkwei- 

oode ; 'Altooa'dakuu ; cloowawoode. 

HAskruU^gawa' ; 


rcsiksuycak' : 

A crack, (xharp, H\i(l(h'n voIhcJ, Mcdcdi^sk' ; 

Crack, v., HAskoktifgawn' ; 

'I't'lkwiskooosv' : Lamsok' ; 

I't'Si.'gaak ; VVolapskck' ; 


There ore cnirlcn In (lie (ji-oimd, 'I cm- 
The mud ix cidckcd. TcmAiiskt'ibi adc'k'. 
To crack, ". *«., I'Astum ; rAstaam ; kcdalkas- 

kridcskum ; I'Asleiriin ; Mcdokskt-ga'. 
To crack, ''.//(/., IJAskigunoklck' ; HAstcsk ; 

Mcilcakadi'i^k'. (N. H.-AII t'.icse wonls 

may cither begin with /» or h. It is next to 

ini|)()ssiblc to distinguish these coijiidte 

l(ilti(iJn as the Indians pronounce them.) 
Crack-brained, aweie ; cloowawea' ; loonasiia'. 
To crackle, Hasklgrmaktek' ; Haskudck'. 
A cradle, keenakun ; W enjoekeenakun ; iit- 

ke'nAkun ; koobilsakun. 
Cradle-clothes, k()'pfsf)<)nril. 
To tie a baby into a cradle, (^kpilk ; Okpilse. 
Craftiness, Nadada'soode ; ut^sTdioogwa'dakiin. 
A crag, II., keneskwopsktk ; V\'inai)skek'. 
Craggy, VVinapskck ; Winapskeak'. 
To cram, <5snepitkumadum ; esnaadoo ; esne- 

To have the cramp, keskumeu'; keskumscdiie. 
Cranberry, Soon; Nibuman'; NoolkajemAn' ; 

Cranberry plant, (vmrxh), Soonokse. 
Bog cranberry plant, OootkajemAnokse. 
Bush cranberry tree, Nibumanokse. 
Upland cranberry plant, VViskemanokse. 

A crane, (Heron), Tumgwoliguncch'. 

Crane Island, /'. «., Tumgwuligunechwaakade. 

Cranium, 'Msugatp'. 

Crank, (idj., 

Cranny, Pesegaae ; Wolapskek'. 

To crash, v. tr., Wiskudestoo; Wiskuskwis- 

A crash, Haktogowtdesk'. 
To crash, v. int., Wiskeiskwistesk'. (It 

aiiKif'/ieti with u crufh.) 


> l i . ii . ii .lWHl ili WW 




Cravat, kfigistakunapesoode. 

To tip, on my cravat, kagistakunapesaase. 
To crave, Mc.soone(laa'.irim:t;dowwa';Mcnwcn;a'. 
To craunch, WctlawSkchedum ; Wcclavvokun- 

adum ; VVcdawokun'l'. (The idea is that of 

a dog gnawing bones — WokundcMTiiil, hones.) 
Craw, Wiskwe ; Wiskwaach. 
Crawford's Falls, p. n., Kekskakskitk. 
To crawl, PCMTsXbegea' ; Pcmlukeebe ; Pcm- 

tukaase ; Pcnitukuya'. 
To craze, eoonaslmk ; eloowawealQk' ; aweie- 

Crazy, eloowawea' ; Eoonasea' , aweitia'. 
To creak, Wedawiksebaagik Wedavvodejeaasik 

— (Iieiird, hat not seen.) 

Cream, Lagulem, (la creme.) 

Creamy, Lagulemik. 

A crease, Ch-ltek ; Chilpedek' ; Moolabcdesk'. 

To crease, '.<;■., Chiltgwodum; Mooiabesijm ; 

To create, kesedoo. 
Creation, kesedakfin ; MestakesedSkiin — (the 

wfinte creation.) 
Creator, Mestagesctega'. 
Creature, Tan kogooil kesetasik. Memajooenoo ; 

Msit tan telamook' memajooenoo'. 
Credence, uktlamsutoookian. 
Credential, ulooedumasoodea' weegadigun. 
Credit, 'Mkadawimk'. 
To credit, kedlamsiitum&k' ; emkadooeek. 

/ can't ohtain credit, Alooea' ; Aloo- 
Creditor, Tanul nadoo wen tetooajiil. 
Credulous, Noksiktlamedaadega'. 
Creed, MelkiktlamsCitumugawa', 
To creek. Sre Creak. 

A creek, ulumbookt' ; eimeboogwek' ; Wolnaak. 
To creep, Pcmabcge ; Pemlukiiya' ; Pcm- 

kukeebe ; Pemtukaase. 

To creep as a snake, Pemtakaya'. 

To creep out, Tawobege'. 

To creep in, Piskwobege. 

To " creep " on moose, Wiskomaasa. 

To "creep" on bears, kcskooskwa'. 

To creep down to the shore, Mcdogwobege. 

To creep up into the woods, Sokoka'bcge. 

To creep up a bank, Tokchooobege. 

A creeper, ((t vine), kegadoogwechk'. 

Crepuscule, Pemeal womoogcak'. 

Cress, Tapesaoomakfiwaal. 

Crest, Chekon. 

Crested, Chekonaam. 

Crest-fallen, aooledood&m. 

Crevice, Wolapskek'. 

To make crevices, elabedaadrga'. 

A crew, Moweiiniw : Matiilotak' mowecjik. 

A crib, Tcsoktaagun ; VVelooowakumewok'. 

To crib, kcmootuna. 

Cricket, liooktawaach. 

A crier, Noojesowwa' ; Noojekenooa'dega'. 

A crime, Pada'soode ; eloowa'woode ; Pada's- 

A criminal, Padatcgawenoo. 
Crimson, Megwaak. 
To crimson, Mcgwaadoo. 
A cripple, Askaase. 
To cripple, Askaaluk. 
To criijp, Nikchibidooaadoo ; Wejedaadoo. 
Criterion, Ntigakiin ; 'Nga'digun ; Nadoo ko- 

gooa' tan wejeilsoodcgcmk'. 
Critick, Tan tedabooedaadum ; Noojeilsoodum 

tan ba kogooa. 
To criticise, Pebanoowichkadum ; Menakujawe- 

Criticism, Pebanoowichkadumugawa'; Mena- 


To croak, kakakoochweese ; Saboogwonech- 
weese : udagaleweese : kakakoochooikta- 
begea ; Saboogwoncchooiktabegeii' ; uda- 
galiktabcgca' ; kinkesoodunei' ; Amscia- 

A crock, Seskooogamook' ; Seskooibun. 
To crook, Wokchociaadoo. 
Crooked, VVokchooik. 
Crook-back, VVokchooipskoonege. 
Crookedness, Wokchooa'soode. 



Crop, (craw), VViskwe. ] 

Crop, (li(ii'V('stJ, K;j;ad;'ikunemriiuil. i 

To crop, V. tr., Pc.skwcdum : 'J cdmiinsuktaam i i 

Crosier, ukchepaduiea's-ootoptoon. 
Cross, kloocheawa' ; TakiimuJck ; Cloochcow 

To cross one's self, kloocheowktose. 
To make a cross on it, kloocheawaadoo ; kloo- 


To place it across, Takumogwaadoo. 

To mark it with a cross, klooclieaweekum. 

To cross over, kcskfunaase. 

To cross over water, usogomaasc. 

To dross over a big water, kctwae ; ket- 

A crossing place in a bay, lake, river, &c., 

To cross the road, Takumoogwaase ; usoo- 

To see across the water, lisookiimoptum. 
To cross the legs, Nestooiigunoogwaadoo. 
To step across running water, usogom- 

A cross-bow, Paskfuvaade ; Paskavvaogum. 
A crotch. Tan niktooaasik ; Niktoocdck. 
To be in a crotch, Nesoooktck'. 
My crotch, Niktooege, luhere viy lerjn u, .•nc/'t off. 
To crouch, kedakclicdoodQm. 
To crow, keguleekwame ; kodabc^,e"f' .' kedook 
A crow, ka'kakooch. 
A crowd, Movveome. 
To crowd, cdokskak'. 
A crown, elegawilawe-a'gwesun ; Aptoogope- 

The crown of the head, kfikwoipei' ; 'Nka- 

Crucifix, Pcskumkovva'. 
Crucifixion, klooclicowtadcgSmk'. 
To be cruel, kestcjooa'dega ; Mcdooamooa' ; 

Loogowok.' nr 'dcga'. 

Cruelty, kestcjooa'dakun ; Loogowokiina'dcg- 



To cruise, Yalcsoogwe 

Crum, Crumb, Puibunck'. 

To crum up bread, PuibunCgaadoo. 

To fall down from in crumbs, Wcjenese- 

A crum falls down, Ncscpewihunegwcak'. 
To crumble, '■. int., kaskwamkeak'. 
To crush, I?astcstoo ; Uaskrijegiim ; Masko- 

jcguin ; Malkojcgum ; MrUkojcda""! ; Mal- 

To crush Iili.1 with the foot, kapchcdcskak. 

(N. B.— The two labials, !> and //*, are occa- 
sionally interchanged in Micmac.) 
A crust, Ooskijepiinck' ; Oooskedaagoo, ott/stJc. 
The snow is crusted, Mclkaleak', 
Crutch, Aptoon. 
To cry, i^itkedcme. 
To cry out, (shont), Saskwa' ; Nedovvwa' ; 

Mcdcdokse ; Wcdowvva'. 
A cry, Sa'skoodc ; Ncdovvwcmkavva'. 
Crystal, VVosogo'lumin. 

Cub, Mooina'ch ; VVokvvisjeech ; Bootupfiach. 
To cub, Mooinajiimit ; VVokwit ieejumit ; Boo- 

tupa'jumit ; Pcncskwit'. 

A cubit, Mooskii'negun egaalooch, thcpiutlng 
doivn uf the elbow. 

(N. B. — The common method of measur- 
ing cdt^ji^ among the Indians, i>, by 
using the arm from the elbow lO the 
end of the fingers extended.) 

Cuckoo, kokujiimooch'. 

Cucumber, cskiidumugawa'. 

To chew the cud, ctlabegiinaat. 

To cuddle, Machkojedcodum. 

A cudgel, ijpkoomakiina kummooch'. 

His cudgel, Ooopoogiimakiin. 

To cudgel, Wejcmatafdv aptoon iktook. 

A cue, Oo:ieesigun. 

To have my hair cued up, Uncesigunume. 

To cull, Mcs'iuiiim ; Nenasoonum ; Sigoolni' 
kunk' ; Nenasoonk'. 

Culpable, Padalcgawenooe. 

Culprit, Tan tebloomoot' ; kestejoo. 



To cultivate, cloogwodum makumegauo ; ega- 

Culture, I'.gaclagoodonmk. 
Cumberland, /». »., kwcsomalegck'. 
To cumulate, Mowwoilega. 
Cuneiform, Tulakunamook'. 
Cunning, Nostooae ; Nadadaase. 
Cup, NlvunecpsLimoon. 
Cupboard, Seskooiigwa' kumoode. 

Lit., A ii/uci' to ki'cp t'art/n'ii dttihcn in or on- 

Cup-bearer, Noojinkunamona'. 

Cupidity, rawrilumugawa' moo kokvvuJL'a'nook. 

Cupreous, Soomrdkefi'. 

Cur, ulmoocli' tan 11100 talekuloo'sik ; Mcjiinoo- 

vyasiim; Checiuim clti'nvavvit, vvinmudok, ak 

moo talekuloo'sik. 
Curator, Alsoosit ; Noodabilase. 
To curb, Wclkoolk'. 
To cure, NCsaaluk ; Ncbilk.' 
To curl, Nikchibulooaadoo. 
To have a curley head, Nikchibrdaltoogwei'. 
Curlew, AmkiKJiiiimk, 
A curmugeon, Mcdooaakak amasegaak chee- 


Currants, IMissemink'. 
Currant bush, Misscminokse. 
Currency, Soolcawa'. 
Current, /*., I'cmitk'. 
The current sets down, Bapkiik'. 
The current sets up, Potowitk'. 
How rapid is the current? ladoojiik'? 
Tht current is strong, kCscgowitk'. 
The current is sluggish, Amoospcgitk'. 
Currier, Noovcheegcga'. 

To curry, Cheegega ; Chegegadrim ; Pclkos- 

A currying knife, Ch^'gigiin ; Cbeegiguna'. 
To curse, Aimegcdoo ; Alniuodum ; Alminik'; 
V\ inimk ; Wiiiaboogooa'. 

jrlt'c «;>■(•(/, cunOt'iuned, Wcnmaje-ilsoom- 

To curtail, Tcgvvokchejaadoo ; Tcgwokchejaa- 

A curtain, Legapelakun ; Lakpolakim ; utkum- 

To curtain, clegapeliim ; fdakpelrimei'; elega- 

Ijclumci' ; Alakpcse ; clcgapese ; clegapelum. 
Curvated, Wokchooa'dasik ; Wnkchooik'. 
The river curves, Wukchooomki'ik, 
A curve in a road, Wokcbooomkiidek'. 
To curve, Wokchooaadoo , Amncgaadoo; 

Arnnogwadcga' ; Wukcbooa'dcgfi ; VVok- 

clioocgaadoo ; Wokchoocgaase. 
To be curved, W'okchooege. 
j A cushion, kwa'dakun ; 'I'kwaadakun. 
i Custard, Waoowa' tcbaade. 
Custody, kf^kwaadakun ; Lapltsnon. 
Custom, TCdiiikulagadoomk ; Nakiiladiimka- 

To cut it with a knife, Tcmsum : Sapsum. 
To cut it with an axe, TCmtaam ; Scgvvisum ; 

Scgwistaam ; Stigwisumei' ; Pegcsumei ; 
To cut up fine, Nooksowwa' ; Nooksiim. 
To cut it up into short pieces with an 

axe, (Jtumap.skudaani ; cluniap.skridaaga. 

To cut it up into short pieces with a 

knife, ctumapskusum. 
To cut all down, l.cdumcsum. 
To cut small bushes close to the ground 

wiih an axe or hoe, Ptskwodaam. 
To cut up my own meat, Pegcsumei. 
To be cutting hair, iMcmkudamooa'. 

To have the hair cut, Mcmkiidriamei. 

To cut his hair, Mcmkudaamak'. 

To cut one's own hair, Mcmkudaamase. 

To cut a knot, apskwcsum. 

I am going to cut the knot, kedooapkwcsum. 

To cut it there with a knife. To castrate, 


To cut his with a knife, elsumak'. 

Cutaneous, AlugcgCma'. 

Cuticle, Aluge-uii. 

Cutlass, Cspoogvvusik keskulook'. 




Dad, Daddy, Noo' ; Nooch. 

Dagger, Cdoo'look ; Wokun ; cspoogwosilc ap- 

Daily, '"/'•., Tfisesiskuk. 
Daily, <"{/., Trisegiskugriwa'. 
Dale, Wolkvva. 
To dally. I'ape. 
Dam. Wcisischeeeh ookwijul. 
To dam, kCb'/odoo. 
A dam, ukploodakun. 
Damage. Achki.-.aoookrin : Obula'dakun ; uk- 

To damage, Obtilaadoo ; achkunaadoo . V\'inip- 

kuuil'iP'- '''•ma;;w,"tak' ; kestawaak ; achkuii- 

odr ;. , kLiiia.lak. 

Dame, Oi.oi:. ma'skw; kesegooee kw. 
To damn, clkimk mundooagik; Winimk ; Mal- 

To damp, Samoogwonaadoo keehka ; Mclum- 

Damsel, abitaas. 
To dance, Amalkci : noskowwa'. 
To stop dancing, kestcsin'. 
To dance English fashion, Aglaseaootesin'. 
To dance Indian fashion, rilnootcsin'. 
A dance, Amalka'mk ; 'Nskowukuii. 
A dancer, Booskcamalkei' ; Ncdadcsin' ; 

Amkawaach ; Amkavveeskw. 
A dancing tune, uktoo'makuna'. 
To dance along, rcma'loogva'. 
To dandle, Makune'dcskak' ; Nanamtt-skak'. 
Dandruff, 'Mchegagowun. 
To have dandruff in the head, Mcjegatpci'. 

Lit., To lilt re. (I (I'liiji hfail. 

To be covered with dandruff, Wcnagogum- 

koa' ; W'cnagogumkeak. 
Danger, 'Nsanok'soode ; Amiksugae ; Nencs- 

tovxcnaak; Ncsanaak ; Nsa:iuksoodc ; wk- 


To dangle, v. fr., ctIabijj;aa(loo : ctlabci^aaliik. 
To dangle, '■. nif.. ctlabcgeak' ; ctlabcgcfi' 
Dapple, Mi'leweegasik. 
To dare, .Mclkedae; Moo wagwodaasu ; Moo 

Dark, Hoguuitpaak' ; Piskcak'. iilooomoogcak' ; 

kakayalgwonioogeak' ; kakeisunamoogoak' ; 

kcflasrinamoogeak' ; Ogunpaak; kcdasuii- 

amook'; AlooOniook'. Piskanioogcak'. 
After dark, kcs ogunil|)aak. 
A dark day, BogiiiiitpagegiskCik ; ogdnit- 

A dark night, Pci^unuk. 
To be seated in the dark, Nckskitpakpe. 
In the dark, kujitpaktook. 
To be in darkness, Hogunitpaguiuime. 
To grow dark, Hogunitpagcak'; Alooomoo- 

gcak' ; kililasunanioogcak'. 
Dark weather, Piskeamoogwaasik. 
To darn, DauCimawaadoo; cleesowwa'. 
A dart, uikiHrigun. 
To dart, Wiskcigu. 
To dash, Scgwistcstoo ; Sasebaktestoo ; Sase- 

Waves dash on the shore, kcsegowtcsinkik. 
To dash him against a stone, Pakayat- 

Dastard, ("hepalooa'; Wcsamcwagodaase. 
A date, Tan tetpugaak nadoo kogooa' tcleak'. 
To daub, dmcbukfcstoo. 
Daughter. (N. I>. — Tho Micmac has no word 

tor ibuKjhicr separate from the ixj.stn'ssice 


My daughter, 'Ntoos. 

Thy daughter, uktoos. 

His daughter, Ootoosul, etc, etc. 

I have a daughter, We loose. 

A daughter-in-law, Looswaaskw. 

Day, Naagwck. 




A fine day, Wclle^iskuk. 

A stormy day, Mc'docx'siskuk. 

A dark day, Bogunitpagc-giskuk ; 

A cold day, Tcgegiskuk. 
A long day, Amasegiskuk. 
A short day, Wcjooowegiskuk. 
His day, Oonagdm. 
Day dawn, VVcclikwobiineak' ; Pakabuneak' ; 

Daylight, ((hum). \V6biin. 

It is daybreak, VVobuneak' 

Broad daylight, VVclahiineak'. 

The day is breaking, Wcchkwobuneak'. 

The day star, Ootadabun. 

To dazzle, cjegwc'se ; Pcgooikse. (N. B. — 
cjegwcse, My ei/es (ire dnizJcd by looking 
(it tliii siDi.. Pcgooikse, / am snow-hllnd.) 

Dead, Nab ; Nabun ; Nepk. 

He is dead and gone, Ncpkok'. 

To be half dead, Akudinpum'. 

The tree is dead, .NTiljogum. 

To be deaf, kcbristakunci'. 

To deafen, kcbistakuiia:iluk. 

A deal, Sakska'. 

To deal, Wejemalsanawe ; Pegwodelcga' ak 

Deambulate, Yalaase. 
Deambulation, Yalaadimk ; Yaledaamk. 
Dear, Lok kcsalkoose; Mtgodit; Megodik. 
Death, 'Npoookun. 

Everliixting death, apchencmkawa ; ap- 
chenaoode ; Apchinpoookun. 
Debark, Nalaktimaase; Natkaase. 
To debar, Wctkoolk'. 
To debase, Ptnogwaaliik. 
To debate, W iigwamadoolteck'. 
To debauch, M^jcgaaluk ; Winaaluk ; kesaa- 

luk oowiiia'dcgcnu. 
Debauchee, Booskcwina'dcga' ; Booskiktugea'. 
Debert River, />. n., (Londonderry), \V6sokse- 

Debilitate, Sawigiinaairrk ; Wakajaaaluk ; 
Mcnakunaaliik ; Wakajaak'. 

A debt, Tctailimkawa'. 

A debtor, Tctooa'. (From the I'^ng., dcht. 
This seems evidence that before their inter- 
course with the whites they had uo debts.) 

To decamp, ajookse. 

To decapitate, Temkwcdaak. 

To decay, Nookscgeak'. 

To decease, Nab, nepk. 

Decease, v., 'Npoookun. 

Deceit, uksiriboogwa'dakfin ; kiilooskabawa'dd- 

k u n . 
To speak deceitfully, kcspoogwadaboogooa'. 
To deceive, kcspoogwa'dega' ; kespoogvvaaluk ; 

A deceiver, Booskiksuboogwa'dcga' ; kuloos- 

December, likchegoo's — (the greai or most 

excellent month, because Chridmas comes 

in \i.) 
Decency, Wetmiadoomk' ; Tan vveleak' ; Tan 

Deception, ijksuboogwaadakun. 
To decide, kescdaadi'mi ; Tebedaadiim ; II- 

sood'dcga ; Eicdaadum ; Ilsoo'ium. 
To decipher, Pakeiagiinoodum ; cgedum tan 

moo wclevveegasik. 
The deck of a vessel, 'Msaksakt', (thejloor.) 
To deck, Amalloogwodum ; kcgunaase; kcg- 

Its deck, Oonisaktaktiim. 
On deck, Ooskldoolkoodook. Lit., on the out- 

ttide of the veafel. 
To declaim, Pestoonum ; Bootoo'se. 
Declaimer, Noojipsudoonum; Bootorsoo'enoo. 
I am a declaimer, — ti yahlic siteaker 
To declare, Agunooduai ; Pakeiagunoodfim. 
To decline, v- ?(., Pegawogtisk; Pcmekakaya', 
To decline, v. tr., (to refuse), csaam ; Pega- 

vvunskaadoo ; Medadoodum. 
Decliningly, adv., Nesu. 
Declivity, Nesagaak. 

Declivous, kCdagfich nesagaak ; kesnesagaak. 
Decoction, Putawa 



Decoct, Wclkiibaatloo ; Abedaadoo ; VVclkus- 

um ; L'tcsiimei' ; ctcsriniaadoo. 
Decollation, Ternkwcdaascmk. 
To decompose, Noochkwemcsum ; kakeitep- 

Decomposition, eltooRccmkawa'. 

lJfC(niipi)»itiuii luis coULmenced, cltoogca'; 

To decorate, Amalloogwodiim ; kcgiinaase ; 

Decoration, Amalloogwodumiigawri' ; kc'guna- 

Decorous, kokwojeAk' ; kokwqjetula'dcgri ; ko- 

kvvojelulekesaadas k. 
Decorticate, Banlaskddoo ; Uanlaskaadoo. 
Decorum, Wclmudoo'ink. 
To decoy, Nlmkimk ; Moonsamk'. 
A decoy duck, koomalow. 
To decrease, v. int., Ancskiie ; Ancskaase. 
To decrease, v. tr., Ancskaar'oo ; Ancskaaluk. 
To decree, 'rcbloodum ; Tcbloodcgfi' ; llsoo- 

diim ; Ilsoodega.'. 
A decree, Utploo'dakun;IIsoodakun;kesagun- 

Decrepit, kesegooe-aoolajo ; Aooklje tclekese- 

gooe ; Tclekesegooe wcjewakujae. 
Decrepitude, kcsegooecmkawa' nictiakiinbde. 
To decry, clsoodum ; cisoomooa'; clsoomk' ! 

Al- iptiim ; Alwonik'; kciiskedaadum ; 

To dedecorate, ]?cnogwaaluk ; Ncdrxgfiak' ; 

To dedicate, Nikskam igunumak' ; Tepkcsaa- 

doo oochit' Nikskam. 
To deduct, Wcjoosooaadoo ; Makunaadoo. 
Deed, LoDgowokun ; kesagunooduniumkavva' 

To deem, Teledaadum. 
Deep. Demik, ((li'cp wntvr.) 

A deep dish, csp.-iagwit. 

It is deep in the ground, Taskck. 

To be deep in the mud, AiiKhimldoskea'. 

The deep, (" deci) pldccj \N olkogumcgek' ; 

ukcbigiim, (tite i>c<i.) 

A deep hole in a river, kaskagck'. 

To deepen, VVulumkaam. 

Deer, Li'mtook', and Lcntook. 

To deface, kasweckum ; kcskaadoo ; achkunaa- 

To defame, Pilsimk' ; Mcsimk'; Winimk' ; 

Wiiiloodum ; Winloomk. 

To defeat, Wiswiguncmk' ; cdoktcskak' ; cdok- 
skamak'. - 

A defect, Chumoochkus ; Pootiimumkawa ; 

' Noodamkawa'. 

To be defective, Noodae ; Pootiimooa' ; Bno- 
lunic)t)a' ; Boonabae ; kakabae ; Moo tabca- 
I nook. 

Defence, clegasoode ; Wakaloosan ; Egaloocm- 

To defend, I-^galooa' ; egalk'; cgaliise ; Ncs- 
kvvei': kcdooopse. i. NcskoonicJ' ; -• Ncs- 
! koomak' : tliese two last words mean that I 

I defend myself when accused : i. TonutMcer 

i for one's self ; 2. To V('iilu to him in tsf/f- 

I defence. 

j Defer, esediinskaadoo , esedunska'dega. 
Deficiency, Pootiimumkriwa,' , Noodamk' ; Moo 
' Defile, ''. fr., Mcjegaadoo; Mejegaaluk. 
A defile, »., Chijikwlck' owte meawak' taboogul 
ncmakumegcgul, kusna' espapskiidcgul 
i koondid. 

Defilement, '.Mchegfi'. 
To define, Pakeikenamoofi' ; Aweekum, kusna' 

ilsoodum egadakiina' ababe. 
Definite, Pakagunoo'dasik ; Pakeikenooa'dasik. 
To deflect, kewonskaadoo ; kowonskaase. 
Pcskaase ; Peskaadoo; I'eskaaluk. 

The (irroie /.s- dejiected lit itsjliijht, Pes- 

/ Khdiif eronhed, Pcsagwestoo. 

Deflection, kowunskaadoomk ; kewonskaadimk ; 

To deflower, Mcjega'luk rdowawnod iktook ; 

Wcjooaadak' abit ool;iiloo'soodin) ; W'inaadoo 

nadoo kogoofi' keloolk'. 



To deform, kesaadoo ootcmc;i;weankamk:ooturi ; 

Wiiiekesaadoo ; Telaadoo oowiiic^jinu. 
Deformed, Winege' ; cmcgvveankamkoo'soo- 


To defraud, kcspoogwa'degfi' ; kcspoogwaaluk. 
Defrauder, Noojiksuljoogwa'dc;^,"!'. 
To defray, AbankLidum ; Abankiidoou.vfi'. 
Defrayer, Noojeahankudooowwri'. 
Defrayment, Abankiidoouwcmkruvri ; Aban- 

Uefunct, <i'lj., N;lb -, NT-pk. 
Defunct, *' , 'Npooenoo'. 
Defunction, 'Npoookun. 
To be degenerate, Ajewinmudoo moo cnkooda 

Degenerate, Moo wclmudoo ; rcincajewinse ; 

Deglootition, Mcsaadoomk'. 
Degradation, Wcjejigulaadoomk ootalsoosoo- 

(lini ; liciiogwaadoomk ; Bcnokedadasoodc. 
To degrade, SOgwiskaadoo ootalsoosoodim ; 

Bciu)t;vvaaluk ; Segwiskaaliik. 
A degree, cspolsoodc. 
Of what degree am I ? Tadonjccspae ? 
By degrees, GraduftUy, kooljaku ; Waaguch. 
Degustation, k vt'iumuk'. 
Dehort, Pctkinik' ; Nestooaboogooak' ; Nes- 

tooab^jogooa'. keginwaadak, Nestoofiwistoo- 

Deicide, Tan nabpajiil Nikskamu'.Sasoogooleul'. 
To deject, W- i.majaak'. 
To be dejected, Wcumajedaase ; Wenmajae : 

To deign, Tclebunogwi'luse. 
Deism, ukihimsutoookun oochit' naookt Niks- 

ka,n ootcemun ; Ookuodlamsutoookuiium- 

ooow' tanik kcdkimsuiumeetlich naookt 

Nikskam ooteenuin, kadoo moo kcdlam- 

sutnmoodikw Sasno Goole ooteeninkii, 

lifisna' ookuloosvvokun iklook. 
A Deist, Tan kccdamMitk' naookt Nikskam 

ouluL'tnui), kadoo moo kcdlanisuinook' Sasoo 

Goole uotenink,, kubna' uukuLMMiwokuo 


Deity, Nikskam; Keioolk'; Knloolk'; iTikchesa- 
kumow ; VVcgwi.sit Nikskam, aoochit Niks- 
kam, ak Wcjeoolenikskam. 

Delap's Cove, />. ->'., Mc(.ird)Linc'gL-ajcch'. 

To delay, v. tr, Ncrd^aadoo ; Xciikaaliik. 
To delay, v. int, Ncnkaase ; cskebaase ; 

cskebose ; tjtienugaasc. 
Delectable, MowwckCiloolk' ; ]?cjelckrdoolk'. 
^1 ilclnctdhli'. n'lliijitttoii, Wcskavvenaak : 
Delectability, Moowckfiloo'soode ; BojCde- 

kuloo'sonile ; Woolkwija'dakun. 
To delegate, Tclkimk 'nkuhkwcninii. 
A delegate, kuhkwcne. 
Delegation, kuiikv.'cnoo'de. 
To delete, kasweckum. 
Deleterious, Achkiiorulk ; Aclikuno lugck'. 
To deliberate, Ankcdaase ; ilenakujawe- 

ankedaadum ; Mowagil'iiioodumck' 
Deliberately, Mcnaka ; Menakaju. 
Deliberation, Mcnakuje-ankedaswoki'm; Mena- 

krijc-ankedrdsoode; Mcnakujo-rmkoda'soode. 
Delicacy, Aoolajoookiin 'mtenina' ; kulooiic' 

Delicate, Moo wch"iu ; 

.Meeldpcbawa' tan wen 
i Delicious, Bcjuiekrdoolk' ; 
j I Ikwijaadakiinaya'. 

Delight, Wooledaasoode ; Ooiode ; Mcsteiool- 

To delight, WelkwijaalCik. 
To delineate, aweckum nadoo kogooa', kiisnu' 

nad(jo wen tan til-logichu ; aweekuk. 
Delinquency, Padaasoodc; I'ac aswokun ; 

Delirious, aweiea' ; cioowawea ; iioonasea'; 

Delirium, aweiccmkfiwa'; Bogunitpakiiya' ; 

ciKMiasecmkawa' ; eioowawccmkav-ri'. 
To deliver, Igunumoocdoo; Wcstoweek : 

Abogunkmak' ooskijenood' iktool . 
Deliverer, Noojoohsutowwewct'; Wc.': towwee- 

degil' ; Wcslaaluk ; Wcstowooik — (Ou,r 

Wcleankamkoose ; 
ok wiktuk. 
Sesmogunemaak ; 


tin our. 


Deliverance, Oosritogun ; Wcstowwcedcgcm- 

Dell, Wolkwfi' ; Wolskfiodagook ; Wolfi. 
To delude, kcspooswaaluk. 
Deluder, HooskiksuhcKJ^waclcgri'. 
To deive, Moonkfi' ; .Mooukadum. 
Del' ge, Oosaan ; Wcsabaak. 
To ueluge, riooi)pe<;v\1jaadoo ; aoonpcswijaaluk. 
To be deluged with water, aocnpngwa. 

Delusion, nksuboogwa'dakun. 

To demand, W'fgoodum ; Wcgoodumak'; 

Pebanegcse : kwclooduni ; kwcloodumak'. 
To demean myself, Tan tcladcga' ; Tan 

Deneanour, Tcladakadimkawa' : 'Mtulaadakun. 
To di" merit, VVinipkwodei' ; Wi :ipkvvodase : 

Tan tclipkwodoo. 

Deme, Akudeiik. 

Demidevil, Akudcmundooc. 

Demigod, Akudenikskamav.'e. 

A demiwolf, Akudebaklus'ume. 

Demise, i*., 'Npoookun. 

To demise, Nap, ncpk. 

Democrasy, Mcmajooenooa' alsoomsoolsoode ; ' 
Alsoo'soode tan wejeak cheenumook' ak 
abijik ootenewok ak mogwa edcnook cle- 
gawit ootenink, kiisna' iispoltijik ootenavvok' 

Demolish, kakeiksngaadoo ; kakeiskwiskaadoo. 

To demolish a stone wall, Nesogopskaadoo 

A demon, Mundoo. 

To demonstrate, rakcikenoodiimooa' ; Pa- 
keinayaadoo ookcdlavvainu. 

Demulcent, Ponskulaadcgck ; Noogwadegck'. , 
To demur, Akudiktlamsulum ; Amiktlam- I 

Den, 'Mskegvvom, (a hcdrs dvu.) 
A fox den, W()kwis(3g\v6m. 
Dendrometer, Tan kCiniooird kakumigiil 

\\v\\ 1 i kad Cima'sig «"i!. 

Denigrate, Maktawaadoo' ; Maktawaaluk. 
To denominate, fiweedfim; awccduk. 
Denomination, Nwesoonum; Tan tCdooeese. 

Dense, Mcstuktcgul ; Mcslugatkck, 

Till- spritri: tires art: dciinc, Mkogwotkikt. 
Tlw spniccH (ivij fim are dense, Teatkikt. 

Density, Mcstiikicgruvri'. 

Dental, Mcbcia'. 

Denticulated, Pcgwclcwebetumigid. 

Dentist, IMcbcta' Malbalawit. 

To denounce, SegfUoonedokse ; almiink ; 
W cnmajeilsoomk ; VVinloodum ; Wiidoomk'. 

Denunciation, Winloodumiigawa' ; rdinim- 

kawfi' ; W cnmajcilsoddakun. 
To deny, Pctkwose ; Pctkwolsuk ; Pctkwodum ; 

Pclkwulk'. Mimoogwolsaook' ; cliptogwose. 
To depart, Poktumkaase ; Ajaase ; Ogumklk.- 
To depart by water, Boo'se. 
Departure, Poktumkaadimk' ; Boosimk ; l?oo- 

Depauperate, kesalak' ootaoolajinu : kakeiko- 

To depend, Wcdowse ; cledaase ; clegase. 
To depict, Aweekum. 
Deplorable, Tan 'mscgada'dasis ; Lok mcd- 

ooaak : acldcunafdc. 

To deplore, Meskae ; Mcskedaadum ; Mcs- 

kedafdumk ; Mawediim ; Mfivvimk'. 
To deplume, Pcskoluk: Pcskwaaluk; Pcs- 

kwaM( ^.L 
Depopulate, kcdn)cdaagik ; kcdmodaaga. 
Depopulation, kedmcdaadcgcmkawa'. 
Depopulator, Booskcd<(:dmcdaaga. 
To depose, '■. tr., Skwiskaadak ootalsoosoode ; 

U ("JLJigfdaadak ootclegawitawood' iktook. 
To depose, r. int., clooidrimase. 
Depository, Ncgum tan ootenink nadoo 

kogoiifi' ctletogwodumasik. 
To deposit, cltogwodiimak'; cltogoo; Egaadoo; 

Tcpkcsaadoo ; agusawe. 

A deposit, Agusawoode; Tan tttogwodumasik; 

Tan cttogwoloot. 
Depravity, cloowawoode ; VVTnmudoomk' : 

W ni.-oodo. 
To deprecate, cdowwa'; edSmk' 'ntigunuma- 

goon aooledaalsoode. 



To depreciate, kcnskulondum ; W'nloodam ; 

IsL'tiskulooink', Winloomk'. 
Depredate, kciimcdriagfi ; kokwaadak ; kakeik" 

sui^aadoo ; kcspaadoo, 

Depredator, Noojckumootuncs'. 
Depredation, kumootunogun ; kcpmedafigcmk; 

To depress, Bcnogwaadoo ; l^cno<i;waa1uk ; 

ejeiiaadoofi' ; c'jciiaadoo ; Malkobcf^aadoo ; 

Watkobrd-ctoskum; Malkobak'uiium: kekaje- 

To deprive, kokwadak' ootalegem. 
Depth, Tan tclcdcniik. 
To derange, Abooclikaadoo. 
To deride, MTdegimk'. 
Derision, Mrdegoodumugawa'. 
To derive, v. tr., Wcjuhsooaadoo. 
To derive, v. int., VVcdabekse ; VVcjeskalea'. 
To derogate, kcnskednadiiin ; kekajedaalumk ; 

Jicnogwaaluk ; Pilsimk. 
To descant, I?ootoose. 
To descend, Nesaase; Ncsagaase ; fdmimto- 

kuya'; Wcchkwentsagaase ; Ncsakavvijaoo- 

fik' ; elnechimchooae ; clnesimchooae ; Wcj- 

ipkavvcfi' : kaweak' ; Naoomchooiie ; eboo- 

naase ; Neskiimegri'. 

2'y coraivence to deacend a hill, Wejip- 
To descend, To be a descendant, Wedabckse ; 
Ankooea— ankooeack ; Nesipkunie ; ijlabekse. 

Descent, Nesaadimk ; Nesagaadimk' ; elne- 

chimchooaadimk', &c , &c. 
A descent in the road, ((lescemdiing ground), 

Neskiimegck' ; Nesakamcgck'. 
To describe, Pakeikenoodumaduni' ; Pakavvee- 

diim ; Pakeikenoodumooa' ; Pakeikunoo- 

dooa' ; Pakeiagunoodum ; Pakaweedum. 
A description, Pakcikenoodumadumugawa' ; 

Pakaweedum ugavvfi ; Pakeia^' unooduniakun ; 

Pakeikenoodumasoode ; Pakcikenamatin- 

To descry, Nemedoo ; kccbka nemedoo ; Am- 

asapliiin ; Amasamk' ; Nechkujaase. 

To desecrate, Winsoodeawaadoo ; Padasvvok- 

iine-mejcgaadoo tan kepmafd'C ; Mejegaadoo 

A de'sert, Haklakumikt' ; kattook ; Mcskeek 

adooomk' ; Po'kumikt ; Sekiimikt. 

A rood throiifjh a wilderness, Pokumlk- 
tek' ; Sekumiktek'. 
Dese'rt, v., Tan teiloojipkwodoo. 
To dese'rt, v. tr., Nakaldk' ; Boonajimk' ; Boo- 

naaluk ; Wescmoogwolk' ; Wesemoogwod- 

To desert, v. int., Pokche. 

'J'o ran avay, Pokcbeebe ; Wcsemoogvvei. 
A deserter, upkoojoo. 
To be a deserter, (n ribmiway), lipkoojooe. 
To deserve, Pegwodoo ; Pegwodase ; Tebow- 


To desicate, kcspasum. 

To desiderate, Pawotum ; Menwegrl' ; kweje- 

daadum ; Wadumedaadum. 
Desideratum, . Oottimeda'dakun ; Tan ootume- 

To design, Teledaadiim ; kwelooedaadam ; Na 

keseda'dega ; Teleda'dega ; kedooetiila'dega ; 

Na kedooetuladega ; kegunoogwodiim ; keg- 

A design, kwiseda'dakun ; eleda'dakiin ; kwe- 

looeda'-dumiigavva' ; kwelooeda'dakiin. 
To designate, kegunoogwa ; kegunoo'gvvodum ; 

Designedly, Wooleda'dakiin iktook. 
A designer, Booskeeleda'dega' ; Nedowae ; 

Desirable, Wddumeda'dSsik ; kclooik'; Wele- 

To desire, Pawottim ; Wedumedadum; Men- 

wega' : Ncdaje. 
Desire,'*?., Pawotumugawa' ; Menwegemkawa . 
To desist, Boonaadoo ; (to desist from it,) 

Booiiea' ; Ncnkaase. 
Desolation, Wcskedegawa' ; Tan tet mowwen 

aumook' ; kedmedotkik na tctii ; Tan tet 

kesekakeitumedaadasigek 'msiit' kogooaek'. 



Desolate, Wcskt-dCk' ; N.iooktoogwaloogwfi'- 

Despair, Mo^wfi' fijipchoodAkunenook. 
To despair, Ajipchoodakrin kakayak ; Mogwa' 

ajipchoodci^ow' ; kakeioonmajae. 
To despatch, Noksogulkimk; lijigulaaluk ; 
Niibaak ;N6ksetula'dcga' ; Nokselookwodum. 
Despicable, Moo taleguloo'sikw ; Moo Tfde- 

gulooltcnook ; Bcnokedaluniooksit ; kctkc- 

da'lumooksc ; Segadrimuoksc ; kctkcda'- 

dase ; ketkcdfi'dasik. 

To despise, Henokedaadum ; Bcnokedafdumk ; 
kcnskedaadum ; kcnskcdaairimk ; Alooop- 
tum ; Alooomk ; kctkcdaadum ; kctkcdfia 
lumk ; c'si-daadoo , cscdaaliik ; Mogwajooe- 
daadum ; kenspaptiim ; kcnskanik'. 

To despoil, kokwaaltik ; kokwaadak. 

A despot, cicgawit ten kakeialsoosit. 

Destitute, auolajit ; kakeiaoolajit ; Sesumin- 
situnokune ; Alcoa ; Aloo'ca. 

Destitution, kakeiaoolajoookun ; Sesuminsit- 

To destroy, kfikciksugaadoo ; kakeiktiime- 

daaga ; kednic'dafigik ; kakeiiiabagik ; kcd- 

umeskik; kcdmc'da'manul ; kedumena' ; 

Destroyer, Booskiktumedaaga' ; Looskiktume- 

Destruction, uktiamcda'dakun ; kakeiksiiga- 

Detain, Nenkaaluk ; PCgejaak' ; Wcskwaclk' ; 

Wctkoolk' ; VVcskodum. 

Detergent, Wokuma'degck; VVokuma'dakun ; 

To determine, kesedaadum ; Ilsoodum ; Elsoo- 

To be determined, kekajaase ; Mclkiledaase ; 

Mclkedaadiiiu ; Moonsodum. 
To detest. Moo kesad'iimoo ; lok kenskedaa- 

dijm ; kesiktugedaadum. 
Detestation, kcsiktugedaadakun. 
Detonation, Teltaak stuga kaktugoses ; Paas- 



To dethrone, Weswaadftk ootelegfiwitawnodc ; 

Wcjoncse-jiguladak' c'leguwilawa' ookood- 

To detract, Pilsimk' ; kunskuloodum ; kcnskid- 

oonik' ; rilsaboogooa'. 
Detractor, Hooskcpilsaboogooa' ; IJooske-kcn- 

Detraction, I'dsaboogoocmkawa'; Pilsoode. 
Detriment, Acbkunaoookiin ; uksuga'dakun ; 


To devastate, kakeiksugaadoo ; kakciktumc- 

daaga ; kcdmcdamaiiul. 
Devastation, kakciksugadakun ; ukwtumeda'- 

To deviate, keskae ; Mogwa kokwudowtee- 

k II mow. 
Devil, Mundoo ; Winsit. 
He is a devil, Mcndooit ; Miindnoit. 
Devious, Mdgwa' kokwojeanook' ; Wokchooik'. 
To devise, kwcloocdaadum ; kcgumoochcloo- 

A deviser, Booskekwelooedaadiim ; Booskekcg- 


Devotion, Siibawoode ; Ala£,3odumrimk'. 

To devour, Mrdkodum ; kcspaadoo ; kcspa'- 

dame ; kespamk'. 
Devout, Sabawe ; Booskealasoodumci' ; Alasoo- 

Devoutly, Stiiga' tan tula sabawoode. 
The dense, Mundoo. 
Dew, kckpfuvisk'. 

The dew is heavy,'. 
Dewbesprent, VVcjelaba'dasik kekpawisk' 

Dewy, kckpawiska'; Tclamook' s'-Uga' kckpa- 

Dexterous, Nadadaase ; Ncstooac ; Ncdowiiluo- 

Diabolical, Mundooau ; Mundooawa'. 
Diadem, Aptoogopesoode clegawitriwau ; elega- 

witfiwa' a'gwcsun. 
Diagonal, Wcjadi^gcmk naookta' kcjcegasik 

mesokoo uktuk. 



KNdl.lSlI .MI(',M.\( DKIIoNAUV 

Dialect, Tan tclitdnori' ; 'M.?c(lnon. 

1 npi'iik tlir Jldlifa.r diidect, Clicbooktoo- 

1 npi'(i/,' IIk' YiirnioHlh dialect, kespoo- 

/ uprtil: till' l\<nli(iiniclie dinli'cf, Lustu|j;- 

I spaalllic Cdpc liirloii dUiJv.ct, Ooiiam- 

/ s/>r(d,- iinin/i (//((/rt'/.w.kakoiycscniilrulooa'. 
/ Hj)(>(tl.' the Froicli iliulfcl, VVcnjooudooa', 
7 speak the L'vglish dialecf, Aglascaooiid- 

Wlidt d'ndect do I hik'hI' ! Taladooa ? 
/ Hpady' find di(di'rt, Na tcladDoa'. 
Tlic Ildlifd.r diaUrl, Chebooktoovvodoo- 

T/ie Y((ni}(>itt}i dialect, kcspoogwitunad- 

T](e liediijonche dialect, Lustugoochaoo- 

TIte CdjM' Jirefon dialect, Oonamawod- 
!Dialogue, Tabooawislumkawa' ; Tabooawis- 

2'u hold a dialogue between txvo. Taboa- 
Diaphragm, Waanoo. 
Diarrhoea, Moochpckchamkawa'. 
To have the diarrhoea, Apchesaboodae; 
Moochpckchei' ; Moossaboochae ; Oopula- 

Dice, (hididit), Akcstakiin. 

To play at Indian dice, Alicstci. 

To dictate, kenoodumak' tan kcdoocwceguk ; 
Tcbloomk' ; Tclkimk' ; Tcbloo'dcga'. 

A dictate, Tcbloodumumk' ; utploo'dakun. 

Dictionary, kiilooswokuna' vveegadigiin' ; Wce- 
gadiyun' tan tct mowweegasigid 'msiit tan 
tfiHugul kclooswokunul oosedoonooow ik- 
took, ak tan tcloocmkul telepakagimoo- 

To die, (to colour), Ssowea' ; csoweadum. 

To die, Nap; ('•goolanic ; kcscMia'. 
I am about to die, Tcbowcalc' 'nbunfi; kcil- 
oonp' ; Najeiifip' ; kfdooinpriin ; clumcdei'. 
I know how to die, Nctluwuna'. 
To drop dead, Hakpuna'. 

Diet, Mccliipchawa' ; Wcloo. 

To differ, v. int., Tcpkesae ; Estooae ; Wis- 

tooamooksc ; Wistooae. 
How do I differ, Trdetrpkesac ? 
To differ thus, Tclclcpki^sao ; Tclcijstooae ; 

Difference, listooodc ; Wistooamooksoode. 
Difficult, Mcdooaak ; Mcdoofie. 

Iloic diffu'ult am l! 'radonjimtooae ? 

iS'o difficalt ain I, Tctloojimtooac. 

It seemn difficult. Mcdooiimook' ; Mcd- 

With dijjicultij, Waagnch. 

To diffuse, Yalesasa'dooonid ; Yalcsasudoo- 

onul ; Yalckoodaadoo. 
To dig, Moonkei' ; Moonkadum. 
To dig out from the earth, kadibuna' ; 

krulibunadum ; kadLibuiialk'. 
To dig deep, Pedalkadum. 
To digest, Ilsukunum; Elamkodooonuk 
A digger, Noodalkei. 
Digit, apchaachk nugakiin. 
Dignification, cspadcgcmk' ; kijpmedadcgcmk'; 

kesaluk vvcn ookoopmedadasin'. 
Dignity, cspolsoode; ukpiimedaadakun; cs- 

To digress, Pcskawistoo ; Pcskaboogoa'. 
Digression, I'cskawistoomk; I'cskaboogooemk'. 
Dijudication, lUedadakadimkawa' ; Eleda'- 

dakun ; Eledadegcmk' ; Ilsoodakun. 
Dike, Looskcegun ; Labooedow. (From the 

French, 7/ ahoiteau ) 
Dilacerate, Scgwiskenaadoo; Segwiskenaaluk; 

Novvskenaadoo ; Nowskenaaluk. 

Dilapidation, kakcinesogopskaadoomk ; ka- 
koiksuga'dakun ; kakciksugaadoomk ; ka- 
keikskvviska'dakun ; kakeiskvviskaadoomk. 

To dilate, Makeidoo ; AJakakiik. 


r.NCl.l.Sll-MIC.MAC l»l( ti(in.\i;y. 


Dilatory, Malae ; Nakuje ; kegwao ; Howwrio ; 


Dilemma, 'MtooaMakun. 

Diligence, Sc'skoooifrin ; ScskrKlc ; Scskwaoo- 

akuii : .Si<;ocle ; Sooi^oclo. 
Diligent, Scskwao : W'aiiloocliooe. 
Dilucid, Saba|)ta.sik. 
Dilucidate, I'akciagunoocluin ; I'akcikciiood- 

umooa' ; I'akcikcnooaadoo. 
Dilucidation, rakoikonamalinriwri': I'akcikc- 

To dilute, Moosaboogwaadoo. 
Diluted ( milk) an. i/i'ii., Moosaboosit ; Moosa- 

bi)()f;wa'dasit ; (iiii>(\ ctr.), MoosaboodOk' ; 

Dilution, Moosaboogwa'diimkavva'. 
Diluvian, Tan oosaanck tula' ; ODsaana'. 
Dim, Mogwa' wclahu ; Anictuimedcga' ; AIoo- 

ojUasik ; Ameiniinedasik ; aoonprgadasik. 
To dim, aooiipr'gaadoo ; Bogiiiiitpagaadoo ; 

Dimention, Tan tclkcck. 
To diminish, rcmckaskwcdaagik ; Altoodum. 

kcsaadoo ootaJL'a[)cbariclidudun ; Altoo- 

bcgaalidv ; Altoobcgodfim ; Altoolooskaa- 

doo ; Makiinaadoo ; MakCmrxloo ; Altool- 

ooskaaliik ; Altooomkaadoo. 

Tu be (llininin/u'd hh nuvibo', Altooe- 

daeck' ; Altooedaasik. 
To dimininh it bij eatliKj of It, Pcm- 
Dimunitive, Apcbajeeje. 
Dimly, Aloogeak. 
Dimness, Aloogcaamk 
Din, ScspcMiaak ; kcscdawcdaak ; Wcdawcdaak ; 

Wcdawakiidcsk' ; Cbiscbcsimkavva'. 
To din, kcsegovvwistoo ; eloowavvoonitoo ; Scs- 

jK'nokse ; Cbiscbese. 
To dine, Mcowlagwa' ; Mcowlagwodrd' ; Mcle- 

To dine, v. tr., Mcowlagwcdulooak'. 
Dinner, Meowlagwctawa' ; iVIclowcagvvctawa' ; 

Mcovvlagwodulooltimkawa' ; Meowlagvvod- 


Dinner-time. Miowlagwrt ; Mriowcugwct. 
To dip up water, etc., Nakuna.un , Nakun- 

C'L'ga ; Nakrinc'^adfini. 
To dip it into water, kcdabcgaadoo ; kcdab- 

Lgvvij.iadoo ; kcchibaaluk ; kcckibcgvvijaaluk; 

To dip up soup, etc., a'legoo. 
To dip it into fat, molasses, etc., Nig- 

uncgci' ; Ni;;uncga(luin. 
To dip it up with a spoon, TclLvgwodum. 
To dip up a little on the point of a knife, 

etc., Tclinkrinaain. 
Dire, VVagwrHKiswokiinik' ; Mowimtooaak. 
Direct, kdkwojcak' ; kokvv'ijuu ; kokwojegc ; 


'J'/ie roiidgnes illrcct od, knkwodomkrulL'k'. 
T/ie n'irr rinin on (I'lrcft, kokwodomkuk' ; 
To direct, kcLjonootiriiiiak' ; Alsnomk' ; Tcb- 

loornk' ; Tclkinik'. 
Director, Noojitploo'ddgc-t ; ctleahoosit. 
Directly, kokwojuu; W'cgoopcbik; 'Nkusciu ; 

Director, Alsoose ; clegfiwitawe; ctle-sak- 

umowe : 'Noojudcgc:l'awc ; Noojckcnamoo- 

Direful, kcscwagwodaswokunik'. 
j Direption, kokwudadagcmk'. 
j Dirge, VVoonmajaoookuna' iiktabcgeakun. 
Dirk, cspoogwosik apchfiacbk; cdoolook' ; 

matundimka' wukim. 
Dirt, 'Mcbegfi'. 
To dirty, r. tr., Mijjegaadoo; cmagvvamoo- 

gwaadoo ; Mcjegaalidi ; cmoogwaloogwaa- 

luk ; MLJegaluse ; cniagwamoogwaliisc' ; 

Majiktum ; Mcjogiinum. 
To be dirty, ailj., Mcjegac; cmagwae ; 

To have a dirty face, Mcjegwei' ;• Mcje- 

To have a dirty head, Mcjegatpei'. 
To have dirty eyes, Mcjegalkegwei' ; Mcje- 


To have a dirty nose, Mcjegiskoonei'. 

Mgii.^«puH »,M w » i i.i.m, > j 9ia !)imminM ! - imi ii iiimi i im ii iiiii BU i 





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5" 4* 







To have a dirty mouth, Mcjegalkoodunei'. 

To have dirty hands, Mcjegiptinei'. 

To have dirty feet, Mcjikscdei' ; Mcjegadei'. 

To make dirty tracks, Mejegabookse. 

To have dirty nails, Mcje^nkseei'. 

It looks dirty to me, Mejegaptum. 

I think it is dirty, (It neevis dirtij), Meje- 

Diruption, Baskujaadoomk ; Baskujegumiik' ; 

Tan tclebaskiijt'dcsk'. 
Disability, Sawigunaamk ; aoolajoookun ; Wa- 

kujainik' ; Mcnakunamk' ; Munakiinode: 

To disable, Mcnakunaaluk ; Sawigunaaluk ; 

Wcjuhsooaadak oomulgigunodim. 
Disadvantage, uksfijia'dakrin ; achkunaooakun. 
To disagree, Mo^wa' naookta' tcledadumck'; 

ViTiffwariKulooltcck' ; Kstoocdru't'imoodeck' ; 

listoocdasooltcck' ; Estoocwis'.oodeck'. 
Disagreeable, Mogwa' kciooltenook' ; Mcd- 

To disappear, keskaptiim ; kcskaase. 
To disappoint, '■. tr., kcskaadoo ootaj'nchoo- 

dakiiiiurn' ; cdoktcskak'. 

To disapprove. Moo wcleda'diimoo ; kcns- 

To disarrange, Aboochkaadoo. 

'Disaster, aclikunaocokun ; woonmajaoookun. 
To disbelieve, Mogwa' kcdkimsirtumoo ; 

To discard, Ivigrdaadoo; cjigulaaluk ; aloo- 

oplum ; Alooomk'. 
Discern, Ncmcdoo; Amasamk'; Amasaptum. 
To be just discerned (fdhitJn); N.lchkiijae. 
Discernment f'/oZ/./frj, Ncstooae; Nadadaase. 
Discernment, 'Nsiitooiigun. 
To discharge, cjigulaalak ; HoonnalTik, 
To discharge a "cargo," Scgoolkaadoo. 
To discharge a debt, Abankudum. 
To Joi(jiri\ Abiksiktiim. 

The discharge (of a aw), Pa'skiidck'. 
The discharge (of a nin or iUbt), Abiksikt- 

The discharge (of a pemon), Boonadegcm- 

kawa' ; Ejiguladoomk'. 
A disciple, remekenoodfimoot'. 
Discipline, kcgenoodumooemk' : Wenmaje- 

kenoodrimcoemk' ; Alsoosooltimkawa'. 

To discipline, kegenoodumAgik. 

To disclose, Hanegaadoo ; Banegaaluk ; Lan- 

To discomfit, Wiswigunodega' ; Wiswigig- 

To discomode, VVediimaAk'. 

Disconsolate, Wenmajae 

To discontinue, v. inf., Boonea'. 

To discontinue, v, tr., Boonajodum. 

Discord, kamecdooltimk' ; Estoooltijik. Mog- 
wa' wcltaanook tan teltaak ; Wintaak. 

To discover, Wajcdoo ; Wcjikchijedoo' ; 
NCmedoo' ; Wajeewa'; Wajeek. 

We are discovered, VVajoolkw'. 
Discoverer, Noojewajeewa. 
To discourage, Tclaahik' ootalooomsin. 
To be discouraged, Alooomse. 
Discouragement, alooomsimk' ; alooSmsool- 

Discourse, ctlawistoomk' ; Pestoonumugawa'. 
To discourse, ctlawistoo ; Pestoonum ; Nes- 

Discourteous, Winmudoo ; Melkedoodum. 
A discredit, alaak. 
It is no discredit. Moo alaanook. 
Discreet, Ncstooaak ; Ncstooccheenumooe ; 

Discrepancy, Estooode. 
To discriminate, Tcpkedaadega'. 
To discuss, Wcskoodum ; Mowagunoodum. 
Discucsion, Mowagunoodumumkriwa' jctlawis- 


To disdain, Bcnokedaadtim ; Mcjegedaadum ; 

Moo wcleda'dumoo ; Tcledaaduin oontago- 

Disease, uksenoogowokun ; Wiskuswokun. 
To disembark, v. int., Natkaase. 
To disembark, v. tr., Nalkaadoo; Natkaaluk. 



Disembodied, 'Mchejnkrimich ak moo 'mte- ^ To dislocate, kelkwiskaadoo ; Pc.sci;vvi«kaa(Ioo. 

nineenook ; 'Mchejakumich ak 'mtenin top- } Dislocation, kclkwiskaViriiinik' ; Pcsej^wiskaa- 

Disembogue, VVejekoodaadoo stuga seboo 

To disengage, Apkwaaluk ; kcdalkaalCik ; 

kfdalkudcsin' ; kcjegvvadcga' ; kcjegwaaluk. 

To disesteem, alwoptiim. 

To disgorge, kosekoodaadoo ; Sokoodeme. 
Disgrace, N'tagogun ; 'Ntagogunik ; alaak. 
It is n6 disgrace, Moo 'nlagogunenook. 

Moo alaaiionk. 
To disguise, Pelooigtinaase. 
To disgust, ('. tr., Seegak'. 

'I'lit'j/ (lisgiLst me, aooijik. 
iJo Ifii'jj tiisynst then ? aoo-ooskik tu ? 
Disgustful, Kctkeda'dasik. 
Dish, cptakiin ; Oolakiin. 
A bailing dish, kuneegun. 
A birchen dish, Wichkwcdulakun, and, 

To have dishes, Wcdcptfikune ; Wcdcpta- 


To dish up, rdegoo'. 

A dish-clout, kastAkuna'ddkun' ; kasawa'da- 

kun ; kast&kunosoode ; kasumkwuna'dakun. 
To be wiping dishes, kaslakunodegfi'. 
To dishevel, Aboochkaadoo. 
Dishonest, Hooskiksuboogwadega' ; kcspoo- 

gwadcga' ; kclooskabawe' 
Dishonesty, uksuboogwa'dakiin. 
Dishonour, 'Ntagogun ; Moo ukpumedadakiine- 

To dishonour, Ncdagaak'. Scgvviskaadak 

To disinter, Hankiimegaalak'; Baiikumegaadoo. 
To disjoin, Medaailoo. 

To disjoint, c tr., kelkwiskaadoo ; Saogwaadoo. 
To disjoint, v. int., Saogwaasik. 
Disk, (a <iuoit), Soobalawoode. 
To dislike. Moo kesadumoo ; Moo kcsalak ; 

Sekajednrulum ; Sekajedfialumk ; kcike- 

daadum ; MAkskedaadum ; kCnkedaalumk ; 


To dislodge, v. fr., t-jigulaadoo ; fjigulaaluk. 
Disloyal, Mogwa' saktuak' tan mowealsoosit. 

Noojelistum ; Noojelistak clegawit'. 
Disloyalty, N ooj e I i s t u n i uga w a'. 
Dismal, Woonmajogunaya' ; kewojfiimkawaya ; 

Wrigv.'odasoodoayri' ; Cliepajedadakuiiaaya' ; 

Makskumook' ; Makskamooksik. 
To dismantle, Segogwaadoo ; Mcnaadoo. 
To dismay, kwcdaak' loku : N^deiak' ; kcsin- 

teiAk' ; Cheboolk' ; kwcdamk'. 
Dismayedness, VVagwodaasoodc ; Chcp.1I- 

koosDode'; kwcdddasoode; kwcdfiiiaagawil' ; 


To dismember, Scgwiskenaaluk. 
To dismiss, I'cjejigulgimk' ; usedrdumk oop- 
oktfinikaasin ; Uoonaaluk ; Hooiiaadoo ; 
• cjigidaadoo. 
I Dismission, rcjejigulgimkawa'; cjigulaadoomk'. 

To dismount, v. tr., NcsaalCik. 
I To dismount, '. //(/, Nesaase. 

j Disobedience, clistumri<.;,avva'. 

■ Disobedient, Noojelistum. 
, To disobey, ciistiim ; elistak'. 
Disobliging, Winmudoo ; Moo aooledadcgow' ; 
Medooae ; Amasegac; Moo kedoowoolaala- 
kik nigiimagik, kusfa' vvidegetiooltcek'. 
Disorderly, kabaksii : (N. IJ. — This word is 
used as an inseparable preposition, and 
applies to all verbs that admit the adverb 
(liHordrrli/ — nffcr them in Knglish — /«;/yce 
them in Micmac.) Aboochka'dase. 

J a ti. ilixoriteri-d t^inte, W'inpescugwa'. 
My c/i'fli<'n (irr in n disorilei'lij roudition, 

Eoonasii : (N. B. — This word is also a 
y)»r^f,/', referring to confusion ofmivd, 
as : eoonasea, To he crazy ; Eoonas- 
kwae, To tie illzzy ) 
Disorder, (•drkves)'), VViskuswokun ; iakse- 

Confaniov, Aboochkaadoomk. 



To disorder, Abooclikaadoo; Aboochkalii;jjik. 
To disown, Tclloofi "moo wctlalc'f^amu na." 

Tclooa, "Moo wctapsu na" I'etkvvodum ; 

Pc'tkwolk' ; cjifiuletlaaclum ; cji|:;ulcclaalumk. 
To disparage, Winluodumaaga ; Winlouduin ; 


Dispari)' gement, W i n lood u m uj^.i wa'. 

Disparager, Hooskewinloodumaagfi. 
Disparity, Moo tctpudcslunoofinl. 

Thiij (tic ii(d (tULr, Moo tetpoodenoogul. 
To dispel, Sasudoo. Sasaadoo ; eji.<;idaadoo 
Dispensation, usedalumooksoode; usedfidd- 

kun oochit' padadegcmkawa'. 
To dispense, Igunumooedoo ; utkiinooaadoo ; 

ulkunooa'; Ncnasutkunooa' ; utkunooodiim. 
Dispenser, Noojculkunooa' ; NoojencMifiskun- 

owwa , 

We disperse, v. inf., Sasugadiimoo'deek'. 
To disperse, v. fr , Sasudcskagik ; Sasudoo ; 

Sasc'dcskumooSnid ; cjigulalugik' ; cjigula'- 

Dispersion, Sasodoomk' ; Sasa'dcgcmkavva' ; 

Sascdcskaiiik' ; Sasrigadiimoodimkawa'. 

To dispirit, Scwaaluk ; Sawigunaaluk ; Savvig- 

una'luse ; kevvojaaluk; 
To be dispirited, Savvigunae ; kewojae. 
Dispiritedness, Sawigunamkawa' ; kewojaim- 

To displace, cjigulaadoo ; ajodoo. 
To be displeased, Moo wclcdaasa ; Wcgeie ; 

kfkajae ; kakawae. 
To display, Nayaidoo; Masooaadoo. 
Displeasure, kakawainikawa' ; ukiugeda'da- 

To dispose, kokwojaadoo ; Elaadoo. 
Disposition, (Tj hr of a, (joml (linpnsiHi)}}), 

Wclnuidoo ; Eladoomk ; kokvvojaadoomk. 

To dispossess, VV'cjcjiguladak ootapsoon 

iktook ; kokwaadak. 
Disputant, Booskewagwamooa' ; Noojcvva- 

Disputation, Wagwamoocmkruva' ; 
tiinkav\a' ; kckajimtooltimkawa'. 


Disregard, n., Alwoptumugawa'; licriokecla'- 
dAkuii ; kcnskeda'dAkun ; csedadoomkawa'; 

To disregard, Alwoptum; Alwomk' ; kcnske- 
daadum : escdaadoo. Hcnokedaalumk : 
Sescpkwec'.L'skak' ; Scscpkwcdcskadeck' 

To disrelish. Moo wiktumoo ; Moo kcsad'- 
11 moo. 

To Usrobe, MCnadoooiitil 'ntokwonul ; Moose- 
gaase ; iMoosegaaluk ; Moosegaadoo. 

Disruption, kakeiskwiska'dakun ; Baskujaa- 

doomk; Tcktagemkawa'; Scgogwaadoomk. 
Dissatisfaction, kenskeda'dakun ; Tan tele 

moo wcledadumoo : (when I would say: 

J (ini no (li,sj)l('(isfd wUh it.) 
To dissatisfy. Moo wcledalumfik'. 
To dissect, kakeilumsum ; kakeitcmtaam ; 

To dissemble, kcspoogwadega'. 
Dissembler, liooskiksuboogwa'dcga'. 
To disseminate, Sasaadoo ; Sasudoo. 
Dissemination, Sasodoomk ; Sasaadoomk. 
Dissention, kamedooltimk' ; Tagaloodooltimk' ; 

To dissent. Moo wcledadumoo : estooedafulum : 

Tclooa', "neen moo naooktedaadum sluga' 


To dissever, Pcksikpedcstoo ; Pcksikpcdes- 
umuk'; Pcsikpaadoo ; Peslkpaaluk; Now- 
skuktaam ; Nowskoksum ; Nowskogwaa- 
doo ; Nowskenaadoo ; Nowskenaaluk ; 
Nowskogwagitaam ; Pjskikpaadoo ; Pes- 
kiksum ; Pcskiktaam. (N. B — For the 
diticrent significations of all these woods, 
see Micmac mid Knijlitik Dictionary.) 

Dissimilar, Mogwa' naookta' tclamoogiil ; 

Mogwa' naookta' telamooksooltuck' ; Es- 

tooaagul ; EstooOlleck' ; Moogwa' naookta 

Dissimilarity, Estooude : Estoooldimkawa. 
Dissimulation, Wcskijeooiamkoo'soode ; Wcs- 

Dissipation, Yalcsasodoomk; Sasodasimkawa'. 



To dissipate, YalesiisodooonQI ; Yalesasa'- 

To dissociate, Meda'luguk ; TC-pkesa'Iogik ; 

To dissolve, ''. ". tr., Noochkwemcsum. Noos- 
koomaacloo ; Nooskoomesum; koonpcgadum. 
Tu melt 871010 over the fire, koonpcga'. 
To vielt it, i. e., mioo', koonpccum. 

Dissolute, Wlnnuidoo; cloowawe ; Booske- 

pada'dcga' ; Booskiktugca'. 
Dissoluteness, i-loowawoode ; Tada'dakun : 

uktugeaoode; Booskiklugccmkawa'; Padas- 


Dissolved, iSooskumcdck' ; Noochkumcdck' ; 

Noochkvvemedek' ; Noochkweemcsasik ; 

Noochkwemae ; koonpcstegunik'. 

T/ic snow is (ill melted inul gone, kakaas'ik. 

Dissolution, Nooskoomadoomk ; Nooclikvve- 

mcsumugawa ; kakeiskwiskadakun ; 'Npoo- 

okiin ; Tcpkcsaadoomk ; Tepkesadasool- 

Distance, (What isthediHtance ?) TSIebSsook ? 
Distant, kunck; Amaick', 
Distemper, uksenoogwoktin ; Wiskiiswokun. 
To distend, Sipttigaadoo ; Siptugaaliik ; Se- 

bAktaam ; Sebakudaam ; Sebedogum ; Se- 

bcgaadoo ; Sebcgunum' ; Sebcgunowwa' ; 

Distention, Siptugaadoomkawa'; Sebegaa- 

To distil, V. int., Chinpagooaalak' 
To distil, V. a. tr., Chinpagoontestoo. 
Distillation, Chinpagoonlestoomk. 
Distiller, Noojechinpagoontcstoo ; Nooje- 

Distinct, Wclaptasik. 
Distinguish, Ncmedoo: estooedaadum. 
Distinguished, kepmae ; kcgenooae. 
To distort, Wokchooaadoo. 
Distortion, Wokchooadakiin'; W5kchooaa- 

To distract, VV'cdumaak' ; Sespaak'. awei- 

imk : Siktawaaluk. 

To distrain, v. a., kokwaadno onchit tcladim- 
kfiwa' ;. kokwa'dcga' oochit tctadiiiikavva. 

Distrainer, Noojekokwadcga'. 

Distraint, kokwadcgcmkawa' tctadimkawayrui. 

Distress, Woonmajaooakun; Wooiimajeda'soode; 

To distribute, Igunumoocdoo ; utkunooa' ; 

iitkuiiooodum ; Utkunooolkik. 
Distribution, ulkunoocmkawa'. 
District, VVcnjegW(5mri'kade oodiin. 
To distrust. Moo kedlanisutumoo ; Amikt- 

lamsutum ; Mekirim ; Aswedaadum ; As- 

Distrustful, Boosko-aswcdfulcga'; Booske- 

Distrust, Asweda'cU'ikiin; Amiktlamsutoonkiin. 
To disturb, Wcdrimaak' ; Sespaak'; Scspcg- 

wijaaluk ; Sespudcga ; Askeiiik'. 

Disturbance, Scspddakun; ScspudcgLmkavva'; 

Scspcnaak ; Askeiach'. 

There is vo trouble — no disturbance, Moo 
Disturber, Booskcscspfxicga'; Booskeaskciooa'. 
Disunion, Nowskadoomk' ; Novvskaldimk' ; 

Tepkesadoomk' ; Tcpkesadcgcnikawa' ; 

Disunite, Nowskaadoo: Tepkesaadoo; Niktoo- 

alugik ; Niktooaadoo. 
Ditch, iipsugaagun ; Plooskeeguii. 
To ditch, Pafdum. 

A ditcher, Nootpardiim. 

A ditty, uktabcgcakuncheech. 

Diuretic, 'Mpesoon tan abogununiatk' scgimk'. 

Diurnal, (ni, Tasegiskukawa'. 

Diurnal, tide. Tasegiskuk. 

Diuturnity, Pcgcja'gawa'. 

A diver, Noojiktaba'; Noojiktabaase. 

To dive, kcdcbae ; kcdabaase : kcdaba' : 

To dive after it, kcdabuloodum. 

To dive after him, kedabuloodak'. 

(N. B. — These words are also pronounced 
with a IV in the first syllable — kwed ) 




To diversify, Estooaadci^a' ; Estooaadoo ; 
Kstooalugik ; Amalabeda'dcga' ; Amaloo- 
gvvodum ; Amaloofjwa' ; Milevveekum ; Mil- 
iiitowaKa'dc'sa' ; kakeiyesamalooo;wodum. 

Diversion, Paboltimkawa' ; Meladimk' ; Wcle- 
daadimk ; Wooledaasoodc 

Diversity, Kstooode : Kstoodltimk'. 

To Divest, Moosegaaluk; Moosegaase. 

To divide, utkunooa'; utkunooodum ; Nena- 
sisumkik ; Nowskenaadoo; Nowskoktaam ; 
Niktooaadoo: Tcpkesaadoo : Tabootumc- 
gaadoo. Ncnasuo;ilcha' ; Ncnfisatkunoo- 
odiim ; Ncnasatkunooolk' ; Sasugilcha' ; 
Novvskumka'lupjik ; kakeiyesoonemegaado. 

To divide, v. hit, Nowskadeck' ; Okomteck' ; 

A divider, Noodritkunooa'. 

Dividers, (ci'mpas^seH), Niktooikfuva'. 

Divination, Booiiinwa'dakun ; HooiJinwadcg- 

emkawa ; Nesanikchetcgawenooadcgcm- 

kavva' ; Neganikchijedcgcmk' ; Neganik- 

Divine, "<//., Nikskamawa' ; Wasokawa'. 
A divine, Paduleas'; Ministid; Noojinsutooa- 

boognoa' ; Noojipsudoonum. 
To divine, Poooinwadcga' ; Neganikcbijetega' ; 

Diviner, Booiiin ; Neganikchijetegawenoo. 
Divinity, Nikskamawoode. Tan Nikakama- 

wiktook tula. 
Division, Nowskaldimk ; Tcpkesaldimkawa ; 

To divorce, Ijigulaluk 'ntapitcm kusna' 'nche- 

niiniooin ; kakeijigiilaalak. 
Divorce, /;., kakcijigulaldimk oochit' oovvigiim- 


Divulge, Pakeiagunoodum ; Pakiiskoodum ; 

A dizzard, n., Akud.-ie: cl.-iae. 
Dizziness, ■»., Kocnaskwoksimk. 
To be dizzy, Ploonaskwokse, 
To be docile, Naktim- 

ascak' 'nkegenoodumasin kogooaii. 

Docility, Noksekena'masoode; Noksekena'm- 

jise; Noksekenamooksoodc; SAktumugawa. 
Dock, kadonpe.soon. 

Dock, ( inhere Hhii>H He), kwesowooloodasik. 
To dock, Temalooaaliik ; TcTialoocga' ; Tcm- 

Slooaadoo ; Togogwaadoo. 
A doctor, Cpln/sicidv), MaibAlawe. 
Doctor, (leacher), Noojekenamooa'. 
To doctor, Ncbedcga' ; Nebilk' ; Nebedutn ; ; Ncbilse. 
Doctrinal, kenoodumooksoodCii' ; kenamatina- 

Doctrine, kenamatinawfi ; kenoodumooksoode ; 

Document, Wegadiguncbeech. 
To do, elookwa' : Teladega. 
To dodge, Tepsc, Tepoose, Yalitpoose, ke- 

vvcdcsiii', kewonskiidesin ; kcsitpusiktum. 

To dodge into the bushes, kcduootkud- 

A doe, ulgwedook, Luntookawa' ka'lebooa 

ak tan tela' 'msut tasijik tan telamoo'-.sool- 

tijik wesisk'. 
To doff, Menaodoo : ejigulaadoo. 
A dog, ulumooch', ((>/'i6i(;(/,^, Animosk; Cree, 

My dog, 'Nte. 
Thy dog, ukte. 
His dog, Ooteel. 
A little dog, uliimoojeech. 
An Indian's dog, ulnooaasum ; VVeiasumooch. 
A white man's dog, Aglaseawaasum. 
A Newfoundland dog, Mootkulaasum. 
A good moose-dog — i. c.a good moof^c hicnter 

— A moose-dog, Teamoowaasum. 


j A fox-dog, (<> liouvd), Wokwisooaasum. 
A useless dog, Mejunooaasum. Lit., A davg- 

The ancient Indian dog, Lunsiim. 
A white dog, Wopsum. 

What is thi!< dog espechdly good for? 
kogooa-aasum .' 

A good dog for birds, Sesipawaasum. 



He Ik (I good dojf for hunting poreapiyies, 

He iH (I '•(ii)iiiil dug for hunting beam, 

He is (I good nlieep dog, Cheechkelooa- 
To own a dog, Wed a we. 
A male dog, Nabcsum. 
A female dog, (d hHi'h,) Skwesum. 
An old dog, kesegoo'sum. 

aoo.sum in composition, his dog, — as Peal- 
aoosiim, Peter's dog: San-aoosiam, 
John's dog. 

To be a dog, Qlumoojawe'. 

Dogfish, SigiiiSdek. 

Dogfish-skin, Sigtiladeaagei'. 

Dogged, kwcdajegwfi' ; kvvgdadjae ; kekajcsase ; 

kekajedfi'dega ; liliimoojooaase. 
Doggish, ulumoochooadakiina'. 
Doggishness, lilumoochooa'dakan. 
Dog kennel, ulumooch-ooogwom. 
Dogma, Alsoosoodea' kenamatinawa'. 
Dogmatic, Alsoosoodea' ; utploodakune-kenoo- 

Dogwood, lichkoolchemoose ; oojegunumoose. 
Doings, Loogowok'iinul ; eloogwcmkul. 
To dole, Iguniimooedoo ; litkunooa' ; Nadoo- 

Doleful, Medooaak ; Achkiinaooadak'iina ; 

Dolefulness, VVoonmajeda'soode ; Woonmaja- 

ooakiin ; 'Mtooodaktin. 

Dolesomeness, (naookta' stiiga', d lefidncss) ; 

A doll, Amsoodaagun. 
A dollar, One dollar, Naooktagik ; Sansoo : 

Dolourous, Wenmajedasoodea; 'Mtiimoodak- 

lina' : Medooaak. 
Dolour, Wenmajeda'soode ; Wenmajedaswokun. 
Dolt, Akudae ; elsae. 
Doltishness, Akud^mkawa' ; elsaimkawa' ; 



Domain, Alsoo'soode ; Clegawaage ; Ootapsoo- 


Dome, Wigwom ; Wcnjegwom ; Tan pasiik 

Domestic. Tan tula' wigwomku ; VVigwoma' ; 

Wcnjegvvuma ; Tan pasuk wen ootapsoonul. 
To domesticate, Nokciioolk'. 
Dominant, Ajecspae ; Alsoose ; Mowcalsoose ; 

To dominate, Ilsoodcga'; Alsoodega' ; Ilsoomk'; 

Alsooiiik' ; lelkimk'; Wiswigunodegii' ; 

Domination, Alsoo'soode; ktrstejooa'dakiin ; 

Sakunnowoodc ; elegawitawoode ; kestawOd- 

Akun ; kestawodegcmkawa'. 
Dominator, Medooealsoose ; Medooctiilesak- 

umowa'dcga ; Noojekestawodcga' ; Nooje- 

kestcjooa'dcgfi' ; IJooskekestejooa'dega' ; 

Mow weal soose. 
To domineer, kestawodcga' ; Loogownkuna'- 

dcga ; kestcjuhtumaak' ; Loogowokunaaluk ; 

Dominical, cgundeawoodea'-. kcgundeawoodea'; 

figundeawimkawa' ; kegundeawimkfiwa'. 
Donation, Donative, n. and adj., Iguniimad- 

Donor, Houskeigtinumooedoo ; Noojeigiinum- 

To doom, Wcnmajeilsoo'dcga : Wcnmajeil- 

soomk' ; Wenmajeilsoodum. 
Doom, v., VVenmajeilsoodakun ; Wenmaje-ilsoo- 

Dooms-day, Ilsoodakunegiskuk 
Door, kaagun. 

A door-blanket, Sooskwodaagun. 
To be a door, ka'gune'. 
Shut the door, IMltaadoo ; Iltaadoo ; Iltcgaa- 

doo ; Sooskwodagaadoo. 

To close a door with a brace, kcbejok- 

teskum kaagiin. 
A door-way, uksiidem. 
I make a door-blanket, SooskwSda'gunumei'. 
Door-keeper, Noojeeskaguna'. 






The door side of the wigwom, VVuloeska- 

Dormant, Nabat' ; Nal)ak ; Paskoosik ; Mcl- 

kciiabat' ; kcsatkoosik. 
Dormatory, Nabamkawa' pokluskaasik. 
Dorsal, 'Mpakrima'. 
The dorsal fin, Oopris-u). 
A dose, Naookt 'mpesoona' wc-swaadoomk. 
To dose, 'Mpcsoona'clcga ; 'Alpesoon iguinimak'. 
Dot, kiktusni)tari<;rin. 
To dot, kiktui,Mptaam. 
Dotage, M ijooaicjooekescgoocL-nikriwa'. 
To be in one's dotage, Mijooajcjooekesegooea'. 
To dote, cloowavvea'clcga ; cloovvawiksalooa'. 
To dote upon, Mowiksalk'; Mowiksadum. 
Double, (kH , Tcgwcgcak'. 

To make the cloth double, (two thickncases)^ 

To be doubled, Togwoktek ; Togwoka'da'-'k. 

To double the strand, Tokiugaadoo. (Ti> 

ticlili' ill)'. Kf:'<inil, Nasutkaadoo.) 
To double it, Togwokaadoo. 
To double it round, Togwonkaadoo. 
It is doubled round, as a trap-spring, 


The edge is doubled down, Aboogisaktin 

To double down the edge, Aboogisakun- 

cdaain. (I lidinuier it iloU'ii ori'r.) 
A double dealer. Tan kcspoogwa'dcgct ; kel- 

Double-headed, Taboootpei' ; Taboofitpagul 
wosowc'chkul. ( Donlile-lii'dik'il jhtcers.) 

To doubt, Asweda'dcga ; Aswcdaasc ; Aswe- 

A doubt, Aswedaasoode ; Asweda'daktin. 
Doubter, Booskeasweda'dCga ; Jiooskeaswe- 

Doubtless, Meamooch ; Amooch ; Ma tii kadoo; 

Na tiilni. 
It is doubtful, Chiptouk edook' ; Chiptoogawa'. 
A dove, Pules. 
Daugh, Looskuniguii, 

To mix dough, lOlooskrmowwa'. 

To roll up dough into small lumps, Spto- 

guli)()skaadi)0, miil Pipto^ffilooskaadoo. 

It is dough. There is dough. There is 

dough on it, Looskrinigunik'. 
To douse, ''. (r., kcdabaktcsloo ; Wiskepakus- 

aad>)() ; kcdabaktcsumrik' ; kcdabakskum. 
To douse, r. Int., kc-dabcd«5sin. 
Down, v., (of lilnh), LambooSii'. 
Downfall, kakeiksriga'dakun. 

Down, Downward, Downwards, Ncsu' ; 

Aboonfiak ; Aboonagfial. 
To go down, Nesaase. 
To drop down, Nesea'. 
To come down, VVccbkwcnesaase. 
To tumble down, Siktasin. 
To drop it down, Nesega'. 
To lower down a sail, Nesegea'. 
To haul down one's own sails, Nesegodase. 
To reach the hand down, Nesinskaase. 
To slide it down an inclined plane, Ne- 

To be slidden down an inclined plane, and 

to slide one's own down an inclined 

plane, Nesipkumoodase. 
To slide down— to slide ahead, as a boy 

does in coasting, Ncsipkume. 
To flow down hill, Nesitk'. 
To flow straight down, Nesigooik. 
Down stream, Bapkaak. (Tu)loiv down stream, 

The carrent sets down, because the tide has 

turned, Bapkitk'.) 
To float down the river, Baka'loogwa. 
To convey him down stream, Bapkaaluk. 

To convey it down stream, Bapkaadoo. 
(N. ]i. — It is difficult to decide by the ear 
between the sounds of Bap and Bop.) 

To go down stream, l^Apkaase. 

Downy, Lambooomk; Lambooonit ; Lamboo- 

Dozology, Mooewoltimkavva' uktabegedkun. 
To doze, kedookse; Akiidinpei ; kedoonpei'; 




Doziness, kCdooksimk'. 

To drag, cladL-jedoo ; WcswSnskaadoo ; W5s- 

wcjjaadno ; I'OmadLjimk' ; VVcswodcjinik' ; 

clmadcj'edoo ; tlkuiiadcjaadoo. 

To drag it wrong end foremost, clmija'- 


To drag it through the mud, clooskaadoo ; 


To drag it along through the bushes, 

clmutkandoo ; clmritkaalrd< ; clmutka'dcga', 

A dragon, Chcpichkaam ; Mundoo. 

To drain, Pafdum ; Sintum ; Sinskwa' ; Sin- 

puk : Chinkumisumk. 
To drain off the water, Newcdcstoo. 
To drain off the water from the beavers, 

NewcdL'sumufjik kobetak'. 
A dram, Naooktoomkwoncmkavva'. 
To take a " dram," Naooktoomkwona'. 

To draw, Pc-madcja'dcsa' ; Pcmaclcjedoo' ; 

Pokladc'j'edoo ' cladcjedoo; Pemadcjedoo ; 

Pcmadcjimk' ; Poktadcjimk' ; eladojimk' ; 

rdadcjedoo ; Pcmtukaaluk ; VVccIikwutkaa- 

luk ; clmutkaadoo ; clmutknaliik. 
To draw a likeness, aweekum ; aweckuk. 
To draw a canoe ashore, Wcswoolkaadoo. 
A drawer, Oosooonska'dakiin. 

To dnnv out a ih'dwer, VVcsvvodcjaadoo ; 
Wcsvvodcja'dase ; Wcswonskaadoo. 
A drawing-knife, Megoodakfina'. 
To shave with a drawing-knife, Megoo- 

dcga' ; Megoodawowse ; Magoodiim. 

To drawl, Amaslame; Amaslamoodiim ; 

A draw-well, Wenjooinkunobadc. 
To draw water, Nakunaaba. 
To draw a sword or knife from the sheath, 


To draw a bow, Wcswutkaaluk. 

To draw him or it out with a rope, kedal- 

kiibilimk'; kedalpilk' ; kcdalpclum 
To dread, Ncsoodum ; VVagwodaasc ; Clie- 
palooa'; Chepalum ; Nakatkchum. 

Dread, Wagwoda'soode ; Chep.llsoode ; \Va- 
gwrxlaswokun ; Wagwodasiink' ; Wagwoda'- 
soollirnk'; Clieiiatogrin ; Cbcp'dtiinkawa' ; 
kvvL'da'dasimkasva'; kwcdamtiinkasva' ; Ncs- 
oodrmuigawa' ; Nakatkcllumugawa'. 

Dreadful, <itlj., kwciIatlSptuiiuigavvaya ; Wa- 

gwudasoodeaya' ; ChepSlsoodea'ya'. 
A dream, Poi>'okrin ; Pawomkawa', 
To dream, Pawei' ; Tclkoosc. 

To dream many different things, Mil- 

To dream many strange things, Wis- 

koogoose ; Wogookse. 
To dream of it, Pawodoo. 
To dream of him, Pa week. 
A dreamer, Booskepawci'. 
My dream " comes to pass," Sakoose ; 

To dream something contrary to what 

takes place, Tet|)ak()ose. 
In a dream, Lamiti^ook'. 
To dream of the past, Abaiknnse. 
To dream of what happened when I was 

small, a|)sko()se. 
Drear, kewojcemkawaya' ; WagwodaswokTin- 

uina' ; kewodamook' ; kewojalooksimka- 

A dreary place, kewotkiimcck ; McJugiime- 

gek' ; Mcdooopskeak'. 
Dregs, kekcbak'. 

To drench, Wctkaadoo ; kcsesamoogwonaadoo. 
To dress myself, Assunaase; Cgunaase; 

Nasaadoo 'ntokvvon'. 
To dress him, Asoonddrdk'; keganodulk ; 

Asoona'dcga' ; AsoonOdegii. 
To be dressed, Asoonaam ; kegcnesc. 
To dress food, Wiskoogwodega' ; Wlskoo- 

To dress hides, Powncgoo' ; Pownegwodum ; 


A dresser, A cupboard, Seskoodgwfi' kum- 
oode. (A place to Lri-ji rftrt/ifii tlishts in 
ov on. Like I^ng. — a cup-hoard.) 




A DrjSSer, Nonjoasoonad^Kfi'. 

To be dressed, To have dressed one's self, 


To be well dressed, Wclknodci'. 

A dressing-room, Etlckunctumk' ; Etleasoon- 

Dressy, Booskcoolgedei'. 
To dribble, v. int., Cliinpagoontcsk'. 
To dribble,, ChinpagooiUcslcyfi'; Chin- 

Dribblet, apcliajeechk kogona'. 
A drier, Ncawacirikrin, (<i hlotllnfj pwpcr.) 
Drift, clmu^^uswck ; ICInni<;r)gwri'. 
A high snow drift, cspcbaniksuk. 
It drifts ashore, rcmeanuskwcAk'. 
To drift, PokwitkoKwa' ; cjiKuIa'Ioogwa' ; 

Taookogwa ; Nemlabaksin ; Ncmlasin. 
Drift-wood, kwaanusk. 
It drifts about, Alko^'wCk. 

The snow is drifting, I'emcbaniksuk. 

To drill, I'aoochalkadc's^a' ; IVioochalkaadoo ; 

Taoochalkadc^a' ; Taooch.alkaadoo ; Sabal- 

kaam ; Saabum. 
To drink, Ncsamoogwei', und, NCsaboogwei'. 
To drink of, or from, WcjJnsamoogwei' ; 

To drink ardent spirits, Nakiinaamei ; 

To drink too much, aoosamesamoogwei' ; 

t'loosamtum. (aousamtum means either to 

driixk or to cat too ninch — to be (jIuttovoiiH.J 
To give him drink, Ncsamoogudulk ; csamoo- 

gudulk : Nakunaamak'. 
To be a great drinker, resokwcnsamoo. 

To drink from a bucket, kcjipsfime'. 
To drink from a cup, Nakiinecpsume. 
To go down on my hands and knees and 

drink from a brook, koogwaase. 
Drink, n., Ncsamoogiiwukim ; 'Nsamoogo- 

W(",krin ; Nakiiiiainumkawri'. 

To drink coo much rum, aoosamtose. 
To "treat him" to a drink of ardent 

spirits, Naooktoonikwonowkw'. 

To drip, Nesigooik' ; Ncjigooik' ; Chinpagoo- 

To drive it on the end with a hammer. 

roktudriam ; kcjethjlxiktrifim ; kcjcdabok- 
taaga ; Iksamlaam ; k^sriinudilam. 

To drive it in, kcjedailaam. 

To be the driver of a carriage, Nootiik- 

unowvva ; rcmeki'dtrikrinowwa'. 
To drive him away, Csaak ; elmiulcskak' ; 

To drive him along, ftlcpcmkAk' ; Negan- 

teskak' ; I'cmkak' ; Tclepumgak'. 
To drive him out, L-jigulte.skak'; rc-tcskak', 
A cooper's driver, Iksumtaagun. 
To drizzle, McscawAk' ; Poogimscavvak'. 
A drizzly day, Mcseawonegiskiik, 
Droll, Wegooaak. 
A drone, MechipchamooL-ch' tan moo kesc- 

dook' mechipchamooechaboo ; MAlae ; 

Moo elookwow'. 
To droop, Sawegiinae. 
A drop,'. 
To fall in drops, ChinpagooaalAk. 
The rain drops, ctlegwaalak' ; ctulbaaliik. 
To drop, V. int., (to fall), Nesea. 
Dross, Segoomesigrin'. 
Drove, Mowepoogwelkik ; Mowedaamk ; 

Drought, Newegiskuk ; Pogegiskiik ; Pegeje- 

Droughtiness, Newegiskfigawa'. 
Droughty, Newegiskugawayfi'. 
To drown, v. n., Saboogwuninpum. 
To drown, n. tv., Saboogwonenabak', 
To drowse, v. int., kedookse ; kcdoonpei' ; 

To drowse, v. tr., kedooksaaluk. 
Drowsiness, Ootooksoode; jSabamk'; Nab- 

To drub, Mataak ; Taktum. 
To drudge, emagoonumei ; Noojeemagoon- 

umci' ; Loogovvokunaalinik' ; kestejooe ; 

Medootiloogowokun e'.ookwa' 

kwa' ; Medooeloogowokuna'dega'. 



Drudgery, Hi'iio^jwaak loogowokrin ; Mcdooc- 
l{i;{ovvrtkuiiik' ; Meiloo.luk loogowSkPn ; 

A drug, 'Mpesoon. 

To drug, Ncbesumaadoo ; N{>besumaaluk ; 

A druggist, NoojinpecclSga'. 

A drum, lif-pkwtjfila-'k. 

To drum, l^cpkwcic.i'iaj^a. 

To sound like a drum, Hcpkwrk. 
To drum upon a kettle, Wt^d.iwagwea' ; 
Wcdawagwaaiuk ; Mcdeagwaaluk. 

A drummer, Noojtbupkwcjcdaagct'. 

^'l ciiil,- /)iiitriil(ir, Hcpkwct; Noojobcpkwct. 
A drumstick, HC'pkvvLJcdat;i'inutkw'. 
To be drunk, kctkea' ; Wclopskea'. 
A drunkard, ukirigciiwcnoo ; iiktugcawcnoo- 

To be a drunkard, uktrigcawcnooe ; uk- 

tiigeaweiiooceskwoc ; Wlkpa. 
Drunkenness, kctkcctnk' ; Weiopskccmk' ; 

Dry, kespadCk, (<lnj numd.) 

Dry land, Nuhkuniegrik'. 

To dry the land, Nubkiimegaadoo ; Nuh- 

A dry tree, Muljogum. 
The kettle has boiled dry, Nuhsit. 
A dry place in the sea -a flat, Newaikt'. 
The lake or brook is dried up, Newcak'. 
To dry it, Newaadon ; kcspasum ; Ncwaaluk, 
To hang it up to dry, Haskawotlum. 
To be drying things by hanging them up, 

Baskavva' ; Haskiiwa'. 

To be undergoing the process of drying, 

Haskawotlase, and Haskowodase. 

The bed of the river is dry and the rocks 

are bare, Newopskilk, and. Ncwogopskitk. 
To be dry, ()ny clot/ien arc dry), Newae. 
To dry one's own clothes, i. e., To dry 

one's self, Newa'luse. 
The mud is dry, (or dough), Ncoolooskck' ; 


To dry mud or dough before the fire, 


To dry dough or mud, by kneading it, 

To dry him, (A/« vJoihn*), Ncwaaliik. 
I dry bricks by burning them in the fire, 

Nuooldoskuiirinianrd rdst'gririigriiu lici'jril. 

It is dry and shrivelled, Chedikoolasttk'. 
To make it dry and shrivelled, Chech- 

koolisum, — (tiH skin, Iral/ar, rfr ) 

The ground is becoming dry and hard, 

Lsiu'ikrimigcak' ; I'Omeiiiihkweak' ; Nuh- 

A dryad, Migumawcsoo. 
Dryness, Ncwaduomkawa' ; kespasimkawa'. 
Dryshod, Nubscdci'. 

Dual, Tabooawaya'. 
To dub, Sakumowaaluk ; Taktrmi. 
Dubious, kcwowe ; Aswedad.lsik ; Chiptoo- 
kawayfi' ; Aswedfidakuiia'. 

Dubiousness, AswedfulAkrin. Asweda'soode : 
Aswcdasimkawa', CJhiptookawa' ; kcwO- 

Duck, (lilachj, Apchecliktimooch. 

A tame duck, Wcujooe-apchceclikumooch'. 

A pied duck, Wobeapchcechkumoo'cb'. 

A shell duck, Trima'gune. 

A pigeon duck, kakawegccb'. 

Duck Island, /». »., Mooeownongu!. 

Place of Ducks, AiKhechkiimoocluvakade. 

A duck decoy, (a. tla<j varcd at flu', nliore 
wh'uh attractn (he dad-"), Wadigiin. 

To call the ducks by means of the wadi- 

gun, Wadiga'. 

To hunt ducks by night, Nebcdclooei'. 
A species of grey duck, Chikchoweguua- 

A teal, ukchiigwe'cb', m)(^ ulnakuneech. 
To duck, V. rtil, (nilothe water), kcdabaase ; 
kcdrdia'ktesin ; keciaboolse, and kvvcdabaase ; 
To duck, V. tr., kcdaboolk/, (ind kwcdaboolk' ; 



The wood Duck, Millsikws. 

Duct, ri|iM'i:;;i;;inulii'i;rh. 

Ductile, SchaktaasiN. 

Dudgeon, Wfjicidotlo. 

Duo, 'Iciailimk.uvA, (from I'.nj,' . th-hf), Wt-l- 

kadik. Wck-Ak', k.)kwnj>',ik'. 
A duel, Talxiosijik matriiia lijk. 

A dug, Mrii;;r'jrim. 

Duke, clouawitclicticli ; Sak'Timow. 

Dulcet, Wclcmaak ; ScsiiKitJi'iiicmaak ; Wcl- 

A Dulhead, Mr-lkatpat'; Moloo^tpat'. 
Dull, kC-spiik ; Mcstaksubcak' ; Mcslaksiipk' ; 

Akri<laL' , clsae. 
To dull it, kcspi'idon. 
Dulse, Wadakriiia'sikjoch. 
Dumb, Moo lu'doWL'kw' ; Moo kcsckuloosik ; 

Moo kC'loosikw. 
Dumpish, Wcnniajrio ; Wciim.ljedaase ; Ncd- 

aJL' : kowoipe. 
Dumpling, Iptoogoolooska'dakun ; I'iptoogool- 

To make dumplings, I'iptoogoolooska'dcga': 

To dun, NcdoodriiiK'i : Najintoo'diimci, fl am 

Hoiiiij (ifd r 1111/ (li'liln.) 
Dun (citUmr), Ooskooiiumook' ; rdumoojooom- 

Dung, Mejiui' ; t'|)kcnakun. 
To dung, (to viM' uDc'n Hcli ), Mcjcgwci'. — A 

iituic decent ii'urd in, Taoosfi' 

Dungeon Lapk-snoii (In /irixim.) 
Dunghill, t'|ikciiakriii, (ununnr.) 
Dupe, ".. Noksiksrdjoogsva'looksc ; Nakuma- 

siksul)()ogwalo(>ksc ; Itooskitktmcdrulcgri ; 

To dupe, krspoogwaali'ik. 
To duplicate, Togwnnkavloo ; 'I'oyiwniikadcga ; 

Taljoo Cliajc cgaailoo ; Togwokaadoo, 
Duplicity, rik.sriboogwa'dakrm. 
Durability, Schabrgriwa ; Si-h.^dL-gawa. 
Durable, I'csokabCnikook ; ScbadCk' ; Sobab'Ck. 
Durst, I durst, MClkcdascap'. 
Dusk, I'iskcak'. 

The iliink ofprni'ing h coming on, Pc'ine* 

Jt i« ulill thisk III tliii morning, Mil 
WLclikwobuiicAk'. , 
Dust, Cbcgajawaaclik. 
Dusty, Clicgajwawajooe. 
Dwarf, 'Icgwcakuse. 
To dwell, ICtlugadiim ; Aum. 
To dwell together, awiikadcck'. 
To dwell with him, l':ilugalk' ; awitkadcedijrd. 
A dwelling, W'igwoin ; WCnjcfgwom. 
Dying, i. Nap, Ncbun, iicpk, ctliiip' ; ctlin- 

puk' ; kcdooiiip' ; cgoolatne. 2. To he 

culoarinij, cssowwoa'. 
Dynasty, clcgawitawimkriwa' ; clegawitawoode. 
Dysentery, (to Imvc tli<'), .MoochpCkchei' ; 

Moosabokchei ; Apcheaabedae. 
Dysentery, ;(., MoochpCkcliamkawa'. 


Each, kitk. 

On each side, cdoo'wu. 

One on each side, Edoo'goocck'. 

To wear a garment each side out by 

turns, cdoociiaskum 
Eager, kcscdfulcga' ; Winpasc ; utigunaase. 
Eagle, kit poo 
To hunt eagles, kitpooaaga. 

Eagle-eyed, Nadalkegwei' ; kitpoo-alkcgwei'; 

Eaglet, kit poos. 

An eagle haunt, kitpooaakale. 
The bald eagle, \V6bid6ti)ajit. 

Ear, 'Msutoookun. 

To have ears, Wcskedoookune ; Wesutoo- 



To put cars to it, Oohijioookriiiaaclou ; Oo.s- 

To prick up the cnrs, NrmitakcsMkrinaasc. 
To have ears like a fox, standing up and 

stiff, Niiiiln-rKU'-i'l'. 

To have flabby ears, rt};wi,stAkriiiai'. 
To have big ears, Maoist AknnAi'. 
To have little ears, ripsistakunAi'. 
To have white ears, Wr.bistakiinAi'. 
To have black ears, Maktawi.stakfmAt'. 
An ear of corn, 'Msonum ; Mcchipchogum. 
An ear-ring, Nowsahoodakun. 

To have rings in the ears, NowsSboodA- 


Ear-wax, krilkinun. 

Early in the morning, kcsccskitpook' ; Sa- 
bci' ; cskitpod!' 

Au early spring, kcgesikw. 

To ear; it, I'^^^wodno. 

To earn him, l'L-;\vaak. 

Earnest, (TnlnJ, Winpase; uttifjunaase. 

Earnestness, \\ inpasimk ; Uttit;,rinaaciimk. 

The earth, Makrmicgow'. 

To turn to earth, Makumesawcak'. 

Towards the caith, Makrimcgawiktoogwaal. 

On the earth, MakiimcgCk'. 

Earthen, .MakiiniC};awa'; Scskooa'. 

Earthenware, Stskoook. 

Earthiness, Ocsitkrimoogawa' ; Makflmcgawa', 

Earth-nut, sri};cbriri. 

Earthquake, kulikw. 

Earth- worm, Wite. • 

Ease, \\ oiitukridc ; Atlasmoode: Mupk\vc5mk 

To ease, Wnnliikaaluk ; upkooiKiji'mawriaalrik ; 

Aboguiuimadfim ; Abogiiiuimak' ; cdup- 

kwaadoo ; cdripkvvaaluk. 
To "ease one's self," Mcchegwei'.. Naje- 

cht.');wei ; '1 auosa. 
Easily, Nakumasuu. 

Jt nioreti nhnKj cdxily, Nalgagik. 
East, OochebcnoDk'. 
Easterly, Oochebcnoogwaal. 
Easter, Fagawimk'. 

Eastern, Ombcljcnoogawa' ; Oochcbcnuoji.'l- 
waarh, (n niiiiiui llir nisi J 

Eastward, < inihflifiiioo-w.i.d. 

An east wind blows, Wtjobrk'. 

A soft eastern breeze, \\ c jcl)a\vaak. 

Easy, Nakritnasaak ; Nakumastak'. 

To eat, Mijcse; Malkcxium. 

To eat him, Malkomk. 

To eat the whole, kcspaaJoo; kakciksfibaadoo, 

To be eating, I'cmadal. (Aist,, '/'.> !><■ ,,itii,i/ 

(tlutiij US I i)o ; V'o ((•((//,• nhmij cKtiniji 
Also, Til liiyiii tit iiif.J 

To finish e; • ing, kcsadal'. 
I To cat so, 1 .piik. 
I To be small eater, Mnkandai'. 

To be ^ big eater, 'oDskadar. 
i We eat toge^hor, Wcboodcck'. 
i To eat with iiira, Wcboomk'. 
j To eat with them, Wcboomkik. 

j To eat it Wtjpped up, kakimiijorhcilum ; 
kLkiHiiooclicpk' ; kal. 'Moochcdi'iniak. 

To eat in company, D. Wctlad.VouinicCk'. 

I J'lur., W' oltcck, 

I To eat too much of it, aoos.lmtum, or, 

' Wi'sanipirim. 

I eat too much of him, aousampcik, uvil, 


To be deeply engaged in eating, Mluw- 

I'ldal'. Lit., Til /«■ i n the ninlillv nj intiinj. 

1 have not eaten enough, MCikadal'. 

I wish to eat of it, kcdoopk'. 

To eat so much, 'iL-linikC'dum. 

I lessen it by eating of it, rcmiksuhaadoD. 

To make a noise with the mouth in 

eating, kcclikwcdCun. 
Eaves, Ogoktaasik. 
Eaves-dropper, Owwiskook. 
Ebb tide, Clniugcak'. 
Ebriety, kctkccn^k ; uktugea'oode. 
Ecclesiastical, Sauteniowcomcui I'aduleas- 

Ecclesiastic, Padulcas ; Ukchepadulcas' ; Pa- 




Echinus, Mad'oocs. 

Echo, Haktofjowaak ; BAktogowaamk' ; Bak- 

The gun reechoes, IJaktoogowcdelk'. 

Eclipse, Sokwct. 

The sun is eclipsed, Sokwct nagoosct. 

The moon is eclipsed, SokwCt dcpkunooset. 

Economy, y. ?'., Kcndme. 

Ecumsekum, />. »., Mcjjwfi'.agrink. (A place 

to the ('(iNtii'iird of lldlijax, on tke ahore.J 
An eddy, apskwobegitk'. 
Edge, \\ ilnoogvvon. 
The edge of a bank, kaskfiak. 
On the edge of a river, kaskisebook'. 
On the edge of a bluff, kaskusdk. 
On the edge of a lake, kaspcmk. 
The edge of a lake, kaspcm 
The edge of the channel of a stream, 

The edge of a road, kaskowte. 
At the edge of the road, kaskowtik. 
Along the edge of a mountain, kaske- 


The edge of the woods, kaskatk'. 

By the edge of the woods, kaskatkudook. 

To edge, ("to uli'irpfti). L'scboodoo'. 
Edict, utploodakiin ; Tcbloocicgemkawa'. 
Edification, Wclabcdumoookun ; kcgenamad- j 

inikavva' ; Wclkwijaldimkawri' 
Edifice, NN'igwdm ; Wcnjegvvom. 
To edify, kcgenoodiimak' ; 

Wclkwijadc^ri' : Wclalicmk'. 
To educate, kcgenoodiimooa'. 
Education, kegcnoodfimoocnik' 

awa' ; kcgcnoodumooksoode ; 

asimk' ; kcgcnooduinas'oodc. 
An eel, kat. 

The lamper eel, kopskwedum. 
A rock eel, Hanogopskiiiiow'. 
A conger eel, kadcnoks. 
A split eel, OopakTimsow' ; bctooaasow'. 
An eel-pot, kodabc, mnl, kadavvaabe. 

The jaws of an eel-pot, Tu'grdakun. 




A fresh- water eel, elnekat'. 

To spear eels in the mud in winter, 


An eelskin, kadaagei. 

To fish for eels, kadaaga. 

Eel grass, kadaskool. 

Eel Ground, />. n., (X. B.), NenadooSkun. 

Eel Brook, />. n., (Y<irmoutk, N. S.), VVip- 

Effectuate, kesedoo ; kesaadoo. 
Effeminate, abitawe cheniimooe. 
To effervesce, Pesaooogwck. 

Efficacious, Efficient, Wclabcmkook ; Wel- 

uhtapsooiiik ; Wclloogwck'. 
Effluvia, Effluvium, Tan tclemaak; Win- 

Effort, Winpasinik ; cloogwcmk'. 
Effulgence, Boktadck'. 
To effuse, koodaadoo ; koodadcnjfi'. 
Effusion, koodadcgcmk' ; koodadoomk'. 
Egg, Waoo. 

Egmont Bay, p. n., Wegwaak. 
Eggshell, Soogooliigaskiidiguna' ; SegooliigAs- 

kudis'"'-«". ; Oochagumkaskwe. 

The yolk of an egg, Wadoptck waoo. 

The white of an egg, Wobaak waoo. 

A spoiled egg, fdoweaak. 

Egress, Tawecmk'. 

Eject, cjigidaadoo ; cjigulaaluk ; ejigulo'dcga'. 

Ejectment, Ejection, cjigiiladcgeinkawa'. 

Eight, Oogumoolchin, 

There are eight of us, oogumoolchin-taseek. 

To go eight at a time, coogumoolchinta- 

Eight things, Oogiimoolchititasugul. 
Eight nights and days, Oogumoolchiii- 

Eighth, Ooguinoolchinawa'. 
Eighteen, 'Mluhi clicl oogumoolchin. 
To be eighteen years old, Mctlaseboonei' 

chcl oogunioolcbin. 
Eighteen nights and days, Meilasoogoo- 

naak chel uogumuulchin. 



Eighteen years, Mctlaseboonkuk chel oog- 

Eighteenth, 'Mtulnawa chcl oosiimoolchin. 
Eighty, OoKiimoulchin-tasinskaak. 
T am eighty years old, Ogumoolchintasin- 

Eighty days and nights, Oogumoolchin- 

Eighty years, Oogumoolchintasinskugeboon- 

Eight-score, Naookt kuskimtulnakun chcl 

There are eighty of us, Oogumoolchintas- 

Either, Tan ba wen. 

Elaborate, v., kesaadoo ; kakeikeskjijaadoo. 
Elastic, Abajigeak'; Aboktcsk ; Abooikpck'; 

Elate, cmteske ; Mclkedoodum ; cmteske- 

doodum ; espedaaliise ; Alooevvolse. 
Elbow, Mooskunegun'; 
Elder, n., kesegoo' ; Sakumow. 
Elder, «'//., ajekesegooe. 
Elders, Sakawachkik'. 
Elder, fa species of wood), Poogoolooskw ; Poo- 

gooloskwemoose ; Poogoolooskwemanokse. 
Elderberries, Poogoolooskwemaniil. 
Eldest, Mowekesegooe. 
Elecampane, kuledowmagawa'. 
To elect, Nenasooncga' ; Nenasoonum ; Ne- 

Election, Nenasoonumugawa'. 
Elect, («'//., Nenasoonoot'; plur., Nenasoonoojik 
Electricity, Wosogwodcskawa'. 
Elemosynary, kewikse; Yaltawoktumei' : 

Ncdadawfi' : Nadoo wen tan wedowsit 

nadooodakiin iktook. 
Elegance, n., kuloo'soode; Welmudoomkawa'. 
Elegant, adj., keloose'; VVelmudoo. 
Element, Tan kogooaal wejekesedasigul. 
Elements, Tan til kogooafd tumk kesedasigul, 

ak tanul ap uktugul kogooaal wejekese- 


Elephant, Kastogobiijit, (a sea row), elepiin'. 
To elevate, Wenagaadoo; Ncnichaadoo; 

espaadoo ; kakwaadoo. 
Elevation, Wenagaadoomk ; Nemchaadoomk ; 

espaadoomk ; kakwaadoomk. 
Elevator, Noojeoonaga'dcga ; Noojeespa'dega', 

Noojekakwa'dega' : Tan kakwa'degck'. 
Eleven, 'Mtfdn die! naookt. 
There are eleven of us, Naooktinskukseek 

chel naookt. 
Eleven days and nights, Mctlasoogoonaak 

chel naookt. 
It is the eleventh day of the month, 

Metlasoogoonit chel naookt. 
To be eleven years old, Mctlaseboonei' 

chel naookt. 
Eleven years, Metlaseboonkuk chel naookt. 
The eleventh, 'Mtulnawa' chel naookt. 
Elf, Widguladumooch ; Mundoo ; Skudakum- 

ooch' yalasooenoo ak kewowit. 
To elicit, Wejuhsooaadoo. 
Eligible, kesenemosoonimk'; VVelekuloolk' ; 

Welpit'; VVeltek'. 
Elk, Team'. 
Elm tree, Wikpe. 
Made of elm, Wikpe.i'. 

An elm grove, Wikpea'gumikt ; Wikpea'kade. 
Land bearing elms, VVikpeakumcgek.' 
Elm Tree River, p. n., Wobaboookchtik. 

(White Wafers. J 
Elocution, Welabv.:-T;ooemkawa' ; Welawis- 

toonikawa' ; Nedowewistoomkawii'. 
To elongate, kesaadoo ootajepedaanu. 
To elongate a piece of iron by hammer- 
ing, Sebaktaam. 
To elope, Wesemoogw,-' ; Pokcheebe. 
"Eloppixient, Pokcheebimk' ; VVesemoogwomk'. 
Eloquent, ('J'o he), VVelaboogooa' ; VVeiawis- 

too ; Ncdowewistoo ; VVeladooa'. 
Else, prov., uktiik. 
Else, ad>'., Moo enkooda. 
Elsewhere, uktfik nadame. 
To elucidate, Pakeikenoodumooa' ; Pakeike- 






Elucidation, Pakcikenuodumook'soodej Pa- 

Elucidator, Noojcpakeikenoodumooa' ; Nooje- 

Elysian, Mowekuloo'soodea ; Mgstowoolodea' ; 

Emaciate, v. tr., kesaaluk ootaloosanu. 
Emaciate, v. ivt., Pcmealosae. 
Emaciation, Pcmealoosaamk. 
Emanate, W ejca' : Wejeskalea'. 
Emancipate, TCIaaluk wen ootalsoomsin ; 

usedalumk kestcjoo ootalsoomsinu. 
To emaskulate, Mcnsuk. 
To embark, v. int., Tebaase kwediin iktook. 
To embark, v. tr., Tebaadoo ; Tebaaluk. 
Embarkation, Tcbcdaamk Wenjoolkoodook ; 

Tebaadimk kwedijiioogu. 
To embarrass, Weduma^k' ; Wetkoolk' ; 

Embassador, elegawitawe-noodagooduma ; Sa- 

kumowenoodagunooclum ; Noojekuhkwene. 
Embassage, Agunoodumakun tan tula' kum- 

utkcnoou tantelkeek; Noojekuhkwenimk. 
To embellish, Elaadoo ootoollenu; Etaba- 

oolum ; Amaloogwodum ; Amfiloogwa' ; 

Amaloksum ; Amologumakaam ; Amalip- 

Embers, Tupkwon ; Wiskiinlpkw'. 
To embezzle, kumootuna'. 
To embrace, Weswaadoo; kagejokchaaluk; 

To embroider, Amaleesowwii'; elabegeesowwa; 

Embroidered with gold, VVisowsooIeawa- 

To embroil, Sespenagik : kesalugik ookamee- 


To emerge, Bowkwijaase ; Bovvkwijeik' ; Peg- 

obaase ; Pogobae ; Moospegaase ; Moos- 

kitpcgaase ; Wejuhtooolkaase, 'Nsegesoowa'. 

Emetic, 'Mpesoon tan telaadegek' oosokoo- 

demin ; Sokoodema'Iooek' 'mpesoon. 
Emigrant, Tan wen nokluk ootnutke ak aleet' 

ap nadame ootutlugadumunu. 

To emigrate, ajookse ak alea' pela' makume- 

gek' oochit 'ntetlugadumunu ; Sasa. ■'adoo 

Eminence, Nadame espaak ; Espaimkawa': 

kepmeda'dasimk : ukpumedaakakun ; kep- 

To be eminent, kakwaakaiim ; espea' ; H- 

palookse ; kepmae ; kepmeda'dase ; kep- 

medalumookse ; espaalookse. 
Emissary, Noojintooae ; Noojeabogunumooa' 

uloowawood iktook. 
Emission, koodaadoomk ; ejigulaadoomk ; 


To emit, koodaadoo : ejigulaadoo ; elega'. 

Emmet, kelegwejit. 

Emolument, kaneawimkawa' ; kaneawoode ; 

Abogunumadimkawa' ; Abankudooowa'. 
Emotion, 'Mtaleda'swokun majaasimk' ; Chip- 
took edook wen kesuhkweiik, kusna', kese- 

oonmajedaasit, kusa' mowikseooledaasit. 
To empale, Owweloodoo: Owwepiskaadoo. 
Emperess, Empress, elegaweeskw. 
Emperor, elegawit. 
Empire, clegawaage ; elegawitawoode ; ele- 

To be an emperor, elegawitawe. 
Empiric, Telooa 'nmiilbalawitawinu kadoo 

exsooogun na ; aoolajemvilbulawitawe. 
To employ, v. tr., Igunumak ootelookwenu; 

To be employed, Wcdiimae; elookwa'. 
Employ, Loogowokun. 
Employment, Loogowokiin ; eloogwemkawa' ; 

Employer, Nojewediameda'deget; Alsoosit 

To empoverish, aooleek ; TSIaaluk ootaoola- 

jinii ; kokwaadak ootapsoon. 
Emptier, Yalesigwa'dega'. 
Emptiness, Sigwadoomkawa'. 
Empty, Sigwaak ; Wipskuu ; Wipskae. 
To be empty*handed, V\ ipskaase ; Wipskae. 
To empty, Sigwaadoo; Sigwaaluk; Sintum ; 

Sinpuk ; Senum. 



To emulate, Nabooesase ; Naboogwa'. 
Emulation, Nabooegasimk ; Nabooegasool- 

To enable, Melkigunawaaluk. 
To enact, Tebloodakadijik; TebloocJum ; 

Moweagunoodumajik alsoo'sood iktfjok. 

To encamp, VVeegijik. 

An encampment, Oodun' ; (compare toivn, 

shortened into ton); Wegimk. 
To enchain, kebgubilk'. 
To enchant, Boooinwa'dcg^a' ; Boooinwaadoo ; 

Boooinwaaluk ; Boooeenuk. 
An enchanter, Booiun. 
Enchantment, Boooinwa'dAkun ; Boooinwa'- 

degemk' ; Boooinwa'soode. 
Enchantress, Boooineeskw. 
To encircle, kuhtogwaadoo ; kuhtogvvaaluk. 
To enclose, Owweloodoo ; Amnapcgalugik 
Enclosure, Owwepiska'daktin ; Owweloodasik. 
Encomium, Mooewolsoode ; Mooewodumug- 

Encore, Ap ; Apch. 
To encounter, Matunaaga; Matun^k'. 
An encounter, Matundoolllmk ; Maliindimk'. 

To encourage, Welkwijelak' ; Welkwijaaluk. 
To be encouraged, VVelkwijae 

Encouragement, Nooj i n s u tooaboogooe m- 

kawa' ; Welkwija'ddkun ; Weikvvijaitnkawa. 
To encroach, kemootumadumak ; kokwaadak. 
An encumbrance, Wetkooloocmk' ; Wuhsoon. 
End, n., Wagwaak ; Wagwaat ; clskweiik ; 

My end, Ntelmekespeakum'. 
To end, elekespeak' ; Wagwonskudek'. 
The story ends, kespea'dooksit. 
To drive it on the end, kakamudaam. 
It ends, BooneAk'. 
To endanger, kwedabogtinea ; kwedahoguna'- 

ddga; Nenestowenokse; Nenestowenoksoolk. 
To endeavour, kwejaadoo; kwfjetula'dcga ; 

An endeavour, n., Winpasimk. 

Endless, Ma booneanook ; Ma kakayanook ; 

Endurance, kakumoodumugawa'. 
Endure, kakumoudum ; Nciika'mase ; enka'm- 

ase ; Sebadek' ; Mclkuloogwck' ; Sebabek ; 

Sebagebooosit ; Septeskum. 
An enemy, kcdantegawenoo ; keilantegfiwe- 

nooe ; Noojiktoootegawenooe ; Noojiktoo- 

otegawenoo ; kedanteck ; kedooodcga'. 
Energetic, Sasak'use ; Metkigtinae. 
Energy, Sasakusooltimk' ; Mulgiguiiode. 
Engine, Muolina'dasik. 
English, Aglascaoo. 
To speak English, Aglaiseaooeese ; Aglase- 

To speak English well, Weleaglaseaooeese ; 

An Englishwoman, VVenjoochkwech, (a 

wlnte w ■uuiiij ; Aglaseaweeskw. 

To resemble the English, Aglaseaooomookse. 
To have a face like the English, Aglase- 

An English custom or fashion, Aglase- 

An English vessel, Aglaseaoolkw'. 
The English language, Aglascaooeesimk ; 


To engrave, Amalapsktidaaga; elapskudaaga ; 

cloksum ; Amaloksovvwa. 
An engraver, NoojeamalapskudaSga ; Nooje- 

To enlarge, ajimkeidoo' ; Makeidoo. 
To enlarge a hole, Wosalkaadoo. 
To enlighten, Wosogwa'dcga ; Wosogwaadoo ; 

Wosogwaaluk ; Wosogwaadak ; Wosogoo- 

numadum ; Wosogoonumalk' ; kcgenood- 

umak'. ("fo instruct.) 

An enlightener, Noojewosogwadcga' ; Nooje- 

To enlist, kesaaluk oosumagCinisawinu. 
Enmity, kctkedalsoode ; uktugeda'dakun ; 

Enormous, Mowimsugilk'. 



Enough, TabeAk'. 

To enrage, Wegeiak'. 

To enrich, Milasooenooaaluk. 

To enrol, awekrim oowesoonum. 

Ensign, 'Mtowegiin. 

To enslave, kestcjooaaluk. 

To ensnare, Paadulk ; Paadoogwa'. 

To enter, Piskwae ; Pejaase ; Tebaase ; Pis- 

kwcdesin ; kejedaase ; elepiskvvaajul. 
To entice, Moonseiak'. 

Entire, Mesae ; Mcsfiak ; 'Msut ; Tan telkeek. 
To entomb, Ootkoodei'. 
Entrails, Oolukse. 
Entrance, kaagun : kagiinadasik ; Piskvvaad- 

imk ; Piskvvedaamk._ 
To envelope, Wcsketoktimagaadoo; aoones- 

An envelope, Oosketckumaga'dakun ; aoone- 

skvvokumega'dakun ; c'ooneskvvega'dakun 
Envious, To envy, Pilsedaase ; Pilsedaadum ; 

Pilsedaalumk ; VViskooeda'dega ; Wiskoo- 

edaadum ; Wiskooedaalumk ; Wiskooed- 

aase ; Wiskooojeda'liimuk. 
Envy, «., Wiskooogfin ; Pilsode ; Pilseda'soode. 
Epaulet, Lageieegunabe. 
Epicure, Booskadal' ; Pesogwodal ; aoosam- 

adal' ; liooskeaoosamtum. 
Epidemic, Wiskuswokun ; uksenoogowokun : 

Wiskusimkavva' ; Wiskiisooltimk. 
To have an epidemic, VViskuse 
Epistle, Weegadigun. 
Equability, kokwoja'dakun. 
Equal, (nr. tiro are equal), Tetpoodeek'. 
We all are equal, Tetpoolteck. 
To be an " equal in rank," i«< per., Nedap ; 

iind per., kedap ; ^inl per., VVedabal'. (My 

equal; thy equal ; his equal.) 
To equip, keskajaaluki keskaja'luse ; keskaja'- 

dcga ; cgunaase. 
Equipment, keskajadakun ; keskajadegem- 

kawa' ; egunaadimk. 
Equitable, kokwojedk' ; Weimudoo ; kokwoje- 

dii'dcga ; kokwojaadoo ; kokwojedaase; 


Equity, kokwoja'dakun ; kokw5jeda'dSkun. 
To equivocate, kespoogwa'dega' ; gksooa' ; 

Equivocation, uksiiboogwa'dAkun ; 2ksoo6- 
gun; kelooskoookiin; kelooskabawimkawii'. 

Equivocator, Booskeckscoa' ; Booskeaoola' ; 
kespoogwa'dega' ; kSlooskabawe. 

Eradicate, kakeiskwiskaadoo ; ketpiskodoo ; 
ketpiskaadoo ; kctpibkeegoo ; kakeiktume- 
daagik ; kedmcda'dfga ; kakeiksuga'dega ; 
kakeiksugaadoo ; k^dmedaagik ; kakeina- 
bagik ; kedumeskik ; kedmeda'mdnul ; 

Eradication, ketpiskSdoomk ; kakeiskwiskaa- 
doomk' ; kakeinabadegemk' ; kedmeda'- 
dcgemk ; kedmedadakadimk' ; kSdmeda'- 

To erase, kakeiksugaadoo ; kssegwSdum ; 

Ere, (uh\, aaskw moo. 

Erelong, Oogoopchik; Chijegoooku; Wegipch'. 

To erect, v. tr., Wenagaadoo ; Wenagaaluk. 

To erect a building, aw.*ega. 

To elevate in dignity, espaaluk ; gspaadoo. 

To sit erect, Wcljokpe. 

Erection, kakwaadoomk ; espaadoomk ; ka- 
kvva'degemk' ; espaldimkavva'. 

To err, Obula'dega ; Pesogowhteekumei' ; 

Pada'dcga. Wenea' : Pesogwiiya' ; Peso- 

gea' ; Pesokedaase ; Pesokedaadum ; Obul- 

Errand, Nedankooamkawa'; 'Mtumodakun; 

Tan kogooa' alea' 'nsooaadoon. 
To go on an errand, Nedankooei'. 
To send him on an errand, Nedankooaak. 
Erroneous, Moo teleanook. Moo kokwrgjea- 

nook. Pesogeaak. 
Error, Obula'dakun ; Pesokeda'dakun. 
To eruct, Welei'. 

Eructation, Welamk' ; Welamkawa'. 
Eruption, VVechkeemk' ; Wechkeemkawa'j 

kesebeemkawa' ; Pastcsk' wiskuu. 
Eskalop, Sakskalaas. 



To escape, Wcsemoogwei' ; keseboolooa' ; 

kesitpusiktum ; Pesokeak'. 
Steavh or smoke esai/x's — leaks out, Ta- 
ooipkudik ; Tfiooipkiidaasik, 
Escape, v., \\ gsemoogwomk' ; kesitpiisiktum- 

uk'; kesitpusiktumugawa' ; kesebooloocmk'. 
To eschew, Medadoodum ; kctkedadum ; 

Makskcltum ; kewedesin'; kewonskudesin' ; 

kesitpusiktum ; Tcpoose. 
To escort, Ankwaak'; AnkodSga' ; Neganow- 

tekumAk' ; Noodowteekumooa' ; Noodow- 
• teckumAk'. 
An escort, Noodowteektimooa' ; Noodowte'- 

kfimoocmkawri' ; Neganowteekumooa'; Ne- 

ganowtekumooemk' ; Ankodegcmkawa'. 
Esculent, Mechipchawaik ; Malkodumum- 

kawa' ; Mijesimkawa' ; Malkomasik. 
An escutcheon, CA Totem), Ooteomiil. 
Especial, Mowwekuloolk' ; Mowweespaak ; 

Especially, upcheloo ; Melooich'. 
To essay, kweja'dega ; kwcjetula'dega' ; kweje- 

lookvvodum ; kwejaadoo; kwejelookwa'. 
To establish, Melkeboogooaadoo. 
Estate, v., Ootapsoon ; Ootal'egem. 
To esteem, kesadum ; kesaik' ; kepmedaadum ; 

kcpmedafdumk ; Megedaadum ; Megedaa- 

lutnk ; cspedaadum ; espedaalumk; Ted- 

Esteem, uksalsoode ; ukpumeda'dakun ; Mow- 

ikpumeda'dAkun ; Megeda'dakun ; espeda'- 

Estimable, Megode ; Mcgodik. kesalkoose : 

espae ; Movvikpumedalumookse : kesal- 
koose ; Wclmudoo; espeda'lumookse. 
Estimableness, Woolmudoomkawa' ; keloo'- 

soode; kcbalkoosoode; cspedalamooksoode; 

Mowikpumedrdiimooksoode ; Movvikputne- 

da'dakun ; Megeda'dakun. 
To estimate, Tcdaboodaam ; Tedabooda'dega ; 

lisoodega' ; Ilsoodum' ; Noodamk' ; Nood- 

aptum ; eleda'dega ; egilcha' ; Ilkediim ; 

llkedumel' ; UkedumAk'. 

Estuary, Baktaba'. 

Eternal, Apchooawa' ; Tan Mogwa' wejip- 

kotumkasinoogwek', ak ma booneanook ; 

ak ma kakya'nook. 
Eternally, Yapchoo : apchoo. 
Eternity, Apchooawoode; Yapchooawoode. 
Etiquette, Tan kokwojedk' tuladegen' wig- 

limow iktook. 
Eucharist, krimuncawoode. 
Euphonic, Euphonical, WCltaal:. 
Evangelical, kokwojealasoodrimumkawaya'. 
Evangelist, Noojinsutooaboogooa'; Noojip- 

siidoonum : Ncojebakwipscdoonum. 
To evaporate, Penipkudaak. 
Evaporation, Pemipkudamiik'. 
Eve, Evening, Welaakw. 
Last evening, Wgiaagwek. 
This ensuing evening, Oolonook. 
Evening before last, uktugeoolaagwek. 
Of or belonging to the evening, Wela'gawa'. 
A fine evening, Weleoolaak. 
A cold evening, Tegitpaak. 
The evening will be cold, uktugitpakdedow'. 
A stormy evening, Medooe-oolaak. 
Towards evening, Welaagwik: Oolaagwik: 

To hunt in the evening, Welogwae. 
An evening hunt, Welogwamkawa'. 
An evening meal, (supper), Welogwodulool- 


To take my evening meal, Welogwoddl'. 

Ever, Forever, Yapchoo : Apchoo. 

To have it forever, Aptoonum. 

Evergreen, Mogwa' kesogwogweaanook. 

Everlasting, apchooawa' , Yapchooawa'. 

Everlasting-life, apchememajoookun. 

Evermore, apchoo ; Yapchoo. 

Every, Tan tasuk : Tan tasit ; 'Msut : Tan tas. 

Every day, Tasegiskuk. 

Everywhere, Msiit nadame. Nandem ; Bah- 

kwuu ; 'Msut tame. 
To be everywhere, Kahkwe-heem. 
To rule everywhere, Bahkweaisoose. 




Hvestigate, Pebanooichkadum ; kwelooedaa- 
dum : Hanooichkadcfifi' ; kwelooeda'dega ; 
Ankaptiim ; PakumajfiAk'. 

liVidence, cloocdiimasoode. 

To evidence, clooedumSse. 

Evident, Masoodt-k: TcIccW: Pakeiniimedasik. 

Evil, Winmudoomkavva' ; filoowfiwoode ; Win- 

soode ; Pada'soode, 
Evildoer, Hooskepadadega' ; eioowawit' ; Win- 

Evil-favored, Winabawe. 
Evil-favoredness, Winabawimk'. 
Evil-minded, kclooskab'awe ; Winmudok' ; 

kespoogwadcga' ; Winedadega' ; Wiiiedaase; 

Moo kcloosu' ; Moo wclmiidoo. 
Evil-speaking, Winaboogooemkawa' : Pilsa- 

boogoocmkawa' ; Winloodumugavva'. 
To eviscerate, keleoluk; Pegwijaaluk. 
Ewe, elgwcdoo chechkclooaooch ; chechkelooa- 

ooch mooltedaoo. 
Exact, <t<lj , kokwojeak' : Bejulekokwojeak'. 
Exactly, AnsoomShu. 
To exact, Mcdooadega' ; Medooaaluk. 
To exaggerate, ebistame. 
To exalt, Mcgedaadiim ; Megedaalumk; es- 

paaluk' ; Mcdogvvolk' ; cspuloouk'. 
To examine, Ankaptega'; Wcleankaptum ; 

Menakujcankaptum ; Pakumajaak' ; Peba- 
nooichkadum ; Tokumajodum ; Tedokum- 

Example, Asecdimk ; Nabege'sigtin ; Naboo- 

To exasperate, Wegeidk.'. 
To excavate, Powchulkudaam ; Paooch&Ikaa- 

doo ; Wolkobegaadoo. 
An excavation, Paoocbalka'doomkawa' ; W61- 

kobcjj;a'clakun ; elmalkuk'; Toogoonaak ; 

To exceed, Wcsametula'dcgii ; Mowvvevvoole- 

tiila'dcga ; Wiswigunodega. 
Exceedingly, Mowuti ; Loku; Mowepoogwele. 
To excel, Uiswodcga' ; Ajeooletuladcga'. 
Excellence, kuloo'soode; Mowekuloo'soode ; 


Excellent, Mowwekuloo'se ; Mowwewoola'dSs- 

ik ; Mowwewoolmudoo ; Mowweespae. 
Except, Pasuk. 
To except, Moo nespugimAk'. ([don't count 

him ivUk Ike rest. I except him.) 
Excess, BooskadAlmugavva. ; aoosama'dAkun ; 


Eating to excess, MSsiktakunfimk', 
Drinking to excess, Wikpooltimk ; Wik- 
Excessive, Mowimsiigeek; Wesamimsugeek ; 

Excessively, Wesamuu ; aoosSmuiS. 
To exchange, Sasawe ; Sasawaadoo ; Sasa- 

Excision, kedmedodcgemkawa ; kedmedadgg- 

To excite, MoonseiAk' ; Masagaadoo ; Masa- 

To exclaim, kesegowwistoo ; k2segowintoo ; 

Nedowwa' ; koo'kwgme ; kedook'. 
Exclamation, kesegowwistoomk' ; Nedow- 

wemk' ; kookwemk'. 
To exclude, Tawaaliik; ejigulaalak. 
To excommunicate, Wejejigulaalak sante- 

Excommunication, Wgjejigulaadoomk sante- 

mo'.vweom iktook. 
To excoriate, Pesaadoo ; PesaalUk. 
Excrement, Mejun'. 
Excrementitious, Mejuna'. 
Excressence, Tan wejeskaleAk' nadoo kogooa' 

Excruciate, Amaskwibulniik'; WemmAjaak'j 

kesenoogowak' ; Amaskvvibiinaak'. 
Excubation, Naooktitpagawa' eskumaadimk. 
To exculpate, Weleilsoomak' ; Telitplooddk' 

To excuse, Qseda'lum^k' ; abiksiktumSk' tan 

Execrable, VVinchuk'; Makskelt^kuna'. 
To execrate, almegedoo; Almoodum ; Al- 

mimk' ; VVintoonka' j Winimk. 



Execration, AalmegSdoomkawa'; Winaboo- 

To execute, elookwddum ; kesaadoo ; kes- 

Execution, kakeikeskaja'dakQn : keskSja'- 

Exercise, eloogwemk' ; eloogoodimk' ; Logo- 

To exercise, v. tr., Senooiskeboolk' ; Senoois- 

keboodoo ; Senooiskeesoolse. fTo take 

exercise : Lit., To loosen vp ove's joints 

and liniha by moving briskly aboxit.) 

To exert, Musagaase ; Winpdse; Utkigiin- 

aase, and, utigunaase. 
Exertion, Winpasimk' ; Utigunaadimk' ; Uti- 


Exhalation, Oon ; Piksaak ; Piksabogea' ; 

Exhale, kesmulSme. 

Exhaust, Newaadoo ; Newaaluk ; Chinkumis- 
umk; Sintum; Sinpuk ; Sinskwa'; Paalum; 
kakayaadoo ; kakaadoo ; Mestaase ; Mes- 

To be exhausted with labour and hard- 
ship, ketunumei'; kespuna'; kesekespuna'. 

Exhaustion, Mewaadoomk ; Mewa'dakun ; 
ketunumfimk' ; Mcstaasimk; Mestaadoomk. 

To exhibit, Nayaadoo ; Masooaadoo ; Nayaa- 

luk ; Naya'luse ; iMasooaaluk' ; Naya'dega' ; 

Exhibitioner, Noojemaswaadega'. 
Exhibition, Masooa'dakuti ; Nayaadoomk ; 

To exhilirate, Weskowkwijaaluk ; Ilkwijaaluk ; 

To exhort, Nestooaboogooa' ; Pestoonum ; 

Nestowimk' ; Nemoksoolk'. 
Exhortation, Nestooaboogoo2mkawa' ; Pes- 

toonumugawa' ; Nemoksooltimkawa' ; Nes- 

Exhorter, Noojinsutooaboogooa' ; Noojipsud- 

Exile, Tan wen wejejigulaaioot oomutkigu. 

To exist, Tela2 ; aum. (Note. — There is no 
one word in Micmac that denotes mere 
existence. The nearest to this is aum — 
conf. / am, and Greek, liimi — which 
denotes being in a ylnce. To be here, 
MemSje. come& next — to live.) 

To exonerate, Wclilsoomk; Tebloomk' ooko- 

Exorbitant, Wesamepoogwelk'. Wcsamim- 


Exotic, '«'(/ , Pelooa' ; Moo tiila' kumutkenaku ; 

Expand, Sinwegaadoo: Sikankodoo ; Sakan- 

kaadoo ; Senoogwcgaadoo ; elagaadoo ; 

Ncnasaadoo ; Nciiasodoo ; elagaadoo ; Se- 

belegodoo ; elsasodoo. 
To expect, eskebcdoo ; Ese-skebaak. 
Expectorate, Nogum ; elooskwdtlum peskook. 
To expel, Ejigulaaluk ; ejigulaadoo; Tfiwejig- 

ulaaluk ; TawejigCdaadoo ; ejigulteskak' ; 

esaak ; Wesaak. 
To expend, kakodCim ; kcskaadoo ; Poogwel- 

Expense, kakodumumkawa'. 
Expenseful, Megodik ; Mowimkodik ; Poo- 

Experience, kejedasimkawii'. 
Experiment, kwejaadoomk. 
Expert, Nedowwagadega'; Nedowwae a?i(Z Ned- 

owea' : Sasak'use ; Nedow\v5dcga'. 
Expertness, Nedowagadcgemk'. 'Ntawagadd- 

kun ; Ncdovvvv6d(5gemk'. 
To expiate, Ilkwija'dcga' ; Abankudiim. 
Expiation, Ilkwijadegcmk' ; Ilkwija'dakun ; 


To expire, Ncskadasin'; egoolame; Aptoolame. 
To explain, kegenoodum ; kegenoodumooa; 

Pakeiwedum : Explanawe : Pakeikenood- 

Explanatory, Pakeikenoodiimooek'. 
Explanation, Pakeikenoodumooemkawa' ; 

kegenoodumooksoode ; kenamatinawa'. 
Explicit, Pakeikena'mooa' ; Welekakeikenood- 






To explode, v. int., Pastt5sk'. 

To explode, v tr., Pastcsumuk' ; Tawejigiil- 

aalak ; kakei-tawejigulaadoo ; kesegowwe- 

To explore, Pebanooichkodum ; YSlkwelum ; 

MCnakuje-ulkwelum ; TSdokumajodum ; 

Explosion, Pastcsk' ; kesegowwepastesk'. 
To export, Cleptima'dega' makumegegul kun- 

cgaal kamfiak iikchigum nabigvvon iktook. 
Exportation, Pcmaadoomk abaktookawaal 

Expositor, Noojepakeikenoodrimooa'. 
To expostulate, PCtkimk ; nciiakuje-kenood- 

umak ; Nestooaboogooa. 

Expostulation, Pctkimtimkawa ; Nestooaboo- 

To expunge, Kaswektim ; kakeiksugaadoo. 
To extend, v. int., almudek. The ruad extends 

To extend my arm, Sebinskaase. 
To extend, t. tr., Sebinskaadoo : cdukoluk ; 

To exterminate, kepmedaam ; kakeikep- 

External, koojum ; koojumoogawa'. 
Externally, koojumook'. 
Extinct, kedniedotkik : NakasooSk' ; Naka- 

soooboock ; kakayAk' ; kakeiksiiga'dasik. 

To extinguish, Nakasooaadoo: Nakasooobaa- 
doo ; Makasooaam ; kedmedaagik : kakeik- 

Extirpate, kctpiskodoo; ketpiskaadoo; ketpis- 
keegoo : kakeiksugaadoo. 

To extol, Mcgedaadum: Mcgedaliamuk' : Mooe- 
wodiim ; Mooewoik'. 

To extort, Megowtoogwa ; Megovvtoogwowk' ; 
kokwa'dcga' ; kokvvaadak. 

Extorter, Noojekokwaadega' ; Noojekumoo- 
tiina' : Booskimkowtoogvva' ; Noojimkow- 

Extortion, Noojekokwadegemk' ; Noojimkow- 
toogwetuk' ; Booskimkowtoogwcmk'. 

To extract, Wcjiihsooaadoo ; Tawfilkaacloo. 
To extricate, Apkwaaltik ; kCdalka'df-ga ; 

kudaikaaluk ; kedaikaadoo ; kSsegwaaluk ; 

Exuberant, PeSmedk' ; Mowepoogwglimstig- 

Exudation, Tuo;uneaoode. 
To exudate. To exude, TegQnea'. 
To exult, Mowwewooledaase. 
Exultation, Mowwewooleda'soode ; Mowe- 

wooledaasimk ; Mowewooledasooltimk'. 

Excuviae, Oosegdt' ; Choojeejooaage. 

An eye, 'Mpiikik. 

My eye, Thy eye, His eye, 'Npiikik, 

ii'kpiikik, Oopukik. 
To have eyes, Oopuk'igwe ; Wepkegwe. 
To open the eyes, Wobaase. 
To shut the eyes, Sebegwaase. 
To wipe the eyes, kasabulgegSse. 
To turn the eyes, alabuigegwaase ; Yalabul- 

To open the eyes wide, Makalkegwaase. 
To have black eyes, Mdktawobulgegwaase. 
To have shining eyes, Wdsogobulgegwaasc. 
To eye it, (look carefully at it), eskumadum : 

The eyeball, iilnoojech. (The little Indian, 


The eyebrow, i, Nitk ; 2, kitk ; 3, Witk. 
The eyelash, i, Numsegwonk'; 2, kiimse- 

gwonk' ; 3, Ooomsegwonk. 
An eyelash, Mumsegwonk. 
To slap something into one's own eyes, 


To pluck out his eyes, kedalkeegook. 
To close the eyes partially, Medooespe- 

To have the eyes shut, Sebegwa'. 

To have the eyes sunk into the head, 

My eyes stand out, kejalkegw.i'. 
To have something in the eye, Paase. 
To "range" with the eye, kcchkweaptum. 





N. B. — There is no / in Micmac. When attempting to pronounce French or English 
words, which contain this letter, they give it the sound of b or p. 

Fable, Atookwokun ; cksooogun. 
To fable, Atookwowe. 
To fabricate, eledoo : ke'sedoo. 
Fabrication, eiedoomk' ; Clookwomk' : kese- 

Fabrick, Tan kogooa kesediisik ; 'Msut ko- 

goowii' tan cledasik ; Wigwom ; Wenje- 

gwom ; Laklans, etc., etc. 
Face, 'nsisk' ; uksisk'. Oosisk'. 
To have a pretty face, VVcIabawe. 
To have an ugly face, Winabawe. 
To have a clean face, Wokumegwei'. 
To wash the face, kasegwaase. 
To wash his face for him, kasegodulk'. 
I wash your face, kasegoduiool'. 
To have a wrinkled face, Atkegwei'. 
To have a dirty face, Oochalowwegwei'. 
To face, Wechkwisumaase ; Astoogobe ; ele- 

boogooaase ; elegeboogwaase ; eleboogoo- 

We face each other, Astooeboogooeaek' .. 


I sit facing this way, Wechkweasiimus- 

To lie on the face, Tookchcsumaase. 

Facile, Nakumaseak'. 

To facilitate, Abogiinumadijm ; kesaadoo 


Facility, Nakumasea'degemk' ; Ndkumasea'- 

A fact, kedlawaoookun' ; Tan tula'dasik ; Tan 

keskaja'dasik ; kedulawa'. 
It is a fact, kediil edook' ; Na tuhu ; Teledk'. 
A faction, Segwiskaalkimk : Nowskaldimk. 
A split up into many factions, kakeiye 


To be split up into many factions, ka- 

Faculty, Mulgigunode ; Nedowwodegemk'. 
To fade, kasogeak'; kakastukcAk' ; W6bok- 

Faeces, Mejtin': Scgoode: kckchaak ; ktijaboo. 
To fag, kespuna' ; Sawigunae: kakunumei' ; 


To fail, kakiinumei' ; kakaya' ; kakayAk' ; 
ulowea ; Ncntowwaase ; Cntowwaase. Noo- 
dowtoogwa' ; Pcsoguyak ; Nootkwei-win- 
pajedaadiim ; Nootkweiguncdum ; Menow- 
wedaadum : Noodae ; NoodagunCdiim. 
IJoonabae : kakabaak'. 

A failure, Chumoochkus. 

To faint, Wigwea' ; Nowtaase ; Sewea' ; Sa- 

Fair, kcloo'se ; kcloolk' ; Wclabawe'. 
Fairy, Wigiiladiimooch' ; Poogooladiimooch ; 

Faith, uktlamsutoookun ; kedlawae-kenam.- 

Faithful, kcdlawfie ; Wclmudoo ; keloose' ; 

kokwojca' ; Booskekokwojetula'deget 'msut 

kogooa iktook. 

Faithfulness, kokwoja'dakun. kokwojedadcg- 
tmk 'msut kogooa' iktook. 

Faithless, Moo kedlamedadegekw' ; ki-spoo- 
gwa'degct'; kclooskabawil' ; liooskecksooct'. 

Falchion, cspoogwosik tan tegwokjechk' ak 

Falcon, Pepoogwes' tan kegenoodumoot' oo- 
kedantegen oochit' memajooenoou. 

Falconer, Tan noojekenoodumoooje pepoo- 
gwes' ookedantakadinow' oochit' memdj- 




To fall, Siklasin'; Mcsrikrmadfsin' ; Noscfi' ; 
NescAk' ; O^u'unikwcclcsin' ; Adooaskwcd- 
csiii' ; clisumtcsin' ; cliskudooatlcsin' ; 
VVfchki.kiesin' ; clmoktcsiii'. chkadoocd- 
2sin' ; kfiwea' : kawcAk'. 

To fall into the water, Takrisca'. 

To fall into the fire, kasae. 

To fall and pitch the head into water, 


To fall into a pit, Tijca'. 

To fall to pieces, MalkojtviCsk'. 

To cause him to fall, SiktasimAk'. 

To fall in all directions, iJska'dooCdcsin'. 

A water fall, kApskw. 

Fallacious, kcsi){)Of;vvadcp;ck' ; Moo kcdlavva- 

inook ; kcspoogwadcga' ; Hooskccksooa'. 
False, kespoogwadSya' ; kt-looskabawe ; Moo 

Falsehood, cksooogun. kulooskoookun ; kcl- 

Fame, espaimkawa'; Mooewoltimk' ; cspesa- 

ku mow code. 
Famed, cspeda'dasit ; Agfinoodasit : espe- 

clieeiuimooit : kenapavve. 
Familiar, n, Ned.lp': NTgumaach : Tan vvcl- 

ikchijeek ; Wigumagaltoolteck'. 
Familiarity, Wigumagaltoollim kawa'. 
Family, (to have n), ukjiksooe ; Tclikjiksooe ; 

ukjiksoo ; Tcpkadiim. 

We arc all una family, Naooktoona- 
Famine, Owvvesovvsimk ; Owwesaadrimk ; Ow- 

wesovvsoookun ; Owwesowsooltimk' : ukvv- 


Famine, figuratively represented as an 

evil being, Owodlakiimouejit. (See Ovid's 

representation, Lib. VJIf. MetiDiiuriih., 

Vnb. XI) 
To suffer a famine, Owwesowse. 
To famish, v. inf., Aptakima' ; Pestumei'. 
To famish, c. tr., restiimak'. 
Famous, Moweespae; Moweespedaliimookse. 
A fan, Navvegwedosoode ; Navvegvvedosim- 

kavva' ; Owwosamakun. 

To fan one's self, Owwosaaga ; Nawegwedose. 

To fan him, Nawegwedafik. 

To fan by flapping his wings, NawakAt'. 

(This is said poetically ol the migiatory 

birds, when returning from 'he north in 

the autumn. Their flight indicates "a cold 

snap'' So the Indians say : "lie /una up 

cool iiral/in'," Nawakal'. 
To fancy, Teledaase ; Teledaadum ; Telsoo- 

dega ; Tclsoodfim. 
A fang, Webeet ; Melooich koolkwees wA'- 

kasit netolow' webeet ; ak elp 'mtaskum 

Fantastic, Wigwosamookse; Wegooa'mookse'; 

Wegooamook ; Nentowaak. 
Far, kfuiek'; Amasek. 
To go too far, keaspaase. 
How far off is it? Talebesook ? Tadoochoo? 

T.lle.imasek ? 
It is SO far off, TelebL-sook ; Tedoochoo ; 


To be far from it, Amaskadum. 
To be far from him, AmaskAlk'. 
Fare ( pi'icf vf tnurl), fipkotumokdAkun. (Lit. 

Fuve in a femi-hont.) 
To fare, Teladega ; Na telae. 
Farewell, Adu (adieu.) 
To bid him farewell, adeawiktAk. 

A farm, Ega'daklTin. 

To own a farm, Ega'dakunume. 

To be a farmer, Noojeegadagoo. 

To cultivate a farm, Kgadagowse; Nooje- 

gadagowse ; Egadakiinaam ; plat:, EgadA- 

Fart, 7(., Pikt ; Piktuun. 
To fart, Pikte. 
Farther off, ajekunek; ajeamasck'; NAkfij- 

echkafd ; Nakukaal. 
Farthest, Moweamasek; Mowekunek'. 
To fascinate, Hoooinwa'dcga' ; l?ouoinwaaluk. 
To fashion, kesadoo ; eledoo ; Telcdoo ; kese- 

doo ; Telookwodum. 
Indian fashion, Tan teiadakadijik ulnoo'gu ; 




English fashion, AjilascaooaMakrin. 
Woman fashion, aMtawaMakun. 
Man fashion, ChcDfnnoooaMakun. 
To fast, Smmawc ; Nowtasfi. 
A fast, II., Soonawiiiik ; Sooiiawooltinik, 
Fast, ndj , Mclki'ulck ; Mcjimka'dasc. 

Sivi/t — fit lit', (fill II (f fiixf, kL'Sc^owaasc. 

To fasten it, Mcjimkaadoo; kclokum ; kclo- 
kuk ; Okoolkwcdaaiu ; Okootkwcdaak ; kcl- 
abakrini ; ki'lpclrim ; kC'Ipilk ; kcjchi k' ; 
kcjcpelum ; Mtjiinkribclriin ; kcjcpcac ; 
Nal)cd()k|K'sc ; Naljcdukpcluin ; Nabod- 
okpilk ; kcpsfiktaam ; kclooi-koodaadoo ; 

To fasten him up in his coffin, kcpsuk- 

To he fastened hy the horns in a thicket, 

Oosriinoi) iiabcdokpilijc iicbt-sokuii iktouk 

To fasten it on hy itself, Tcpkese kuloos- 

Father. (Aufc. — There is no word in Micmac 
that means simply fntlier, or, d f'itlirr. 
When the word is used it is joined witii 
a possessive pronoun, thus: Nooch, My 
father; kooch, Thy fntlier ; Ooocbid, 11 in 
father. In the voc. case it is: Noo, My 

To he a fath«?r, is, Wcnjune, f have n child, 
and thus moans when used by a man, 1 
am a father, and, when used by a woman 
/ am a 'inothrr. 

My father-in-law, 'Nchilch. 

A fathom, Nuookloonasik. 

One fathom, Naookloonaslk. 

Two fathoms, 'iaboonasik. 

Three fathoms, Nasoonasik. ' 

Four fathoms, N.ioonasik. 

Thirty fathoms, Nrisin.skiigc<;ooiiasik. 

Fathomless, Moo kcse Llbanikwanniniuk. 
To fathom, cnkadrm) 

To measure one fathom, Naooktoonrulum. 
To measure two fathoms. Taboo nail dm. 
To measure three fathoms, Nasuouadiim. 

To measure four fathoms, Naootuldrim. 
To measure five fathoms Nanadum. 
To measure six fathoms, usnokuintas.ldrim. 
To measure seven fathoms, elooi^rinuk- 

tasadrini ; anil saim, I'cskoonaduklasadriin ; 

'Mtulnadum ; etc., etc. 
Fat, v., Mcma. 

The "leaf" on the kidneys, Oosuk. 
The fat on the guts, VVc hkfuhk. 
The fat on the beast's rump, Munsow. 
The "caul," Ootclkw'. 
Fat meat, VVet^aoo. 

To be fat. Wcfiawe (in. it, ik.) 
To be fattened, Nc^iimoodusc ; I'cmkanic ; 

To fatten, Ne^amoolk'. 

Fatuous, Cloowawea ; Akudae; Moo ncstoo.'ui. 

Fault, I'ada'soode ; I'adaswokun ; cloowfi- 

A faun, Me^iimawesoo. 
To favour, Ankajcek; Ankajaooak' ; Weiaa- 

luk ; kcskcirmik' ; usedaoolalooa ; apcheck. 

A favour, Ij;unumadimkawa' ; It;rMnima<;w(5m- 

kawfi' ; Wchddimk ; \Vclaldimkaw;V ; Oolal- 

soodo ; Oolalode ; Welaitimkavva. 
To be favourable, VVela'dcg2t; Weiedadega' ; 

To give a favorable answer, kcdaamdk. 
Fawn, kuleboocheech. 
To fawn, .Moonsaamk. 
Fear, Wagwoda'soode ; VVagwodaswokCin ; 

To fear, VVagwodaase ; Chepalooa' ; Chep.llk' ; 

Chcpaium ; Ncsoodimi. 
To be feared, Chepaiimk ; Chepalkoose ; 

Fearless, Moo wagwodaasu ; Moo chepalooow ; 

Mcikedae ; Mclkcilaase. 
A feast, "., Wegoolballimk' ; ^^'egoobaltooeme. 
A wedding feast, Malca.voboo. 
To feast, r. int., \\ clemijese. 

To make a feast, W'egoobalooa'. 

To feast together, Wegoobaltoolteck. . 



To feast them, n tr., Wcpooba'IfiRik. 

To feast with him, Wcboomk' ; L-tlcwchoomk. 

To feast with them, VVcbuomkik ; i^tlcwc- 

Feat, Nadoo kngooa tcla'd.tsik ; CloogwJJm- 


A feather, Pcgoon. 

He sheds his feathers, Pcskwit. 

A bird that has moulted, Upskoo. 

To pluck off feathers, v. ivt., Pcskwadifga. 

To pluck off his feathers, rcskwaalfik. 

A feather bed, resumoode. (lAX., a jha htn/J 
Feathered, (covered vith feathers), Peegoone. 
Featherless, Moo pe'goonu ; Moo pc'goonikw. 
February, abugTmajit. (Perhaps " the miuw 

l)H inter," as abugunJibe means, "J aniHiwiv 

Fecundity, Wclemanimk. 
Federal, WigrimagaltooUimkrivvfi; ilwitkadool- 

Federation, VVldegcdooltimk ; Wigrimagaltool- 

timk ; Mowonmadin'.kawa'. 
Fee, Abankfidowwa'. 
Feeble, aoolaje ; kcsenookwei' ; Sawegrmac ; 

Wakiijae ; MciiAkunei' ; Mcnajaje; Nciuig- 

asae ; Aloogoonei'. 
Feebleness, Mcnakunode. 
Feeble-minded, Moo nt^stooau ; MSnadae. 
To feed, v. ivt., Mijese ; Pcskwedum ; esoomse ; 


The animal ci'ops the grass, ctlfldal'. 

To feed, v. tr., esumk; WesQmii; eslum ; 

Mijesoodaloolk'; esumoocdoo ; Ootaasumk. 

fl feed tiim.) 
Feed, v.. Mechipchawa'; Tan malkodumuk'. 
Feeder, Noosuma'dcga' ; Noosumkik. 
To feel, Ncnadoonawa' ; Nenadooiium ; Wa- 

To feel well, Wclemulse ; Wglaase ; Telease. 
To learn by one's feelings, kegunooaase. 

Feet, (five fuut), 'Nkatid. 

Felicity, Weledasoode ; Oolode ; Movveoolode ; 
WasogawcV oolode; Mestowoolode. 

To fell, r. tr., Siklaak ; Masaktaam ; MasAk- 
tailk ; NistflAk' ; Siktcgrim ; cjokcbcdaak ; 
ChoksvokrinadrHtoo ; P<5gistoo ; M^'skunaa- 
luk ; Mcskriii.ndaak ; MifskunSdalAk' : Mfs- 
kfint^ga' ; Siktawa; NCmilnskudaam; Ncm- 

To fell trees, kawaasa'. 

The invisible tree feller, kcaskunoogw(:'jit ; 

kooaskunoogwtjit. (The story is this : 
You hear the vhoppivy and the crarLintj, 
and sec or hear the tree fall ; but the " elf" 
that chops it (h)vvn is not seen.) 

Fellov. , Nod.lp' ; Nigumaach ; MowomadeCk. 
Fellow citizen, D. VVijikcheg&npeCk; P. 

Fellow laborer, VViiloogowkw' ; WitloogwCd- 

Fellowship, VVigumadooltlmkawa ; Wigum- 

Felo-de-se, Tan nabaasit. 
Felon, Padatcgawenoo ; Noojckiimooluna'; 

Noojenabadc'gct'. Tan pasuk wc-n tan 

kesitplooinooch wcnmajeilsoomoot, ak peja'- 

loot laplesoonku. 
Felony, Padamsoode. 
Female, (a woman), abit. 

Cuiv, and sheep, etc., lilgwCdook. 

A female seal, or porpoise, Skwaaakw. 

A bitch, Skwesum, 

A female fish, Skwcmckw'. 

A female bird, Skwaoo. 

A female porcupine, Skwaok'. 

A female bear, Nooscskw'. 

The female of the small animals, Skwcg- 

A female beaver, Noosoomskw. 
Feminine, abitawa' ; Abitawa'dakiina'. 
Fen, Wolskek. 

Fence, cloodakrin ; Ovveiitkudaagiin. 
To make a fence, Oweloodoo ; Owepiskaa- 

doo ; keboktaaga ; AlalkQdaaga ; Owe&t- 

kudaaga ; kebatkaam. 



A fencing pole, c-loodAkrinritk'. 
To be chopping fencing poles, t^loodA- 

A pole grove, Moodiikunritkwa't'rimikt ; cloo- 

Ferguson's Bank, /'?)., Chigook. 
Fern, Masoose. 

Ferocious, cloowawit ; kwc'dciadcpfi ; kwcdad- 
dooduni ; kv. cdadoomooksc. (Tu looh fi'io- 


Ferriage, upkotuinndAkrin. 

A ferry, ripkoirmiruIAkimooIk'. 

Ferry-man, Noojiiikotumodc^a'. 

To ferry. To ply ferry, uijkotiimodcga'. 

To ferry him ovr. tipkoiumulk. 

Ferry me over, upkotrimule. 

Fertile, \\ clt-Kwck ; Makumegow kc-Ioolk'. 

Fertility, VVclcg\vcj;awri, 

To fertilize, kesadoo ootoolegwCuri. 

Festival, Wcgooballimkawfi'. 

Festival, (ri-liijinux), PC-stefiwimk. 

Festivity, Wegoobaltimk'; Wegoobaltimkawa' ; 

\N ck-daswukiinri ; WL-lcdaasimk. 
To fetch, Wcchkwaadoo ; Vv'cchkwaaluk ; 

W'Lchkwowoola' ; Pcgcsoodoo. 

Fetid, kfslek ; kCsla' ; Chichame; Sooguliig 
At', Wiiiemae, Vfjipkudaak; VVCchkwip- 
koodaak. (A had tiviell covien.) 

Fetlock, Pooksigiinaagul ookwSdul. 

A fetter, v., kidagasoode. 

To fetter, kclagabilk'. 

Foetus, fuf a least), Mooltaach ; Mooltajech ; 

Feud, kamedooltimk' ; Malundimk'. 

Fever, cpsimkawa'. 

To have a fever, cpsimkawa' matunik'. 
Lit., T/ie Jever Jiyhts me. 

Few, Tcgalaachk. 

A feiu day», Tfgcloogoonaak. 

After a few dayx, kcsitkcloogoonaak. 

We are hut few, TtJgSlajoolteSk ; Tcg- 
A fib, ckooogun. 

To fib, ^-ksooil ; aoola' ; kc^luoskooiV. 

Fickle, Milsoomsc. 

Fickleness, Mii.sodomsimk'; Milsoomsimk.lw.'i'; 

Mil.sooiiisddltinik' ; Milsoomsooltiiiik.iwri'. 
Fictile, ("(y . Noojcsfskodiigwagctawfi'. Tan 

Wcji'kchodasik nodjcscskodiigwagct ootc- 

Fiction, Atd((kw?)krm ; cksoodgrin ; kfiloos- 

ko( nkfrn ; agfnidddrmiakrin tan moo tclc- 

anodk ; kelodskabawodilc. 
A fiddle, .Ibi'cjcch ; 'I .ibcajcch. 
To fiddle, 'ri1bcajiTlikiula'K.V. 
A fiddler, Nodjolilbcajcchkudaaga ; Noojik- 

Fiddlestick, T.lbcajcchka' abcrh. 
Fiddle-string, 'labcaji-rhkabc; iAbcajcchk.lbc. 
To fldge, To fidget, Sc iicbocse. 
Field, Kga'dakun; Mcnikaak ; Mrigaikt. 
Fiend, Muiuldo. 
Fierce, Cloowawe; kwfd.ldoodiim ; kwcd.ldum- 

ddkse ; kwcdatkum. (To hmk jivrve.) 
Fierceness, clodwawoodc ; kwcdaduodumCk' , 


Fiery, Bonktawe ; Hooklawca'; Booktawa'. 
Fife, v., rcpdogwdkun. (Note. — Any wind 

musical instrument is called a " |)cpoog- 


To play a fife, (w any wind hmtiuinent), 

Fifteen, 'Mtuln cbcl nan. 
Fifteenth, 'Mtulnawa' clicl nan. 
Fifth, Nanawa'. 
Fifthly, Nan. 
Fiftieth, Naninskagawa'. 
Fifty, Naninskaak. 
A fig, Tapalatwecmanul : the potato fruit, \. c, 

fiiitato hulh, Jrum tlie rei^ieinhlance. 
To fight, Matunaaga ; kame'dooa. 
To be about to fight, kCdoocAk'. 
To cause him to fight— <o set him fight ivg, 

To fight, chasing one another round, like 

two cocks, eIniDndeck. 




Fighter, Hoosktmruunaanri ; ]5ooskekamc'- To fill a pipe, Posinse ; HopkuscJumei ; Hop- 

(loii.l ; NodjeiiiaiuiKi^ri'. kusctlum ; liopkusciluiiiak'. 

A figure, kL-noogwuJigun; Nriboocgakun ; A fillet, Tctpokpelaknii ; y\kcchkop.'lakun. 

To filip Wcdfivvokskrulcstoo. 
A filip, Wcilruvokskiidcstoomk' ; Wcdauok 


Filament, Abeejccli. 

To filch, kuinooirina'. 
Filcher, kcmootuncsoDe' 
To file, La.<:;it;'ikunaagri. 
A file, LaKitakfin. 


Filth, Ooclialovv ; 'Mchega' ; emagwomooksim- 

Filthy, Mcjejiae ; cniai^womookse. 

A nle 01 soldiers, bumaKumsk tctmuii- a a i\/t • r-k .m - i i /--» !•■ - 

,., ' " A fin, 'Mpus; Ootakunchoecli ; ; 

IjoojiooLNulnik. I ,x w », ^ - . , ^A » , ^ ,-' , 

^ 1 Uopiisiil ; Oopusjecli ; O otoinkun ; Uoch- 

To sit in a row, Tctmiin[)cck ; Tc'tpugabool- ; koweel. 

teck. Ti- 1 1 - - -I 

Final, kcspea^awa'. 

To file, (fo sfrhv; flunks ,n>), Napawa' ; To find, VVajedoo ; Wajeek ; Wajaaluk ; Tcd- 

Nabi-a' ; Napumanul ; Nabowwa'. abooaadoo. 

To travel in Indian file, '. '., one behind m« i,„ „ «„.!«« i i i , ,^ i 

., ^, .,„, ' , ., , , , To be a finder, ri:.: a (looU Iniml. to fnnJ 

the other, Naboogakock ; Nabuluuk- ,, • ,, , ;•;; ; , x-- i- 1- - 

^ , ^, tiiiii(i.-< thid lire kidlfii or lost, JNadudc'ia. 

wodeck. ' 

rr A^^ \v-- m--/ ,,;-• ,-, „•- Fine, kcloolk. 

10 nil, \v ,ioa ilcLja ; vVoiooan uk ; W oiooaa- ti- ^ .-, n--/!,-, „-., ^, ., 

, ' ,,. , ^ 7„ ,.-', •' Fine cloth, WcUuk asoon ; \\ cltiiktaasik. 

(loo; 1 itkmna I'.iin ; 1 itkuinase. , m -i. n n--. -. 

m £11 -^1- 1- -J ..... ,v ,, To weave it fine, Wcltuktaam. 

To fill with a liquid, W oiuobcga'dcga ; x<; /^,i.-i ' - 

,v • 1 - \, .' -' '^ ° Finger, 'Mtuloo'igim. 

\\ ojodhcuaadoo ; Woioobciiaaiiik. , w .• /\t -i f - 

' J .T. I ^iii fiiiij,,,-^ Ntuloo igun. 

To fill with mud, dough, molasses, oint- | ny' jii,,/,',; 'ktuloo'i^un. 

ment, or anything viscous, Wcjooloos- I JUh jlnycr, Ootulou'igun. 

kcfi' , Wojoolooskaatloo ; Wdjixjlooskaaliik; mv,„ *«.„„«„„„.„ mi.-i • - -i ^ , _ _, 

,,,„., '.^ ■' ' The lorennger, 'Altulooigun cloogwemkawa. 

rr I. £11 J -^1 ., . . The middle finger, Mcgweia' Miulooigun. 

To be filed with something viscous. The fourth finger, 

\\ C)]()(il()o:;koa . rni ^•J.J.^ £ ..•• I'l -, • , 

», „„ .^, , . „ The little finger, W icbkaboogooicb. 

To fill with sand, gram, flour, sugar, etc., -m-,, iufi« «>, J«v. v 1 1 -i 1 1 - 

..... „ , ,, _r ,,. . , , "^y little nnger, Nooclikabougooichkuin. 

W oio(ioinkatii..',i;a ; W ojoooinkaadoo; W oioo- rrv,« +v.„^v. /\k-- / ;■ •, / ii 

V , ... ,,. . , , •• The thumb, '.Mtnin ((lt,/it(is, Lot.) 

oiukaaluk ; \\ ciiooomka Tiso. -0^4. 4.1, « \t , ■ ■ ■ 

m «n .If , , . Between the fingers, Nelogiptmei. 

To fill ones self, i.e., ones pockets, T/^ fi«i-cVi l.c.,k 1. .m- - 1 • 

.,.^. , 1- ' 10 nnisn, kcsccloo ; kesa dcga kesedei. 

\\ oiooaalitsc. Ti. J ,x ■ . • r^ .' . .. 

Finned, 0()taj;unit, Ootagunjecjit. 

To fill him, /. <:, his pockets, \Voionaah''ik. Fir, Stogun it Stokuii 

To fill it with broken pieces of bread, A fir grove, Stokuna'-riniikt. 

Wojonibunaadoo; Wojnnibuna'dC-a ; W oj- Fir bearing land, Stukuna'krimegck. 
oodnmaah'ise (I jiH „njs,lj v/dh brnul.J The fir tree has large boughs, Makaslaksit. 

To be Allied, Wojooaase. The fir tree has small boughs, Apsastaksit. 

To fill it to the brim, Trtptgaahnk. To gather fir boughs, MC-nasta. 

To be filling with a liquid, Ixiuha'. {Tn A fir blister. Fir balsam, Toogoogowicb. 

rarr>/ drink.) To daub it with fir balsam, I'uogoogow- 

To be filled with drink, kcojuba. j icbkwaadoo. 



Fire, 15r)oktaoo. 

To kindle a fire, hookianoariKa. 
To rouse up the fire, Mowsakiiclaam 
To arrange the fire, rrino.sakudaam. 
A great rousing fire, kemaadck. 
To have a good rousing fire, kcma'dcn- 

To Stir up the fire, Mnwsujzaadoo. 

To make (my) morning fire, Scbowwan- 

To be throwing things into the fire, 


To throw it into the fire, kfisaadoo. 
To throw him into the fire, kasaaliik. 
To throw one's self into the fire, kasaaluse. 
To fall into the fire, kiisae. 
The fire runs along on the ground, tlam- 

krdek' ; elmamkidck'. 
To sit by a fire out of doors, MCtpei'. 
To remain out all night by a fire, Mada- 


To put fire on the top, Wc.skcdani'im. 
A fire-brand, Tcmsakudtk'. ' 

Fire works, (mcavn of frroduchuj fire, flint 
and uteri, etc.), Ikioktawa'dAkiin. 

To have a fire in the " fire-place," l)Ookta- 

numci. j 

To lose all by fire, kedumokse. 
To set it on fire, Noogwaadoo. 
To catch fire, Nnogwae. 
To " strike fire,' Saktci. 
Firelock, Paskavva'. 
Fire-wood, Booksoogul. 
To be on fire, Booktawe. Lit, tu he fire. 
To collect firewood, tsnogun'. 
To fire a gun, I'askum. 

'f/ie gun " ijofK vfi', Paskiidck'. 

Firkin, adooipkusaasit ; Adooikpuskaasit, 
Firm, Mclkudtk' ; Melkuna'dasik. 
The firmament, Muoskoon. 
Frmness, Mclkudcgawa ; Mulgiguiiode. 
First, umskwcs' ; Tumk ; uniskwesawa' ; adiis ; 
adusavva' ; Tumkawa. 

j To do anything for the first, nmskwcsaase, 
j To be first, finiskwc'sawae ; Rlowecspae ; 

I 'ITinikawae ; Mcltame. 

First-begotten, Mcllanickcdumk ; Mcltame- 
' pr'nCtkwiiiik ' 

Firstling, MCliamcgwa' ; Mcllamekedumk ; 

A fish, iNi'miaach. 

To fish, Numarluvaaga. 

To be a fish, Nuniajooe. 

Place of fish, where fish abound, Niim- 

I fu Inv.i'kade. * 

' Fish Lake, i>. »., VVaagwosk. 
A fishing rod, rogrimadiguiuuk'. 
A fish hook, rimkugim. 
A fisher, Nrmiajwecliciuimooe; Noojenumaj- 

waaga ■ iXuniajoogwa'. 
To have iish, ^Mmajume. 
A tish skin, Nuinajwaake. 
To fish for eels, (sj,e<(r'niij them), Algoome. 
(Algdonie means, huntimj fi>r suihethrmj in 

till- irntcr.) 

A fisher, imi miinKil}, upkumk. 

To fish for eels in the mud, in winter, 

Fishy, Kumajwa'; Numajoocmaae. To Hindi 
(111(1 tdsie of jix/i. 

Fissure, (in a rorl:), Lamsok ; Pcsegapskeak ; 

Pcscgaak ; VVolapskck'. 
Fist, 'Mputun. 

To clench the fist, Mimtugopskaadoo 'nputim. 
Fisticuffs, Wcnjoutaagun ; Wciijootaaga. (Tj 

jil/lit Frciieh fosliioti.) 
A fit, ((<' liiirij, Wcjcbiikwa'. 
It fits, r. ;„/. V\ click; ; WclAk' ; \Va- 

To fit, '■. Ii:, V\'clim.satkwaadoo. 
To fit into each other, as, ' . 7 , dishes, 

boxes, etc., Naooktcpedcgrd. 
Five, i\;in ; NancCk' ; Na'nkiii; Nank. 
Five Islands, j'. «., (I'arrtiboru', K. S.J, Naii- 

kul Miiicgool. 
To fix, Nabcdogwaadoo ; Mclkaadoo. 





Flabby, Nogwomkaak. 
Flabby-eared, Pesawistakunei'. 
To make it flabby, Noogwcmkaadoo. 
Flaccid, Ansaktck ; Noogwomkaak. 
A flag, (cohmrH), 'Mtowegiin. 
A flag-staff, 'Mtowcguiiutk'. 
Flag, (a ivider pUi.iit), Snaaskw ; Susnoog- 
vvodigiin ; Tumgwo'digiin. 

Sweet flag, kekwesooskool. 

Flagitious, Winchuk. 

Flail, Paookwcda'guniitk'. 

A flake, Paskogun ; Lokwodakun. 

To build a flake, elokoodei, 

A flame, Sesoofl'. 

To be in a flame. There is a flame— a 

blaze, Sesooiiik. 
The flame runs along, elamkulek'. 
The flame runs up a tree, Tokchooam- 

The flame runs in this direction, i. e., is 

running towards us, VVechkwomkuIck'. 
The flame is running from us, elmam- 

It flames up, Sessoaaasik. 
To make it flame up, Sesooaaadoo. 
Flame-coloured, Sesooaamook'. 
My flank, cpmaskiideei'. 
Thy flank, epmaskudean'. 
His flank, cpmaskudeai'. (Note. — It will be 

thus seen that this is a verb. Other parts 

of the body are expressed also as verbs.) 

Flannel, Asoon. 

White flannel, Wobakcheech. 

Red flannel, Megwckcheech. 

Green flannel, Wesowckeheech. 

To flap, upkaoose ; ctlaktijsk ; Wcdawoktesk' ; 

ctlaktcstei ; Sesoookot ; elmisvvokot. 
To flap the wings, Majegeje oonijksu. 
To flash, V. int., Noo'gwodcsk' ; Pedeoktcsk' ; 

Podcadaasik ; Sesooaasik ; Bapkcsaasik. 
To flash, V, tr., Noogwodestoo ; Noogvvodes- 


To flash a gun, Noogwodestei. 

To flash up the water, Sasebaktaam ; Sase- 

The thunder comes this way, flashing 

along, VVechkwe-pedeogwa'dakadijik. 

(Note. — Tkamler, kaktoogvvak', is uf the 
animate gentler) 
A flask, Pooteijeech. 
A flat, (a shoal in the "sea"), Miinumkw' 

Mcna'mkw. (See shoal.) 

Flat, adj., Sakska.i, Pepkejae. 
To fl.atten it, Sakskaadoo ; Pcpkcjaadoo. 
To flatten it by hammering, Sakskudaam ; 

A " flat," i. e., a flat bottomed boat, Saks- 

To shave it flat, Pepkegoodum ; Sakskegoo- 

To flatter him, Welook' ; Moonsaamk. 
A flatterer, Booskewooloo'dega. 
Flattery, Weloomk' ; Weloomkawa'. 
To flaunt, Chegunodidsit. 
Flavour, Welmemaadimkawa'; Welma'gawa'. 
Flavourous, Weiemaak, 
A flaw, Paktesk, (there is a flaw in it) ; Chile- 

nCdesk' ; Mcstigenaak ; Tempiincgaak. 

To flaw, Chiienedestoo; Tempuncgaadoo. 

Flawless, Mesaak. 

Flawy, (full of flaws), Mcstigenaak. 

Flax, Labelask' ; Satook. 

A flax comb, Nalkwa'giina. 

Flaxen, Labelasa' ; Labelaskawa'. 

To flay, Pcsaaluk. 

Flayer, Noojipsa'dega. 

A flea. Pis. (Evidently from the Vr., pace, 

and proof that fleas were not indigenous, 

as lice were). 
Fledge, adj., (able to flu), kasagat. 
To Flee, Wesemoogwei ; Wcjuhsemoogwei' ; 

Wcsemooklum ; Pokche ; Pokcheebe ; 

Pcmeebe ; elmeebe ; eluhsemoogwei'. 
A fleece, Chechkelooaoochwobe. 
To fleece, Peskwesk. To shear. 
Fleeced, Pcskwesoot. Sheared. 






m ; 






Fleecy, Chechkelooaoochwobeawe. Lit., Ti> 

be wool — covered vjith ■wool. " f am (ill 

xoool" would not be bad English, if one 

were covered with wool. 
A fleet, Mowagul Tubloolkool. 
Fleet, (nimble), Sasa'kiise. 
Flesh, VVeoos'. 
My flesh, Naagei ; 'Ntenin. 
Thy flesh, kaagei ; C^iktenin. 
His flesh, Waagei ; Ootfinin. 
I am flesh, awa'gawe. 
Flesh-colour, VVageiwomook'. 
Fleshless, Mogwa' Wagciwfiinook. 
Fleshly, Wageiwa' ; 'Mtenina' ; W'eoosa. 
To know him after the flesh, 'Altenina- 

Fleshy, Ma'gawik ; Wagawik ; Wegawik ; 

Flexibility, Noogigeamkawa'. 
Flexible, Noogik .Noogigeak ; Mcnageak. 
Flight, Wesemoogwomk ; Pemadejaasimk', 
To flinch, Wcswega'. 
To fling, clega'; Tawcga; ejigulcga. (See 

To throw.) 
A flint, iMais. 
Flinty, Welkaak; koondawa ; ^lalsa' ; Mcl- 

A flitch, Estookwon' koolkweswa'. 
To float, V. int., Pokitkogwa' ; Mooskoog- 

wijea' ; Wcnakogwa' ; Taookogwa ; Wcs- 

kitpcgaase; WeskitpcLjeak' ; Wcskitpcgea'; 

clkwoseak' ; Wcnokogwa. 
To float, V. t)'., Pokwijaadoo ; Taogwaadoo : 

To float ashore, cbadooogwa. 
To float along, tlmCisk' ; Elmugogwa'. 
A float, iloo-skeiloodakiin ; Pokwija'dakiin ; 

A flock, MuneAk'; Moweome ; Mowkwodi^im- 

oo'dijik ; Minpijik. 
To flock together, Poogwclemowedaajik ; 


To flog, Mataak ; Nebesokiintaak. 

A flood, Oosaan ; Wcsabaak ; aoonpogwek ; 

Flood tide, rdiimbaak. 
It is flood tide, aliimbijgeak'. 
To be flooded, Nckpae; Mcspoogwa'. 
A floor, 'Msaktakt'; 'Msaksakt'. 
To flop, Pcbooweagasit. 
Floral, Wusowcgawa' ; VVosowcchka'. 
A flounder, Anai^waach. 
Flour, Wobaachkiil. 
Fine flour, ijinoo wobaachkiil. 
To have flour, WobachkCime. 
To be covered with flcur, Woba'chke. Lit., 

'I'o bejlour. 

To flov/, Pemitk' ; Pembcgitk'. 

To flow out, VVcjijooik ; csitk', koodajooik. 

ctlijooik. Wcgitk ; elmilk ; clitk. 
To flow round, kuhtogwomkitk. 
To flow smoothly, Wtlpcgitk'. 
To flow roughly, Winpcgitk ; Winpcgijooik'. 
To flow about, albask' ; Ya'.bask'. 
To flow rapidly, kcsegowitk'. 
To flow slowly, kc.;wilk. 
To flow under the ground, kejedatk'. 
To flow tumbling and dashing, kigulug- 

To flow splitwise, fas the tide 2''fissps up 

near ]Y'; and divides off into the St. 

Croix), Pcsegitk'. 
To flow rapidly, kesegowwomkitk. 
To flow gently, silently, Wuntokpcgitk. 
To flow smoothly, ScsookpCgiik. 
To overflow, Paltitk. 

To flow all arounr* kakeikuhtogwomkitk. 
A flower, VVosowck' ; Wosowech'. 
To flower, (the jloivev ofiens), Baskasooaasik. 
To adorn with flowers, Amaloogwa' ; Amal- 


A flower garden, Amalcga'dakun. 
Fluctuate, Majaasik. 
A Flue, Booktowdgwom. 
Fluid, Sanioogwonamook'. 
A flute, Pepoogwokun. 




To flutter, cliimbaklosit. 

Flux, Moospckchamkawri' ; iluklawokunuk- 

cliamkawa . 
To have the flux, Moosptkchei' ; Moosa- 

To fly, I'cme.a' ; Pcmadcjaase ; I'cmsink' ; 

alsiiik ; Wcclikwosiiik' ; cimusiiik ; alsink. 
A fly, Wechas ; Wcchow' ; 'Msusok' ; kulum- 

ooccli' ; Wobckatajecjit. 
The dragon fly, Sa'boocjit. 

Fly-blows, koolbatkichk. 

To be fly-blowed, koolbatkij'ooik. 

To catch things on the fly, Ncbetoncdaaga 

To catch it on the fly, iNebetoocdaak. 

Foam, Pcsfiwo. 

To foam at the mouth, Posaootoonae. 

It foams as it flows on, Pcsaooomkitk. 

It foams up, Pesaooogwck. 

Foamy, Pcsawcak'. 

Fodder, Wcisiswa' mijesimkawa'. 

To fodder, P^sumk weisis. 

Fodderer, Noosumkik weisisk. 

Foeman, kcdantegawcnoo; kcdantij'k ; Nooj- 

iktooutcgavvOnoo ; kcilooddega. 
Foetus, Multaach ; kL'skiimaijaak ; Lamook- 
• tasaii. 
Fog, Oon. 

Lost in the fog, kesoo'na. 
Foggy, 0(ina : aoonafik. 

A foggy day. Foggy weather, aoonegiskidi. 

To foil, \\ isvvigunodcgct ; Wiswiguiicmk'. 

To foist, uksuboogwa'dakun' iktook wejeii- 

A fold, Akabiska'dakiin ; Owepiska'dakun ; 

A sheep fold, Clicchkclooaoochwc-owwepis- 

Fold, fin (iddilton to), clcadclk — as : Two- 
Jold, Taboo Cleadclk' ; T/i)cc-Jol(l, Seest 
cleadclk ; It pro'lnces (in huml red-fold, 
kuskinurdnakun Clcaje-pesogwegwcgid. 

To pen them in a " fold," To yard them 
in, Akabiska'lugik. 

To yard them round, Owwecloolkik. 

A fold in a piece of cloth, &c., clankeiak' ; 

To fold it together, Anka'dcga ; clankaadoo ; 

apscgaadoo ; clanka'dcga, clokumagaadoo. 
To fold it neatly, \\ clokumagaadoo. 
To fold it awkwardly, Owwoiuikumagaadoo ; 

Foliage, Nebeek. 
Folk, Memaj()oeno(5k'. 
To follow, Majoolkvva' ; Majoolkwolk' ; Majoo!- 

kwudum ; WctkAk ; Wctkiim; Nabloogavve; 

Noosoogoowa ; Noosoogvvolk ; Nabloogfi- 

ook' ; Noosoodcskak ; Nabooegase ; Pok- 

chimtaam ; Nabloo'gavve. 

To follow a "canoe," by walking along 

on the shore, Nabaase. 
A follower, Noojemajoolkwa' ; Noojenoosoo- 

To be an "imitator," NoojenaboocgSse. 
Folly, Moo ncslooaoomugawa ; kulooskoo- 

oktina ; cloovvawecmkawa' ; eoonaseemk'. 
To foment, Ncgunrimadiim. 
Fond, fTu brj kcsauum ; kesalooa' ; kesalk' ; 

Wiktum ; Wikpidc. 
To fondle, kwijsaawe. 
Food, Mechipch' ; Mechipchawa' ; Mrdkodiim- 

iigavva' ; Mijesimkawa'; Mijesoollimkawa'. 

Mij food, Neloo ; Thy food, keloo ; His 

fooil, \Vek)o. 

To be supplied with food, Mechipchawa'imie. 

To be in quest of food, Mechipchawagdk- 

lumei' ; kewikse. 
To give food, i^^sliim ; csumk; OotaasiimR. 
Foolish, ('l\> lie), Eloowawca' ; Noodae ; 

aweica' ; Moo nestooaii ; Bogunitpakuya' ; 

Foolishness, coonasecmkawa. 
A foot, 'Mkal', 'Nkat, ukat', Ookwot'. 
To have a cloven foot, Neliksedei'. 
To have a small foot, apsTisedei. 
To have a large foot, Makusedei. 
To stretch out the foot, Senoo'gwaase. 



To draw up the foot, uikitkaase. 

To foot it, (iralk), rcrnefi'. 

To foot it, (to (inur), Amalkoi'. 

A foot-ball, Ak-lia'niakun. 

To play at foot-ball, Alchamci. 

Foot-bridge, usod^oomsakun. 

Foot-pad, NoojekumooluiuT' ; Noojckiimootuii- 


A foot-path, 'Mkatowtcccli ; 'Mkatowte. 

A footstep, I'cmuptrim : Pcmopluk ; Chilaptok. 

A footstool, 'MkaJawa' koodpoode. 

A fop, Milkoo'dose ; Wclkoo'dosc ; emtcskoot- 

kul ootokwoiuil tan tclcmilkoo'dosit ; c'ln- 

tcskedoodum ; ciiitcskabavve. 
For, Oocliit ; Miidu. 
To forage, Mechipchawriyasa, 
Forage, »., .Mcchipchfuvayagemkriwa'. 
To forbear, kakumadei. 
Forbearance, kakumadamkavva'. 
To forbid, WCikoolse. 
To forebode, NoganikchijcdL-ga' ; Neganea- 

gunoodum ; Ncsovvwedaase ; Ncsovvvvcdaa- 

Force, Airilgigundde. 
To force, kesaaluk 


To force my way, 

Forceps, upkaloocclikul ; Pipkaloncchkiil 
A ford, Etleusookumaasimk ; Ktlcusookumc- 

daamk ; Newopskeak' : Etleusookumase- 

To ford a river by wading, usooktima'- 

Fordable, kese-usookumasoogwack'. 
Forefather, Nikskamich. 
Our ancient forefathers, Iktooenikskamije- 

nakik ; SaakawachkHc. 

The forefinger, 'Ntulooigiin. 
Forefoot, Oopusancgat'. 
Forefooted, Naoocgadat'. 

Forehead, 'Nloogwajun ; uktoogwajun ; Oot- 

kckajetubloomk' ; Mcl- 
Mclkilefi' ; kesmulgilca' 

To have a high forehead, Maktookwcditipi'. 
To have an Indian's forehead, ulnooe- 

Foreign, rdooa' ; Aljuktookawa'. 
A foreigner, Mco tclaowikw krimutkenaku ; 

I'clooci' ; Abaktookawaacli. 
Foreland, kwcsowksfulk ; kcspuhksowaak. 
Forelock, Noohaboon'. 
Foreman, Nootlookwa' ; Noodibelase. 
Foremost, umskwcsawa. 
Forenoon, (mJiUlf, of thf), keskajeboognoect ; 

L'skitpouk askw moo mcowlagwe'kw'. 

Foreship, Ooskalook. 

Forest, Nebookt'. 

In the forest, Nebooktook'. 

To foretell, Ncganeagunoodumei'. 

To be told beforehand, Neganeagiinoo- 

To be foretold, Neganagunimkoose. 
Foretooth, Ncbect, kebect, webeet. 
To forge, clagoogwa' ; clagudafiga. 
To forget, Owwonedaase ; Wmpuna' ; kcska- 

daase ; Masedaadum. 

Forgetful, l?ooskeoww6nedaase. 
Forgetfulness, Owwonedaasimk. 
To forgive, Abiksiktooa' ; Abiksiktiim ; Ab- 
iksiktak ; Abiksiktoo ; kcskadaadum ; kcs- 


Nebitkwaguna' ; 

A fork, Chapcha'guna ; 

To make it forked, Niktooaadoo ; Niktooa'- 

dcck 7'o make tnirl's forked. 
Forked, Niktooaasik; Niktooa'dasik; Niktooik'; 

Niktooaak ; Niktoocdck'; N dooaak. 
Forlorn, Nakulimk'; Mogwa' kcseabogumasu ; 

Nakalookse ; aoolaje ; aooklmookse. 
Form, Of such a form, Na tcleege. 
To form, ciedoo; kesodoo ; clookwodum. 
Former, Noojikscdcga'. 
Formerly, Saak ; Noodow ; Noodcndk' ; koo- 

Formidable, Wagw6dasw6kune; Chepalkoos- 

oodeavve ; Mcdooae; Lok mcdooalk. 



To fornicate, Winaase, (fhis iconl is con- 

Htihiu'il obticene) ; Obulaasc ; Obula'dcga' ; 

Fornication, VVina'soode, com^klered obscene, 

and jor tvhick is substituted, aoobuleCm- 

To forsake, Nakaluk' ; Naktum ; Boonaaluk; 

Boonajimk; Hoonaatloo. 
Fort, \V6kAloosan' ; Skumakun. 
Fort Lawrence, p. n.. (N. S.J, kwcsomale- 

gck'. A hard irood Point. 
Forthwith, Chijegoooku ; cnkuseiu. 
Fortieth, Naooinskiigawa'. 
Fortification, WokaloosAn ; clegasoode. 
Fortnight, Taboogul hegundeawoodeel ; Mct- 

lasoogoonaak chcl naoo ; Taboohcguiidea- 

Fortunate, Wclelgumagwa'. 
Fortune, Igiinumagwemk' IgiinumagwCm- 

kawa ; Milasoode ; Milasoookun. 
Fortune teller, kwcsega' ; Noojiksegwa. 
Forty, Naooinskaak. 

There are forty of us, Naooinskfikseck'. 
There are forty things, Naooinskaagul. 
Forum, Etlintooeskaadimk. 
Forward, adv., Jsooskaloogwaal. 
To step forward, rejele-boogooaase. 
Forwards, Negantook. 
To fall forwards, Ogulumkwedgsin', 
Foul, Mcjega'. 

To foul, Mcjegaadoo; ^Icjegaaluk; Mcjega'Iuse. 
The weather is foul, Aledooegiskuk ; Mcd- 

The gun is foul, kebakwedek'. 
Foulmouthed, Booskcwinaboogooa' ; 

I*0ulfaced, Winabawe ; Winedoo'dum 

Foulness, 'Mr :^'-. 

To found, S» . .- .d'">o ; kesaadoo; cledoo. 
Found, (irom tujihJi, Waiedase ; VVajimk ; 

\N ajedooose ; Wajoor. 
( To Jind, \\ ajcdoo ; Wajemk.) 


Foundaticn, clkrmadcgawa'. 

To founder, kcdabogwa. 

Fount, iitkribuk ; kesoobok ; 'Nkiinobade, 

Four, Naoo. 

There are four of us, Naooeck. 

There are four of them, <in.<jen., Naooijik. 

Intnl. yen., Naooigid ; Naookool. 
Four days and nights, Nfioogoonaak. 
Four years (winters), Naooeboonkuk. 
To be four days old, Naoogooniie. 
To be four years old, Naoobooniie. 
Four-footed, Nawekatei'. ord per., Nawe- 

Four-score, Oogiimoolchintasinskaak. 
Four-square, Tctpikskafik. 
Fourteen, 'Mtuln chcl naoo. 
There are fourteen of us, Naooktinskuk- 

seck cbcl naoo. 
Fourteen dollars, Mctlasagigul chcl naoo. 
Fourteen days, Mctlasoogoonaagul chel naoo. 
Fourteen years, iMetlaseboonkuk chel naoo. 
To be fourteen years old, MCtlaseboonei' 

chcl naoo. 

Fourteenth, Mtiilnawa' chcl naoo. 

Fourth, Naooavva'. 

Four-wheeled, Naookool kuhtogwa'digul. 

Fowl, Sesip'. 

Fowler, Noojepemei' ; Booskepemei'. 

A fowling piece, Paskowa'. 

Fox, Wokwis. 

A red fox, Wiskoksit wokwis. 

A silver-grey fox, anoogwct' wokwis, 

A cross fox, kloocheriwavvoktosit wokwis'. 

To bark like a fox, AVokwlsooioksit ; Tel- 

tokse stuga' wokwis. 
To watch for foxes by night, Nebebe- 

dagik wokwisk. 

To hunt foxes, Wokwiswaaga. 

To hunt foxes by night, Nebebetoooje. To 

v:iiki' (I'ltd n-dtck alt niyht. (Nebcbe, To 

hu)it In/ niyht.) 
Fox Island, p. v., Sebelogwokiin. 
Fraction, ijpkesigun. 



To fracture, Sct^^visknadoo. 

Fragile, apsac ; ilpscikuk ; kagik ; kokchck. 

Fragor, kc'se<i;owwck'. 

Fragrant, Wclemaak. 

Fragrancy, Wclemaakawa'. 

Frail, McnAkunei' ; aoolaje ; VVakajae. 

Frailty, Munakunode. 

To frame, cleskuilaaga; Sakudooaadoo ; £lee- 
skowwa ; cloeskumci ; Nasfimikskaadoo : 
Nasrimikska'dcgfi ; Nasumikska'lugik. 

A frame, NasmiskudakMn. 

Franchise, Alsoomsimk; usedaliiniooksimk ; 
usedrdumooksoode ; usedasimkavvu'. 

Frangible, kakchuk. 

Frank, VVclmudoo, IJooskiioola'dcga; Booskea- 

ooledade^a' ; kcdlawae. 
Frantic, eloowawea' ; aweiea' ; eoonasea'. 
Fraternal, Wijegidccmkawa'. 
Fratricide, Tan Naba'jul oosesul kiisna' ooch- 

Fraud, uksuboogwa'dakun ; kelooskabawoode ; 

Fraud, fenchu-edj, kespoogwalooksoode. 
Fraught, adj., VVojooea'dasi ; Wojooa'daslk. 
Fray, Matiindimk' ; kamedooltimk. 
A freckle, cpiagwon. 
To be freckled, eptagwei'. 
Free, Alsoomse ; awagae. 
To free, apkwaaluk. 
A free-booter, Noojekumootiina'. 
Freedom, Alsoo'msoode ; alsoomsimk Alsoom- 

Freestone, kedanap'skw ; Mcsap'skvv. 
To freeze, v. int., kelche ; kclchaase ; kwes- 

To freeze, r. tr., kelchistoo ; kelchisumuk. 
Freight, Pitkumadumumkawa. 
French, <(((;'., VVcnoochwa'gca; Wcnoochwa'- 

dakuna. Wciijoo— ("((s a prefix.) 
A Frenchmar, VVcnooch. 
A French woman, \\ tnjooeeskw. 
To speak French, Wenjooeese ; Wenjoo- 


To write French, VVcnjooweckuga. 

A French book, \VCMij()owccg.uliL;un. 

A French custom or method, Wcnjooa'- 

French River, p. »., Kakpcs.i'gakun. 
To frequent, alca' ala' seowwuu. 
Frequently, Seowwu ; Tokwu. 
Fresh, Tela' ; Pilsaak ; Piltooa'. 

It t((sti'n frcsli (ivd ivsipid, Pilsemaak. 
Fresh water, Lumpdk. 
To soak it fresh, Pilsabadoo. 
A freshet, Oosaan ; VVc-saak. 
Fretful, cloowawe ; Chekiijae. 
Friction, Ameboodoomk. 
Friday, kwcltowmultimk.' 
Friend, Nlgumaaeh ; Okooda', (.^hcrlened into 

da, often). 'Ntootcm, (uf (mother nation). 

We are friends, Dmd, Wigumadeek'. Plur., 

Wigumadoollec'k'. Wigumagaltoolteck'. 
Friendless, Mowweaoolaje ; Sesuminsitunok- 

11 ne. 
Friendlessness, Mowweaoolajoookun. 
Frigate, Wcnjoolk' ; Nabigwoii, 
Fright, Wagvvoda'soode ; Chepatugun ; Che- 

To frighten, Cbeboolk' ; Ntdeiak'; Pootumooa' ; 

kvvc'deiak' ; Cbipsoolk'. 
Frightful, kwcdadfiptum ; kwcdamk' ; kwed- 

adapt u m ugfivva'. 
A frightful sound, kwedadaak ; kwcda'- 

sulum ; kvvcda'sutumak. 
Frigid, Tcgae ; Tctpcgaasik ; kaooche ; Tcgea'. 
To frisk, Maligea' ; Melaase; Wcnakuya' ; 


To fritter, apsapskisumAnn. 
Fro, (found fro ti)ir(i.ll:J, Yalcasooa'; Asooaase. 
To carry it to and fro, Asooaadoo. 
To swing it to and fro, Asoo'destoo. 
To swing himself to and fro, Asooa'Iuse. 
Frock, Ootdkwon. 
An Indian frock, Nasinegun. 
A frog, uchkoolch ; Samoogwoiieech ; Cidagala ; 



A frog pond, ucIikoolcluilKjk. 

To irolick, r., Mali^c^a; ML'Iaase. 

From, Al), (inil. Wl'Jc, (but tlicsc are botli 
jinllrcn -as : Abeootkooiici', / Cdinc. Jroni 
a fiiin'ral; WTjcfi', / conn' from). 

From that time or place, WojaMcijLnik. 
To spring from, W'CJabcksc ; WLJcskalca' ; 

To go out from, Wcjotooca'. 

A front, Oiipfil.ikun ; Ooskalooj^awfi'. 
In front of, Nooskalook, koo.skaluok, Ooska- 
look ; 0()|iulakriiu)(>k. 

To front - to stand fronting each other, 

l)ii(il, Takumebooogooeck'. Plar., Takuinc- 


To sit fronting each other, Dual, TAkume- 
bcck. !'//((., TakunieboolteCk. />'ti(t^, Astoo- 
gvvcbcck' ; Astoogwcbooltcck. 

To sit out in front of the rest, kLdanpe. 
To stand out in front of the others, 

Frost, Wostowtuk ; Toobik ; Mcsegowik. 
Frosted, cgooguliisk' ; NcgoogCihlse. 
FrOft work, cigooguiuskawrt'. 
Frosty, Tcgaak. 
Froth, Pcsaoo ; Pesatiimoon. 
To froth, Pesoweak' ; Pesowtoonei'. 
To frown, kwrdajegwa' ; cloovvawomookse ; 

cloouaweatikainkoose ; Chegajcgvvaase ; 

Frozen, kcltuk ; kclche. 
Frozen potatoes, kcldiijik Taputatku. 
A frozen stone, keltajiskutk. 
Frozen iron, kcltaagutk. 
The earth is frozen, kcltaktimiktuk. 
Frozen earth, kcltamkutk. 
Frozen bark, cloth, etc., kcltogumakutk. 
Frozen bread, kclcliibfinakun 
The bread is frozen, kClchibiinak'. 
The bread is freezing, Pcnickclcliihunak'. 
The water is completely frozen over, 

kakeiputk ; kcptuk. 
Fructiferous, kesegwcnkul meniehkul; Minik. 

Fruit, Meniclikul. 

Fruit tree, Meniclika' kumooch'. 

To frustrate, WCtkonlk' ; kcspoo'ddk ; cil- 

uktc'skowwa' ; ciluktcskak. 
To fry, Scskigvvailega' ; Sc-slagwaacloo ; Sesla- 

Frying-pan, Lapwfil. (French, Ln porlr.) 
To fuddle, r. inf., Wclapskeu; VVclapskca'- 

luse ; kctkea'luse. 
To fuddle, v. tr., WclSpskcaaliik ; kctkcaa- 

Fuel, liooksook. 
I To gather fuel, csnogfina' ; Mcgtinsa. 
\ To gather a little fuel, Memadoosnoguna'. 
I Good fuel, kafisCk 
I Fugitive, Upkoojoo ; upkoojooe. 
To fulfil, kakeikesadcgfi' ; kakeikesedoo ; cle- 

Fulfilment, kakeikescdoomk' ; clesal)aadimk. 
Full, Wojooa'dasik Wojooa'dase. (See TujU> ) 
My pockets are full, Wcjooea'dasc ; \V6j- 

It if. full of a liquid, Wojoo'ba. 
To be full of flour, sand, sugar, etc., 

To be full of butter, mud, dough— any- 
thing viscid, Wojooloo'skea. 

To fumble, Ncnadoonum. 

To fumigate, VVikpulasum. 

Fun, Wclitpaimk ; VVcskawenooksimk. 

Function, Ootiimodakun ; Ootuloogwcmkawa- 

u m , 
Fundament, Mijemich' ; upsiktcech'. 
Funeral, Ootkoo'dumk. 
Fur, AnkooiJwa' ; Pubsiguna'gawa'. 
To furbish, Baktoktaadoo. 
Furious, t-lovvawca' loku. 
To furl, Tctpt)kpelowwa' : Tetpokpelum ; Mas- 

Furnace, Booktawogwom. 
To furnish, Igunumoocdoo. 

Furniture, 'NtaiJsoDii. 
Furrier, Ankoowowaaga. 



A furrow, ripsii<;ri{;iinchecch. | To further, Abofirnniinadrim ; Abo^jiiiuirnAk'. 

To furrow, ripsri<;rit;rincheecluil clodooonril' ; Furthermore, <i<h:, Ak Clp; Mfich ctlooku. 
ri|^;l;;riiicheecha'dcga ; upsugfiguiichccli- , Fury, kOsuhkwcioode. 

a (lodOMii. 
Furry, Ankodowae. 

To fuse, Nodclikoomcsrim. 
Future, I'lnu'm'mik' ; t'luineaak. 

Further, Naaytik; Na'gugafd ; Nakuj^clikaal. j The future, clmcgiinigawa' ; Clumca'gawa'. 


To gabble, Wcdawokse. 

A gadder, Yakisooenooe. 

A gaff, '.MkL'^iui. 

To draw him out of the water with a 

gaff, Nalkabilk'. 
To gain, kanefuve ; clcajekaneawe. 
Gain, kancawoode. 

Galaxy, Skudakumoocliwowte. (Spirit road.) 
A gale, Melkigunak' ouchoosiin. 
Gall, Wiskun. 
To gall, Pcsaadoo. 
Gallicism, Wcr.joowodoocmk' ; Wcnjoowodoo- 

cinkawa' ; Wcnjooecsimk; Wcnjoocsimkavvfi. 
Gallon, 'Ngalow. 
To gallop, kaskwe. 
Gallows, kcstoonapelakiina. 
To gambol, Amalkci ; Wciulkaya'. 
The game, uksuboo'dakun ; Ncdoogoolim- 

kfuva' ; kcdantcgawcmkawaal ; Wcisisk ak 

scsipk tanik etiekcdankoosooltijik. 
Gang, Moweiime ; Mowiimajik. 
Gannet, Tadagoo; ukw.ladagoo. 
Gaol, Laplesoon. 
Gaoler, . Noojodum laplesoon; Laplesoonooc- 

A gap, Wohioktcsk ; Pcloktck. 
To gap, V\ olnokuga' ; Pelogwaadoo. 
To gape, Siptooaawe ; Hikluam ; Scbe ; Hik- 

Garb, Ootokwon ; Asoonaasimk ; kcgenadim- 

Garden, Egadakun ; Amalega'dakun. 
Gardener, Noojecgadagoo. 

Garde Point, />. »., toocliiktongwaadimk. 
A gargle, PnolkujakumadcgCdoomkawa'. 
To gargle, Poolkujakuma'dcgcdoo; Poulkiija- 
kiimaalidv 'nscdoon. 

Garland, aptoogopcsoode. 
Garment, 'Mtokwon ; Ootapsoon. 
An inner garment, Liimkwon. 
Garner, kuliimkogwom. 

To garnish, Amaloogwudum;csmall()gwudi'im; 

Garnish, v., csmatloogwosikawa' ; kegiina'look- 
soode ; kc'gunalooksimkawa. 

Garret, Mowwekakwaak poktCiskaasik. 
Garrison, Wakaloosan ak sumagiitiibk' tanik 

Garrulity, ]5ooskriwi.stoomkavva'. 

Garrulous, Pooskawistoo. 

Garter, LCgadapcsuon ; kcgadapcsoon ; Loot- 

To have on a garter, Kgadapese. 
To put on my garter, P'.gadapesaase. 
To put a garter on "him," P^gadapcsodulk. 
To gash, '1 cmsutn ; PCtose. 
To gasp, Paskulanie. 
To fetch the last gasp, cgoolame. 
Gaspereau, ScgoonuniCkw'. 

A ijuiin;/ (jiispereaii, utkesooch'. 
Gaspereaux River, p. n., (in Jlvrton, X. S.j 

Magcpskegcchk'. " Tambliny over lanje 


Gaspereaux Lake, 2^. v., (near Kentville, y.S.), 




Gate, ka{;iiria'(l,1sik ; Tulekaaj^rin. 

A mill gate, l'i;>kwrnlriri^iiii. 

To "hoist the gate," Pclsasaadoo. 

To gather, Mowwaduooiuil ; Mowwa'lugik. 

To gather berries, Mfiwcna'. 

To gather flre-wood, csnoniinri'. 

To gather birch bark, Mrmctiwri'. 

To gather fir boughs, Mcnastri'. 

To gather Indian corn, Mowooskwodiimanul. 

Gays' River, />. -»., Wisunawon. 

To gaze, Ankaptcgfi'; kcscankaptuga'. 

Gazingstock, Mowweankamkoose. 

Gear, kcgciKKlimkriwaal. 

Geese, ('vlhl), Senumkwak' ; (tame), Tagal- 

cclik' — The scolders. 
To geld, Mcnsuk. 
Gem, kcloolk' koondaoo. 
General, .Mowei-spaak kcpetin ; Mooea'Isoosit 

General's Bridge, 2'- '^•> (near A nnapol'iH, 

i\', iS.j, cskiiiniskck. 

Generally, ktioonakti. 

To generate, kesaadoo ; kesedoo ; Weskije- 

oooa'looa' ; Wcnjune. 
Generation, Wcdabckseck ; WcJabakumee- 

dich ; Ankooecjik ; Ooskijenoode ; Naook- 


Generosity, Nadooodcgcmkawa. 

Generous, Booskenadooudcga'. 

Genitals, 'Mtuskoon. 

Gentiles, Dktugetasoonamiksijik, (the other' 

Gentle, Wontoksume. 
Gentleman, Sakumow ; ijspecheenumooe. 
Gentlemanly, Sakumowoodiktook. 
Gentleness, Woiuuksumimkawri'. 
Gentility, rd<piimcda'dakun ; Sakumovvoode ; 

cspcsakumowoode ; cspesakumovvoodea'. 
Gentlewoman, Sakumaskw'. 
Gently, kooljakTi. 
To handle it gently, Malooktum. 
To handle him gently, Malookiak'. 
Gentry, cspechenumooltimk. 

Genuflection, cmuotkooIcboogooCmk'; Cmoot- 

Genuine, kcillawaya'. 
Geography, Makumcgriwa' agiinooduiiirikuii, 

ak kctiamatiniivva'. 
Geology, kenamatinawa oochit' niAkumegow', 

ak tnulooich' oucliit' koondul. 
German, (counin), AkumngoudcCk ; Nogumow. 
German, (a Dutchman), Alma', jtlur., Al- 

To germinate, Sakfilcak' Nik. Sakaskoo- 

naasik ; Sagwcskoonaasc. 
To get, Mcs'iiiuim ; Mcsuiuik' ; Wcswaadoo ; 

Ghastliness, Skudakumooclianoo'kawa ; 

kwcdridaiitusikavvu ; kwcdadaptumugavvfi. 
Ghastly, Skudakumoochamook' ; kvvcdadap- 

tasik ; Tan kwcdaptiimookw'. 
Ghost, Skfidakumooch' ; 'Mchejakiimich'. 
Giant, kookwcs {iji;/ati) chccnum mowimsugilk'. 
Giantess, kookwcseeskw ; Mowimsugilk fi'bit. 
Giantlike, kookwcswa'dakiinfi'; Mowimsugilk'. 
Giantship, kookwcsowwoode ; kookwcswa'- 

To gibber, Maladooa'. 
Gibbet, kcstoonapelakuna'. 
Gibbous, Wolwobaak. 
Gibralter, /). n., (in K S.), Weesik. 
To gibe, iMalegaak'. 
To gibe, (Naut.), kcskwoktcsk' ; kcskwoktesin'; 

Giblets, Puiiooosumakunul. 
Giddiness, eoonaskwa'mkw ; coonaskwoksimk; 

coonaskwae ; coonaskwokse. 
Gift, Iguiuimcidimkawa' ; Igunumagwcmkilwa' ; 

To giggle, kemclme ; VVegweda'dcgfi ; \Ve- 

gwcdaadum ; kemciiimooklak. 
To gild, Wcskitegaadoo wisowsooleawa' ; 

Gills, (the external oprnhxjj, Ootemkuiuil ; 

(The red i/ills inaide), Moosedcgooduii ; 




I hold him by the gills, kclti'mkiinaaluk. 

Gimlet, Upkuc^rmchocch. 

A Gin, Loktfiagun ; Nabookfakun. 

To gingle, Sc-soot^k' ; Tcbooci^fi' tf-doncch'. 

To gird, AsoolkwL'bcsaaso, asoolkvvcbcsodulsc ; 

kcspcsaasc ; Wc-swcbilse. To he (jirdcd 

To gird him, Wcjkspcsaaluk ; Asoolkwcbe- 


Girdle-belt, ukspcsoonabe. 

Girl, abilfis' ; abitajeecb. 

Girlish, abitaswomuukso ; abitaswa'dcga' ; 

abitasooatlakuna'. ' 

To give, Isuiiutnooa'. 
To give it away, Igunumoocdoo. 
To give to him, Iguiuimak'. 
To be given away, Igdiiumoocdasi. 
To give to one's self, Igrmiimase, 
To be given to, Iguiuimuoksc ; Igunumoo- 

imk', oolk', oot'. 
To be given to, (to receive a favor), \g\xn- 


A giver, Booskcigiinumoocdoo. 

To give the hand, VVCcbkwinskaase, 

To give him all, Mcstanumuk' ; Mcstani- 

A gizzard, Ootiise. 
Glace Bay, />. n., WOsekusegwon. 
Glacial, umkoomea'. 
Glad, Weledaase; Wcledafidum; Wclamoogwa'; 

To gladden, WcIaalCik ; VVclkwijaaluk. 
Gladness, Wooleda'soode ; Wclkwija'loode ; 


To glance, (to glance the eye in at the door), 

To glance to one side, Pcsagwcdum ; Pcsa- 

Glass, Woseaiitcchk ; Pcktaoo 
A looking glass, Pibiinoo'jakiimade ; Nib- 

Glassy, Woseantechka'. ' 

To glaze, Tooobootea'dega. 

To have on a glazed hat, Wtisogwotpaam. 

To gleam, Pctcokiaasik. 

To glean, rimkimouccsc ; umkunriskoose; 

A glen, Wolkvv.iak ; Moolcagck'. 
Gleuivit, /> », Wubuminikwagaadich. 
To glide, Wcsasaasik ; Pcniadc-jcfi ; clcogwci ; 

clcagci ; Wcsasac ; WL-sasAkskunici' ; Am- 

akigopskcV ; Nestig()[»skca' ; Ncsogomkc.i ; 

Tcdlodgvve ; Wcsastcsin ; Wesastcstoo ; 

Wcsasipkuinik ; Wcsastcskus ; ctladC-k'. 
A globe, Mimtrigopskck ; Piptfigokse. 
To make it big and globular, Magapskaa- 

It is made globular, Mimtugopskaasik. 
To make it globular, •Mimtugopskaadoo, 

({(((/, Mimtiigopskcdoo. 
Gloom, Alvvoinoogeakawri. 
Gloominess, Hogumtpaak. 
Gloomy, kcwojcdaase ; kevvojac ; Alwomoo- 


To deem it lonely and gloomy, kcwoje- 

To make him gloomy, kewojnalCik. 
To glorify, kcpmedafilumk ; MoocwSlk' ; 

Mcgcdafdumk ; Mcgcdaadum. 
Glorious, cspae ; kcpmae ; kesasck. 
Glory, kcsascgawfi' ; Moocwultiinkuvva' ; espol- 

timkavva ; iikpumeda'dakun. 
A glove. Najilcliakun. 
To glue, upsogookwagiinaadoo. 
Glue, fipsogookwrtagiin. 
A glutton, Booskridal' ; Pesogwodal' ; aoosum- 

adal' ; Uooskcaoosamtum ; Mcsiktakunei' ; 

Gluttony, Booskadalmiigawa'; 
To gnash, Ncnkubitkudcsin. 
To gnash on him, Cbckabedcdooa'dijul. 
Gnat, uksipsooncheech. 
To gnaw, Noochkuna' ; Noockkfinadum ; 

NoocbkLincdaine ; ctlakuna' ; ctlakuiiadiim. 
To be heard gnawing, but not seen, (to 

gnaw oat of sight), Wcdawakuiict'. 



1 MM 


To gnaw it off, Tcmirim. 
To gnaw down a tree, k.'ioopuk ; .Inl per., 

Ho can gnaw down trees, kcscirimdumcc- 

(liji'il kritDooJul. 

To gnaw a hole through it, Taouchalkud- 

Timc ; Paooclialkralame. 
To go, alc-a' ; en', Ct', aak' ; alilk'. 
To go homo, Llumca' ; rr-mca'. 
To go away, I'oktrmikaase. 
To go away by water, JJoo'sc ; Alcsoogwc : 


To go in company with others, IhiaJ., 
VVijadcck'. rUu'., VVijailoultcck' ; f'lcii ; 
rypiimca. , 

To go with him, Widooaamk. 

To go away, or to go along talking, 

c'Icmcwistoo, (lad, clcmctulawistoo. 
To go singing, Limintoo. 
To go laughing, clmcirime. 
To go crying, tjlmudc-me. 
To go scolding, cluincalmegcdum ; clume- 


To go praying, clumcalasoodunici'. 
To go slowly, kooljaku pC-mca'. 
To go fast, Noksaase. 
A goal, C'luiidimk ; clundijik. 
To reach a goal first, fdumamk'. Also— To 
yet the victory. 

A goat, Tabrdch ; Wcnjooekuleboo'. 
Goat's hair, Trdiulclmobe. 
Goat's flesh, Tabidchwa. 
Goatish, Tabulchwa'. 

A go-between, Noogiptukamooa ; Noojekiil- 

A goblet, 'Nkiinep'sumoon. 
A goblin, Skuda'kumooch'; Mundoo. 
God, Nikskam ; Kesoolk'. 
Godchild, 'Nkulnigun. 

Godfather, 'Nkokoonit; ukckoonit ; Ookckoo- 

Godhead, Nikskamawoode. 

Godless, Moo Silbawu ; Dooskcpadadt'ga' ; 

Godliness, S.djawoodc : Nikskamawaimkawa' ; 

Nikskama' loo^owoki'm. 
Godmother, kckoonit, (the «awe as Uuil/nther.J 
To goggle, I'atlahe. 
Goggle-eyed, I'adalal^c. 
Gold, Wisowsodlcawa' ; Wisiiwaaguk. 
Goldsmith, Wisowsoolcawaaga ; Sooleawaaga. 
Gold thread, (d plnnt), Wisowkwcskul. 
Golden, Wisowsoolcawaya'. 
Gone, It is all gone, kakayAk'; Tappo', (A 

ti'nii, ii.'<f'il in Jri'iliiii/ u Imhr), nil <)i>ni'. 
Good, (to lie), kclao'se ; Wclnuidoo; kokwSjeu'; 

Good, (it i"), kcloolk'. '' 
Good Friday, kluochcowktoot. Lit., lie i$ 

Goodliness, kuloo'sonde; Woolmudoomk'; 

kokwojciadakuii ; Woolaooukun ; 661a', or 

Goods, 'Ntapsoon; Ntalegcmul. 
G'JOSe, [(i'U(l), Scnumkw'. 
Goose, (brant), Mogulavvcecli. 
Goose, (tiinio), Tagalcech. (The scolder). 
Goose-berry, kowwokclicma'n; kovvokcheechk; 

kowokchcmoosc ; kowokchecchkul ; kdbak- 

chechkul ; kabakchkumoose. 
Gore, Maldaoo. 

To gore, Sabedoktapk • Sabrdkudaaga ; Sabc- 
dogwoktuk; Sabalku;!;! k 'nsoomooawiktook, 

To gore each other with their horns, 

Sabalkridadoohi;lk oosoomoooku. 

Gorge, Oosedoon ; Oosedoonabc ; 'Msedoon. 
To gorge, Wojooaadoo numooste mesokoo 

'nsedoon ; Mcsaadoo , Mcsadame. 
Gorgeous, kesamook' ; Mowe-w661e-ankdm- 

koosik ; Mowemilamook' ak k6sast'k'. 
Gorgeousness, kcsamoogawa' ; Mowe-vvoole- 

aiikamkoosigawa' ; Mowe-mlla-moogawa 

Gormandize, BooksAdal'. 
Gormandizer, Naagow boosk&dAl. 



Gory, MAUlawfi'; MAlilawc. 
Gosling, 'IM^julccscs. 
Gospel, Wuolcii^^unoodrimAkrin. 

((h)nil neu'H.) ; 

To govern, Alsooso ; Alsoomk' ; t'tlcsnkuiu- 
ovvL' ; N()()jil|)l()()'(lci;."i' ; otic .uliuliiohivvc. 

Governess, abitas' tan noojcktuamooct. 

Government, Alsoo'soodc ; Sakfimowoodc. 

Governor, (iuhrilnol. (Evidently from the 
French or l-inylish. Tlie Micmac having 
no V, they use h instead ; and having no v, 
they use for tliis the letter I. Thii example 
illustrates the transformations that words 
continually undergo in being transferred 
from one language to another.) 

Governor's Island, p. n., (l\ E. hhuulj, 

A gouge, Pooskigfrn. 

To gouge out his eyes, kcdaldiktaak. 

Gown, 'Mtokwon' ; Madlcdiim. 

Grace, Wclaltimkfiwa' ; Oolode ; Apchedim- 

kfiwa' ; Igiinii'ima'gwemkriwa' ; VV^ooleda'da- 

kun ; Igcnumadimkawa' ; VVoola'lsoode ; 

Nikskam ootoolal'soodim ; kuloo'soode ; 

Gracious, Noojiksalooa' ; Nooje-aooledfi'dega. 
Graciousness, Noojiksalsoode; Noojeaoole- 


Gradation, Atkusaktck. 

Gradually, kiTilaaguch. 

To graft, Astooenichkoodoo. 

Grain, kuloomkwomook'. 

Gramineous, 'Mskegooa' ; 'Mskegooe. 

Graminivorous, VVedowsit 'mskegoo iktook ; 

JMalkotkiil 'mskegool. 
Grammar, etlewistoomkawa' kenamatinawa' ; 

kcgenoodQmooksoode tan wejekokwojoo- 

Grampus, Bootup ; LSbudeemekw. 
Granary, kooltimkogwom. 
Grand, Meskilk ; Mcskeek; espaak ; Mowecs- 

puak ; Mowiksijgilk' ; Mowekiiloolk'. 
Grand Lake, j'- '>^-> (Halifax County, N. S.). 


The Grand Falls, />. n , (y. H ), Chigimikpc. 

Grand River, /». »., Amaseboogwck'. 

Grand Manan, />. n,, (N.SJ, Mun.lnook'. 

Grand Passage, />. /»., Taiwitk. 

Grand River, p. n., Woibooktoojeechk'. 

Grand Bonavonturo, />. n., Wukumutkook. 

A grandchild, Noojeech. 

Grandee, Mowecspae. 

Grandfather, Nikskamich'. 

To be a grandfather, Oochecje. Lit., To 

lidir, (I (/nniilcliild. 

To have a grandfather, Wcnikskamijume. 
A grandmother, Noogumich'. 
To be a grandmother, Oochecje. 
Granite, Wokuluijskusow' ; .MAkulopsktisow' ; 

kabidopskusow' ; Wokrdopskiisowenaak. 
To grant, Igunumoocdoo. 
A grape, Alogomftn'. 
Grape vine, Alogomanokse. 
To grapple, kokwa'dcga. 
Grasshopper, Lipsokunkwaowch' ; Ipsokun- 

kwfiooch' ; LipchokiTinkwaooch'. 

To grasp, kokwa'dcga ; kokwaadoo ; kokwaa- 
Ifik; Sakupchaase ; Sakupchaadoo ; Sakiip- 

To grasp him by the head, kclatpaaluk. 
To grasp him (an animal) by the tail, 

To grasp him by the foot, kelegadaaluk. 
To grasp him by the nose, keleskoonaalfik. 
To grasp him by the tongue, kclilnooaaiuk. 
To grasp a bird by the tail, kelilnaaluk. 
To grasp him (a person) by the hair of 

the head, kolaltoogwaaluk. 
To grasp it, kelapchedafim. (See under kcla. 

Hi MicnuiG and /'JiKjUxh Department.) 

To release my grasp, Apkwilchaase. 

Grass, 'Mskegool. 

Grassy, Pookskck; 'Mskegooik ; 'Mskegooa'. 

A grass plot, 'Mskegooa'gumikt. 

A grass field (a meadow), 'Mskegooa'kade. 

A grater, Noogwagitakuna'. 

To gratify, AkajaAk' ; VVelkwijaaiak; Spajaak. 




A grave, v.., Ootkor.flakun. 

A grave yard, Ootkooi'wikunfi'kade. 

A grave stone, Ootkoodakrnifi' koondaoo. 

Gravel, Adouomk' ; Moosogopskool 

Gra^iy, Piitow. 

Gray, anoogwa' ; Wcsowsesit. 

Gray cloth, Woptukepaak. 

To have a gray head, W opkwei. 

A silver-gray fox, anoogwct' wokwis. 

To graze, Pcskwctk. 

Grease, Mema'. 

To grease, Memaadoo ; Memaaluk. 

To grease one's own hair, Mimkwense. 

To grease her or his hair, v. tr., Mim- 

To be greasy, v. Memae ; Memfiik. 

Greasy, adj., Memaya'. 

Great, Meskilk'; Mcskeek. 

To be great, Mcgeege ; Magaak ; Meskil. 

To be great-bellied, Magapskudeei'. 

To have a great head, Magatpei'. 

To have great eyes, Makalkcgwei'. 

To open the eyes so as to make them 
very great, Makfdkegwaase. ftiee in 
Aliciiiuc and Enijlink Dt [lartment , under 

Greediness, Mesiktakiinamk'. 

To be greedy, Mcsiktakunel'; Meskoonkwei'. 

Green, (olj , Wisowwae; Stogunamookse. 

Green dye, Wisowwegunaboo. 

A green field, Wisowskck'. 

Green flannel, Wisowwtk'; Wisowwekcheech. 

To colour it green, W isowwcgiinaadoo. 

Green paint, VVisowkogunakun. 

It is green paint. There is green paint, 
I am daubed with green paint, VVis- 
owkogunakCmik' ; Wisuwkoguiiakune. (As 
we might say in English, " / aia all green 

To be hunting for green paint, VVisow- 

kogunakunaaga ; W isowkogunagaktCimci'. 
I paint it green, Wisowkogunum. 
It is painted green, Wisowkogunasik. 

I am painting green for myself, Wisow- 

To paint something of one's own green, 

a:xl, To be painted green, Wisuw- 

I paint hjs green, Wisowkogiinumak'. 
It is greenish, Ame-wisowwaak. 
Green, fmiripej; elske'goonik. 
Green Hill, p. n., (Piclow County, N. S.), 

cspakumegck', (liigli bind.) 
The green sickness (io have), Depk ii noo- 
sed um. 
Greensward, Pijlkumiktaagun. 
Green wood, A green tree, ulnogum. 
To greet, WcskakeliSinuk'; Teladiideek'. 
Greeting, Oosiigagcliamoode ; Tuladadooltim- 

Gregarious, Booskemowwedaadjik'. 
Grey. (See ^ '••«,//.) 
Gridiron, Toktakuna'. 
Grief, W oonmajogun ; Woonmajeda'soode. 
To grieve, c. r/t/., Wcnmajedaase; Wenmajae; 

Scspcdaase ; anTKiaase. 
To grieve, f. tr., Wenmajaak' ; askeiak' ; Ses- 

Grim, kwcdadoodum. 
Grimace, Winegwcdoodrimugawa'. 
To make grimaces, WinegwcJoodum. 
To make grimaces at him, Winegwedak', 

{At ilite), Winegwedool. 

Grimalkin, kcsegoo'sum Meowch'. 

To grin, Chekabedaase. 

To grind, Noogwagiktega' ; Noogvvagiktoo ; 

Nooguopskudaadoo ; Noogvvageboolk' ; ka- 

kei-noogoopkudeskak' : 1 yriud liini up 

To grind grain, Ttkwtaaga 
Two persons grind with a handmill 

together, Tcgwitkuodagaadich. 
The grinders, (back tedh)., VVebetul. 
To grind it en a grinds.tone, eseboodoo. 
A grindstone, \N enjooekeetakun. Lit., a 

Freiick uiitttitone. 



Grindstone Bank, j>.v., Keetakunuk'. 

To gripe, Sakupchaase ; Mclkiip-ckasse ; Sa- 

kupchaaliik. (See To grdsp ) 
Gripes, Ncmooste kesenoogowik' ; Ncmooste 

Gristle, Wiskakunik'. 
Grit, Tiipkvvon'. 
Gritty, Tupkwonfi'. 
Grizzle, Woptukenaak ; Wosoweesit. 
To groan, ebedokse. 
A groan, ebedoksoode ; cbcdoksimkawa' ; 


Groove, Wolkoodasik. 
To make a groove, Wolkoostim. 
To place it in a groove, elogwaadoo ; 

It is placed in a groove, Tebeskasik ; 

Gross, ilcskilk'; 'Msiit ; Mcdooaak. 
Grosbeak, f<i bird), keneskwotkeech'. 
Gross Point, p. v., iMaskwasakumegck'. 
Grot, Grotto, Wolunsaktek ; Lamsok; als- 

aktck' ; clmusaak' ; clmunasik. 
Grotesque, (to appear no), Milkoodei'; kese- 

A grove, Malikt; MaliRtooch'; Munegooot- 
kek' ; VVelogumoosegek'. 

What kind of a yrove is it '^ kogooa'- 

a'gumikt ? 
It is an oak grove, flliinkvvonmoose- 

It is a spruce giov, kovwvotkwaagrimikt. 
Jt is a clicrry tree y.vve, Maskvva- 

It is a black as/i grove, Wiskogwa'gumikt. 
It is a Imrdu'ood grove, uhiekumooj- 

It is a beech grove, Sooumoose-a'gumikt. 
Ground, Makumegow'. 
On the ground, Makumegek'. 
To sit down on the ground, Mcsku r aba; se. 
To throw one's self on the ground, Mts- 

To fall to the ground, Mcskuna'desin. 
To place it on the ground, Mcskiinaadoo. 
To place him on the ground, Mcskunaaluk. 
To be placing things on the ground, 

-Mcskuiia'dcga ; Mcskunaagfi. 
To throw it to the ground, Mcskuna'dcga. 
To drop to the ground, Alcskunaase. 
Ground hemlock, kastuk. 
Ground hemlock berries, kastemaniil. 
Ground nuts, Miiskoosit; Scgubun. 
A group, Movvweome; Muneak' ; Pegvvele- 


To grow, VI 

Pcmegua' ; Bokchege ; 

Nik; Naksage, To grow rapidly. 
To cause to grow, Pemgeedcgri. 
To hav(i got my growth, kesege. 
To growl, Chig'ume ; BaskokiAme. 
To grublie, Nenadoonawa' boguiiitpaak iktook. 
To grudge, kcskchiimak'. 
Gruel, Moosabootcgavva'. 

Gruff, Grum, Medooae ; eloowavve ; kakavvae. 
TO grumble, amselaboogooa' ; Amscloodiim. 
Grumbler, Booskcamsclaboogooa' 
To grunt, xMCdadokse ; Wcdaoolame ; kcse- 


To guard, cskiinwobe; eskiimalk'; eskiim- 

aklLim ; NcojOdum ; Ankwaak'; Ankodum, 
A guard house, Skumakim. 
A gun guard, VVoksenoogoyak'. 
A gudgeon, SL^gumooch'. 
A guerdon, Abankudooowwa'. 
To guess, Tcdaboodfiaga ; Tedaboodafim. 
To try to gU'^ss it, kedooeedum ; kcdoo- 

kcgiinic, ! I'am; kwcjcteclabnodaam. 
To gueSE right, kokwojclcdaboodaam ; ko- 

kwojclcuaboodaMcga ; Weletcdabooda'dcga. 
A gueSb^r, Ncuowwetcdabooda'dcga. 
Guest, Ncojemitoogwi,'; 
Guggle, Wt'dawilk' ; Wedavvomkitk ; Poogool- 

krijAkiimeak', The ivater boils up. 
T'» guide, Negatiovvtega' ; Negaiiovvtegumrik'. 
To guide the "canoe," Ilkwcecium ; Noo- 




EX^LTS^-^rIc^rAC dtctioxary. 

A guide, Noojenegtinowtega'. 

Guile, liksuboogwa'dakun. 

Guilt, PadaswSkuii. 

Guilty, Pada'dega. 

Gulden Lake, p. n., VVedawaachk. 

Gulf, lioktabafik' ; Mooleagek ; clmunasik. 

A gull, kulokundecch' ; kunokundeech' ; MSg- 

womkoosit ; Niktoolncch' ; Wobigeoks' ; 

keiisees; M^ktotpdjit ; VVegadigiinaak. 
Gum, upkoo; uskumoo'gwalow; Wesabegelow'. 
To chew gum, Sokumoo'gawa. 
Gummy, Upkooik ; Upkooawa'. 
Give him some gum, Poo'stumoo. 
Gum from an old dead tree, Muijipkoo. 

Gun, Paskowa'. 

To be armed with a gun, Paskowaaam. 

To own a gun, Paskowa'ume. 

The gun is loaded, kepsakadck'. 

To wash out a gun, kesageiega'. 

A gun stock, Sogiimka'digun ; Paskowa- 

ogum ; Paskawedeogum. 
A gun with a half stock, Mijeogwaak. 
The gun barrel, Webaagwik. 
The muzzle of the gun,, Wedoonik. 
The ramrod, Scnsakudaagun. 
The brasses that hold the ramrod in place, 

The pins that hold the barrel in place, 

The gun breech, WadSkunaasik. 
The gun guard, Wokskunoguyak'. 
I'he gun trigger, Wegwa'dakuti. 
The pan of the gun, emkwonejit. 
The gun pan spnng, Tokwonkudck'. 

The gun lock, abatck'. 

The hammer of the gun lock, Nalkoncjit. 

The cock of the gun, Aboogwokujeech. 
Lit.. The little thigh. 
To cock the gun, Seskagaadoo. 
To snap a gun, elakadestoo. 
The gun goes off, Pasktidesk'. 
To "present" a gun, kwetiinaadoo. 
The gun dotjs not " go off," Moo paskud- 

To load a gun, Pitkiisowwa'. 

To "aim" the gun at it, eltoonaadoo. 

To "aim" at him, eltoonaaluk. 

To be "drawing" the charges out of 

guns, kwejeboo'dega. 
To draw a charge, kwejeboodoo. 
To fire off a gun, Paskege. 
Gunpowder, upsow. 
The gunwale of a canoe or "ship," 


To prepare the gunwale, Okwojegiinaaga. 

To gurgle, Mededokslk. 

Gusty, Medooamoogwaaik. 

Guts, Oolukse. 

A bear's small guts, 'Msookse. 

To take the fat off the guts, Menenoo-- 

To gut, Pegweja'dega ; Pegwejed&ga'. 
To gut him, Pggwejaaluk ; keleolaje. 
Gut of Canso, p. n., Tooe'gunuk. 

To squeeze the contents out of guts, to 
"strip" them, Chinkuja'; Chinkujaadoo. 
A gutter, upstigaagun. 
Gyves, kulagasoodeel. 




Habiliment, 'Mtokwon. 

A habit, clintowwaga'dakun. 

My habit, Tan telae ; Tan tclkumikse. 

Habitation, Wigwom ; Wenjecgwom. 

Habitator, Tan eltuq-adum. 

Habitual, apchooawa'. 

Habitually, Etle, — as a jn-efix to a veih, 

denotes that the action is luibitually dove. 
Haberdasher, Noodowoola'; Noojepumowoola; 

alowwooledaoo ; ketpije ; kctpijitaaskvvoe. 
To hack, Temkwedaaga ; Chigundaaga. 
A haddock, Poodomkiincch'. 
Hail, umkoome ; VVobich'. 
To hail, Qmkoome egaat ; Wobijoonedk'. 
Hair, (uf the head), Moosaboon' ; Oosaboon'. 

(Of animals), Pewedum ; Puhsig&n ; An- 

The hair on the body, Pewedum. 
To have long hair, Sitoogwei'. 
To have a beautiful head of hair, Noo- 

My hair has never been cut, Mesaltogwae. 
To cut the hair, Memkudamooa' ; kcptooes- 
umei'; Temastdklaamei'; Taakunatpedaamei. 
To singe the hair, Memkujoooksum. 
To smell of burnt hair, NVatoogoptek. 
My hair stands on end, Nikchewegeak' 


To be hairless, Cbald headed), Memkoosd- 

A hair lace, or hairstring, Sagulobe. 
A hake, Nagabetulow'. 
Half, Akijdeik ; kudeiik ; Poogwa' ; Amuu. 

The half of a fish, split from head to tail, 

The half of an animal, a " side of meat," 

Half a loaf, EsSbenSgwon' pibunokun. 

Half a person. Half faced, Esa' ; Esaak ; 

Half winter, (mhhvinier), Aktabook'. 
Half night, (midninhf), Aktatpaak. 
Half full, Aktamkeet' ; aktalooskeet' : Aktaa- 

Half a bushel, Tumpooesoo. 
Half-penny, Soomalke ; Pasaagfich. 
Half-tide, (coming in), Akudatpaak, (Going 

out), Akudagedk'. 
Half dead, Akfidinpum. 
Half way, Akudowte. 
To arrive half way, Aktidateskiim. 
A half-wit, Akudae. 
A halibut, 'Msanekw'. 

Halifax, p. v., Chebookt. (From ukchebookt, 
the chief or larffed harbour or bay) 

At, to, or from Halifax, Chebooktook. 
' To halloo, kedoo ; Wedawesowwa' ; Saskwa' ; 
Nedowwa'; koo'kwfme. 

A halo round the sun or moon, Owwea- 

loosk' ; elmiigaskedcsk' ; elmudega'digul 

To halt, Nenkaase. 

To limp, Askaase. 
A halter, a'babe. 
To halve, Nowskaadoo. 
Halyard, Wegooadaktinabe. 
Ham, aboogwokuch ; Abooakuch. 
Hamlet, Oodiin, 
A hammer, Maltejwa'. 
To hammer, Medcdaaga ; ebatkvvedaaga. 
Hammock, Jigiilomoogvvokun. 
To hamper, Wetkoo'lk; WCtkoolooa'. 
Hand, 'Mpet&n ; 'Mpi'itun. 
To extend the hand, Sebinskaase ; Pejelin- 

To have a large hand, Magiptenei'. 
To have a small hand, apsiptenei'. 





To open the hand, (one's oivn hand,) Banil- 

chaase ; Pcgwilchaase. 
To open " his " hand, v. tr., Banilchaaluk ; 

To close one's own hand, Sakupcbaase. 
To close his hand, v. tr., Sakui)cliaaluk. 
To thrust my hand in at the door, Pisk- 

To hand it, Wcchkwaadoo. (To bring it in 

the hand.) 
A handharrow, aooktabilakuna'. 
A handbreath, Naooktebilchaasik. 
A handful, iS'akuiiii;kvvaadoonik. 
To take up a handful, Nakunipkwaadoo, 
Handkerchief, Moosooa' ; Moosooedooa ; 

A handle, apchoo'n ; clnSkunutk' ; Nabeda- 

To handle, Nenadoonawa' ; Nenadoonum. 
An axe handle, Tumeeguniitk'. 
A pipe handle, (a pi[je stem,) Pakunutk'. 
To put a handle to a knife, Nasipkaam. 
A handmaid, Oonokubemecskw. 
A handsaw, Tumagiktakun. 
To saw with a handsaw, Tcmagiktcga'. 
To be handsome, keloo'se ; Welabawe'. 
To be becoming handsome, kcloosea'. 
Handsomeness, kuloo'soode. 
To hang, v. tr., Akabejaadoo ; kestonabilk ; 

kwesavvaaluk ; kwesopelum ; kakiskabejaa- 

To hang, v. int, Akabijin ; Okoodooa' ; Akabitk'. 
To hang down over, (as a curtain J, Paje- 

To hang down a rope, Nistagaadoo ; Nista- 

Hantsport, p. n., Kakagwek, (i)lace of dried 

A hank, Ncktogeejik. A skein of thread. 
A " hank " of " wire," Nektogeak'. 
Two " hanks " of thread, Tabouijgecjik. 
Haphazard, kabaksu. 
To do it haphazard, kabaksadega'. 

Happiness, Oolode ; Mowweoolode ; Mestow- 

oolfxle ; Wooledaswokun ; Wooleda'soode ; 

Weskawedaasoode ; Oosiigaweda'soode. 
To happen, Tedaboodesk'. 
Happy, Wckle ; Wclcdaase ; Wel5dega ; Movv- 

weoolodcga ; Wcskavvedaase. 
A happy land, Weskawenaak. 
A harangue, ]5ootoosimk ; BootoosooSkun ; 

Haranguer, Bootoosooenoo; Bootoosooenooe ; 

I'o haraS':;, Loogowoklinaaltik ; Wgdumailk' ; 

. . .nvaaluk ; Malikcbfi'waak. 
Har-oar., koo'moode ; kome ; Bookt ; Petooa ; 

Hard, Melkibeadck' ; ^sunaak ; Melkae ; Mel- 


The snow a-top is hard, Melkibeak' wostaoo'. 

Hard wood, ulnekumooch'. 

Made of hard wood, ulnekumoocha'. 

Hard and solid, (as a fresh fish), Melkumc- 

To be hard-hearted, Medooae; Medooo- 

mookse ; Melkegegasutum. 

To appear in the face hard and severe, 

To harden it, Melkaadoo ; Meskunogoo- 

To harden it by drying it by the fire, 

Meikoksiim ; Melkegwijaadoo ; Melkegwij- 

aaluk ; Melkegwijaaddk. 
To harden myself, Melkegwija'luse. 
To dry it hard in the sun, Mclkibeasum. 
To harden iron or steel, Weskunagoogwa ; 

Hardihood, Mclkuda'soode. 
Hardly, Waagiicli. 
Hardness, Mclkakawa' '. Medooaimkavva' ; 


Hardship, keslcjooa'dakuna ; kestawodakun ; 
Ooiimajaoookuii ; Loogowokuna'dcgemkawa'. 

Hardware, kusawogwaal. 

A hare, Able'gumooch ; Wabus. 



To have a hare lip, Nablegetunei ; Naseme- 

Hark! Jikstitaan I 
Harm, and Harmfulness, Pada'soode ; elaak ; 

eloowawoode ; achkunaoookijn ; Obula'- 

dakun ; aoobuladegemkawa' ; achkunodcg- 

emkavvfi' ; uktooodakun. 
To harm, Obiilaadoo; Obulaaluk ; achkunod- 

ega, ; achkunaak' ; Winipliwodoo ; achkun- 

I am trying to harm him, kwejooaak'. 
I wish to harm him, kcdooaak'. 
A harness, elkotoodigun ; eltokooddkun ; 

To harness, eltokoo'lk ; Nasaadoo uldukodi- 


To harness one's self for fight, kegunaaluse. 

To be harnessed, kegunase ; keguna'lookse. 

A harp, Nastabakunaajech. A Jew's harp. 

To harp, Nastab&kunajechkudaaga. 

A harper, Nooje-nast^bdkunajechkudaaga. 

Harpoon, upskaoo. 

Harrow, Nikchebutkei'giina' ; Nikchabatkig- 

To harrow, Nikchebutkeiga. 
Harsh, Medooae ; eloowawe ; kakaalc. 
Harvest, Peskwesowoo'dimk. 
To hash, Tedagapskusiim ; Tcdagapskudaam ; 

Tooksoboogwodum ; Tedagetooksoboog- 


Haslet, Harslet, Oosugeskcn'igun. 

To haste, v. int., Ndnkumalea' ; Nakusaase ; 

kesegowvvaase ; kakaoolugaase. 
To be in haste, Nenakedfiadum ; Nenageie. 
To hasten, v. tr., Nenakedaalumk ; Ncnake- 

dalemuk ; Naksegcmk' ; Wiskiigemk' ; Nak- 

usaadoo ; Ncnagimk' ; Nenagaadoo. 
To hasten him, Noksimk' ; Wlskugimk'. 
To hasten it, Noksaadoo. 
A hat, a'gwcsun. 
To own a hat, a'gwesunume; WedagwSs'- 

To be wearing a hat, a'gwesunaam. 

To walk about with a hat on, Yaleagwes- 

A hat case, Agw^suna' ktimoode. 
To hatch, v. int., kedagaasit. 
To hatch them, v. tr., keda'galaje. 
A hatchet, Tumeegun. 
To own a hatchet, Tume'gunume ; Wetiim- 

To be armed with a hatchet, Tumegunaam. 
To hate. Moo kesalooow' ; Moo kesadiimoo ; 

Moo kcsalAk' ; Makskeltum ; Makskeltak' ; 

Sckajedaadum ; Sckajeda'lumak ; ketkedaa- 

dum ; ketkeda'lumdk'. 
Hatred, uktugeda'lsoode ; Makskeltakun ; 

To have, kekoonum; Wcskodiim; VVetalegeme. 
Haven, koo'moode ; kome ; Bookt ; Petooa' ; 


To be haughgty, Melkedoodum ; emteske; 
emteskedoodum ; emteskawistoo ; emtes- 
kabawe ; Pcpseda'dega' Pepsedoodum. 

Haughtiness, emteskode ; cmteskedoodumug- 
awa'; Mclkedoodumumk'; Melkedoodiim- 
ugawa ; Emteskabawimkawa' ; Pepseda'- 

To haul, eladej'edoo ; cladejimk'. 

To haunt, Weskowwaase. 

Haunter, Booskewcskowwaase. 

Havock, uksuga'dakun. 

A haw, kogumin. 

Hawthorn, kogiiminokse. 

A hawk, Pepoogwes' ; Siktagcdaoo pepoogwes'; 
'Mtakooa'gejit ; 'Mtaskumooagcjit' ; 'Mta- 
kooa'gvvejit'; uksene; kwSdadowvve ; Wis- 

A meat hawk, Mikchagogwech. 

A sparrow hawk, Pepoogwases. 

A night hawk, Beechkwech. 

A pigeon hawk, kwcdadowwe. 

To hawk goods round, Noodowoola ; Noje- 

A hawker of goods, (a fedler), alowoolcdaoo. 

Hay, 'Mskegool. 







Hay •maker, Noojimskegooaaga, 

To make hay, 'Mskegooaaga. 

A hay cock. Wees. Lit., a muskrat house, 

which it resembles. 
Haze, Oon. 

Hazel, Malipkanchemoose. 
Witch hazel, Owwelikch'. 
A hazel nut, Malipkanch'. 
Hazel colour, ijirimoojooomookse. 
He, Ncgiim. 
A head, 'Miinooche. 
My, thy, his, head, Nennooche a?u?noonje; 

kunooche ; Oonooche (ind oonje. 
To be head man, etleoonooje ; Noojeboo- 


To stand at the head, Noojeboogooe. 

To have a big head, Magatpei'. 

To have a small head, apsatpei'. 

To have an odd looking head, VVegooot- 

To hold the head still, Wontokojin. 
To lay down the head, elkwesiimaase. 
To lift up the head, Nemtoogwaase ; Sem- 


To hold down the head, Ogulumkwaasc. 
To cut off ^is head, Temkwedaak. 
To put a h^ad on it, Oonjeaadoo. 
To put a head on him, Oonjeaaluk. 
To head it off, elmiigwaadoo. 
To head him off, elmiigwaaliik. 
Too much by the head, (NaiU.,) kikchebek'. 
The head of a river, eskweiik. 
Headland, kwesowksaak ; kespuksowwaak. 
A head band, apttigopesoode. 
To fall headlong, ejSdoonkwed'esin. 
A headwind, Asumegwetk'. 
To have a head wind, Asumegwcdiiniime. 
Headstone, Ootkoodakuna' koondaoo. 
Headstrong, kekajaase. 

To heal, v. tr., NesaalQk ; Nesaadoo ; Nesa- 
dcga ; Nebilk. 

Health, Oolode ; Welaimk. 
Healthful, Healthy, Weiae. 

Aheap, Mowogwa'dasik; Movvodasik ; Mowa- 

gwaak ; Mowegwodasik. 
To heap, Mowaadoo ; Mowodoo ; alodoo ; 
aloliigik'; Mowegwodoo; Mowomkadooonul'; 
Mowegwodum ; NemAmkaadoo. 
To heap earth upon it, Weskijodoo ; elo- 
doo ; kakwomkaadoo. 

Heaping full, kakwomke&k' ; Nemamkeak'. 
To hear, Noodum ; Noddumei' ; Noodak' ; 

To hear from one's friends, Pegoostume ; 

To hear such a report, Telsutiimei ; Noo- 

*.0 hear it so, Telsiitum : It sounds so to tne. 
How do you hear it 1 i. e., how does it 

30vnd to thee 1 TalsQt'umun ? 
i'o hear it often, Nakulsiitum. 
To be heard, Noodooimk' ; Noodase ; Noo- 

dookse ; VVesetumQgiil ; Noodumiigiil, 
To hearken, aoolistdk' ; Chigistakunei'. 
Heart, 'Alkamlamun. 
The heart of a tree, Lamogwon. 
A hearth, kaskoostow'. 
To heat iron red hot, Booktowsiini. 
The iron is heated red hot, Booktowtek'. 
To dislike the heat, Segajebuse; Owwonebuse. 
Heath, kastook. 
Heathen, Segaweiilnook ; Moo kggnooealas- 

To heave, Wenakegedoo ; epsitkwaadoo ; 


To pant, Paskiilame. 
To retch, Abooskelooae. 
Heaven, Wasok. 
Heavenly, Wasokawa. 
Heavenward, Wasogwaal. 
Heaviness, keskookawa'. 
Heavy, keskool ; keskook. 
Hebraism, Leswepaweesimk; Leswepawe'sim- 

Hebrew, Lesweep, (from the French Ze/tti/: 

8 for j and p for /) ; Leswepaweesimk, 

To speali 
A Hebra 
A hedge, 


To hedg 






aaga ; 

Heed, An 
To take ] 

ilk'; .Se 

A heel,- 

To put 01 
To sew 


The heel 
A heel pi( 
To heel, (: 
To heel < 

To be lyir 
A heifer. 
Height, k: 
An heir, T 
Held, (See 
Hell, Oonr 
Hellish, 0( 




A helm, II 
To help, Al 


To be a he 
Helpful, T 



To speak Hebrew, Lesweepaweese. 

A Hebraist, W'clinsutaf^ik Lcsvveepk. 

A hedge, Lutkriclaagun ; Boktaagun ; Ovvwe- 

To hedge, kcboktaaga ; kcboktaam ; alat- 

kudaaga ; alatkudaam ; Owweatkiidaaga ; 

Cwvveatkudaam ; kcbatkaam. 
Hedgehog, Madoocs'. 
Hedgepig, Madoocsees. 
Hedger, Noojealatkudaaga ; Noojekcbokud- 

aaga; Noojiiowwealkudaaga. 
Heed, Ankodumuk' ; Ankvvaasimkawa'. 
To take heed, Ankwaase ; Ankodcga'. 
Heedless, aneamooa'; Sesooedaadum ; Sesooe- 

daase ; cmagwaase. 
Heedlessness, Aneamooemk' ; Sesooedadiim- 

lik'; Sesooedadumiigawa'; cmagwasimkawa'. 
A heel,— my, thy, his, 'Nkoon ; ukooii' ; 

To put on a heel, 'Mkoona' egaadoo. 
To uew up the heel of a moccasin, 

kebootuneesowvva ; kebootuneesum. 

The heel of a snow shoe, Ookooje. 

A heel piece, 'Mkoona'. 

To heel, (To davce.) Amalkei'. 

To heel over, (Kaut.) v. int., elpejaasik ; 

To be lying heeled over, epmedek'. 
A heifer, ulgedook wenjooteaam. 
Height, kakwagawa. 

Heinous, Mowwewinchuk ; Mowimtooaak. 
An heir, Tam wedalegemit oochul ootapsoonul. 
Held, (See hold). 

Hell, Oonmajoguna'kade ; Mundooaage. 
Hellish, Oonmajoguna'kadeiV; Mundooageawa'; 

Hellward, Mundooageagwaal ; Oonmajokade- 

A helm, Ilkwijadegemkawa'. 
To help, Abogunumooa' ; Abogiinumftk ; Abo- 

giinumadum ; Aboguiiumase. 
To be a helper, Noojeabogunumooa'. 
Helpful, Telabemkook ; Welabcmkook. 

Helpless, ejcla'dcgil ; Moo keseabogunumasu. 

A helve, 'rumeguinitkw'. 

To hem, Tctpcgocsum ; Tclpcge'sowwa'. 

A hem, Tctpt'geesigfin. 

Hemlock, (The phint.J Tulcgubun. 

Ground hemlock, kastuk. 

A hemlock tree, uksoo'sk. 

Hemlock wood, uksooska'. 

A hemlock grove, liksooskovvwa'gumikt. 

Hemlock bearing land, uksooskowwa'gum- 

Hemorrhage, Maldawimk. 
Hen, keguleegwech uskwaoo ; Wcnjooepulow- 


Henpecked, Ootabitemul alsoosilijul. 

Hence, Wejadcgemk' cola tct ; Na oochit'. 

"Siencel (Awdj/with yoa !J Jlgiilaase ! 

Henceforth, Wejadcgemk ntiga'. 

Her, Ncgum. (The same as hi))i, for the gender 
is not distinguished in the Micrnac pro- 

An herb, (Medicinal) Piitawaokse. 

Herd, Miineak ; Mowomajik weisisk. 

Here, Oola' tet. 

Hereafter, kulabis' ; elme'gtinik ; 'Mchichk ; 

Hereto, Heretofore, Eejugwn ; Noodaakw. 

Hero, kenap'. 

To be a hero, kedapawae ; kenapavve. 

Heroical, kenapawa ; Tan tiilfi' kenap' ootenink. 

To be heroic, kenapawa'dcga'. 

Heroine, kenapaweeskw. 

To be a heroine, kenapaweskowe. 

A heron, Tumgwoligunech', fA " crane.") 

To hunt herons, Tumgwoliguncchwaaga. 

Heron Island, p.n., Tesunegek'. 

A herring, Agoogumekw'. 

Herring Point, p. n., N. B., Wospooijiktook, 
(Among the sads.J 

Herring Cove, IIx. Co., Moo)ipcliugcch'. 

To hesitate, Aswedaase ; Asvvedaadum. 

To hew, Chegudaaga ; Chegudaam. 

To hew stone, elsaklaaga ; elsaklaam. 






To hiccough, kcchkwa'. 

Hiccough, It., kcchkvvcmkawa'. 

To hide, Mimoogwodcf^fi' ; Mimoogwodoo ; 
ctligaadoo ; Mimoogvvose ; Mimoogvvosik- 
tak ; MimoogwSlk' ; Mimoogwodumak' ; 
alegase ; Yalcgase ; Yalegasiklak'. 

A hide, Mugegun ; kubank. 

A hiding place, clegadegemkawa'. 

Hieroglyphic, Luskun ; aweekugcmkawa'. 

Higgins Brook, p. n., kcskede-emcsaak. 

To higgle, adumooa'. 

High, cspae ; cspaak ; Pejik ; cspeii' ; cspijik ; 
cspujit ; espegfinik ; cspasaktck' ; cspap- 
skiidck'; espedk'; epsitkoodook; cspdbedek'. 

To place it on high, awobaadoo ; kakwaadoo ; 

To rise high, epsitkwaase. 
To fly high in the air, espeSkaya'. 
Highland, espakumegek ; Pumdunk ; kumdunk. 
A Highlander, Pumdunookawaach; kumdun- 

To be of the same height, Tetpugllkik. 
Highwater, Wojoobaak ; kespaak. 
Highwater mark, WagobaktcL 
The highway, Owte ; glegawitawa owte. 
Highwayman, Noojekumootunes'. 
Hilarity, Oosugawaoookun. 
A hill, espakumegek' ; Nemakumegck' ; Nem- 

aktuk ; keneskwogut'k ; Malikl' ; Wechkoo- 

kumegek' ; clmakumegek'. 

Hilly, Milkumegck' ; Winagutk'. 

To convey it up hill, elgesogwaadoo. 

To look ro'ind from a hilltop, Naoomchooae. 

The top of a hill, kakwokw. 

On the top of a hill, kakwogook. 

To go up a hill, elgesogwaase. 

On a sand-hill, kakwomk. 

To go down hill, Nesipkame. 

To hinder, Wetkoolooa' ; Wctkoolk' ; VVct- 

koolse ; Wedumaak': 
A hinge, Memegcch', (A butterjly.) 
To hint, Ametulooa'. 
Hillsburg, p, »., elsctkook. 

Him, Negum. 

Hip, 'Npakiinigun ; Aboogwokuch. 

The hip joint, Oopakun. 

My hip joint, kCjeloogoonci'. 

To hire, Abankudum. 

A hireling, Noodabankudookse. 

To hiss, Mededoksit. 

History, Agunoodumakun. 

To hit, Taktijm ; Pegisk' ; Pegistoo ; Pegid- 

umak' ; edogvvodesiii ; Sogotpedesin' ; Ted- 

aboodaam ; eltaam. 
To hitch along, VVenakajeeje. 
To hitch back, Natkabaase. 
To hitch it on, kelooskoodaadoo. 
To hitch a horse, kelpilk' tasebow'. 
Hither, Oola' tet. 
Come hither, Choogoo'ye. 
Hitherto, Mesokoo nugaach ; Wechkooeak 


Hitherwards, Wejooowwaal. 

Ho! He! 

Hoar, Wobae ; Wobipkwei'. 

Hoar-frost, Wostowiuk. 

Hoarse, kebadegwa' ; kabaasit 'nsedoon ; keba- 

Hoary, Wobipkwei'. 
To hobble, Askaase. 
Hobgoblin, Mundoo nemedasit ; Skudakiim- 

oo'ch ; Wiguladumooch'. 

Hoe, lilgaagun. 

To hoe, elkaaga ; Nookwaaga ; Nookwaam ; 

Nemakaaga ; Nomakaam ; elkaam. 
A hog, koolkwees. 
Hoggish, {to be), koolkwesooa'dega ; koolkwes- 

ooaase ; Telae stuga koolkwees. 
Hogshead, Malegaoo meskilk'. 
Hogsty, kooikwesooogwom. 
To hoist, Ncpsa'dega; Nepsepeliim ; Nepsep- 

ilk' ; NepsaaSoo ; Nepsaaiuk ; kakwaadoo ; 

espaadoo ; Wenakpelum ; Wenagaadoo ; 

To hold, kelniim; kelnuk; kelkum ; kelkdk'; 

kekoonum ; Cheedoonk ; Chedoonum. 



To hold it up from the ground, cpsitkoonum. 

To hold it firmly, Mclkunum 

To hold him up, MclkTnik ; Tcleboogoo'nuk. 

Ti) kev.j) him fru))i JnUlvq dawn. 
To hold it up, Tcleboogoonum. 
To hold it by a string, cilegultak'tiniim. 
To hold him by a bridle, (a string), Ctlegul- 

takunuk'. (Sec Mlnnac-Kngl'ish under kcla). 
A hole, ijlmalkuk ; Paoochaak ; Taoochaak. 
To make a hole, Taoochalkaam ; Tauochal- 

kuk ; Taoochalkaadoo ; Paooclialkaam. 
To enlarge a hole, Wosokudaam ; Wosalkaa- 

doo ; Sabunase. 
To cast into a hole, Pijea'. 
A beaver's or muskrat's hole, clmunakun. 
To have a hole in my shoe, Paoochegumei. 

(Piioochck ?) 

To chop a hole through, PaoochSdaam; 

To cut a hole through with a knife, Paoo- 

chcsum ; Taoochcsiim. 
To burn a hole through, Paoochoksum ; 

Holiness, Sabawoode ; Nikskamawoodea' ; 

To hollo, (to shout), kedook ; Nedowwa' ; 

Saskwa ; kesintowwa'. 
"H-OllOYT, (to he J, Toogoonaak ; eltnunasik; Pe- 

liiniskik ; Wolbcga'dakuti ; VVolkobega'da- 

A hollow tree, Pijistukw ; Pijiskik'. 

To smoke him out of a hollow tree, Pijis- 

To make a hollow in the ground, Wolun- 

kaam ; Wolkobegaadoo ; Wolkobakum. 
To hollow it out, Toogoonalkadum ; Pooske- 

The hollow of my foot, Wolnoksedei'. 
To be holy, v., Nikskamawae ; Wasokawae. 

Adj., Nikskamavva' ; Wasokwawa'. 
A holy day, Pesteawimk'. 
To keep holy day, Pesteawe. 
Holy water, Sabalinawa', 

Holy Church, Santa moweome. 

Home,— my, thy, his, Neck; keek; week. 

Our home, keegunoo. 

At our home, keegunAk; NigunAk. 

To go home, clumea'. 

Jlov shall J (JO home? Tale'lumeadcs' .' 

1 sliidi (JO home thus, Tele'lumeCdes' 

/ run home, clmeebe. 

/ send it home, clmugedum ; Petkediim ; 
To send him home, clmugimk' ; elmaaluk. 

J (JO home by land, elmadcga'. 

Homely, VVinab'awe ; Moo vvela'bawu. 
Homespun, Estuktaagun. 
Homeward, Homewards, Nigunakgaal. 
Homicide, Memajooenooe nabadcgcmkavva'; 

Noojenabadega memajooenoo iktook. 
Homily, Pcstoonumugawa'. 
Hone, keedAkiin. 
Honest, kokwojea' ; kokwodmiidoo; Wclmiidoo; 

Moo kcspoogwa'dcgow ; Wela'dcga. 
Honey, MechipchSmooCch-aboo. 
Honey comb, Mechipchamooech' oosQse. 

A portion of an ox's tripe, Abutoo'sow. 
Honeysuckles, kagipkool. 
Honour, n , ukpumeda'dakiin ; ukpumeda'l- 

soode ; ukpumedaliimooksoode ; ukpume- 

tulaoookun ; espaimkawa'. 
To honour, kcpmeda'dega ; kepmedadum ; kep- 

meda'lumuk ; kepmedafdumk. 
Honourable, kcpmac; ajikpCimae;espaak;espe- 

chcnumooe; kcpmedrdumookse ; kcpmeda'- 

dase ; kepmeche'numooe. 
To hoodwink, Ncgabegwaaluk ; kcspoo- 


A hoof, Oosit'. 
To have hoofs, Oositunikse. 
His hoofs, Oositunikseek. 
A hook, umkiigijn ; klokawa'. 
To hook, Nabedagaadoo ; Paadulk ; Pa'doodum. 
To hook one's self, ('J-'o be cauyht by a hook,) 



Hoop, n., Likpcii'if,'iin ; PclowOk ; ukspesoon- 

abe ; WoUpa'dakrin, 
To hoop, c'likpcnovvwri ; clogwistcga' ; kujeda- 

buktaam ; (itlagaadoo. 
To make a hoop, ukspesootiilbeaadoo ; ukspe- 

To bend a hoop, clegaadoo ; clcsa'dcga'. 
A mould for bending hoops, Lcgadakima' 
To hoot, kookoogwcswcese ; 'Malegimadim- 

A hoot, kookoogwesweesimk ; Ncdowwcmk' 

To hop, clipsugwa' ; NaooktegAtaloogwu' ; 


A hop, ((t plant), Abcda'dakuna' tcdabogcAk'. 
A wild hop, Chogogwcchk'. 
Hope, n., ajipchoo'dakun ; ajipchoo'soode. 
Firm hope, Mulgeajipchoo'soode ; Mulgeajip- 

To hope, ajipchoodcga' ; njipchoodum ; cske- 

bcdcga' ; cskebcdum. 

Horn,~my, thy, his, 'Nsumoo; uksumoo; 

To have horns, VVcsumooe'. 
He sheds his horns, Mcnkoootk'. 
To have large horns, Makasumooot'. 
To be caught by the horns, Nabcdokpe. 
To have small horns, apsumooe'. 
A horned owl, Ictugule. 
Horny, Oosoomooa'. 
Hornet, Amooow' ; Amoo. 
A hornet's nest, Amooowsuse. 
Horror, uksewagwoda'soode. 
Horse, Tasebow. (From the Fr., des chevaux.) 
To own a horse, Wi-dooame lasebow; Tase- 

To be using a horse, Tasebowaam. 
On horseback, aooktube. 
To drive horses in a carriage, Nootukunakik. 

Fmin Noolunawae, to l)e a puller u/ lines. 
To ride a horse, Pcmceboolwa. 
Horse-bean, I'apawa'. 
Horseflesh, Tasebowwa'. 

Horsefly, 'Msfisok. 

Horseman, Noojcebool wa'. 

Horse Island, />. v.. NcmaktinAtpach'. 

Horticulture, I'^gadakuncbcja loogowokiin. 

Hot, cptCk' ; 2pse ; Astck' ; kcsoostonck ; 

HooktowtCk' ; kcsadck' ; Mowiksadck' ; 

Wcksadck' ; Meodck'. 
A hot day. Hot weather, Wctkunegiskuk, 
The weather is hot, VVctkunaak. 

Hot water, cptck samoogwon. 

Hot milk, c-psit' midugcch'. (Midiigcch is 

an. gen.) 
A hound, Wokwiswaasum. Lit., A fox dog. 
Hour, TasajeCt ? What hour i» it ? What 

o'clock in it ? 
It is one o'clock, Naooklajct'; Tabooaject', 

two o'clock. 

That very hour, Na ba ajeech'. 

The sun is an hour high, Niiooktajeet' 

teliktat' nagosit. 
A house, Wigwom ; Wenjeegwom. 
To build a house for myself, aweegei. 
To own a house, Weege. 
To occupy a house, VVigwomaam ; Wenieg- 

To build a new house for one's self, 

To own a new house, Pelegdnaam. 
An old house, 'Nkanegan'. 

The house is new, There are new houses 
there, Peleganik. 

The house is old. There are old houses 

there, 'Nkaneganik. 
A large house, MagcgAn' ; Magogwom ; 

Mageganogwom ; Magigoo5gw6m. 
To occupy a large house, Makigooogwomaam. 
A small house, Apsigooom ; ApsegSn'. 
To occupy a small house, Apsigooomaam. 
To own a small house, Apseganiime. 
What kind of a house is it 1 How many 

stories high is the house*? How is 

the place off with respect to houses 1 

Talcganik .'' 



It is a good house, It is a well-built 

house, The place is well supplied 

with houses, VVooIcj;aiiik. 
It is a one-story house, Naooktcg.lnik. 
It is a two-story house, TaboocgAnik. 
It is a three-story house, Naseganik. 
It is a house of many stories, I'egwcle- 

It is a house of not many stories, Moo 

It is that kind of a house, TclegAnik. 
It is not that kind of a house, Moo 

It is a hewn stone house, clscgtinigunegAn'. 
The house is built of hewn stones. The 

place is furnished with houses built 

of hewn stones, elsCguniganik'. 

To own a hewn stone house, clscgunigune- 

To occupy a hewn stone house, clscgun- 


Not to occupy a hewn stone house, Moo 

To be a new hewn ston e house. There are 
new hewn stone houses in the place, 


It is a new stone house, Peleganelsegtinig- 

To own a new stone house, Peleganegunig- 

To occupy a new stone house, Pelegdncl- 

To build a stone house, elsSguneganeegei. 
To build a new stone house, PelegdncIsCgun- 

I am not going to build a new stone 

house, Moo kcdooiipeleganelsegunigune- 

An Indian house, ulnoocgAn' ; ulnoocwigwom ; 

To own an Indian house, lilnooewigwom'- 

iime; ulnooewenjegwom'ume ; ulnooewig- 
• w6me. 

A long house, Pijig'ooom ; Pijegan', 
The house is long, Pijigooomknk ; I'ijcg.tnik. 
A round house, Mimkooskaooigwum ; Mim- 

It is a round house. The house is round, 

Mimkooskaooijgwomkuk ; Mimkooskauoig- 

A high house, cspegonomkuk ; cspcgAiiik. 
The house is not high, Mogwa (i>r moo) 

cspegancnook' ; Mogwa cspegouOmkunc- 

A four-square house, Tcclmunsiigiinugwom ; 


It is a four-square house, Tirdnumsiigaiiog. 

womik ; Tcdmunsugaiieganik. 

It is not a four square house, Moo Tcdmun- 


To build for myself a four-square house, 


To own a foursquare house, TcdmunsiigAn'- 
lime ; Tcdmunsiiganugvvomume. 

To occupy a four-square house, Tcd- 

munsugancganaam ; Tcdmunstigaiiogvvom- 

What kind of a house do I occupy 1 Tale- 

gunaam ? Talegaiulgwomkaam ? 
What kind of a house do I own 1 Tale- 

g'anume ? Talegooumkun'umc ? 
That is the kind of a house I own, Tcle- 

giinume ; Tclegooomkiin'ume. 
To occupy a good house, Wcleg.lnaam. 
I occupy a poor miserable house, VVinegan- 

To occupy a tolerr '*'y ^ood house, Ameool- 

I occupy a very poor house, aoolnjcganaam. 
I own a long house, Pijeganaam ; Pijegooom- 

A house covered in with spruce bark, 

upkaooeegan ; upkaooeganogwom. 
To own a house covered in with spruce 

bark, upkaooega'nume ; upkaooeganog- 


BjKISBBHiMliiito ■ 'ffliHW.^ 



To occupy a house covered in with spruce 
bark, upkaoocganaam ; upkauocjiAtiog- 

A house covered in with birch bark, Mask- 
wacegan ; Maskwacjiaiio^woin. 

To own a house covered in with birch 

bark, MasksvacgAnumc; MaskwacyAiiog- 

To occupy a house covered in with birch 

bark, Maskwacgilnaam ; Maskwaoganog- 


A house made of rough stones, koondfi- 


I build a house for myself of rough stones, 

I own a stone house, ko'xidawc'ganrime. 
I occupy a stone house, kootlawc'ganaam. 
A French house, VVriijooccgAn. 
I own a French house, Wcnjooegri'nume. 
I occupy a French house, Wcnjooeganaam. 
A negro house, kurulAgwcchwcegaii. 
To own a negro house, kundagwcchwee- 

To occupy a negro house, kundagwcch- 

A white man's house, Aslascaooeegrm. 
To own a white man's house, Aglasea- 

To occupy a white man's house, Agla- 

An old house, 'Nkrm'egrm. 
To own an old house, 'NkanegAn'ume. 
To occupy an old house, 'Nkiineganaam. 
An old Indian house, ulnooinkaneegan. 
To own an old Indian house, ulnooinkanc- 

To occupy on old Indian house, tilnooin- 

An old English house, Aglaseaooinkaneegftn. 
To own an old English house, Aglaseaoo- 

To occupy an old English house, Aglase- 


It resembles an old English house, 

An old French house, VVi'njooinkancgAn. 
To own an old French house, Wcnjooinkan- 

To occupy an old French house, VVLiijooin- 

A house built of logs, (<i. hxj house), Tumak- 

To own a log house, TiimAktaoncgAnaam. 
To occupy a log house, TrimAktaoocgAnaam. 
A wooden house, SAkskaoegAn. Lif, A houHti 
currrcd. in with butirdK. 

N. B — Pcle (from pela new) prefixed, 
addfi the idea new to all words signi- 
fying any kind of a house. Nkane, 
ivcor/Kiniti'd, adds the idea old in 
the same way, as PelegAnkoondawee- 
gAii, a new stone house. 
To own a wooden house, SAkskacegAn'ume ; 

SakskficgAnog worn lime. 
To occupy a wooden house, SakskacgAn. 

aam ; SAkskae'gAnogwomaam. 
An old wooden house, SakskainkAnegAn ; 

To live in an old wooden house, Sakskain- 
kAnegAnaam ; SakskainkAnegAnogwoni- 
A new wooden house, PelesAkskaeegAn ; 
PelegAnsAkskaecgan ; PelegAnsakskaeegAn- 

A very good wooden house, MoweoolesAk- 

skaeegAn ; MoweoolesAkskaegAnogwom. 
A capital wooden house, A very superior 

wooden house, UcjuieooIesakskaeegAn ; 

A thatched house, 'MskegooeegAn. 
To live in a thatched house, '^IskegooegAn- 


To own a thatched house, 'Mskegooegan'- 

I live in a wietnhed thatched roofed 
house, aoolajaodkuninkanimskegooegAnaam. 


It looks to me liko a thatched house, 'Mskc- 


It looks to me liko a stone house, koon- 

It looks to me like a beautiful house built 

of hewn stones, Wuuleclscgunigrinegaii- 
It is a thatched roof house; There are 
thatched roofed houses there, 'Mskc- 


It is not a thatched roof; There is no 
thatched roof house, Mogwa' 'niske- 

A house roofed with birch bark, Pokwus- 

The house is clean, WokiimegAnik. 
A clean house, WokumeegAn. 
The house is not clean, Mogwa wCkume- 

A dirty house, MCjegAn'. 
The house is dirty, MCjegAnik. 

The house is not dirty, ^Fogwa' mcjcgdne- 

A brick house, clsegunigiinchechcgAn', 
To build myself a brick house, elscguni- 


To own a brick house, clscguniguncheche- 

To occupy a brick house, clscgunigunche- 


It is a brick house ; The place contains 
brick houses, elscgunigunchechegAnik. 

It is like a brick house, clscguniguncheche- 

It "looks to me" like a brick house, 

elscgunigunchechegAnoooptum. Lit., / s«e 

it aa a brick house. 
To house, V. tv., Piskwaaluk ; Piskwaadoo. 
To go to a house, Wigwomka' ; WCnjeg- 

The front of a house, eleskegAn'. 
The back of the house, PAkAkum. 

The inside of a house, T.5migwAm. 
In the house, I..1niigwonik 
Outside the house, koojumook'. 
House dog, VVCnjcgwi'iinaasum. 

Household, ukjiksoo'k. 

Household stuff, Ootapsoon ; 'Ntipsoon ; 

Householder, Alsoosit wigw5m ; AIsooHit w2n- 

How? Talc? (AlivajH a prefix, aa alfo i«, 

T.lilooche ?) 
How far is it 1 Talebf-sook ? Tadoochoo ? 
To howl, (iiH a/i (iniiiKil), OoloogwCt'. 
The wind howln, VVt:driw(5ksuk. 

Huckle-berry, MooinomAn'. 

Huckle-berry bush, MooinomAnflkse. 

Hucklc berry Island, pr. n., Sobitkwt5tkuI. 

A hue vster, A hucksterer, kctpije. 

To be a female hucksterer, kctpijitaskwoe. 

To huddle, v. int., MowiJmAjik. 

To huddle, v. tr., MowtcskAgik. 

A huddle, Sesemowcome ; Scspcnaamk. 

To hug, k.igesooskwaaluk ; kfikejokchaaluk. 

Huge, MAkaam ; Mowimstigil ; MAkokse ; MAk- 

okunokse ; MAkokiinaam ; Makaak. 
A hulk, 'Nkanoo'lkw. 

A hull, PetuIAncheech. Lit., a little nheath. 
To hull corn, Tupkwanega' ; Ttipkwanum- 

To hum, TStooa' ; Tctoo5k' ; Tctooaasc ; P2m- 

toksit ; Pemtaak ; Wcdawistok. 
A hum, Tctooemk' ; Wcdawistiimk ; Wedawis- 

Human, Memajooenooa' ; MemajocnoodAkuna'. 
Humane, Wclmudoo ; VVc'k')dcga ; aoolcda'- 

Humble, aoolaje ; Bcnogwae. 
To feel humble, Henokweda'IQse ; alooomse. 
To humble him, Henogwaaliik. 
To humble it, HCno^waadoo. 
To humble one's self, lienogwa'luse. 
A humble bee, MechipchSmooech'. 
Humbleness, Aoolajcode ; Benogwa'dakun. 





Humid, Mclumaak ; Mclumooa'dasik ; W5t- 

kiijaJik ; Nclumooafik ; Nclumooa'dasikj 

NCIumooabriclasik ; \Velkuja'tla!.ik, 
Humiliation, B2nogwycla'lsoode ; BSnogwed- 

rdsimkawa ; Bcnogwa'liisoode ; lienogwe- 

dalusimk ; liunokeda'dakun. 
Humility, Bunogweda'Jsoode ; aoolajoode. 
A humming bird, Miledow'. (As beautiful a 

word, as is the bird.) 
Hump, MSkapskck'. 
Humpback, Hunchback, Temowwigiinaat. 

Lit., Ilia hack is broken. 
To hunch, kesmudeskAk'. 
A hundred, kuskimtulnakun ; Metlasinskaak 
To be one hundred, ktiskimtulnak'une. 
We are one hundred, dmd, kuskimtulnakiin- 

eek';^)^nr.,kuskimtulnakiinoolteek. (N. B. — 

The dual in such cases denotes one company, 

ihe plural several companies.) 
'.ii .i.odredth, ktjskimtiilnakiinigawa'. 
One hundred loaves of bread, kuskimtul- 


One hundred dollars, Metlasinskiikag'igul. 
One hundred shillings, M^tlasinskSgoodik. 
Hunger, kawesinumugawa' ; Mimelimk. 
To hunger. To be hungry, kawesin' ; Mimele. 
To hunt, kcdantega' ; Nedoogoole; Boktab- 
ulooe ; ektabulooe. 

To hunt (search) for something, Aloo'ya ; 

To hunt by night, Nebtoe. 
To hunt porcupines, Nedooogw.iasa. 
To hunt towards evening, Wclogwei'. 
To hunt in the morning, Sabae. 
To creep upon moose, VViskomaasa. 
To hunt rabbits, Nootpa'gooei. 
To creep upon bears, keskooskwa'. 
To dig them out of their holes, Noodoo- 


To hunt porcupines, foxes, or beavers by 

night, Nebosulei. 
To hunt seals, Nedooaagwa. 
To hunt birds, remei'. 

To come upon moose or carriboo in their 

yards, keoosa'. 
To hunt beavers, NSdoomskwa'. 
To be hunted, kcdanookse; kcdanimk'. 
The bird hunts his prey, Mooniimkwet'. 
A hunter, A huntsman, 'Ntooksooinoo ; 

Noojiktantega ; Noojiktantcgawenoo ; Noo- 

jiktantegawenooe ; Booskiktantegawenoo ; 

A huntress, 'Ntooksooinooeeskw ; 'Ntooksoo- 

inoo'skw; Noojiktantegawenooeeskw; Boos- 

To hurl, keselcga'. 

To hurl a hatchet and hit him, Wobun- 

Hurly-burly, Chakiilaimk. 
To hurry, To be in a hurry, Nenageie; 

To hurry, v. tr., Nenagimk';Nenagaadoo; Nen- 

To hurt, V. tr., Obulaaluk ; kejimkaaluk ; 

Pejaak' ; kesuk ; kesiksuk ; kesenoogwok' ; 

To hurt one's self, kejimkei' ; kesedogwa'; 

To be hurt by one's load, kasoo'gwa. 
To hurt a sore place by moving, kcsaase. 
To hurt him with a kick, kcsedgskdk'. 
To fall and hurt one's self, kesedgsin'. 
To be hurt by some pointed instrument, 

(as a. thorn, lir,) kcsimkvvele. 

A husband, (to he), VVetabiteme. Lit., To 
have a wife, (N. B. — Like father, son, 
brother, sister, &c,, the word husband is 
never used by itseU', but always with the 
possessive pronouns.) 

My husband, 'Nchenumoom. 

To have a husband, Wechenumoome. 

To be a husbandman, Nojeegadagoo. 

A husk, Ooiugcsk'. 

To husk, Banlaskcldoo ; Banlaskaadoo. 

Husky, OolCigcska'. 

Hussy, VVinmudcik abit. 


Hustings, Etlemowagunoodumumk'. 

Hut, Wigwom; apseegan. (See house.) 

A hyena, Weisis eloowawit tan tclamooksit 
stuga' boktiisum. 

Hymeneal, Maleawimkawa'. 

A hymn, Alasoodumakunabegeakun ; Ala- 

To sing hymns, AlasoodQmobegei'; Ala- 

Hyperborean, Okwottinookawa'. ' ' 

Hypocrite, Woskijeoolamkoose; Weskijeoolam- 

Hystericks, ChepSlooejedooeemkawa'. 
To have the hystericks, Chepaloooocje- 

dooea'. • < 



I, pron., Neen. 

It is I, Neenawe. 

Ice, umkoome. 

There is ivet snoio and ice there, Sakpiil 

Under the ice, Ooguslooskwaak. 

An ice-berg, Magoon. 

To go home on the ice, elmoogomae 

To come on the ice, Wechkoogcmae. 

To walk on the ice, Pemkoomae. 

Rough ice, kdkulkwek'. 

An icicle Nisloweagulumkoomel. 

Icy, umkoomea' ; Tegaak. 

Idiot, eloowawea' ; Moo nestooau ; 

Idle, Moo elookwek'w ; Malae. 

Idol, ulnoooktaoo. 

If, There is no separate Micmac word for if. 
But the idea is expressed by a subjunctive 
form of the verb, thus: Poktumkaase, I go 
aioiiy ; upkotiimkastan', // / go (utru/ ; 
kavvesin, / am huvgry ; koowesinSn', If I 
am hungry; Mijese,/ ca<; MijeseAn', /// 
eat ; Boo'se, / go aivay by water ; Boosean', 
// / go aivay by ivater. The suffixed 
participle &n is if. Compare Lat. an. 

Igneus, Booktavva'. 

Ignis fatuus, Pedeadek ; Pedeoktek ; Pempe- 
deadaasik. '■• • « > > 


To ignite, Atkusaadoo; Atkusa'dega ; Mow- 

saadoo ; Atkusaadei ; Bapkcscstoo ; Bap- 

Ignominy, 'Ntagogiin. 
Ignoramus, Moo nestooau ; moo kejejau. 
To be ignorant. Moo kcjejilu ; Moo kegenoo- 

diimooksu ; Moo nestooau. 
Ill, v., Winmiidoo ; eloowawe; Winse ; aoolaje; 

Ill, n., cioovvawoode ; WenmajaooSkiin ; Oon- 

majoode ; Oonmajeda'soode ; 'Mtumodakun. 
Ill-favoured, Winege ; Winamookse. (II, as 

a jyrefix, is moo, not.) 
Illness, uksenoogowokiin ; Wiskiiswokfln. 
Ill-natured, eloowawe; Sekajae; Sekajedaase ; 

-Medooae ; emegodega'. 
To illtreat, emegwaak' ; WenmajaAk ; Amas« 

To illude, kespoogwaalfik. 
To illume. To illuminate, Wosogoonum- 

adum ; Wosogooniim/ik' ; kegefioodumak' ; 

etladaadoo ; etladaaluk. 
Illumination, WosogoonTimuk' ; Wosogdon- 

umadumugawa' ; VVosogwek ; kenamat- 

Illusion, liksuboogwa'dakfin. 
To illustrate, Pakeikenoodum ; useewa ; 

Illustrious, kcpmae ; espae ; espechenumooe. 
lUustriousness, ukpumeda'd.lkun. 




An image, Tan aladeedich ; ulnoooktaoo. 
Imagination, Teledadumumk' ; 'Ntaledas'- 

To imagine, Teledadfim. 
Imbecile, aooiaje ; Sawegunae ; Wflkajae ; 

Akiidae ; elsae ; Menadaae ; Moo keje- 

Imbibe, Nesam'ookwei ; Noonut ; Chinpak- 

tame ; ChinpSktum. 

To imbolden, Mclkedaaluk. 

To Imbosom, Memoole ; Memoolose ; Mem- 

oolaase ; Memoolaadoo ; Memoolaaluk. 
Imbue, esoweadum ; essum. 
To imbrute, Wisisooa'luse ; Wisisooaaluk. 
Imitable, kesenabloodSse, 
To imitate, Nabloodum ; eloodum; Nabloodak'; 

Immaterial, Moo 'mteninawenook ; Moo ach- 

kunaanook ; Moo pegweletatkaanook ; Moo 

tatkau ; Moo tatkaanook. 
Immature, Moo kestedcnook ; elskegoonik. 
Immediately, Nenaku ; Oogoopchik ; Chije- 

goooku ; Oobookchik ; Nandemu ; MSn- 

kumu ; Wegoopch'. 
Immense, Mowimsugilk' ; Mowimsugeek. 

To immerge, To immerse, kwedabegwijaa- 

doo; kwedabegwijaaluk ; kedabaadoo ; ked- 

abaaluk; egwijaadoo; kedaboolse ; kedaboo'lk; 

kwedabSkum ; kakanskaadoo; kedabae. 

Immersion, kwedabcgwijaadoomk ; kedabal- 

dimk ; egwijaadoomk. 
Immodest, Moo welmudoo ; Mejegae ; Win- 

Immolate, Naabak oochit' pegedunumadim- 

Immortal, apchooawa; Moo nedowenu; Moo 

Immortality, apchooawoode. 
Immovable, Moo kedcmaja'dasenook. 
Immunity, Alsoomsimkawa'. 
Immure, kcpsuk ; kepsugaaluk ; Laplesoonk' 

Immusical, Wintaak. 

Immutable, Moo kese kewonska'dasinook ; 

Moo kese kewonska'looksu. 
Immutability, Moo kewonskadakunenook. 
Imp, Apchajit mundoo ; VViguladumooch'. 
Impawn, agasawe. 
To impeach, Mesimk. 

Impeccability, Moo kese padadegemkawai- 

Impeccable, Moo kese padadegekw' ; Moo kese 

To impede, Wetkoo'lk ; Wetkoolooa' ; a- 

koodum ; Nenkaadoo. 
Impediment, Wetkoolsoode ; WetkoodAkun ; 

kebejogwaadoomk ; ukpejogwa'dakiin. 
To impel, Poktudeskak' ; esaak ; elmudesk^k' ; 

Impenitence, Moo mcskudasoodinook oochit' 

Impenitent, Moo sespedadumoo oochit' 'nteloo- 

wawoodim ; Moo meskudaasu oochit' 'npa- 

daddk'unum ; Moo apskwedaadutn uteloo- 

Imperative, Wejitploodasik; Depkadik ootul- 

Imperceptible, Moo nemedasinook'. 
Imperfect, Moo kakeikesedasinook. 
Imperial, elegawitawa' ; elegawoodea'. 
Imperious, Melkedoodiim ; Medotimulgetebloo- 

dega' ; Medootimiilgealsoose ; Medooeetlesa- 

Impervious, Moo kesesabegwodasinook' ; Moo 

Impetuous, kesegowwaase; kwedadoodum. 
Impiety, eloowawoode ; alwoptumiimk oochit 

Nikskam ; kesepadamsoode. 
Implacable, Moo keseabikslktegow' ; Booskeul- 

oowawe ; Seowweuloowawe ; kakawae. 
To implicate, Pa'duluk ; Nabedokpilk' ; Nabe- 

To implore, edowwa' ; edamk' ; kesitamk' ; 

Important, Tatkae ; kegiinooue; espae ; 

kepmae ; Megodik. 



Importance, Tatkaimkawa'; kcgenooaimkiiwa'; 

espolsitnkawa' ; kaneawa'dakun ; Welabed- 

umugawa' ; Mcgodimk. 
Importunate, Moonsodega' ; Moonsamk'. 
To importune, kcsitamk' ; kesealasoomk' ; 

kesetowwa' ; Seowwetowwa'. 
Importunity, Moonsamtimkawa' ; Moonso- 

To impose on, kespoogwaaluk ; kestawaaltik; 

Imposition, kestawa'dakun ; kestawodSkun ; 

kestawodegemkawa' ; uksuboogvva'dakun ; 

Impossible, Moo kese kesedasinook ; ejela'- 

dasik ; ejelekesedasik ; ejeletuladasik ; ejelc- 

Impossibility, Tan moo kesetfila'dasinook ; 

ejeladasimkawa' ; ejeladasoode ; Tan moo 

kese kesedasinook. 
Impotency, aoolajoookun ; Wikajaoookun ; 

Wakajaimkilwa.' ; Sawigunamkawa' ; Mena- 


Impotent, aoolaje ; Sawigunae ; Men&kuna' ; 

Wakajae ; Moo kejejau. 
To impound, Weakawokapiskwa'lugik weisisku; 

Owwepiskaaluk ; Owwepiska'dakun iktook 

To impoverish, ketunumeSk'; aoolimk'. 
To be impoverished, ketunumei'; aoolim- 

Impracticability, (The same as impossibility.) 
Impracticable, (The savie as impossible ) 
Imprecate, VVinimk ; edowwa' oowinimkoosinu. 

Winaboogooa' ; almimk';almegcdoo ;almoo- 

dQm ; Wintoonka', 
Imprecation, Winaboogooemkawa' ; almeged- 

oomkawa' ; almoodumugawa'. 
To imprint, Ledakunweekuga' ; Ledakunwee- 

To imprison, Pejaaluk laplesoonk. 
Improbable, Moo kesiktlamsutSsinook ; Masikt- 

lamsutasik ; Amiktljimsiitasik ; Soocl mek- 

tasik ; W&kujiktlamsutasik. 

Improbability, Mcktumugawa' ; Amiktklm- 

sutoookun ; Wakujiktlamsutoookiin. 
Improper, Moo kokwojeanook ; Moo wclekese- 

tiisinook' ; Owwonekesedasik ; Owwona'- 

dcg;i ; kabaksa'dcga' ; Owwonfie. 
Improvable, keseajeoolekesa'dasik. 
Improve, ajeoola'dcga ; ajeooladase ; Ma mavve- 

ae ; ajeookle; lledoo ; Iladoo ; Ilea'. 
To improve in one's appearance, kaskam- 

Improvement, ajeoolaimk ; ajekiiloo'soode ; 

ajekokwojeda'soode ; Maweavvimk; ajeoole- 

Akavva' ; ajeoolekesa'dasoode. 
Improvident, kcskaadei; Pcleda'dcgfi ; Ow- 

woneda'dega ; Moo noojeankooow' ; Moo 

Imprudence, aneamoocmkawa'; Sesooeda'- 

dakun ; emagwa'soode. 
Imprudent, aneamooa' ; Moo nestooau ; Sesooe- 

da'dega ; Sesooedaadum ; Sesooedaase. 
Impudent, Neskoo'mei ; ]S'eskoo'mak. 
To impugn, kwedeiak' ; kwcdaboolk' ; kwcdab- 

oodoo ; ulsoodum ; amseloodum ; ulsoomk'j 

Impunity, Oolode ; Tan tct mogwa' achkun- 

Impure, Mejegae ; Moo wokiimaii ; Moo book- 

takayaanook ; Moo wokiiminook ; Moo won- 

tukinsaanook ; emegvvae. 

Impurity, 'Mchegii' ; cmcgwaimkawa'. 

To impute, Owtoogwa' ; Ilkeediim ; Owtoo- 

Imputation, Owtoogwcmk'. 
Imputer, Noojeowtoogwa'. 
In, Iktook. 
To be in, '•., Pese. 

It is in, Pedek ; kcdijk ; Lamaak. 
Inability, aoolajoookun ; Mcnakuncmk'. 
Inadequate, Moo tabeanook ; Noodae. 
Inadvertence, aneamoocmk'; Sesooedadiim- 

ugawa' ; cmagwaasimk. 
Inanimate, Moo memajinook ; Nepk. 
Inanity, W eskcdCgf 

uva' ; 


w ! gtw!g i w i iBiMriittt i n i mt i it. .taB^ 


1 1 V 




Inarticulate, Moo nSdowwu ; Moo kesinsut- 
umooksu ; Moo kesinsiitumooksinook'' 

Inattentive, Pebeleda'dcga ; Moo ankeda'- 

dcgow ; Moo migweda'dcgow ; Owoneda'- 

Inaudible, Moo noodasinook. 
To inaugurate a chief Sakiimowaaluk. 
Incalculable, Moo kesekeskimooksinoogul. 
Incapable, Moo kesetiiladegow' ; MenAkuiia' ; 

ejulea' ; ejuletuladega' ; Masea' ; Masetula- 

dega' ; Masegook ; (Masegoodiim.) 
Incarcerate, Pejaaluk laplesoonk. 
Incarnate, 'Mteninawe. 
To incase, eooneskwegaadoo. 
Incendiary, Booskenoogwaadooonul wSnjeg- 

womul, kusna ukchegunul. 
Incense, upkoo. 
To incense, Weiipkogusega' ; Waipkogwus- 

Incessantly, Naagow ; Choogw. 
Inch, 'Mtijiii. Lit., A thumb; comp. digit, and 

Incision, Temsasimk. 
To incite, Asimk ; Masakaaluk. 
To incline, Abatkooneboogooaase ; Aptoois- 

kooneboogooaase. (See lean.) 
An inclined plain, Sowtedek. 
To include, Mowoonugul ; Mowoonagik. 
Incog, Moo kcjedasu ; Moo keje'goosii. 
Incognito, ('ro travel incotjnito), Tan yalaase 

mowvvcn kejeekw tan telooeese kusna' tan 

tt't tcliiowwe. 
Incombustible, Moo kesekaktcnook. 
Income, Abankiidooowwa. 
Incommeasurable, Moo kesinkadasinook. 
To incommode, VVcdumaak'. 
Incommodious, Scspaooik' ; Loogowokuna'- 

dcgck' ; Moo vvelafinook ; Mookelooltunook'. 

Incommunicable, Moo keseagunoodasinook' ; 

Moo kesuliskoodasinook'. 
Incomparable, Mowwckuloo'lk ; Mc-vwees- 

pfiak ; Mogwa kogooa' ahtunook tan tclaiik 

stuga' na. 

Incomprehensible, Masikchijedasik ; Masin- 

sutiimuk'; Masinsutasik. 
Incongruous, Moo welpinook ; Moo wajedig- 

unoogul ; Moo welimsatkwadasinoogul ; 

Moo naooktepedegenoogul. 

Inconsolable, Moo kese ilkwijalooksu. 
Inconstant, Booskeapskwcdaase ; Booskeke- 

Incontinent, Moo wgtkoolsu. 
Incorporeal, Moo 'mteninawinook'. 
Incorrect, Moo weleanook ; Moo t2leanook. 
Incorrigible, Masekokwoja'dase ; Maseko- 

kwoja'lookse ; Moo kese kesa'dasu 'ntool- 

Incorrupt, Incorrupted, Moo soogulugaa- 

nook ; Mesaak ; Moo nooksugeanook ; Moo 

pikwsegeanook ; Moo poogooskweanook. 

Incorruptible, Moo kesesoogultiganook ; Moo 
kese noksugea'nook ; Moo kese pikwseg- 
ea'nook ; Moo kese poogooskweanook. 

To increase, v. int., Ankooea' ; ajea ; Pem- 
elek'; Nokselkik. 

To encrease, v. tr., Ankooaadoo ; Snkooa'- 

Increate, MookesedSsuap; Moo kese kesedasu. 

Incredible, Masiktlamsiitasik. 

Incredulity, Mektumugawa'. 

Incredulous, Mektum ; Moo kedlamsutumoo. 

To incubate, ednesink', 

Incubus, Baksikpcgooit ; Mclkvviskei'. 

To inculcate, Mowe-poogwelekenoodiimSk' ; 

Seowwekenoodumooa' ; kcsekenoodumooa' ; 

Inculcation, Mowe-poogwele-kenamatinawa' ; 

Seovvwe-kenoodumooemk' ; Melkitploo'- 

Incurable, Masinsa'lookse ; Moo kesinsa- 

Indebted, Tctooa'. (Evidently from the Fr. 

dette. It thus affords evidence that the 

thing had no name, and therefore was 

unknown among the Micmacs, until taught 

by their civilized invaders. 



Indecency, emcgode ; etnegwaimkawa'. 
Indecent, v., emegwae. 
Indecently, adj., emegwe-tula'dasik. 
Indecorous, Moo wSIea'nook ; Moo kokwSjea'- 

nook ; Winchuk ; Moo kclooltinook. 
Indeed, adj., Meamoo'ch; Amoo'ch ; TeleSk'- 

Indefatigable, WinpSjooktcga' ; Winpajook- 

tum ; Nankumodcga' ; kcpmooktega' ; kak- 

amoodcga' ; Melkooktum ; Moo seweloo- 

gwow ; Moo kespiinow. 
Indellible, Moo kese kdswee'gasinook ; Moo 

kese amchaga'dasinook'. 
Independency, Alsoomsoode ; Alsoomsim- 

Independent, Alsoomse ; Moo kestejoowu.' 
Indestructible, Maseskwiska'd^/ik ; Maseka- 

keiksuga'aasik ; Moo kesekakeiksugadas- 

inook' ; apchooawa'. 
An Indian, ulnoo. 
To be an Indian, lilnooe. 
To speak Indian, ulnooeese ; ulnooodooa'. 
To act like an Indian, ulnooa'dcga. 
To dress like an Indian, ulnooeasoonaam. 
To look like an Indian, ulnooewomookse. 
An Indian custom, ulnooa'd^kun. 

Indian Road Brook, pr. n., (near Shubena- 

cadie, N. S.J, Pebaak. 
Indian Harbour, pr. n., titkoguna'kade. 
Indian Town, pr. n., (near Quebec), Labooen- 

The Indian language, tilnooeesimk ; ulnoo- 

An Indian dog, (or other animal), ulnoo- 

To be of an Indian race, ulnooagoodum ; 

The Indian race, tilnookumiksoode. 
To indicate, kegenoodtimooa'. 
An indication, kenooa'dakun ; kunoogwSs- 

oode; kenamatinawa'; keggnoodumooemk- 

awa' ; kuiioogwokun. 
Indifferent, (to be), Moo sespcdadcgow ; Moo 

sespedaadumoo. • 

Indigence, aoolajoodkun. 

Indigenous, Kumutkik teklowwe ; Moo peloo- 

An indigenous tree, kiimoo'ch tan Silegwek' 

tan ctlewcmtugik. 
To be indigent, fioolfije. 
Indignant, kcsuhkweie. 
Indignation, uksuhkweioode. 
Indignity, 'Ntagogun. 
Indisposed, kcsenookwei ; VViskiise. 

Indisposition, uksenoogowokun ; WiskQs- 

Indisputable, B^juletule^k' ; Mowetuleak'. 
Indissolvable, Moo kesenooskoomesasinook ; 

Indissoluble, Masemedaboogooa'Iooksool- 

teekw ; Mase-tcpkesa'dasinoogul ; apchik- 


Indissolubleness, apchiksetokoonasooltim- 

Indistinct, Moo pakeinumeegoosu. 
Individual, Naooktaje ; Naooktaachk. 
Indocile, Masekenoodumookse ; Masekena- 

Indolence, Makiookun. 
Indolent, Malae ; Moo sespeda'dcgow ; Moo 

weledadumoo 'lUulookwcnu. 
To induce, Moonsamk' ; Nenioksoo'lk ; Moon- 

To indulge, usedalunak'; Welaak; Wel- 

Industrious, Winpase; Seskwae ; Wontoo- 

Industry, Seskode ; Scskwaoookiin ; Soogode. 
To inebriate, kdtkeaaluk ; Welapskeaaltik. 
An inebriate, uktugeawenoo ; uktugeawe- 

Inebriety, Inebriation, uktugeaoode ; ket- 

Ineffable, Miiseagunoodasik ; Masuhskoodasik; 

Moo kesuhskoo'dasinook'. 
Ineffective, Muo talekulooltenook. 





H .1 


Inequality, Estoocmk' ; Tepkesriimkawa' ; 
VVistooamooksooltimkriwa' ; Tcpkesooltimk- 
awa' ; Estooamooksoocle ; Wistooamook- 

Inestimable, Mowepegwi-lekuloo'lk ;kesemow- 

Inexorable, Moo aooledndcgow' ; Masemoon- 

samkoose ; Moo kesemoonsamook^u. 
Inexpedient, Moo tclebcmkoosikw ; Moo wele- 

anook ookesa'dasin ; Moo tepkadenook'. 
Inexplicable, Moo wen kesepakeiagunoodum- 

Infallibility, Infallibleness, Bcjulemowwe- 

Infallible, Masekewowe ; Moo kese kewowu ; 

Masipsogowteekumei ; Moo kesipsogowlee- 

Infamous, Mowweuloowawe ; ketkedalum- 

ookse ; Winse. 
Infancy, Mijooajejooimkawa'. 
Infant, Mijooajeech. 

Infantile, Mijooajejooa' ; Mijooajejooa'dakun. 
Infantry, Sumaguni'sk tanik pemedaajik. 
To infect, Obulaaluk ; Wiskuswokunaaluk. 
Infection, Wisktiswokun tan kesuhsooa'dasik. 
Infectious, kesuhsooa'dasik wiskusvvokun. 
Infelicity, Oanmajode ; Woonmajaoookun. 
Inferiority, ajebunogosoode. 
Inferior, Aloo tcleespiiu ; ajebunogwae ; Moo 

telekuloosu stuga negum : Moo tclekulool- 

tunook sttiga' na ; Mdkunae. 
Infernal, Oonmajogtinakadea' ; Mtindooagea' ; 

Mundooa' ; Miindooagigawa'. 
Infertile, Moo welegwenook. 
To infest, achkunaadoo ; Wenmajaak' ; Obul- 

aadoo ; VVinipkwodak' ; Wcdumaak' ; cmeg- 

Infidel, Moo kedlamsiitdk' Siisoo Goole ; Mek- 

tumak' Nikskani ookulooswok'unum. 
Infidelity, Mektumugawa' oochit' Sasoogoole. 
Infinite, Mogwa' skwebegwenook. 
Infirm, aoolaje ; Men&kunai ; kesenookwei' ; 

Menajaaje; Menagoo'je ; Pegwonse. 

Infirmary, Tan etleankodesooltijik tiksenoo- 

Infirmity, aoolajoookun ; MgnakunAmkawa'; 

McnSkunode ; uksenoogowokuna'. 
To inflame, v. tr., Bopkusaadoo ; Booktaoo- 

aagfi ; Mowsugaadoo; Megwogaadoo. 
To inflame, v. int., Pememegwogaasik. 
Inflamed, Megwogaasik. 
Inflamable, Noksesesooaasik; Noksenoogwa'- 

Inflate, AlmebootooSdiim. 
To inflect, Wokchooaadoo ; Owweokegaadoo. 
Inflexible, Masewokchooa'dSsik ; Moo kese- 

wokchooa'dasinook ; Moo kesekewSnska'- 

dasikw ; Masekewonskedaasit. 
To inflict, WenmajaAk' ; Wenmajekenamdk' ; 

Infliction, Wenmaje-kenamatinawa' ; Wen- 

To influence, Asimk. 
To inform, Telimk' ; agunoodumdk'. 
Informant, Nootagunoodumei' ; Noojekena- 


Information, SgunoodumAkun ; kegenoodum- 
akun ; kenamatinawa'. 

Infraction, Skwiskadakun ; Segwiskadegemk'. 
To infuse, Pootegoodaadoo ; abedaadoo ; Wet- 

Ingenious, Nedowwa'dega ; Nedowweloogwa'. 
Ingenuity, Nedowwadegemk'; 'Ntowwa'dakun. 
Ingenuous, Welmudoo ; apcheoola'dega. 
Ingratitude, emegwemooewoltimkawa'. 
Ingress, Piskwedaamk. (Egress, Wejetooe- 


Inhabit, aum ; etliigadum. 

Inhale, kamlame. 

Inharmonious, VVintaak. 

Inhere, Lamiiak okskedasik. 

Inherent, Yapchoo lamaak ahk. 

To inherit, Wedoonkadum ; VVedaligeme 

noochok tan wedaligebuncW. 
Inheritance, 'Ntapsoon tan 'ngegooglk wed- 




Inhospitable, Moo nadooiklcgow'. 
Inhuman, Moo aoolcdfi'dcj^ow ; Rooskeoon- 

majodcgfi ; Wigwdswoonmrijodcgfi. 
To inhume, Ootkoodei' ; Ootkoodadum; Ogiin- 

Inject, I'ejcga'. 

Injection, Pejcgcmk' ; Pcjcgcmkawa'. 
Inimical, Pokwojedfiadcga ; Moo kcselak'. 
Iniquity, Cloowawoode; Pada'soode; Padas- 


Initial, umskwcsriwri'. 

To injure, Obula'dcgfi ; Achkiinodcga ; ach- 

kCmaak' ; kestfivvodcga ; kestfiwaak'. 
Injurious, Obula'dakunik ; aclikunodakunik' ; 

kt'dooachkiinodcga' ; kestawodcga'. 
Injury, Obiila'dakun ; achkudodakun ; kesta- 

vv ud a kun. 
Ink, Weegigunaboo. 
Inkstand, Weegigunaboook. 
Inky, Weegigunabooa' ; Weegigunab'ooe. 
Inn, Petupogwom ; Ktliktoogooneedimk. 
Inmost, Innermost, Mowelamaak. 
Inkeeper, Petubii' ; Alsoose petupogwom ; 

Alsoose etliktoogooneedimku. 
Innocence, kuloo'soode ; kokwojadCgcmkawa' ; 

Innoxious, Moo obuladtjgcnook' ; Moo achkun- 

Innumerable, MowwepoogwSlkul ; Maseke- 

To inquire, Pebanegese; Pebanegeme; Peba- 

nimk'; Pobaiioostuinak'; Pebanooichkadum ; 

Tokiimajodum ; Tedokoomadum ; Tokiimaj- 

Inquiry, Pebanegcsimkawa'; Pcbanegcmimk. 
Inquisition, litploodakuna' pebanegemk' ; ut- 

ploodakiina' pebanooichkadum ugavva'. 
Inquisitive, Booskepebanegcse ; apchepeban- 

egcse ; Mowepegwclepebanegese ; Booske- 

tokiimajodega' ; 15ooskepebanooichkadum. 
Inquisitor, utploodakune-noojetogumajodcga'. 
Insane, eloowawea' ; cooiiasea' ; avveiea'. 
Insanity, eloowawecmk' ; eloowawea'oode ; 

eoonaseemk' ; aweiccmk'. 

Insatiable, Mowwcpoogwclimsiktakunei' ; Ma 

nnina' teloow' " Tabcak" ; Yapchc-ljepa- 

To inscribe, aweekum. 

Inscription, avveekugcmkavvri' ; VVesoonaasik. 
Inscrutable, Masinsutasik ; Moo kesinsutasin- 

ook ; Moo kesepcbanooichkadiimuk. 
Insect, Choojcech. 
Inseparable, Masesaa'dSsik ; Moo kesesaadas- 

inook ; Masemeda'dasik ; Moo kesemeda'- 

To insert, clnumtaam ; kcjedadoo ; kcjedaJaam ; 

clogwaadoo ; clnumaadoo ; cinumtcstoo. 
Inside, Lamaak. ' 

The inside of a house, Lamigwom. 
The inside of the heart, Lamimkamlamoon. 
In the middle of the " bush," Lamootkoo- 

In the bushes, Lamutkw'. 
The middle of the water, Lamamk'. 
In the midst of the woods, Lamebooktook. 
In the midst of the fire, LamoostCk. 
To tar the inside of a vessel, Lamegoo'sum. 
The inside of a loaf, Lamibunck'. 
In the night, fin a dmimj, Lamitpook'. 
The inside of the hand, Ldmilchun. 
The inside of a tree, Lamogom. 
In the inside of a cliff, Lamsok. 
In the inside of a rock, Lamsapskudook'. 
In the inside of a ship, Lamoolkoodook'. 
The inside of a egg, Lamooow'. 
To eat out the inside ftiuij, of a potato, j 

It comes inside, Pcjepedck. 
Insignificant, Mogwa'juoe ; Moo tatkCtiook'. 
Insolent, Pcpseda'dcga. 
Insolence, Popsedfi'dakiin. 
Insolvent, Moo kese abankadumooonul 'titctad- 


To inspect, Ankaptiim ; Pebanooichkadum ; 

Tokoomajodum ; Mcnakiijeankapti^'im. 
Inspection, AnkaptumiTik' ; Ankaptumiimk' ; 

Pobatiooichkadiiinugawa' ; Tokoomajodcg- 


i i i» wii i mri i i i i i Mii i ii i iiiii ii ii 7!iaia i!ai3ya 




Inspector, Noojepebanooichkadum ; Noojean- 
kaptcj;ct' ; Noojetokoomajodcga'. 

Instantly, Chijegoookii ; unkuseiu. 

Instinct, Wcisisooctlaasoode. 

To institute, TCbloodi-ga' ; Mowitploodiim- 

Institution, Tan kogooa' kcsemowitploo'dasik ; 

To instruct, kegenoodumooa'. 

Instructor, Noojekena'mooa. 

Instruction, kenamalinawa' ; kegenamasoode ; 
kenamasoode ; kenamooksoode ; kegenoo- 

Instrument, Loogovvokiina' ; Msiit tan tasuk 
loogowokuna tan wejeloogoodeck'. 

Insufficient, Moo tabeaanook. 

Insular, Minegooa'. 

Insulated, Tcpkesa'dase ; Tcpkesa'Iookse ; 

To insult, Moogwajooaaluk ; Malcgimk' ; Bcn- 
okedalumiik' ; Ncdagaak'. 

Integrity, Tctpaga'dakfin ; kokwojeda'dakiiri ; 
Ooskitokumaga'dakun ; Petiilan'; Petulan- 

Integument, Eooneskwega'dakiin. 

Intellect, 'Ntaledas'wokun ; Tan vvcjiledaase ; 
Tan wcjinsutooa' ; 'Nsutogiin. 

Intelligence, Nustooeda'soode ; kejedegem- 
kiiwa' ; ukchijedfi'dakun. 

Intelligent, Nestooae ; kejedcga'. 

Intelligible, kesinsutSsis ; kesinsiitasik. 

Intense; Intensely, These ideas are gene- 
rally expressed in Micmac by the prefixes 
kcsc ; poogwcle ; mowwe : and these may 
all be run together to express the idea of 
very intense, e. g., kcsaiooa', / love, kesik- 
salooa', / love much. Mowiksalooa', I love 
intensely, kcse-mowepegweliksalooa.', / love 
very exceediugly intensely. 

Intemperance, aoosama Joomkawa' ; aoosama'- 

To be intemperate, aoosamaadoo. 

To be intemperate in eating, aoosamad^l'. 

To be intemperate in drinking, Dktugeawe- 

To intercede, Pcgwodawolsawe' ; kaktimada- 

wolsavva' ; kakiimadawoisaooajijl. 

An intercessor ; An interceder, Noojekeloo- 

Intercession, kcloodumelsawlmkawa'; PCgwSd- 

Interest, (on money), ajeSk Sooleawa', (added 

To interfere, Ncsooiigwaase. 
Ii.ierference, Nesooiigwaasimk. 
Interment, Ootkoodaamk. 
Interpret, Ncstumalsooa'. 
Interpretation, 'Nsiitumalsaoode. 
Interpreter, Noojinsiitumalsooa'. 
To interrogate, Pebanimk. 
Interrogation, Pebanimtimkawa'. 
Interrogator, Noojepebanegcse. 
To interrupt, Ncnkaaluk ; Wedumaak'. 
To intersect, Nowskogwaadoo ; Nowskogwaa- 


To intersperse, Sasadoooniil iktook. 
Interval, Megweiigawa'; Loogwaakawa' ; 

An interval, fa meadow), Netkwikt'. 
To intervene, Meawaak alea. 

1 cannot see it because of an intervening 
object y edogwoptum. 
Intestinal, Ootlamelooa' ; Multiksea'. 
Intestines, Mulukse ; Ootlameloo', 

The small intestines, Wiskunabokchtik. 

Tlie large intestines, ukjukse. 
Intimacy, VVigumagaltimkawa' ; Wigumade- 

crnkfivva ; Wigumadoolteemkawa,'. 
Intimate, n., Ncdap' ; Nigiimaach ; Okooda'. 
To intimidate, Ncdeiak'; Chipsoolk'. 
Into, Iktook. 
In tire, Mcsae. 
Intolerable, Mowimtooaak ; Mowepoogwele- 

Intolerableness, Mowimtooa'ddkun. 
Intonation, Tan teltaak. 



To intoxicate, kctkcaaluk ; Wclitpskcaaluk. 
Intoxication, kctkccmk' ; riktugeaoodc ; VVcI- 

Intractable, kckajaase ; kckasutum. 

Intractableness, kekaja'soode ; kckusutum- 

Intrenchment, WokuloosAn. 
Intrepid, Moo chepal'ooow ; Mclkiidaae. 
Intrepidity, MulRcda'soode. 
Intrinsic, Meawakawa'. 
To introduce, Plskwc}j;imk. 
To intrude, kekajepiskwae. 
Intrusion, kekajcpiskwaalimk; kejajepiskwe- 

To intrust, kcdlamsutAk' ; clegase ootcnin ; 

To intwine, Mimundoobega'dega' ; Mimun- 

doobcga'dooonul ; Tadebogeaadoo. 

An invalid, Noojemoo ; uksenoogowenoo. 
To be an invalid, Nojemooe ; aoolrijooenooe ; 

kesenookwei' ; Moo weliiu ; tiksenoogowe- 

Invariable, Masekewonskaase ; Munaa kese 

Invasion, Matundimk' egaak; Matundimkawa' ; 

Invective, Obuladcgcmkawa' ; achkunodcgem- 

To inveigh, amselaboogooa' 

To invent, kcgumoochedoo ; kcgumoocheloo- 

An inventor, Booske-kegumoochcloogwa'. 
Invention, kcgumoocheloogwcmkawri'. 
Inversion, kewonskeboogooaadoomk. 
To invert, kewonskeboogooaadoo. 
To invest, Asoonaaluk ; kegenooaaluk. 
To investigate, Pebanooichkadfim ; Tcdnkoo- 

majodiim ; Tokoomajodiim ; Tokoomajod- 

ega; Pakumajodum ; Pakumajodej^a. 
Investigator, Noojepebanooichkadega; Nooje- 

tokoomajodegd' ; Noojepakumajodega. 

kavva' ; kakawaimkawa' ; jimscIaboogooSm- 

kakavvadcga' ; 

Investigation, Pcbanooichkadumumk' ; Pcba- 

nooiclikadrimrigawa' ; Tcdokoomajodum- 

umk' ; Tcd'ikooniajodumugawa' ; Tokoo- 

majodcgcmk' ; Pakumajoodumumk' ; Pa- 

Inveterate, Mowimtooaak' ; Mowcwinclnik. 
Inveteracy, Mowimtooa'dakun. 
Invidious, Pilsedaase ; Wiskooedaasc. 
Invidiousness, VViskooeda'soode ; Wiskooo- 

gun ; Pilseda'soode ; Pilscda'dakun. 
To invigorate, Mclkigunawa'dcga ; Mt-lkigun- 

avvaaluk ; Mi-lkigunawaadoo ; Mclkigiin- 

aaluk ; Mclkigunaadoo. 
Invigoration, MCilgiguiuide; Mclkigunawa'- 

dugL-mk' ; MclkiguiiawadtiLjcmkriwa'. 
Invincible, Masewiswigunemimk' ; Moo kese- 

wiswiguncmimuk ; Mow wen kesewiswig- 

Invisible, Moo kesenumcegoosu ; Moo kese- 

Invitation, Wegoogwcdumugawa'; Wcgoom- 


To invite, Wegoogwcdum. 

To invite but few, Tegclewegoogwcdlim. 

To invite many, Pegwcle-wegoogwcdum. 

Inviter, Nooje-wegoogwediim. 

Inundation, Oosaan. 

Invocation, Alasoodiimakun, 

To invoke, Alasoomk' ; edowwa' ; Alasoo- 

Inutility, Moogwa' trdekulooltinook ; Moo 

welabcmkootunook'; Mogwa' kaneawinook'; 

Moo tatkfianook' ; Moo aoolowtinook'. 

Invulnerable, Masemaltclookse; Moo kese 

Inwards, adv., Lamkiimookawaal ; n., Tanul 

lamfiak alikiil. 
Irascible, Noksuhkweie. 
Iris, Munkwon : Wolkwon. 
An Irishman, ulnada; LSnada. 
Irksome, Seweaalik. 
Iron, n., kusawok ; adj., kusawogwa'. 

To heat iron red hot, Booktowsum. 


■ 1 



am I 




The iron of a spear, Ooskweicgun. 

A flat-iron, Chij^rmumkccfirin. 

To iron clothes, Cliitnutkeigfi; Chetunum- 

kwonkei^ri ; Chif^unumkei'^ri. 
Irregular, Mop;\vri' kokwojcaanook. 
To come irregiilarly, Scgawipkcsin. 
Irregularly, kahaksu. 
To conduct one's self irregularly, kabak- 

To work irregularly, confusedly, kabak- 


To make it in a confused and disorderly 

manner, kabakscdoo. 
To walk with an irregular pace, kabdks- 

To speak in an irregular manner, kabaks- 

awistoo ; kabaksalK)C)jj;ooa'. 
To have irregular thoughts ; To think in 
a jumbled, confused manner, kabaks- 
edaase ; kabaksetlri.ldum. 

Irremediable, Mascabonunumookse; Mookese 
abuguiii'imooksu ; Mnscncfalookso ; Moo 
kesinsalooksii ; Alasinsa'dasik ; Moo kesiii- 

Irremissible, Mfiseabiktasik ; Moo keseabik- 

Irremovable, Masemajaase; Moo kesemajaasu ; 
iMascmaja'dasik ; Moo kescmaja'dasinook'. 

Irreparable, Masemcsinlooirwodasik ; Moo 

Irresolute, Moo mclkedaasu ; Moo kcsewin- 

i>"j.,.)klumoo ; Mciiakunedaase. 
To irrigate, Samoogwonaadoo; Mclumooaadoo. 

Irrigation, Samoogwonaadoonik; Mtlumoo- 

Irritable, Noksubkwcic; 
To irritate,WcgeiAk'. 

Is. N. H. — Tbcre is no single word for tliis in 
Micmac, fuim (comp. / (iin,, and li/n), is 
the nearest to it ; but fuim refers to place, 
and is never used to connect a predicate 
with its subject, or to express mere exist- 
ence. The verb of existence is expressed 
by adding a verbal termluation to the noun, 
thus converting the noun into a verb, e. g., 
Cheenum, 't man; Checnum-ooe, / am a 
inaii ; Mooin, a bear; Mooinawe, / am a 
bear, etc. 

Icicle, Nislowcgaloomkoome. 

Island, "'"/ Isle, Munegoo; Miiniiskw'. 

An Islander, Mimegoogawaach. 

The Isle of Haut, />. n., Maskoositkik. 

Isthmus, Oonegun' ; ukskideamka'dakun. 

It, Ncgum ; Na ; Wcgoola. 

Itch, /*., kcsebecmkawa'. 

To itch, kcsiliefi' ; kesibciik'. 

To itch greatly, Mcstakslbea' ; Mcstftksibeak'. 

To have the itch, kcsebecmkawaume ; kese- 

bcemkawa' miiti^nik. 
Item, adv., Skumtook' ; Ak elp. 
Item, v., Nadoo kogooa' ; Ap fiktuk kogooa'. 
To iterate, Nababoogooa' ; Seowwu naookta' 

Itinerant, Yalaase ; Seowwu ajookse. 
Ivory, n., Mebet'. 
Ivory, adj., Mebeta'. 


To jabber, kabaksaboogoo.i' ; kab;\ksawistoo. 
A jabberer, Hooskekabaksaboogooa' ; Booske- 

Jack, /'. v., John. [ooch'. 

Jack-with-a-lantern, Booktawit' skudakiim- 

Jackall, Weisis tan suel tclamooksit stijga' 

Jackanapes, kundakiinooejit ; Nadoo wen tan 

Jackdaw, kaka'kooch apchajit. 



A jacket, 'Mtokwon. 

A pea jacket, Oositkwon. 

To wear a pea jacket, Oositkwonaam. 

A jack-knife, Jigulywiclikaajichk ; kulugwich- 

Jade, Tiiscbow' aoolajit' ; TAscbow' tan moo 

talegfiloosikw ; abit tan moo titlcguluo'sikw ; 

Win sit abit. 
To jade, Scwoaaluk; kcspunolk ; Loogowok- 

unaaluk ; kestfiwaalfik. 
To jag, or jagg, kakedoo uptoogvvcgansum. 
Jaggedness, kakcdoomk'. 
Jail, Laplesoon. 

Jail-bird, Tan scowwn' i)ejaaloo; Laplcsoonk. 
Jailor, Laplesoon noojodum ; LajMcsoonooc- 

Jakes, Mejiindgvvom. 
Jalap, 'Mpesoon. 
To jangle, kamc'dooa; Wcgeiiiwagwamadool- 

Januarius, p. «., Neliksakujeech. 
January, IJoonamooeegoos. 
A jar, I'ikchimskvvcsoo ; Seskooibun. 
Jardine*s Bank, p. n., Ooniguns. 
Jared's Point, /». n. Kookwcjoogwodik. 
Jargon, kabaksawistoomkawa ; ctlawistoomk 

tan moo kesinsutoooninook. 
Javelin, Pijechkajichk. 
Jaw, 'Mtoogobaagun. 
A jay, Teetecs. 
Jealous, VViskooedaase ; Winedaasc ; Moos- 

unooojedaase ; Pelooedalka; Okiatkwcdalka; 

Jealousy, VViskooeda'soode ; VViskooogun ; 

Pelooedalkcmk ; Okutkvvcdalkcmk ; cm- 

Jeddore, p. n., Wineboogwcchk'. 
Jeddore Rock, i>. n., Mundooap'skw. C Devil's 

Jehovah, Ukchestik'umow. 
Jelly, Booskiilusum. 
The jelly fish, Sasap. 
Jeopardy, 'Nsanoksoode ; Nestowenaamk ; 


To jerk, Weswfga' ; WSsw^kulnk'; W2s- 


Jerusalem, Srdoosalaam. 

To jest, Pajicboogooa' ; M.IIcgcboogona' ; 2s- 
kaboogooa' ; cksimse ; kCHooskoonkrinab- 
oogooa' ; C-ksfie. 

A jester, Hooskcpapcbongooa. 

Jesus Christ, Sasoo (loole, (from the Fr,, 
Ji'siiH ('lirisl.) X. H. -Tills word word i)re- 
sents a striking illustration of the changes 
to which words are subject in being trans- 
ferred from one language to another when 
the simple sounds differ. Thus the sound 
of the French _/' docs not exist in Micmac. 
The nearest to it is the », which the Mic- 
mac invariably substitutes for it. For the 
7' which he has not, he substitutes /. Thus 
Sasoo, if for " JrHim," and Sasoo Kule, 
which he has made Uoule, for " Clirisl," 

Jetty, Maktawac. 

Jewels, koondid mowimkodeel and mowe- 

Jew's-harp, Nasta'bakun. 

To jingle, Sesooaasik. 

Jocund, Wclitpae ; Weskfiwenookse. 

To jog, Malkoonaridcsk ; Matkoona' ; Chcp- 
oolk ; ChepakadCskak ; Samteskak. 

To joggle, ''. I lit., Saniteskaase. 

To join, Ankwiskadum ; VVijoo'gwei ; Widoo- 
gwci ; Mowtegadoooniil. 

A joint, (of thp hod;/ — mi/ joint), Ankwiskei'. 

To have large joints, Magcankwiskei'. 

To have small joints, Apsiskei. 

The uppermost joint in the back-bone, 

To make a joint, Jigi:^iIgwiskaadoo. 

A joint (lhii» laadc), Jigulgwiskaasik. 

To joint it, Ankwiskaadoo. 

To unjoint it, kclkwiskaadoo ; kelkwiskoddo ; 

Jordan River, />. v., SesiktaweAk'. 

To journey, Yalaase; Pemkcne. 

To take food for a journey, Neemei. 





A journey, I'L-mkcrnrnkriwri'. 

" / iiin. (iH iiii/Joii.niri/ Immi'," c'ltnuk.l'li^.i. 
Joy, Woolccl.i'soodc ; Oolcda'soodc ; Onlmle ; 

Mcslowoolodc ; Oo.sri^;;ivvcd;i'.so()de ; Woolc- 

daswokun ; Oi)suj;;iwccl;i'swukriii ; VVcle- 

dasimk ; Wcskawcdasimk. 
To joy, Wcledaasc ; WCiskavvcilaase. 
Joyless, Wcrimajcdaasc : WL-iiiuajac. 
Jubilant, Mi)vvwulisri};riwcdaasu ; Mowwuli- 

suyawiktabcj^c'fi'. I shuat and sinj for 

■lU'fjl Jo I/. 

A judge, NoojeilsoodL'K'i'. 

To judge, Ilsoodc^a' ; Noudamk'; Noodaptiim; 

Judgment, Ilsoodakun ; Ilsoodcj^cmkaw.i'. 
Judicious, Ncstoucdaasc ; Ncsloofie ; Ncstooc- 

A jug, I'ikcliimskwcsoo. 
To juggle, kcskuniadcfija' ; kcskumobulgegwa'- 

dcf^a ; Uooi'lnwa'dL-ga. 
A juggler, Uoo.iin ; Noojikskiimadcga. 
Juice, Aboo, (htit iUtvai/H an a auffix, (ulde.d to 

that of ivhlcli it In tlai juice. T/iua : Wen- 

joosoon-aboo, a,i>i)h' juice ; ripkweman-aboo, 

l>lail)pn'y juice, etc.)^ 
July, I'skooegoos'. 

To jumble, kahaksaadoo; kabaksaMc^^ri. 
Jumbled together, kubakscdcgul ; kabakscb- 

To jump, WcnakAya' ; Wonagapsoogwac. 
Junction, Ankwiskadumrnnkawa'. 
June, Nd)rincg()o.s'. 
Junior, Malchawajooe. 
Juniper, riisc-oksccs ; kcncskwcjijik, 
A jury, NoojcL'lcdadakadijik. 
A juryman, Noojeilcda'dcga'. 
Just, '"// , kokwojea'. 
Just exactly, ansrimabu. 
Justice, kokvYuja'dakuii ; kokwujcilsoodakun. 
A justice, No()jcilsoo(lcj;a'. 
Justiceship, Noojeilsoodcgaoode. 
Justifiable, kokwujctula'dasik ; Wcletiila'dasik. 
Justification, Wcluilsoomkoosoode. 
To be justified, VVooIi'ilsoomkoose ; kokwojc- 

dalumooksc ; kokwojcwoolcilsoainkoose. 
To justify, kokwojedri'liimuk' ; kokwuje-woo- 

Juvenile, Miilchawa'jooc. 
Juvinility, Malcbawajooimkawa' ; Malchawaj- 

In juxtaposition, Tanul tetpugeiu fihkul ; 

Wcjooow' cga'dasigul ; Tctpaga'digul. 


Kalendar, Dcpkckawa' weegadigun. 

To kaw, kakakoochoowcese. 

To keck, SokiVcme. 

A kedge; A kedger, koolpesoon apchaachk 

Keen, keck ; kcclfik. 

To keep, ankodum ; kvvcsodum ; Weskudum ; 

clsuodum.'ik' ; k clod urn ; kclaak'. 
To keep my pack on, kckoolac. 
Kept, ankddasik ; kwcsodaslk, &c. 
To keep one's clothes on, (going to hed), 

To keep the whole myself, M est a num. 
To be a keeper, Noojodcga ; Noojodum. 

Keepership, Nonjodcgawoode. 

Keg, Malegaoocheech. 

Kell, (oiiunilum,) Ootclkw'. 

Kenedy's Island, p. v., Poogesebeiik. 

Kennel, riliimoocht>oog\v6m. 

To kennel, Tcllugadum ulumoochooiigwon 

ICtle wceu'o apcliachk ak wluchuk wigw6nii%. 
Kerchief, Moosooa'. 

Kernel, Naooktopskck kooliimk'. 
Kersey, aswobedaak weiegun. 
To weave kersey, aswobedaadoo, 
Keskapedeak Bay, p. n., kcskebcak'. 
Kettle, VVo ; Wow ; VVojeech. 



My kottlo, 'Ntonr,m. 

Thy kottlo, riktooum. 

His kottlo, Ootooumril. 

A kottlo hole, (in Ihr gnnohlj Wuch ; 

A flat bottomod kottle, SAkskaRwit. 
Kotch Harbour, /> //., Nciuayakunuk'. 
A key, ilpkooskeesun. 
To U80 a key, ripk.ioskoc;;,!. 
To kick, 'I'cktcskoww.i' ; TcktoskAk' ; Toktcs- 

kum ; kcsnuulL'skrim ; ki'snirulcskak' ; cja- 

kriiijcdcskrim ; csokoowcdcskum. 
A kicker, Hooskctcktcskowwa'. 
Kid, T;ibrilcliecch ; WcujooikAIeboochccch. 
To kidnap, kcmootrinalkik mijooajecchk. 
Kidnapper, liousku kumootunAlkik mljoo- 

Kidney, Hooffulooon. 
Kidney fat, Oosuk ; Oostigcnoo. 
Kidney-bean, VVc<;oon. 
To kill, Nabadriga'; Nabak'. 
To kill all off, kL-dmcdaagik. 

To try to kill him, ki-dooonk'. 

To kill it, Niibadoo. 

We would go to kill him, NajipkusikpadacL-k' 

A Killer, Noojenfibadcga', (buth a butcher and 

(I launlerer.) 
A Kiln, kcpsAktck'. 

Kimbo ; My arms are akimbo, TL-bokclicnse. 
Kin ; Kindred, Mij, No'gumow ; T/ti/, ko'gum- 

ow ; 11 in, Wogumow. 
Kind, Wclmiidoo ; aooledaadega' ; Nadooo'- 

dcga' ; kcloo'se ; Welodcga'. 
What kind is it 1 Tak-iak ? Talamook' ? 
It is this kind, TCklfik ; Tclamook'. 
To Kindle, atkiisa'dcga; atkiisaadoo ; atkus- 

aadei ; IJapkcscstega' ; Mowsebootooodum ; 

Mowsiigaadoo ; Mowsukudaam ; Paoosa- 

kiidafi-^; Paoosakudaaga ; P>Apkesaadoo ; 

Mows.iailoo ; BApkc'scstoo ; BApkcsaadei. 
Kindling wood, BapkcscstAkim. 
Kindlcr, Noojebapkesadoo ; Is'oojebapkcsa'- 

dega' ; Noojtbapkcscstuga'. 

KindnoSB, NVMmndoo'mk; WPImndonmkawa'. 
(N. H. The. (liHerciicc between these two 
forms seems to be this : The fonnn' is the 
Ji'i'litHf of hiiiihiiKM ; the Jultrr, tiio rrmilt 
of this feeling ; or the firnt, nabjiftin', the 
sicoihl, (ihjfctive kiniiness.) 

King, elcgawit. 

To be a king, clcgawitawc. 

To King, (I'l iiiiilr In III. (I lying), Clcgriwitawaa- 

Kingcraft, elcgawitawa'dAkdn ; elegavvoodc. 
Kingly, elegawitawa ; elegawitawa'dakuna'. 
Kingdom, ir-legawaage. 
A King-bird, Tcdakilkoone. 
A King-fisher, Chiguduleegech. 
Kingship, Clegawitawoode. 
Kinsfolk, (same as Liu, kindred.) 
A Kiss, OosugAgelsoode ; OosrigagtlCimoodc ; 


To kiss her, (or him), WeskAgclCimk' ; Wes- 

To kiss it, WeskAgcltum. 
A Kitchen, Nooduktogwom. A cook houHc, 
Kitchen-maid, Noodoktaaskw. ^1 fnimli' cook. 

Kitchen work, Nuoddktogwomard looguwok- 

Kitten, Meowchccch. 

To Kitten, Meowciiccjumit. 

To Klick, Scsoock'. 

A Knave, Booskabawe. 

Knavery, liooskabawoode ; uksidjoogwa'dA- 

kun ; kespoogwadegcmk' ; kelooskabawim- 

To Knead, cbibuna' ; elnoskunowwa'. 
A Kneading-trough, Piikwelooskunoookiin, 
Knee, 'Mchegoon. 
Kneepan, 'Hooikcgvm, (imj knee.pan) ; Moot- 

kegun, (a kiicepdv). 
To Kneel, cmootkooleboogooaasc ; Ncmoot- 

A Knife, Wok Cm. 
A crooked knife, WakagCin'igiin. 





To be making crooked knives, Wakagun- 

To own a crooked knife, 


To own a knife, Wcdawokunume ; VVcda- 

The point of a knife, keneskwaakw. 
A sheath-knife, Tulowok. 
A knife with two edges, Wokiiii Cdoo'look. 
To Knit, cliskunoofi'. 
To knit it, cliskiinwotum. 

To knit back and forth, Asooiskunoowa'. 
To be a knitter, Noojeliskunoowa'. 
A Knitting-needle, Sakudea'. 
A Knob, upkokl ; upkoktooch'. 
A large knob, Magapskck. 
A small knob, apsapskck. 
It is knobbed, upkoktik ; PopTwclipkoktik; 
Poogvvcle-n'-\ ipokik ; Pogwclapsapskik. 

To Knock, Pcgisk' ; Masaktfiam ; Nistelak' ; 
Siktaak ; Siktcgum ; cjokchcdaak ; Ejok- 
clicdfiam ; Chokvvokuiiaadcsk ; Chokvvok- 
uiia'dcstoo; Pcgistoo ; Mcskunaalnk ; .Mcs- 
kunaadoo ; Mcskiinadaam ; Mcskiiiiadaak ; 
Mcskunadalak' ; Alcskunega' ; Nemanskud- 


To be knocking them dead, Siktawa'. 

A Knot, kcjakadck'; Mclkubcdck'; Mcnabcdck. 

To Knot, Mcjelabc'gaadoo ; aptiipelum ; 

To be trimming off knots, Moosiktaaga; 

iMoosiktaam ; MoosiktaOk. 
To Know, kcjedijga' ; kcjedoo' ; kejcek ; 

VVclikchijedcga' ; Pagustumei' ; iS'eiuim ; 

Ncnak' ; Ncstooa' ; kcjejae. 
Knowledge, kejedcgcmkawa' ; likchijedakuii' ; 

Knuckle, 'Mputima' ankwiskei. 


La, Ankaptaan. 

Label, '.Mscfui. 

Laborious, I^ooskclookwa' ; Loogovvokuna' ; 

Loogowokriiiik' ; Poogwclcloogowokunik' ; 

Laboriousness, Loogowokunadcgcmkawa'. 
Labour, cloogwcmk' ; Puogwcleloogowokun ; 

To labour, cloogwa' ; kcseloogwa' ; Poog- 

vvcleloogwa' ; apcheloogvva'. 
A labourer, Loogowcnoo'. 
To lacerate, Scgwiskaadoo ; Segwiskcno- 

dcgfi' ; Sijgvviskaaluk ; Pcgenaadoo ; Scg- 

wiskenaadoo; Nowskeiiaadoo; Nowskenaa- 

liik ; Pcgwoiiega' ; Pcgwoncgwudum ; Scg- 

Lachrymal, Tan telaalik 'ntiikeedcmin ; Tan 

kesc'dogiil sakpcgoonul ; Sakpegoona'. 
Lachrymary, 'l"an wcskolkul aakpegoonul ; 


Lachrymation, litkcdcmimk'. 

To lack, Pawotum ; Pavvotum ; Wcdumedaa- 

dum ; Ncdoodum ; Ncduolik' ; Aiiese ; 

Noodowtoogwa' ; Wcdumeda'dL-ga'. 
Lack, n., Ootiimeda'dakun ; Wedumedadcgcm- 

kavva' ; Ancsimkawa'. 
Lactary, MulugCchwa'. 
Lad, ulbacoos ; ulbadoocheech. 
Ladder, Tokchooa'dakun ; ijlgoosoookiin. 
Lading, Wuhsoon ; Pitkumadunuigawa'. 
A ladle, Lamakun. 

To ladle it up, rdcgoo'. 

A lady, Sakumaaskw'. 

A young lady, Sakumaskv.aach. 

To be a lady, Sakumaskwoe. 

To be a young lady, Sakumaskwa'jooe. 

Lady bird. Lady cow, Lady fly, liooktawii'. 

Lady-like, Sakumaskwawa'dakun ; Sakum- 

Lady slipper berries, Lipkridamoonemanul. 



Lady slipper, (a i^lant), 'Mtooogwaach ; 

Labray's Brook, ??. n., Wobimskwaga'dich. 

To lag, Malae ; fioolfije. 

LaHave River, jk v., Pijenooiskak. 

Lair, 'Mskegwom ; Mootpoon ; Ooiibati. 

A lake, koospcm. 

In a lake, koospcm k'. 

The border of a lake, kribcm. 

The stream that connects two lakes, 


On the opposite side of a lake, kaspemk. 


The first lake in a chain, Ranook'. {Eng- 
lish, Poiihook'.) 

Lakes on the Liverpool River, as you 
go up stream : 

.. ,.. Kcdooskck'. 
II 3. Puhsiigook'. 
II 4- Kcjimkoojik. 
II 6. Imutkaak. 
11 G, Toobeadoogook. 

Lakes on Moses River: 

Xo. 1. Makpaachk. 
II 3. ]\Iagopaachk. 
M 3. Milapskegechk'. 

Lakes on the Port Medway River: 

No. 1. 


No. 1. 

Mali creak'. 

Lakes on Salmon River, Eastern SI. ore. 
Nova Scotia: 

No. 1. usoogomusoogwodamk'. 

2. Milpfiachk. 

3. litkoskvvaachk. 

4. Kloocheovvpaach. 

5. Ntjmchenokpaachk. 
M Ci. Noogoomkubaak. 
M 7. 'Altabcs-waakade,(^ii;/tere??uuZ- 

catjisk abound.) 

Tangier Lakes: 

No. J. Wiskiisok. 
„ ,'?. (BrunV.^ Lake), iMilpagcch'. 
II 3. NcnasakuiK'k'. 
11 /f. Pedfiwikparik. 
Lakeland, (N. S.), Inskooomadeedich. 
A lamb, Checbkclooaoocheech. 
Lamb's wool, Chechkclooaoochechwobe. 
Lame, Askaase. 
Lameness, Askaasimk. 
I To lament, Mfiwedum ; Akaycmtum ; Wen- 

majcsafiskwa ; Wcdoduma' ; Mawimk' ; 

Lamentation, Mruvedumugawa'; Wenmajesas- 

koo'dimk' ; Wcdodiimooltimk' ; Wcdobcd- 

A lamp, W(5sogoonumakun. 
Lamp-oil, Wosogoonumfikuneeme. 
Lamprey, kopskwcdum. 
Lance, utkud'egiin. 

To lance, Sabedogum ; Taktum ; Sabedodega'. 
A lancet, utkudumadunawa'. 
Land, i\lakumego\v'. 
To land, Okwae ; eokwaae ; Natakumaase ; 

kcplaase ; Okwosaase. 
Landing, Landing-place, ciokwaadimk' ; 

Natkamkck' ; ilk', 'gwoskumoodimk ; kod- 

Landlady, PetiipOgw. m alsoositaskwoit ; abit 

tan alsoosit petupogwom. 
Landlord, Tan alsoosit petupogwom. 
Landward, ndv., Makiimegcgaal. 
Lane, Chijiktek' owhte. 
Language, uksedoon' ; Tan teladooemk' ; Tan 


To speak such a language, Na lelcese ; Na 


To speak many languages, Miladooa' ; 

, Mowepegwciridooa' ; kakeiyesadooa'. 
Languid, Sfiwcgunae. 

To languish, rcmeaoolajc ; Pcmfksenookwei' ; 
Pemealoo'sei ; Pemennmakiina' ; aoolain- 
koose ; aoolamookse. 





Languishment, Languor, Sriwpgunaamk ; 

aool.lmkoosoode ; aoolamooksoode. 
Lank, Aloo'sae; Moo wegawu. 
Lantern, VVosogooniimakun. 
Lap, 'Mpiilakun ; 'Npulakiin. 3fi/ lap. 
To overlap, Pajedcgaadoo. 
To lap, (To wrap around), Nesinpunegaadoo. 
To lap, (As a dog), Wikpaktaaga ; Wikpak- 

taam ; Wikpaktaak. 

Lap-dog, Sakumaskvvaasum. 
Lapful, 'Mpulakun wojoocak'. 
Lapicide, Noodapsoo'dcga. 
Lapidate, koondowtaak ak tclenabak'. 
Lapidation, koonda'wegCmk. 
Lapideous, koondawa'. 
Lapideseent, kooiulaweak'. 
Lapidific, kundul' kesedogul. 
Lapis, koondaoo. 
Lappet, Sowoktek'. 
Larboard, Padadoochkaal. 
Larceny, kumootuncsoocmk'. 
Larch, Puseoksecs. 
Lard, koolkwesweeme. 
Large, Mcskile. 
It is large, Mcskilk. 
To have large eyes, Magalkcgwei'. 
To have a large head, Magatpei', 
To be larger, Atkeek. 
To be the largest, Wesoogoolemae. 
A large tree, MAgaak kiimooch'. 
How large am I "? Talkile ? 
How large is it? Talkilk? Tadootkik? 
I am so large, Tclkile ? 
It is so large, Tclkilk ; Tcdootkik. 
To hunt upon a large scale, kcjeiumaboolooa'. 
To work upon a large scale, kojetiimlookwa'. 
Large round, Magae. 
To have a large nose, Magiskoonei'. 
To have a large crown of the head, 

To have a large forehead, Mguhtoogwcjrme. 
To open the eyes large, (widv), Mrikilkcg- 

To open the mouth large, (wide), Makal- 

To have a large mouth, Makalkoodiinei'. 
To have a large tongue, Makilnooei'. 

(See in the Miaiuic-h'iiijlluk portion for 
verbs commencing witii the prefix, 
Mag, or Mak, great. And also under 
A large loaf of bread, Makibunak', 
A large knife, kinaaguk ; kinlook. 
Larynx, .'Msedoonabe. 
My larynx, 'Nsedoonabe. 
Lascivious, kwcdadobawe ; Winedaase. 
Lasciviousness, kwcdadobawimk'. 
A lash, upkoomakunabe ; upkoomakiin. 
To lash, iipkoomakuntaak' ; Okootkwcbelum ; 

A lass, abitaas. 

Lassitude, Sawigunode ; kespiincmk'. 
To be last, kespea'. 
I come last, kespipkesin. 
I go away last, kcspipkotiimkaase. 
The last day, kespegiskuk ; kcspakumeck. 

The last of the ^vorld. 
For the last time, kcspegiitkoose. 
To last, Sebageboosit ; Sebadck ; Sebabck. 
A latch, Takumoogvvadoomkawa. 
Latchet, Nalkoonapesoon. 
Late, Piskeak'. 
I am too late, MasedCskumei'. 7 ean't reach 

the ])lace. 

Late in the autumn, Noojitkwaik. 
To sit up till late, Pcgedabe. 
Lately, kcjcgow' ; kcjegowcgafil. 
Latent, Mimoogwodasik; kemoodook'. 
Lateral, Oopmcdoogfiwa' ; Oopniclkoodoog- 

awa' ; anabo ; cpmLbegcmkawu'. 
Lather, Pesaoo. 

To lather, Pesaooaadoo ; Pcsaooaaluk. 
Latin, Latinawcesimk. 
Latitude, Tan tciikskaak ; Tan tcHkskakum- 

egck' oo.sitkiimoo wcja'dcgcmk okvvolunook' 

fncsokoo npkuda'siinok. 



Latrant, PcmewCgulutk' ; Pcmewegitk' ;S[)che- 


Latter, kfilabisawa'. 

Latterly, kejegowcgaal. 

Laud, Mooewoltimk' ; kcpmeda'dakun. 

To laud, Mooewolk' ; Moovvcwodum ; Mege- 

daadum ; Mcgedaalumk. 
Laudable, Tan tclipkwodok oomooewolkoo'- 

Laudanum, Nabamkawa' 'mpesoon. 
To lave, kcsispa'dcga' ; kcsistakunowvva. The 

same (ts to ivdtfli. 
A laver, uksispalasoodeok. 
To laugh, VVeskaw^e. 
To laugh at it, Wcskawodiim. 
To laugh at him, Wcskawaak'. 
To laugh at one's self, VVcskawaase. 
To laugh aloud, kesegowcl'ume. 
To laugh secretly, kemcriime. 
To laugh about something, Wcjuhsugawae. 
To laugh immoderately, Booskel'ume ; 

To laugh so, Tcluhsugawae ; TClelume. 
A laughing stock, Yapchuhsugawaimk. 
Laughter, Oosugawogun ; Wcskawaimkawa'. 
Lavish, kcska'dcga ; cmegodcga ; Wcsamena- 

dooodcga' ; VVcseimeigunumoocdoo. 

To lavish, Pegwcleiguniimoocdoo ; Wcsame- 
poogwcleigiinumoocdoo ; Mowwepegvvcle- 

To launch, Pakustaam. 

A laundress, Noojikspadakunowwa'. 

Laundry, kcsispaddkunogwom. 

Laurel, kagipkwokse. 

Law, utploo'dakun ; TcbloodcgL-mkavvfi'. 

Lawful, Tclkcdasik; useda'dasik. 

Lawgiver, Tan noojitploo'dcga. 

Lawless, Moo saktumoo utploodakun ; utploo'- 
dakun moo scspedadumoo. 

Lawsuit, Tebloo'dcgcmkawa'. 

Lawyer, Noodawistoo. 

Lax, Moo mcjimkudcnook ; Mcnadck ; I5ooske- 

To lay, u tr., clesmaadoo ; clcsmaaliik. 

To lay it away for safe keeping, Masko- 

doo ; Maskvvaadoo. 
To lay it down straight, Pcgogoosmaadoo ; 

To lay eggs, Pcnut'. 
Laziness, Mrdogiin. 
Lazy, MSlae; Malchei; Malmudoo ; Nakaje ; 

To make him lazy, Malfi&k'; Nakajaaluk. 
To make one's self lazy, Nakaja'luse. 
It makes me lazy, Nakajigumik'. 
Lead, n., (ltd), Skooloo'skw. 
To lead, (to cover vjith le.ail), Skoolooskaadoo. 
To lead, v., (ieed), Cleguldakunuk'; Neganow- 

teekumak ; Wcnjavviktumak'. 
Leaden, (Icdtin), Skoolooskwa'. 
A leader, Noodowteekumooa' ; Wcnjawe ; 

A leaf, Nebe. 

Moosewood leaves, Topkook. 
Beech leaves, Sooomoosipkook. (N. B.— 

When connected ivlth the tree into one word, 

ipkook is the word for leaves.) 
Leafy, kcgipkiik'. 
League, kesagiinoodumakun ; kesagiinoodum- 

amkavva ; Tan tclcmulgcagunoodumeick'. 
To league, Wijugweiek'. 

To leak out, Cspck' ; cspct'. 

My canoe (or" ship") leaks, (leaks in), 
Wcspcgca. (Lit., / /crt/i', comp. in English, 
" We sprung a leak.") 

The canoe (or " ship ") leaks, Wcspcgeak'. 
My roof leaks, (Lit., / leakj. Paktulei'. 
The roof leaks, Paktuiak'. 
To lean, eduboogooe ; Abatkooneboogooaase ; 

clikskijesovvhpogedk' ; Aptooisaadoo ; abAt- 

kwcboogooaadoo ; Aptooiskooncboogooaa- 

To lean the head on one side, OkiimLg- 

To lean c"'"'*, aptooi.skoonaboogooaase. 
It leans uti^, Aptooisk'. 






To lean upon it, (as e. g., uixm a staff), 

To lean it against, aptooiskaadoo. 
To sit in a leaning posture, aptooisk- 

To sit leaning forward, atkoojcbe. 
The ship leans over, clpejaasik. 
It leans over, v. int., clpedck'. 
To lean it over, v. tr., elpejoogwaadoo. 
To be lean, v., Aloosei ; Aloosawegwei'. 
Lean meat, kakaakw ; Moosok. 
To leap, Wcnakaya' ; clipsoogwae ; Toktcs- 

taagfi ; Natkipsoogvvae ; kakawipsoogwae ; 

Wcnagapsoogvvae ; kakvvipsoogwae. 
To leap over, kcskijoo'nakaya' ; Tcsogwip- 

soogwae ; Tcsogwipsoo'gwa. 
A leap, Wcnakayemk'. 
To learn, kcgenoodumase. / learn to %vorlc. 

Kcgenumase, / learn to read. 
To be learning, Pcmekenoodiimase. 
Learned, a<lj., W'clekenoodumookse ; Ncstooae ; 

Welikchijedcga' ; Pegwclckenoodumookse ; 

Pegwclikchijea' ; Fegwclikchijedcga'. 
Learning, kcgenoodumooksoode; Wclekenoo- 


A learner, Pcmekenoodumooksc ; Wcjckenoo- 

diimookse ; Wcjekenoodumooimk'. 
The least, Mowwcapchaaje; Movvvveapchaach ; 

Leather, Mugcgiin. 
Made of leather, Mugcguna'. 
Leave, n., uscda'dcgcmk' ; usedadasimkawa'. 
To give him leave, usedaalumk; useda'- 

To leave, Noktiim ; Nakaluk' ; Pclaadoo ; 

Boonaadoo ; lioonajaak'; cskwaadoo ; cskoo- 

dum ; cskpupk' ; Noktak' ; cskoodumak' ; 

Leaven, Saooogwislakun ; Abcda'dakiin. 
To leaven, Saooiigwiskaadoo; Saooigwiskada- 

kunaadoo ; Saooiigwislakuiiaadoo ; abcda'- 

Leaves, N check. 

Leavings, Segoimkiinigun ; Pewaska'dakun ; 

Segoomcsigun ; kckchak ; kujaboo ; kck- 

I Lecherous, kwcdadubawe ; Wincdaase. 
Lecherousness, kwcdadobawimkawa' ; Wine- 

A lecture, Pcstoonumugawa' ; Ncstooaboo- 

goocmkawa' ; l^ootoo'simk. 
To lecture, PCstoonum ; Ncstooaboogooa' ; 


Lecturer, Bootoo'sooenoo ; Noojinstitooaboo- 

gooa . 
A ledge, (of rockn), Muna'pskw; cloktaasik. 
A ledge of any kind^ 

Leech, usk66'. 

Leeward, Naamunook'. 

The lee side, Naamun. 

Left, part. pret. of leave, Noktase ; Boona'dase ; 

Nakalimk' ; cskwa'dasik ; cskoo'da'sik ; 

The left, adj , Padaadooch. 
To the left, Padadoochkaal, 
The leg, Ookwoj'egun. His leg, Ooloogoon. 
My leg, 'Nkaj'egiin. Th>j leg, ukaj'egim. 
Legal, Tclkedasik tan telitplootk' utploodakun ; 


Legate, kuhkwcne. 

Legation, kuhkwcnimkawa'. 

Legend, Atookwoktin ; Ankaneagunooduma- 

Legendary, Atookwoktina' ; Ankancagunoo- 

d 11 111 a kiwi a'. 
Leger, Tctadimkawa' \veegadiii;un. 
Legerdemain, Boooinwadcgemk' ; Noojik- 

skuniadcgeiiikavva' ; keskumadcgenik' ; kcs- 

Legibly, kesinkrisekeedasik ; VVcIeweegasik. 
Legion, Mowepegwclkik suma'ganisk ; Poog- 

wclcniovvwedaamk ; Mcskeek moweome. 
To legislate, utploo'dak'unul keseJoo'dijCil. 
Legislator, xNoojitploo'dega. 
Legislature, utploodakuna' mowwedaamk ak 




Leisure, Chcnaadimk'. 
To be at leisure, Chenaase. 
To lend, cmkaclooeer;;ri. 
A lender, Noojemakooeega. 
Length, Tan tclcpcdaak. 

To lengthen, Aasum ; Astimaase ; Ankooobe- 
gadiim ; Petogwaadoo ; Petogwaaliik. 

Lenox Island, (P. E. I.,) kikchesebeiik. 
Lent, kalrimfuvimk'. 
Leper, Wcchkefi'. 
Leonine, Petalooawa'. 
Leprosy, WcchkeCmkriwa'. 
Less, Makunaak; ajeapchaachk. 
To lessen, Maktinaadoo. 
To lessen it by eating of it, Pemealtoo- 
dum ; Pemiksubaadoo. 

To let, usedafidum ; usedfialumk. 
Lethargic, liksenoogowokune-kcdooksimk. 
Lethargy, uksenoogowokiinc-nabamk'. 
A letter, (of de aliikahet), kenoogwodigun ; 

A written letter, Weegadigun. 
Lettuce, eskipkodumugavva'. 
Level, (lanid), Saktaak ; (rock), Pakumegck' ; 


Level ground, kokwolkiimegck'. 

To level, v. tr., Tijtpakumegaadoo ; Pakume- 
gaadoo ; ehimkaam ; clamkaadoo ; elamkii- 
dega ; kcchkweaptum ; llkumiktaaga. ; Pak- 

A level, (an ifistniment), elamkeegun. 

Lever, koolpijaagun. 

Leveret, Ableegumooses. 

Leviathan, Bootup. 

Lewd, cloowawe ; Winse. 

Lexicographer, kulooswookuna' weegadigun 
kesedoo ; Noojemowadooonul kiiloosvvok'- 
uniil weegadigun iktook. 

Lexicon, kiilooswokuna' weegadigun. 

Liar, liooskecksooa ; aoola'. There is another 
word for <t liar, when in fierce wralh they 
apply it, which would be about equivalent 
(to avoid direct profanity in the definition) 

to the expression in English, " you are an 
infamous scoundrel of a liar," or " you are 
an infamous lying scoundrel :" the word is 
kcsnukwon', uttered with emphasis. 

Liberal, Moo amasegau ; Wclnuidoo ; IJooske- 
nadooodega ; Pcgwelenadooddcga'. 

Liberality, Booskenadoondegcmkawa' ; Poog- 

To liberate, apkwaaluk ; Wcdalkaaltik ; Triw51- 
kaaluk laplesoonk ; Tciaaluk ootalsoom- 
sinu ; Boonaaluk. 

A libertine, Nadoo wen tan mooscspcdadum- 
ook' utplooda'kun, kusna' alasoodumakun, 
kusna' kokwoja'dakiin. 

Liberty, alsoomsoode ; usedfdumooksoode ; 

Librarian, Tan wega'digumul noojotkul. 

Lice, Waagookw. 

To be covered with lice, Waagwe. 

To have lice in the hair, Wagwotpei'. 

To kill lice in the head, Bankwcnse. 

To pick lice from the clothes, Nootkuma- 

License, Wcsamealsoomsoode ; useda'dakun ; 


Licentiousness, Wcsamepoogwclealsoom- 
soode ; Pegwcle-benokedrulumumk' oochit 
kokwojaadakiin ; Winsoode; kwcdadoba- 

To be accused of licentiousness, Okoot- 

Lichens, Moosiiganatkool ; Oolctkool ; Mcsa- 
kunatkool ; VVobulctkool; rilnetkool; Aagijsun. 

To lick, Mooskwodum ; Mooskwolk'. 

Lid, ukptiskei'gun. 

Lie, Tupkwonaboo, Lit., a decoction of ashef^. 

A lie, cksooogiin ; Owsooogun ; eksoocmkawa' ; 
cksaboogoocmk'. A faisehood. 

To tell a lie, aoola' ; eksoofi'. 

To lie down, clesumaase ; Pcgogoosiimaase ; 
apasumaase ; clegooaase ; clegooa'luse. 

To lie, V. int., clesin'; Sabaat ; clegooaase; 





To be lying there, clokookoosk' ; clamoo- 

To lie down to sleep, Nfiiiasumaase. 
To be lying in some place, Ncspedcpe. 
To be lying on it, Ckwchcsin'. 
Lie down, fsaid to a, kamdn })e>n(j), Lcsum- 

aasc ; (i^did to a dog), Lesenaan. 
Life, Memajoookfin. 

To come to life, Mcnooea' ; Menoonse. 
The Author of Life, Noojuhskijenooa'Iooa. 
Lifeless, Moo memaju ; Moo nemajinook ; 

To lift, cpsitkwaadoo ; cpsitkvvaaliik ; Wcna- 

f:;aacloo ; VVcnagaaluk ; Ncpsaadoo ; Wcna- 

A lifter, n. iiuiv., Oonaga'dakuna ; OonAkigfin. 
Ligature, Tctpokpelakun ; Akechkoptilakun ; 

Chedoopelakun ; Mclkiibclakun. 
Light, n., Wosogvvck'. 
A light, VVosogoonumakun. A candle, lamjy, 

torcli. etc. 
To be making Lights, Wosogoonumakun- 

aagfi ; VVosogunumakunum ; Wosogooniim- 

To have a light, Wosogoonumakiinaam. 
To make a light, Wosogooniimci. 
To be in his light, akchegaskumak'. 
To be a light, Wosogoonumakune. 
A light night, Wositpaak. 
To hold up a light, VVosogoonega'. 
To own a light, To make a light of it, 

Northern Lights, Wegadcsk'. 
A moonlight night, Neoawisk'. 
Light, '«//',, (not heavy), Nakiijccclik. 
To light a fire, Sakskwcsum ; utkusaadoo ; 

The light penetrates into the water, 

To light my pipe, BApkuscdumci'. 
To light upon, (u> Iwppeti), Egae' ; Tctpa- 

To give light to, Wosogoonumadum. To 

thron' Itijlif tipou it. 

To lutthe it light, (not heavy), Nakaadoo; 

To be bringing a light, Wcchkwa'scniimei'. 
To be carrying away a light, clmas'enumei'. 
Lightheaded, aweie. 
A lighthouse, VVosogooniimrikiinQtkw'. 
Lightning, VVosogwodcsk' ; Wosogwodcstaka- 

Heat Lightning, keewosk; eewosk; Pecwosk. 
A lightning bug, Wosogowweech. 
Daylight, Wobun. 
The lights, (Iiuujh), Oopunk'. 
Ligneous, kiimoocha'; 
To be like, Tclamookse 

aach ; Sriigfi'. 
To be like him, clak'; 

Naookta' tclaak. 

To like, kcsadum : kcsalk'. 

To like it, (food), Wiktum. 

I like to look at him, Wigwosamk', 

I like to look at it, Wigwosaptum. 

A likeness, Nadoo wen aweegasit ; 

Tclamook' ; Stiig- 
aladik ; 'Nkooda ; 


kogooa aweegasik. 

A lily, Pagose ; Moojelabech'. 

Limb (of a tree,) upsctkoon. 

It has limbs, upsctkoonik ; clipskenik. 

To trim off limbs with an axe, Moose- 

gutkoontafiga ; Moosegiitkoontaam. 
Limber, Mcnaak. 
Limbo, Laplesoon ; Oonnajoode ; Nadame 

kweiichk' muiidooagik tan tct mogwa oolo- 

denook, ak mogwa' oonmajodenook. 
A limit, Skvveiikw. 
To limit, VVctkoolk'. 
Limitation, VVCtkoolkoosoode ; Wcikoolkoo- 

To limp, Askaase ; Askiintcsin' ; Pcmkaame. 
A line, Ababe. 
To draw in a line till I come to the end, 

To line a wigwom, alakpelum ; alakpelumei'; 

Owwclakpclum ; Amaslagaadoo. 
The wigwom is lined, alakpcdck' ; Aninas- 




To line a garment, Tcf^wcgaadoo. 
Linen, Atlawc^un labclaskawfi'. 
Linguist, iMiladoofi'. 
Liniment, Amakusoode. 
Lining, utkvvc}ra'dL;kun ; Bctooega'dakun, 
Lintel, Takumoktck kaguiiuk' kfikwaagu. 
Lion, Petaloo. (The lomytaU), VVeisum. 
Lip, 'i\Ise. Mij lip, 'use'; thy Up, ukse' ; his 
lip, oose'. 

To fall and burst the lip, Pasea'dcsin. 
The under lip of a moose, Ookwuiin. 
Liquable, kcsc noochkiimcsasik. 
To liquify, Noochkumcsum ; koonpcsum ; 

NooskoomCsutn ; Scsagadiim ; Noochkemae. 
Liquescent, Pcmenoochkumcsasik. 
A liquid, Samoogwonamook'. 
To carry a liquid, Pcmabelum. 
To liquidate, Abankudiim. 
Liquor, Booktawichk' ; 'Msut kogooa' tan 


To lisp, Wigwoseese. 

Liscomb Harbour, p. n., Mcgadawik. 

To list, Sumagunisavva'luse. 

To listen, Jiksutiim ; Jiksutaaga ; Chegodega' ; 

To listen to him, Jikstitak' ; Chigisfakunei' ; 

Chigedooolk' ; ChegfiAk' ; Ankest^k'. 
Litigant, Booskuhkwomkoose tcbloodegem- 

kiiwa' iktook. 
Little, apchaaje ; apchaachk' ; apchajeeje; 

kechka'. In composition jecch, or cheech, 

as a svJjU', means little, as: ulbadoo'jcch, 

a little hoy. 

Little Sovogal, p. n., clmiinakuncheech. 
Little River, p. n., {Mim, C. li.), 'Mtoodook. 
Little River, p. n., (on the licdiyouche), 

Little River, p. n., Kcskoospaak. 
Little River, p. n., (Branch of Sheet Harhour 

Hi ver), Kesooskvvusloogwck'. 
Littoral clmc' lajegfi'gawa. 
To live. Men ije ; Tcmowse. 
To live upon, (To live by), Wodowse ; clabcdtim. 

How do I get my living 1 TalabcdTim ? 
I get my living so, or thus, Tciabcdum. 
To be living right on, tlmemaje. 
To be lively, ScsAk'usc ; Scka'guse. 
Livelyhood, iMemajoookiin ; Mechipchawa' ; 

Tan tciabcdum ; clabcdum. 
Liver, Ooskoon'. 
Liver oil, Ooskooneeme. 
Liver-coloured, Ooskoonamook'. 
Liverpool, p. n., (N. S.), Ogomkigcok'. 
Liverwort, Pasakoonatkool. 
Living, iMcmajoookun ; Tan kogooa' wen 

A lizard, (vafer), Taktiilok ; kaktiiluk. 
A land lizard, Piigumuch'. 
L, ! ankaptaan ! 
Load, Wuhsoon. 

To carry a (heavy] load, Pcmowoola'. 
To bring a load, VVcchkwowoola'. 
To carry a load away, cimowoola'. 
To load one's self up, VVeewc. 
To make up his load for him, kcspaiega- 


To make up my own load, kcspalegaoose. 
To load it, (a de<l, cart, d-cj, Pitkrimadiim. 
To load a gun, Pitkusawodum. 
The gun is loaded, Pitkusawusik; kcksak- 

The cart, sled, &c., is loaded, Piikuma'- 


To load a "ship," Waoodoolk'. 

To be carrying a heavy load, kcskwowoola'. 

To be carrying a large load, Makowoola'. 

To carry a light load, Nakowoola'. 

To carry a small load, apsowoola'. 

To be loaded, kcikoonasc. 

To load him up, Ilpalegaook'. 

To be sore from carrying a load, kedak- 

A loaf of bread, Pibi^mokun. 
A large loaf, Makibunak'. 
A small loaf, apsibunak'. 
One loaf, Naooktibiinak', 

J wiMIWiaiilBgfTrfriTfTfifffl^^ 






Two loaves, Tabonihuiiagril. 

Three loaves, Nrisibuna^ul, etc. 
Many loaves, kakciycsibunagul 

Loam, Upkaoofi'. 
Loan, cnikatloocKL'tiikavva'. 
Loath, Moo vvelc(la(lcji;()w' ; Moo wcIctlaVlfimoo ; 

kckajcckl'dt';,';'! ; kckitjcdadrim. 
To loathe, kclkcda'dc^'a' ; kctkcdfiadum ; k£t- 

kcdri'lfimuk ; Mrikskcltum : MrikskcltumAk ; 

Loathesome, Mowwc winchuk ; Makskt'lliim- 

.Ikunfi' ; kctkodfi'dakuna'. 
Loathsomeness, Mrdiskcltakun ; MAkskcItiim- 

ri>j;awri' ; kclkoda'dakun ; kctkodfidumugruva'. 
Loaves, Pibunoki'iiuil. 
Lobe, Akude-oopu'iik' ; Oositoookun upkavva'- 

A lobster, WulumkwCcb' ; Cluij^Lch'. 
A lobster that has cast its shell, Noogil- 


A lobster spear, Woliimkvvcgiinoode ; Nik- 

toocgcgun' ; Chiigcchwafd negogul ; Saka- 

A lobster digs his hole, Woliimkosit. 
To fish for lobsters, Wolumkwcchwaaga. 
A place where lobsters abound, Wolum- 

To fish for lobsters by night, Sagaaga. 
A lobster claw, idcbigiin. 
To be roasting lobsters, (for myself), 

Lockeport, (i^. S.), pr. ■»., SCbunTsk'. 
A lock, Aptiiskei'gun ; Apkooskei'gun. 
To lock, Aptuskeiga; Aptiiskaam ; Apkoos- 

keiga ; Apkooskaam. 

To lock a hoop, Mcjelabcgaadoo. 

A locker, Luskigun kusna' apchaach puktiis- 

kaasik tan aptuska'diisik. 
Locomotion, rdaadimk' ; aledaamk. 
Locomotive, fdadimkavvfi' ; Pcmect' ; rdr^ct. 
Locust, Lipsokunkvvfiowcb' ; Miscmuiikunow' ; 


To lodge, ctlugAdiim ; clliktogoone ; kctkoone. 
To lodge a tree, cdodcstoo. 

I'll)' (ire in lodiji'il, cdodcsk' ; cdosedk'. 
They lodge for the night, Nootkajik. 
A lodging place, l^tliktoogooncedimk. 
A lodge, A lodging, Wigwum ; apscegrm. 
A loft, kakwaak poktiiskaasik ; clcganik. 
Lofty, krdcvvaak ; cspaak. 
Loftiness, kakwa'gawa' ; cspaimkavva' ; i;spub- 

A log, Tumoktaoo. 
A log hut, Tumoktaooeegan. 
A loggerhead, Akudae ; Lok moo ncstooaii. 
Logic, kwcjewagwamooemkawa' kcnamatinawa. 
Logwood, Maktawa'gawa. 
My loins, clpcsc 

To loiter, Mrdaetula'dcga ; kcgwaase. 
A loiterer, Hooskekcgwaase. 
Lonely, kewojae ; kewotkadfim ; Ncclajc ; ke- 

vvotpimk' ; kewotpe. 
Loneliness, Lonesomeness, Ncdajimk' ; ke- 

wotpimk' ; kewojfumkawa'. 
Long, adj., Pedaak ; Petuk. 
Very long, Mcstfipcdaak. 
Long-legged, Pijegiiniim. 
To have a long head, PedAtpci'. 
To have a long neck, Pijeskebei'. 
To have long ears, Pijistakunci'. 
To have long horns, Pijesumooei'. 
To have a long nose, Pijeskoonei'. 
To have a long face, Fijeskegwei'. 
To have a long tail, Pctalooot' ; Mcsalooaat. 
A long house, Pijeskegooomk' ; Pijegaii'. 
The house is long, Pijeskegooomkuk ; Pije- 


A long " ship," (canoe, etc.), Pedoo'lkw. 
The "ship" is long, Pcdoo'lkuk. 
How long is the "ship"? Talepedoolkuk ? 
The " ship " is so long, Tclcpedoo'lkiik. 
How long is the house ? Taleskegooomkuk ? 
Trdcpcdukooomkuk ? 

' The house is so long, Tcleskegooomkflk ; 
[ Telepediikooomkuk. 



A long sheet (of hark, doth, etc), Pedogum- 

To make the sheet long, Pedogumagaadoo. 
How long is the " sheet" 1 Talepcdogumii- 

The " sheet " is so long, Tclepedogumakuk. 
To be long, (i. <•:, tall), Pcduksc. 

To sound a syllable or a note long, Pet- 

To long for something, kcdoodamc. 
To take long steps, Pctlugaase. 
A long time, Pcgejaak.. 
To live long, Pojedowsc ; Pcgedowse. 
Longevity, PSgedowsimk, 
To sit up long at night, Pt^gedabe. 
To use it a long time, PcgCdabcdum. 
To hold it a long time, Pcgcdunum. 
To detain him a long time, Pcgejaak'. 
To be a long time, (ahoid it), Pcgejae. 
To be a long time working at it, Pcge- 

To keep angry a long time, Pegejuhkweie. 
Longitude, Tan telepedakumegek' makum- 

egow wSja'dcgemk oochebenook' mceso- 

koo iitkusunook'. 

Long Island, (Horton, N. S.), pr. 71., Mcsadek. 
The day is long, Amasegisktik. 
The winter is long, Amasebook'. 
A long distance, Amasek'. 
A long summer, Amasenipk'. 
A long autumn, Amasitkwaak. 
A long spring, Amcsikw' ; Amesegoonookw'. 
To loof, (naut), Wctiinukvveedum. 
Loof, ffuff), imper., Ootunkwedaaii. 
To look, Ankaptcga'. 
To look at, Aiikaptiim ; Ankamk'. 
To look in that direction, clitbaase. 
To look about, Yiilabaase. 
To be looking about, Yalabe ; Yalaptega' ; 
Yalamk' ; Yalaptum. 

N. B. — In all these cases al ma)' be used 
instead of yal. 
To look up, Semkiilabaase. 

To be looking up, Scmkulabe; Scmkulaptcga. 

To look down, Pegawobaasc. 

To be looking down upon him, cjakun- 

jamk' ; cjrikunj.lptum. 
To look back, apsktilabaase. 
To be looking back, apskiilaptega' ; Apskul- 

To look so, (appt'iir ho), Tclegwedoodum. 
To look round, kewonskTdabaase. 
To look through it, Taooaptum. 
To look at one's self, (in a mirror), 


Look ! Ankaptfian ! 

A looking-glass, Ankamsoode ; Nibuiioo'- 

A loom, ultakta'guna'. 
To loom up, Wenakpcsk'. 
A loon, kwemoo. 

To hunt loons, kwemooo'dcga ; Nanama'. 
A white loon, Wobekwcmoo. 
A loop, Nabooklakunabegaadusik. 
To loose him, (untie hint), Apkwaalak. 
To loose (untie) it, Apkwaadoo. 
To loose, (set sail), l?oo'se. 
Loose, adj., Menadck'; awagupeadck' ; awagae ; 

To loosen, v. tr., awagiskaadoo ; awagiska'- 

doga' ; avvagaadoo ; ^cbowiskaadoo. 
To lop, Moosegatkoontfiaga. 
Loquacious, Poogwclcwistoo ; Wcsilmcwistoo. 
Loquacity, Wc'samewistoomk' ; Wcsamewis- 


A lord, Sak'iimow ; cspcs.lkumow. 

The Lord, Nikskam; likcliosak'umow. 

To lord it over, kcstcjooaaluk ; VvLnmajaak'; 

kestawae-alsoomk' ; Mcdooe-alsoomk'. 
Lordliness, cspcsakumowa'dakiin ; csjicsak- 

umovvoo'de; cmtcskabavvoo'dc ; cnitcskeal- 

Lordship, Sakumowoode. 
Lore, kcgenoodumooksoode ; kcjedcgcmkawa'. 
To lose, kcskaadoo; kcskaaluk; aniik; entoo; 

Wcskwcnum ; VVcskvvcdostoo. 


tmmmmm'v- ~m 


It II 




To lose myself, anoo'se. 

To be lost, kcskac. 

Lot, ulkrinwokun. 

To cast lots, clakacliim ; clakiulaaf,'.!. 

Lot 49, J), n., P. E. Island, 'Ntooa'gwAkim. 

Lotion, uksispaclcgCmkawiV. 

Loud, kintaak (a loiul. twise), kcsegowwck'. 

To make a loud noise, kiiuuksc; kcsegow- 

wistoo ; kcse-gowsaaskwa ; kcscgowintow- 

wa' ; kcscdawcdaak ; kCscgowtaak. 
To sing loudly, kcsegowintoo. 
To pray very loudly, kcsegowealosoodumei. 
To love, kcsalooa' ; kcsadiim; kCsalk; kcsalse' 

To love him greatly, Mcnooa'guluk. 
To 'ove one another, kcsaltoolteck'. 
Love, uksalsoode; kcsrUoocmk' ; kcsrdtimkawa'. 
Lovely, kcloo'se; kcsekcloose ; Mowweool- 

Love-sick, Ncdaje, 


Loving kindness, Mowwepoogwcle-aooled 

Love-song, uksalsoodeil' liktabcgeakfin. 

A louse, Waakw. riur., Wagook. 

To louse, (dean from lice), Nootkiimase. 

To be lousy, Waagwe. 

To have a lousy head, Wagwotpei'. 

Low, aboonae; aboonaak ; cjintck' ; Bcnogwae- 

To sit low, cjiiipe. 

To bow low, (to sfooji), cjinkvvaase. 

To fly low, ujenakayct'. 

It is low water, kesenewcdCk'. 

To low, (as a co>rJ, Wcnjooteamvveese. 

To lower, Nesa'duga ; Nesaadoo ; Nesaaliik ; 
Nesaase ; abooiiaadoo ; aboona'dcgfi ; ab- 
oonaaluk ; aboonaaluse ; fiboonaase ; aboo- 
naalimk ; I'cgavvaadoo ; Pcgawaaluk ; Peg- 
awa'luse; Pcgawaase; Bcnogvvaadoo; Bcno- 
gvvaaliik ; iJenogvva'luse ; 15cnogwaase ; Al- 
toobcga'doga ; altoobegaadoo ; Altoobeg- 
a'luse ; Nescgodase; Ncsiipcirim; Nesiipilk'. 

To lower, (lour), Maktawoloogeak' ; kvvcdaj- 

Low Point, f. n., Mooinakunchecchk. 

Low spirited, cmawaasc. 

Loyal, kcdU'iwac ; clegawitawcalsoosoodc wcle- 

skudum ; Wclabcdum ; Ncmutkc wcllk- 


Loyalty, Clegawitawcalsoosoodc' wcliskudum- 
iimk' ; kL'dlawactuladL'gcmkavvri', 

Lubbard, Mcgoksc kadoo kcseniillac; OwwSnile. 

Lubberly, Malac; Owwoiiaga'dcga ; kabaksa'- 

Lubricate, SSsoobaadoo. 

Lucid, Haktasik ; Pedcoktck' ; kcsasck' ; 15ak- 

Lucidity, kcsascgawa' ; Badoktcgawa' ; Bak- 

Luck, Tedaboodeskavva'. 
Bad luck, alooya. 
To have bad luck in hunting, Aloodoo- 

To have bad luck in fishing, Aloogwe- 



My good luck, kcloo'lk 'ntcbadcgum. 
To be lucky, Wcskodum kcloo'lk cbadck'. 
Lucre, kancawoode; Sooleawa'; Milesoode. 
Lucriferous, VVclekaneav/imk' ; kaneawoodea'. 
Ludicrous, kulooskoookunik' ; Oosugawoguna. 
To luff, Wctunukwedum. 
To lug, kcskefdadcjedoo ; VVcswcgaadoo nadoo 

kogooa' kcskook ; Pcmaadoo nadoo kogooa' 

Luggage, 'Ntapsoon ; 'Mtapsoon. 
Lugubrious, Mcskaimkawa'; Mcskudasoodea'. 
Lukewarm, Amcpudek' ; Amepfisit. 
To lull, Nakiuinosalk' ; Nakunoosa' ; Wuntiiga'- 

dcga' ; Wontugaaluk ; Wontiigadum. 
Lumbago, 'Mpakuma' uksenoogowokiin. 
Lumber, Taniil kogoafd eoonasemowvva'dasigul 

tantil moo kclooltinoogul ; Tumoktaook 

tcmagiboodasijik, kusna' neliksokta'sijik 

oochit ootaoo'dasinu. 
Luminary, Wosogwek' ; Tan wosogoonumdtk' 

kogooa' ; Wosogooniimakun. 
Luminous^ kesasek ; Bakladek ; Wosogwaasik. 



A lump, Mclcliuj^opskL-k ; upkokl'. 

A lumpfish, kriinC'kwsis. 

Lumpy, Mclchfif^opskcf^uwri ; Tipkoktri'. 

Lunacy, cloowacadirnkfiwa'. 

Lunar, Dcpk unoosctfiwa'. 

Lunatic, rloow.iweCt'. 

Lunch, (^kwsiktakrimadimkriwri'. 

To lunch, (jkyvsiktAkumaasc. 

Lunenburg, pr, n., asccdik. 

Lungs, Oopunk'. 

Lungwort, Pcsakfin.ltkool ; Mesrikun.ltkool. 

A lure, Wak.'id'ii^iin. 

To lurk, Mimoogvvose ; fskcbae. 

A lurking-place, etlccskobooltimk'. 

Luscious, VVcsamcscsmogunemaak. 

Lusciousness, VVcsamcscsmogunemagawaya'. 

Lust, rioosaircpawotumugawfi' ; rawiitumug- 
awa' ; Wcskawclodaswokrin ; Winkwijca; 

ITiwnlk', kwi'dadohriwimkaw; 

Lustfulness, Winkwijaloo'dc. 

Lustiness, Mulgigunode. 

Lustre, kcslscgawa' ; 15akt;tdCgriwa' ; IJaktok- 

Lusty, Mclkigrinfie ; Lnk wclfie. 
Luxuriance, VVclcgwckriwa'. 
Luxuriant, W'clegwck'. 
Luxurious, Wcskriookwiidum. 
Luxury, Wcskaookwotlumugawa'. 
Lying down, (said uf a person), clcsiii' ; 

Lying down, (said of (in <mtm(il), Scbaat. 
Lying, (leUin<j lies), aoola ; cksooa'. 


Maccan River, pr. n., Mankiln. 
Macerate, Aloosaalfik; PoogwClcwctkubaadoo ; 

Maceration, Aloosalooksoode ; Poogwclewct- 

To machinate, kwelooeda'dcga. 
Machination, kwelooedadrikun ; Winekweloo- 

Machine, Moolin ; Moolina'dasik ; Moolin- 

A sewing machine, clesowwcmkawa' moo- 

A mowing machine, Pcskoosowwcmkawa' 


A threshing machine, Powkwcdagcmkawa' 

moolin. (From the J)'r. moulin, a irilll.) 
Mackerel, Amlamcl^w'. 
Mad, cloowfiwefi' ; tloowawe ; kcsuhkweie. 
Madam, Sakuma'skw. 
Madbrain, aweie. 

A madcap, Cloowawea' ; Wakusechenumooe. 
Made, kesedase ; kesa'dase ; clookwodumase. 

Mad house, Wcnjeegwom tan tct cloowawea'- 

dijik ctlcankvviloojik. 
Madness, cloowawoode ; C-loovvavveawoode ; 

Magdaline Islands, pr. n., ^lunagSsunook'. 
Magazine, Wcegadigfln. 
A maggot, koolbatkcch'. 
Maggotty, koolbatkcjooik'. 
Magical, Hooiiina' ; Boodinwadcgcmk'. 
Magic, Hooiiinddc ; Boounvvadcgcmkawa.' 
Magician, Boooin. 
To be a magician, Booiiinawe. 
Magisterial, cmtcskcsakiimowwe ; cmtcske- 

alsoose ; Mclkcdoodum ; cmtcskedoodum ; 

Magistracy, Saktimowoode ; Noojeilsoodegct- 

Magistrate, Noojeilsoodegil'. 
Magnanimity, Mowwooledadcgcmkawa'. 
Magnanimous, Mowwooleda'dcga. 
Magnet, Ooskiinaak wcnaga'di-gck. 
Magnific, cspae ; cspctuladcga' ; Miigcda- 


mawBi ' iiiiitn' i m m mj Mi wmmiiSSi 

Wliriiilt ii i»&llh 



MiJgcclaaluk ; 

Magnificence, fspriimkriwa ; 

To mngnify, Mr^'cdaadoo ; 

Mr'^cd.i.idrim ; Mrjjcdilairimk, 
Magwosk Point, />. ih, Mcuwasaak. 
A maid, ril)ilaas ; abilasawe ; abit.isecs ; NAk- 

skwa ; NAkskws. 
An old maid, NkAncabitaas. 
Maidnn-head, Muiden-hood, NakwskwCm 

kawa' ; VVcleabitrisawimkawa'. 

Maid-sorvant, OnnokTibi^mccskvv. 

Majcstical, cle^Mwitawa'. 

Majesty, clcgawitawoode ; Klegawit' ; clega- 

Mail-boat, Wccg.1dip;rinoo'lkw. 
Mail-coach, VVecgadigrinriach ontAbAkiin. 
To maim, Lagfnitaak ; Amoodaak ; Amoo- 

To be maimed in the hand, Ntblcptinei'. 
To be maimed in the foot, NCbuIegadei'; 

Main, 'Msut tan ttlkeck ; Mowwimsugilk' ; Mow- 

wccspaak. 'fhe nca, ukchigiim. 
Mainland, uktAkumoo'k ; clmiktukiimlk'. 
An inhabitant of the mainland, uktakum- 

oogawaacb. (In contradistinction from an 

hltinder, Miincgoogawaach.) 
To maintain, ankwaak' ; kclaak' ; ankfinaAk'. 
Maintenance, Ankunaamk'; Ankunaamkawa'; 

Major, ajccspfic. 
Maize, Peas'kiimun. 
To make, cledoo' ; kcsedoo' ; Cleek ; kcsaaluk ; 

Maker, fOur Muhcr). Kcsoo'Ikw. 
The maker of all things, Mcstakcsedcgci'. 
Malady, uksenoogowukiin ; Wiskuswokiin. 
Malagash Cape, p?-. v., Wagwostugwtk'. 
Male, f" hi'iiij, Cbeenum. 
A male of the ox or moose kind, Yap. 
A male dog, Nilbcskw. 
A male bear, Nabcsum. 
A male of swine or sheep, N'ctolow'. 

A male porpoise, seal, or whale, N.1bcAk'. 

A male beaver, rrdwmskw'. 

A female beaver, Noosiskw. 

A male otter or mink, N.lbaagwik. 

A male porcupine, Nitbe^-ok'. 

A male fish, NabCinrkw ; Nabckw. 

A male carribou, AcbkAjit. 

A male bird, Nabaoo. 

A general name for male, Nabctkoo'ch. 

Maladministration, McildocSlsoosimkawfi'. 

Malediction, Almcgcdumugawaa'; Almoo- 



Malefactor, Hooskeiiada'dcg.l. 
Malevolence, kctkcda'duiuumk' 

Malice, Cloowawe tiiledaswukrin 

To malign, Pilsiiak' ; Wlnuhskwimk' 

simk ; Pilsaboogooa'. 

A mall, Maltcjwa' ; IMgumSde. 

Maleable, ICbaktaasis. 

Mallet, Maltcjwa'; Pogumade. 

Malpeque, ;'/•. n.. (P. E. 1.), MAkpaak. 

Mamma, 'Nkech' ; Kejoo. 

Mammilary, Mulugcchwa ; abit oomulugi5ch- 

Mammon, Mllasoode ; Milasoookun. 

Man, ubioo. (Tbis is now the term for an 
liulkin, but its original meaning was the 
same as the Latin homo, or the Greek 
niOjiu-nin;, and signified (iman as distinguished 
from all other animals or objects. Cbeenum, 
a man, as distinguished from a loonian, or 
}>uy, vir. cr/,/).) 

To be a man, ulnooe ; Chenumooe. 

To man, Cheniimooaadoo. 

Manacles, kulagcieegunul. 

To manacle, kclpilk'. 

Manadoo, pr. n.. (C. li.), Lfiskiich. 

To manage, Alsoomk'; Telaaluk; Saktuk. 

How do I manage him ? I alkak' .' 

I manage him thus, TcikAk'. 

Mandate, utploo'dAkun ; Tebloo'degcmkawa'. 



Mano, ()()tnl<al)al()wril ; Oosnhoon. 
A horse's mauo, Tasjbowc-oositboon'. 
A lion's mnno, rct.tlooc-oosilljoou'. 
Manful, ClK'iirinioo.i' ; Mrlkij^dnac. 
Manger, Wcnjuoilduumuuk' cbalkwudilUouUcc- 

Manhood, Clicnumoo'dakrin ; Tcbcboonaamk. 
Maniac, cloowawcfi'. 
Manifest, rakcinrmicgoosik ; Wi'^s.ldck iktook 

c'dck ; Maswenumcgoosc , I'aguak. 

Manifold, kakoiycse-milckcsa'dasigul. 

Manikin, Cliccurim apcbajcejit. 

Mankind, 'Msut tan lasukumiksooltijik' Mo- 

Manlike, VVclckosa'dasik ; Chciuimooctiila'- 

(lasik ; VVclcchciiumoocavva'dasik. 
Manner, Tan tcladcgct' ; Tan tcladakadijik ; 

Manoeuvre, Nadada'soodca tnlcda'dakun. 
Mansion, SAkfimogwom ; Mcskeck ak Cspaak 

ak milfisoowuk unik wcnjecgwom. 

Manslaughter, Chcnrimoocnabadcgctnk'. 

Manslayer, 'Nadoo wCn tan nabadak'. 

Mantle, I'edoo'goon. 

Manual, 'Mputuna' ; Wcjckescdasik 'mptitunik- 

Manufacture, Oocbckesedumk. 

To manufacture, cledoo. 

Manufacturer, Noojelot)kvvodum. 

Manumision, kestcjootcladoomk ootalsoom- 
sinu ; IJodnadcgcmkavva' kcslcjooau. 

To manumit, kcstcjoo boonaalak; kestcjoo 
tclaalak ootalsoomsinu. 

To manure, cpkcnum. 

Manure, c-pkcnakun. 

Manuscript, Weega'digun pcgoonawcegasik. 

Many, Pegwclkik ; Pegwclkrd ; kakciyeseck' ; 
kakeiyesooltcL'k' ; kakeiycskiil. N. B. — As 
prefixes, pcgwcle and kakeiyccs arc joined 
to all verbs that are susceptible of them, to 
denote vuivij. kakciyees means (when used 
by itselt) Jre(iaenlli/, often. 

To get many, Ncgedaagik ; Megtinumanul. 

To got so many, Tclimkudaagik ; Telimkun- 

To kill many, rcpwrnnkik. 
Many coloured, Mileweogilsik. 
Many headed, I'cgwriewutpAt'. 
Many cornered, regwckkrjegAsik. 
To speak many languages, Miladooft'. 
Many times, Seowwu ; kakeiyccs. 
A map, reatwawitfiwa'. 
To map, rcalwawc. 
Maple, (ir/iile), keokchemoose. 
Sugar maple, STmow'. 
Curly maple, kiktfikigoo'ik' sunow'. 
Soft maple splits, kumoojcchabe. 
To mar, achkfmaak' ; itchkijnaadoo ; Segwis- 

kaadoo ; Achkunaaluk. 

Marble Head, pr. n., Wokuloopskusow'. 
March, fuiunlh), Segowgoo's. 
To march, Atlugaase. 
A march, Atlugaadimk. 
Mare, rlnn^^rwcdoo tasebow'. 
Margarec River, />r. v., (C. li.), Wei'ikuch'. 
Margarec River's Mouth, I'l'- '^^■t i^- ^J 

Margin, (of a river, etc. J, 'Mtubunegikt' ; 

Marine, ukchigumoori'. 
A mariner, Matclot ; alaktegawenoo. 
Marital, 'Nchenumooma'; Tan tulfi' wen ooche- 

Maritime, Maritimal, ukchigiimook ; ukchi- 

A mark, kundogwokfrn ; kiinooadoookun ; Chil- 

aak ; Chiltek; Chilkwosk'; Chilmudooukun ; 

To mark, aweekfim ; Wesoonaadoo ; kenoo- 

aadoo ; kegenooaadoo ; kegenoogwodfim ; 

kcgenoogwddijgcdoo ; kcgenoogwolk' ; Ciiil- 

tfiam ; Chiltelak' ; Chilaptoo ; Ciiilpc ; 

Chilmudoo ; Pagaptoo ; Chilsiim ; Cheloo- 

vvekuga ; claboktcstoo. 
To be marked, kcgenoogwaase. 
How am I marked ? Trdekenoogwaase ? 



I am marked thus, Tclckenoogwaasc. 
A straight mark, kakwodabakick'. 
A crooked mark, Tcswodabaktck'. 
To go to market, Nadankooei' ; cllinpcg- 
wodclega' ak ctlintoocskfi'. 

A market place, Etlintooeskadimk. 
Marksman, Wclenagadei' ; Ncdowinkadei ; 

Marriage, Maleawimk. 
Married, Wccheenumoorae; Wetapitcme ; 


Mairow, Ween ; Wceneme. 

Marrow bone, Mescgfinak wokunik'. 

To marry, (a mun tixtn'oman), Maleawaaliik. 

We two men have married two sisters, 


Marsh, Wolskck'. 

J:'iarshy, Wolskckawa'. 

Mart, lOtlintooeskemk' ; Etlintooeskaadimk. 

Marten, Abistanaooch'. 

Martin's River, pr. n., Piktoo'jiik. 

Martin's Point, pr. n., (near Londonderry, 

N. S.), Wosuksegck'. 
A martyr. Tan wen wejenabot oochit tan tcle- 


Marvel, I'akuleioode. 

Marvellous, Pakfileioodea' ; Pakulamook'. 

To marvel, Pakideie. 

To marvel at it, Pakulastiim. 

To marvel at him, (at Jus looks), Pakulamk'. 

Mary Joseph, pr. n., Kiilokwejook. 

Masculine, Cheeniimooa'. 

To mash, Nookchoktaaga. 

To mash potatop"" Soktaaga. 

A mash, Nookch agtin. 

A mask, ChebooKcnes. 

To mask, Mimoogwodoo. 

A mason, Nooscgunega'. 

Masonry, Noosegunegcmkawa'. 

Mass, Poogwelemowudasik ; AJcskeek upkesi- 

gun ; Lamaas. 
Massacre, Nftbadcgcmk' ; kepmedagemkawu' ; 


Massive, Mi-skcek ak elp keskook'. 

Mast, 'Mtogum. 

A master, Alsoosc ; Sakumowwe ; Wenok'- 

Thy master, (said to a dog), kedumk. 
To master, Wiswigunemk' ; Alsoomk' ; Alsoo- 

Masterless, Moo alsoodiimasu ; Moo Alsoom- 

koosu ; Moo alsoomooksu ; Alsoomse. 
Master-piece, Mowwewoolekesa'da-ik. 
Mastership, Sakumowoo'de; Alsoo'soode ; 


Mastication, Soktitmimk; Soktumumk'. 

Mastiff, Meskilk' ulumooch ; ^1 big dog. 

To own a mastiff, Magiktaawe. 

A mat, Noksoon. 

To match, v, tr., Tctpiigaadoo ; VVeletet- 

pugaadoo ; Tetpugaaluk ; Weletetpiigaa- 

To match, v. int., Tetpugaltuk ; Weletetpug 

a'dasigul ; Tctpugaltoolteek' ; VVcletet- 

pugaltoolteek ; kokwojcwijadooltigul. 

Mate, Nigumaach ; Wigumaajul ; VVecha. Its 

A beast's mate, Wistimool. 
A fish's mate, Widumegool. 
A bird's mate. 
Material, Tan pasuk kogooa' tan kesesamaga'- 

dasik ; Tan weje-kesedasik kogooati. 
Maternal, 'Nkechoowa' ; Tan tela' abit tan 

Mattrass., Oonaksoon. 
To possess a mattrass, an.'ikse. 
Matrimony, Maleawimkawa' ; Maleawoode. 
Matrix, Mooskobe; Mijooajechwekunioodo ; 

Matron, abit tan bokchekcsegooect' ; 

Matter, Tan pasuk kogoo'a ; tan kcse samaga'- 

To matter, Tatkaak, 
It is no matter, Moo achkuna'nook. 
Mattock, Moonkuda'gemkavva. 



Mature, Manik ; kesemanegek' ; ctck' ; kes- 

tedck' ; Wodoostck' ; Tcbeboonae. 
To maul, Pogumadiim ; rogCimei' ; Taktuk' ; 

Mausoleum, Ootkoodakuna' kunoogwosoode 

mcskeek ak mowimkodik. 
Maw, Winiakei' ; Wokteun' ; Poogoogiimovv' ; 


Maw worm, Ooluksca' wetle. 

Maxillar, Ootoogobagunc-wokundcmawa. 

Maxim, kenamatinawaya' etlfuvistoomk'. 

May be, Chtptook Cdook'. 

May, (tlie month), Agesegoos'. 

Me, Neen. 

Meadow, 'Mskegooa'kade ; Masooskck'. 

Meager, Aloo'sei. 

Meagerness, Aloosamk'. 

Meal, Mijesimkawfi' ; Mijesooltinikawa' ; \V6b- 

aachkid ; Peaskunnina'vvobaclikid. 
Mealman, etlintootskcdogul wobfichkiil. 
Mealy, Wobachkawa'. 

Mealy-mouthed, Wigwoseese ; Amekiiloose. 
To be mean, Benogwae ; Eenogwcdaase ; 

Benogwetula'dega' ; Lok amasegae ; Mcje- 


Mean, n., Meawaagfiwa ; Larnaakawa. 

To mean, Na teledaadum. 

To meander, .Milcworrik;':. ; Mileak ; Milom- 
kilk ; WokchooomK'lk ; Aninomkitk. 

Meander, pr. n., (i,<, A'.'ivjjort, N. S.), Mil- 
ch egaach. 

Meaning, Tan tclootk ; Tan kogoofi' kwcjidis- 
koodiim ; Tan teledaadum. 

Meanness, Benokeda'dakun ; Bcnokcdrdum- 
ooksoode ; Amasegaoookun ; Apchajeda'- 

Measles, AIoosool. 

Measure, n., 'Ntigftkiin. 

To measure, cnka'dcga' ; cnkadiim ; ciika' ; 
cnkaaluk ; kwcjebilchaaga. 

Tc r.^'^asure it across, Takumogunegadum. 

Measurement, cnkadogcmk' 
diinuik' ; cpkadumumk'. 

enkciuk' ; crka- 

Measureless, Mowepoogelimstigeek; Mase- 
enka'dasik ; Moo kesecnka'dasinook. 

A measurer, Noojinkadaaga ; kwcjebilchaaga. 

Meat, W'eoos'. 

Lean meat, kakaakw. 

Fat meat, Wegawik'. 

Meat without fat or bones, Moosok'. 

Mechanic, Noojeksedogid kogoaal ; Ncdowwe- 
kesedogul kogooaal. 

Mechanism, Moolinadasikawfi'. 

Msdal, .Medal , Mcdalum. 

To meddle, Scspodcga; Scspodum ; Mcdcnum ; 

Mcda ; Mcdumodcga. 

Meddler, Meddlesome, BooskesSspodcga'. 

To mediate, kcloodi'imclsawe. 
Mediation, NoojektiloodLimclsawcmkawa' ; 

A mediator, Noojiptuka'mooa' ; Wm0t0kge- 

mooa' ; Noojiplugegcdum ; No rfjefcWo od- 

umclsavve ; Noojiptuka'mooa. 
Mediatorship, Noojekuloodumclsaoocic. 
Medical, '.Mpesoona'. 
Medicament, 'Mp-jsoon. 
To medicate, '.Mpesoonaadoo. 
Medication, 'Mpesoonaadoomk. 
Medicinal, 'Mpesoonik; 'Mpjsoona'. 
Medicine, 'Mpcsoon. 
To be hunting for medicine, '.Mpcsoon- 

aaga ; '.MpesoonagaktiiiT.ei'" 
"Medicine Bag," upsiisei' ; 'Msenci'; Skeb- 

ijlakun ; 'Ntooom. 

A place where medicinal roots, etc., 

abound, '.Mpcsoona'kado ; 'Mpcboona'gum- 

To medicine, fto doctor J, Ncbcdcga ; Nebilk' ; 

To meditate, Ankedaase ; Ankekaadiim ; 

-Mooiisudaaga ; Moonsiidaadum. 
Meditation, Ankeda'daktin ; Ankeda'soode ; 

Medium, Meawagawa'; Tan pasuk kogooa' 

tan wcjekesedasik nadoo kogooa'. 
Medley, Nadoo kogooa' mileweiiga'dasik. 



Medullar, Medullary, Wenfi' ; wcnriwriik. 

Meed, Abankfidooowa'. 

Meek, WClmudoo ; Moo noksuhkwcie ; kak- 

Meet, kokwojeak' ; Wcleak' ; Tan depkadik ; 

To meet, A'sugak ; Asugadeck' ; Asuga- 

A meeting, Mowwcdaamk ; Mowwedaadimk ; 

ctlemowiJmajik ; Mowweome. 
A meeting house, AlasoodumOgwom ; Etlea- 

lasDodutiuimk'. ^ 
To be melancholy, kewojedaase; kewojae. 
Melancholy, »., kewojedaasoode ; kewojeca'- 

di'ikun ; kevvojaimkavva'. 
To meliorate, ajeoolaadoo ; Ajcooladcga' ; 
Melliferous, Tan mcchipchamoocch-aboo 


Mellifluent, Mellifluous, Tan mcchipcham- 
oocchaboo vvcjitlijooik' ; Tan nicch'pcliam- 
oocchaboo mowvvepoogwcluhchoocak'. 

Mellow, Nooktudck' ; Nooktuga'dasik. 

To mellow, Nooktugaadoo. 

Melodious, Wcltaak. 

Melody, Wcltamkawa' ; Wcltaamk". 

Melon, cchkooch. 

To melt. Noochkumcsiim ; koonpcsiim ; Sesa- 
gadiim ; Noochkemae ; koonpegadiim ; koon- 
pega'dcga ; koonpcstcgfi'. 

The snow is all melted, kakaasik. 

The lead, &c., is melted, Nooclikumcdck' ; 
Noochkumcsasik ; elpcstasit ; clpcstumkul. 

A member, upsctkoon. 

The members of the body, Oopukikool, Oos- 
itoookiund, Oopulunul, Ookwodul, ak 'mait 
tan tclekakeiyesemilitkoonasik 'mtenin. 

Memento, Migweda'dakun ; Migwedadcgcm- 

Memoir, Weegadigun agunoodumakunfi' oocliit 
nadoo wen, mclooich' kesinpugu. 

Memorable, Tan tcltpkwoduk' oomigweda'- 
dasuiu' ; Tan depkadik oomigwcdadasinu ; 
kepniaak ; kepmeda'dasis. 

Memory, Migwedadegemkawa' ; Migwedaa- 

Memramcook, pr. 7?., Amlamkook. 
I Men, Cheenumook ; iMeniajoocnook'. 
; Menace, kwedamk' kuloosvvokun iktook. 
I A menace, kwedamtimkawa' kulooswdkunaii. 
Menagerie, Ktlemoweda'dasooltijik weisiskii. 
To mend, Mesinloogwodum ; Mesinloogwa.'. 
To mend snowshoes, Mesunakumcga'. 
To be mending nets, etlimsunabega'ladije 

To mend, 0. int., Ma maweawe. 
To begin to mend, Bokchipkoonajinawe ; 

Mendacity, eksooogun ; Sksooogunfi; eksoo- 

emk ,' fioolemk'. 
A mendicant, Nedowwuktumei' ; Altawofe- 

tumei' ; Noojetovvwoktumei ; Boosk(it#w- 

woktumei' ; Booskekewikse. 

Mendicant, ar//., kewiksimkawa' ; Noojetow- 

Mendicity, Tan teleptimowsit noodowwok- 


Menstrual, Depkunoositawa'. 

Mensurate, enkadega'. 

Mensuration, enkad.'gemkawa'. 

Mental, Taledaswokutia'. 

Mentally, Ootaledasvokun iktook. 

To mention, Weskoo'diim ; agiinoodiim. 

Mephitic, Mephitical, Winemaak. 

Mercantile, Malsunawimkruva'. 

A mercenary, Noodabankudookse. 

Mercenary, <ulj., Noodabankudooksimkawa'. 

Merchandise, Alalsunawimkawrird ; Alegow. 

A merchant, Malsan. N. B. — Two facts are 
proved and illustrated by this word Malsan. 
1st. There were no men among the ancient 
Indians who llrcd Itij hiijimj and sfllhuj. 
This is proved by their having adopted the 
French word, for merchant, {nuircliarii), 
which they invariably did when an object 
was introduced, unlike anything in use 
among themselves. 2nd. It shows also 

i:N(;i.]sn.-AricMAC DirTinNAny, 


what letters (rather mmDds), they used as 
substitutes for those lackiiif^ in tlieir own 
lanf;uagc. l'"or r they used an /. aiul for cli 
(sh) they used an s --Malsau. tor iiKuchanil. 
And, further, it may be seen how mnr two 
words may be ftjimulugin*!! ;i. and at the 
same time how far <([iiifi in rft'pearance and 

A female merchant, A merchant's wife, 

A merchant's daughter, Mrdsuneskwaach. 
Merciful, Noojefiooledu'dega'. 
M*" ."Cifulness, aoolcdfulcgemk' ; aooleda 1- 

MercUess, Moo aooleda'dcgow; krsaduni 

'ntoonmajcdadijgenu ; Booskeoonm.'ijedu'- 

Mercy, .looledafi'lsoode ; fiooleda'dakun. 
Mercy-beat, aooledrdsoodea kondpoode. 
J^laridian, Meowlagwet; AkiulegiskCikawa ; 

Mowwecspaak ; Mow\vekakwa;lk. 
Merit, Tan tcdoojipkwi'Hloo ; Pegwudoomk'. 
To merit, Pcgwudoo ; TedoojipkwOdoo. 

Meritorious, Mowwepoogwclipkwodoo. 
Meritoriousness, Rlowwepoogwclipkwod- 

Mermaid, NSmajwihioo. (Lit., n jlsh. man. 

The Micmacs believe in such a monster.) 
Merigomish, pr. »., M.liegomich. 
Merry, Wclitpile; Wcskawenoksc. 
Mesh, Aabe. 
To mesh, Paadulk ; A'beaaluk : Ta'doogwck'. 

A mess, Naookl' mljesl'mk ; Taiiik booske- 
mowwemijesooltijik ; Tanikmowwc weboo- 

To mess, Woboomadoohock. 

A message, kulooswokuu ehr.a'dasik ; Nood- 
agunoodumakun ; upkcsegiinchcech elma- 

A messenger, Noodagunoodum. 

Metal, kusawok ; Soolcawa' ; Wisowsooleawa' ; 
Soomrdke ; Wisawok, &c,, &c. ; Ak 'msut 
kogooard tantd tektmoogul stuga wi-gi't. 

Metamorphose, kewonskaadoo tan tC-legik ; 

kewonskaadoo tan tclamook'. 
Metamorphosis, kewonskaadoomk' tan tric- 

gik' ak tan tclamook. 

A meteor, Borjktfiwit ; I-^ewusk; kulokowcch' 

Meter, Noojinka'dcgck'. 
Metropolis, Mowwecspaak i:'ikchegun'. 
Metropolitan, Mowweukchepadrdeas'. 
Mettle. Scsakasimk' ; Mclkcdaamk. 
Mica, Wosogolumin'. 
Mice, Abidvcheechk. 
Michaelmas, STmcsulawimk. 
To keep michaelmas, Scmcsidawe. 
Micmac, Mcgumawaach. 

To be of the Micmac tribe, Meguma'goo- 

To speak Micmac, MegCimagooccse ; Megum- 

Mid, Mcawafik. 
Mid-day, Meowlagwet'; Mclowwcagwct; Akude- 

Middle, Mcowwu ; Meawaak. 
Middle of the hand, Lamilchun'. 
Middle of a town, Lumikchegun'. 
Middlemost, Tan meawaak fdik. 
Middle River, py. -n.. (X. S.), Wnkumuikook. 
Middle River, 2^)'. n., fC. B.), NCmcheboog- 

Middle River, Kesooskowostoogwck'. 
Middling, Amuu. As a pr>'jU, Ame ; thus. 

Amckuloo'k, tolerahhj tjoud, iuuldluxj 

A midge, Lipsiincheech ; uksipsooncheech. 

Midnight, aktatpaak. 

Midriff, W'aanoo. 

Midships, kudaalook. 

The midst, f//'// miihllt^), Mcowaimk'. 

Midstream, Meowipsedun. 

Midsummer. Aktaiii'[)k. 

Midway, kudciik. 

Midwife, Noojcabogunumoca ooskijenood 





r.xci.rsii Mi('>rAr DicTcyArrv. 

Midwinter, aktAbook' ; Meowwebook'. 

Might, Mul^iguiiudc. 

Mighty, Mclgisiinei'. 

Milch, Noosonlk ; MTiIagcjooit wcisis. 

Mild, WTMilnksumc. 

Mild weather, AbruluoiJwaak ; kcdoo-abadooo- 

Mildness, Wontoksumimk'. 
A mile, Xaookt meil. 
Militant, Sumaguniswa' ; MatunagCmk ; Mat- 

Milk, MuIucTLxb'. 
To give milk, .Mulasvjooe. 
To milk out, Chinpcgunawa' ; Cliinkiiben- 

Milkpail, Muluiiccbwa' laduksoon. 
Milky way, Skudakiimoocbooowte; The 

hiji'trifs rodd. 
Mill, ^loolin, lliiiid mill, Nemakun. 
Mill Creek, pr. v., (on liiwr JIrl,ertJ, IJook- 

Mill-dam, ukploo'dakun. 
A mill pond, rii)koodaask\v. 

To ufKii a i.ld'in, Feliskum. 

Millepedes, Bctooimtulnakunegauaajik; kiimoo- 

chaak waagookw. 
A miller, Nooiitkwitkoodaaga ; .Moolinaaga. 
A miller, (aih rnserl^, kookoogwascs. 
Million, ukchebetooimtulnakuM. 
Millstone, Moolinapskw'. 
Milt, Moosctok'. 

To have a milt, Moosetogumit. 
The milter, iSabcmckw. The spau-ner, 

To mimick, Nabloo'dcga' , Nabloo'dak ; N;lb- 

Mimicry, N'abloo'tligcmk'; Nabloo'dakadimk'. 
To mince, Nooktaam. 
Mincemeat, I'unoosmakiin. 
Mind, N talcdaswokun. 

To mind, AnkcdaadCim ; ktlodum ; Ankodrim. 
To be so minded, Ttlcdaasc ; Na Iclcdaadum ; 

Na tOlcda'dC-a. 

A mine, {"f f/uld), Wisowsooleawa'kade ; (of 
xilcrj, Sooleawa'kade ; (of iroiij, kusa- 

A coal mine, kfilumoocchwopskwaakade. 

To mingle, \\'cagaadoo. 

To mingle liquids, '•. tr.. kooloobi-gaadoo. 

To mingle, r. int., kooloobcgeagCil. 

A minister, Ministul ; Nootloogowcnoo ; Tan 
cloogovvujril iiadoo wriiul. 

Mink, Moochjicch'; Toakaooch'. 

Minnow, Amjclagwcch'. 

Minstrel, Noojepe'poogwfi', 

Mint, upscskw'. 

Mira, pr. ?>. (C. B ). Soola'kade. 

Miracle, Pakuleioode. 

Miramichi River, pr. v., Lusiegoocheech, 

Mire, isrdgow ; I'clkwck. 

To mire, '•. r/(<., Amcliimlooskea ; r. tr., amchim- 
looskaadoo ; amchinlooskaaluk. 

Mirror, Ankamsoode; Nibiinoo'jakumad';. 

To look at one's self in a mirror, Ankamse ; 

Mirth, '^osugavvcnok -ioode. 
1 Mirthtul, Wcskawciiokse. 
I To misapprehend, Moo wclinsutumoo ; Peso- 
1 ketlaadnm. 

; Miscarry, Chelae ; Winegedei'. 

Miscarriage, Chelaimk', 
I Mischief, achkunaoookun ; VVegooagiin. 
' Mischievous, Booske-wegwae ; Booske-ach- 
I kuiiTnlcga'. 

i Miscou Gully, pr. ?!., Sebii^kadakuncheech. 

Miscreant, W'inmudoo. 

Misdeed, Fadamsoodc , Obula'dakun ; Padas- 

Mispek C.^pe, pr. v.. Mcspaak. 

Miser. Mowuhsadfim sooleavvau. 

Miserable, aoolae ; fiook'ije ; VVcnmajae : Amas- 
egae ; Moo kcloo ;-u : Moo kclooltunook ; 

Misery, Woonmajude; Oonmajodc : Oonmajc- 
' da'swokun ; vvcnmajaoookim. 

1 Misfortune, Padatcsinumugawa'. 



To misguide, Pcsogwowtekumaaluk. 

To misreckon, Obulilchfi', 

Misrepresent, ObLileagunoodiim ; Obulkcnoo- 

To miss, '•. //■., Pijsokuyri' ; Mcscdcskak ; Mcse- 

dcskum ; Mcsedcskuniei' ; IV'sogupskudaak ; 
Pesogupskudclak'; -Moosooa' ; Moosooodiim; 

Moosooolk' ; PcsoktiJ.skum. 
To miss, >: inf.. PC'Sogeak'. 
To miss the way, Ncntcnvwae ; Nciitowvvaase. 
A miss, »., Moosoocmkavva' ; rd<suga'dakiin. 
Missile, Tan wOjelcgcmk 'miiiitun iktook. 
Mist. Poogimseawakun ; Masefiwakun. 
To be mistaken, WOnea' : Pesogwaya'. 
Mistouche River, /'/■. «., Mistoogook. 
Misty weather, Pooginiscawakuncgiskuk. 
To have misty weather, Poogimscawak- 

To misunderstand, Obulinsuiiim ; Moo ncs- 

Misunderstanding, aoobulinsutunnigawa'. i 
To misuse, achkCuiaak' ; aoobulaaluk ; aoobul- 

To mitigate, upkoonajiinawaaluk ; lipkoon- , 

ajunawaadoo ■ uiikoonajunawadcga'. | 

Mitigation, upkoonajunawa'dcgeink' ; upkoon- ' 

aj una wa 'dak fill. \ 

Mitten, Pikhakim. 
To have on mittens, Pilchakunaam. 
To own mittens, Pilchakunume. 
To mix, Weagaadoo ; koolooaador) ; Weake- 

gvvodum : Weakrimkadooonui ; Weakumka'- 

Ifigik ; Weagalugik ; VVeakulooskunumann'. 
To mix bread, cloor.kunowwa'. 





Mixed, Weaga'dasik 

Mizzen Point, or. n 
To moan, cbedokse 

dC-nie ; Mawedum. 
Moaning, cbldoksoode ; W'ctkowcsk 

majesaskoo'limk' ; Wcdodumuultimk' ; WCd-'. 
A mob, Obuiadakuua' mowwenme scspena'- 



Moccasin, '.Mkusun, 

To make moccasins, 'Mkusunaaga. 

To be wearing moccasins, Mkusunaam. 

To own a pair of moccasins, OomCikusune. 

Leather for moccasins, kcsnakuna' ; '.Mkus- 

The instep piece, SCsun. 
To be cutting out moccasins, (or rjarmenh), 


To be gathering and puckering moccasin 

toes, clcsa'dcga. 

To be sewing up the moccasin heels, 


To sew the moccasin heel up, kebootrui- 


To fix in the moccasin strings. Aidvoon- 

To be fiixing in moccasin strings, Ankoon- 

To be a moccasin maker, Nootkusuna'. 
To put on my moccasins, Pctkusunaase. 
To have on my moccasins, Pctkusunaam. 
To fasten the " sesun " at the toe before 
sewing up the moccasin, Uotugwaadoo. 
To be in quest of moccasin leather for 

myself, '.\1 kusuiunvwrguna'gusc. 

To be after moccasin lenther for the use 

of others, Mkusunnwwcgunaaga. 

To be dressing raw hide for moccasin 

leather, I'<.nv!u--\v.i' ; I'ownegwuduin. 
A moccasin string Ankoonapcsoon. 

To manufacture moccasin strings, Ankoo- 

To mock, Mriloginik' ; Afalcgcdum; Mrdcgc- 

t'"ikse ; Mrdegcgcdum. 

Mockery, M;tlcgaoode : MAlegaooimkawa'. 
A mocking stock, VapclKn) malcgimookse. 
To model, Naboocgc^doo ; clcgebogiidoo ; kcse- 

da;lduni ; clcdaaduni ; kwclooedaaduni ; 

Nabouegaktinaadoo; Nabngigimaadoo; Nab- 

oocsigunaadoo;'dcga; Naboo- 

esiguna'dtiga ; kweloocda'dt'ga. 

J 7-2 

KN'cr.Tsii .\riofAC lucTroxAnv. 

A model, Naboocgakun ; Nabogigun ; Nabr.- A moment, Narjokt 'mkamlamimk, 

,r\vi'ruii. Momentary, Naookt 'mkamlamimkawa'. 

Modeller, Noojcnaboegakuna'clcgfi; Noojckwc- ■ Momentous, Mowimsugcek ; MoweC-spaak ; 
looc(la'clt'"a. I .Mowimkodik ; Talkaak ; I'cgwcletalkaak. 

Moderate, Wclmudoo ; kokwoja'dcga. ' Monarch, ukcbci'lcgawit ; L'legfiwit. 

To moderate, '•. tr., A suodum ; Alsoomk ; Monarchical, ck'griwitfiwa'. 

A moderator, Alsonsit ; Etlesakiimowe. 
Modern, kcjegowwcga' ; Nugajavvri'. 

Monarchy, clcgilwitfi waalsoodakun ; clega- 

woode ; clcgawaagimk'. 
Monday, Keshcgundeawimk'. 

Modest, Wcla'dc'ga' : kcloo'se ; Wclmudoo; Money, Sooloawfi'. 

Modesty, VVOlmiUloo'mk ; Woiitoksuniimk'. 
To modify, kechka' kcwonskaadoo. 
To modulate, kokwojintoo; kokwojiktabcgcfi 

kokwojaadoo kcdabcgcemkawa'. 
Mohawk, fit hinlj. Mikchagogwccb. 
Mohock, kwcdccb'. 

Money bag, (or >"Ar), Sooleawaya' kumoode. 
Moneyed, Mihisc. 

Moneyless, Moo soolcawruimu ; aoolafije. 
Mongrel, (mi.'rd breed), Woaga'chlsit tan tcl- 
elgootk' ; Mihlgoodrnn. 

Monitor, Noojinsritooaboogooa' ; Noojipsiidoo- 

To speak the Mohock language, kwcd- i Monkey, kundakunoocjit ; Andunkunooejit. 

cjooeese ; kwcdOj()Oi''>dooa'. , Monoculous, Naooktalkcgwei'. 

Moist, Nclumoofulk ; Ncluhtokcbaak ; "Wet- Monogram, Naookt aweckugcmkawa'. 

kujafik. Monstrous, A monster, Mowwimsugilc ; Tan 

To moisten, Nrlumooaadoo ; Ncdumooaba- wagwodaswokiine-kcscdasit. 

doo ; kechka saboogwonaatloo. j Month, Drpkunoo'sct. 

Moistene(!, Saboogwona'dasik ; Nclumooa- j Moon, DCpkunoo'sct. 

oisik, New moon, Depkunoosct tt-tat'. 

Moisture, kec-hka ^.aboogwonik ; SaboogwOn- j Full moon, kcsagesit dcpkunoo'sct. 

chccch. j Moonless, Moo dcpkuiioo-bclawikw ; Pcguniik'. 

A mole, (a mound J, Makumegow mowwo- j Moonlight, Ncbiwisk'. 

dasik. j To moor, Wclekulpelum " nabigwon." 

A U-ijle. Oni the fiire). Ooknoledam'. ] The " vessel " is moored, cgoomik. 

To have a mole on the face. &c.. Ookoole- 1 ^ moor, koolpok ; l^aiioo.>,kck ; 'Mkoook ; 

fl-"iie- _ I Wolskek. 

A mole, ((111 iivrnudi, Anamanskaach. | Moose Team'. 

A molecule, Tipchaachk upkcsigun. j ^ bull moose, Yap teati'. 

Molehill. Apchaajeejik ncmaktck. i ^ cow moose, ulgwOdoo team'. 

To molest, VVetkoolk' : Wedumaak' ; Loogo- i A yearling' moose, Ne ;eaioo. 

wokMiiaaluk ; Wcnmajaak'; Achkiiiiaak'. |A two year old moost, Niktooogiinech'. 
To mollify, Nooktagaadco; Nuogwa'dcja ; I A three year old mooi.e, Nsogunech'. 

aicookaadoo_ | A lOUr year old moose, Oolakimaas. 

Molasses, k iNtcr.nH A five year old moose. 

To make molasses, kasteomca'dcga. 
To be daubed with molasses, kapteome- 
avfct ; Lit , 'L\> he. 

''if! tmuUnsvtt'i 

A six year old moose, vwOduiiiit'. 

A moose skin, upkcgun. 

Tu hunt moose. Teamooa.'ga ; Nedoogoole 

i:X(;i.i.^Ti-?.i!rMAC Di(Ti<i\.\r;v. 


To creep on moose, Wiskomriasfi. 

To come upon moose in their yard, (or 

fii rrihaii ), kcoosa. 
Moose wood, Mimkudawrik. 
Moose wood leaves, 'S\u~,\). 
Moosaboon, /»/•. n., Moosaboon clooswaak. 
To mope, kcgooaase ; kcgooac ; VVakiijae. 
Morbid, k'"sciioog\vok'. 

More, ajepooi^wclk'. 

To become more, ajca' ; ajcak'. (aje as a 

jinji.r, is the sign of the comparative 

Moreover, Ak cip ; Skumtook' ; ^lach cdu ; 

Ak .Ipcii. 
Morn (I ml. morning, cskitpoD'k. 
This morning, iViiiec '.ntpook'; Sabei. 
To-morrow morning, cskitpoo'nook. 
A fine morning, Wciccskitpook'. 
A stormy morning, Alcdooecskitpook'. 
A foul morning, Mcdooi i' kitpook'. 
A cloudy morning, Aloogei^skitpoo'k. 
To hunt in early morn, Sabae. 
To make a morning fire, Scbowanumei'. 
The morning star, Ootadabiin. 
Morose, cloowawe ; kakauae. 
The morrow, Sabonook ; kctkewopk' ; adas- 

awa' iiaagwck. 
Morsel, upkcsiguncheech. 
A mortal, ubioo ; Ooskijenoo. 
Mortal, Wcnpoookunc : ISooskeiicmk ; Ncdow- 

ena' ; Ncdowinp. 
Mortality. WcnpoookunCmk'; Booslvcnaoo- 

Mortar, (muJ), Seskoo. 
A mortar, (fo puand inj, Meiooslaagun ; Pl'I- 

To pound in a mortar, .Meioostaaga; PCl- 


Mortise, clcskasik. 

To mortise, Clcskaadoo. 

Moses River, pr. n., Noogoomkcak'. 

Mosquito, I'ljcgiinjit ; kuh'imooC'ch'. 

Moss, I'esagijiiutkool , Mesakuniitkool : uliiet- 

kuol , WobCilclkooI 


An old moss covered pine log, Gooosun. 

Mossy, I'osaguiiulkavvik. 

Most, I'oanui ; Abes. N. li.— As a yuv//.r, 
Tcamc marks the snpi'rJo.tin; (/('(//■/>', as well 
as mowwc and bejule. 

Mote, (in tlip ei/e), Paasich. 

Moth, kumaas. 

Mother, N. 15.— There is no word in Micmac 
tor (( viufiirr simply. The possessive pro- 
nouns are always united. 

My mother, 'Nkech'. In the voc. case, kejoo'. 

Thy mother, i'lkech'. 

His mother, Ookwijul. 

My mother-in-law, 'Nchugwcejicb. 

To have a mother, \\ egije. 

Motherless, Moo wegiju. 

Mothy, kunifsooik. 

Motion, .llcamk' : fdadimk. 

Motionless, W'ontoktck'. 

Motive, Majadegemkawa' ; Masagadoomkawa'. 

To move, .Majaadoo; Masagaadoo ; Matpct- 

fuiiooe ; Majaase. 
To move him, Majaaluk; MasagaalTik. 
To move the ground, MatkCimegaadoo. 
To move the ground around plants, Mat- 

kd'dcg.l' ; Matkandoo. 
To be scarcely able to move one's self 

about, I'cgwunse. 
A mould, Le'dakun ; clpcstakiin. 
Mould, kog un. 

To mould, dlpestoo. To run. 
Mouldy, Okoguyak'. 
To become mouldy, Ogokpegeak'. 
Mouldiness, ' »,.;ukpcgeauik'. 
It has a mouldy taste or smell, Okogwe- 

A moulding, Ikioskesa'dasik. 
To be putting on mouldings. Booskesa'- 

iiC.'ga' ; liooskcsaaduo. 
To moult, I'eskwit. 
A mound, Makumegow mowa'dasik. 
Mount, Mountain, rumdrim; kumdiim. 
Mount Skunuiiiak', pr. i>.. cskLiinunaak. 
To mount, kakwaase ; kesogwaase. 


I:N(.1.1SI1 -MHMAC l»li TIoNAilY 

The brow of a mov.ntain, kaskcpumclun ; 


On the top of a mountain, k.ikwLprmKlun- 

The foot of a mountain, kiktun. 
At the foot of a mountain, kikiunook'; 


A mountaineer, 

A Mountaineer, A tribe ol Indians so called}, 

Mountainous, kunulunawik ; ruiiulunawik. 
To mourn, W'cninajedaase ; iilkcdenio; Mawc- 

duin ; Wrdocjrmc : WT'ddhrdoksi:. 
To dress in morning, IVsk i;ii;a 
To be divested of my mourning apparel, 


To divest her of her mourning habit, 

kasegwcnk'. N. Ji— When the tiino arrives 

a friend removes the i)ach4e o! moinnin;^ 

from tlie jjerson of a mourner.'/ 
A mouse. A!)ukchcech ; ulneabukchecch ; 

To mouse, Abukciicechwaasa. 
A mouser, Noojeabukeheechwaaf^a. 
Mouth, '.Mtoon ; 'Ntoon' ; uktoon' ; Ootoon'. 
To open the mouth, TowwooKh'maase. 
To open the mouth wide, Makalkooduna^se. 
To close the mouth. Scptoonaase. 
To keep the mouth shut, Septooncdoodum : 

I'erjalkoodunaase ; Septoonaase. 
To have something in the mouth, Ogideme. 
To take it into my mouth, Ogoolemaase : 

ketakumaasc ; W'eddoiie. 

To have a sore mouth, l\'bc. 

A good remedy for a sore mouth, P. bem- 

The corner of my mouth, eskwodoonei'. 
To put it out of the mouth, kedalkidedum. 
The mouth of a river, WaKohaak. 
To make signs with the mouth, \\'edoo- 

To mouth, (speiik hi,j). kemawistoo. 
A mouthful, Naookt ogidemimk. 

Mouthless, Moo wedoomi. 

A mow, (lin;! l'\f>), 'Mskegoo<gan'. 

To mow, (to ciif !n'(ix'<), I'eskvvcsowv .1'. 

A mowing machine, reskwesowwcmkawa' 


To mow it, Teskwesum. 

A mower, XoojipskwCsowwa'. 

Much, I'e^vvrlk' ; l\)(K',\veik. (As a pirji.r. 

Pegwcle, atiurnii.) 
Mucid, Skumoguna'; eskumokuna'. 
Mucidness, SkumogiTin : eskumnkun. 
Mucilage, l )kskijegvvek' ; Okskijeda'doomkawa. 
Mucilaginous, Okskijeda'degek' ; Ukskije- 

Muck, epkenakun. 
To muck, eiikeiium. 
Mucous, '"//', Skumoguna' ; Skiimogrinik' ; 

Mucus, »., ()ochak)\v; Peskook. 
Mud, Seskoo. 
To mud, Seskooaadoo ; Seskooaaluk ; Seskoo- 

To be muddy, Seskooe ; Scskooik ; Nasc- 

To take it out of the mud, Naikalooskaa- 

doo ; Nrukalooskaalfdv. 

A stinking mud hole, Wrdnoskuk. 

To go into the mud, Akjoskea'. 

To bedaub him with mud, Amteskak'. 

To make (it) stick in the mud, kejed.aloo- 

skaadoo ; kejed;llooskaaU'ik ; kejcdrdooska'- 

It is sticking in the mud, kejedalooskiidek' ; 

Pokrdoosku'Jek' ; amciiimlooskudek. 

To sink in the mud, Amchimlooskeri' 
Mud Bridge, /*/■. v., ( WolfrilU; N. S.), 'Mtaban'. 
Muddy Creek, (!'. K I ). Muneskoochk'. 
A muff, '.Mi)iituna sakumaskwa' ; Tan let' 

'niputunul pejadasigfd tan tegegiskidc. 
To have on a muffler, Moosooiiaam. 
A mug, Seskooibun ; Pikeliimskvvesoo. 
Muggy, Muggish, Poogimseawakunegiskuk 

ak wCtkunaak, 



Mullnto, S()vvoo?iaagc(.h ; Suiuvaagri. 
A mule, Mill. 

Mullein, OdjcgunipUnnk. 

Multangular, .Milrkrjccj^i'isik. 

Multiplication, Mowwilchakun. 

To multiply, I'cineswri' ; W'cjrgwri' ; Pcsofjc- 






iMowkwilchfi' ; (:'llepoo;.jwt'lcL;wa' ; Otlcgwfi' ; 

I'eskuya'; Pcsokwej^wri' : I'cgwclaadoo. 
A multitude, MowwcOme; AIowwL'i.oogwclk' ; 

Mowoomaamk ; Mowitkotlumou'dcCk, 
Multocular, Pcgwi'lalkcgwei'. 
Mum! Uniitukuyarui' ! I'ii.U' I Hoonawistoo ! 
To mumble, kabaksawistoo ; kikbakseese. 
Mumps, \Mscdouna' uksenoogowukun. 
Mundane, Oositkumoogfiwa'. 
Mungrel, .Milcwcgoodfim ; Wcakcgoodum. 
Munificence, MowwepoogwclcnadooOdcgcmk'. 
Munition, Wokaloosan'. 
Munudie, pr. v., Mrmoodck. 

Murder, Nabadcgcmk' memajooenooHu ; Meni- 

To murder, Memajooenabadcga' ; Ooskijenoo- 

enabadcga' ' Nabak ooskijenoo. 
A murderer, Tan wen kesenabaajrd chcenum- 

ool, kusna' abiljul, kusna' niijoojccjrd, 
Murk, IJogunitpaak. 
Murky, Aloogeak' ; Amipkonitpakeak'. 
A murmur, Baktooaak ; Piksowwaak. 
To murmur, Amsclowistoo'dijik ; Amsclaboo- 

gooa'dijik; (Amsclawistoo: amsckaboogooa'.) 
Murrain, Wcnjoodeatnooa' wiskuswokun. 
A murre, kloopske ; Tloopske. 
Murray Harbor, pr. »., (P. K. I.), cskwod.k'. 
Muscle, (i( sliell jisli). Ankadalow ; Soolaas ; 

To muse, Ankedaase ; Pegwcleankedaadum. 
Museum, Etlemowwa'dasigul pegwelkul mcgo- 

digul ak kuloo'lkul milekescdasigul kogoo- 

Mushroom, Tilgcdoo. 
Musician, Noojepcpucgwa' ; kestaam ; Wcle- 

kcslaani ; Noojiktoo'mooa ; kcdooniooa'. 

Musif., WCllaanik . Wcltaak ; Wiguniaak. 

Musk, 'Mposoona i'lpkcx) tan tC'lcniaak stuga' 
j Muskcat, Muskrat, Musquash, kcooisoo. 
I Musket, I'askiiwa' suniagunisw.i'. 

Musketeer, Sumaguiiis tan paskawaaak. 

Musky, WMcniaak. 

Muslin, WOlcatlawrgunik. 

I must, cjolaadoo moo 'ntula'dcgcn' ; Dt-pkadik 

Mustaches, iWcdoul) Ncdoo!, kcdool, wcdool. 
Mustard, l.aniutald', (P"r. Ar nnnishirilc.) 
To muster, MnwaMooonul; Mowa'lugik. 
A muster, 'Xlublooa' mowwcilaamk. 
Musty, Okokiiyak' ; Ogokpcgcak'. 
Mutability, kcvvon.skadasd<awa. 
Mutable, kcse kcwon.ska'dasik ; Nuksckcwun- 

Mutation, kewonskadcgcmk'. 
Mute, Moo kuloosikw ; Mfisekiiloose ; Moo 

ncdowwu ; Masintowvva. 

To mutilate, achkunaak' ; achkunaadoo ; cliil- 

tclak' ; Cliiltelaadoo. 
To mutiny, Clis'.joa' mowealsoosood iktook, 
' A mutiny, CiislooL-mk' ak matundimk ; clis- 

tum alsDo'soodc, niclooich' niatLindimkavv;'.' 

To mutter, Amsclawintuksc; kcmeamschlboo- 

gooa' ; Amsclawistoo. 
Mutterer, Hooskcamselawistoo ; Hooskeamscla- 



15oi skeamsC.'lawinlokse. 

Mutton, Chechkclooaoochwa'. 

Mutual, Aboguniimadooltimk' ; Tcladadool- 
limk' ; Tcladadooltimkawa'. 

The muzzle of a gun, Paski">wa ootoon'. 

To muzzle, SOptoonrbilk'. 

My, Xeen ; Tan nccn 'ntenink tula'. 

Myriad, Naooktinskaagfd betooimtidnakunul. 

Myrmidon, liooskcaoobida'dcga. 

Myself, Xcen na ; Na neen. 

Mystery, Paknleioode ; Pakuleioookiin ; Pakfd- 

eioooktin kesedasik ; Pakuleioookuiietula- 




KNfU.isii-MirMAr r>irTi(»N.\i;Y. 

Mysterious, Vakulcioodca' ; Pnkriloioookuiia'. Mytholop^ise, Atnokwfi'. 

A mythological talc, Atookwukim. Mythology, Atookwrikruifi' ayrinooilfimakun 

Mythologist, 15()oskcatoukw,l'. I 'Nka'ncagunoodrimakrin. 


To nab, 'ipkwilclK'ga' ; Wcswoktdo : Wcswcga' ; 

Wcswagulk' ; VViskakokwaadoo; W iskako- 

Nag, ripchajil t.i'scbow. 
A nail, (<> jiiKjcr or toe. nuU), 'Mkuse; (irun), 

To nail, Oknlkurdrinm. 
To knock off a toe nail, Mcn'icsin. 
To nail on the top part of a canoe, clok- 

He is nailed on so, TrlcofintkwLwlot. 
Naked, runiskac ; aiiiiskamookse. 
Nakedly, fimiskuu. 

Nakedness, fimiskfidc; amiskaimkruva'. 
A name, Wcsoon. 
To have a name, Wcsoon c. 
I have no name, Moo wcsoomi. 
It has no name. Moo wcsooinook'. 
What is your name 1 T.llooesin ? 
That is my name. Thus I am named, Tvl- 


I name him, I call him by name, Wecduk ; 

I name it, Wccdum. 
To give him a name, VVcsoonkaook' ; Wce- 

To be named after him, Nijewesoon ; kije- 

WL'Sooi) ; Wijesoon. M;/, Ih/, A(« vain(- 

How do you name it ? What do you call 

it? Trdooweedumun ! 
I call it so, I name it thus, Tclooweedum, 
To have two names, Tabooccsc. 
To have three names, Nasoowccse. 
To name it after him, Tilc-wije-wesoonkyow- 


To mark a name upon it, W'osoonaadDo. 
To mark a name upon him, Wosoonaluk. 
It is marked with a name, Wcsoonaasdc, 
A nap, kcrhka' iiabaink'. 
To nap, Nnbajccjc. ^N. H. — Nri|) or iifd), is the 

the IMicinac s)llablc lliat dciiolcs sliip.) 

To take an additional nap, Ankooinpci'. 

Nape, 1 u ni u ■: I) k ct; wcc" b '. 

Napan, i>i\ v., (in ('niiihrrldinl Co.), Napaii, 

Napkin, Muosooa' ; Pccsun. 

To narrate, a.Liunnocb'imei' ; aguiinodum. 

To narrate old stories or legends, Atoo. 

Narrative, Narration, agunoodumAkiin ; 

Narrator, IJooskeagunoodiimei'; Booskcatoo- 

Narrow, chijegwaficbk. 
To deem it narrow, (loo nunwoj, Chijo- 

It looks too narrow to me, (Lit., / see it [us] 

'H(trioir). Cbijcgvvoptum, 
A narrow river, CiiijiktoogwCk'. 
A narrow road, Cbijikick'. 
To make it narrow, Cbijegwaadoo. 
I To make a road narrow, Chijcgowtcgadum. 
A narrow stone, chijcgwupskudek'. 
A narrow house, CiiijcgwL-je'gaii. 
A " narrow " sheet, (of /laiin; Lad-, doth, 

rtc.) Chijekogumakrik. 
To make a " sheet " narrow, Chljekogiim- 

It is made narrow, Cbijegwtjcdase. Fig., 

To be iiarroii: — ■'<fiiH/i/, amasegae. 
To " narrow " in knitting, Ncsowigunaaga. 

KNdMsil AIirMAC lUCTlnNAljY 


'• Narrows " in a river or bay, kc-hvk'. 

(N, 15 — This is hc'VKiKi qiicstiiiii the ()ii;iiii 
oftiie name n( the city ol Oiicliec. Tlie 
Fieiu:Ii proiuincc (Jiwltec. noi kwe-bi-k, as 
the lui^lish do, but kehl)rk, tlu! exact pro- 
nunciation a( the Indian wonl. The 
" Narrows " above Halifax, and a narrow 
place in the Liverpool River, just below 
Milton, are thus named by the Indians. 
The syllable keb, or kep, which is the same 
exactly in meaninj^, means to sfnp, or im- 
prill', to cliiil,!' up, &e. Many words befj;in 
with this syllable. As ; kebejokiim, to slop 
a liiili' ; kebejokteskum, lo hIuU. d door; 
kebadaf^wa', Id he Ikhdhi', Id Ihim llut voice 
uilprilfil ; k(5baadoo. Id sluiiarli hlnoil ; kCb- 
apskitk, lluiHtreiiia i.i ohi^lriidi'd b^ >'«(7r.s ; 
kebanikoo;;wek, T/ie niualh of a rlvei' in 
oliKlruch'il hi/ siinil llinnvn in b;/ the innvei*, 
kCbe-skoonei', uiij notia is dopiyed, ctr., Ji-c, 

Nasal, Ooseskoona' f 'Mseskoonil'. 

Nasty, Mejegae; Mejej;arik. 

Nastiness, 'Mchegfi' ; 'Mchegaoookun. 

Natal, Ooskijenoodefi'. 

My nation, Teiri<;oodum. 

One nation, Naooktoonamiksijik ; Naooktuk- 

Of what nation am I? Talagoodum ? 
I am of such a nation, T<:iaj:;oodum. 
All nations, Msut' tan tasukiimiksooltijik. 
Two nations, Tabooukumiksijik. 
Other nations, uklusik tasrd<umiksooltijik. 
Many nations, kakeiyesukumiksooltijik ; Peg- 
welijkuniiksooltijik ; Mowoonamiksijik. 

A native, ulnooe; Telaowwe oola' neen niim- 

Nativity, Ooskijenoode. 

Natural, Tan lelnumei' ; Tan tcleskalcuk' ; 

Tan wele-kokwojetula'dasik. 
Nature, Mi^Igigunade tan wcjeskalcagul 'msijt 

kngooaal ; Meamooch' Nikskani oomulgig- 



Naval, VVcnjonlkwa'; Oochignmnoa' ; Hno- 

Nave, M;lle<;aoocheech kuhtogwa'sikawfi'. 
Navel, I' iiih'dirii^, (A very pretty word, never 

nsed except in connection with possessive 

pronouns) -/s/ //(;*•., Neele; .'nd pei\,\c \ 

drd per., Weelc. 

Naught, '"//', Moo keloo'ltrmook ; Moo tile- 
krdool'tunook ; Mogua'jooik ; Se^awaya'. 

Naught, /'., Mogwa' kogoo.inook ; Moo tele- 

Naughty, Moo kcloo'su. 

Naughtiness, I'adaswokiin ; Padamsoode ; 

Navigate, Hoose ; elesoogwe : alaktej;:!'. 
Navigation, Hoosimk ; alaktegemk' ; elcsoo- 

A navigator, MiU'elot ; ahtktega'wenoo. 
' To nauseate, v. inl.. Nakamelooae. 
To nauseate, ''. ^'., Nakamelooaaliik. 
Nauseousness, Makskeltakun ; Tan telaalik 

'ntnakamclooan' tan tiiesipankapliim kusna' 

tan pesedoo. 

Nautical, '"//', Matelotawfi' ; alaktegawenoofi' ; 

Navy, 'Ntiibloo'lkiil poogwelkul mowa'dasi- 

Nay, Mogwa ; Moo ; Mogwaach. 
Neaptide, Nootkwosk'. 
Near, kweiik' ; Wejooow' ; Tebow' ; kweiichk' ; 

Nearer, ajuhcbooow', 

To come near, Wejooagalk' ; Wejnoowwaase. 
To bring near, Wejooowa'dega' ; VVejooow- 

waaluk ; Wejooowwaadoo. 
To be very near, egweeflei ; Mestuhchooow'. 
To lie near, Okokchesin'. 
To be near sighted, Wejooowa'sabe. 
Nearly, Sooel ; Amua. 
Neat, VV'okumae ; keloo'se ; Wcla'dcga' ; Wclc- 

Necessaries, Tannl wedumeda'dasigui. 
Necessary, Depkadik. 

* ftw "ifn<W i M lw l ii ii im iii wyWnW i n > --! 


1.0 L^'a 







14 nil 1.6 















WEBSTER, N.Y. i-;580 

(716) 872-4503 























Necessitous, aoolaaje ; 'Msrit kogooA' w?d5me- 
daadum ; kAk&ya' ; kakumumei' ; Wedume- 

NecessitOUSness, aoo1ajoo6kfin ; aoolajoode ; 

Necessity, ejelaadooimk ; aoolajoodkun. 
Neck, 'Mtoguloivokun. 

The top of an animal's neck, fiktogonbalow. 
To seize him by the neck, kSleskebaaluk ; 

To hold him by the neck, keleskebenk' ; 


The hollow of the neck behind, W51kwe- 

To have a " stiff neck," Mgtkwiskebei'. 
To have a long neck, Pijeskebei'. 
To have a large neck, MaKeskebei^ 
To have a short neck, Tegwoskebei'. 
The neck joint, Chemuchkegwech'. 
Neck cloth, Moosooa' 'mtoguloo6k&na&. 
Necklace, upkoosoon. 
Necromancer, Boooin ; Towaach. 
Necromancy, Boooinwadegemk. 
Nectar, Sesmogunemaak ak mowwekfiloo'lk 


Need, aoolajookun ; aoolajoode ; Nootkwowtoo- 

To need, Wedumedaadum ; WSdumeda'dCga' ; 

aoolaje ; Nootkwowtooga'. 

A needle, Sakude. 
A knitting needle, Sakudea'. 
A needle for filling snow-shoes, Tadoo- 
Igun. (Also a vliutUe.J 

Needless, Moo wcdumeda'dSsinook. 

Nefarious, Moweloowawe ; Lok winch&k ; 

Negative, Mogwajooa'. 

To negative, Mogwajooaadoo. 

To neglect, Peledaadum ; Peledalumuk' ; ?Ie- 
Smko(>se ; glea'mk ; PSbgledaadQm ; PebJle- 
daalumk ; Owwdiiedaadum ; Moo Snkwa- 
oo&k' ; PebelSptum ; Pebfilamk' ; AsisSp- 
tum ; Asis4mk'. 

To negotiate, 5guMoodumei' ; W'gdiSmae; 

Ntumf)dSkunum pemelookwSdiim. 
Negotiation, Ootdmod^kun ; keseSgunoodum- 

Negowack, pr. n., Anegawa6k. 
A negress, kTindagweeskw. 
Negro, kundagwech'. 
To neigh, Ta ebowweesit. 
Neighbour, Nigfimaach. 
We are near neighbours, Widegedoo'lte^k ; 


Neighbourhood, VVejooow'; Wejooowfetluga- 

Neighbourly, WelmBdoo ; aooleda'dega ; VVig- 

wotenadooodega ; Wigwoteabogunumadum. 

Negwak Island, pr. «., Negwek. 

Neither, Moo oola, kiisna' ala. 

Nemtage River, pr. v., NgmtakayAk'. 

A nephew, Nulooks; kQlooks; Oolooksul. 

A nest, Oosuse. 

To build nests, edok ; plvr^ Jdoo'dijik. 

To nestle, MachkojedoodCrm ; Okokchgsin'. 

Net, A a be. 

To enclose in a net, Abeaaluk ; Padulkik. 

To take fish out of a net, kejegooa'dega ^ 

To cast a net into the water, rakusabe- 

aaluk ; Pakusabea'dega. 

To be tending nets, Natkabea'; Natkabe- 

To be mending nets, Mesunabega'dega'; 

To tend a net, eskwaaba ; Nadabea. 
Nether, aboonaak. 
Nethermost, Mowweaboonaak. 
Network, Aabea' loogowokun. 
Never, Munaa ; Yapchoo ma tuleanook, It 

IV ill never be. 

Nevertheless, Ma kadoo. 

Neuter, Neutral, Megweiik aum. (Lit., I am 

behveen) Avglu^i*, I sit on the fence. 
New, Pela' ; Pelooa'gasik. 
It is new, Pelaik. 



It is not new, Moo pelainook'. 
New cloth, Pflefiun'. 

A new dress, PilkwSn. 

To have on a new dress, Pilkw5naam. 

To own a new dress, FilkwonCime. 

A new hat or cap, Pelea'gwesun. 

To own a new hat, Pelea'^wesuinime. 

To have on a new hat, Peleagwesunaam. 

A new gun. Pelade. 

To have a new gun, PelSdeaam. 

To own a new gun, PeladQme. 

A new house, Peleg^n'. 

To own a new house, Pelegan'Qme. 

To occupy a new house, Peleg&naam. 

A new "ship," Skogumoolkw'. 

To "sail" a new "ship," (to paddle a new 

canof), Skogumoolkwaam. 
To own a new "ship," SkogQmoolkwume. 
To sing a new tune, Pel in too. 
To make it new, Pelaowwaadoo ; Pelaow- 

To be made new, Pelaowwwa'dase ; Peliiow- 

wa'limk ; Pelaowwa'lookse ; Pelaowwa'l- 

A new road, Pelowte. 
To make a new road, PelowtegAdQm. 
A new rope, Piltook. 
Newfoundland, pr. v.. Qktakumkook'. 
A Newfoundland dog, Mootkulaasum. 
New Harbour, pr. n., Ansaakw ; Okoboo- 

Newel River, pr. n., Wosettimooek'. 
Newport River, pr. n., NelegakGnek, 
Newness, lolaimk' ; Pelaimkawa,'. 
News, agunoodumSkun. 
What is the newsl TSleak' agunoodum- 

Skun .' 
There is no news, Mogwa' tSleanook. 
To hear good news (from one's friends,) 

Pegoostumei' ; Pegoostiise. 

To hear it fas) good news, Pegoostum. 

Pleasant news, Pegoostumugawa'. 

To hear unpleasant news, kewdsutumei'. 

To tell scraps of news, MemSdooSgunoo- 

Oood news, WooIeSgflnoodumSkQn. 
Bad news, MedoocagQnoodiSmAkun. 

To spread the news, SasJgunoodum. 

To tell news, SgunoodQmei'. 

To tell the news, igunoodum. 

To hear news, Noodumei. 

To hear such news, TelsatQmei'. 

To be going to tell the news, NadSgiin- 

oodQmei ; NadagunoodCiin. 
Newsmonger, NoojeSganoodumei ; Nooje- 

Newspaper, SgunoodQmakuna' weegSdigun. 
New Year's Day, Roonanawimk'. 

A happy New Year to you! Boosool 

To bestow on him a New Year's present, 

Give me a New Year's present, Tenole. 

Next, adAs' ; aaasawa' ; adumeiu. 
To sit down next to another, adumSbaase. 
To be sitting next in order, ad Q me be. 
To stand up next to another, adamaboo- 

To be standing next in order, adumab55'- 


To nibble, PegSdega ; PegesQm ; Chiltum ; 

To nick, Pegesum ; Pegedaam ; PeggiiSdaam ; 
Pegcnedaagri ; Pe^encdcskum. 

To nickname, Malegooweeduk. 

A nickname, Milegooweesoon. 

To have a nickname, Maiegoowe'dookse. 

Nidification, edoo'dimk. 

Niece, (M/i), 'NsSm ; (tfi;/), uksum ; ChifiJ, 
Oosumul. (N. B.— " 'Nsum " is the daugh- 
ter of my brother or sister, or my first 
cousin, or second cousin, or third cousin, 
&c., &c , as far as the line can be traced.) 

Niggard, Amasegae ; Medooajwae. 

Niggardness, Amasegaimk ; Mddooajwaimk. 

Nigh, Wejoouw' ; kweichk ; kweiik. 





^♦.■Hl ,, 



Night, Depkek. 

To-night, lit poo' nook. 

Last night, litpook. 

A long night, Amasitpaak. 

A short night, Tcgo<!;itpaak. 

A cold night, Tcgitpaak. 

A warm night, VVeikunitpaak. 

A light night, Wositpaak ; SakiSpawisk'. 

A dark night, Pes'enuk. 

To travel by night, (niyhtfarivg), Nebaase ; 

To arrive there by night, keskitpakteskum. 

To worship by night, Nebealasoodumei'. 

Night worship, (the Indian name for Christ- 
mas, because they hold a service in the 
night at that season), Nebealasoodumumk'. 
N. B — As a prefix, Nebe means by night. 

To hunt by night, NebSsuiei'. 

To tarry all night. To pass the night, 

To sit and watch all night, Nebebe. 

To be boiling com or rice all night, v. tr., 

To journey thither by night, Nebedeskum. 

To eat by night, Nebadal'. 

To work by night, NebCiloogwa'. 

To paddle a canoe by night, Nebesoogwe. 

To set traps by night. Nebeioktagunega. 

To hunt seals by night, Nebaagwa. 

To scold by night, (yive curtain lectures), 

N ebcal megcdum. 
To fight by night, Nebematunaaga. 
To sail by night, Nebaktega'. 
To talk by night, Nebfiwistoo. 
To consult, tell news, relate anecdotes, 

by night, Nebeagunoodumei. 

To cook by night, Nebooisoogwa'. 
To study by night, Nebekenoodumase. 
To preach by night, Nebepsudoonum. 
To sing by night, Nebiktabegea'. 
To run a race by night, Nebenegatunaa 
To shoot by night, Nebedelooei'. 

To shoot them by night, NebedSlagik. 


To steal round by night for evil purposes, 

To chop by night, Nebfdaaga. 
Night-mare, .N'olkwiskei' ; Paksikpegooit'. 
To stay together all night, Wijiktoogoone'- 


To stay with him for the night, VVijik- 

Nightingale, kasgalegfinech'. 
Night warbling, Nebintoo'. 
Nightward, Oolonoogwaal. 
Nigrescent, Bogunitpageak'. 
Nimble, Ni^ksaniimei' ; Tedakaga'; SesSk'use. 
Nimbleness, Noksanumfimk'; Tcdakagemk' ; 

SesakAsimk' ; SesAkdsooltimk'. 

Nine, Peskoonadiik. 

There are nine of us, Pc ^koondduk taseek'. 

Nine things, Peskoor.aduktasugul. 
Nine times, PeskoonAduk. 
Nineteen, '.Mtrdn chel peskoonAduk. 
Nineteenth, 'Mtuin chel pescoonadukawa'. 
Ninety, Peskoonadtiktasinskaak. 
The ninth, Peskoonadfikawa'. 
Ninetieth, PeskoonAduktasInskAkawa'. 
A ninny, A ninny hammer, Akiidae. 
Nine Mile River, pr. -»., Wokunnak'. 

To nip, Pegemaadoo. 

Nippers, ijpkalooechkul ; Pipkalooech'. 

Nipple, Meiijgejum oonooche. 

Nit, kunajeech. 

Niveous, Wostawa'. 

No, Mogwaach ; Mogvvaa; Mogwaa' ; Moo ; Ma. 

No one, (onhi^,) Mowwen. 

Nobility, cspesakfnnowooltimk. 

Nobleman, espc'^akumowwe. 

Nobleness, cspesakumowoode. 

Nobody, iMowwen. 

Nocent, achkunodegek'. 

Noctivagant, Nebeyaiaase. 

Nocturnal, Depkckawa'. 

To nod, ilajegweuoo. 

A nod, Majegwedoomk. 

Nodation, Majelabegadoomk. 



Nodosity, kcjakad«?<>a\vri'. 

Nodule, upko'kt ; upkoktooch'. 

Noise, kesedawdcldksimk ; kcsedawSdaak ; 

Wedawedaak ; Mcdedaasik. 
To make a noise, kc^sedaweddkse ; kSsedu- 

wa'dfga ; cloowawoomtoo. 
Noisome, Moo weladegCnook ; JSchkunS- 

dej^ek' ; Chichamaak ; SoofjulcKAk' ; Wlne- 

maak; elkujemaak ; Wejipkudaak. 
Nomenclature, awesoonadoomkawa; VVesoonul 

Nominal, VVe>oonawa'. 
To nominate, fiwced^ga ; aweeduk. 
Nomination, awe'ddgemk' ; VVesoona'degemk. 
Nonsense, kulooskeda'd^kun ; kulooskouokun. 
Nonsensical, kulooskoookuna'. 
Noodle, Akfiilae ; Moo nestooau. 
Nook, kejeegasik. 
Noon, Mcowlagwet' ; Meloweagwet ; Akudegis- 

A noose, NabooktSkun ; elabegadegemk'. 
To noose, NabouktSkuna'dcga ; elabegaadoo; 

North, Okwotk'. 
Northerly, Okwotunoogwaal. 
Northern, Okwoiunook' ; Okwctunoogawa'. 
Northern lights, VVegadusk'. 
The North Star, Okwotunoogawa' kuloko- 

North wind, Okwotiinook' wetuk. 
Nose, 'Mseskoon. 

To have a long nose, Pijeskoonei'. 

To have the nose stopped, kcbeskoonei'. 

The nose of a canoe, Tan tcHskool. 

The bones in an animal's nose, ScgasSn- 

To shew his nose, Sagweskoonaase. 
To blow the nose, Situnegoo. 
Nostril, Wedoon, (iiedoon, kedoon, wedoon.) 
Nostrum, 'Mpesoon tan kespoogwadegck. 
Not, Mogwaach ; Moo; Ma; Munaa. (Rutin 

addition to the prefix not, the last syllable 

of a verb is always cliunycd to express nega- 


Notable, Mowimsijgilk' ; MoweSspaak ; Pakulei- 

Notation, fgilchfrnkawa'. 
A notch, uktugoksigun ; uktiigoktaagun. 
To notch, kclkoktaaga ; kctkoktaam ; kclkok- 

Notched, kStkoksasIk ; ketkoktaasik. 
Note, VVeegadiguncheech; kunagwosoode ; kun- 

To note, Ankapttim ; Migwediidum ; aweekum. 
Nothing, Scgawa' ; Mogwa kogooajooinook ; 

Mogwii' kogooa. 
Notwithstanding, Tulea' ; kadoo; Ma tu 


Nova Scotia, pr. n., Megftmaage ; '• Land of 

the Minnaca," or " Micruacland." 
Novel, Pcla ; Pelaawa'. 
Novelty, I'ela' kogooa. 

November, pr. v., Skools. 
A noun, Wesoon. 

To nourish, Ankwadk' ; kelaSk' ; gsumk' ; 

Nourishment, Mechipchawa' , Mechipch'. 
Now, Niigaach; Nugaa ; Nugoo'; Nugooch' ; 

Nowadays, Ntiga'; Weguia na'gwcgul. 
Nowhere, Mogwa tame. 
Noxious, Achkiinaadoo ; achkijna'dcga ; ach- 

Nozle, 'Mseskoon. 

Nudity, Miskamooksoode ; amiskaimk'. 
A nuisance, Moo talegulooltiinook' ; achkiina- 

oookun ; Makskcltakiin. 
To nullify, Mogwajooaadoo. 
A nullity. Tan moo tSlekiilooltunook' ; Tan 

moo lelabemkoodiinook'. 
Numb, Pilsae ; Pilsagoodum. 
To become numb. To be becoming numb, 

Pilsea' ; Pilsaak ; PilseAk' ; Pilsageiak. 

My fingers are numb, Piptoogwilche. 
To make it numb, Pilsagaadoo. 
To be benumbed by the cold, Pilsagoo'je 
Numbness, Pilsauode ; Pilsauu5kun. 




hi ■ 






To number, <5sjilcliri' ; csedumAnul. 
A number, Cfiilcliemk' ; I'ejjwelkul. 

Numberer, Noojecnilclia'. 

Numberless, M ^sckcdcisif^ur, Mowwepoo- 

gwclkul ; Tanul moo kese kcclasinougCil. 
Numerable, Tantil keseke'ilasij^ul. 
Numeration, dgilchemk' ; cgilchemkawa'. 
Numerous, Mowwepegwclck' ; Mowwepoog- 

Nummary, Saleawaya'. 
Numskull, Akiidae ; Moo kegenoodumooksu ; 

Moo ncstooau ; elsae. 
Nun, Paduleaseeskw ; (Lit., A female priest) ; 

Apsooenooeeskw, (A fe.mdle pendent). 
Nuncio, Noojeagunoodumei' ; Papavvitawa' 

Nuptial, iMaleawimkawa'. 
Nuptials, iMaleawimk', 

A nurse, NoojeAkunoosa. 

To nurse, NAkiinoo'sa ; AgunaA'k ; Noosgs- 

kwolk' ; Nooseskwii'. 
Nursery, P kluskaasik tan etleSiikodasooltijik 

Nurture, MechipchavvfV ; NoosCskvvcmkawa' ; 

kc<;en()odumook.soode ; kSgenoodumoo^mk'. 
To nurture, AnkwaAk' ; kcgeiioodumak' ; 

Nut, iipkAn ; upkAiicheerh. 
A hazel nut, Malipkanch'. 
A hazel nut bush, MalipkAnchemoose. 
A COCOanut, MSskeek upkan'. 
Nut bearing trees, upkAnemooseel. 
Nutshell, Pelulanclieech upkana'. 
Nutriment, Mechipchawa'. 
Nutritious, Welabemkook. 
A nymph, MegumawSsooeeskw. 


Oak, Mimkwonmoose. 

An oak grove, Mimkwonmoose-a'gQmikt. 

An oak nut, fuconi), Mimkwokun. 

Oaken, Mimkwonnioosca'. 

Oaken pin, Wenjoosoon mclkaak. 

Oak Point, pr. n., (in ConiwuUis, K. S.), 

(A notlic.r) Oak Point, Oochogum. 
An oar, Woiijooetaa<;an. 
To oar, (to row), Wenjoecheema. 

To choose our oarsmen for a boat race, 


Oaten, TasebowmAnawa'. 

Oath, t'loowedumasoode ; Melkeloowedum- 

Oats, Tasebovvmcinul. 
Obambulation, Yalaadimk ; YXledaamk. 
Obduracy, Moweeloowawode ; Melkaak 'nikam- 

lAmun ; kekajedaarnk. 
Obdurate, Melkaak ak winchuk 'nkAmlAmun ; 

Lok eloowawe ; keseloowawe ; kekajaase. 

Obedience, SAktumugawa' ; uktISiiisutoookun ; 

Obeisance, Ogulumkwedaamk ; ebutkwemk' ; 

Obese, Lok wegawe. 
To obey, SAktAk' ; Saktum ; SaktumAk ; Jik- 

sulAk' ; kcdlamsutak'. 

To be obeyed, Saktumooimk' ; SAktumookse ; 
kccllainsutase ; Saklase. 

An object. Tan kogooa' ; Tan pAsuk kogooa'. 

To object, Pokwojuskoodum ; amselawistoo ; 
Amsclaboogooa' ; Pukwojeda'dega ; Po- 

Objection, Amselaboogooemk' ; Pokvvojeda'- 
dakun ; Pokwojedadegemkawa' ; Amselaboo- 

Objector, Booskepokwojedadega' ; Booskepok- 

Objurgate, kakawae ; Tagaloodeek ; Petkimk'. 
I Oblation, Pegedu.iumadimkawa'. 
I Oblectation, Wooledaswokun ; Wooledaasimk'. 



To obligate, Tflalfik ootetooinfi. 
Obligation, Teladimkawa' ; Ni5(loocirimk' ; 

rsacloo kogooa' tan dcpkadik 'ntuladoonri. 
To oblige, Welaaifik ; Tclaaluk ootetooTiiri. 
Oblique, Moo kokwftjeanook ; Moo kakumam- 

kod^inook ; Moo kakOmAmkodasinook'. 
Obliterate, kSsweekfim ; kakciksrifi;adrim. 
Obliteration, kAswcekumtimk' ; kakeiksfigaa- 

Oblivion, Owwfineda'dAktin ; Owwoneda'soode. 
Oblong, cijcpedaak moocnkooda tan tciikskaak. 
Obloquy, Pilseboogoogmk ; Nedagaimk; 'Ntag- 

Obnoxious, WcnmSjeilsoodSse ; Nestowenaak ; 
NsAnoksood 'iklook aum ; 'Ntftbogun iktook 

Obnubilate, kabSksedoo; Bogunitpagaadoo ; 

alooomoogeaadoo ; kab&ksaweekum. 
Obscene, Abooskftboogooa' ; Mejeguhwistoo ; 

Mcjegeboogooa' ; Mejeguhtula'dega'. 
Obscenity, Abooskaboogooogun ; Abooska- 

boogoooguna' loogowokun ; Mejegaak logo- 

wokun ; Mejegaekulooswokun. 

To avoid all obscene and smutty talk in 
the presence of near female relatives, 

kegeloo'se. (N. B. — This is so strictly 

enjoined that they have a term to express it. 

It extends to the degree of first cousins). 
Obscure, kedas&namook' ; aiooomook ; Moo 

kesinsutasinook ; Masinsutasik. 
Obscurity, Bogunitpaak ; kakeialgomoogeSk' ; 

Obsequies, Ootkoodaktina .1 msut tan telemil- 

Observable, kesenumegoose ; Pakuleioodea' ; 


Observant, Booskeankaptega'. 
Observation, Ankaplegemk ; NSmedegemk' ; 

To observe, Ankaptega' J kSloose; etiawistoo; 

Obsolete, kakay^k' ; Owvvdnedadasik ; Mo- 

gwa' aoodsinook. 

Obstacle, WCtkooloofmk'; kCbejokti^skumrig- 
awa' ; Tan pasCik kogooa' tan kcbejoktds- 

Obstetrics, AbogOnfimSsoode ooskijenood' 

Obstinacy, kekSja'soode ; kckSja'degemk. 

Obstinate, kek.ljaase. 

Obstreperous, kcse;iowwistoo ; kesegowintow- 
wa ; kesegowwedaak ; Sespenoksooitijik ; 

Obstruct, Wetkoolk' ; kcbcjoktcskum ; k2p- 
tcstoo ; kebloodoo; k^bejogwaadoo ; kcbat- 
kaam ; kebokfidoo ; kcbogwek' ; kebogwas- 
ke&k' ; kebapskltk' ; kcbogwoskudaam ; 

To obtain, Weswaadoo; Wgdtinum ; M5s'un- 

um ; Wesvvaaiuk ; Mcsiinuk'. 
To obtest, edamk' ; kesitSmk'. 
To obtrude, kckajepejaadoo ; kekiljcpiskwaa- 

luse; kckajcpiskwaadoo; kekajepiskwaaluk; 

Obtuse, Ted m tin a a k; Tedmfjna'dasik ; Melk^t- 

pei' ; MeJoootpei'. 
Obvious, Noksenumeegoose; Welinsutase ; 

VVeinoovvtetpugeiu ; Mestowchooow'. 

Occasion, Tan kogooa egaak ; Tan wcjetulcAk 
nadoo kogooau ; Tan tedSboodesk'. 

Occasionally, Mooseowwu; Mclaak. 

Occident, utkusunook'. 

Occidental, utkusunoogawa'; fitkQsianoogwaal. 

Occiput, Che'dakun. 

Occiputal, Chedakuna'. 

Occult, Mimoogwosik ; kemoodookawa'. 

To occupy, Weilaliganve ; WetSpsoone ; aoom. 
(N B. — The syllable aavi suffixed to any 
noun changes it into a ver\>, and denotes 
occupation- present tense. Thus, Tumeegun, 
an axe. TDmeegfinaam, / have an axe in 
viy possession. Weiijeegwom, A house. 
Wenjeegwom-aam, / occupy a house, 
(though it may not he my oivn.) 

To occur, Egaak ; Tedaboodesk' ; Tula'dasik ; 






1 I 

Ocean, M()wimsri<:eck SamooRvvfln'; ukcliif;um. 
Oceanic, ukcliiguma' ; ukchigawfi' ; tan ukch- 

igum tuia'. 

Ocellated, Tclamook' strip;a' 'mpukik. 

Ochre, Wcukuch'; Sekwon. 

Octave, '«'(/., Of^umoolchinawa'. 

October, Wesowc<;o<)'s. 

Octonocular, Oo<;rimoolchintasalkegwot' ; Oo- 

gum()olchintasuj»ul oopiigigool ; Oogum- 

oolcliintasu^iul 'mpukigool wcskotkul. 

(N. H.— I have here inserted all these three To hear it often, Nakulsuium. 

forms of expression, as an illustration of To Ogle, Ncmcheiiabed'csin. 

the fullness and variety of the language. Qh ! Aa<'ei ! 

Officer, Ob'isiil ; Sak'umow : ftlealsoose ; 
C'tlcsakumovvvve ; Ctlealsoonikik sijina'gun- ; etlcsakrimovvvvc matrindinik.'iwiktoiik. 

To be appointed to some office, kc<{enooae. 
To officiate, Tflekesaadoo 'ntumoilAk'uniim. 
Offscouring, Pewegwodigun, 
Offspring, WCdabcksedk'; Wcdabck-ooltcek' ; 

Ooiicjink' ; Tanik wcjeskalecjik ; Tanul 


Oft, Often, Oftentimes, Ofttimes, Seowu. 

The /i/xMerm is Holoiihrnstic, that is, all ih 

r.rpir><n<'(l in it sinyle irurd. The ftrvond is 

literally, " ///.s eyes (ire eight,'' The tklnl, 

" He has eiijlit eyex!') 
Ocular, 'Mpukika' ; 'Mptikawa'. 
Odd, \\ igwohSmookse ; Wigwosae ; Wcgooaa- 

mook ; Wegooa'mookse ; Nentowwaak. 
Ode, uktitbcgcakun. 
Odious, Makskeltcikuna' ; kakeiketkedfi'dasik ; 

Lok winchi^ik. 
Oderiferous, Odorous, Welemaak; Telemaak. 
Oecumenical, (ecumenical), Oositkumoogawa'; 

Oesophagus, Mijeswobe. 
Of, Tela'. 
Off, adv., kunck. 

Off, int., (Away with you!) Jigulaase! 
Offence, eloowawoode ; Padamsoode ; Padas- 

wokun; Tan vvegeiuhtodegek'; Tan kogooa' 

wejuhkvveiik wenu. 
To offend, WegeiuhtSk'. 
Offensive, Ootook' ; Wegeiuaktooik ; Moo 

wcledadumoo ; Makskcloooptasik ; Meje- 

gaak ; VVinemaak ; Winoptasik. 

To offer, kcsmiinum ; kesmunumdk' ; Pcge- 
tiinumooii' ; Pege'tunum ; Pegetunowwa'. 

An offering, Pegetunumadimk' ; Pegetunow- 

Office, Loogowokfrn ; 'Mtum5d&kun ; 'Mtum- 
odaku nog worn. 

Oil, Mema'. 

Oil bag, (a bird's) Oochebookchaagun. 
Hair oil, Mimkwon. 

To oil, iMema'dSga ; Memaadoo ; Memaaluk. 
To oil the hair, Mimkwense. 
To pour oil on the water, Mebogwadega'. 
Oiliness, Mem'iya'. 
Oily, Memaya' ; Memaamoo'k. 
To smell oily, Sik ; Sikul ; Sigcma' ; Mema- 

Ointment, AmakSnsoode. 
Old, (to he), kesegooe; kesegooeeskvvoe. 
To be growing old, kesegooea' ; kesegooeak' ; 

An old man, kesegoo. 

An old woman, kesegooeeskw. 

How old am I ? Tadoojae ? Taseboonae ? 

I am so old, Tedoojae ; Taseboonae. 

An old dog, kesegoo'siim. 

An old horse, kcsegoo'tk. 

An old porcupine, kesegooo. 

An old beaver, kesegoo'mskw. 

An old porpoise, kesegooaakw. 

The dog is getting old, kesegoo'sumooet'. 

An old tree, uktokum ; Muljogum. 

The wood is getting old, Muljogiimcak'. 

An old house, 'Mkanigwdm; ^ikdnegdn' ; 

An old town, 'Nkanikchegun'. 
An old "ship," 'Nkanoo'iUw. 

I 1^* 



An old bucket, 'Nkanaluduksoon. 
In olden times, Saak. 

Oldfashioned, Sakawaya'. 

The people of old times, Sankawadikik. 
Oleaginous, Mcmaya' ; Sik ; Sigcma'. 
Olfact, kesipscdoo' ; l'csc#)(). 
Olfactory, 'Nsccskoon ; Nc'dtinCil; Tan vvCjip- 

Omelet, Tan wfjekcsedasik waoo iktook scslag- 


Omentum, Oot^lkw'. 

To omit, Stiuwaaduu ; kcskija'dega ; kcskijaa- 

Omnipotence, Mcsteimulgisunodc. 
Omnipotent, Mcstcimulgigunei'; Mcsteimul- 


Omnipresent, Mcsteicek. 
Omnicient, M cstci n meedcgct'. 
Omnivorous, 'Msut kogoaal mSlkotkul. 
On, (N. U. — The Micmac has no single word 

that exactly means on. The idea is expressed 

in another way. To put on a yarment, 

etc., Nasaadoo. 
It lies on the top, kakoktck'. 
To put it on the top, Wcskijaadoo; kakwaa- 

doo ; kakooaadoo ; Tesogwaadoo. 

On the top of the water, Ooskitpaktook. 

On the top of the wigWOm, keniskigwomk'. 

To jump on to the top, kakipsoogwae 

On the top of a bank, kakwibunakadook'. 

On a tree top, keneskwogumiktook. 

On a hill top, keneskwok'iitkook. 

Once, Naookt. 

One, Naooktaaclik ; Naooktaajit. 

To be one, Naooktaje. 

We two are one, Naooktajcck'. 

We are all one, Naooktajooltcck'. 

An onion, apsaasisk. 

Only, Pasiik. 

It is I only, (I ovi alone), Neen wipskiiu. 

It is my only child, Naooktoobistei'. 

I came alone— only myself, Wipskaase. 

Onset, Onslaught, uktabogun ; kwedabemk'. 

Onward, Ncf^Anook' ; Negantook ; Neganoog- 

Ooneguns River, pr. n., (X. 11), Oonegun- 

Ooze, n., Hi'ilgow ; I'Llgwegfiwa'. 
To ooze out, Chilkuhck'. 
Opaque, (opaak), Moo scbooiiptasinook ; Moo 

kcssabautasinook. • 

To open, I'antaadoo ; Hanaadoo. 
To open my hand, Hanilchaase ; apkwil- 

I open his hand, Hanilchadoo; apkwilchaa- 

doo ; Hanilchaadak' ; apkwilchaadak'. 

To open a book, lianankaadoo. 

To pound or chop it open, relsAktriam. 

To cut it open with a knife, rclsaksum. 

To open a pit, Hankumegaailoo. 

To open the mouth, I'antoonaase. 

To unroll (open out) a "book," '• paper," 

or a "roll" of any kind, Apkoguma- 

To open a dam or dyke, Pafdum. 
An opening to let water flow off, PIoos- 

Openly, Masoodook ; Mfisooaak. 
To be seen openly, Masooaase. 
Something exposed openly to view, Masoo- 

It lies openly exposed, Masoodck. 
To shew one's self openly, Masooa'liise. 
To go openly, Mfiswilefi'. 
To tell it openly, Masooagunoodum. 
To operate, clookwa'. 
Operation, Loogowokiin ; cIoogwt;mk' ; eloo- 

Ophthalmic, 'Mpukika'. 
Ophthalmy, 'Mpukikfi' riksenoogowoktin. 
Opiate, 'Mpesoon nabamkawfi'. 
To opine, Teledaase ; TcledadQni ; kcgumook- 

clicdaase ; llsoodcga. 
Opinion, Teleda'dakiin ; Tcledaswokiin. 
Opponent, kcdantcgawenoo ; Tan maliinit' ; 

Tan pokvvujcdalumit' ; kckajaase. 





■i f 



I ■l.hfc 

Opportune, Wclctctpugaak ; Wclc'ik' ; kaiic- 

Opportunity, NaknmAskrim; \Vclclctprif;a<;'- 

To oppose, kck.lja'dcga ; Matrinaaf^a ; Pok- 

wojc'(lii(lc{;a' ; rokwcljiihskooduni ; I'okwuje- 

tlfirulum ; I'okwujciiri.iluk ; I'ogwolk'. 
Opposer, JUjoskcpokvvojcda'ilr^fi. 
Opposite, Nciiu'itkow ; 'rct|jrif;ciii ; Tctpugow'. 

The opposite side of a river, kamesebDo. 

The opposite side of a door, kamcskaa;;rin. 

The opposite side of a house, kamigwom 
In the woods on the opposite side, kam- 

The opposite side of a road,* kamowte. 
The opposite side of a valley or plain, 


The opposite side of a hill, Asaak. 
The opposite side of a lake, kabcmk'. 
A steep bluff is on the opposite side, 

kanisfik. (Ilcncc the pr. n., Caits,,), 

To come square up opposite to it, Tct- 


They are opposite to each other, TCtpAka. 

Opposition, Pokw^-eda'dakun ; Pokvvojeloogo- 

wokrm ; Pokwujeloogvvciiikavva' ; kcseke- 

To oppress, keslawodL-j^a' ; cnicgwaak' ; kcsta- 

wulidv , kcslL'jooaak'. 

Oppression, kcslcjooodakun ; kestcjooa'dakim ; 

kcslawudcycmkawa' ; kestavvodakun. 
Oppressor, liooskckcstawudCga ; Noojckeslavvo- 

(icga' ; Mcdooccliccniimooe. 
Opprobrious, kakawimkawaya' ; Alminitimk- 

avvaya' ; kcnsk;.doo'dakiinaya' ; kCnskiiloo- 

Oppugn, kcjajaaluk ; k\vtx!;lboolk' ; kekitjaadoo ; 

h'.;k:"ija'dcga' ; I'okwujeda'dega'. 

An oppuguer, Nojiktaboolk' ; JJooskekckajaa- 

Optical, 'Mpukika'. 

An optical delusion, Tclabrdgegwaadimk. 

(I'Voiii tclabnigcgvvaase, / xirm to sir, It.) 
Option, Neiiasooipsimk' ; Nciiaso()inimugriw;V. 
Opulence, Mdasooukun ; Miliisoode. 
Opulent, Milase. 
Or, kusna'. ' 

Oraison, Alasoodiimakrin. 
Oral, 'Mt()onri\ 

Orange, Cbikchabcguncch'. 
Oration, Pcstooiuimugawa' ; Nfstooaboogocmk- 
awa' ; Kootoo'simk. 

To make an oration, Hootoo'se. 

An orator, liootoosooenoo' ; liootoosonenonc. 
Orb, Nadoo kogooa' kiihtogvva'dasik ; Piptogwa'- 

dclsik kogooau ; Nadoo kogooa' mimkoos- 

Orchard, Wcnjoosoonakide ; Wenjoosoona'- 

To ordain, Elaadoo ; P'laaluk ; kegiinoogwolk'^ 

Sakumovvaaliik ; Padulcasasvaaliik. 
Ordeal, kwcjadoomkawa' ; Pebanooickadum- 

iigavva' ; Tokumajodrimugavva' ; Tokumajo- 

dasimk; Pebanooichka'dasimk. 

Order, n,, kok\v6jeda'drd<uii ; utploodftkiin ; 

Tcbloodfimugawa' ; kcsitploodunnigawa'. 
To order, lilOdum ; Ilsoodum ; Ilsoo'mk ; Ilsoo- 


To be ordered, Ilsoo'mimk ; Ilsoodase ; Ilsoo'- 

inookse ; Ilsoo'nikoose. 
Orderer, Alsoose ; Noojeilsoo'dcga' ; ctlesa- 


Ordinance, Utploo'dakun ; Ilsoodiimugavva' ; 

Ordinarily, Seowwu ; Suel yapchoo. 
Ordination, I'ailuleasawaldiink. 
Ordnance, ToolkiKva'. 
Ore, koondaoo tan wcja'dasik kusavvdk, wisow- 

Foolcavva', Soolcawa', Soomalke, ak msu't 

tan tclamoogid kogooafd. 

Organ, Tan kogooa' vvejeloogwodumasik tan 
pasuk loogowokun ; Alasoodumogwoma' 
pepoogwokun mcskeek. 



Orient, Orionta], Sc^jfiwaat ; OoclicbiJnook'; 

Wubrinca'ji.iwa' ; Oochcbcnoot^waal. 
Ostentation, Mrnlcskoode ; Mruir-skoookrni ; 

cmtcskedoodfinnlyfivvri' ; M fulCskoookuna' 


An other, nktuk. , 
An otter, koonik'. 

An otter house, NalkasooiJme ; Oongij,''iime 

To dig out otters, Noodilkibci'. 

Otter meat, (the jl I' hIi of (he otter), keoonigawa' 

( woods'.) 
Oval, WolwiSbaak; W(^lw6bc-k' ; Wolwoba'- 

d.lsik ; VVtMvvopskadSsijik. 
To make it oval, Wclw«)baadoo ; WtMvvubaa- 

Ovarious, VViiooawjV. 
An oven, Pibundk ; Pibunogwom. 
Over, kamaak ; kakwaak; upkfideiik ; Ooskitook. 
To cross over water, usookrimaasc ; usogo- 


To step over it. To skip over, ktskajaasc ; 

To put it over a fence, &c., kcskejaadoo. 
To put him over a " fence," or hill, &c., 


To put one's self over, kcskeja'luse. 

To be put over a " fence," or hill, &c., 

kcskeja'looksc : kcskcja'lkoose ; kcskejaa- 
limk' ; kcskeja'diisc. 
To go over, (<i fence or hill), kcskejaase. 
To skip over it in reading, kCskitkediim. 
Also, To redd it going over a kill, (Some- 
thing like this would be the English 
expression : "To p((ssorer,re(iiliv(j if." J 

To pass it over, To take it over, keski- 

Over the water, (on the loater), OoskitpAk- j 

took ; kakweooskitpaktook. 
To climb over, (on all t'oari^), keskitkoosooa'. 
To fall overboard, Pakasca' ; Pakaseak'. 
To overburden, keskoobalegowk' ; aoosame- 


Overcnst, Aloogcaadoo. 
The sky is overcast, Aloogcak'. 
To overcharge, .loosameowtoogwa'. 
To overcome, Wiswigrmicnik' ; Wiswigun- 

To be overcome, Wiswigrinr-inimk' ; Wis- 

wigrMicmkoose ; Wisvviguncniookse. 
To overdo, Pcamaadoo. 
To overdrive, Winsukoolk'; kAkowkteskAk'. 
To overflow, Mestribdk; Mowepoogwcleoosaak. 
To be overflowed, (m;/ house in overjUmeii,) 

Nck|)ae ; kakrmkubae ; aoonpdgwa; Tioon- 

baktcs'kooe ; NasTinipcgaabik. 
An overflow, Oosaan. 
To overflow, y. <r., aoonpegwaadoo ; aoonpi-g- 

vvaaliik ; fioonbaktr-stoo ; Nasrim[)cgaa(lo(). 

To cause it to overhang, (a cariain, etc.), 

To be overhanging, v. int., {(in a curtain), 
kvvcsovvsaktck ; lUljedaktck. 

To overhang, (Jat over), Ogc»onsaktek ; Haje- 

Overhead, ki'diTidaak' ; kakwaak'; ukpudciik ; 

Overlabour, Wcsameloogwa', 

To overlay, Hoksikpcgak. 

Overleap, kcskijeoonakaya'. 

To overload, Ogi^mpalegawok' ; Hoksitpoogwil. 

To overlook, PcbL-laptfun ; ascsaptuni ; Peliel- 

iimk' ; AsCisamk ; elcaptQmj; elcamk' ; Mase- 

To overmaster, VViswigii^inemk'. 
Overmuch, Wcsamepoogwclk'. 
To overpay, Wcsamabankudum. 
Overplus, Tan pcarneak'. 
Oversee, llsoodcga' ; Alsoose; Ilsoodumj 

To overtake, adribiinardc ; adtibiinadrim. 
To overthrow, Mcskunadesumak'. 
To overturn, kawega' ; kawaadoo ; kawaaltik ; 

Overwhelm, Okrmbaskooigul. Thei/ overwhelm 

me. Okunbaskiim ; Okiinbaskrik. 





f I{1 > 

Our, kcnoo ; Ncncn. 

Ousol, l'()i)<,'()()l ulecskciich. 

Out, kocijumook'. 

To go out, ITuvfa'. 

To put it out, T.iwaadoo; Tawaaluk. 

To throw it out, lawrn'i'. 

Out, iiifi'i',, koojumook' ! fi^ulaa'sc! 

To come out of a *' ship," " carriage," &c., 

k<'|)taase ; NAtkaasc. 

To take it out of a "ship," &c., N.ltkan- 

(loo ; NTitkaalrik ; NalkTilnik ; ki-])taail()() ; 

To jump out, Natkipsongwa, 

To bring him out, VVcjipkotrimkaairik. 

To carry him out on the back, IVioo'buk. 

The water runs out, Tiioohaak. 

To cause water to run out, Tioobaadoo. 

Outcry, Saskoocliink ; kcsiiUowwC'iiik'. 
To outdo, Wcsoowaak'. 
The outlet of a lake, Sisidoonw'. 
To outrun, cdoktcskAk' ; CdogTimAk' ; Noosoo- 

The outside, v., (of a ship), Ooskitoo'lk; 
Ooskitk ; koojum. 

Outside, adv., koojumook'; Ooskitook ; Ooskit- 
oolkoodook' ; uktanook'. 

Outside the harbour, uktan'. 

In the direction of outside the harbour, 

To outwalk, fdoKuniAk'. 
To owe, 'I't-tooii; Tt^lAk' ; Nfdoodum.'ik'. 
An owl, k()()'koo;;\vcs'. 

A white owl, Wfilu'Hoo'koo^wds. 

The screech owl, Wriawriaclik. 

The horned owl, rotn-joolo. 

The white horned owl, VVohete'trisoolc. 

To hunt owls, koi)ko(>;;weswriana. 

To hoot like an owl, kookoo;,'wfswecse. 

Owls' Head, /»-•. "., I'u-ioouijskook. 

To own, Wcditlcjjt^mc ; VVctapsooue. 

N. H. — The idea of ownership is also 
expressed by a syllabic, generally uiiie, 
suffixed to the noun. Tluis, Aj;vvesun, 
" (( hot;" Agwcsunfime, / oion <i hat; 
Wenjeegwfim, rt houne; Winjegvvomume, / 
oini. II hinisi; itr., <f'C., t(-(\ 

An owner. The dog's owner, kwedumkool. 

An ox, NVcnjt)o(ieani. (Lit., A Ficwh rnuont'.) 

A working ox, kwedilbel'. (N. ]}. — This is 
an original name for a foreign object. It 
means, " Hf. in utturh'i'il," from the fact that 
the whip in so freely u.sed in driving an ox, 

Oxfly, limsusok' ; umskusok. 

Oyster, Numiumoo'. 

Oyster Fond, pr. n,, Pajedoobaachk, 


Pabular, 'Mcchipchawaik. 

Face, Naookt Atlugaasimk. 

To pace, Atlugaase; cleboogon.iase ; Wejin- 

kaduni atluga'ilimkawa' Iktook. 
Pacification, Ilkwija'dcgemk' ; ilkwija'dakun. 
Pacificator, Noojcilkwijadega'. 
Pacificatory, Ilkwija'dAkuna' ; kakumaadam- 

Pacific, VVoiitokodea' ; Ankooomkawa'. 
To pacify, KpajaAk' ; Ilkwijaaluk ; kakumaa- 


I A pack, Wuhsoon ; Snakapolakun. 
To pack, csnaadoo ; espitkumadum ; SnAka- 

pelooa' ; Snakapelrim. 
A packet ship, upkudamoo'lk. 
To paddle, f<i canoe), Chcema' ; Pemebcfi ; 

Skwebca' ; Yalesoogwe ; elesoogwe. 
To shift hands in paddling) and shift 

sides), kowonskcbea'. 
To be an expert paddler, Ncdowwechema'. 
To be a strong paddler, Melkibea'. 
To be a feeble paddler, Malibea' ; Menabea. 




To paddle fnst, kakawibcfi. 

To proBB tho paddle against the canoe lu 

paddling, VVi'^odchom.i'. 
To paddle himself, clisno^'wc. 
A paddle, (^utanun ; Sfditmcbc ; Sciiobc ; 

A padlock, aptuski-i'-ii'in. 
To padlock, Apiaskaam. 
Pagan, sr'fjawouhioo. 
A pail, LadoksoDii. 
Fain, Oonmajodc ; ukscnnosjnwukrin. 

To work in Fain, WL-iiniiVlr'ilnoc.'wri. 

Fainful, kescm)i>;;ov<'ik' ; Mooskikseiioogowik. 
To be in pain, kcscnookwci' ; Wiskciksc- 

Fainstak^r, Mi?iiakrinri\vr)(ii''i;ri ; vvriclookwV; 

!~^(..:.L .. .iluokwa' ; MowvvcpoogvvC'lcluukwrHl- 

To Faint, r'sowwea'd;?::."! ; t^sovvvvcSdum ; CI- 

clirij^'rnuimovvwa' ; clcbrii^'riiium. 
Faint, ulchukumigiin ; Sukvvon'j Amcbukuni- 


White paint, Wnbukogfinakiin. 
Black p&lnt, Maktiikoi^rmakun. 
Red paint, Mctiokofiimakrin. 
Yellow paint, WodAptoko^unakun. 
Green paint, Wisowkogrmakrin. 
Blue paint, MooskoonD^unakrin. 
To paint him, (luton him), csegwcnk'. 
To paint one's face, (to tattoo myselfj, 

To have the face painted, cscgwfi'. 

A painter, Nooje.sowvvcadijga', (A I'lkenas 

tii.L'c.r), Nooilowwc'jku^.i. 
A pair, NaooktoonamikscCk ; Naooktoonami- 

gul. • • 

To go in pairs, Ktabooseck' ; Etaboosoolteck'. 
A palace, clegawitawiiiwom' ; Mowvvecspesak- 

umowcegan ; Mcskeck ak mowvvekidoolk' 


Palanquin, Tobakun tan wcjepuma'dasik 
cbceiuimoo iktook ; Tobakun tan cheenum- 
ook' pcmnugadumeedich. 

Palatable, Wclumaak. 

Palate, 'Mkoo'dakfrn. 

Pale, Wobcjfdtnrj^wae. 

Pale, »'., S(i()noktfo;^rim. 

Palfrey, Apcba ijil tasebow oochil' sakuniAs- 

Falingenesia, Minwidiskijonoode. 
Palisade, VVakaloosan wcjokcscdasik soonoklc- 

ngi'itn iktook. 

Pallet, 'Mpngrmchcoch ; OotnAksoon, 
To palliate, ripkoonAjCinawaalrik. 
Pal|;i*)»le, kcsc.s.1niri,L;a'd.isik. 
Palpitate, Majaasik. 
Pnlay, Malkudiic. 

. altry, .1pch,', ak mno titicguIooltrinr)uk'. 
To pfimpor, Wr'sainosi'iink'. 
Pamplilct, VVct^adiguncbcccli. 
A pnu. La pnoal'. (From the I'rencb, hi, inn'!.} 
Pandora Point, /i. n , Mcmkaak kwCsawiV. 
A pane of gla'tS. Naookl' tooiibootca'. 
Panegyric, MiMicwolimikrivvfi' nicmajooenooa'. 

Panegyrize, rcgwr-lemooiwolk'. 

Fang, Mcdoofiak oonmajodo. 
Panic, \Visk(,'vvri;i;wrMlasw6kriii. 
Pannier, I'ooialcawA'. 

Panoply, kakeikcgunadimkawA' ; kakcivvcp- 

To pant, I'askulamc; abnolcmsc ; kipchclatnc. 

Pants, Pantaloons, rcda^;awaal. 

Pantry, Metbipcbawriogwom ; Mccbiprhawfiya' 

Pap, Mijooajcecli vveloo, 
Papa, Noocb ; Noo'. 
Papacy, I'apawoodc ; Pa| avvitfiwoodc. 
Papal, rapavvitawa'; Tan kciUamsutooojul 


Paper, VVecgailigun ; awcekugemkavva' wee- 

Papist, Tan kcdlamsutooajnl papawllijrd. 
Parable, iipsloo'dakrin ; rcsl()()dc<;;cnikrivva' ; 

kwclaboogooemkavva' ; kwelawistoookiin. 

To speak in parables, I'c 

wistoo; kw^labougooa' ; kescgooodooa 

sloodctia'; kvvcla- 






Parade, Nfiyaadimk ; cmtcskenfiyaadimk' ; 

Tail tct sfimagrinisk' etlekc-gcnoodumoojik'. 
Paradigm, Nahoocj^Akiin. 
Paradise, Wasdk ; I'^gadakunck tan tct Adaok 

cllctf^adasihi'inok' ; j). n., Nesogwfi'kado. 
Parallel, Naooktfi tclcagul ; Tctpckesa'dasigu!. 
Paramount, Mowwespaak ; Mowimsugilk'; 

Parasol, I'ogwosunchcich ; Sakumaakvva' pog- 

Parboil, keciika kwcjakiimaadoo. 
A parcel, SnAk|)cIakuiicliccch ; Naooktepcdck'. 
To parcel out, utkunoookrimaiud. 
To parch, Okokwaadoo. 
Parchment, Weegadigfin (pivpcr) tan wcje- 

kcscdasik nnif;c'i;un iktook. 
To pardon, Ahiksiktak'; Al)iksiktum. 
To pave, I'dkoksowufi' ; relkoksum. 
Parent, Ooni;cgoo. 
To regard him as a parent, Oongegwege- 

To parley, agunoodumadooltijik; Wcskvvim- 

tooltijik ; ctlfiswistoo'dijik'. 

Parliament, Noojitjiloodakadijik rnowwedaa- 
jik ; Noojitploodr-gcmkawa' Mowodme. 

Parlour, kcloolk' fik wcloogwodasik poktiis- 

Parrot- Pelogwct', 

Parrsborough, />. v.. Owwokun. 

To parry, l^^galooa' ; Kgaluoc; kcdooopse ; 

Parsimonious, Amasegae. 

Parsimony, Amasegfiimk ; Amosegaoookun. 

Parsnip, Tcpana. The Fieuch lUDiiC. 

A parson, I'aduleas'; Aglaseaoo jiadulcas'. 

Parsonage, Paduleas' week ; Minislul' week. 

Part, Inkooch ; Wcchfi'. 

The smallest possible part, Maktawikse- 
uink' ; 'iMkuse. 

To part, ('. fi:, Nowskenaadoo ; Nnwskcnaa- 
luk ; I'ctkamooaje ; Pclkamkik : Nowskok- 
taam ; Nowskoksum ; Ndaooaadoo; Nuvv.s- 
ka'lugik ; Nowskuinkalrigik, 

To part, ''. inf., Ukumtcek' ; Nowskadcek' ; 

Partable, kescnowskcna'dasis. 
To partake, Wcswaadoo neen 'ntaikiinwdk'- 

unrini ; Wejuhsooaadoo ; Inkooch' wedalc- 


To be partial, Poameda'dega. 

Partiality, Pcameda'dakrni. 

To participate, Mes'unum 'ntatkunwok'unum ; 

Mowwdlxl'scL'k ; .Mowwobasoolteck'. 
Participation, .Mowwobaasimk'; Mowwoba- 

A particle, 'Mkudawiksun ; Mowweapcha- 

Particular, Tan naooktajit ootenink tula' ; 

Naooktajit ; Pcamesespedfi'dega' oochit 

apchachkul kngooafd. 

To particularize, .Mowwemaseagfinoodiim- 

A partition, Pemsiigaasik ; Takumuskaasik ; 

einiuskaasik : elsugasik. 

To partition off, Takumcskum ; Tenisugaa- 
doo ; Teinsaakuniak' ; Takumuskaadoo ; 
rtiiisiigaadoo ; kakeiyese-milsiigaadoo ; el- 
muskaadoo elsagadoo. 
Partly, Amuu. 

To partly know it, Amikchijcdoo. 
Partly, as a pir/t.r, connected with all verbs, 
is expressed thus : Ame, or, ami ; e. g. : 
Til keep the. ei/i-fi /xirfli/ shut, Ameseswobe. 
To he i>nrthj li.^t, .'^ niiksugiie. 
To he sohteirhdt (jooii, Anu-kidoose. etc. 
A partner, Nigumaach ; Nedaj)' ; Tan Tok- 

Partnership, Tok u mad i m ka wa'. 
Partridge, PCiIowwech'. (Comp. PcnUx, Tzip^;, 
I ((/((/ jKi rtri<hje.) 

Partridge Island, pr. n., Pulowecha Mun- 
i egoo. 

Parturition, Ooskijonoode ; Mijooajejumimk'. 

A Party, cnkoodenamiksook'. 

To form a party, Naooktoonamigeack'. 
1 To form two parties, Taboonemigeaek'. 



To form three parties, Nasooncmiseack". 
To form four porties, Nauoncmigcack', &c., 

Partycoloured, Milamook'; Miloowweegasik. 

Paschal, I'agawimkawa' ; 

Paspebeek, i>r. v., raspcgeAk. 

To Pass, Scowaase ; alea' ; alcaak ; Scliansc ; 

NcgaiUcskum ; Nc<(aiitcsk;"ik' ; I'cmtcskum ; 

Pcmtcskak' ; kcskumkvvSnaaga ; kcskum- 

kwonedcskrim ; alovvteekumci' ; Scowtcs- 

To pass him or it unnoticed, Scscpkwcd- 

cskak' ; Scscpkwijtl'j.skum. 

To be about to pass that way, kccloole- 

To pass through, Tokwodcskum ; Sabat- 
kaase ; Salxiodaasc ; clsibaase. 

A pass, Chijiktck owte ; VVecgadigGn iiseda- 
dcgemkawa' oochit scowaadimk. 

Passable, ke>eowtcskumasik ; Amewooleak' ; 
Amckokwojea' ; Amekidno'se. 

Passage, Owte -. Owteech ; Sebeiik. 

A water passage between two lakes, 

Passenger, Alasooenoo ; Yalasooenoo. 
Passing, (very, edccedivyli/J. Mowwuii ; Mow- 

vvcpegwcle; kcse. (The two last used only 

as prcji.i'i's.J 
Passing events, Tanul ctlepumeagid f Taiiul 

kogoaal pciiicseuwa'digid. 

To be passionate, Booskrdikwcie ; Nuksuh- 

kweie ; kakawfie : cloowfiwo. 
The Passover, (h'asferj, Pagawimk'. ("From 

the French, Pdijuc) 

Passport, kcskumkwonedcskrimugawfi' wccg- 
adigrm ; iiscdadakuna' wcegadigun ; Oochit 
scowadimk ; Tan wejcusedrdrrnooksit wen 
alsou'sood iktook oopumeseowasinu. 

The Past, I'emea'griwfi' ; kakayagawfi' ; Oot- 
echkafd kogooafd. 

Paste, Peltegawa' ; upsokokwaaguii. 

To Paste, upsokokwa'dega. 

Pastime, Papimk' ; Paboltimk'. 

Pastor, Chechkelooaoochwe noojeankottga- 
wenoo ; I'adiileas'; Aglaseaoo-paduleas' j 
i Pasture, Memkooskek ; Memkaak tan tet 
weisisk' etlipskwedamooltijik. 

To Patch, Mesuneesowwa ; Mesuncesum. 

To patch my own wigwom, To patch my 

roof, Mesuni|ikwei'. 

To patch my own snow shoes, Mesuna- 

To patch a canoe, a '* ship," Mesundoole. 
I To patch a snow shoe, Mesunakrim. 

I Paternal, Noc vha' ; Noochawa' ; koochfi' ; 

i koochawa' ; Ooocha' ; Oochawfi'. 

' Path, Owr.och. 

( A path through the woods, Paskoktaagun ; 

j Poogoogwedek' ; eltaak. 

! To clear a path through the woods, Pas- 

I koktaaga. 

To go ahead and clear a path, Negane- 

Pathless, Mogwa' owtinook. 
. Pathway, ('•■nine <(.■< jxitli), Owteech. 
Patience, kakumoodiimugawa.' ; Melkimadum- 

To be patient, kakiimoodum ; Mclkunadum. 
! A Patient, Tan wen kesenookwot ak peniinpil- 

; Patriarch, Ik'tuoenikskainich' ; Mowwerdvche- 
j iKiduleas'. 

[ Patrimony, Aoochuk ootalcgeniek' tan nugfi' 
ncen wedrdegeme. 

A Patriot, Lok kesadiim numiitke, 
' To Patrol, Skuniawennoa'dega. 

Patron, Xojeaboguinaaga. 

Patronage, Abogimiimasoode. 

Patroness, Noojeabogiiniaweeskw. 
' To Patronize, Ankwaak' ; Abogunumak' ; 

To Patter, IMedcskowwa'. 

i The rain patters on the roof, Wedawelak', 

, The drops patter, etlegualak'. 

! Pattern, Nabooegakun ; Nabooeesigun. 




To make a pattern, Nabonc^^a' ; Naboog<;cdoo. 
To pattern after, clcgcbd^n'Kloo. 
To be a pattern, (<iii cruuiitlc), Naboswa'. 
To Pave, koondawowtegaclL-ga' ; koondawow- 

Pavement, kooiulfr.vowte. 
A Paver, Noojckoondriwowtcgadum ; Nooje- 

Pavilion, Scgeg.lnecgAn ; Wigwom. 
To Pavilion, awcegei ; Scgegrme'gAnaam ; 

awccgak ; fuvccgaoosc. 
A Paunch, VVoktcAn'; Winiskci' ; Poogoo- 

gumovv' ; Agongiimow'. 
Pauper, Mowwcaoolfije. 
A Pause, Nc-nkaadimk. 
To Pause, NC-nkaase ; Ncnkawistoo. 
A Paw, Oukwdt'. 
To Paw, Wulkogiimiktaaga ; Wolkoodafiga ; 

To Pawn, Agusawc. 
A Pawn, Agusawoodc. 
To Pay, Abaiikudoowwa' ; Abaiikridum ; Aban- 

Pay, Payment, Abrmkudooowa' ; Abruikvid- 

Paymaster, NoojcabankudooiJvva'. 
A Pea, Alawfi'. 
A wild pea, Alawaipkoo. 
A Pea stalk, Alawaukse. 
A wild pea stalk, Akiwaipkwokse. 
Pea-soup, Alawa'-aboo. 
Soup made of wild peas, Alawfupkoo-aboo. 
Peace, Wontokodc; y\nk()iH)r.ik'. 
A Peace-offering, Woktidcodoa' pcgedun- 

Peacemaker, Noojelookwodiim ankooomk'. 
Peacock, Migoonaasit. T/n' mil-sprcadci: 
Peak, rd<skrulaagrin ; keiicskwa'. 
A rocky peak, kL-neskwopskck. 
The peak of the roof, kcncskigwom. 
The mountain rises into a peak, kcncs- 

A peaked sugar-loaf hill, kencskwuguik. 

A Pear, Majeokteliguncheech. An (irron'-hrnil. 
A Pear tree, Maju'riktcligrmjecdv -emoose. 
Peasant, Loogawenoo; No()jeogadag,j; Tanik 

beiiogdlteijk' ; Moo espe-chenumooltuck'. 
Peat, rilsAkrmiikw', 
Pebbles, Pebblestones, AbldpskusTdi' 

kooiulaajid ; kuondawupskoojid ; Amaso- 


Pebbles of the sea shore, riktatiapskoDl. 

A Pebbly "reach," Amasognpskooa'dasik. 
Peccadillo, apcbajcccb padaswokuii ; I'adas- 

To Peck, Anikuiitariga. 
A woodpecker, Abokujccb' ; klgidagwcch ; 


Pectoral, 'Mpuskoonawa' ; 'Mpuskoona'. 

A pectoral fin, Ootcmkun. 

Pecuniary. Soolcawaya'. 

Pedagogue, Noojekcna'mooa. 

To Peddle, kidooskoowukuna'dcga' ; Apcba- 

jejid ak moo mcgodinoogid cledoooiud ; 

Peddler, alowoolcdaoo ; Noodowoola' ; Nooje- 

To peel, Chirclt Ini.rk), Manegwa'; (spruce 

bitrk), Mcnipkwawa'. 
To peel potatoes with the fingers, Pcs- 

To Peel, Pclkogvvaadoo ; Pclkoksovvvva' ; Pcl- 

koksum ; Pclkwusovvwa' ; ISalogvvcga' ; 

Papkvvaadoo ; Papkodoo. 
It is peeled, Pclkn.sasit. 
The birch bark will easily peel, Bapkook. 
A Peeling, Oochukulmaskwe. TIh' hark. 
To peep, kcniai)t(j.ri' ; kcmaptum ; kemamk'. 
A Peer, Naookta' tclooltcck ; Sakumow'; 

Peerless, Mowwecsixlak ; Mowvvekidoolk' i 

Moo aumook tan tclamook'. 

Peevish, kakawac ; Hooskescspcdaase. 
Peg, konihkwigriii. 

Pelf, Soolcawa' mcjcgaak ; Mik'isoode mcdoo- 



Pellet, .Ipchrifijeech mimloogopskcch ; Peloo- 

Pelleted, PclooowwaM.lsik. 
Pellicle, Mugcfiiin pcpkfiachk. 
Pell-mell, Eoonasn ; kabaksii. 
Pellucid, Sebooasaptasik ; kessabaptasik : VVcl- 

sabaptasik ; Sebooosck ; Sebooosumoot. 
Pelt, Miigcgiin ; Tan pasuk vvcisiswci'. 
Peltmonger, Mugegiina'gaktrimei ; Miigeg- 

linaaga ; Weisiswei-a'gaktumei' ; Weisis- 

To pelt, VVujitkumk' kogooa' iktook clegenik' ; 

koondaootaak, kiisna' wostawa' peloooww'- 

taak ; kusna' tan pasuk kogooaiktook wcjit- 

kumk' elegemk'. 
Pelvis, Pagunigun. 
A Pen, Pegoon ; Owwepiska'clakun ; Ovvvve- 

To Pen* avveekiim. 
Penalty, Wcnmajeilsoodakuna' ; Wenmajeil- 

Penance, Aneapsoode. 
To do penance, AneSpse ; Aneapsooluse. 
Pencil, Weegiguna'. 

Pendent, akfibejink' ; Akabitk' ; PajedAktck. 
Pendulum, Asooobea'gawa'. 

To Penetrate, Sabaadoo ; Sabapsflm ; Sabe- 
gwodum; Sribedclgum; Saabum ; Sabalkaak. 

Peninsula, kwcsawa' ; Soool Munegooik ; 

Penitent, Ancapsooenoo' ; Wtinmajedafulum 
'npadasoodim ; Aneapsooenooeeskvv. 

Penman, Noojeweekuga'. 

A Pennant, 'Mtowigun. 

Penniless, Mogwa' sooleawaumu'. 

Pennant Point, /n-. »., Skabank'. 

A Penny, Naooktobskoodik. 

Penobscot, j>. n., Banonop.skek. 

Penurious, Amasegae ; Medooccheeniimooe. 

People, Memajnoenook'. 

To People, ligalfigik nadaal memajoocnook'. 

Pepper, Dapesawaal. 

Cayenne Pepper, Dapesawaal mcgwaagul. 

To Pepper, Dapesawaadoo ; Dapesawaaluk. 
Peradventure, Chiptook' edook'. 
Perambulate, kakeimsutaasc ; Yalaase ; kakei- 

Perambulation,kakeimsutaaciimk; Yiilaadimk ; 

Yaledaamk ; kakeibakwaadimk. 

Perceivable, kesenumedSsis ; kesinsutasis ; 

Perception Ncmcdcgcmkawa' ; Ncstfimumk' ; 

A Perch, (a jUJt), Andalecch' ; ajogoogooloo- 

A Perch, (a ronafj, kakoobadimkawfi'. 
To Perch, kakoobaase. 
Perchance, Cliipfook. 
To Percolate, v. tr., Sinkumistoga' ; Sinkiim- 

Percolation, Sinktimistegemk'. 

To Percuss, Taktrtm. 

Percussion, Taktumuk' ; Taktamtigavva'. 

Perdition, kakoiksuga'dakiin. 

Perdurable, Pesokabcmkook. 

Pereaux, pr. v., Wojeechk. 

To Peregrinate, Yalaase; Mcdumaase; Pok- 

lugcne; kakeibakwaase. 
Peremptory, Ilsoodakrma'. 
Perennial, Naookteboonkugawa' ; apchooawa'. 
Perewig, Pelooiiltuk. 
Perfect, Wclekesedase ; kakeioolekesedase ; 

To Perfect, kescdoo' ; kakeikesedoo'; kakei- 

Perfidious, kclooskab'awe ; kcspoogvvadcga'. 
Perfidy, uksuboogwa'dakun ; kcspoogvvadeg- 

cink' ; kijlooskahruvinjkavva'. 
To Perforate, Paoochfilkaadoo ; Taoocbalkaa- 

doo ; Scgcniskaadoo ; S.^bcdokteirim ; Saa- 

biini ; Sabalkaam ; Sabedogwoktuk : Sabe- 

dogwoktum ; Sabedoktaaga ; Sabedoktaiim ; 

Srgwischrduin ; Pogum. 

It is perforated, Scgwisclicdck'. 
Perforator, Saiitaagun ; Sesigiiii ; Sabipsigun ; 




To Perform, tlookwri' ; Tcla'tlegfi; kesaadoo ; 

Performance, Looj^owokiiii ; kesa'dakun ; 

Perfricate, Ameboodoo ; Ameboolk'. 
Perfumatory, Welema'dcgcinkfiwa. 
Perfume, 'I'an wclemaak. 
To Perfume, Welcma'dCfga' ; VVclcmaadoo ; 

Perfumer, Noojeoolema'dega'. 
Perfunctory, omagwadimkawfi' ; Sesooedada- 

kuiia' ; Aiicamoocmkruva', 
Perhaps, Chiptook' ; Na cdouk'. 

Pericardium, Wobiske. 

Pericranium, iipsugatpa'cftkun ; Oostigatp'. 

Peril, kwt'tiabogriiiadimkawa' ; kwcclaboguneak'; 

To be in peril, kwL-dabogiinaase : Ncstowwc- 

naak tan tclae. 
A Period, clckcsp^akawa' ; Wagwaak ; Wag- 

Periodical, Tan ttjicak' yapchoo tan tctpugaak. 
To Perish, Naj) ; kakciksugae ; Nabukse. 
To nearly perish with cold and rain, 

Perjure one's self, cksooogune-looedumase. 
Perjury, eksooiigune-looedumasoode. 
Periwig, PcIooi)ltiik\v. (From the French, 

IK'nniiii', evidently.) 
Periwinkle, Cliigujich' ; Chigujeejech. 

(They give this name also to a coiique.) 
Permanent, Ai)choo ahk ; aptiidck'; Miinaa 

maja'ilasiiiook ; Moo fdeanook. 

To be a permanent resident, Aptugadum ; 

Permission, useda'dakiin ; lisedadegemk'. 
To Permit, riscdafuirim ; risedafdiimk. 
Permutation, Sasawadoomk. 
Pernicious, achkrunklcgck' ; kakeiksugadak- 

To Perpend, Ankcdaase ; Ankedadijm, 
Perpendicular, Wclekakumamkodasik. 
To Perpetrate, kesaadoo kogoou moo kulool- 

lunook , Winaadoo. 

Perpetual, apchooawa' ; Ma booneaanook. 
To Perpetuate, Apchooaadoo; Apchooawa- 

aadoo ; Telaadoo moo oobooneanook'tunu. 
Perpetuity, apchooawoode ; apchooawa'. 
Perplex, Wedumaak' ; Aboochkaadoo ; avveic- 

ak' ; Mijckabegaaluk ; .Mc'mkooskabegaalijk ; 

Scspafik ; Scspodega ; Sespddiim. 
Perquisite, kancawoode ; kaneawimkawa.'. 
Perry, Majcoktcliguncheechabno. J'l'ur Jaice, 
To Persecute, kestawaak'; Najenaak ; kedoo- 

Persecution, kestawa'dakun ; kestavvddakun. 
Perseverance, Winpajooktumiimk' ; Win- 

pajooktumugawa' ; Nankumodumiigawa' ; 

kepmooktrinuigawa' ; Mclkooktumugawa' ; 

kakamoodumugavva' ; Melkoklegcmkavva.' ; 

M cl k u iKul u m i^iga \va. 
To Persevere, Winpajooktiim ; Nankamo- 

dum ; Nankfimodega' ; kepmooktum ; kcp- 

mooktcga' ; Melkooktum ; kakamoodum ; 

A Person, Memrijooenoo. 
Personal, Memajooenooa' ; Tan vvctapsoone ; 

Tan wcdalegame ; Tan tula' neen 'ntenink. 
To Personate, Tcia'luse stuga' nadoo wen 

Perspicacious, Nedabe ; Wclabe. 
Perspicacity, Nedabimk ; Wclabimk. 
Perspicuous, Noksinsntasis ; Welinsutasis. 
Perspiration, iitkuneaoode. 
To Perspire, Tcgunea'. 
To Persuade, Moonsamk' ; Moonseiak' ; Ne- 

moksduik' ; eloolk'. 

To be persuaded, cloo'Iookse. 
To pertain to. Tan tula' ; Tclilowwe. 
Pertinacious, kekajaase ; kekajetiila'dcga. 
Pertinacity, kekaja'soode ; kekaja'dcgemk' ; 

kckaje-tukidegcmk' ; kckajcdaasimk. 
Pesegwid, i>r. »., I'esegitk'. 
Perturb, Sespaak' ; Scspodum. 
Perturbation, Achkunaooa'daktin ; Sespcd- 

(kl'dakun ; Sespdilegemk'. 
Perverse, kckaja'dOga' ; WOkchooega'dase ; 

\\ okchoocga'tlciia. 



Perversion, Wokchnoaadoomk' : Ajowln- 
nnulooiiik' ; Ajcaclikunaadnomk. 

To Pervert, Wokclmoandoo ; ajetulaa'doo moo 
ookulooririiuin; PcsokekevvOnskaadoo ; I'cs- 

Peruke, Pelooi'dtuk. 

To Peruse, cgediim. 

Pest, (To he a), Wediimaaadega ; Loogovvok- 

uiia'dcj,'a' ; Sespiiak' ; BooskeaclikuiuHlcuiV. 
To Pester, Wedumaak' ; Loogowokunaaluk ; 

Pestiferous, uksenoogowukiina'dcgck ; Ach- 

Pestilence, uksenoogowokrni incdooaak ; Med- 

ooaak wiskuswokuii ; 'Npoookuiiadegcmk- 


Pestle, Pclkaskiidagunutk' ; Meioostagiinutk'. 
A Pet, VVegeioodeech ; apcliaacli wOgeioode ; 

Chechkcloofioocheech nokchool' ak wcle- 

ankwaoot' ; Tan lok kcsalk ak kwesavvik- 

To Pet, kwesaavve ; kwcsiiwiktak'. 
Petition, edowwcmkawa' ; Alasoodumakun. 
To Petition, edamk' ; Alasoo'mk; cdamak' ; 

Petite River, 2»"- «•. (Hunta Co., K. S.), 

Petite River, pr. n., (Limenhurg Co., N. S.), 


Petite, jir. n., (Hants Co., JW S.J, Wosogwcsoo- 

Petite Passage, p)\ ??., (X. S.J, Tawitk. 
Peticodiae, I'C-tkootkweak'. 
Petpiswick, /n-, n., Koolpijooik. 
Petrescent, koondaweak'. 
Petrifaction, koondaweamkawa. 
Petrifactive, koondaootelaadoomk ; koondavve- 

kesedtgck' ; koondawea'dcgck. 
To Petrify, c. tr., koondaweaadoo. 
To Petrify, v. int., koondaweak'. 
Petril, Mcgobaoo ; Megobaoocheech. 
Petticoat, Magudum. 
Petty, apclia^eeje. 

Petulance, kakawaimk ; kakavvistoomk. 
Pew, Alasoodumogwonifi' koodpoodo. 
Phaenomenon >iinl Phenomenon, PakulAp- 

tasik ; I'akuleioookun ; raki'dcioodc. 
Pharmacy, Noojinpedcgcmkawa 'mtumodakrui. 
Pharos, Mcskeek ukcliiguma' vvSswogoonQmAk- 

u n Ti t k'. 
Phasis, Tan tcleaptasimk kogooaii. 
Phial, Pootcijeech. 
Philanthrophy, MemSjooenooe-uksaltimkawa ; 

Memajooonoofi' uksalsootlc. 
Philosopher, VVclcmilckenodtlumookse ; Mow- 


Philosophy, Wclekenoodumooksoode; Mowwc- 

Phlegm, Pcskook. 
Phosphorus, Ootadabiin; Tan kogooa' iktook 

macliisCil wcjckcsediisigid. 
Phrase, ctlewistoomk ; Tckldooemkawa', 
Phraseology, Tan tclSdooct nadoo wcMiii. 
Phrenetic, cloowawca' ; coonase ; avvcie. 
Phrensy, awcicemkawa'; cloovvawcadimkavva'. 
Phthisical, awagulame. 

Physical, 'Mtenina' ; 'Mteninawa' ; 'Mpesoona'. 
Physician, M;\lb;dawit. (To be a phijslcian), 


Piacular, Piaculous, Ilkwija'dakfina. 
Picaroon, NoojekCimootuncs'; Mclooich likchi- 

gumooa' noojekumootuiics'. 
To Pick, Mcgunum. 

To pick berries, Maweese; Maweena'; Ma wee- 

Pictou, /))•. ?)., Piktook. 

Pictou Harbour, />/•. n., Poogiinikpccbk. 

Picture, fiwcegasit ; aweegasik. 

To Picture, aweekum ; awi^ekuk. 

A Pie, kekloobaktegawa'; Podakun. 

Piebald, Milcwri^as'igul ; Mowwemilamookse. 

Piece, upkcs'igim ; Wejii.' ; 'Mkcs'igun ; 'Alkusc; 

Pied, Mileweegasik ; Poogwelemilamooksit. 

Pier, usogumgakiina' clkimadcgawa'. 

Piety, Sabawoode ; Wtilckokwrija'dakun. 






Pierce, Sabalkrulfiriptri ; Saabuk; Sahalkaam 
Saabiim ; Saljcdoktclum ; csabalkruinam 
Sitbedof^iim ; Sabcj^wodiim ; Sabc^^vvolk' 
clegwodum ; Sabodogcgwuduin ; Sabcdog- 

Piercer, SabcgwodaarMin : Sabalkiidaagun ; 

Sesigun ; upkwceicgun. 
A Pig, koolkvvees ; kov;!k\vcsccs. 
To Pig, rcnesuniil'. 
Pigeon, Pules' ; Wcnjoocprilcs'. 
The sea pigeon, Amjabokch. 
The Pigeon-hawk, kwi-dadowwe. 
A pigeon house, Wunjoocpules' wigwom. 
Pigment, Sckwon ; ulchugunigun ; ulchukum- 

Pigmy, Poogrdadiimoo'ch ; Wigulfidiimooch' ; 

apchajeejooltijik memajooenook' atookwok- 

Pignut, Scgidoun. 
Pike, Mcskilk numaach ; utkudigtin ; Pijecb- 

A Pile, Tan pasuk kogooafd mowadasigiil ; 

To Pile, Mowadoootiid ; clamka'doootud ; 

kakfimamkodoo ; kakodoo. 
To Pilfer, ki-mootui.a'. 
Pilferer, kumootunci ; kiimootiincsone. 
Pilgrim, Yalasooenoo' ; Bo()skc|)oktrigcne. 
Pilgrimage, Pcmeemk' ; alcdaamk; Pokliigcn- 

Pill, 'Mpcsooiia' naooktopskck ; Mimtugops 

kcjcccb 'mpesooii. 
Pillage, kokwa'dakun ; kokwadcgemkfiwa'. 
To Pillage, kokwa'dcga ; kukwandak. 
Pillager, Noojekumoolunes'; Moojekokwa'- 

A Pillar, kulokigun meskcck. 
Pillion, rascbowa' koodpoodecch. 
Pillow, 'i'kvva'dakuii : I'onkumoode. 
To place it for a pillow, ckwadesCtmaasit. 
Pilosity, Oosaboonfuya' ; Piihsigunawa' ; Puh- 

To Pilot, llkwedum ; NeganovvteekQmei. 

Pimple, Pookulkawa'. 

To have pimples on the face, Cbnojcjoo- 

egwci' ; Pcboogoolcgwci' ; Poogouleavva- 

Pimpled, I'oogulcawaeak'. 
A Pin, Pcjokusoojcech ; Pcjokusoode ; kcloos- 

koodakriii ; kuluo>koosoode; ukscbistakuiio- 

A wooden pin or peg to hang things on, 

To fasten with a pin, (to pivj, kclooskoodoo. 
Pincase, Pojokusoodea'. 
Pincers, upkalooccbkid. 

To Pinch, Nibunclkokpegwodcg.i' ; Nibunct- 

kokpegwodiim ; Nil)unt'ik()kpeg\volk' ; Nib- 

unctkopkwaadoo ; Nibimctkopkwaaluk ; Nib- 


A white pine tree, Goo-ow'. 

Made of white pine, White pine timber, 

Goo-ow vva'. 
To chop white pines, Goo-owwaaga. 
A white pine grove, Goo-owwa'gumikt, ; 

White pine bearing land, Goo-owakume- 


A yellow pine tree, Mekskudajit. 

Made of yellow pine. Yellow pine timber, 

A yellow pine grove, Mckskudajiiawa'- 

gumikt ; Mtikskudajitawa'kade. 
Yellow pine bearing land, Mtkskiidajit- 


Pinfeather, Miilchugoo. 

Pinfeathered, Midchugooe. 

Pinion, Oonuks'. 

To Pinion, kolpilk'. 

pinnace, 'Nlubriloo'lkawa' wclebot, 

A Pinnacle, keneskigwom ; Tan mowwecs- 

A pint cup, Soopin. (Fr. chop'iae.J 
Pious, Saliawe , kokwojea'. 
A Pipe, Tuniakun. 
A pipe stem, Pagunutkw'. 



Pipestem wood, Pa g u n u 1 1< we in oosc. . I spec iex 
of rcil rilloii' fyoia ir/iich in t/tc ohleii 
f'lmi')^ pipe stoHH nvrc imtila. 

Pipestone, TumakCinapskw'. 

Pipe Rock, pr. n., Tumakunapskw'. 

A stone pipe, kooiulow.sun. 

To light my pipe, Bapkcscdiimei'. 

To fill a pipe, I'csinsc. 

A Pipe, (niasicul 'nintnijiient), Pepooo;<.vokun. 

/I?)// '(•/■/((/ iiisfrttmi'iit. 
To Pipe, ( plo-il oil n pi/x'): Pepoogwa'. 
A Piper, Noojepepoogwa'. 

Piracy, rikclilgiimooa' kumootiincmk' ; Abak- 
tookawa' noojekumootuiicsooimk'. 

Piratical, Abaktookawa' kumootiindgrina'. 

Pirate's Cove, pr. v., (on ('(msu Simit), Tcso- 

Piscation, cswedamcmk' ; Numajwaagcmk'. 

Pismire, kclcgwejit. 

To Piss, Scyc ; Pese. (From the ICng, / 

tin Ilk). 
To desire to piss, kedooske. 

To caime to fiuw in a eery small stream, 
Piss, Siigode. 

A Pit, clmalkrdv; Woch ; Wolkogiimigun. 
To fall into a pit, Pitesin. 

Pitch, iipkoo. 

To Pitch, upknoaadoo ; Pcgoogwodiim ; Pegoo- 
gwaadoo ; Pegoogwa'dci;a. 

To fall and pitch the head into the water, 

A Pitcher, Seskooibim ; Pikchimskwesoo. 
Pitchy, fipkooe ; upkooik. 
Piteous,, aooletulae ; aoulcankamkoose ; Aoo- 

Pitfall, Loktagiiiia' kesedasik clinalkuk. 
Pith, Weep. 

Pithy, Weeiifiwa'; Mclkigunak' ; Mclkaak. 
Pitiable, aoulaje ; Mowweaoolaje ; Pegwodoo 

Pitiless, Medotiae ; Amasegae ; Munaa aoole- 


Pittance, Mowwcapchaacbk soolcawa', kusna' 
mecliipcbawa, tail wen iguiiu mooch'. 

Pity, aooleda'dakun ; aooledairmiooksoodc ; 
aooledalumkoosoode ; aooledill'soode. 

To Pity, aooleJa dega ; aooledaalunik ; aoole- 
daadrim ; Wilkajedri'Iumiik. 

It is a pity, Wakajfiak. 

A Pivot, Xemchenoktek ; Oonakegwodigiin. 

A Pix, krimuneawoodea kumoodc. 

Placable, Nukseabiksiktooa'. 

Placability, Nukseabiksiktooemk'. 

Placard, Weogatligun okskedad.'isik. 

Place, Tan pasuk nadame ; Tan ba wen etlug- 

Atk' ; Tame tan i)asuk kogona edek'. 
My place in the wigwom, Neen nti'iboon' 

To Place, ega'dega' ; ligaadoo ; Plgnaiuk. 
Plague, Medooaak uk^'iioogowokrin ; Ses- 

|i(jde ; Sespaoookiin ; Sespemkawa'. 
Plaid, M ilewcegasik ascon ; Mileweegasik pcdoo- 


Plain, '('//., Saktaak makumegaoo ; Saktak- 

umegek'; Sesoobaak ; Peksedek' ; elamka'- 

dasik ; Tetpakumega'dasik. 
A Plain, ??., uptawi'kt ; Saktaak makumegaoo. 
To speak plainly, Weladooa'. 
To Plait, alankeesowwa' ; alankaadoo ; eleskun- 

owwa' ; eleskunwodum ; emkoojek\begaadoo. 
Plaited, fdankeesasit ; alankubit ; elskunwosik ; 

enkuolabega'dasik ; Mowiskunwosik. 
A Plait, Lilsaagun. 
To Plan, Kleda'dega' ; Eledaadum ; kwelooe- 

A Plan, Nilbooegakiin ; Nabdgigun ; kesedaa- 

dakun ; kwelooeda'dakiui. 
To Plane, etbmkoodega' ; Megoo'dega ; 

A Planet, kulokowech'. 
Plank, Sakska'. 
To Plant, lOgadagwodiim ; Egadagwddega' ; 

A Plant, KgadagwodiimCigawa' ; Egadakima'; 

'Alsut kogooaal tanul wejeskaleagul makum- 



'■ 5 



Plantation, MTskeck CKa'dAkun. 

A Plaster, rildirikrinif^un ; Amchrij^rmisiiii. 

To Plaster, Amcliukuiiowwa' ; Amcljuk'- 

Tin Tim. 
A Plasterer, Noojcamcluikunowvvfi'. 
To Plat, clcskuiiowwa' ; clcskunwolum. 
A Plat, apchrifich ega'd'ikrm ; l-'f^aclakrinchccch. 
A Plate, kusawok ku.sna' tan pasfik ko^ooa' 

kusawdj^rimook' pcpka'giKlasik ; Lastil'. 

(Fr.. I'dsHftfc.) 

Platoon, Suma'^riniswa' mov.'wcdme. 

A Platter, cptakun mcskock seskooau. 

To Play, Pape ; (or Babe, com. bahij), PCm- 

To play with him, Papeck. 
To play on a wind instrument, Pcpnoc^wfi'. 
To play to him, (on <i " i>li>r," ) Popoo- 

Play, Papimk' ; Paboltimk'. 
A plaything, Papedakun ; Papedumkow- 

wuk'"' i. 
To give him a plaything, Papodumkyowk'. 
To furnish myself with a plaything, 


To Plead his cause, kokwotloogyowkw'. 

A Pleader, Noodawistoo. 

Pleasant, lipajac ; ("pajedoodiim. 

To Please, VVclkwijaaluk ; Tclaaluk ootoole- 

To he pleased, Wclcdaase ; Wcledaadum ; 

Moojaje; Wcskavvedfiadum ; Wcskavve- 

daase ; Weskavvendkse. 
Pleasure, Oolcda'snodc ; Oolclde ; uksugavve- 

daasoode ; Ooledaswokun ; riksu,u;awedas- 

wokiin : Weskaweledaswokun ; Mcstovvoo- 


Plebian, '"//', Tan tula' memcjooenook bcno- 

<;()lnjik ; Pcnotjolti^fd. 
Plebian, >*., Mcmajooenook' tanik bcnogoltijik. 
A Pledge, Agasawoode. 
To Pledge, Agasawe. 
Pleiads, Pleiades, Ajalkuch'. 
plenary, kakcikesa'dasik. 

Plenipotence, Mcstcialsoo'soode; kakeibrd<- 

kwcalsoo'sDode ; Mc.stcin;rdgiKunnde. 
Plenipotentiary, MCstialsoosc' ; Bribkweal- 

Plenitude, Mc-uuiiMmugriwa' ; Wdjooadoo'mk ; 

Plenteous, Pcgwclk' ; Trd)cak'. 
Plenty, Mcgimunuignwa' ; Milowsoodkiin ; Mil- 

owsimkavva' ; Wclowsoookun ; W'elowsim- 

kavva' ; Mowepcgvvclk' ; Tabciik' ; Milc- 

To have plenty, Mcgunum ; Milowse 
Pliable, Noogik ; Nooj^igeAk'; Powoonoog- 

To make it pliable, Powoonoogv\nduni. 

PliablenesS, Powooiioogwodumugawa'. 

To Plod, Bowweloogwa' ; J^owwekesaadoo ; 

Plover, Cliije.hkwecb' : Cliigoocgadccb' : Al- 
doksaiiccch' ; Cbigujicb'; Miigrukta' chijo- 
gwcch' ; Tcdakumichk' ; Krddokskantcch'. 

A Plough, clkcsowwa'. 

To Plough, clkcsiim. 

To plow a long furrow, clnnigcsowwa'. 

To plow a long field, elnuigciiiim. 

It is plowed, clkesaslk. 

A long field is plowed. It is plowed to 
a long distance, clmugcsasik. 

To be a good plougher, Noodowkeesowwa'. 

A Plowman, Noojilkeesowwa'. 

To Pluck, iMenaaga'. 

To pluck a fowl, Pcskoluk; Pcskwaaluk. 

The fowl is easily plucked, -Menagwdi'. 

A Pluck, fof (in aiiiiudlj, Oosiigeskcnigun. 

A Plug, ukpcjogwigiin. 

To Plug, kcbejokum. 

A Plum, .Maktowmanicbk' ; Wcnjoockogumin, 

A Plum tree, Wcnjooekoguminokse. 


Plumb, (it lidiufK plumb), kokvvoje-nestaktck'; 

It f^lavih pliiiiih, knkwdje-boogooik' ; 




To plumb it, Ncncs-taboogonaadoo ; Nc-ncs- 
tagaaduo ; kokwojcnestaboogooaadoo ; ko- 

Flume, ro^'Don. 

To be plump, Almijcminkuk ; ^^■c■gawc'. 

To Plump, rakasefi' ; PakascAk'. 

Plum pudding, Skridominrivva' cooneskvvobe- 

To Plunder, krimootuna' ; Noojckcmootutia'; 

kcinDutiinik ; kcmootfim; kukwaadak' ; ko- 

kvvaadoo; ki'iniootrimk'. 
Plunder, «., krimootunoj;un ; kemootrincm- 

kfivvfi'; keniootrmailinikavva'; kookwa'dakuii. 
A Plunderer, NDojckrimootfincs' ; kfimoolun- 

cs' ; liooskekiimootiincs'. 
To be a plunderer, Noojekiimootunesooe; 

kumootuiics'ooe ; Hooskckuiiiootfincs'ooe. 
To Plunge, v. tr.. I'akusariga ; I'akusaadoo ; Pa- 

kiisaaliik ; I'akusaase ; kcelabaaduo; kcdiib- 

aaliik ; kcdabaase ; cgwijaadoo ; c<rvvijaa- 

luk ; egwijaase ; kcdabcgvvijaadoo ; kCda- 

bcgwijaaliik ; kedabcgwijaase. 
Ponderous, keskoolk' ; kcskouk. 
A Plunge, Pakusaadoomk' ; kctkabaadoomk' ; 

egwijaadoomk' ; kcdabcgvvijaak5oink'. 
Plural, Pegwclkik ; ajepegwclkik moo cn- 

koodfi taboosijik. 
Plurality, ajcpegwclk. 
Pluvial, Pluvious, kikpasanegiskuk ; kikpas- 

a II pea'. 
To Ply, apcheloogwodiim ; Seowelookwa' ; 

A Ply, elankubit ; clankeiak'. 
Pneumatic, Pneumatical, Oochoo'suna. 
A Pocket, Mapoos', (from the Fr., vui poclw) : 

cl m i n skudcsi n u m iiga vva'. 
To Pocket, clinskaadoo mapoosumku; elmin- 

skaadoo ; elminskudcsinum. 

To thrust the hand into the pocket, ; 
Pod, Petiilan' ; Petulaiicheech. 
Poem, uktabeakuna' loogowokiin ; kedabege- 

cmkuvva' loogowokiin. 

A Point, kcni.skwa'. 

The point of a knife, koniskw.ioo. 

A point of land, kwesawa' ; kwesowkrimcgck'. 

A long point of land, rimuhskwi ik. 

A rocky, point, kwCsowsaklek'; kwe.supskeak'; 

To come round a point, and come thus 

in view, Naea'. or. Nfiaya'. (Nayaasc, 

/ s/inir iiiiliti'lf ; / cinm' ill siijlit). 

A point where two rivers come together, 

Point Skimenauk, />. »., (X. Ji.J, c.skrununaak. 
Point Miskwe, /». »., Oonik.skwomkook. 
Point Prim, />. v., (P. /'J. I.) Wcjowtik. 

To point it, (!}'''<' it <i point), kcnc.-.kwaadoo; 

kcneskoodaain ; kencskwagiidaam ; kene- 

skvvegoodum ; keneskucgc.sriin ; keneskoo- 

saktaam ; keneskoo!)cstoo ; koneskoobcsum ; 

keneskodsrim ; kcnt'.skw.t'i^itoo. 
To Point, (to vufe vitk (he Hnyi-r), cloo'gwa ; 

Pointed, keneskwaik; keneskvva'dasik ; kenes- 

Pointless, Moo kene-skwainook ; TCdmrinaak ; 

To Poise, Teb;lbakum. 
To poise himself in the air, fas a lird), 


Poison, Nabadcgemkawa' kogooa' ; 'Mpesoon 
nabadcgem ka wa'. 

To Poison, Nebesoonk' ; Wejenabak' 'mpe- 
soon iktook. 

To poke, Nenadooa'dega. 

Pokeshaw, /». »., Pooks-^ak. 

Pokemouche Gully, ]>. v., Pokumooch pet- 

Polar, Okvvot ii'mookavvrud. 
Pole, Puse ; cloodakuniitkw'. 
To hunt for wigwom poles, Menapsea'. 
To hit him with a pole, PCgekumak'. 

Polecat, Abookcheloo. 

Polemic, Polemical, Wagwamadooltimkawa'. 

Folestar, Okwoliinookawa' kolookowech'. 




J i! 



To Polish, ^VosdEtwa'lrij^ik ; WosoKvva'scboulk'; 

W us()};'vaa(li)() ; I'agaadoo ; Wuso^'wa'^jitoo. 
Polished, \\Yis()i;vva'(lasit ; VV('Ss()ywa'ililsik ; 

Wosofjwanililsik ; ragaatlSsik. 
Polite, \Vclelula'cl(5jia. 

Politeness. Wclmridnomk' ; kcKploo'sondc. 
Political, Alsoosimkawa' ; Noojitploodakailim- 

Politician, Wcjcoolckenoodumooksc alsoo'sim- 

kavva' iktook. 
Poll, Mrinoochc ; Miinapskwcs'. 
The poll of an axe, 'rrimec\s;rinooclie'd'lkuii. 
To Poll, kakciiiioosegatkoontaam ; Mcmkiida'- 

Polliwog, Konlkoojich'. 
Pollock, rcstuii. 
To Pollute, Mcjega'dgga ; Mcjegaadoo ; Mcje- 

ga'luse ; Mcjo'^aaluk. 
Pollution, 'Mchcga' ; Mcjegaimkawa'. 
Poltroon, VVinmudok' ; Mod kcloo'sikw ; Mal- 

Pomket, p. v., (N. S.), PogumkCk'. 
Pommel, ujikokt' ; Mimtugopskcch. 
To Pommel, Taktuk; Mataak ; kusimtaak. 
Pomp, cspaimkawa' ; clegawitavv'i' nAyaadimk'; 

Movvwccspaak naya'ddkun ; cmtcskooltimk 

Pompous, emtcskedoodum ; Mclkcdoodiim. 
Pomposity, emtcskedoodumiigawa' ; Mclkc- 

Pond, 'Pkoodabck' ; Pootaask ; Pootaskooch' ;, 

Wdlpck ; upkoodaask. 

To Ponder, Aiikedfi'degfi ; Ankcdaase; anke- 

Ponderosity, kcskookawa'. 
Ponderous, keskoolk' ; keskook. 
Ponhook, /). u , fxV. /S J, Banook. (TIip first 

hike in (I scries, as you ascend a river.) 
Poniard, cdoo'look. 
To Poniard, WCjesapiCskak' cdoo'look- 

Pontiff, Papawit'. 

Pontificate, Papawoode. 

A Pool, kAskaagfk ; Wolpok ; Wolpfikick ; 
WnlpCkw' ; W'Alpogooch' ; Wolpcgooch' ; 

Pontoon, Qscgomg.lkun t,'n ttkwc' ; (tan 

Pony, Spchafich tSscbow'. 

Poop, (till' hinih'r part of a ship), Si^dSmk'. 
Poor, aoolaje ; aoolajooenooc ; aoolajoucnoo- 

ccskwoc ; Maloogoonei'. 

To be poorly, aoolaje; Moo weKlu ; Amiksc- 

To do poorly, aoolSmooowa'dcga ; aooljawaje, 
To be poorly clad, aoolouktci' ; Scgwiskca'. 

To be poorly situated, Mgdoo'gwodum; 

Poorness, aoolajoookfin ; aoolowsoookun ; 

Pope, Papawit. 

Popedom, Papawoocle ; Papfuvaage. 
Pope's Harbour, />. n., Kwemoodeech. 
Popery, Papfiwitawa alasoodumAkiin. 
Popinjay, Pclogwcl abokujcech' ; Tan cmtcs- 

■ kaoawit. 
Poplar, Mede. 

Populace, Tanik benogollijik memijoocnook'. 
Popularity, Mcsteiksalsoode. 
Popular, Wcjiksalkoose 'msiit tame, ak 'msut 

wcnik ootenawok ; Mcsteiksalkoose. 

To Populate, Memajooenooaadoo ; Memajooe- 

nook' egaalugik ; Tclaadoo oomemajooin- 

Porch, Til sad e. 
Porcupine, Madoocs'. 
A male porcupine, Nabcak'. 
A female porcupine, Skwaakw'. 
A good place for porcupines, Madooeswa- 

To hunt porcupines, Madoocswaaga ; Ned- 

ooojrvvaasa ; Nebosulei ; Noodogwei. 
Porcupine quills, kowweck. 
To work at porcupine quill work, clow- 

wega'dega ; elowwegaadoo. 
Pork, koolkweswu'. 




Porkor, konlkwecs. 

Porpoise, Mnorliparich. 

A male porpoise, N.ll)caak. 
A female porpoise, Skwaak. 

A sea porpoise, a;;u(lccbis. 

A white porpoise, Wobrjiiumtkw'. 

Porridge, Sal)ai\' ; lU'ili^'ow' ; l'i';itc;;a\va'. 

To make porridge, csul).!' ; Nasapse. 

Port, kome ; koomoodc ; Uookt ; Petoofi ; 

Portable, Puma'dasis; kescprima'dSsik. 
Port George, />. n., (N.S.), (ioolwa^opskooch. 
Port Medway, p. «., (X. S.), ril<;c(Juok', 
Port Piswick, />. /*., koolpijooik. 
Port Hood, !>. n., (0. li.), kagwc.lmkck. 
Port Jolli, /). n., Cmsuk. 
Port LeBear, p. » , (X. S.J, apsiboogwi-chk'. 
Port Mulgrave, /'. n., (V. B.), VV61umkwa- 

Portage, 0()nc{;un'. 
At a portage, OoncRunuk'. 
On this side of a portage, Asumunesiin'. 
On the farther side of a portage, Asfmcgun'. 
Portage River, p. v., (Alirunticki, X. B.), 


Portent, WCklwa' (for good ); emulsiktum&m- 

kavvfi' (for evil). 
To see something portentous, cmulsikitimei'. 
A Porter, Noojeska'guna'; Noojeooh'i' ; Nooje- 

Portfolio, Weegacligun-aakiimoocle. 
A Portion, upkes'igun ; uikunoookiin. 
To Portion, ulkunooodum ; utkunoowwa'. 
A Fortioner, Naojeiitkunooa' ; Noojeutkiina- 

Portly, kepmedoodiim ; Mcskile. 
Portmanteau, Ootapsnonakutnoode. 

Portraiture and Portrait, Memajooenoo' 


To Portray, awcckuga' 

Position, Tan tclaak ; 
nadoo kogooa' edek' 

aweekiim ; aweekuk. 
Fan tclae ; Tan tet 
Tan tct Iclekakume ; 

Positive, kc'dlfiwaik ; VVrlikchijedrga' ; Moo 

asweda'drimoo ; Moo aswcda'dilsinook. 
Positiveness, kcdlawaoookfui ; kakcikchije- 

Posse, Mowwcomc ; Mcm;ljooenook' niowwe- 

danjik ripkoom.'ikuiioltijik. 
To Possess, awcic ; WC'skodum ; VVc-skwaak' ; 

WCdalcgamc ; WC'dalegciuc ; Wciipsoone ; 


To appropriate the possession of another. 
To take possession, Wcdrdcganikei'. 

To take possession of all, k ikuhtapsci ; 

Possessor, ctloalsoosc ; ctlcalsoodiim ; ctluh- 

Possible, kesetrda'dasis 
Possibly, ( 'biptuok' cdonk'. 
A Post, ki'dokigdn ; Cbcdokigun. 
A door post, ka'gwnipsc ; Goolmadafigun. 
Posterior, kidabis' ; Noodiik' ; Ootcchkaal. 
Posteriors, Oonoogwcgfi. 
Posterity, Tanik wcdabC-ksIjik ; Nejink'. 
Post haste, kCsegawaadimk. 
Posthumous, Tan tcla'dasik ochit' nadoo 

wcnok kcsinpuguk'. 

Postmaster, Weegadigiinaam ; Wegadigun- 

ogwom alsoosit. 
Post meridian, kese meowlagwct' ; kipkwaat. 
Post office, Weegitdigiinogwom. 
To Postpone, csedumska'dc-ga' ; csedumskaa- 

Posy, Mowpedegiil wosowcgul. 
Pot, Wo ; Abudagwijit ; Abudagwijeejit. 
Potato, Tapatat'. 
Pot-bellied, Pootowwea'. 
Potency, MulgigunOde; Mowwealsoo'soode. 
Potent, Midgigunei' ; Alsoose. 
Potentate, elegawil' ; Tan pegwelealsoosit. 
Pothanger, Pothook, Nabagwaagun. 
Potion, 'Mpcsoona ncs^imoogwomk'. 
A Potter, Neojeseskooogvvaaga. 
Pouch, Ncmapoosiim ; 'Npoosum ; Moolsawa' ; 

Noojepode; Wijepode; Mijepode. 




Poverty, rioolrijndokrin ; aoolfijoodc. 
FoulticO, aniclifik'rnni^riii. 
To Poultice, Aiiulu"ikriin;;un c^aadoo. 
Poultry, Nuktlionltijik scsi|)k'. 
To Pound, I'liillkwc-daaya; Cb.ltUwcdaam ; 

To pound on the end, (lo ifrhr. It ,m tin- 
111(1 ). krjitidjoklaiigfi ; kCjctaboktaam ; 

To pound ash for " splits," Lllkpcdaaga ; 

To be heard pounding in the distance, 

(l)iif 111)1 umij, .Midc'diiri;;;!. 

To pulverize by pounding, Nooktaaga; 

To pound in a mortar, rilkaskridriaf;;! ; 

.Mc"ii)osl;lf;iinari}ia ; rclkaskudaam ; Mcioos- 

tasunaam ; Nooktaktaaj.>"i ; NooktAkta.ini. 
A Pounder, Maltcjwa' ; Meioostrififmritk' ; (Lit. 

A tnorlitr hiiiiillf, <i jirnt/i'), I'clkaskrida- 

Rrniutk'. (Sec Murfid'.J 
To Pour, ''. tr., kooda'dt^ga ; koodaadoo ; koo- 

da'dcstci' ; koo'dcga' ; I'oolcgooda'dcga' ; 

To Pour, '•. int., cllijooik'. 
A Pourer, Noojckooda'dcga'. 
To Pout, kakawodoodi'im ; Wlnedoodum. 
Powder, upsaoo. 
Powderhorn, Pitkiisogun. 
A powderhorn strap, I'itku.sogunabe. 
Power, Mrdgigiuiude ; Alsoo'soode. 
Practice, cloogwcmk' ; cloogoo'dimk ; (51inta- 

To Practise, cliiitawagaadoo; elintawaaga'- 


Pragmatic, Pragmatical, Scspodcga ; Sts- 

jjiMirinianril uklidc ootiiiiiddakununud : Med- 
tiiium ; Mcda' ; Mcduinodcga'. (Compare 
Eng., Mcldlc.) 

To Praise, cmtogwodum ; emtogvvolk' ; Moo- 
ewa' ; Mooewolk' ; Makcluiiiuk' ; cmto- 
gwolooil' ; Mcgedaadum ; MCgcdaalumk. 

To Prance, Amalkei', 

To Prate, kabaksabocgooa' ; kabAks'uvistocj. 
To Prattle, MijiHiaji-cjonudooa'. 
To Pray, '■. int., AlasoodrmuM' ; c'dovvwa'. 
To Pray, '•. tr., Alas(.()iiik' ; cdowwcmk'. 
A Prayer, Alasoodumakrin ; fdowwi^rnkawa'. 
Prayer Book, Alasoodrimakrma' wccg.ld'igfui. 
To Preach, Ncstooalxiogoda'; IV'stoonrmi, 
A Preacher, Noojinsuiooaboogooa'; Noojip- 

To Precede, NcgAnnnsc ; KgAnaase. 
To precede in sailing, NtgAnowtcckumci ; 

Nogaiica' ; Ncgauaktcga' ; Ni'gAncsoogwc. 
Precedent, Asccdimk ; kcnoogwAsoodc ; Asc- 

Precept, kcnaniatinkawa'; Tfbloudtfgfmkawa'. 
Preceptor, Nodjckcnamona'. 
Precession, NegAnaadimk ; Ncganecmk' ; 

NcganAktrgcnik' ; Ncganesoogwimk'. 
Precious, Mcgrnlik ; Mowwcknioolk'. 
Precipice, 'Mtasok'; I'l'msr-geak'. 
Precipitance, Precipitancy, Wtsamckfise- 

gawa'dcgac'iiik' ; Wesame-kusegawaasimk. 

Precipitant, kf scgawaase ; Wt-samckusega,- 

waasc : WcsamckuscgruvaadOga. 
To Precipitate, rAkakoga'. 

Precise, kokwojaadcga. 

Precisely, Ansrimahu ; kokwfijoou, 

To Preconceive, Negane-ilsoodt-ga'; Negane- 

Preconception, Neganeankcda'dAkun. 
Precontract, umskwcsiawa' kesagunoodum- 

Precursor, Negaiiagunoodum ; Noodagtinoo- 

dfim ncgAiuiu. 
Predatioii, kemoootuna'; Hooskckuinootuna,' ; 

apchekumootuiui' ; kumootunoguiia'. 
Predecessor, Tan neganaasit. 
: To Predicate, Tcluhskoodum ; TCleagunoo- 
: dum. 

! To Predict, Neganeagunoodum. 

Prediction, NogancagunoodumAkun. 
I Predictor, Neganikchijetcgawenoo; Nooje- 


KNGl.lsiI MlL'.MAC IHCTln.NAliV. 


I'rodiloction, aj ik sill sonde ; iljiksildrnnriinlv'. To Prepare, I'-liljoe^jc^ri ; ICIiljccjioosc ; IClilje. 

To Prodominnte, Mowwcalsuoiie; Mowwc- ] To prepare him, Ivijot-nk ; diilrik. 

rspc I Ik inuiiioDo To propuro Bomcthing beforehand, Ajriaa- 

Fro-eminonce, .M^wwccspaimkawa' ; Mowwc- 

To Pre>cxist, NefiAnc-cum ; rimskwfsawac. 
Preface, umskwrsriwa' kcnanuiok'soDdc ; Nc- 

Prefect, (lubulnril ; Tan ftlcsikiimosvit. 
To Prefer, ajiksillk'; ajiksailum; Ajcwiktnin. 
Preference, ajik^alsuodo ; Ajiksadumugawa' ; 


Preferment, .1jo(js|)aaimkavva'. 

Pregnant, .^dv.ljae. 

To perceive one's self to be pregnant, 


To perceive that she is pregnant, rcgan- 

aAk' ; aooAk mijoctajeeji'd. 
The cow or sheep, &c., is pregnant, 

To Prejudge, Noganc-ilsoodcga'; Neganc- 

Prejudice, Mno wi-Iinkanc-ilsoodakun ; 

Mcddoinkaiie ilsooilcucmk'. 
Prejudicial, acl)krmodc;;ck'. 
Prelacy, ukchopadrdeasawoode. 
Prelate, ukdicpadu leas'. 
Prelection, cgcedumui^awri' ; CL^edfimumk'. 
Prelibation, No,nariiii.samuugvv6mk' ; Tum- 

kawa nc'samojjwuink'. 
Premature, VVcsam i n k fisci u. 
To Premeditate, Nef^ancankodnase, 
Premeditation, Ncj;anc-ankcda's()()de. 


To preporo it, I'.laadoo; cilci-laadoo. 

To Preponderate, Ajiksook' ; .Ijokrdoolk' 

Preposterous, Moo trliMnonk ansumalui ; 
Mowwckrdooskoiiwok'i'iiiik ; Mowwcc'luo- 

Prescience, N'i'L;.inikrliijtMlL\i;i'Mnk'. 

To Prescribe, TOlkimk' ; kc.i^cnoudi'imooa' ; 

Prescription, '.Mi'csoona' kcnamAtinawa'. 
Presence, 'Ian ir; aum . Tan n!osi[i' aiini. 
Present, ll'-l"') um ; Ni'i^ja'jawa. 
The present time, Niixaa:h. 
A Present, l;;unumAdimklwa'. 
To have a present, I-finuniooa' ; Ij^rmnav 

ooksc ; I t'hcL'da. 

To have a presentiment, llscnongooik'. 
Presently, OoguopchM; ; Wcgipch'; .Maach 

Preservotion, Ankodumrimk': Wcstanik' ; 

(Josrito^i'in ; Oos'owoodc ; Oostovvaoookfin ; 

Uaskaw5(lunuunk' ; Pcgiljodiinu'imk' ; kwcs- 

To Preserve, aid<c"i(lrim ; AnkodL^L^a ; I^aska- 

wndrini ; l'i''j;ajcank()drini ; I'cgaJL-ankwaak' ; 

Pc-gcjodum ; kwcsodum. 
To preserve his life, Memajoonuk. 
My life is preserved, .Mcniajoonnokse ; 

Mcniajooiikooso ; Mcniajooniink' ; VVcstci'. 

Premier, lulcnu.wwccspae noujitploodakadijik i Preserver, NoojuhsCitowcwa' ; Noujoankd 

Premium, Abankfulooiiwa. 
Premonish, Ncganinsutaboogooa', 
Premonition, Negan'insutooaboogoocmk' ; 

Prenominate, Negancwoedidt. 
Preoccupy, Tumkawae ; Trunk wcdalegame. 
Preparation, l^iajooltimk' ; Klajcegoodim- 

To Preside, rtloalsoose ; ctlenoojawc ; etleill- 

soodinn ; cllcalsoomkik. 
President, Noojeboogooa'doga ; «5tleelegruvit- 

awc ; ctlcsakumowa'dcga ; (jtlcgribulnoiawe. 
To Press, Cliinpogunum , Maikobcgaadoo ; 

esniinikaadoo ; CbinpAktC-skriin ; Miilkobcg- 

aali'ik ; Malkobakuni ; Sckabakun). 

kavva' ; lilaldimkawa' ; Elajooltinikawa' ; A Press, Sckabakiui'in ; CbinpAkigun. 
Elajinik'. ' Presto ! Cliijegoooku 1 





To Presume, Mclkcdaase ; Tcledaase ; Tele- 
da fulum. 

Presumption, Tclcda'soodc : Tclcdfi'dakun ; 
(.•oonasc-tuloda'dakuii ; aweic-lulcdaswokuii. 

To Pretend, Tela'luse 'ntiilainu. 

Pretext, uksuboogwa'dakrin. 

Prettiness, krdoo'soode. 

To be pretty, kcloo'sc ; kcloolk' ; Wclamookse ; 

To have a pretty face, Wcklb'awe. 

To be of a pretty form, W close. 

To have a pretty hand, Wclipte i.i'. 

To have a pretty foot, W clsedei' ; Wele- 

To Prevail, Wiswifrundclcga'; 
To Prevaricate, eksooa' ; aook'i' ; kcspoogjwa- 

dL-i;;!' ; kclooskabawa'dcj^a'. 
Prevarication, eksodgun; uksuboogwa'dakiiu; 

Prevaricator, l^ooskeaookl ; BDO.skocksooa' ; 

lioo.skiksriboogwa'dci^a ; kclooskab'awe. 
To Prevent, VVClkwlk' ; VVclkooIooa'; Ma- 

scok ; kebejokuk ; keptestoo ; Kcbejogvvaa- 

doo ; kcbejoktcskum ; kcbaadoo. 
Previous, Noganu : a.skw moo. 
Prey, (/hk nrci/), W'cIod], (Inn food). 
To Prey, Mairmdimkawa' nialkodiim. 
To prey upon, kcniootfunk. 
What is the price? Talowtik > 
The price is so much, Tciowt k. 
To fix the price, Owioof^wa'. 
To make the price too high, To set a 

large price. Mcgowtooi;^.!'. 
To set a low price, atiowtoogwa'. 
To prick him, .Saabid^. 
To prick it, Saabum. 

To pi'ick up the ears, Nemtrikestakrinaase. 
A Pi'ick, (n sliiiri) jioi lit ), keiiegwC'k' ; kcnc- 


Prickly ash, ri|)sritno()se. 

Pride, .MCnlcj-koode ; Mudcskocokriii ; cmtcs- 

Priestly, .Stuga' jiadulcas': Padidcasawa'. 

Priest, I'adulcas', (from the Fr. Puir'nirrJir. 
Mi-story and etymology are both here ilhis- 
tiated. It is clear that this was the title 
assumed by the first French i)riests with 
whom the Micmacs came in contact. Then 
in pronouncing the word they had to substi- 
tute / for r, and .s for clu', so that the two 
words apjiear to the eye very different, but 
still are in reality, one and the same.) 

Priesthood, Padi^deasawimk' ; Padfileasfi- 

Priest-ridden, VVcjokestawae padii'ileas'-awik- 

Primary, rimskwesawa'. 

Prime, eskitpook'; eskitpoogfiwa' ; Wobun ; 
Wobuna' upkotumkea'gawa' ; Tan mouwe- 
kuloolk'; Tan bcjulckuloolk'. 

To prime a gun, Wiskusegwaadoo. 

Primeval, umskwesawaya' ; umskwes poktiim- 

Primitive, Sakawa' 

umskwes' ; Saak ; 

Tiimk ; 


Primogenial, Mcltamekedamkawa'; Meltame- 

Prince, elegawii'; elegawit' ookwisul ; clega- 

Princedom, elegawoode. 
Princess, clegawecskw ; elegawit' ootoosul. 
Principal, l^ejulckuloolk' ; Mowwekuloolk' ; 

Mowweespae ; .Mowwecspfhik. 
Principal, Ounoo'jawe; Cllesakumowe; Mowwe- 

Principality, clegawoode ; Sakumowwoode ; 

elc^awaage ; Sakumowwaage. 
To Print, Ledakunwetkuga'. 
A Print, Letlakunwecgasd<. 
A Printer, Noojeledakunweeki'iga. 
Prior, Tuiid<riwa' :'.vesawiV. 
A Prison, Laplosoon. 
The inner prison, 15etoce-laplesoon. 
To Prison, ((miinsini.) l'(.i.ialrd< laplesoonk'. 



here illiis- 
? the title 
icsts with 
,ct. Then 
1 to siibsti- 
it the two 
crent, but 


Wobun ; 
n mow we- 

s poktiini- 

; 'Nkane- 

Tumk ; 


1 ; clegfi- 

ikuloolk' ; 

; Mowwe- 

iwwoode ; 

A Prisoner, kostcjoo ; Tan pcja'loot laple- 

Pristine, uinskwcsnwriwn' : Saka'-vnyfi'. 
Privacy, kcmOiKldokfuvri' ; kimtookawa'. 
Private, kcmuoduok ; kimtouk ; .Moo masoo- 

Privilege, uscdadadimkawa'; liseda'drikun ; 

To Privilege, uscdrdumak' ; If,'uiiumak'. 

To Profane, Mejepaadoo nikskaniawaii ; Tclaa- 
doo nadoi. k()<;oori nikskamriwa' oobiMiol;e- 

To be Profane, Winaboogooa' ; .Maksk't'lta- 
kuiic-trdaah1k Nikskanui. 

Profession, 'N'tumddakun ; 'Ntloogowokiinum. 

This is my profession, Na noojolookwjd^-m. 

To Proffer, kcsmununi ; kcsinuiiumak'. 

Proficiency, ajeoolaookun ; ajcooletuladcgcmk'. 

Privily, kcmoodook ; kinitook ; Moo masoo- Proficient, Tan kescajeoola'dc-et ; ajeoolel 

A Privy, iMcjunogwom ; Apchaach wcnjceg- 



A Prize, uksid^oo'dakun. 

To Prize, Mcgowtoogwa'; Tciedaadiim oomow- 

WL'krdoo'llCunin ; Mcgedaadum ; Mcgodaa- 

d u m . 
Probable, Chiptookawa' ; Jloo maswetulea'- 

Probity, kokwojeda'dakun ; Welmiidoomk'. 
To Proceed, kunckaa! alea', elumea' ; Seow- 

a.-rse ; Scowccliawistoo. 
Proceeds, Tan wejeak'; Tan wejiskalcak' ; Tan 


gwa' ; ajeoolf kciiamookse. 
A Profile, Akiuleweegasit nadoo wenu. 
Profit, ."., kaneawoode. 
To Profit, kancawe. (N. 15. This word is 

wonderfully like the I' word yniii. 

It may be from the I'rench (joijinr, but 

ihis is very unlikely See also Hebrew 

hnviih ,, Wt'labcdum ; Tatkaak. 

What profit is it? Talooegcdoo? 
It profits in this way, Telooegedoo. 
Profit, /'., kaneawoode ; kaneawimkawa' , WC-I- 

abedumoookun ; Welabedumoookuna' ; Tat- 


I Profitless, Moo tatkaanook. 
Procession, Mowwepoogwelkik mowepume- i Profligate, Mowwewinmudoo ; Moo trdekuloo'- 

daaiik. ^ , • , ,> _ 

■ su ; apchewina dega. 

To Proclaim, alesowwa' ; etlintowwa'. \ profound, Uemik ; Mowwinsutooae. 

Proclamation, alesowwemkawa' utpioo'dakun. , Progenitor, SakawfKKh ; Iktooen.k.kamich'; 

Noo'ch ; Nik.skamich'. 

To Procrastinate, esedumska'dega 
To Procreate, W'eskijenooa'looa'. 
Prodigal, iiooskemegodega' ; Booskiksuga'- 

Progeny, Ncjmk'; Tanik wedabeksooltijik 
'ntcniidv ; Tan telajioodum. 

■n J- • ,t •-.,,, T, ,, . ' Prognosticate, Neganeagunoodum. 

rrodlglOUS, Mowmisugilk' ; Pakrdeioookunim- T>,^° „„4.- „.„„ v • - - ,. 

. . , , , , . , I r'rognosticator, Noojenegaiieagunoodum ; 

,sni;eek ; ku.senakuleiocokuna . \ ^. ., , . . ^ 


Prodigy, tmfdsiktumumk'; rakulcioookun ; 

To see or hear a prodigy, emulsiktumei'. 

To Produce, Naya'dega ; Nayaadoo : Nayaa- 
ink ; Masooaadoo; Masooaaluk ; kesaadoo. 

Produce, n., Kgadakunemanid ; Tanid wcje- 

Prognostication, 'Nkaneagunoodasik ; 'Nkane- 

kenamasoodc ; 'Nkaneagunooduniakun. 
Progress, Pemeemk' ; fdaadimk' ; ek-daamk ; 

To Prohibit, WetKooIk'; Tcbloodum moo 
)l<cscda.sin ; 1 clkimk " Moo ukluhi'dr^ow 


lieagul egadakim iktook ; Tanul ajeagid. Prohibition, W etkooLsoode 'ntubloodakunau ; 
^t, (^a),n',i^ Prodac,') utploodakun tan moo usedadumook tan 


Profanation, Makskeltakun oochit' Nikskam. 

pasLik koooofi' ooluhula^inu. 





To Project, 


i I'., clt'.^a' ; Tclekesedrifidum ; 
;;!' ; kwclooedaruirini. 
To project over, *'. int , cba.looonik.iasik. 
To make it project over, cbadouomkaadoo. 
Prolific, Welcj^wck'. 

Prolocutor, Noj^anekuloose; Neijaiiawistoo. 
To Prolong, Aasum ; Ank()(.ol)c<^,uluni ; 

Asuinaaso ; I'ctogwaaddo ; PctLij;aaluk. 
Prominent, csijaak ; Nakumaseak' ooiiumce- 

Promiscuous, Milewcagadasi^uI ; Milckabaks- 

To Promise, Telooa' 'niriktooctuladcgcnii ; 

Tclimk nadoo wen 'ntriktooeigunuman' 

iiadoo kogooau. (N. H — Singularly enough 

there seems to be no one word in Micmac 

corresponding to the Knglish (o j>r(>iiiin('.J 
A Promise, riloowedumasot)odea' telooemk' 

oociiil' tai'. 'rdadoodes oochit' nadoo wcnu. 
Promontoiy, kwesowksfulk ; kespidd\Sowaak. 
To Promote, Aboguniimak'; Aboguiuiniadum ; 

espaalrds. alsoo'sood' iktook ; ajikpunicdaa- 

I u m k . 
Prompt, keskajac ; Sasak'use; Moo nakaju ; 
To Prompt, -Moonseial-.' ; Aasimk ; Masagaa- 

irdv ; Masaga'dega'. 
A Prompter, i^^oojemasag-i'-lega ; Noojckena- 

To Promulgate, Masooe-agunoodumci' ; kakei- 

Promulgation, kakeibkakwe-agunooduinumk'. 
Promulgator, Nooje-kakeibahkwc-agunood- 

Prone, Ogrilimikwege ; Ogulundxwaasc ; 

Apciiebulkwea' ; ejinkwaase; cjedinn- 

To fall prone, ejedoonkwedesin'. 
To Pronounce, keloose ; Weskoodnm ; Ned- 

owwa' : Weduni ; etlanioodiun. 

To pronounce a syllable long, I'etlamoo- 

duni ; regelaintJoduni. 
To pronounce it short, Tegwokjeehlamoc- 

I cannot pronounce it, Mascwedum. 

To pronounce authoritatively, Melkckijloo- 

duni : 'lelkedum ; Tebloodrim. 
Pronunciation, Teiamoodunuimk' ; etlamoo- 

Proof, uloowedumasoode ; Kwejaldimk; asim- 

tinikawii' ; Kwejaltimkawa' ; Kwejaldim- 

To Prop, Mrdkobakum. 
A Prop, Ku'eegnn ; kidegwodigiin ; Malkiiee- 

gun ; Malkweiigiin : kidokigun. 
To Propagate, c. int., Wcnjune; Pegwele- 

To Propagate, *•. tr., ankooaadoo ; ankooa'- 

lugik ; eiegweriumei' ; kesegwenfimei'. 
Propagation, Seowweankooadoomk' ; Seow- 

wewenjunooltiink' ; Seowwewedilbeksool- 

timk'; ajjchevvejiskaleaadimk ; Tan seow- 

To Propel, I'oktudeskak' ; csogwaadoo ; keje- 

mokchaadoo ; Kesniuga' ; Kesmaadoo ; 

l\.esn-.aalid< ; Kesmugak'. 
Propensity, I'avvotiimiigawri'. 
Proper, VVeleak' ; Kokwojeak' '; Weletiila'- 

Property, 'Nlalcgem'; 'Ntapsoon : 'Xtalegam'; 

Noolapson ; Neiil ; keiil ; weiil ; Mi/, Unj, 

h In. jii'iiiir it ;/. 
Prophesy, Neganagtinoodiimakun ; Neganik- 

chijelegawenooa'dakun ; N eganikchije teg- 

awe nooa'dakadimkawa'. 

A Prophet, Neganikchijetegawenoo. 
To Prophesy, Neganeagruiooduniei' ; Neg- 
I anikcli:jetegilwcnooa'deg;i. 

I A Prophetess, Xeganikchijetegawenooccskw. 
Propinquity, Kweiikilwa' ; Kejegowawa ; 

VVejoo-owwa ; I ebowawa. 
Propitiation, Ilkwija'degemk' ; Ilkvvija'dakun. 
Propitiator, Nooje-ilkwija'dega'. 
Propitious, Welnuidoo' ; Keloose'; Booskea- 

Proportion, Tan wejeoolewajeedigul. 
To Proportion, W'eletulaadoo ; Welekokwojc- 
I kesedoooi) rd ; Teladoooiud nadoo kogooaal 



EN"f;i.rsir-MTc>rAc nrcTioxARY. 


Proprietor, Wcdalegame ; Wctapsoonc ; kak- 

Prorogation, Noojitploo-dakadimkawa' cjigul- 

adC'^ciiik' ; cji;;iiladcj^enik' mowwoomc noo- 

To Prorogue, ruiedniuinkik noojitploodakaijik 

mov.'wcdaajik ootulma'dinnvvu. 
Proscription, VVcumajeilsoodakun. 
To Prosecute, Tcbloo'mk ; mcsimk'. 
Prosecution, 'rcbloodumuk'; Mcsimtimkawa' 

ooskalook Moojo-ilsoodcgctu. 
Prosecutor, NoojimsuL^aaduk. 
Proselyte, Tan kewonskaaduk ootalsasoodum- 

Prospect, kunck ncmedoomk'. 
Prospect, />/•• v„ Naspa'dakun. 
To Prosper, Wclae ; Pcmeuolae ; Pcmeoola'- 

Prosperity, oolaakim ; \vcladc,i;cmk'. 
To Prostitute, Abankudookse oochil' ijlovva. 

A Prostitute, Padwoomuneeskw; fibit tan 

ncdoocskctlok ootenin oochil' cloowawoodc; 

abankudum oochit' eloowavvoode. 
Prostrate, Makumegck' elesin ; cjetooom- 


To Prostrate one's self, rjetooornkwaase 

makumcgcgu ; cjctooomkwL'suniaase. 
To Protect, AnkwAak' ; cgalk' ; kclegadum ; 

kelegalk' ; apkooaadoo ; akooaaluk; akoo- 

aadoo ; apkoo'lak ; apkooolk' ; apkoo'skiitn ; 

Maskvvaaluk ; Maskwaadoo. 
To Protect myself, ankwaase ; cgaaluse ; 

Neskvvei ; kedooopse ; apkooa'luse ; Mas- 

Protection, owwcutkudaagun ; clegasoode ; 

apkooek' ; apkoosk'. 
Protector, Noojeankodt-ga ; Noojiihsutovvvve- 

wa' ; Nonjeegalooa'. 
A Protestant, Moo alasoodumak'. (L't. He ' 

dues not iiraij.J Moo kloochcovvlusikw. ' 

He, docs not civus hivisrlf. \ 

A Protest, kekaje-kidoosimk. I 

To Protest, IMcIkckuloose ; Mclkuhskoo- 
: duni ; .Mrlkc-lo(jcdun)asc. 

j To Protract, Pctogwaadoo. 

Protrude, XegwaMcga ; Negwaadoo ; Nc- 


Protuberance, kcjcmooktck. 

Proud, LintLske. 
' To look proud, cmteskjlb.iwe ; kcscmudcske. 

To have a proud bearing, cmtcskedDodum , 

, To Prove, (To pat to the proof,) Kwejaadoo ; 
j k\vcjaalid\. 

To Prove, (To coDiinn.) clooeduma-e. 
: Provender, \>k' wcloool. 

j Proverb, kcnamatinawa sakawau ; Sakawa' 
j ctlawistunik iicstooaboogoocnikavvari. 

To Provide, kclaak' ; Noodankoci' ; Ajelaa- 
j doo ; akunaak' ; Ajcl.i'dcga. 

Provider, Noojenoodaidvooci'; Nnojeajc-kadcga'. 

To provide for one's own self, ajchi'luse. 
Province, Gubidnolawaage ; Sakumowwaage, 
Provincial, Gubrdnohlwa'gca ; Sakumuwwa- 

Provision, Mcchipchaw.i' ; Xccmakun. 

To make provision for a journey, Noemei. 

Provocation, 'lat'TdcdarKlakun. 

To Provoke, Wcgciak' ; Tagahlak' ; Taga!- 


To provoke him by a blow, Tagaliaak ; 

Provoker, 15oosketagrdodcga ; J^oosketadal- 

Prow, 0(jsk'.l'; Saliskool. 

To turn the prow of the "ship," kewiie- 


To paddle with the prow paddle, Wcskal- 

Prowess, kcnapawimk' ; A'nlgcdaasoode. 
To prowl, Weisis niccbipchavsa-wegaktumal' ; 

Proximate, WCjoocw'; ajuhchooow'; adusawa'. 
Proxy, Napkak oolCnnoguiium iktook. 
Prudence, 'NsutooOgun. 

! ■ "■ ■ ■ MMI M— g— " « w » %"J ^J«w « l!WB< ....j5ij'j 



Prudent, Booske-ruikwaasc ; N;1stooae ; Ncci- 

ovvwotuladci^ri' tan pasuk koi^oofi' iktook ; 

Wclikcliijcdoo tan kugooa' dcpkadik ootiil- 

To Prune, kajipkoontaaga ; knjipkoontaam ; 

Nakriii,sku(lriai;ri; MoosegAtkoontaam ; Moo- 

To Pry, kcsckemaptcga' ; Togiimajodum ; Pc- 

To Pry, (vith (I li(iii(lspil,r.J I'c.segwegwodum ; 

Ncpscgwodrmi ; Mcni'gwoduin. 
A Pry, koolprijaagun. 
A Psalm, alasoodrimakun-abCgeAkun. 
Psalter, Alasoodumakunabegcakunri' weegad'i- 

Pseudo, kcspoogwa'dakutie. 
Puberty, Chenuniot)a'; abilawea'. 
A Publican, (Heibul iktook); Noojemovvwa- 

dok elegfuvitavvfi' sooleawa ; (ctlawistoom- 

kavva' iktook) ; Tan I'ctubct ; Tan aisoosit 


Publick,Pageik; 'Msiit tame;' Msiit tan tasimk. 

Pubnico, /'/■. v., Pogomkook. 

To Publish, Mcstciagunoodiim ; Sasagiinoo- 

dum ; Sa^aganoodiunci'. 
To publish banns, clawistumk'. 
To Tucker, cliisaadoo ; vvcjedaaadoo. 
To Pudder, apchescsiicnumei'. 
Pudding, Saban' ; Pcltcgavva' ; iiooncskwobe- 

A Puddle, Wolkobaktck. 
Puerile, Mijooajcchwa ; ulbadoojechwa'. 
Puerility, MijoajejooaMakim ; ulbadoojejooa'- 

To Puff, Pootooodum ; Poo'tooa ; Paskulame; 

The porpoise puffs, Wcdawel'amit. 
To be puffed out, Pootowwaasik. 

The cheeks are puffed out, Pootowwegwei'. 

A Puffin, fii lilidj kcskeskoonajit. 

Pugnacious, Bookske-matunaaga; Rooskcka- 
mcoduoa' ; Tagaiookse ; Pooskubkwom- : 
koose. I 

Pugnacity, Booskctagalooksimk , Hooskuli- 

Puisne, fpn-w,) Malchawa'jooe ; upchaaje. 
Puissance, Mulgigunode. 
Puissant, Mclklgunei'. 
To Puke, Srikudume. 
A Puke, Sokudcmaloock' 'mpesoon. 
To make any one puke. 

To cdii.Kp, vmuitiinj, Sokudcmalooa'. 
To cause him to puke, SokudCmaaluk. 
Pulcritude, kiiloo'soodc. 
To Pule, Sesegc ; utkcdcme. 
To Pull, clajedoo' ; elajedcga' ; cledejedega' ; 

eladej'cdoo; Wcsooonska'dcga' ; Wesooon- 

skaadoo ; clmadcj'cdcga' ; chnadcj'cdoo ; 

clkunadeja'dcga ; Clkunadcjaadoo ; Wcsooa'- 

dcgil ; Pcgowtcgaadoo. 
To pull it out from among the rocks, 

Panogopskaadoo ; Banogopska'dcga ; lian- 

To pull up by the roots, ketpiska'dega' ; 

kiitpiskaadoo ; kctpiskaaiiik ; ketpiskodoo ; 

To pull down, MitlkojaajTi ; Malkojoktoo. 
To pull him out of the water, or out of 

a "ship," VVcjipkiidaaliik ; Wcjipkudaa- 

doo ; Wejipkuda'dcga. 
To pull it away from him, kcgalogunumak'. 
To be pulling it away from each other, 

kcgidoguniimadeck'. (Hence the name of 

a cross-cut saiu, kcgijlogiiniimadimkavva'. 

TIh> thing thei/ pull auKiij from each other.) 
A Pullet, kegulegvvesees. 
A Pulley, Piptugopskujeejit. 
Pulmonary, Oopunkfuva'. 
Pulpit, iJtlepedoomk'. 
The Pulse, Matagaasik. 
To Pulverise, Noogwaadoo; Pegajenoogvvaa- 

doo ; Noo'goom ; kakeinoogoopkaadou ; 

Noogoopkaadoo ; Nooktaam ; Nooktaaga. 
A Pump, 'Nkiineegima. 
To Pump, Nakiinecga ; Chikchclooja'dcga'. 
A Pumper, Noojinkuneega. 



A Pumpkin, cchkooclikool ; cchkooaakw. 

Pumpkin Island, /'/•. v., Sumskwcs'. 

A Punch, Saptafigiin ; Sribudeccl'.j'^Hiii. 

To Punch, Sabcd6ktaa<r;l ; Sabudeedaaga ; 

Sabt-doktaam ; Sabcdecdaam. 
Punctual, kokwojea ; kokwoje-tula'dega. 
Puncture, I'aoochalkujeech. 
Pungent, Aliktck'; Aliktaasik. 
To punish, Mataak; VVenmajaak' ; Wcnmaje- 

Punishment, Matoltimk; Mataimk; Wenmaje- 

Puny, Malchavvaajooit ; aoolaajit; Kesenoogo- 

mooksit; IS'oojemoo. 
A Pup, f>i pup'pyj ulumoojeech. 
To Pup, Penesiimit'. 
The pupil of the eye, 'mptikika ulnoojech, 

I'/ie little man of the eye. 
A Pupil, (a student,) Pcmekenoodiimoot' ; 

Purblind, Wcjooasabe. 
To Purchase, Pegwodclega' ; Pcgwodelum; 

kestclcga' ; Wcltelega' ; Pcgvvodclak'. 
A Purchase, upkwodel'igun ; PcgwoLlelegemk'. 
Pure, Booktakayak' ; VVokumik'; Wokiimaak; 

Wontukinsaak, (clarified by settling.) 
Purgatory, Sespaswa'kade. 
To Purge, Wokumaadoo; Wokumaaluk ; 
Moosegvv6dum ; Paootaaga; Paootaam ; 


A Purge, 'Mpesodn. 

Purificatory, Purificative, Wukumadcggm- 

Purity, Wokumadakun ; Wokiima'lsoode. 
To Purl, Wcdawomkitk, 

To Purloin, kemootrmiadum. 

Purloiner, ki'imootuucs'. 

Purple, Mooskoonemckpedck'. 

To Purport, To Purpose, Tclcdaadum; Na 

To Purr, VVcdowtakunooet' : Mcdcdoksit ; 

A Purse, Sooleawaya-ktimoode. 
Purseproud, Wcjimtcske 'nsooleawaiim iktook. 
The Purser, Etle nooje abankudooa' 'ntubloo'l- 

To Pursue, Majnolkwolk' ; Majoolkvvodum. 
Purtenance, Weisis oosiigeskcnigun. 
Pus, VVokayow'. 

There is a discharge of pus, Wokayoweak'. 

To Push, kijsumaadoo ; kesmadcjaadoo ; kcs- 
manskaadoo; kcjemokchaaluk ; kcsumaa- 
luk ; kesmiiga' ; kcsmijgak' ; clogaadoo ; 

A Puss, A Pussy, Mcowch' ; ableegumooch'. 

Pustule, Booguleawa'. 

Pustulous, Boogulcavvaeak'. 

To put down, Egaadoo; ligaaluk. 

To put in, Pejaadoo; Pejaaluk. 

To put on top, kakvva'dcgu' ; kakwaadoo ; 

To put on a garment, Nasaadoo. 

Putrefaction, Soogrdugamk'. 

To Putrefy, Soogulugak' ; clskwect. 

The carcase of a bear is putrefying, 

clmak.iyct' ; clkfijaal ; clotoogeak'. 
Putridness, (Same as Putrefaction.) 
To Putter, Papelookwa'. 
Putty, ulchugunigun ; Amehigunigiin. 
A Pyx, kuinuneavvoodca-kimioode. 



T'lxr.LTsir-Mrr^rAC DirnoNARV. 


To Quack, apcliceclikumoochooeesit. 

A quack doctor, riksribooj^vvok'rme-mabalafi- 

A Quadrangle, Tctnninsunasik. 
Quadruped, Wcisis ; Nawckatat'. 
To Quaff, I'esnkusamookwei. 
Quaggy, l^ul^ovvvvri' ; I'tjlkwej^a'. 
Quagmire, Telkwck'; Hul<;ow'. 
To Quake, Ncnkiulcsin'. 
To Qualify, lilaaliik ; kcskajaaluk ; Elaluse ; 

\\ clekciioodumaali'ik. 
Qualification, kcskajakiimk ; Elaldimk ; Wcle- 

Quality, Tan telfiak ; Tan tela'dasik. 
Qualm, Nakamclooaamk'. 
Quandary, Aswcda'dakun 
To be in a quandary, Mogwa' kejcdoo tan 

dcpkadik 'ntulaclc;;cn', 
A Quarrel, Ta^alaimk ; 1 a-aloodooltimk' ; 

kamodimk ; kaniedooitimk. 
To Quarrel, I'adakaya' ; Taj;ak)odoolteek' ; 

kani(.'dcj;a' ; kamedcck' ; kameduolteck'. 
Quarrelsome, T.lgalookse; Hooskuhkwome- 

A Quarry, koondawaakade ; koondavva'gum- 

A quarry man, Ts'oojekoondawaaga ; kcdaps- 

A Quarter, ka'ltea. (From the French, 

To Quarter, kaltcdaak. 
Quartz, kak-ilopskusow'. 
To Quat;'., 'cetoo ; l-Jaskujcgum ; kakched- 

gston ; ' , [cI'L^dcskak'. 

Queasy, i- ..i- ^r --looae. 

Quebec, pr. a., Kt-bck. (Narrows in a river. 
This is evicientl}' the origin of the name of 
the celebrated uld city that bears it. The 
French pronunciation is exactly that of 

the Micmac— " kcbck." The 'Narrows" 

above Halifax bear the same name in 

A Queen, clegaweeskw. 
Queer, Wigwosamkoose ; WigwSsae ; Wig- 

wosamook' ; Ncmtowaak. 
To Quell, WiswigCinodcga' ; Wiswiguneruk' ; 

lipajaak' ; Wiswigimcdiim. 
To Quench, emtoodooa' ; Nakasooabaadoo ! 

NakasDoaadoo ; Naka.sooaam ; Nakasoo- 

cgfi' ; apchinkusaadoo. 
To have quenched my thirst, kecjuba. 
Quenchless, Moo kesinkasaanook; Masinkas- 

Querimonious, Booske-amsclaboogooa'. 
A Query, IVbanegcsimk ; Pebanimtimkawa'. 
To Query, I'ebanegese. 

Question, Pebanimtimkawa' ; Pebanegcsimk. 
To Question, Pebanegcse ; Pebanimk. 
Questioner, Noojepebanegcse. 
Quick, Memajik ; Memaje ; Nankiimea ; Sesa- 

kuse ; Noksaniimei. 
Quick, Quickly, ailv., Chakuluii'; Wiskuii ; 

Nankumiiu ; Nokse-wisknii. 
To see quick, Nokse-nrunedega'. 
To'Come quick, Noksipkcsin'. 
To build quick, Nokseegei. 
To cure quick, (as a medicine), Noksepee- 

To be Quiet, VVontukfiya' ; Wontiikaase ; 

Quiet, n., Wontukode; Atlasmoode. 
All around is quiet, Chiktek'. 
To quiet him, Wontiikaaluk ; apkoonooolk'. 
To quiet it, Chakulaslum. 
I cannot keep quiet. Moo booja'degow. 
I cannot keep him quiet, Moo booja'- 

Quietude, Woniiikode. 



fluietly, <uh\ Wontiiku. TAs a prc/ix, Won- 

A Quill, Pcs"^n. 
A goose quill, Oosuka.'jei' ; iifar., Oostik- 

A porcupine quill, kowe; /-/«/•., koweek. 
To adorn with porcupine quills, clowega'- 

clc^'fi ; clowej^aadoo. 
To Quilt, Mcstrij^eesowwa' ; Mestugeesiim. 
A Quilt, Mcstunresrisikriwa'. 
Quinquangular, Nankul kcjegasikul. 

Quinquennial, Naneboonkogriwri'. 

To Quit, HociiaMcga' ; Hooiiaadoo ; Hoonaa- 

liik ; BoDnajocirim ; Rooiiajimk; Honajaak'. 
To quit thinking of it, Hoonajedarulum ; 

Quiver, (iwron' niKf), Piisakrimoode. 
To Quiver, Mcdipkusin'. 
To Quiz, kckajc-pebanegose. 
Quoit, Soobaleawoode. 
To play at quoits, Soobalawe. 
Quotidian, Tasegiskflgawa. 


A rabbit, ableegumooch ; Wenjooe-ablecgum- 

To hunt rabbits, Nootka'gooei. 
A rabble, Meinajooc-nook' mowwedaajik ak 

Rabid, cloowawit ; kwedadoodum ; Mcdoofie ; 

To race, (on foot), Negatiinawa'. 
To race with each other, Ncgatunodeck'. 
To race in canoes or boats, 
A race horse, NegatrmSwaasum. 
A race, (stod-. i<uniJii, l-c). 
To be of such race, Tclagoodiim ; Na wcd- 

abckse ; Tclabckse. 
Of what race am I? Talagoodum? 
To be of the Indian race, ulnooagondum. 
To be of the Miomac race, Megumawa- 

good u m . 

To be of the Maliseet race, Malisetawa- 


To be of the Mohawk race, kwcdcchooa'- 

To be of the English race, Aglaseawa'- 

To be of the French race, VVCnjooa'goo- 

To be of the Irish race, clnada awa'goodum. 

I am of the Scotch race, Skoclmicnawa'- 


I am of many races, Pegwclagoodum , 

I am of one race, Naooktagoodrim. 

I am of two races, Tabooagoodum 

I am of three races, Nasagoodum. 

A racer, Noojenegatunowwa. 

A rack, Wenmajrxlcgck' kesa'dakfin. 

To rack, Wenmajaak' ; Amaskwibuniiak'. 

Racket, Scspenoksooltimk' ; kiisimtcdcsk'. 

Racket, (n, siunv shuc), Akiim. 

I walk on rackets, Akumeem. 

I walk without rackets, Maasuda., (See 

snow nhue.) 
Raccoon, Amalchoogwcrh'. 
Radiant, Baktasik; Haktadck' ; Pedeoktck' ; 

kcsadck' ; VVosogwaasik. 
To raffle, Olegc-doo. 
A raft, Suiigadigun. 
To raft, Suiigadiguna'dega. 
Rafter, kideegun. 
A rag, Mesegun ; MescgQnooch'. 
To be ragged, Scgwiskea'; MesiHsae ; Mjs- 

Raggedness, Segwiskccmk '; Mesulsaamk. 
Ragged Islands, in; n., Mcdascdaskwck. 





Raggamuffin, Hooskcskwiskcfi'; Hooskemesul- 

sae ; apchemesulsac ; Mowweaoolaje ; Moo 

Kagman, Noojemcscgrmaaga ; Noojemescgun- 

Rage, Hooskuhkweioode ; kusuhkweiooile. 
To rage, kcsuhkweie. 
A rail, (niHnHj), Lokwa'dakim. 
To rail, Winaboogooa'. 
Raiment, Mtokwon'. 
To rain, kikpasak'. 
Rain, /'., kikpasan' ; kikpasanpe ; kikpasan- 

Rainbow, Wolkwon' ; MunkwSn'. 
Rainy, kikpasana'. 
A rainy day, kikpasanegiskrik. 
A heavy rain, WL-lakuiiaamAk'. 
We are going to have rain, kcdookikpa- 

To raise, c. />•., Ncpsa'dega' ; Ncpsaadoo ; 

Ncpsaaluk ; cspudcga'dcga' ; csj)uclcgaadoo; 

esiiudcgaaluk ; kakwa'dcga ; kakwaadoo ; 

kakwaaluk ; Ncmchaase ; Ncmchaadoo ; 

Nemchaaluk; Ncmchaagulk; Wcnaga'dcga' ; 

^Vc'nagaaluk ; Wcnagaase ; Wcnakokwa'- 

dcga' ; WC'iiakokwaadoo ; Wcnakukwaaluk. 
To " raise " bread, abedaadei ; Sbedaadoo. 
To raise up his head for him on a pillow, 

&C,, Akumkwcsumaaluk ; Paskvvesumaa- 

To raise up my own head on a pillow, 

&C., Akiinikwcsumaase. 
To raise crops, kesegwcnumei'; kesegvvenum : 

kcsegwciik' ; Wclegwt-niimei. 
A raisin, Skudomin ; Wcnjooiipskoonakun ; 

A rake, A raker, Mowskeguna'. 
To rake hay, Mowskega'. 
A raker, (n man whose buainena is to rake), 

To rally, i. Mowkwimkik. 2. Malegimk'. 
To ram, (tu drive ivitli force), clmudaaga; 

ciniudaam ; esuiitaaga; csuntaam. 

A ram, Chechkflooaooch netolow'. 

To ramble, Yalaase ; Milkfne. 

A ramble, Y.lla'dimk; Yaledaamk; Milkcn- 

i ni l< , 
A rambler, I'ooskcyalaase ; I3ooskemilkcne; 

Ramification, Pcgwcle-tips^tkoonikawa'. 
To ramify, Wc'lewctkoonaasik ; Pegvvclcwct- 

koonik; Wejcgwcgul ; VVcdabcgul; Weje- 

A rammer, (for a nun), SansSkudaagun. 
Rammish, Winemaak. 
To ramp, kL'Scnonakuya'. 
Rampant, Milaase; Pooskeoonakaya' ; Mila- 

dcga' ; kcdoo-oonakuya'. 
Rampart, Wokriloosan. 
Rancid, kcdoosoogrilfigak' ; Winemaak. 
Rancorous, Cloowawe ; Mcdooechenumooe; 

Lok kakawac ; Jiooskiihkweic'. 
At random, kabaksu. 

To ransack, Aboocbka'dega; Aboochkaadoo. 
A ransom, AbajeabankCidoo-owwa' ; Abatcl- 

adimkavvaya' ; Abankudooovvwau ; Abajip- 

To ransom, Abajipkwodclum ; Abajipkwod- 

To rap, Masaktanga ; Masaktaam. 
Rapacious, Booskekumootuiicsooe. 
Rapid, ktsegavvaase ; Nakusaase ; Noksuu ; 

Chakiduu; Wiskiiu. 

The water flows rapidly, kesegowwitk' ; 

To walk rapidly, Nokselegaase. 
Rapids, Sogopskilk' ; Pakamkitk' ; kakwom- 


Rapier, cspoogwosik. 

Rapier fish, keneskoonech'. 

Rare, Moo pegwelinook' ; Owwejaachk ; 

Mt'godik ; Mowwekuloolk'. 
Rarely, Moo seowwu' ; Awesu ; Owwesu'. 
Rascal, kclooskabawe; Moo poolumudook. 
Rash, kekajodcgii' ; kabaksa'dega : Moo anko- 


Moo ankvvaasu tan tela'dega. 



A rash, ((t Inral-ivff (iiif), Mooskiksoncle. 
To be troubled with a rash, Mooskikse. 
A rasp, Lagitakfin. 
To rasp, clasitcKfi' ; clagitoo. 

A raspberry, kniedow'. 

A raspberry bush, kuIedoniAnokse ; kuledo- 

A field of raspberry bushes, kCiledomoose- 


A good place for raspberries, kuledoaa- 


To gather raspberries, kuledowaagfi. 

A swamp raspberry, kad'omin. 

A swamp raspberry bush, kadominokse. 

A rat, Abukclieech. 

Rate, Abankudooovva' tcbloo'diisik ; Alsoo'- 
soodea' elowtoogwemk'. 

To rate, clowtoogwa'. 

Rather, (vo exactly correfipondhifj word). Moo 
cnkooda comes somewhat near it ; as, ajiks- 
adum na moo cnkooda wegoola, / like this 
rather th nil (vot like) that; ajiksadumook' 
moo 'ntuleenii, " / had rather not go." Lit., 
1 would chootie not to go.) 

To rattle, v. int., Scsooakadcsk'; Medeak- 

To rattle it, v. tr., Medcdcstoo; iMcdeaka- 

To rattle, v, tr., MCdeakadoo'dijul ; Scsooaka- 

A rattle, Chegiimakun, (An Indian tain- 

To ravage, Segwiskaadoo ; kakeiskwiskaadoo. 
To rave, kcsedawcdOksc ; YTdgwoscgooci' ; 

To ravel, kcskoolkodoo; 
A raven, 'Alcliekakaakoo ; likchckakaakoo. 
To raven. To be ravenous, Mcsiktakunae ; 

Raw, cskafik. 
To eat raw fish, eskumaaga. (Hence the 

name of the " eskimo" Indians. " eaters of 

raiv JisIl." ) 

To eat what is raw, cskAdal'. 

To eat it raw, cskridfim ; C'skupk'. 

To raze, kakciksngaadoo ; .\Ic>kCinadcstoo. 

A razor, upskoudooa'makun. 

A razor fish, Sasrdjagwit. 

To reach, To reach out the hand, Schin- 

skaase ; clinskaaso, To rxich hither. 
To reach the hand this way, VVCchkwin- 

To reach it, Tcbunum; Tcbrmrik'; Tcbcg- 

vvodum ; Tcbinskadum ; clanskunum. 

I can scarcely reach him with my fist, 

To read, cgccdcgfi' ; cgcdum. 

I am about to read it, Natkcdiim. 

Ready, koskajae ; Noksanumei' ; kosaje. 

To get it ready, keskajaadoo. 

To get him ready, keskajaalfik. 

Real, kcdl'iwaya' ; Nelajoo ; Moo uksuboogwa- 

Reality, kcdlnwaoookQn. 
Realm, cicgawaage. 
Reanimate, Menooaluk. 

To reap, rcskwcsowwa'. 

To reap it, I'Cskwcsum. 

A reaper, Noojipskwcsowwa. 

A reaping hook, npskwcsogun ; koolumkwa'. 

To be rear, Amecdoktasik ; Akriduktasik. 

To rear up, (ok a horfiej, Ncmchcboogooaasit. 

To rear up children, Negcck. 

To rear it up, W Cnakokwaadoo ; Nemcheboo- 

To rear him up, Ncmcheboogooaaluk. 
Reason, Ncstoocdasoode. 
Reasonable, Tan kesiktlamsi:^itasis ; Tan 

tcltak' ak wcleak'. 
To reason, Pebanimtoolteek' ; VVagwamadool- 

To rebel, clistcga' ; clistiim ; ciist&k'. 
A rebel, Noojelistum. 
Rebellion, Noojelistfimugawa'. 
Rebound, Abajigcak' ;'; Abooikpck'. 
I To rebuild, apch aweegei. 



To rebuke, rclkimk'; rctkiduin ; Ncstooaa- 

Ii'ik ; NL'stooaboDgoofi' 
A rebuker, Noojckcnaniooa'. 
To recall, ri|)skwt';;inik'. 

To recede, cscclahoojiooaase. 

A receipt, kcsabaiikiulai-limkriwayri' wcegad- 

To receive, VVcswaadoo ; Wcswaaluk ; Mes'- 

>inum ; Mcsriiuik'; Wilkimk'. 
Recent, kL-jcgowau ; I'clii'. 
Recently, kLJo^owu. 
Receptacle, Oolakun. 
Reception, Wcswaaduomk. 
Recess, cloogoodimk' ncnkaasik ; kemoodoog- 

avva' poktuskaasik. 
To recite, Ctlawistoo ; Hootonecse ; kcloodum. 
To reckon, c'j;ilclia' ; c'<;cdiim ; Mowkwcdum ; 

llkcfim ; llkedrimci'. 
To reckon them together, NCspugimkik ; 

Ilkcdumakik. 1 

To recline, Akunikwosin ; Akumkwcsumaase. 
To recognize, kcjcduo ; kcjeck ; NC-medoo'; 


To recoil, csadcsk' ; csad'csin. 

To recollect, Migwedadtim ; Ncstooedaase ; 

To recommence, Minooaase; Minooaadoo 
A recompense, Abankudooowwa ; Abankudad- 

To recompense, Ancamkwa' ; Abankudiim. 
To reconcile, Kpajaak'; kakumadei' ; Ilkvvija'- 

dcgfi ; Ilkwijaaluk. 
Reconcilable, kakiimadow-oolsaoolkwa'. 
Reconcilement, Abiksiktadimkawa' ; Ilwija'- 

To record, awckum. 
A record, Awekiimugawa' ; Weegadigiin tan 

tct keseweegasigul kogooaal. 
Recorder, Noojeweekuga. 
To recover, r. tr., Abajimsunum. 
To recover, ('/mm sli'lntrssj, Maweiiwe. 
To recover one's senses, I'aagca. 
To recount, Apch cgMcha'. 

Recreation, relaksimk'. 

To recriminate, Mt;semadf)oltei5k'. 

To recruit, Ajcmulgigriiiaadoo. 

To rectify, Iledoo; Ilaadoo ; kokwt'ija'dcga' ; 

kokwojiiadoo ; kokwojaaluk ; Mcsinloo- 

Rectitude, knkwojcda'dAkun ; SSbawoodc ; 

W C'lnuicloomkavva'. 
Rector, Tan alsodsit ; Aglaseaoo padTdcas'. 
Recumbent, clcsin'. 
To recur, ap migwcdaadrim. 
Red, Mcgwfie ; Mcgwaak. 
To redden, Mi-gwaadoo ; Mcgwaaluk ; Mcgwa'- 

To grow red, Mcgwaca' ; Mcgwaasik ; Mcg- 

To redden it by heat, Mcgwa'jcsrim. 
Red cloth, Mckwtiikcnaak ; Mcgwck' vveir;gun. 
Red wood, fl'or <'<>l<>itriv<i)< Mcgwa'gawa'. 
To have a red beard, Mogwecdooa'. 
To have a red head, Mcgwoltoogwei'. 
A red crock, (jocuHeli/ Jur a red haul), 

A red rock, Mckwsaak; MCgvvdpskck. 
Red sand, Mc-gwomkuk 
Red ground, Mr^gakunicgck'. 
To have a red belly, Mcgwaskudeat'. 
To have a red back, MCgwipkamei'. 
To be coloured red, Mckwtusase. 
To die it red, Mckwiusum. 
It is coloured red, Mckwtukena'dasik. 
To be reddish, Mcktukonae. 
Coloured reddish, Mckwiudck. 
Red hot, Hooktowtek'. 
To heat it red hot, Hooktowsiim. 
To make it reddish, Mckwtukenaadoo. 
Red paint, Mcgokogunakun. 
To be painting red, Mcgokogfinowwa'. 
To paint it red, Mc^oko'gunum. 
To paint him red, Mcgokogunuk'. 
To paint something of my own red, 

Mcgokoguniei' ; Mcgokoguiuimase. 

To have a red face, Megwcgwei'. 


To be painted red, MfKokogrmum.lse ; Mc^'- 


To have red eyes, Mcy.lbulycgwei'; Mcgal- 

To have a red nose, Mtswiskonnci'. 
Red flannel, Mi';;\v(lvclicech. 
The red Indians, {»( SiirfimmUand), mikj., 

Mt'Kwaajc ; /<////•., Mcgwfi'jijik. 
To redeem, Abajiiikwodclcga'; Abajipkwod- 

t'lfim ; Abiljipkwnilclak'. 

A redeemer, Noojeabiijipkwoclclcgfi'. 

Our Redeemer, VVL-stowoolkw'. (hi r Saviour. 

Redemption, Abaji|)kwodclcgCmk' ; Oosuto- 

t;fiii. Siilrntii'ii, 
Redolent, Wclcmaak. 
Redundant, rcamcak'. 
Re-echo* Haktogowwaak ; clmogowwaak, 
A reed, Stisoo'skw. 
Reedy, ScsDoskwa. 
To reef, Acklkpcljwwa ; Adakpelum. 
To reek, Piksaboogea' ; Piksaboogooae. 
A reel, 'rctpedoclakuiuV. 
To reel, (wind tjurn), Tctpcdudcga ; Tetpe- 

To reel, (atagncrj, aljae ; alebulkwae ; Y.lle- 

bidkwae ; Pcskt-'cboogwa ; Yalcboogwfi' ; 

rdebulkvved'csin ; Yrdcbiilkwcd'csin. 
To refine, VVokumaadoo ; ajooolaadoo. 
Refinement, Wokumaldimk ; ajeoola'ldimk ; 

Refiner, Noojewokiima'dcga' ; Nooje-aje-oolo- 

To refit, Ilpogaadoo; Ilpcgaaluk. 
To reflect, Ankcdaase ; Migwcdaase ; Anke- 

To reform, Ilecluse; Apskwcdaase ak wclo- 

dcga ; llecdase ; Ilcedum. 
Refractory, kekajaase. 
To refrain, '•. <r., kesclumiik' ; Wctkoolk'. 
To refrain, v. int., Moo tcladcgow ; Wct- 

koolse ; Noktum. 
To be refreshed, Pelaksa'. 
Refreshment, Mechipchawa'; Atlasmimkawa'; 


Refrigerate, Tr^^abaadoo ; Tcs^'aadoo. 
Refuge, I A'gasoodc ; clc^asinik.iwa' ; Logasoo- 

To take refuge, cUpasc. 
To afford him a refuge, Plcg.llk' ; KgAlk'. 
A refugee, Si'^'isoociiod'. 
To refund, Al)ajral)aiikudum ; Abat'uiium. 
To refuse him, (irlmt hi- hhIh for), Alogwa' 

ip rill run ooAk' ; Aloostfim. 
To refuse himself mul itself, r-saak ; r-saani. 
Refuse, //., Pcwaska'dakim ; Scgoomc'siguii ; 

To refute, kcsiptogwnse. 
Regal, t'lcgfiwitriwa' ; clcgavvitawoodca'. 
Regalia, clcgnwadakuiri' ; Sakrimovv-oodcaal. 
To regard, Mcgcdaailum ; Mr'^cdrduiiiuk' ; 

kcpmaalTik ; kcpinaadoo ; kc-pmedri'lunuik ; 

kcpmcdadrim ; Wclapliim ; Welamk ; An- 

kaptfim : AnkAmk'. 
A regard, ukpumcda'dAkrin ; VVclaptumumk' ; 

cspfumkawa' ; Aiikaptrinuigawa'. 
Regency, clegawitawoode. 

To be Regent, Niipkak' Mcgfiwit. 
Regenerate, ((u be), Pclubskijcnooe ; Min- 

Regeneration, Pcluhskijenoodc; Minwuhs- 

Regiment, Srimagiinisooa' moweome. 
Regimentals, Sakumowoodeard. 
Region, Makiimegow' ; Tan pasuk nadamc mak- 

A register, Weegadigun tan tct wesoonfil 

To register, Ooweesoontim aweckum wee- 

gailigfin iktook. 
To regret, Mcskae; Mcskedadum ; Wcnmaje- 

Regular, kokwejeak' ; Woltck'; Wclpit ; VVCle- 

tiila'dasik ; kokvvojcliila'dasik. 
To regulate, Alsoodfim ; Alsoomkik; ko- 

kvvojaadoo ; kokwojaaluk ; Tcbloodum ; Ne- 

Regulation, titploo'dakun ; Tcbloodumumk'; 


i .. » i iii !, . HuiM »j yj ty H«ip .i' ^ 




To rchcnrso, Ni'spaljoogooa' ; Nrspaboogoo- 

niU'itn ; Apskwfiwi.stoo ; a^finoodrim. 
To reject, csedoMr'na ; c'si'daatloo ; Lscilaalfik ; 

csaak ; csaani ; Alwtdadum ; AlwcUa- 

lumuk' ; Alwedri'dtsa. 
Rejection, cseda'dLgcmk ; t-scdaadoomk ; 


To reign, ctlcclcf^awitawc. 
A reign, Tan trdoojcclcgawitawe; 'Ntclcgfi- 

To reimburse him, Ahatunrimak'. 
Reimbursement, AbatrinuiKldimkawri'. 
Rein, 'Mtoonabc. 

To rein, WcjciHsoomk' ootoonub' iktook. 
Reins, (tin' smdll of Ihr had'), clpesc ; .Ipchok- 

To rejoice, v. inf., Wcledaase ; Mowwoolc- 

To rejoice, r. Ir., Mowcoolaaluk ; Tclaaliik 

To rejoin, apch asu^adcck'. 
Rejoinder, uscdaboo^ooL-mk'. 
To reiterate, apskwoboogooa' ; Nababoo.'^ooa'. 
To rekindle, .1pcb mowsiigaadoo ; apchatkus- 

To relate, agunoodrim ; agunoodumci'. 
To relate to, Na tula'. 
Relations, Relatives, Nogumak'. 
He is a near relative, Wqcoowwagoodeck'. 
To relax, awa^aadoo ; awa<;iskaadoo ; cb- 

owiskadoooind ; Atlasmooluk' ; Atlasmoo- 

didk'; Atlasmoodoo ; Atlasmoodum. 

Relaxation, Atlasmoode. 

To release, Hoonaaluk ; Apkwaaluk. 

A release, Apkwaldimk' ; Hooiiaklnnk'. 

To relent, Mogwa' Ichibkweie ; Mogwa tclim 

Relentless, Mase aooledadcgow' ; Mowimtoo- 

Relic, Tan cskwoak' ; Segooimkiin'igun. 
Relict, Segoo'skvv. 
Relief, Aboyunumasoodc ; upkoonajunavva'da- 


To relieve, ripkoonitjunawaaluk ; rMlupkwaaluk ; 

rdfipkwca' ; AbogunrniiAk' ; Abognnriniooa'. 
Religion, Nikskamawa' clongoodiink ; Ala- 

.soodriiiuimk' i AlabuudriniakCinu' ; uktlain- 

To relinquish, Hoonaadoo ; Hoonaaluk. 
To relish, i\ tr., Wiktum ; Mcstum. 
To relish, v. int., Wclcmauk ; Wiktitsik ; 

Reluctant, Moo wi:lcd,'ulumoo; Moo wCIeda- 

dunioo tan tMadc'^au ; NakAlkcltum. 
To remain, Nakulimk ; Maach aum ; Ni-n- 

kaasc ; Ntspc ; .Macli cbe ; Moo poktum- 

kaasu ; c.skwea' ; I'c.lmcak' ; cskwcAk'. 
I let it remain, cskwaadoo. 
Remainder, Tan cskwcAk'; Segooimkfm'igiiT. 
A remark, kulooswokun ; ctlawistoomk'. 
To remark, clklwistoo ; Ankaptum. 

Remarkable, rakrilcioookuna'. 

A remedy, '.\lpcsoon ; AbogrMirmiasoodc. 

To remember, .Migwcdaadum ; Migweda'- 

dcga' ; Ncstoocdaase ; kc'lodaadum. 
To remember well what happened long 

ago, when I was young, ScbC-daase ; 

Remembrancer, Tan migwcdadegck' ; Mig- 

weda'-dAkuna' ; Migwegcdumugawa'. 
To remind, Migwimk'; Migwcgcdum. 
Reminiscence. Migwcdadc^cink'. 
Remiss, Maliij. 
Remission, Abiks'ktumugawa' ; Abiksiktadim- 


To remit, i. Sooleawa' clkcdiim ; 2. Abiksik- 

tum ; Abiksiktak'. 
Remnant, cskwadoomkawa' ; cskweedoom- 

Remorse, Aneapsoode ; VVcnmajeda'soode 

oocbil' L'loowavvoode. 
Remote, kunck'; Amasok'. 
To remove,,k\vC:sc: ajookse; Poktukvvue; 

To remove from place to place frequently 

with one's family, Miliksc. 



To romunernte, AbandrnlAk', 

Romunorntion, Al);inkfi(l()(»()wwri'. 

Rcnard, "//./Reynard, UUkwis' oowcsoonfim. 

To Rond, .Sf<ivviskaMi!'Ka' ; Sutrwiskmdoo ; Sr<r- 

wiske'na'dcg.i ; Scgwiskcnaailoo ; Scgwiskc- 

Rondozvous, ICllcmowwedaamk. 
To rendezvous, l^tlemowwcdaajik. 
To renew, lvi.di)s<>wri' ; I'oirdoogwSdflm ; 

rclodj^woiluin ; I'claloogvvulk. 
To renounce, cjigrilcdaraluin ; Ojigulcdaalumk ; 

Renown, Mcstci-Cspaimkaw.l' ; ukprimeda'dA- 

Rent, Taseboonki'igawa' abankiidooowvva' uochit 

ega'dakfin, ku'^iia' wcnjeegwom, &c. 
To repair, Mcsinloogwa'; McsiidookwoJurn. 

To repair a snowshoe, Mrsnnakrimcga'. 
To repair a net, Mcsimab'-^Maluk. 
To repair a canoe, or a " ship," Mcsundoole. 
A repairer, Noujimsunloogwa'. 

Reparable, kcsimsuna'dasis. 

Reparation, Abankudooowwa' oochil' achkun- 

aoookun ; Ankajcetinikfiwa'. 
To make reparation, Ankajeewa ; Ankajcek. 
To repass, Abajoseowwaasc ; apch seowwaase. 
Repast, Mijosimk'! Mijosooltimk'. 
To repay, Abaje-abankiuirim. 
Repayment, Abajc-abaiikudooowwa'. 
To repeal, kewonskaadoo ; Sasawaadoo 

utploo'dakrni ; kcskadcskiiir.. 
To repeat, Apch tclaadoo ; Apch naookta 

wcskoodum; Scowvvaadoo ; NCspabougoua' ; 


Repeatedly, Seowwu'. 

To hit him repeatedly, Ilkumk'. 

To repel, csadaak ; I'ji^idaaliik ; csadaadoo. 

To repent, Apskwedaridum ; Lok wcnmajae 

oochit 'ntiilf)owawoodim ; aneapse. 
Repentance, Wcnmajcda'soodc oochit' tiloo- 

Repetition, (of ivnrds), NCspaboogooomkawa'. 

To roplne, Sr-spPdaasc , Wonm.ljcdaasc ; Hoos- 

To replace, AbAjc-cgaadoo ; AbAjc-cgaaluk ; 

To replenish, AbAjc-pitkumSdrim ; .Ip mow- 

To reply, uscti^grdoose ; fisctcguloolk' ; iiso- 

dtiuk' ; Wt'dawaadoo. 
A reply, nsL'trgrdoosimk, 
To report, AgrmoodCimci'; itgijuooch'un ; Wcs- 

A report, Telsritumumk' ; Agunoodrimakuii. 
The report of a gun, VVtjd.iwith-ik'. 
To hear n report, { ////'wj Tclsfitrmioi'. 
To repose, /■. //*/., Atlasmc. 
To repose, »-. (r., Atlasmook' ; Atlasmoo'doolk. 
Repose, //., Atlasmoode ; Wontukodc. 
Rcposite, Maskwaadoo. 
Repository, Ma.skwadakrina'krimoode. 
To reprehend, I'cikimk'; I'ctkcgcdum. 
Reprehensible, I'adadcga' ; Obula'dC-ga ; Dcp- 

kadik 'iipctkimkoosin. 

To represent, Nayaadoo; Pakciagunoodum ; 

'rt'''im stfigfi' sodC'I ncmecgoosijcl'. 
To reprimand, I'ctkimk'; kckajimk'. 
To reproach, kcnskCdoomk' ; Mcsimk'. 
Reprobate, Mcdooc win mudok' ; Winsit ; Mow- 

wclpclicobCila'dOgct ; Naki'dout' ootCloowa- 

wood' iktook. 
Reproof, rctkegcdrimugawri'. 
To reprove, Pclkimk'; kckajimk'; Putkc- 


Reptile, Choojcech. 

Republic, Tan tet memajooenook' alsoosoo- 
madooltijik ; Tan tot Memajooenook nena- 
soona'dijc tane ctlealsoo'soultilije. 

Repudiate, ejigulaaifik ; cjigrilodfifilumrds' ; 
Makskcluinak' ; cjigrdedaruium ; Cjigulaa- 
doo ; Makskcltiim ; Makskedaadiim. 

Repudiation, cjiguiaadoonik ; Makschrirnumk'. 

Repugnant, Makskedfidasik ; Moo kulool- 
tunook' ; kctkedfi'dasik. 

Repurchase, A baj i p-k wOdcl fi m. 




Reputable, kopmae 

To repute, Tc'ledaadum ; Telecla'liimrik. 

A reqxiest, Pebanimtimkawfi' ; cdowwcmkavva' ; 

To lequest, edowwa' ; cdSmk'; kweloodum ; 

Requiem, Alasoodumakun-abegeakun oochit 

tanok nt'pkak', oochit' ootatlasmiiui. 
To require, Wegoodtim ; WegoodumAk' ; Teb- 

Requital, usedodcgcmkawa' ; Abankiidoo- 

To requite, useda'dega ; usedodcga ; Aban- 

kridumak' ; usedaak'. 
To rescind, keskadgsktim ; Sasawaadoo utploo- 

To rescue, Wcstooeek. 
To endeavour to rescue, kedooopsumoo'- 

dulk ; kedooopsumoodum. 
To resemble, aladeck' ; Telamookse ; Telam- 
ook' ; rdei ; eleboogumookse ; Wcjooow- 
deskak' ; Wejooow' deskadigul. 

To resent, Wegeiedaadum ; Wcgeieda'lumak'. 
Resentful, Noksuhkweie ; Pegejuhkvveie. 
Resentment, Ookweioode. 
To reserve, Maskwaadoo; cskwaadoo; Ankoo- 

doo ; Abadei'. 
To reserve it for him, Abadak'. 
A Reservoir, Tan tct elleankodasik kogooau ; 

Mclooich' tan tet etieankodasik samoogvvoii. 
To reside, etlugfldrim ; aiim ; etlege ; Tcla- 

ovvwe ; Tclagoodum. 
To reside there long, Pcgitkitkadum. 
A residence, Wigwom ; Wtnjeegwom ; Ncm- 


Residue, Tan fskwect' ; Tan cskvveak'. 
To be resigned, VVigwose ; kakumoodum. 
Resin, upkoo. 

Resinous, fipkooa' ; upkooavva' ; upkooik'. 
To resist, kckajaase ; kckajudinn ; kckaja'- 

To resist Mm, kekajimk'. 
Resistance, kekaja'dakun ; kekajodumugawa'. 

To resolve, Mt-lkedaasc; Mt-lke-kesedaridum. 
Resolution, Melkeda'dakun ; Miilgeda'soodc. 
To resort to a place, toochea'. 
To resound, Pcgitkowck'. 

To respect, kcpmeda'.umuk'; VVeleda'liimuk ; 
kesalk' ; Da'lumuk. 

To have respect of persons, Weskitap- 

tega' ; Wcskitamkik. 
Respect, n., ukpumeda'dakun ; Wcleda'dakun ; 

Respectable, kepmae; espae ; Tadiimae ; 

VVcleankamkoose ; kcpinedalumimk'. 
Respiration, kamlamimk' ; kamlamoade. 
Resplendent, kesadck'. 
To respond, usedaboogooa' ; iiscdadega ; lise- 

demk' ; kcdaam ; kcdama'dcga; ^Jeskoome' ; 

Resporf'.e, lisedSboogoot-mk'. 
Responsible, Welikchijedrjk' tan depkadik 

ootuladegenu ; Wejitploo'moot Nikskam 

ootubloodakun iktook. 
Rest, Atlasmoode ; Wantokode. 
To rest, y. int., Atlasme ; Wontrkae. 
To rest, v. tr., Atlasraooak' ; Atlasmoo'dulk ; 

To rest from it, Atlasmooktum. 
To rest on it, Aptogwe. 
Restiff, (((s a /lorsi'), kckajaasit ; Moo seovva- 

sikw ; Moo alcckw'. 
Restigouche, />/•. n., Lustegooch'. 
Restless, Moo kose wontokpii ; a|)chemajaase. 
To restore, Abajaadoo ; Abajaaluk 
To restrain, L-sagweega ; VVctkooloofi' ; Wet- 

kooik' ; Nenkutkaaluk ; cleapso : eiikriiium. 
Restraint, ^Vclkooloocmk' ; VVetkoolsoodo. 
Resurrection, Abijebcmk'; Mcnoonsimk. 

To be the author of the resurrection, 

To retain, kwcsodum ; kwrsddJ^gfi ; Wcbko- 

duin ; Wcskwaak' ; kclodum ; kclOdcga. 
To retain all, Mestanrmi. 
To retaliate, Ascdddcga. 
Retaliation, Ascdodc-gcmk'. 

ENaLT8fI-^nc^rAc dictioxahy. 


To retire, Poktumknase. 

A retreat, Pctliiijade^cmkruvri'. 

To retreat, cle.uase. 

Retribution, riscdemtrmkawa'. 

Retrospect, apskoolabaadimk. 

To return, v. int., abajaase ; Abajipkesin. 

To return, v. tr., Abajaadoo ; Abajaaliik ; 

AbajeiguntimooAk' ; Asedaigunumak'. 
To return from, Abajechoogooea'. 
To return from hunting, Abiktantgga'; 

Ajjtoogoole ; Abintoogoole. 
To return from a funeral, Abeootkoodei'. 
To reunite, v. tr., Apch astooaadoo; Apch 

niclikodoo; apch astooenichkaadoo. 
To reveal, Pakeiagunoodnmei ; Nayaadoo. 
To revenge, Asedcldega; Aseda'dega ; Asc- 


Revenger, Noojeasedodega. 

Revenue, Abankiadooowwa' taseboonkflgawa' ; 

Alsoosoodefi' abanktidooowwil'. 

Reverberate, r. tr., VVejedatkaadoo. 
Reverberate, o. int., Wejedatkudesk' ; Ab3j. 

igeak' ; elmoogovvaak. 
To revere. To reverence, kepmedalumk. 
To reverse, cjedoonkweboogooaadoo; ejedoon- 

kwaadoo ; cjedoonkwcboogooaase ; ejedoon- 


To reverse my clothes, f'.v put them on 
■wrong side out}. \hooikuseegQm ; Aboo- 

To review, Apch ^nkaj turn ; Apch ankedaa- 
d u m . 

To revile, Winimk'; k;.kavvimk'; Winuhs- 
kwimk ; Almimk ; Amigil-doo ; VVintoonka. 

To revise, kokuoja'dcga ; kokwojaadoo ; Mes'- 
unum ; ajeoolaadoo. 

To revive, v. inf„ Menooea' ; Abijeba'. 

To revive, c tr., Memajooea' ; Merooaadoo; 
Mcnooaaluk; Memajooaaluk; M'jmajooaadno. 

To revivicate, fSame as above.) 

To revoke, Sasawaadoo. 

To revolve, v. inf., Dadilpchaasik ; nidup- 
chcbik ; Dadupchaak ; Kuhtogvva?.:,!! . 

To revolve, v. tr., kuhtogwaadoo ; Pemeilnke- 
dadum ; DridQpchaadoo; Prptogntkaadoo ; 

To reward, Abankudak'. 

A reward, Abanktidooowa'. 

Rhetoric, Wclawistoomk ; \Vclebootoosoo2mk'. 

A rib, PegaKun ; 'Mpegakun. 

Rib of a "ship," ulnegalow' ; TumeL'alovv'. 

A side of meat including all the ribs, 

Riband and Ribbon, ApkobSkchik ; L3begee« 

Rice, Apcliemooltimkavva'. 


To be a rich man, Milasooenooe. 

A rich man, Milasooenoo. 

Riches, Milasoodeel. 

A rich woman, Milasooenooeeskw. 

Rick, 'MskegooegAn. 

Riddle, (for grain), Pooskadakiina'. 

To riddle grain, Paookwistafiga ; Paookwistaam. 

A riddle, (eingma), kwechtedabooda'dakun ; 

tSpsloo'dakun ; kw^Iaboogooemk' ; kwelawis- 


To ride, (on horsehackj, Pemeeboolwa'. 
To ride, (in a vehicle), Pemadcjeboogwa, 
To ride astride, Pemeeboolcdoo. 
A ridge, Adoogwen'igun ; PcSmeespudSk ; 

iN'en.dkiimegtk' ; Ncmakumegajech. 
To ridge, Nemakumegaadoo ; Ootooeganaa- 

doo ; Ncdooegdiiaadoo. 
A ridge pale, uksudaagnn ; iikskudaagan. 
Ridicu'ti ., Mdlegeda'dakan ; kulooskcda'- 

To ridicule, Malegimk' ; kelooskedardamk ; 


A ri)!t, Nowska'i!t)omkavva'. 

To vlft, ScgwistCsloo ; No'vskaadoo ; Nowsko- 

gwaadoo ; _ claskaadoo ; Tcdoksoktaaga ; 

To lifj, clabagodum. 
Riggiag, (a wssei's), e'tokoodakun ; gltokoo'- 






To riggle, {to wag his tail), Madalooot'; 

M cciakemridalooot'. 
Right, (to he), kokwejea' ; kokvvoja'clcga ; 

Wcla'dciffi ; Welae ; kokwojeiik' ; Weleak'. 
All right ! int., kedsku ! 
To right, V. int., (as a vessel in the water), 

Iljoogwaasik ; Iljoogwaase, My "ship" 

rights. Lit., / right. (Like his white 

brother, the Indian sailor speaks of his 

ship as himself J. 
Right, n., kokvvoja'd&kun ; Oolaoookun ; Oola'- 

dakun ; kokvvojaimkavva'. 
To "fix" it right, keskadoo'diim ; kokwoj- 

aadoo ; kokwojaaluk. 
The right hand, Enakijn. 
His right hand, Ootenakiin. 
To the right hand, Knakunegrial. 
To grasp it with the right hand, Enak- 

Rigid, Mechkea'; (as a corpse), Mclkadei'. 
Rigidity, Mechkeemk'; Melkadaamk. 
Rigour, 'Mtooamooa'dakiin ; kestawodakiin. 
To be rigorous, Medooamooa' ; kestawOdcga'. 
A rill, Chiboocheech. 
Rim, Logwistakfin ; Lokwa'dakun. 
To put on a rim. To rim, ciogwistakiinaa- 

doo ; ciokvadakunaadoo ; clogistoo. 
To turn down a rim, as on a tin cup, 

Rind, Ooskcdaakei. 
A rind of pork, koolkweswaakei. 
A ring, Nasogwa'dakfin ; iisogadakiin. 
To ring, (a bell), Sesoogwakridaaga. 
To ring, >:. int.. (as a hell), Sesoock', 
Ring-streaked, Titkumoo-weegasik. 
To rinse, Minwobaadoo. 
A riot, Tagaloociooltimk ; Scspcdaak. 
To riot, Scspcnoksooilijik ; cioovvaoonitoo'dijik ; 

To rip, kakubcsrim : kakubesowwa'. 
Ripe, kestcdck' ; ctck' ; Manik ; kesemfinik. 
To ripen, c. int., Pcmtcdck'. 
To ripple, Tcdakbaksuk ; Chiguiatiivvetk' ; 


To rise, (from a recumbent to a sitting pos- 
ture), Nemchaase. 
) To rise and stand on the feet, Wenagaase ; 
Uakumaase ; Pcmcepsitkwaase. 

To rise as a large animal, a horse, a cow, 

rises, (i. e., by degrees), VVenfiktoo'gwit. 

The sun, moon, or a star, rises, Scga- 

Rite, Alcsoodumakiina' eloogoodimk. 
To rive, claskaadoo ; claskudaaga. 
A river, Seboo. (Ujibnuy, sepe ; Maliseet, 

seep ; Cree, sepe) 

The edge or brink of a river, k&skiseboo. 
On the river's brink, kaskiscbook'. 
A large river, i^ikcheseeboo. 
The river runs into the woods, eliim- 

The river runs meandering, Wokchoo- 
omkitk ; Amnagomkitk' ; \V6kchoo(3mkuk ; 

The river runs straight on, kokwodom- 

kitk ; kokwodtlmkiik. 
The river runs up, (by the tide), Petoogeak' 

How far does the river extend? Tadoo- 

chiikujooomkitK ? Tadoochookujooomkuk ? 

How far on does the river flow? Tadoo- 

chuhkujooomkitk i" 
The river flows so far, Tcdoochuhkujooom- 

On the opposite side of a river, kamese- 

A rivulet, Chiboocheech. 
A road, Owhte, (covip. Gr. m!'/r.) 
The side of a road, ka.skowte. 
On the opposite side of a road, kAskow- 

To make a road, clowtegadum. 
To go in the road, Pcmimtumae. 
To wander from the road, PCsogowtee- 

A cart road, T6bakanoo-owte. 
An ox road, (a cattle road), VVcnjoode- 




It is a road, There are roads there, Owtik. 
There is no road, It is not a road, Moo 

A road through a wilderness, Pokiimiktek' ; 

To turn out of the road, Pcskaase ; Sak- 

To roam, Yalaase. 
To roar, Wcdr-.voksit ; Wcclawolooaat ; kesin- 

tovvwa'; Wcdawaat ; Wcdawaak. 

The sea roars, kcsitawdtkoo'gwck ; kesegow- 

The wind roars, Wedaw61-suk ; kesegowok- 


The wind roars through the leaves, Wcda- 

The wind roars through the leafless 

trees, Wedakowcsk'. 
To roast, cdoktadiim ; VVoboogwei' ; Woboo- 

gvvodiim; Woboogvvolk' ; Sogobaase; Sak- 

skiibase ; ebeebuk. 

To be roasting it, Nootpadum ; Nootpalk'. 
To be roasting it for him, Nootpadumak'. 
To rob, kemootuna'. 
A robber, Noojekumooluna'; Noojekumoot- 

u lies'. 

Robin, Chipcliowwech' ; kulogeech' ; Nikchip- 

Robust, Mclkae; Mclkigiinei'. 

A rock, koondaoo. 

A red rock, Mekwsaak. 

A white rock, \\obapNkck' ; Wokulopskiisovv'. 

A black rock, Maktawopskck; Maktowsaak. 

A large rock, kinsaak. 

The rocks run on to a distance, Pcmap- 

The river runs out among rocks, Pcmap- 


The river runs out between rocks, Ta- 

wopskilk'. (Henrc the name of the An- 
napolis River, Tavvopskik.) 

A rocky region, koondfiwa'gumikt. 

A rocky hill, Ncmapskcak'. 

Rocky land, koondawakumegek' ; kwesop- 

skcak' ; koondavvogopskeegck'. 
On the top of a rock, kakwopskudck'. 
To flow over rocks, Winapskitk' ; .Melogop- 

Inside a rock, Lamsok. 
To rock, v. int., Jigulmoogwaak ; Madoogwek' ; 

Jigulomoogwei' ; Naiiamkogvva'. 
To rock, V. t>:, Jigiilomoogvvaadoo ; Nanamaa- 

doo ; Jigulomoogwaaluk ; Nanamaali:'ik. 
To rock "it" with my foot, Jigulomtes- 

kum ; Jigulomtcsi<ak'. 
To rock up and down, see-saw fashion, 
I as a seal, ctla'kuyct. 
I A roe, (nf (I ji^h), Ncjinchik; Oowovvum. 
To have roes, Nechinchumit. 
Roe, (a fetiKile (leer), lilgvvedoo. 
A rogue, VVinmudok'; Mah'iak ; Booskiksiiboo- 

gwa'deget; kelooskabavvit' ; Booskabfiwit'. 
To roll, V. tr., Dadiipcha'dcga ; Dadripchaa- 

doo ; Dadupchaaluk; kuhtogwaadoo; kuh- 

To roll it away, cjigidedadupchaadoo. 
To roll it up into a ball, Piptogutkaadoo. 
To roll, V. ivt., Dadpchaase ; Dadfipchaak ; 

Dadupchebek'; kuhtogvvaase ; kuhtogvvaa- 

To roll as a horse or dog, Dadubcct'. 
To roll it over, kewonskesmaadoo ; kewon- 

A roll, Piptokogwa'dakijn. 
A roller, lialakun ; Tctpokpelakun. 
Romance, Atookwokiin ; kulooskeagrinoodum- 

Romancer, Noojeatookwowe; Noojeatookwok- 


Rome, p. 11., (Lit. The land of the Popi') 

To romp, Melaase. 
A roof, Pogwodigiin ; Pokwosun. 
The roof of the mouth, 'Ntukolkokwarigiin ; 

To roof in, cpkwOdum. 




I have a roof over my head ; I have a 
shelter (of <m}i kind) over my head ; , 
I am holding an umbrella over my I 
head, cpkwosc. ' 

I am walking about with an umbrella 
over my head, Yalepokwosc. 1 

I am walking about holding a beautiful 
black umbrella over my head, Yale- j 
maktruvc-oolc-pokwose. (N. B. — Here is a 
striking illustration of the huluphrastic char- 
acter of tiiis language. 

A room, Poktuskaasik. 

There is room, Tfuvaak. 

To make room for him to sit down, ese- 
dabetiimftk' ; Taoopctiim&k'. 

Roomy, awaakrik. 

To take up much room, Megoonkowwa. 

To roost, kakoobaasit; kakoobit. To sit on high. 

A root, Oochebusk'. 

To root, V, int., Oochebuskefik' ; WCluhchebus- 

To root, V. tr., Oochebuskaadoo ; Weluhche- 

To root up, ketpiiskaadoo. 
Rooty, Pcgvveluhchebuskedk'. 
Hope, A babe. 
An old rope, 'Nkantook. 
A new rope, Pi! took. 
To rope, v. int., To be ropy, SiptiTigoo'giiyAk' ; 

A rosary, Pooskoona' ; Sumwimimk'. 
A rose, Cbikchowwegunechwa' vvosowck'. 
Rose bushes, Chikchowwegunech-wemooseel. 
Rose berries, Chikchowweguncjub (This is 

also the name for the uranye, because of 

the yellow colour.) 
Rosin, upkoo. An;/ kind of fjiim. 
Roseate, Tclamook' stugfi' chikchowwiguncch- 

wfi wosowek', kusna' telemaak. 
To rot, No()ksii,:;eak' ; PikscgeAk' ; Soogulugrik' ; 

Rotation, k-.'htogwaadimk ; Dadijpchaadoomk. 
Rotten, Poogoobkool ; Pikscskool. 

To be rotten-hearted, Pejiskik. 

Rotund, .Mimkooskawa'dAsik ; Mirnkooskaa- 

vvik ; Piptoogwaak ; I'iptflgokse. 
Rotundity. Mimkooskaawimk. 
To rove, rdcbfihkwaase; Yalebahkwaase ; 

Rough, kakaak ; kakamookse ; ;-akamook'; 

Tcgooik' ; Winloogwck' ; Peboogoolafik. 

Rough coarse cloth, Wintuk weiSgiin. 
The sea is rough, Magatkwik. 
Rough ice, kakulkwek'. 
f'. rough stone, kakapskck'. 
T'. have a rough voice, kintokse; keje- 

Rough land, Winktimegek'. 
To make the land rough, Winkiimegaadoo. 
To roughen, kakedoo. 
To handle it roughly, kakawaadoo; kaka- 

Roughly, kakuu. 
Roughness, kakakawa'. 
Round, Piptf^igoksik; Piptogoksit; Piptogvvaak ; 


To round, v. tr., Piptogwa'dega; Piptogwaadoo; 

Piptogvvaaluk ; Piptogogum ; Piptokogwaa- 

doo ; .Mimkooskawaadoo. 
Roundabout, Amunuii. 
Roundly, Mimkoo.skaoo; Pegweluij, 
Round tree, lipsa moose. 
To rouse, Masagaadoo ; Masagaaluk; Mowsa- 

kudaam ; Toogwaaluk. 
Rout, Scspcnoksooltimk. 
To rout, VVisvviguncmkik ; ejigula'liigik ak 

A route, Owte, Pemimtiimaamk. 
In a row, (>•<>), SebeltcgiTil ; rebcleboogooeck' ; 

Pemeboogooeack' ; Sebclamkiibeek' ; Seb- 

cla'pikfidegiil ; Sebele-boogoocagul ; Sebcl- 

To arrange them in a row, v. tr., Sebclo- 

doooiiid ; PcbCleboogoocadooonul ; Sebeie- 

boogooolugik ; Pcbcleboogooea'lugik. 
To TOW (ro) a boat, Chcema ; VVcnjooe cheema. 



A rower, Nedowwecheema ; Nedowvve-vven- 
jooecheema ; Nootclieema; ISoojechctma ; 

Hoyal, clegawitawfi' ; elegavvitawe-saki'imovv- 
oodea' ; clegavvoodea'. 

Royalty, elegawoode ; elegavvitawa'dakiin. 

To rub, Ameboodoo; Amebooluk; Ameboolk'. 

Rubbage, Rubbish, Powa'dakun ; Fuhtaagu'i. 

To make rubbish, Pewaadoo. 

Ruction, Wtlamk'. (To belch), VVclei. 

Rudder, kowkwaagun. 

To rue, Meskcdaase ; Meskedadiim. 

To ruffle, Aboochkaadoo; Aboocbka'dega. 

Rug, Halajwei'. 

Rugged, kakaak ; kakumegek' ; kakawae ; 

Ruggedness, kakagawa'; kakfimegegavva'/ 

Ruin, kakeiokwiska'dakun ; kakeiksuga'dakun ; 
Segogwa'sigun, ( t It e ruins oj a biillduiy). 

To ruin a building, (to tear it doivn), Se- 
gogwaadoo ; kakeiskwiskaadoo ; kakeik- 

Rule, li., Alsoo'soode ; Takumowwoode ; elega- 

To rule, elegiiwitawiktum ; etleelegawitawik- 
tum ; etlesakiimowwe ; etiealsoose; etleele- 
gawitawe ; etlealsoodiim ; etlealsoomk' ; 
Tetpabeega ; Tetpabaam. 

A ruler, clegawit; Takiimow; Alsoosit. (An 
instvuraeni), Tetpabeegun. 

Rum, (from Booktaoo, lire), Eooktawichk'. 
To be in quest of rum, BooktawiclikagAk- 

tumei' ; VVeegoopse ; Najevveegoopse. 
To rumble, Tcdooaasik ; Matkumegaasik ; 

(tlie earth, nnalilen), Wcdavvaak. 
The thunder rumbles, kaktocgowik'. 
Ruminant, VVeisis tan ctlabegoonaat. 
To ruminate, Soktamit.; etlabtgoonaat; Se- 

owweankeda'dcga ; Pemeaiikedaridutn. 

To rummage, Menakujealkwelooose ; Bah- 

A rumour, Tebutumumk'. 
Rump, Oosoogoone ; Ooiiogwck'. 

Rumpless, (os a bird whose tall is gone), 

To rumple, ML-mkooskaadoo. 
To rumple the hair, Nikchowwegaadoo. 
To run, Pokchccbe ; Pukche ; Pcmccbe ; 

etkweem ; Nageibe ; tlmeehe ; kcscgow- 

waase ; kctkwecm ; Tctkweem. 
To run hither and thither, Yaledoogwaabe. 
To run in haste, Nokseebe. 
To "run away," Wesemoogwei' ; Pokcheebe; 

\\ cjiihsemoogvvei' ; eliihsemoogvvei'. 

To run away with "her," or "him,'* 

To run through, Saabuk; Saboose. 
To run out, (as a UtjuidJ, Tawolkujooik' ; 

Paltamkudcsk' ; Paltaisit. 

To run bullets, &c., elpcstoo. 

A runaway, upkojoo ; upkdjooe. 

A rundlet, Malegfioocheech, 

A runnel, Chiboocheech. 

Runner, Noojepumeebe ; NoojeSgrmoodumei'. 

Runnet, VVenjooteamooch' woktcan'. 

A runt, Malegwet' ; Malegwa'. (^Wclegvva', 

J grow well, I am large of my age aitd 


To rupture, Segwiskaadoo ; Paskaadoo ; Pas- 

It is ruptured, Paskaasik ; Scgwiska'dasik ; 

To rush, Pcsoogwac ; Pokcheebe ; Pcmeebe. 
A rush, Nasoon ; kusegavvaadimk. 
Rushy, Nasoona' ; Nasoonik. 
Rust, Chfjegwaak. 

To clear from rust, Mooskakaadoo. 
Rustico, /'*•. «., (P. E. l.J, Tabooetooetun. 
Rustic, Moo welinkenoodamasikvv. 
Rusty, Chijegwa'geAk ; Chijegwa'gefi'. 
To rustle, (the leaves bij tvalkituj on thera, 

and heard in the distance), Wcdawipkcibe' ; 

Rutting tim« of bears, Obulumskook. 
A cart rut, lilabcjaasik tobakun. 
Rye, Lascgul ; Lascgulawaiil. 





Sabbath, Atlasmoodcgiskuk; Hcgundeavvoode ; 

Sabbatical, Atlasmoodcgiskiigavvfi' ; Hcgiinde- 

A sable, Abistanaooch'. 
Sable River, 2^1: n., (X. S.), Nescamk'. 
Sacharine, Sesmoguna' ; Scsmogunemaak. 
Sachel, (also satchel), Muiioodccch; Moon- 

Sack, Munoode; (Oosakte.) 
Sack-cloth, Munoodcowwcgun ; kakaak wci- 


Sacrament, kumuneawoode ; (evidently "m 

Vomnianioii), iikchesabfuvoode. 
Sacred, Nikskamawa' ; Alasoodumakuna' ; 

Wasokavva' ; Sabawe. 
Sacredness, Nikskaamawaimk; Wasokavvaimk; 

Alasoodumakunaimk ; Sabavvoode. 
To sacrifice, Pcgedunowcdoo ; Weje-nabak' 

pegedunumadimkawa' iktook ; Nab^k, 
A sacrifice, Pegedunumadimkawa', 
Sacrilf "), kemootimadiim wasogavvaii ; kemoo- 

tiinadum tan alasoodumogwomfui ; kemoo- 

doomk' Nikskamu. 
Sacristy, Pokti^iskaasik alasoodumogwomaii ; 

Tan tet etleankodasikul 'msut tan tasiigul 

kogooafd tanul aooosigul alasoodiimumk' 

The sacrum, 'Npoogookcbcn'igun. 
To be sad, Mcskae; Meskudaase ; kakvvuje- 

looei' ; Nentowvvaase ; Waka'jase; Peluk- 

adumookse ; iMeskaedoodum ; Wenmaje- 

doodum ; Takawojae. 
Saddle, Tasebowwa' koodpoode. 
Safe, Wclcbajegae ; Westei' ; TcIchAjegae. 
Safety, Oolcbajegogun ; Oosutugun. 
Sagacious, Neslooae ; Nestooaak. 
Sag'unay River, />/•. n., 'Ktadoosok. 
A sail, Scgeegiin ; Nabigwon. 

To hoist a sail, NSmtcda'dcga ; Ncmtcgea. 
To lower a sail, Nescga'dcga ; Ncsegea. 
To sail, elesoogwe ; aiaktega ; Pcdaktcga'. 
To come sailing, fin a" ship," J Wcchkwok- 

To go away sailing. Boose ; clmaktcga'. 
To sail before the wind, elnamea'j Pok- 

To beat against the wind, Asooikskwegea . 
Sail cloth, Scgeegunutk'. 
i A sailor, Matulot ; alaktcgavvenoo. 
i Sailyard, Ni^michclat-kobelaki'in. 

A*, saint, Santawit ; S;lbavvit tan telug/itk' wa- 
I sokii 

Saint John, pr. i?., (X. B.), jMcnagwes'. 
St. John River, /«•. n., (N. B.J, Oolastook. 
: St. Lawrence River, /»: n., Maktoogwek. 
Salary, Taseboonkugawa' abankudooowwa'. 
Sale, Ncdooeskemkawa'. 
Saleable, 'Ntooeskedasis. 
Saline, Salawaya'. 
Saliva, Looskwodigun. 
Salmon, Pulamoo, (Lat. Sal mo.) 
Salmon trout, Takooonow'. 
Salmon fly, Saboocjit. 
Salmon River, pr. n., Pulamooa' Seboo. 
Salmon River, pr. n., (Yar. Co., N. S.J Boon- 

Salmon River, Anesaak. 
A male salmon, Nabetulcch'. 
A female salmon, Skwumckw'. 
The salmon spawns, Segaalut 
The salmon digs a place in which to 

deposit her spawn, Wcgunumko-'it. 
Salt, v., Salawa'. (N. B.— Here is evidence 

tbat the Indians used no salt before they 

obtained it from the whites, since they had 

no name for the article; Salawa' being from 

set., French.^ ; • 



Salt, 'I'lj., Salowemaak ; Salawa'dasik. 

To salt, Salawaadoo ; Salowwemaadoo ; Sala- 

waaliik ; Salowvvemaaluk. 
Saltish, Amesalovvwemaak. 
To turn into salt, Salowawefi'. 
Salt pit, S.llawfi'kade. 
Saltation, Amalkaldimk'. 
Salt cellar, Selawaok. 
Salvation, Oosinogun ; Oosutowwoode ; 

Salubrious, Salutary, Oolaoookna' ; VVcIka- 

kiinik ; Wclkakuiieck'. 
Salutation, Boosoolawimk' ; Wcskagiilumuk' ; 

kwedalooktoocmk'; kwcdalooktadimk'; Boo- 

To salute, Boosoolawiktak' ; Boosoolfuve. 
Sambro Cape, pr.n, Mcseebakuinik'. 
The same, Na enkooda ; Na ncgoola'. 
A sample, Naookla' tclamook'. 
3anctification, Nikskamawfia'dusoode ; ko- 

To sanctify, Nikskamawaaadoo ; Nikskama- 

Sanctifier, Noojenikskamawaa'degct. 
Sanctity, Sabawoode ; Nik>kamavvaoode ; Nik- 

Sanctuary, Alasoodumogwom ; Nikskama- 

vveegan ; Nikskamawa' niakiimegck'. 
Sand, Tiipkvvon ; Adoooink'. 
An extent of sand running in that direc- 
tion, PcmSmkeak' ; clamkcak'. 
Sand running in this direction, (towards 

tin' spc(il,-(ir), Weclikwomkcak'. 

To be covered with sand or ashes, Tup- 

kwonik. {Lit., 2\j be sarul. As in English, 

••To be all miui") 
A steep sand bank, iaskamk'. 
Steep sand banks abound there, kaskam- 

It is a sandy bank, Adooomkuniegck'.; 

There is a sand bar across a cave, 


Black sand running on, Maktawomkck'; 

Red sand running on, Mcgwomkck' ; Meg- 

White sand running on, W6b6mkck' ; Wob- 

Sand Island, pr. n., (Mimmichi, X. B.J, 

Sandy, Noogiimkfgeak' ; Adooomkwaasit ; 

Tupkwona' ; Adooomkwa'. 

Sand River, pr. n., (Cum. Co., N. S.), Agoo- 

A sandy point, alamkefik' ; kwesamkrak'. 
A sand piper, (a. bird), NAnamiktees'. 
Sandy complexion, Megwipak'use. 
Sap, Sesmogunaboo. 
Maple sap, Sesmogunaboo. 
To tap maple sap trees, Chelogwedaaga ; 


To gather maple sap, OwsCba'. 

To be going to gather maple sap, Naje- 


To return from gathering maple sap, 

A sap dish, Wiskwedulakun. 
Sapling, Wcsk ; Weskul. 
Saponacious, Ciksispanigiina' ; Tclaak stuga' 

; Sarcasm, Malegimkawa' kiilooswokun. 
Sarcophagus, 'Npooenooa' luskeigun koon- 


Sarsaparilla, VVobabakugul. 

A sash, (L'iiiii of hi'lt), Asolkvvobesoode. 

A window sash, TooUbootea'. 

Satan, Mundoo. (N. B. — This is the usual 

Aigonkin (or algik) name for the Great 

Spirit, but applied to the devil by the original 

Christian missionaries) 
Satanic, Satanical, Mundooawa'; Mowwe- 

To "ratiate, kesadalook'i VVelsfimk'. 
To be satiated, keseooladal ; keejuba ; 





Satiety, PcamcAkawa' ; Wf.sSmSrlAlmuk'. 
Satisfaction, Mowwcoolalclimk ; Mowweoola- 

clC'^cnik' ; Ankajetimk'. 
To satisfy, Mowwcoolaaluk ; Weleabankucirim. 
To saturate, Fcgwele-saboogwuiiaadoo ; MCl- 

rimooa'badoo ; csabooaadoo ; csabooaaluk. 

To be saturated with water, (1 uvt, '• ivet 

throiujii ,") csabooa'. 
Saturday, kcdoobcgundcawimk'. 
A satyr, Migumawesoo, 
Savage, \N ak'asit ; cloowfiwit ; ulnoo ; segawe- 

iilnoo; Moo wclckenoodumooksit ; kwcd- 

adooa' ; kwcilalkum. 

To wear a savage look, kwcdadoodum , 

A saucepan, Hoof?iilooovvis. 
A saucer, I'lUawacok. 
To save, Westuwweek ; Westovvweedega. 
To be saved, W estei'. 
To have been saved by another, Wcstase. 
A saviour, Noojuhsutowwewa'. 
Our Saviour, (Tlte LunlJesus Chri^st), Wes- 

To saunter, Yiilaase ak moo elookwow'. 
Savour, Telemaak. 
Savory, VVclcmaak. 
Sausage, 'Msookse. (N.B — This word denotes 

a sausage made of the entrails of a bear. 

They are first turned inside out, leaving the 

fat on them, then washed, dried, cooked and 

eaten ) 
A saw, TcmagiktAkiin. 

A cross-cut saw, kcgulogununiadimkawa'. 
To saw, Temagiklcga' ; Temagiktaam ; Tema- 


The saw teeth are uneven, Tedagaptek. 
To cut the saw teeth of different sizes, 

'Icclagapta'dcga ; Todftgaptaadoo. 

The saw teeth are even, Makaptek. 

To even the saw teeth, AUgapta'dega' ; 

To cut it into the form of saw teeth, 


Sawyer, Nooje-tCmagikt^i^a'. 

To say, aat, (like ait, Latin. This verb, like 

the Latin, is also ili'fcclive. It is not used 

in the 1st per., iiid'n:) 

He says to him, alajni. (N. R.— This is 

frequent, but I never hear this verb uscv. for 

'■ / s(i;j to h'nn," or, " / sai/ tn thee," Telooa'. 

kcloose, (To sped/:), agfinoodumei' ; Telooa'; 

kakaboogooa' ; Telaboogoofi' ; Welaboo- 

A saying, kijlooswokfm ; Telooemk' ; afimk ; 

Telabodgooemk' ; k^loosimk. 
A scab, oochige. 

To pull off a scab, Mooskooesaadoo. 
Scabbed, W cchoa'. 
Scabbiness, VN'ccheemk'. 

Scaffold, Scaffolding, Haskogun ; Sagudaktin. 
Scaffold for hanging a man, kestoonapela- 

To scald, Seskulaboogvvaadoo ; Seskiilaboo- 

Scale, Peweges'. 

Scales for weighing, utk\vabakigi:'inri'. 

Scaled, (hoviiKf natlcs), PewegCsooit. 

To scrape off the scales of a fish, Cheka- 

A scallop, ('I shell fish), S^kskalaas. 
To scalp, Peskdtpadega' ; Peskatpaadoo ; Pes- 

The scalp, upsagatpa'dakiiii • lipsugritp' ; 

Scantily, Memadoowu. 
Scanty, Noodae ; Noodaak. 
To scape, Wesemoogwei' ak teluhsiitei'. 
A scape grace, ('t sea fowl,) Magwis. 

A scar, Wesaak 

To be scarred, VVesae ; Wesemoogwei'. 

A scarab, kumaas. 

Scarce, Owweseak'. 

Scarcely, Waaguch ; Amuu ;ame, (as a prefix.} 

Memadoowu' ; Memadooeak. 
Scarcity, Owesowsoookun ; Owesowsimkawa' j 

aoolowsoookun ; aoolowsirakawa' ; aoola- 

ENf}Lls^^-MIc^^Ac dictioxauy. 


joookiui ; Owesowclumkawa' ; Owwesow- ; To SCOrch, VVcsowvvL-sesum ; VVesowwegese- 


There is a scarcity prevailing, Owwesow- 

soookiinik' ; Owwesumei' ; Uwwcsowse ; 

To scare, Ncdoiak'; Cheeboolk'; Chipsoolk' ; 

kvvudeiak' ; Footrimooa'. 
Scarlet colour, kusinikwaak. 
Scatter, v. tr., Sasodc^^a' ; Sasndoo ; Sasa'- 

dcf^a'; Sasaaddo; Sasa'luf^ik ; Sascdcskaa- 

gik ; Sascdcskumanul. 
To scatter, c. inf., Sascdaajik; Sasa'di<;ul. 
To emit a strong scent, Pcdoorwae. 
To scent, c tr., rc.scdoo ; I'cscdcga' ; Pcsaak. 
Sceptre, cleKawitawoptoon. 
Scheme, eleda'dakini ; kwelooedadakfin. 
A schemer, Nooje-eleda'dcga' ; Noojekwelooe- 

Schism, Alasoodumakunfi' skwiska'dAknn. 
A scholar, i. kcgenamoot ; 2. Pegwclekenoo- 

diimooksit ; Wclekenoodfimooksit ; Mow- 

School, Etlekenamadimk' ; Etlekenoodumook- 

To school, kegenaamak' ; kegenoodurtiAk'. 
Schoolhouse, Noojekenamooet-ogwom ; ke"-e- 

nooc.umooa-eegan ; Etlekenamooet-eegAn. 

Schoolmaster, or Schoolmistress, Nooje- 

Science, kejedegemkawa'; 'Nsiitooogun. 
Scintellations, Pesesakadcskawaal ; Puhsak 

Scion, upsetkooncheech temsasik. 
Scissors, Tumutkeigunal. 
To scoff, Malegegedoo ; Malegimk'. 
Scoffer, Booskemalcgegedoo. 
To scold, kakavvae. 
A scold, abit tan booskekakavvait, ak winaboo' 

A scollop, SAkskalaas. 
A scoop, Lamakun. 

To scoop out, alegoo' ; Nakiiiiegedoo ; VV61- 

It is scorched, Wcsowcgodck'. 
To score, ClKljcnfuvaadoo; riwckSin l21adim- 

Scoria, I'lilikutncsigTmul. 

To scorn, To scoff, kcnskedriainmk ; kcnskc- 

Scorner, Booskck'^nskcda'dega. 
To scotch, Chilsfim ; Cliiliaaga ; Chiltfuim ; 

Tclsum' ; Tcltaaga ; Tcltaam. 
Scotchman, Skojcmcn. 
Scotch, 'iilj; Scojemcnawa'. 
Scoundrel, Hooskevvinnitidoo. 

To scour, kAsaga'dcga ; kasAgaaluk ; kAsAgud- 

To scour eels in ashes, Paoolk. 
Scouring ashes, Sigiila.deaskw'. 

To scour, t'. v., (to he loosa in the honk'ls), 

A scourge, (<< ivhlp), lipkoomakun. 
To scourge, Poogumakuntaak. 
A scout, Noojintooae. 
To scout, Nedooae; Nedoooktilm. 
To scowl, Cheg5jegw5doodum ; ChegSje- 

A scowl, Chegajcgwedoodumiik'; Chegaje- 

To scrabble, kechkaba'dega' ; kcchkabaadoo ; 

kechkabaaluk ; kcseba'dega ; kSsebaaluk ; 


Scraggy Lake, /)*■. v., Misegiimisk'. 

To scranch, kcsedawokchedam ; SdkpadAI' ; 

Sakpudcsk 'ntoon. 
A scrap, Puhsak'. 
To scrape, Nalseegoo; NSlseegiim ; NSlsee- 

gftk ; kasegwodum ; kasegvvodcga' ; kasc 


A scraper, Naltugopkeegim ; Niltugopke- 

To scratch, SlabAkumaadoo ; kcseba'dega ; 

kcsebaaiuk ; kesebaadoo ; kesebaaluse ; 





Cease scratching yourself, Honnik-cba'irise. 
To scratch up the leaves, ChiyLinipkrul- 

To scratch and hunt for nuts, f<in a bear 

U7)tuv(j (lie ht't'chi'sj ISanipkrinowwa'. 

To scratch himself with his foot, (an a 

lUiff,) kesiptdsit. 
A scratch, Clielabaak. 

To scratch with a saw, or file, Pcgwaf^itcga' ; 

To scrawl, kabAksaweekuga. 
A scrawler, Tan kabaksaweekugct' ; Moo 

To screak, kcsebakik. 
To scream, Saskwa. 
To screech, keseclawetokse. 
Screech owl, Wolawaach. 
A screen, clegasoode; elegadegcmkavva'; Ak- 

ooa'soode ; Takuniuska'doomkawa' ; Tak- 

iimakpedek ; utkiimakpelakun. 
A screen made of hushes, Pcmutkck'. 

To screen, elegalk' ; Takumuskaadoo, (to pat 

uj) (I, itcvcen,) Akooaase ; Akooeboogooe ; 

Akooaaluk ; Akooaadoo ; Pcmsugaase ; 

Pemsugaaluk ; Pcmsugaadoo. 
A screw, kulabakii;un. 
To screw, SekabAkega' ; Sckabakiim. 
A SCrihe, Noodaweekuga, 
To scribe, elabaktestoo; elabakumaadoo. 
Scripture, Kesoo'lkw ootweegadigun. 
To scrub, kasaga'dega ; kasagaadoo ; kasagaa. 

A scrutator, Noojepebanooicbka'dt-ga ; Nooje- 

To scrutinize, Togumajodiim ; Pcbanooicb- 

kadum ; Togumajodega' ; Pebanooichka'- 

To scud, t'leebe ; Nokseebe ; clmeebe. 
To scui&e, kabaksekamedoollijik ; Sespcniim- 

To skulk, Mimoogwose ; Mimoogwodiktum 

Scull, OosugStp'; 'Mstigatp. 

A sculpin, kfilok. 

Scum, Pl'sAoo ; Mc'opok. 

Scum that gathers on the salt water 

during a continuous calm, kogun. 
Scut, 'Icmkoodcal'. 
The sea, nkckigrim : uktAn ; AbAkt'. 
Out to sea, fiktAnnok'. 
Far out to sea, abAktook. 
The sea is rough, MAi^Atkwik. 
The sea is calm, aawipk. 

To go down into the trough of the sea, 

A Sea breeze, ukchigumoogwaal wciuk. 
A Sea calf, Wusixx). .sVc Sml. 
Sea coal, kidrmiooC'ch'-wopsk'. (Lit., The Jhj 

(Irlriiig Htuiii')^) 
Sea coast, uktanoosnk. 
Sea cow, MAstoogobajit. 
A sea egg, kagwct. 
Seahog, Mooch paach. 

Seashore, rdccbiktan'. 

Seashore sand, ukcbigiimooomk'. 

A seal, (>i'(i.i;) upkooa'dakun. 

To seal, c a., upkooaadoo ; kepestoo. 

A Bea,l,(tin ainmal,) VVospoo. 

A hooded seal, Goolwaakw. 

A good place for seals, 'Ntooa'gwAkiin. 

The seal brings forth her young, Penea- 

To hunt seals, Nedooaagwa ; Najoointooaa- 

gwa ; Nagoaagwa. 
A seal skin, Agooge. 
A male seal, Nabeaakw. 
A female seal, Swaaakw. 
A female hooded seal, 'Mtaakw. 
An old seal, kcseguoaak. 
A white seal, VVoboksis ; kasooonow. 
A young seal, Pokijin ; Pokijincheecli. 
To sew seams, Sibumeesowwa; Sibumee- 

sfim ; Sibiimeesuk. 
A seam, Sibumeesasit ; Sibumeesasik, 
Seamless, Meskwonik. 
Seamy, Alileasik ; Aiikwesasik. 



To sear, k.-iksnm. 
To search, kwi'luonsc. 
To search for it, kwoirim. 
To search for him, hwdak', 
A searcher, Nodowwc-kwclooosc ; Noojckwe- 
looosf ; Hoo.skc kwi'liioose. 

To search for it in the water by torch- 

light, Alasatuim. 
A bird searches for food, Moonumkwct'. 
Seasick, ChckAjdoLaagwa. 
A seat, kouclpoodc. 

To seat, '■. tr., koodpaaluk ; koodpnadoo. 
To take a seat, cbaase ; koodpaase. 
Sea weed, Chri<;()()lsecl. 

Seaward, ukclii-umoogwaal; Abaktoogvvaal ; 

The second, Tahooowa'. 

Secrecy, kcmoodook ; ketnadimkawa ; kema'- 

To do it in secret, kema'dcga ; keniaadoo. 
To work in secret, kemelookwfi. 
A Secretary, Noojeweekuga. 

To secret, Mimoo^wodoo; MimonjTwoIk'. 
Secretly, kcmoodook ; kimtook ; kcmiiti. 
Secure, \VclcIiajc<>;ae. 

To secure, Wclcliajegaadoo ; Wclchajcgaaluk; 

Wcstovvvvaadoo; \Vestovv\va'dcj:;a; VVestovv- 

vvaaliik; Aiikddega ; Ankudiim; Ankvvaak'. 
To seduce, VVinipkwodak'. 
Sedulous, Scskwae. 
Sedulousness, Scskode ; Scskwaoookiin ; Soo- 

To see, Ncmedcga' ; Ncniedoo ; Ncmeek ; 

Ankaptcga'; Aiikaptiim ; Ankamk' ; Ne- 

To see it near my eyes, Wcjooasaptum. 

To see through it. Tavsuptrim ; Sebooosaptum. 
To see clearly, Nadabe; VVelabe ; VVelap- 

tum ; VVclamk'. 
I see plainly, Pagaptega; Pagaptum ; Pe- 

To see " him " (and " it ") only, Booktak- 

amk' ; Booklakaptum. 

See! Lo! Behold! Aiikaptafm! 

To see it with the eyes half open, Sjs- 

wobc ; Scswopltjgfi ; Scsv^optum ; Scs- 

To see it between me and somebody, or 
something else, cdogwuptrim. 

Seed, Oiiskin'cmiii. 
I His seed, (fur .loirini/,) Ooskineminiim. 
His seed, froxlfrili/j Ooskunemtlnrim. 
Seed time, I'-gadagoodimk tctpu^Mak. 
To seek, kwclum; kwclooose ; kvvulak' ; 

To seem, Tclcdoodum ; Tclemookse; 




To segregate, Tcpkcsa'doniird ; Tcpkesa'- 
lugik ; Al(;da'iri.i;ik ; McdaMooonuI ; Saooa'- 
doo ; Saooa'liigik ; Ncnasaadoo ; Nciia- 

Segregation, Tepkesaadoomk ; Mcdaadoomk ; 

A seine, VVokunaabe. 

To seize, kokwaadoo; kokwaaluk ; kokwa'- 
drga. (See under kel in the Micmac and 
luiglish department.) 

To come upon him unawares and seize 

him, \\ iskooolk'. 
Seldom, Owwcsu ; Aweesu. 
To be selfish, Naooktedrd'iise ; Megcdfi'luse. 
Selfishness, Naooktedrd'soode ; Mcgedal'soode. 
The self same, Na ansuma eiikooda. 
To sell, Nedoocska'; Nedooeskedum ; Ncdoo- 

To sell hi f./r him, Nedoocskedumak' ; 

I Ncdoof.' 

I To be selling for others, Nedoocskawa'. 
I Selvage, Skwase 

Semi, Akudeiik : kudeiik. 
j Seminal, Ooskinemana)?!'. 
j Sempiternal, A|)chooawa'. 
To send, clkegese ; clkimk' ; clkedum ; Abook' ; 

To send it hither, Wechwogidum ; Wcch- 




To send him thither, Wf'.kimk'. 

To send it thither, Wttkcdum. 

To send food to them, clsi'imdociloo. 

To send him word, I'rjcabnok'. 

To send him back, apskwCj^imk. 

Senile, ki'sc^ocOmkawa'. 

Senior, ajckcscf^ooo moocnkoocla iici^Tim. 

Sennight, clooif^viiuiktrisoojfoonaak. 

Sense, 'Nsuto(ir)j.;un ; 'Nsutoocda'sooile ; Nl-s- 
toocdaadinik ; Nunoochc ak 'nkamlAinrm 
tan wcjikchijcdcj;a', and tan wCjcmigwcda'- 


Senseless, cloowawca' ; aweie ; Moi> ni^stoofui. 
Sensible, Nr-stooac; VVrlikdiljcdc'^ri. 
Scnsibleness, 'N.siitooo};fin ; Wiilikcliije-dCg- 

Sensual, Moo saliawu ; Winnnidoo; 'Mtenina- 

wae ; PasTik 'mteniiifiwrial kc'sadrimoooiird. 
Sensuality, Tan pasuk tela' 'nitcnin. 
Sentence, Noojcilsoodcgctriwa' kescda'dakiin ; 

Noojcisoodcgcink , 

Sentinel, Sentry, Skiiniawenoo. 

To separate, TC-pkcsaadoo ; Medaadoo ; Tc|i- 

kcsalii^ik; MC'da'lugik ; Tcpkesputc^ovvkw' ; 

Saooaadoo ; Niktooaadoo ; Niktooa'lugik ; 

To be separate, (npurf from endi ofhi'v), 

Bounkallcck ; Mcdaboogooolteck ; Ogiim- 

Separated, (takm to pieces, as a jhite, li-c.J, 

Saoooktck' ; Saoogwaasik 
To keep myself separated from others, 

September, Majowhtoogweegoos'. 
Septenary, clooigrinuk-taseboonkiigawa'. 
Septentrion, Okwotunook'. 
Septentrionally, Okwotunoogwaal. 
Sepulchral, Ootkoodakuna'. 
Sepulchre, Ootkootlakun. 
Seraph, Ansalawit. 
Seraphic, Seraphical, ansrdawitawa'. 
Seraphim, ansalawijik. 
Sere, kcspadck ; Moo mach clskeguneenook. 

Serene, Wontftkuya' ; Wclcdoodfjin i Wohie ; 

' A series, SehLltc'grd ; Scbclchoogoocck'. 
Serious, I'agfdoodrun ; SilbawL-doodrnn ; krd- 

A sermon, rr'stoonrimugawa' ; Pc-stoonunuik'. 
To sermonize, I'csioonrim. 
A sermonizer, (<i. /iirnclK-r), Noojipsudno- 

Serpent, 'Mtaaskum ; Chepichkaam. 
Serpentine, WokchoofAk' ; Tclctctpogcak' 

stu^a' 'nitaskuni. 

Serrate, Serrated, Tclriak stuga' tcmagiktA- 

A servant, WcnkAbcme ; Nunokribi-m ; M;/ m'r- 

I'diif, kunokubom ; Tin/ ni:ii'tinl, Oonok- 

rd)cnuil, His Kcri'diif. 
To serve, Wdnokiibomit 'ntcnin ; Wcnokub- 

cnit; ootcnin ; ilMoogvvowk' ; Loogiiwenoo. 
Service, Loogowokun. 

Serviceable, Wclabemkook ; Posokubcnikook. 
Servile, kcstC-jdoa' ; HCMiokcda'dC-ga. 

Servitude, kcstcjooa'. 

To set, Egaadoo ; cbaadoo ; Egaaluk ; i-baa- 

To set out plants, utkinawa'. 

The sun, moon, or star sets, kulkwa'sect'. 
To set a canoe up a river with a pole, 

I'eme-kegamkwaaga ; kegainkaagwfi. 
A "setting" pole, kegAmkon. 
\ To set, (<(■•< mill,'), kctpit, (17?. ,7. 

Water sets there, kctck siiboogwon. 

To settle, v. tr., kcdansaadoo ; Wontakinsaa- 

The water is settled, Wontakinsaak. 
Settlings, kckchaak ; kiijaboo. 
To settle accounts, llkodumei'. 
A settlement of accounts, Ilkedumum- 

A settlement, Memajoocnooa'kade ; Tan 

Seven, elooigunu.v' ; elooigunukla'sijik ; cloo- 




Seventeen, 'Mlfiln rhcl 'lociinnnrik'. 
Seventeenth, 'Mtulnawfi' clu'l 'looi^^riiiTrk'. 
To be seventeen years old, Mcil tHchoonei' 

chcl 'looiguiu'ik'. / am tea ijriirs old uml 

Seventh, Mnoi^rmriKawA'. 

Seventieth, eli)<ii^;riiiuk-tasiiiska'nriwa'. 

Seventy, t'looi^rmuk-tasinskaak 

There are seventy, clooi^rinuk-tasinskriksijik ; 

To sever, Saooaadoo, 
Several, Tc;;i\la;Ulikiil ; TCyaladcck ; I'cgvvCl- 

kik ; I't'i^vvclkril 
Severe, kc'slcjod.i'd^sa ; LoogowSkiina'clSga ; 

l^.ikavvae ; l'I(ii)vv;ivvc'. 
Severity, kesicjooaMakun ; LoogovvokTina'- 

dcyc'ink' ; kakawirnkfiwa' ; Cloovvawimk. 
To sew, C'lci'sowwa' ; clfcsCim 

A sewing machine, c-locsowwcMnkawa': 
To be sewed up in a bag, aooncskwa'sase. 
To sew it up in a bag, aooncskwasCin). 
A sewer, Woojccsowwa 

Sewer, fslnnj, fipHu^aa^rin lamkrimoo<;avva'. 
Sex, Tan tclecNtooaaj;ik chcciuimook ak abijik, 

iiicmajoociioo' iktook ak' dp wcisisooiktouk 
Sexagenary, usookuni-tasinskcf^egoonae. 
Sexennial, us()ok',m-tast'l)()()nkrit;!awa'. 
Sexton, Noojodiim alasoodumogwom. 
Shackles, kiila<,'asoof'e. 
Shabby, aoolajc ; aoolkwonaam ; To be tnhnhhiJij 


To lie well dirsseil, Wc'lkwonaam. 
Shad, iiiiisamoo ; 'Msamon. 
Shade, Akclicj^Adannimkawa' ; AkchegadamA- 

kun ; y\kcliCf;asoode. 
To shade, Akchegadadei' ; Akchegaadoo ; 

Akchcj^adaaluk ; Akchegadamei. 
A shadow, AkchcgAdck' ; Akchcgadadam- 

To cast a shadow, Wcchejaktimijdoea'. 
It casts a shadow, WcchejakrimijooeAk' ; 

To shadow, Akchegadaase ; Akchegadaadoo : 


Shadowy, AkchcK'adt'gawS', 
Siiady, Aki liOLiadain.lkuiiik'. 
A shaft, Man i)kir-li;;rii) ; l.ritk.i'mun ; Al.isoo- 

dunidgwoineuritk' ; TaoochalkCik kluikuin- 

A shag, (ii liird), kridoorhiw). 
To shake, Majaase ; Madoksuk ; M.'ijaadoo ; 

Majaah'ik ; Majaiija. 
The bushes are shaken and the shaking 

approaches us, WOcLkwc-niAdokskaasik. 
To shako the ground, Matkrmu-^ai loo. 
To shake the head, Maikwi' d'csin. 
To shake off the dust, I'awokti'stoo ; ctlok'- 

ICstoo ; Nciikudestoo ; I'cbuoC'skaaluk ; 

To shake hands, Tcladadcck. 

Shallop, WOlcboUlR'cch. 

Shallow, Moo dtininook; SakAinkitk' ; Sak.lm- 

krd\ ; AmasL'bagwC'k. 

A shallow pit, lY-wolki'ik. 

To sham. Moo kcdk'iwa'dcgow'; kcspoogwa'- 


A sham, r.ksrdjoogwa'dakrm : Moo kL-dlawfi- 

Shambles, VVeoosawa' ctlintooeskaadimk'. 
A shame, 'Nta;;r)gui) ; 'Ntagogunik. 
To be ashamed, Ncdagac. 
To shame him, Nctlagaak' ; WLJinta^aak'. 
Shank, 'Nkaj'of^aii ; Ooloogoon' ; Ookwoj'if^uti. 

The skin of an ox's or moose's shanks, 

for moccasins, koona'kusun. 
To shape, iJoo-^waadoo ; cloogwaaliik ; Mcse- 

k CSC don'. 
To be so shaped, Tclcge' ; Tclik'; kcgenoo- 

To share, '•. fr., Tcltctpo-fitkunagik ; rukun- 

a^ik ; Nciiasisunikik. 
To share, '•. inf., VVitlcgrmck'. 
My share, 'NtalkiinwokTmiim. 
A shark, VVebctumOkw' ; Tan booskekuloos- 


Sharp, keck. 

Sharp for the transaction of business, 






Sharp-eared, NadaskAkiinei'. 

Sharp-eyed, Nadahe ; Nfidalkegwei. 

It is so sharp, Tclekeek 

It is too sharp, aoosamckeek. 

To sharpen, cseboodoo 

Sharp sighted, Nadalkcgwci' ; Wclaptcga' 

Nad a be. 
To shatter, v. tr., kakeinoogoopkaadoo. 
To shatter, u. int., kakeinoogoo|)kudL'k'. 
To shave, fl/ie chin), Pcskwaamei' ; Peskoo- 

doofiamei' ; (a piece of n'owlj, Megoodum ; 

Megoo'dega ; Megoodowwa' ; kcscgwe- 

A draw shave, Megoodakuna'. 
Shavings, Pootulakun. 
She, Ncgum. Tlie hudip its He. 
A sheaf, Mowokpelakrin kriloomknomawfui. 
To shear, Pcskwcsum ; Pcskvvesovvwa'. 
^^hears, Trimiitkei'.i^unul. 
A sheath, Pejogwode ; Peetulan. 
A sheath Knife, Tulowok. 
To shed, koodaadoo ; Chiiipagooiitestoo. 
To shed the hair, ootoowot'. 
To shed the feathers, Pcskwit. 
Shediac, pr n., (N. B.), cscdeiik. 
A sheep, chechkelooaooch'. 
Sheep-fold, Chechkclooaoochwe-owwepiska'da- 

Sheep-master, Cheechkelooaoo'jume ; Cheech- 

kelooaooclnve-nooj 'ankotcgawenooe. 
A sheet, NaooktogrmKlkuk. 
A sheet, (lunuical), kwodigunabe. 
Sheet Harbour, pr. n., Weijooik. 

A shelf, eloktaasik. 
Shelburne, Logumkeegun. 
To shell corn, Paookwaduoonul. 
A shell, Petiilancheech. 

To come out of the shell, (as aj:hick), keda- 

To be taking shell fish out of the shell, 

kctlasiigodase ; kcdasugaaluk ; kcdasugu- 
A shell duck, Tama'gune ; VVobesikw'. 

To eat shell fish raw, cskfi'sumei. 

A shelter, clegasoode. 

A shelter from the wind, apkoosk'. 

A shelter from a storm, apkooek'. 

A shelter from the rain, apkoolak'. 

To take shelter, apkooaase ; apkooaliise'. 

To shelter him, Apkooolk' ; Apkooskooak ; 

Shepherd, Noojarigik chechkelooaoochk' ; 

Chechkelooaooch we-noojeankotclgawenoo. 
Shepherdess, Chechkelooaooch we-noojeanko- 

Sheriff, Noojekokwadega'. 
Sheshen, pr. v , Pogopskek. 
Shield, Legasoode. 
To shield, elegase ; elegalk'. 
To shift, Sasawaadoo ; Sasawa'dega' ; ap- 

skwaadoo ; apskwa'dega. 
To shift hands and sides in paddling a 

^. anoe, kewonskebea' ; (In chuppiirjj, 

Shin, 'Nkajiguii. 
To shine, B;\ktase; Wosogwaasik ; Woso- 

gvvaase ; keskaset' ; kesasa' ; kesadek' ; Pe- 

deoktek' ; ctlasit ; etladek ; astaak. 
To make it shine, etladaadoo. 
A shingle, Pogwodiginicheech. 
To shingle a roof, PogwodigunchejadSga' ; 

e|)k\v6dega' ; epkwodiim. 
A ship, Weiijoolk' ; Nabigwon' ; Penasolkw. 
To put on board a " ship," (or any ivater 

cr'iil), 'I"ebaa(!(!o ; Tebaaluk. 
To go on board "ship," Tebaase. 
A man o' war ship, 'Ntubuloolkw'. 
To "ship a sea," Tebipkabedaeek'; Pese- 

A shlpman, MatCilot'; alaktegawenoo. 

To be sailing a " ship ;" To be a ship- 
master, Nabigwoiiaam ; Peiiasolkwaam ; 

Ship Harbour, pr. v„ Tedumuneboogwek'. 

Shippegan Gully, /t. /»., umkoomabaak. 

Shippegan, pr. n., Sepaguncheech. 



Shipwreck, Nabi^vvona' skvviska'dakun. 

To make shipwreck, Scgwiskaadoo' ntool'. 

Shipyard, etul.loolimk. 

To build a " ship," edoole. 

To build a ship there, ctuldoole. 

A shipwright, Xrnloodoole ; Nootiildoole. 

A shirt, atlei' ; CIieniimof;vvoii. 

A baby's shirt, Mijooajechogwon. 

A woman's shirt, atlei'. 

To have a shirt, atlciume. 

To have a shirt on, atloiaam. 

To be shirtless. Moo atleiumu ; Moo Atleiaa- 


To shiver, Ncnkiulcsi''/ ; ctlaktcstei'. 
To shiver in the wind, ctlanskusk'. 
To shiver and shake by the water running 

by it, ctlanskcboogwck'. 
To cause it to shiver, To shake it, etliik- 

To shiver it, (dash it to pieces), Chrlencdcs- 

A shiver, (a hrol-en puce), Chilencdestrikiin. 
A shoal, (of Jhh, etc.), Mowvvepoogwclkik. 
A shoal, (of rocks in the ivaterj, Muiiumkw' ; 

A rocky shoal, Mimsapskw'. 
Shoal Bay, /-/■. v., VVospcgcak'. 

Shock, Takumuk'. 
To shock, Mcdcdcsk' ; Pakiileiak. 
Shoes, (I inliirnj, 'Mkus'uinii : (French), Weii- 
, jooksiinunk'. (N. B. — The former is inani- 

VKite gender; the latter, animate. Qucvy, 

Was this out of compliment to tlie latter?) 
An old shoe, 'iMtaksun ; SegoooksunakCin. 
A new pair of 8hoe&, rilkusununk'. 
To put on shoes, (Indian), 'Mkusunaase ; 

(French). Wenjooksunaase. 
To have on Indian shoes, (i. e., moccasins), 

To have on " shoes," Weiijooksiinaam. 
To own a pair of moccasins, 'Mkusunume. 
To own a pair of shoes, Wcnjooksiinume. 
To be a shoemaker, Nootkusuna'. 

A snow shoe, Akum ; phtr., Akiimk. 

To walk on snow shoes, Akumeem. See 

under Siwi" .sAoc. 

To shoot, (with It, (/uji), PaskCigfi' ; Paskrim ; 
Paskak ; Paskoose ; Pas'kege ; Paske- 

To shoot with a bow, Nakadei' ; ctlugae; 
Matclum ; M.ltelak' ; Nakadum ; Nakadak'. 

To shoot him flying, Nebeetooaaluk ; Alta- 
gaam , cltagaam. 

To shoot forth, (as a vegetable), Sakulea' ; 
Sakideak' ; Nik; Peemei. 

A shop, (a store), Malsandgwom. 

A workshop, Loogowokunogwom. 

Shopkeeper, Malsan. (From the P'rench, 
niarchu lid.) (N. B. — Here is a fine illus- 
tration of the changes which words must 
undergo in passing from one language to 
anot'^er. In this word of two syllables — 
viar-cliand — are no less than three sounds 
for which the Micmac had to lind substi- 
tutes, viz.: the r, the ch, and the nasal 
oi nd. Vox iho. first he used an I, for the 
second an >s, and for the thinl an n, thus 
the word became stangely transformed into 

Shore, Pcmamkeak' ; Pemchajcgaak ; Sedurn. 

Along the shore, elmechajeg.irik. 

Towards the shore, SctumOok'. 

To walk along the shore, Pemchajegaase. 

To " convey " something along the shore, 
Pcmchajega'dega ; Pcnichajegaaluk ; Pem- 

To paddle a canoe along by the shore, 

To swim along the shore, Pemchaje ke- 

To go down to the shore, Mctokuya'. 
To be conveying things down to the 

shore, Melogwa'dcga ; MC'togwaadoo; 


To send him down to the shore, Mcto- 





To go up from the shore, Sokogoya'. 

To be bringing up things from the shore, 

Sokogwa'dega ; Sokogwaaluk ; Sokogwaa- 

A shore, fa proj)), ku]ok\ii,un. 
To shore, (to -/yro/t up), kcK-kum. 
Short, Tfgvvokjeech ; Tc'gvv(5kjceje. 
To " chop " it short, Tegwoktaam. 
To cut it short, (n-ith a knife), Tef:;vvoksrim. 
To shorten it, Tcf^wnkjcjaadoo ; Tcgwukje- 

jaaiuk ; Tfgwokjcjaadega. 

To come short, (to /ail J, Nootkwowtoogwa' ; 

To remain a short time, Makadowkwodum. 
A short winter, Tcgwebook'. 
A short river, Tegwokutkwck'. 
A short road, Tcgwokudck'. 

A short field, Tegwemngaak. 

A short day, Tcgwcgiskuk. 

A short " sheet " of bark, cloth, etc., 

To be shortsighted, VVcjooas'abe. 

Shot, II., n.skooloDs'kool. 

A shot pouch, Petaladeel. 

To shove, kesmugum ; kesmaadoo ; atkum. 

To shove a canoe or boat with a pole, 

(to pole a ainot', iic.J, kC'snuinikwaam. 

A shovel, kaleboode. (Hence kaleboo, anri- 
liou, the shuvf'ller, because they shovel up 
the snow with their broad feet, in digging 
down for the moss on which they feed.) 

To shovel, kaieboodea'dt'ga ; kaleboodeaadoo. 

To shovel up snow, Nakuleebe. 

Shoulder, 'Mtulmakun ; fipskusun. 

The shoulder blade, Oo.saknn ; Ootulow'. 

The flesh of an animaFs shoulder, keenun ; 

To carry on the shoulder, Pemnegadega' ; 

Pemnegadum ; Pemnegalk' ; keskoonegalk' ; 

kcskoonega' ; keskoonegadum ; kcskoone- 

ga' ; keski^iminega' ; cinegfi' ; chiegadum ; 

keskuminegadum ; keskuminegalk'. 
A shoulder strap, W'iskoboksoon. 

To shout, kcdoD ; kookweme ; Siiskwa' ; 


To shout in the distance, Wedaweesowwa' ; 

kcsintowwa'; Mowwintowwa'; Pcgintowwa'; 

To keep on shouting, Pemintowwa'; Bok- 

To shout loud, kesiksegowwa'. 
To cease shouting, Boonimtowwa'. 

To begin to shout very lou<' '^okjikse- 

To shout louder, ajiksegowwa'. 
To shout in tones of thunder, Mowikse- 

To shout there, etiintowwa'. 
There is my shouting place. There is 

where I usually shout, Ktlintowwa. 

A shouting place, ICtlintowwcmk'. 

To come shouting, Wcchkwintowwa', 

To go away shouting, clmintowwa'. 

A shouter, (an auctiuueer, a crier), Noojin- 

To show, Naya'dega ; Nayaase ; KSyaadoo; 

Nayaalrdi ; elmaswaase ; Maswaase; Moos- 

kaase ; Maswaadoo ; Maswaaliik ; Mooskaa- 

doo ; Mooska'h'ise ; Wcchkwe-mooskaase ; 

VVechkwe-mooskcak' ; Naycgaadoo; Mayeg- 

aaluk; Nfiycga'diiga. 
A show, Nayadakun ; Maswa'dakun. 
A shower, (of ridvj, kippasak' ; emoonsuk. 
A heavy shower of rain, Welakunaamak. 
It is showery weather, A showery day, 

kikpasanegiskuk ; P^pmoo'nsuk. 
The " clearing up shower," keskoolak. 
The shower passes us by, Pcmoonsuk. 
There is a shower coming, VVcciikoon'suk 
The shower has gone by, elmoon'suk. 
A shower bath, kikpasanumimkriwa'. 
To shred, Tedagapkusfim ; Tedagepskudaam ; 

Tooksoboogwodijm ; Tedagetouksoboo- 

A shrew, abit tan booskecloowawit ; Boskcka- 

kawaak abit. 




Shrewd, Ncstooac 

To shriek, Saskwa'. 

A shriek, n., Saskwcmk' ; Saskoo'dimk ; Sas- 

Shrill, kiisepjowwck'. 
Shrimp, Apchajeejit chi^iijecjeecli ; Apchajee- 

jit cheeiiLim ak atkegwaat ; Tegweakiisit. 
To shrink, v. int., awagebeadck' ; ( 'hekolas- 

tck' ; MowvvebeXdek' ; Wejetebeadck' ; Wcj- 

edoksit ; Wcjelebeasit. 
To shrink, v. tr., N;lkatkcltum ; awagebeadiim ; 

Chakillastiim ; Wcjele-beadum. 
To shrive, Abiksiktumak' ; kasadak ootuloo- 

To shrivel, v. int., Mowwebcasijik ; Mowwe- 


To shrivel, v. tr., utkoogsaadoo; utkooesaaluk. 

A shroud, 'Mpooenooa' as(Jon. 

To shroud, 'Npooenooe-asoonddulk; Mimoo- 

gvvodoo ; Mimoogwolk'. 
Shrove Tuesday, Maldigulawimk'. 
To keep Shrove Tuesday, Maldigulawe'. 
Shrub, Nebesokunoocli' ; Ncbesokun. 
Shrubby, Nebesokunoo'jooik ; iMedoootkeik' ; 

To shrug, V. int., VVcjedagaase. 
To shrug, V. tr., Wcjedagaadoo. 
A shrug, Wcjedaga'soode ; VVojedagaadimk' ; 

Shubenacadie, pr. n., Segtibunakade. 
To shudder, Ncnkudesink'. 
A shudder, Nciikudcsinumugawa'. 
To shuffle, Aboochkadoooiiul ; Weaktlsimkik ; i 

Weakatcstoooiuil ; Weagadooonul ; Abooch- 

kudasimkik ; eoonaska'dooonu 
Shumac, ketakenemoose. 
To shun, irnper. mood, ijpsogvvaase ; shun it ; 

Pcsogwaase ; Mimoogvvosiktak'. 
To shut it up, kepsum ; kepsugaadooo ; Nes- 

pikpuskaadoo; Ncspikpuskaaluk ; kepsuk 
To shut the hand, Sebildiaase ; Sebilchaa- 


To shut down the door blanket, Piltaadoo. 


To shu^. the hand of another, Sebilchaa- 

To shut the eyes, Selicgwaase. 

To keep the eyes shut, Sebegwa'. 

To shut his eyes for him, Sebegwaaluk. 

To shut a jacknife, Nibflniskaadoo. 

To shut up a book, Sabankaadoo. 

A window shutter, NcspikpuskaadiikO.i. 

A shuttle, Adooigun. 

To be shy, Ncsowwa'. 

Sibilant, .Mcdcdoksit stuga' tagaleech kusna' 

Sick, kesenookvvei' ; Wiskuse. 
, What am I sick with ? In what manner 

am I sick? Taliksenookwei' ? 
I am sick thus, Tclikscnookwei'. 
How long have 1 been sick? Tadoojipkij- 

iksenookwei' ? 
I have been sick so long, Tcdoojipkijik- 


How sick am I? Tadoojiksenookwei'. 

To be sick a long time, Pcgejiksenookwei', 

A long sickness, Amasiksenoogowokun. 

A short sickness, Tcsog\viksenoogovv(~5kun. 

To be sick from a debauch, Saoopa'. 

It makes me sick at the stomach, Nak- 

To be sick at the stomach, Nakumelooae. 
To be sick away from home, etJeboona'. 
To be weak from recent sickness. Soo- 


To make him sick with my pipe, (nuf 

Sickness, ukseii<)og()vv(5kuii, ovdlivi.nj sickiiCHH] 

Wiskusvvokun, contdgion, infection. 
Sickle, koolunikvva' lipskwcsdgun. 
Sickly, Noojemoo' ; Moo welau. 
To look sickly, kesenoogomookse. 
Side, ('iij/ .•ii </'■), epmcbegei'. 
The side of a house, upmedook'. 
A vessel's side, The side of a "ship," 

OopuniClkoodoDk ; elpcjuoklck. 

On or at the ship's side, Oopumoolkoodook. 





A side of meat, Estookwon' ; csumegwonesa'. 
On one side, Anubo'. 

To have a " stitch in the side," Neptoo. 
To sidle, Ncmchenogepumea'. 

To stand sidewise, fiptooiskineboogooe ; 

Estoogwonebogooe ; estoogvvoiieboogoo- 

Sideral, kulokowechwa'. 
Sidewise, Numjintok. 

To sit on him sidewise, Iscmchenokpedak'. 
To lean sidewise on the water, (as a, c'lpegvvitk'. 
A sieve, Pogista'dakiinfi'; Pogistakuna' ; Peme- 

To sift, Paoogistcga' ; Pfioogistum. 
A sifter, Noojepoo<)gistcga'. 
SiftingS, Scgooska'dakun. 
To sigh, Pfiskulame. 
A sigh, Paskulamimkrivva'. 
Sight, Ncmedcgcmk' ; Ncmedasoode ; Nem- 

The sight of the eye, Maktawipkegwei'. 
It is out of sight, kespaplum ; kcspamk'. 
The sight of a gun, Laboofleech. 
To be sharp-sighted, Nadabe. 
Sightless, Ncgabegwac. 
A sign, kunoogwosoode ; kenooa'dakiin ; ken- 

oogwokun ; a murk li'Jt, Chiliiaduookuii ; 

kcgciioodumoookiin ; kiinoogwukrui ; Chil- 

kwose, The Dunks of a canoe or boat in 

tlic naiid or mad. 
To sign, 'Nwesoonum aweekdm. 
A signal, kenooa'dakun ; kenoogwokiin ; kun- 

To make a signal, kegenpogwodum ; kege- 

Signal, '"(/., Mowwccspaak ; ^lowwecspadiisik ; 

.Movvwil<|)iimarik ; Movvwikpuniaadasik. 

To signalize, Mowwtcspaaluk ; Mowwecspaa- 
doo ; Mowvvikpumaadoo; Movvwikpumaaluk; 
Mowvvecspa'luse ; IMovvwikpumaaluse. 

Signature, 'Nweesooiuim aweegasik. 

Signet, VVeegadigrma' upkooa'dakun. 

Significant, kcgenoodfiniasoodea'; kcgenoo- 

dfimoocmk' ; 'Nsutoodguna'. 
To signify, kunoogwokuna'degfi ; kenatnatln- 

awa-a'dcga ; kt-genoodumoofi'. 
Signpost, kenoogwokdna' kulokigun. 
Silence, /(., VVontokode; Wontukaimk'. 
Silence reigns ! Chiktck ! 
To silence, Ncnkadumak' ootcltoksinij ; kes- 

aaluk oonunkeiwistoonii ; Maskvvcdoodum. 
To be silent, Moo kcloosu ; Moo etiawistoo; 
j NrMikeiboogooa' ; Wontokaase. 

Silk, cpkobakcluik. 
Silken, cpkobakchiiga'. 

The silk of Indian com, Oosaboon, Ida 

lialr ; Sakaltoogweskiil. 
To be silly. Moo ncstoofm ; Akudae. 
Silvan, Sylvan, Nebooktookawa' ; Nebookta- 

Silver, Sooleawa' : Wobaaguk. 
Silver, adj., Soolcawaya'. 
To silver, Sooleawaaadoo. 
To give him silver, (Lit., to silver him), 

A silversmith, Sooleawa-afiga. 
Similar, enkooda ; Tclamook'. 
Similitude, Cipsloo'dakun ; kwtlawistoomk' ; 

Pesloo'dcgemk ; kwelawistoode. 

Simitar, Scimitar, and Cimitar, espoo- 

1 "wo.sik. 

To simmer, v. fr., Noolmigiimeaadoo. 
I Simple, Simpleton, Moo ncstooau ; Akudae ; 

j Sin, cloowawoode ; Pada'dakun ; Pada'soode ; 
I W'insoode ; Padas'vvokun. 

: To sin, eloowavve; Pada'dcga'; Padaadoo ; 
To be in sin. To have sin in me unfor- 
i given, Pada'dakun uine. 

Since, (ln'cauw, covjj, MiidCi. 
, Since, adc, kcs ; kulabis'. 
Sincere, Miinaa kcspoogwadegow' ; Yapchoo 
kokwojca' ; Sabawe ; Wclmudoo' ; kcje- 




Sincerity, kejedumaadimk. 

Sinew, Tunooon. (Compare Ti'ndon.) 

The large sinew of an animal's neck, 

Ootanegoo ; Ootoogobe ; 'Mton<;obe. 
Sinful, Paclatcgawenooe ; Winnuidoo. 
Sinfulness, cloowawoode ; Padaswukun. 
To sing, kcdabcgea' ; etiintoo'. 

To be a good singer, Wclckesetoonei' : Lit, 

'Tij hair a <)oo<l raice. 
To be a bad singer, VViiickesetoonei', To 

luti't' a hfid roii'i'. 

To sing there, Tcdlintoo'. 

They are heard singing in the distance, 

(nut seen J, W'edawiiitoo'dijik. 
To lead the singing, Neganintoo. 
To sing to him, kcdabcgeowk'. 
To sing responsively, clkamadooltijik. 
To singe, Paoo'dcga ; Paoolk' ; Paoodiim. 
To singe an animal's foot, Powseedcga. 
To singe my hair, Memkujouoksum. 
Single, Naooklfijc ; Boktakaya' ; Boktaktum, 

To liavc hut one Ixiinl. 
To be single, Moo maleawu'; Naooktoogwa- 

To sink, v. int., kcdabae; kodabogwa. Mij 

" sli ip " goes dvtvn la a storm. 

To sink, v. tr., kcdabaaluk ; kcdaboolk' ; keda- 
bakegwodiim ; kcdabc'gwijaadoo ; kedabeg- 
wijaaluk; cgwijaadoo; cgwijaaluk ; keda- 
baguk ;kedabakteskumuk'; kcdabakteskum ; 
kedabakcgwcHium ; kcdabega'dcga' ; keda- 
gcgaaluk ; kcdabaklcstoo ; kcdabaktaak ; 
kedabaktafim ; kedabaktcsumTik'. (For the 
special meanings in all these and other 
similar cases, see under words in the Mic- 
mac-English portion.) 

To be sinking in the mire, Apchimlooskea'. 

To sink him in the mire, Apchimlooskaaluk ; 
Apchimlooskaadoo ; A| chimlooska'dega. 

To sink into the ground, v. int., PaoochSl- 
kaa.^e ; aptuniae; aptumaleegea'. 

To sink into the ground, v. tr., Paoochal- 

To sink down into the trough of the sea, 

kulkwa'soogwck ; knlkwa'suogwa. 
A sinker, kiilapskobelakfin. 
To tie on a sinker, kCilapskopelum. 
Sinless, Moo eloowawu ; Miinaa padadcgow' ; 

Moo padatcgawenoovvu'. 
To be a sinner, Padategfiwcnooe ; Padam- 

To sip, Wikwpaktiim ; Wikwpaktega'. 
Sister, Numces ; 'N'kwajeech'. 

My sister-in-law, fsald l»j a vum), Nel- 

umoos' ; (said hy a woman), Nemaklem. 
To sit down, cbaase. 
To be sitting down, cbe ; iifan. g., edek. 
To sit down on a seat, koodpaase. 
To sit down on it, knodpaadoo. 
To sit down on him, koodpaalnk. 
To sit down on the ground, Meskunebaase. 
To be sitting on the ground, Meskunebe. 
To sit down on the heels, kakajookbaase. 
To be sitting on the heels, kakajookpe. 

To sit down cross-legged, Cheiuimoobaasc. 

To be sitting cross-legged, (uk the men sit). 

To sit down with the legs twisted round, 

(((•■< the lio'inen sit), Mimskooloogrmcbaase. 

To be sitting with the feet twisted round, 

( iruhKui Jiisliioii), MimskfJoloogCniebe. 

To sit with the feet extended, Sokwodabe, 
To sit down md extend the feet out in 

front, Sokaoilcbaase. 
To sit on a beast, ekvvtiibe. 
To sit up on high, (on a roost), kakoobe. 
To sit down on high, Kakoobaase. 
To sit alone, (said n/u)i infant), Nedabe. 
To sit for a long time, Pegitpe. 
To sit and watch, (Tu be stopinng hi the ivig- 

ictnii, to tiike care of it V'hde the others are 

au-aij), ISespe. 
To sit down near hira, Wejoo-owpedak'. 
To sit down with him, Witpedak'. 
To sit down by one's self, (apart from the 

others), katancbaase. 


1 1 ''■ 

2 38 



To sit apart from the others, kruiinpe. 

They all sit down togther, Mowwepedaajik' 

To be sitting all together, Mowwepooltijik. 

He sits down with them, VViipaasije. 

How do I sit down ? Tilcbaasc ? 

I sit down 80, Tulcbaasc. 

How do I sit ? Talpe ? 

To sit so, Tclpe. 

To sit down in, (a carriage, canoe, iir.)^ 

To be sitting in, fa carriage, canoe, (t-c), Tebe. 
To sit still, Wontokpe. 

To be sitting on it, Tcsokpe. 

To sit down on it, Tcsokpaase. 

To be sitting there, ctlcbimk ; ctlcbnoltimk. 

A sitting place, lulebimk' ; Etlebooltimk'. 

Situate, aum ; cbe ; cdek' ; Tctlugadum. 

Six, us'ookfim, (a uVogom). 

There are six, ('(«»., 7.^, lisookiimtaseck'. (hum.. 

g.), usookumtasugul'. (See under usookum 

in the Miemac-Knglish department for ila 

varied appliadiovs). 
Sixteen, '.Mtiiln chel us'ookiim. 
Sixteenth, 'Mtidnawa' chel us'ookum. 
Sixth, usookumawfi'. 
Sixty, usookum tasinskaak. 
There are sixty, usookiimtasinskukseck ; 

usookum tasinskugul. 
Size, Tan Iclkile ; Tan tclkeek. 
To be of the same size, Tetpugileck'; Tetpug- 

oolteck' ; Tetpugeegul. 
A skate, einogum. 
To skate, cinogumaase. 
A skate fish, kOgunalooech'. 
One skein (skan), (of tinrad), Naooktogeejik; 

(of wi re), Naooktogeak'. 
Two skeins, (of thread), Tabooogeejik; (of 

ivire), Tabooiigeagul. 
Skeleton, ulnooigunul nasmiskadasigiil. 
A skeptic, Hoosku-aswedaase; Moo kcdlamsut- 

umooak' Kesoo'lkw ookuloovvokunum; Moo 

alasoomak' Sasoo Goole. 
To sketch, aweekuga' ; aweekum ; aweekuk. 

A skiff, kwedun ; 'Ntfiol' ; Welebotcheech ; 

To carry a skiff on my back up from the 

water, Sogokioole. 
Skilful, Ncdovvvvega'dega' ; Mestantowwega'- 

To skim, Manema' ; ManemSdiim. 
A skin, Mugcgun. 
A skin bottle, upsemci'. 
To skin, Pcsadcga' ; Pesaaluk ; Pcsaadoo. 

To strip off the skin, Pcskeiigaalid? ; Pcskea- 
gadcgfi' ; Pcskcai^aadoo. 

(To Kcald of h i.s /^/v'.s^/fs, Pcskiiliiboogwaa- 
luk; Seskulaboogwadega' ; Scskul- 
Skinny, MugegCinasca'. Made of d-in. 
To be dressed in skins, Miigcgunaseaam. 
To skip, Wcnakaya' ; kcskiimkvvonaaga. To 

skip over. 
To skip over in reading, kcskitkedum; 

Asukedum ; keskitkeedegfi ; asukeedcga. 
A skip, n., Wenakaycmk'. 

A "skipper," (commander of a little water 
craft), Alsoose Penasool'. 

A skipper, (an insect), Taipkumoos' ; koolbat- 

To skirmish, Amtodooltijik. 
A skirmish, Amtodooltimk. 
Skirt, 'Mtokwon'. 
Skittish, Chepakadesin, 
To skulk, Mimoogvvose; Mimoogwosooktum ; 

A skull, Noosugatp'. 
A skunk, Abukcheloo. 
The sky, Mooskoon. 

Skyey, Mooskook (clear shy) ; Mooskoonavva'. 
The sky is clear, Mooskweak'. 
It is clearing up, Pememooskweak' ; Ta- 

kweaak ; Tilkwcak' ; Tfikook. 
Sky colour, Mooskoonamook', (hlae). 
Sky light, Toooboote pokwodigunawau. 
To slabber, Penasoogwae. 
He was slain for us, Wcdanoolkck' uktencnak'. 



Slain, kedmcddt ; Nfibot. 

To Slake, keejuba. 

To slander, I'ilsimk ; Sep;Sto()ncdokse ; Win- 

loomk' ; Pilsaboogoofi' ; VVinimk' ; We- 

fivvinik'; kLtiskooclrimak' ; cloodumafifi'. 
Slander, v., I'ilsimtimkawa'; Se^;alooiiedok- 

sinik'; I'ilsaboogoocmk' ; Winloodumoo- 

gwcmk' ; Pilsoode. 
A Slanderer, Booske-pilsaboogooa' ; Nooje- 

loodumaga' ; IJooske-looduma 


To slant it, Sowtaadoo. 

Slantly, Slantwise, Sowtcdek'. 

To slap, Sakskadcga'; Sakskaadak' ; Saks- 

kaadoo ; kaskigwcdak' ; kaskigvvcdaam ; 

To slap him in the face, kaskigwedaak. 
To slash, Scgwistaam ; Scgwistaaga ; Segwis- 

taak ; Scgvvisum ; Scgwisuk'. 
Slate stone, Misapskw'. 

A school-boy's slate, aweekegcdoomkawa' 

Slate Mountain, pr. v.. keneskwotpat. 
A sleigh, kalcul ; Ttibakun. 
A slattern, Alcjegadcga'. 
Slaty, Misapskvva'. 
A slave, kcstcjoo. 
To slave, v. int., kestawae; Looguwokiina- 

looa' ; utigiinaase ; aoolokestcjoo'daso. 
To slaver, Pcnasoogwai ; Louskwodigiine ; 

Slaver, (spjttli-), Looskwodigum. 
Slavery, kestcjooadcgcmk'; kestcjoode. 
Slaughter, Nabadcgcmk'. 
Wholesale slaughter, kcdmcdadcgtmk'. 
To slaughter, Nabadcga' ; kcdnicdaagik, To 

sltiny/itrr (hem all in haitli'. 
Slaughter house, Nooje-nabadcgct-ogwom. 
Slaughterman, Noojeiiabadcga'. (N. B.—This 

term stands for both a butcher and a niiir- 

derer.) | 

Slavish, kestcjooaik. 
Slavishly, kestejoo-wuu. 
To slay, Nabadega' ; Nabak' ; Nabadum ; 


Sled, Tfibakun ; Tobftkunaaskw. 

Sled-runner, clkunadcjaasik. 

To own a sled, Wciobakrinume. 

To have a sled, fit Duty or it may not be 

my oirnj, Tol)akumaain. 
A sledge, r. Mcskeek maltrjwa' ; 2, TobAkutT. 
To come riding in a "sledge," (tiled or 

sli'i()hj, WC-chkwodcjimkvva'. 
To go away riding in a sled, elmadcjim- 

To go in a "sled," rcmadcjimkwa'. 
To take him in a "sled," rcmadejaaluk ; 

To sleep, Nabci ; Paskoose ; Mclkenfibei. 
To be going to sleep, (to lie down to sleep), 

Najiiipasumaase ; Napasiiiiiaase. 
To take a long sleep, kcsatkoose. 
To sleep in the day time, Nagokoose. 
To desire to sleep, and To be going to 

sleep, kedoonpei'. 
To be sleepy, kctlookse ; Metookse. 
A great sleeper, apchinpei ; Booskinpei'. 
Promoting sleep, Naba'dcgek. 
To put him to sleep, N.abaaluk. 
To put myself to sleep, Nabaaluse. 
Sleepiness, kDdooksimk ; kedooksoode. 
Sleepless, Masinpei'; Moo kcsinpow'. 
Sleet, Obcech ; 'Msigun. 
Sleet falls, Obcjooneak' ; Mcscgowik'. 
Sleeve, Oopusan' ; upskiiSLin. 
It has sleeves, upskiisunik'. 
Sleeveless, Mogwa' upskrisiminook. 

Slender, Naoopigeak'; Apsokse; Spsaak ; a[)- 

To slice, cla'sawa ; elaasun-; ; elaasuk. 
To cut off a slice, Pi|)kuIooksrim ; Pipkiilook- 

sovvwii ; kaskwe-siim ; kaskwcdaam ; kas- 

A slice, Pipkulook'sigun. 
To slice up a hide into strings or strips, 

t'labcsowwa' ; elabcsiim. 
To slide, Pcmadcjea' ; Nesipkumoodoo ; clc- 

okse ; claaagci ; cleaagei ; Pcmipkumc. 

s™.„ %■ 





Slight, Apchaach ; apchafije ; AlciiAkunci'; 

Moo melkJiu. 
To slight, Moo sesp2daf1umoo ; Pcl)elcclriru!um ; 

I'cbcledaalumk' ; clcamk' ; Elcaptiim ; cle- 

Slime, Skiimogun ; cskumof;un. 
To be slimy, cskumogune. 

To be cleaning off the slime from eels, 

kasedagawolk', (To be scuarliKj liim with 

A sling, Likpamakun ; Likpaa^^un. 
To sling stones, clikpaamei ; Abooikpagu.i- 

A slinger, Nooje-likpaamei ; Ncdowwe-lik- 

paainei ; Boo.skc-lik|)aamci. 
To slink away, kemusumegwei'. 
To slip, Wcsas'ikskumei' ; Amalagospskea' ; 

NesMgoj^skea' ; Nesogomkoa' ; Tcdloogvve ; 

WCsSktcsin' ; Weakltistoo. 
A slip, Wcsasakskuniiimk' ; Ncsiigopskecmk' ; 

Slippery, \Vcsasaak ; SCsoobfulk ; Scsubul- 

To slit, tiabesowwa' ; Segwiskabcdum. 
A slit, rdabcsasik ; Scgwiskabcdrimuiiik'. 
A slit in the bark of a canoe, Niimtak- 

To sew up a slit in a canoe, Numtakun- 

To sliver, Chilenedcstoo. 
Slivers, Chilikpedeskook : kumoojeejeech. 
To sliver, v. int , Chikpedcsk'. 
To run a sliver into my flesh, IMSskwile. 
A slope, clpcsaktck. 
To slope, V. tr., elpcsaktaaga ; cipcsaktaam ; 


Sloth, Matogiin ; Makloookun, 

Slothful, Malae. 

A sloven, Mejegao. 

To be slovenly, Mcjega'dcga. 

Slough, (ii Iliad hole), Bulgow. 
Sloughy, BiJlgovvwiV ; Bulgovvwcak'. 
Slow, kcgwac ; Bowae ; Bowipskajae. 

To work slowly, Bowwclogwa'; Bowaadoo; 

To build slowly, kcgwcegci. 
To do it slowly, Howkosaakon ; Bowkcsa'- 

dt'sa ; Bowkoesaaliik. 
To write slowly, Uowwekuga'. 

To operate slowly, (an a medicine), Bowin- 

Slowly, (f'/r , Cheemakii ; kcgwuCi ; Bowwuu. 

Sludge, Biilgow. 

Slug, Choojeejeech. 

Sluggard, Booskc-malae. 

To slumber, Nrd^ci. 

Slumber, Nabamk'. 

Slut, abit tan booskimcbcgaak. 

Sly, Booske-keme-tuladcga. 

Smack, Tclemaak. 

To smack, Medcdesk' 'ntoon. 

Small, apcbafich ; apchaajit. 

Very small, apchajccje'. 

To be small round, itpsokse ; apcliokcheeje. 

To carry a small load, Nakowoola'. 

To have a small head, Apsatpei'. 

To have a small foot, apsusedei'. 

To have a small hand, apsiptenei'. 

To have small joints, apsiskci'. 

To have small eyes, Apsaikegwei'. 

A small loaf, apsibiinaak, (See under ap- 
chaach in the Micmac-English depart- 

Small pox, Labcgot. (La verole, French:) 

To have the small pox, Labegotawe. 

To smart, Wesegese ; Wesegedek'. 

To be smart, Sesak'use. 

Smartness, Scs.lkasoode. 

A Smatterer, Amikchijcdega'. 

To smear, Amchuga'dcga; Amakcmk'; Ama- 
kcnum ; Mcjegaadoo ; Mcjega'luse; Meje- 

To smell, v. tr., Pescdega' ; Pesaadoo ; 


To be smelling round, fas a dog), alimta- 



To try it by the smell, kwLjipscdoo. 

To smell well, '•. //'/., Wclomnak. 

To smell bad, (to st'ml:), VVincmaak ; kc'slct. 

It smells of oil, Sik ; Siggul ; Sigema ; 

There comes a smell of burnt drift-wood, 

A smelt, kakpfisow'. 
To smile, Wcskawegwaasc ; Mimsulmoog- 

To smite, Taktaaga ; Taktaam ; Taktfim ; 

To smite him on the mouth, Baktoonc- 

To smite him on the side, cpmcgwcdaak. 
A smith, (hi II (■!:!< mi III), kfilaptan'. 
A smithy, kulaptanogwom. 
Smith's Cove, or. w., Scgegueegiink. 
Smoke, 'Ntloo'daoo. 
Smoke rises, Wcnaipkudaak. 
To cause a smoke to rise, Hookwipkudaadoo. 
Smoke ascends from the wigwoms, liiip- 


To smoke him out of a hollow tree, 

To smoke tobacco, kwcdumei'. 
To desire to smoke, kedooktumei'. 
To blow the smoke out of the nose, 

The wigwom smokes, Nctloo'dck. 
To be smoked by a smoky "room," 

I make the smoke of the fire go into his 

eyes, Netloosumk. 

To be fond of smoking tobacco, Wigumei'. 
To stain it with smoke, W ikpulasum. 
To smoke it with spruce boughs, Weas- 

To smoke there, etleebe. 
To draw the smoke (bij going near the fire), 

It is smoky, (stained and scented with smoke), 

VVikpulase ; VVikpulasik ; Wikpudedt'k'. 

Smoky Head, pr. n., (in Cape Breton), Sak- 

Smoky weather, Toktawik' ; 'Ntloo'dawik. 

Smoked meat, Wikpnias'lgi'm. 

The house is smoky; I am distressed 

with smoke, Aptrdoose. 
Smokiness in a room, Aptrdoo'soodo ; Net- 

Smooth, Scsoobaak ; VVr-lmoosegaak. 
Smooth ice, St-sribrdugwck'. 
A smooth rock, S(:s()()|)sak'. 
To be smooth in the face, Scsoobegwei'. 
To smooth down the hair, Namitkooaadoo. 
To smooth, V. tr., Scsoobaadoo ; Scsoobaaluk ; 

Wclmooscgaadoo ; Wclmoosegaaluk. 
To put on a smooth appearance, Scsoo- 

To be smooth and hypocritical, Scsoo- 

The river runs smoothly, VVclamkitk ; 

The water is smooth, Sesoobaksuk ; awipk'. 
A smooth building, Scsoopscgoonaasik. 
Smoothiness, Scsoobcmkruva'. 

To smother him, (ivith smoke), aptuloosk' ; 

To smother, by stopping the breath, 

To smoulder, ctb'pkLidck : ctlipkiidaak. 
Smut, lk)()ksctow'. 
To smut, i>. tr., Booksctiivvaadoo ; Booksct- 

Smutty, Booksetavva'dase ; Booksc-tawa'dasik. 
A snag, (of (I rod: J keneskvvopsktk' ; (of ani/- 

thing el.-<e), kencskwoptck'. 
Snagged, Snaggy, kakfiak ; kakapskcgul. 
i A snail, Chigiijcejeech. 
A snake, Mtaaskum ; 'Mtakoo-ow'. 

A fabulous monstrous snake, (a dragon), 

A small red-bellied snake, Megwaskudcat'. 
To lie like a snake, cltukcsink'. 
To crawl like a snake, Pcmtukect'. 


KN(!l,rsiI-MI(:M.\(' OK rioNAin'. 

To snake it along, rlmritkaadoo; ftrnfitkaairik. 

Snaky, 'Mtakskriimniii'. 

To snap, '•. /<•., clwAkAdcstoo ; clAkadcstoo ; 

To snap, ''/;(/., clakAdt'sk' ; MwakAdcstci'; 

Wcilawokskaasik ; MtHirilnkskudcski'il. 

To snap a joint of the finger, WCdawis- 

kaadoo ; VVtjdawiskodoo. 
A snare, Nabooktakun. 
To snare, Nahokiakruu-i^a' ; rriadulk'. 
To be snaring them there, Tc't wtjipta'irif;ik. 
To snarl, H()(iHkc-chii;rmiil' ; Clickabcdaasit. 
To snatch, apkwilchc^ia'; Wfswoktoo ; VVcs- 

wi'i;;!' ; VVrswaa^ulk ; kokwaadoo. 
To sneak, MarlikdjrHlooduni. 
To sneer, Malest-'dri'dcga ; iMrdcgedaalumk ; 

To be sneered at, Malegedalumookse. 
To sneeze, Cskwe. 
A sneeze, cskwimk. 

To sniff, Nenadoodunaadei; Nciiadoodunadum. 
A snipe, Odnokpudeeg'isoo. Also, the tvovdcuck. 
Snivel, Ooclialow. 
To snivel, Sosiktokse. 
To snore, VVedawoksin. 
To snore loudly, kcsotawoksin. 
To snort, Nc'clun-mcdcdaak. 
Snot, Occhalow. 

Snotty, Oochalowetoonae ; Oomisulema'diinul; 

A snout, Ooseskoon. 
onow, VVostaoo ; koobcecli. 
To snow, lYiasak ; Wostaucak'. 
A snowy day, I'asanegiskuk; Wostawegiskuk. 
A snowball, Wostawa' peloo-owvva'. 
To snowball him, Wostawaook. 
To be snowblind, AbuoCmribe. 
To be snow white, Wostawewobigunae ; 

Tele-wobae stuga wostaoo. 
Snowy, Wostawea'. 
To be all covered with snow, VVostawe. 

Lit., I <i)ii nil svuii'. 
A snow storm, 'Mtonokt. 

To walk through the snow, Pedasonecm. 
To be melting snow, k<)()n|)cga' ; kouupc- 

The snow is all melted and gone, kakaasik. 
A snow shoe, Akfun. 
Two snow shoes, (rim:), Akumk. 
To walk on snow shoes, Akumccm. 
To have on snow shoes, Akrimaam. 
To gird on my snow shoes, Akrmiaase. 
I travel on snow shoes, ITinakuinoem. 

To begin to walk on snow shoes, Pak- 

To be expert with snow shoes, Ncdowe- 

To be fond of walking on snow shoes, 


The parts of a snow shoe : 

Tlir hoiu or Iido/i, Akiimokiim. 

Tlie tivu woodan cruHf>-i)ince», Wisk, wiskiil. 

The finii filUnii at the toe. and heel, 

The coarse fill I iKj for the mldille of the 

SHOW nhoe, Ooloogvvasawaal. 
The str!)iri that (joen mu ml outride and 

inside the bow, ii[jsimun. 
The ci^os^-strini/s to idiieh the JiUing is 

attnehed, kanodulakun. 
The snotr shoe heel, Ookooje. 
The slrinj/s at tlie siile of the hole n'here 

the foe of the wearer comes, and the 

tifo holes, kumadak'uiuil. 
I'ojininh at the centre of the shoe lehen 

jmttivf/ in the filling, Ookwomla- 

Tlie e>/(lit holes, kanodulak'uniil. 
The filling that rn.ns straight (d'ross the 

snoiv shoe, Takuma'guina. 
The filling that runs ucross diagonally, 

Skin jrrepared for snow shoe filling, 

The thong that fastens the snoiv shoe to 

the foot of the wearer, Tummun. 



Til III' ciitf I III/ riiii' hiili' iiilit si II /IS, f fur 
Kiiinr sliiii' lillimj), flSbcsowwa'. 

To fiifli'it llic nlriiiiiH liiiji'lliii' I II I) anil 
1 11:0, close In flu: I'im, iih J yu on ii'illi 
the mork, Cscma'. 

To be manutacturing snow shoes, Akum- 
To be making snow shoe bows, Akrimo- ! 

ki'inia.i.;.! j 

To be in search of snow shoe bows, PiJsA- I 

kiini;V, 1 

To be bonding snow shoe bows, CIcgaMtga. 
To be filling snow shoe:\ CLkiunri'. 
To begin the work, (To cuuuuencrj, Scskab- 

To be filling the centre of the snow shoe, 

t )()k wunilamiuiiic^.i'. 

The snow shoe needle, or shuttle, Taikx)- 

To own a pair of snow shoes, Wttakumc 
To have on a pair of snow shoes, W cia- 

To put on my snow shoes, \\ Ltakumaasc. 
To fasten on his snow shoes for him, 


The toe of the snow shoe, Oonooje. (Lit, 

///,S' lll'llll.j 

To fasten the straps to the snow shoes, 

My snow shoe, 'Ntakum. (Omitting the 

usual //*, because the word ends in tii^) 
To be twisting the threads of the filling 1 

of the snow shoe, Mimundopakaga'. I 

To be preparing snow shoe filling, Lak- ! 


To make snowshoes for myself, rdakse. 
To be going to make snow shoes for one's 

self, keckxiakse. 
A snow shoe path, Akumowte. 
To fill the snow shoe correctly, kokwoda- 

To walk on snow shoes properly, kok- 


To go there to make snow shoos, N.ljoa- 

I am about to make snow shoes, ko ion- 


To mend snow shoes, Mesi'iniikCimoga'. 

To snub, Ansetkuiik'. 

Snuff, Miluiiailakun. 

To take snuff, Mitrmaadoi ; Mitrinaamci. 

A snuff box, Mitfinadakuna' owwc-oyiilakun ; 

Snuffers, i'o'jusadakrniaal. 

To snuff a candle, rawosaMCgfi , I'awosaa- 

To snuff the air, Ncnadoodunaadei. 

To snuffle, WtswClanm. 

Snug, W rliic : Wrltrk'. 

To snuggle, iMaclikojcdoudiim. 

So. rib ere is no single word in Micmnc 
C()rres|)on(ling to this particle. Hut the 
idea is expressed by the jnrji.r tele, as : 
Telekesaadoo, / iln il ■•^l>. Compare Latin, 

Just so, Exactly so, keatsku ; Ansoomoha. 

To soak, Wetkabadoo; egwocdribadQni. 

To soak seed, Sak()gw(')drim. 

Soap, uksesp.uiigun ; Sespanigi'in. 

Soft soap, .Moosabokehat' ukses|)anig»n. 

Soap suds, uksespanigfniaboo ; uksespa'dakun- 

To soar, Wenagaasc ; kakwe-pfimadejaase. 
To sob, Sesiktukse ; W'eswelame. 
A sob, Sesiktoksimk ; VVeswelamimk'. 
Sober, Pagae ; Pagedoodfim. 

To become sober. To come to one's senses, 


Soberness, Sobriety, Pagaimk' ; Pagedoo- 

Sociable, Nelajae. 
Society, Mowwedme; Tanik wejcmowomajik 

nadoo kogooa' iktook. 
A sock, upsugakun ; WenjooupsiigAkun. 
A socket, Tebeskaasik ; Tckskumeskaasik. 
A sod, Pokumiktaagim. 

; ri Mi »*wa gf> g a» a tf gi.vwwswAS!^wgMi; - . 


KXCMSff MirMAf ItI('Tfn\ \I;V. 

Soft, Mfn;1jaAje ; MCn.ljriiichk ; Nooj^wank ; 

Noo^fiinkck ; Noojjfwaasik ; Tooskrilaak ; 

Tit hifoiiK'. Hitjl, I'oo.HkiilDolkwcAk'. 
A soft pen, Mriin^ilkpi-iioon. 
Soft, (rlnlh, nl.-iv, or Imtlirr, dr.), Nooktuk ; 

It is pounded soft, Nooktuktaasik. 
To pound it soft, Nookluktaadoo. 
A soft lobster, (lOir tlmf Imn jiint cant its 

xln II ), NooUwil-cliugrch'. 

Soft ground, Nonkrimefitk'. 

To be making the ground mellow and 

soft, fl>// linciii;/ ilj, Nookwafijia. 
To soften, I'ooskulaadoo ; rooski'ilaMcf^ri ; 

Nodkluj^a'clcga ; Nooktiiyaaduo ; Noogsva'- 

clc^a ; Noogwaadoo. 
Softly, Kooljaka ; Nagiiu. In cnvipoHiUdii, 

To walk softly, VVontuka-pumea' ; Nagei- 

Solicitntion, cdowwcmk'. 
A solicitor, Noodawistdo. 
I Solicitous, SrspL'daasc ; St'-spi^daMfgn ; SSs- 

pi(l,i;i(iiim ; Sr-spcdaiilrinik. 

Solicitude, Scspcda ,,()()(!c. 

Solid, M«",siriga;ik ; csfiiiaak. 

Solid ground, csnokuiiiLgCk'. 

A solid rock, Csimopskck' ; MooskAkun- 

A soliloquy, Tclimsimkawa' ; Wcskwimsim- 

To be solitary, UoktAkuya'; Naooktoogwa- 


Solitude, katook ; Naooktongwaloogwemk'. 

Soluble, kosciiooclikoomesasik. 

To solve, rakeikiinoodiimooa' ; I'akcikcnoo- 

dum ; Noiiclikuiiicsum. 
Solution, NoochkooniL'Siiiiuimk' ; I'akcikcnoo- 

Some, kiicliaa ; 'Mkuse; Apchaach ; iipkcsigun. 

To soil, Mcjcgaadoo; Mi-jegaalfik ; Mcjegaa- | Somebody, Nadoo wi-n. 

' Somerset, (>i> tarn a), Aboodanskea'. 


Soil, i.'Mcliega'; 2. Makumcgow' cgadrikuiiaii. 
To sojourn, cllugadiim ; aiim. 
To solace, Ilkwija'dega ; IlkwijaalTik. 
Solace, /'., llkvvija'dL'gomkavvri. 

Solar, Solary, NaguosCtawa'. 

Sold, Nt;dix)i.skaasik. 

To solder, (soilnrj, Mowkiima'dL-ga ; Mow- 

kumaadoo ; kcpi^-stoo. 
Soldier, (snljiir), Siimagunis'. 

To be a soldier, Srimat;unise. 

To be soldiering, Siimagunisooa'dega. 

To be "drilling," r. int.. Srimagfinisoo'. 

To be drilling soldiers, v. fr.. Siimagun- 

isooa'dc'ga ; Suniaguinsoda'lCikik. 

Soldier-like, Soldierly, VVclcsruDagunisooH- 

A sole, /'.. WipkvvcHcdci'. T/ic Kale, uf m>i foot. 
The sole of the •' shoe," clkoonabdngooaase. 
Sole, ii'lj-, Nfujoktajt; ; Naooktoogwaloogwa'. 
To solicit, cdovvwa' ; cdaiiik' ; Teltovva' ; Tcl- 


A somerset, AboodanskcgC-mk'. 
Somewhat, Something, Nadoo kogooa'; 


To be something important, kogoowae ; 

Somewhere, Nadame ; Nadamoo'dook. 
Somniferous, 'Mpcsoon tan kesa'lajCd wcniil 

ookCduoksinu ; Nabaadcgck'. 
Somnolency, kc-dooksoode. 
Son, (N. li. — The Micmacs never use this word 

by itself. The possessive pronoun i 

joined. Tiuis : Mij nun, 'Nkwis; a, 

ukwis ; II Ifi .*-•'»//, Ookwisui. 
To have a son, Wcgwisc. 
He is my son, Wegwise ootenin. 
I am his son, Wcgwisit 'ntenin. 

To bear a son, or to beget a son, Wcg- 

A son-in-law, (Note.- Here, as in all the 
dtjuiestic relationships, is the same peculiar- 
ity as in the Sun.) 



My 8on-in-lftw, /-' /"'•., 'Ntloo'sook ; Jud 

j'lr, I'lkl 1(11 1'sni ili ; ,liil Inf.. 0()lK)(p's(injj;ril, 

To wish him to become my sou'in-law, 

Song, uUtahrj^crikriM. /I /no, ,i Til in: 
A tiOngster, Wt'lckcsctoom'i'; MdoskiktitljcgeA'; 

N(H)|iki,"ii)t".;i.'a' ; Ncdow-wiiiloo', 

A songstress, Noodintuuccskw ; Noojikta- 


The wife of a songster, NLdow-wintokceskw. 
Soon, VVcj;i|)cli' ; Uuguopcluik ; Tcbow' ; riii- 

k use ill. 
Soot, MoosiniSL-dow'. 

To be sooty, Moospusccdck' ; Moosptisiitlawc. 
To soothsay, HooiMnwa'dt-tia. 
A soothsayer, Htmoin. 
A sorcerer, Hdciiin. 
Sorcery, KiHioinwa'clAkun ; Boooiiiode. 
Sorceress, Hooinocskw. 
Sore, kcsenookwei' ; kcdakaya' ; kijimkci' ; 

I make him feel sore, kcdfikaaluk. 
I make myself sore, kcckikuse. 
My hand is sore, iNputun kcscnoogowik'. 
Sorrel, Srioocluik. 
Sorrow, iMcskuda'soodc ; Oonmajdde ; Oon- 

m.ljcda'soode ; Oonmajedaswukun. 
Sorrowful, Mcskudaasc ; Wciimajcdaase-; 

Mcskac ; Wcmiiajae. 
To sort, l\'pkcsa'd(juoiuil ; Tepkc^sa'lugik. 
A sot, Hooskiktugea'. 
Sottish, Akfulae. 
Sottishness, Ankudaamk. 
A sovereign, Klegawit ; clc,c;a\vccskw ; Mowe- 

cspcsakumow ; ukchcsakumovv' ; c.s[)i,'sa- 

To be a sovereign, flcclgawitawe'; tikche- 

rlc'gawitawe ; elcgawccskwof ; cspesak- 

iiniouc ; Mowwe-cspcsakumowc. 
Sovereignty, clegawitawoodc ; Mowwfcspe- 

Soul, 'Mchejakiimicli' ; Afi/ wal, 'Nchcjakum- 

ich ; Tlry suul, ukcliejakumich' ; His suul, 

OoLlu'jakriinijul. (N. H. -The literal mean- 
ing nf this Aiird is, il xlnhlnn:) 

To have a soul, WcclicjakriinijoDC. Also, 

Tit niilhr II mIiiIiIiiii<. 

Sound, "'//.i isrma.ik ; Mooskakunaak. 

A sound stone, Mooskakfmapskw' ; Moosk.'dv- 

un.'lpskrk' , MrsI M^fipskrk'. 

To be sound. To be well, W rku' ; W'cla.ik. 

To sound, (In iiinixiiii: thr ihjilh ), C'lika' ; cil- 

kadrmi ; kwr'd.lmkaam ; kwC'il.tniki'i'gdo. 
A sounding apparatus, ukwtilnikccyriiia'. 

A sound, lillaaiiik. .1 )M-*,sr. 

To sound, fiinihi' 11 hiad ni)inrj, TC'ltaak ; 

To sound well, (f<> mnW a ii!ritnnnt or 

iiiiisiciil siniii(l), \\ liltaak, 
To sound ill, Wimaak. 

A sound, (llir iiir liliiildir of ii jlxlij, Mentiin. 
To sound, ('.//'., .Mcdaailoo; MfJaaluk. 
Soup, koolooa'dakun 

To cut up vegetables to put into soup, 


Soup with vegetables cut up in it, I.asoop ; 

Al)i)(), (in roiii/ivnifion.) [N. li — Al)oo 
mcdWH J II iff : but it is always joined to tlie 
object wliich produces the juice ; as, Wen- 
joosoon-aboo, iiji/'li' jiiicr, and so tor a 
decoction of anytiiiiig. llnio-, weoos-aboo, 
.1 di'i-ortion of iiwnf, i. c., tiuiip). 

Sour, Sfiookvv ; Saooogwis. 

To sour, ''. tr., Saookchegaadbo ; Saookche- 

To become sour, Sfioor.gwTseak'. 

Sourish, kedika' saookw ; Sanokwischccjik. 

To souse into the water, kwedabaktes- 
umuk' ; kweckib.'iktestoo ; kwedabakteslegfi'. 

The south, ripkudaasun. 

South-east wind, rcktaasuk. It hlun'sfrom 

I hi' s. /-;. 

Southerly, upkuda'sunook. 
Southern, upkudasunoogavvr.'. 
Southward, upkCulasunoogward. 
The southwest, Senoosokiun, 




Southwesterly, Scnonsoktunonk. 

Towards the southwest, Senoosoktunoo- 


Southwestern, Senoos6ktrnioop;avvri'. 

It blows from the southwest, SCnoosoktuk. 

Wcarm wind is blowing from the south- 
west, Hootoousk'. 

A sow, "., ulgwcdoo koolkwees. 

To sow, ''., (so), ctlOg.i' skin'emin. 

A sower, Noojelc^fi' skin'emin. 

Space, Oos u^rfilak u II . 

They have space, cmedaijaltooltijik. 

Spacious, MCskcek ; kaskaak ak pedaak 
ak Lspaak. 

A spade, kalcboode. 

A span, Naooktebilchaasik. 

To span, Scbilciiaase. 

Spaniel, uluniooch 'ntooksccnoo ; 'Ntooksoo- 

To spank, Sakskade^a' ; Bajedakumedaak. 

To share, kescltum ; ke>clum~'ik. 
(To J.'cf.ii Ixirk, kcskclum.^ 

A spark, Booktaach. 

To sparkle, YaLsfi^ul booklafijul' ; PesiKsaka-' ; Pcsfisakayak'. 

To make the fire sparkle, Puksakadcstoo. 

A sparrow, '.Msegooaach ; 'M.skegooeaas. 

A sparrow hawk, Pcijoojrwasees 

To spatter, aniclnikte.slcga' ; amcluiktcstoo ; 

A spawn, Ncjinchik ; Oowaoom. 

To spawn, Ses^aalutk, 

The spawner, (<i fcivialf fish), Skwcmckw'. 

Till- 'inilf(')\ Naljcmckw' ; Nabckw'. 

To speak, kLloose ; ctlawistoo ; Teloua' : kcl- 
oosavve ; aat. (N. IV — fiat, llf sui/s, (comp 
Latin, (tH j is not used in the /sf jicr. It is 
like the Latin uit, a defective verb.) 

To speak to him, Weskwimk' ; airijul. 

To speak well, To say good things, Wcla- 


To speak ill, To say bad words, VVina- 

To speak loud, kesegowwi.itoo. 

To speak rapidly, Nenakawis'too. 
To speak of it, Weskooduni ; Weedfim. 
To speak of him, (ur to liiia), Weskwimk'. 
To speak for him, fto be his spuLenDoan), 

To speak thus or so, Teleese ; cleese. 
To speak such a language, Na teladooa'. 
To begin to speak, Poktawistoo. 
To cease speaking, Boonawistoo. 
To speak in Indian, uhiooeese. 
To speak in English, A;.,daseru)oeese. 
To speak in French, Wenjooeese. 
To speak in Micmac, .Mef;umaj>,rivveese. 
To speak the Micmac language, Megum- 

To speak the English language, Aglase- 


To speak the French language, Wenjoo- 

To speak a variety of languages, IMiloo- 


To speak the langu age of birds, To utter 
the cry of a bird. To imitate the voice 

of a bird, Sesiiiawodoo.l' ; Sesipfiweese. 

To imitate the voice of a beast, VVeisisoo- 

odoc';'.' ; Weisisociwcese. And so ot all tlie 
various kinds of animals, putting the name 
before ooodooa', or, aweese. 
To speak in public, ()na':e a speech), Boo- 
tooi ese. 

To be a public speaker, Bootooesooenooe, 

V. ; l^ooteesooeiHjo, (*. ; Noodawi^^tno. 

A speaking trumpet, elkomiktak'tinfi. 
A spear, .Nabo^um , Semoogwode ; utkruligun ; 

The jaw of a salmon spear, Negok; pfm:, 
Negogul. Olien used for the spear itself. 

The iron of a snluion spear, Ooskweiigun. 

To spear, Negoktega'; Negokt;.rd\ ; Negok- 

To stand on the gunwales of the canoe, 
and Speor fish, (sM(-chuij for them ill 
the iriili'f,. iAIkoome. 




To fasten a spear to the handle, Okpadcgfi'. 
Spearmint, I'uirimooipkoo (Because used in 

the seasonini; of a ImiU'd xalmon). 
To specify, Weedfim ; kegfuioogwodtim ; 

To be speckled, Amalabook'sume; Chegiijoo- 

ajonaase ; avveegase. 
To speckle, '■. //•., Chegajooajooaadoo ; Che- 


A spectacle, ((islni(i-), Piltnooptumrigawa'. 
A spectator, Nrr.jeankaptcga'. 
A spectre, Skudakumooch' ; kookwejoo. 
A speech, kcloosimk ; etlawistoumk'. 

Speedy, Scs.ikrise. 

Spencer's Island, in-, v., Wochuk. 

To spend, cjigulaadoo ; kakodega ; kakodum. 

To spew, Sokwfnicme 

A sphere, Mimtugopskek. 

To cut it spherical, Mimtiigopskusum ; 

Spice, Milemagfuvaal ; Pejiskigawa' ; Mile- 

niajci h-kawaal. 

A spider, Ownir-jit. 
Spikenard, Chekawobe. 

To spill, Paltaboktestoo; kilktamanul ; kak- 
tcstei' ; kaktestoo. 

To spin, cltakunowvva' ; Mimunda'. To spin 

fiii.r on (I Little vJieel. 
A spindle, (nf a wheel), Sak'ude; 
The corn spindle, Soonaaskw. 
The spine, 'Nwowigun. 

A spinning wheel, (l"r<je), ultakuniguna' ; 
Asooecbiiiikawa' ; Kuskwecbimkawa'. 

A spinster, Noojemimunda' ; Nooje-asooeebe ; 

Spiny, kowvveekawfi'. 
Spiracle, Paoochajeech ; kamlamoodea' paoo- 

Spiral, Tedebogeak'; aldakayak'. 
A spire, (ot o elmrch), Alasoodumogw menutk'. 
A spirit, 'Mchcjakumich'; Skudakumooch'. 
Spirit-rappings, Wcdowhpah'ik. (They have 

been known of old, it ttectnsj 

Spiritual, (nlj., Mchejakumijooa' ; v., Wcch- 

To spirt, V. int., Taoowokumaasik ; Taoowij- 

To spirt, ''. fr., Taoo'.vijoo.-^adoo. 
To spit, clooskwodame ; elooskvvodum : eloos- 

Spite, Wcgooogun ; VVcgooodadimk' ; Boos- 


To be spiteful, Booskuhkweie. 

Spittle, Looskvvudigun. 

To splash, aoonba'gcga' , aoonbaagum ; aoon- 


The spleen, Wanoo. 

Splendid, Mowwekuloolk'; Mowwcespaak ak 

Splendour, kcscooleaukamkoo'soode. 
To splice, fii vo/^t'^, Ankobegalk'. 
To splice wood, or bark, Ankooaadoo; 

To splice iron, AnkooAkAdaam ; y\nkooakud- 

aaga. (To .H/ilice It hi/ foa ikHvij). 
To splice, by sewing, Ankooeesum ; An- 

To splinter, /•. tv., Segwistestoo ; elaskudestoo. 
A splinter, I'-waska'dAkiincheech 
To make it i to splinters, Pewaskadoooniil. 

To splinter, ■. int., claskudcsk'. 

To split, claska'dcga ; elaskaadoo ; claskaaluk ; 
J-iok taskaadoo ; Boktaskaaluk ; Boktaska'- 
dega ; kcsaskaadoo; Pcmaskaadoo ; Tcda- 
gaskaadoo; Neliksaklafiga ; Nehksaktnam ; 
Neliksaktaak ; Nowskogwaadoo ; Nowsko- 
gwa'dega ; Novvskogvvaaluk ; Nowskok- 
taaga; Novvskoktaak; Nouskoktaam ; Too- 
gunitpaadeya ; Toogiuiitpaadoo ; Betooik- 
paadoo ; Ik-tooikpddoo. 

To split with a knife, Nowskoksowwa' ; 

Nowskoksum ; Novvskoksuk. 
To split it through and through, Pcse- 

gaailoo : POscgaskaadoo. 
To be splitting oysters, Pakse ; Paksowwa' ; 




To be stripping up wood into splits for 

basket stuff, clikpedaaj^a ; clikpctlum ; 
elikpcdame ; elaskadc^a' ; claskaadoo ; Be- 
tooikpa'dcj^a ; l^etooikpaadoo. 

The wood splits freely and well, Wele- 

The birch bark splits easily and well, 

W clebetoc)is-kop;rim-aka)ak. 
He has a split tongue, Niktooilnok. 
A split or fissure in a rock, Pcsegapskeak'. 

To split it at the end, fwmnlj, Pcsep;aadoo. 

To be split in the end, (ivood), Pcsaak ; 

To split it through and through, Pese- 

To be split through 'and through, Pcse- 

ganska'da^ik ; Pcse^aiiskaak. 
To split his head open with a blow, Pcse- 

To have a split head, Pcsegatpae. 
A split— a fissure— in a board or bark, 


To split his head with a knife, Pcsegat- 


To split his head by dashing him down 

to the ground, Pcsegatpcdcsrunuk'. 
To split his tongue, Pcsegilnooesk'. 

To split wood in the end with an axe, 

Pcsiktaam ; Pcsiklfiaga. 
To split it at the end with a knife, 

To flow split-wise, (As the tide does in the 

Avon River, dividing ofi' up the River St. 

Croix, below Windsor), Pesegitk'. (Hence 

the ancient name of WhiAHor, Pescquid.) 
Splits, Laska'dakun ; Likpeda'gunabe. 
To have a split mouth, (a hair li/ij, Pesik- 

toonei' ; I'csiktoonae. 
To have a split ear, Pescgistakunei'. 

To have a split nose, Pcscgetunei'. 

To have a split lip, Pesikseae. 
A splitter, Nouje-neliksaktaagil; Nooje-nows- 

To spoil, I. Noojekumootunesooe ; kumoo- 
tumk ; kokwodumak'. 2. kakeiksfigaadega ; 
kakeiksiigaadoo ; kakeiksijgaaluk ; Mogwa- 
jooa'dega; Mogwajooaadoo ; Mogwajooaa- 
liik; Segogvvaadoo. 

Spoil, n... kookwa'dakun ; kiimootunogun. 

Spokesman, Noojekijloodumelsawe ; Nooje- 

Sponge, Pesaoo. 
I To sponge, i. Pesowwa'dega; 2. kcscdaagwa, 
I Spongy, Pesawa'. 
; A spoon, emkvvon. 
I To spoon it up, Telegwodtim. 
: Sport, Papimk'. 

To sport, Pape. 

Sportive, Hooskepape. 
' Sportsman, 'Ntooksooenoo'. 

A spot, Amchaga'dakijn. 

To spot, Niktiigaptaaga ; Niktiigaptaam ; Nik- 
tugaptfiak ; Niktugapsowwa' ; Nikliigap- 
snm ; Niktugapsuk. 

Spotted, Amalaboksuine ; Niktugaptaasik ; 

Spouse, 'Nta'bitcm ; 'Ncheenumoom. 

A spout, Oosedoon. 

To spout up, Naijiiik'. 

To spout out, Pokodokpejooik'. 

To sprain, kitagaadoo. 

To sprawl, Yaidafidubea', 

The spray, uikoo'. 

To be dashed by the spray, koboogwa. 

To spread, Sfiscdaaga ; Sasetifiam ; Sakanko- 
dega ; Sakankndoo ; Sakanka'ilega ; Sakan- 
kaadoo : Senoowega'dega ; Senoogvvegaa- 
dou ; Elaga'dega ; Elagaadoo ; Amchiigrmi ; 

The roots spread abroad, ijsookumtakayagul. 

A sprig, upsclkooncheech. 

To be sprightly, Sfisak'use. 
Sprightliness, Sasakusimk' ; SasakQsoode. 
A spring pole, Abooikpa'guna. 
A spring, Abooikpaagun ; AboktestakGn ; 




To spring, VVcuakaya' ; Wciiagaase ; Abok- 

To spring from, (as uffsprivg), Wcjegwa'; 

VVcjegc' ; Wcjegwck ; Wctkedaak. 
He springs from his mother, VVcjege'- 

sunul ookwijul ; Wejegcus' 'nkecliii. 
To spring back, Wcjedalkudcsk' ; VVeswol- 

kiidcsk'; Wcdumik'. 
To spring up out of the ground, (sprout 

a/i), ciik'. 

To spring to one's feet, kakumiidcMii'. 

To spring out suddenly, kcdalkudcsin' ; (As 

" the wulf that dashes through the toil." ) 
Spring, (season of the year), Sikw ; Segoon ; 

Belonging to spring, Sikwaooaal. 
A spring bird, Segooneech', 
A fine spring, VVclesikw'. 
Spring opens, Baneak'. 
The present spring, Pcmesikw'. 
Next spring, Banea'nook. 
A boiling spring, (of water), Pogulkujakum- 

eak' ; Poolkujakumeak'. 
A spring of water, 'Nkiino'bade; utkuDok' ; 
kesoobok'. (N. B.— The same spring is 
called ijtkubok', In the sammer, because the 
water is then cool ; and kesoobok', in the 
tolnter, because the water is then warm.) 
Spring water, (in the suim •), utkubok. 
Springy, (elastic), Abooikpet;.3k'. 
Springy, (fall of springs), koolpok ; koolpo- 

Spring tides, aoosampaak. 

(Neap tides, Nootkwosk'. 
To sprinkle, Saseboktestoo ; clabadiga' ; 

clabidoo ; clabalk' ; claba'liise. 
A sprite, Skridakumooch'. 
To sprout, Sakuleak' ; Nikelik'; Wejeskaleak' ; 

A sprout, Sakrdeagavva'. 
To "sprout," break off sprouts, Tcmis- 
koonaailoo ; Tcsmiskoonadcga'. Lit., To 
break of noses. 

Spruce, (a tree), kowwotk' ; ukchigumoootk' ; 

A spruce grove, kowotkwa'gumikt'. 
Spruce roots, Ootube. 
To collect spruce roots, Mcnpa'. 
To be spry, Sasakiisc. 
Spry Harbour, pr. n., Sebimkooaak. 
To spunge upon, kesadaagwa ; kcsadaa- 

Spunk, Chegooksook. 
A spur, ukchekabedestakun. 
To spur, nkchekabedcstakiina'dc^a ; ukche- 
kabedestakun-aaliik ; iikchekabedcstakun- 
To spurn, Tcktcskum ; Tcktcskak' ; Makskcl- 

tum ; Makskcltak'. 
To spy, Ankaptum. 
A spy, Owwekoo'gawe; Owwiskook'; Nedooae; 

To squabble, kameedooa'. 
A squadron, 'Nitibloo', 
Squalid, Mcjegae. 
To squall, Saaskwa. 
A squall, (sudden gust of v:ivd), Wcchkoon- 

suk ; kesewiskowchoo'suk ; aoolanisun. 
To squander, emcgodega ; emegodum ; k4k- 

eiksiigaadoo ; kcskaadoo. 
Square, ketmiinsugasik ; Luskeigiinik'. 
The side of a square, Squiik. 
To square it, 'R-tmunsuga'dcga' ; Tctmun- 

sugaadoo ; Tetmunsiigaaluk. 
To squash, Nookchcmiksiik; Nookchemiksum. 
To squat, Mcskunabaase. 
To squat down on the heels, kakajoo- 

To sit squat on the heels, kakajookpe. 
To squeak, Mcdcdoksit. 
To squeal, Wcdomtum. 

To squeeze, Baskiija'dcga' ; I'.askrijaaluk ; Bas- 
knjaadoo ; csnumka'dega ; csnumkaaluk ; 
csnumkaadoo ; Chinkuba'dega ; Chinkubaa- 
ooo • Chinkiibaaluk ; I'cmcskigabcgaadoo ; 
'' ci.icskigabega'dcga ; Sckaaluk ; Scka'dcg.l. 










; ■ 



To squint, Patalabe. 

A squid, Sedaasoo. 

To fish for squids, Sedasoofiajra. 

A squirrel, Atloo'doogucch ; Abalpakfimech ; 

To squirt, Chcchkcloocclika'dcgii. 

A squirt, Chechkcloocchk'. 

A squirt gun, Poogoolooskw'. 

St. Ann's, /-/•. v., {('. H.J, 'Mcli.^sadichk. 

St Simon's Inlet, Winamkcilk'. 

St. Lawrence River, Mijeogim. 

St. Paul's Island, fl'./'J.I.J, KnlUumineKoo. 

St. Peter's Island, (P. A'. I.), IJaslooaakade. 

St. Peter's, fl'. A'. I.), Boogoosumkek. 

St. John, (y. n.J, Monagwcs'. 

St. John's River, (J\. B.), Oolastook. 

St. Mary's, (X. Nj, Naboosakun, 

St. Mary's River Forks, (Pidou Co., K S.), 

St. Mary's Bay, n>¥>!J Co., N. S.J, W.igweiik. 

To stab, Sabedoktaaga ; Sabedoktaak ; Sabe- 
doktaam ; Sabedogvvokt.'iaga ; SSbedogvvfik- 
tafik ; Sabedogvvoktfiam ; Sabiidcedaaga ; 
Sitbiidecdaak ; Sabudovdaam ; Sabalkudfia- 
ga ; Sabalkudfulk ; Sabalkudaam. 

To stab him in the breast, Sabipkoontaak. 

A Stabber, Sabalkudaagun. 

A stack, 'Mskcgoooegan. 

To stack, 'Mskooeegei'. 

A staff, Aptoon. 

To smite with a staff, Aptoontaagfi ; Ap- 

toontaak ; Aptooiitaam. 
To lean on a staff as one walks, Aptoose ; 


To walk about with a staff, Yal.aptoose. 
A stag, Abaktookavvfi' weisis tan tckTmooksit 

stuga' kaloboo. 
A stage, Logoodakfin ; Oochebongoookun. 
To stagger, rdcbulkwac ; Tdegeeboogwa ; Ale- 

l)ulkwr(lL-sin' ; I'cskcebiiogwa'. 

To cause to stagger and reel, alegeboo- 

To stagger him with a blow, Xlebulkwcdaak- 

Stagnant, Wontakbaktck' ; upskutkw' ; lim- 

To stain, Csowweildum kechka, 
A stair, rilgoosoookCin. 

A flight of stairs, Lnogoosooukun ; clmeat- 

To go up a flight of stairs, Tokchoogoo- 


To go down a flight of stairs, Neskoosoof 
A stake, Soonokscogum ; (<o vaujcv), Ega- 

To stake, (to wigerj, Egadoofi'. 
Stale, (idj., kcsegoocak'. 
Stale, <iilj , (<is ui>i)lic(f. to hi'cudj, kcsegoe- 

Stale bread, kesegoe-pibunakun. 
A stalk, I'ogumakunusk' ; VVibogumik'. 
To stalk, fto V(tlh- pi'oadlji), kcpmfilugaase. 
A stall, Wcnjoodeamook', kusna' tasebowk 

Stallion, Magapskeswot' ; Tasebow netalow^ 
To stammer, Enakooa'. 

To stamp, Taktcga' ; T;1kteskowwa' ; Tak- 

tfim ; I'aktcskum ; Chilaadoo ; Chila'dcga; 

A stamp, utkiidakuna' ; Chila'dAkun. 
To stanch, kcbaadoo ; kcba'dasik. 
Stanch, adj., Mclkaak; VVolekcsedasik ; csun- 

To stand, kakume'; kaknmik'. 
To stand up, kakumaase. 
To stand aloof by one's self, Ncnkaboo- 

g'ooe ; Ncnkaboogooaase. 
To stand near, Wejooowboogooaase ; Wcjoo- 

To stand near him, W^'jooowboogoo'dak. 
To stand away by one's self alone, Na- 

ooktooboogooaase ; Naooktooboogooe. 

Stand out of my way ! upskeboogoo'dumooe! 
Yes, I stand out of your way, aa, pcske- 

I will stand out of your way, upskeboo- 




A bird stands on the water, Soogoosum- 

To stand out in front of a company of 
men, as a commanding officer, katane- 


To stand upon something, kakoobnojroo- 
aase ; kfikooboogooe. 

To stand him up on it, kakumaaluk ; ka- 
kumaadoo ; Ncmcheboogooaaluk ; Ncmche- 

To stand it, (to cndvre if), kakfimoodum. 

How can I stand it, Talekeseukumoodum. 

I can stand it well, Wclcukumoodum. 

I stand it tolerably well, Ame-oole-kum- 
00(1 um. 

I cannot stand it, Maseukumoodum. 
A standard, 'Mtowcgun. 
A star, kiilokowcch'. 

Starr's Point, i>r. n., {Curvwalll^, N. S.J, 

Starboard, Knakiinegaal vvcnjoo'Ikoodoogu. 
Starch, M clkadegcgawa'. 
To stare at, kcseankaptcga'; keseankamk' ; 

Starfish, kagwet. 
Starless, Moo kiilokowejinook'. 
Starlight, kulokowcchwa' wosSdek'. 
Starry, kulokowcchooik' ; kulokowcchwau. 

To start, v. int., Chipse ; Chebakadesin' ; Wcjip- 

To start, v. tr., Chipsoolk' ; Masagaadoo ; Masa- 

gaaluk; Cliepakuluk' ; Masagaase. 
A start, Chipsimk' ; Chipsooltimk' ; Chip- 


To Startle, Chipsoolk'; Chepdkuluk' ; kwed- 

A Startling thing, The act of startling, 

Chipsoode ; Chipsimk. 
To starve, '■. inf., Aptakuna'. 
To starve him, v. ft:, Aptakunaaltik. 
To be starved, c. p„ Aptakunaalimk' ; Aptak 

Starvling, Aptakuna'looa. 

Starvation, ukwiakiin. (N. B.— UkwtAkim, 
tStiirruf 1(111, like the Latin FmncK, is in the 
Indian Legends, represented as a (inaA 
(leh,i.(/o,l, whose howling and approach 
indicates death and destruction. See Ovid's 
Metamorp, Lib. VIII., Fab. XI.) 
State, Tan tclae, fviij nfafe ur conditiunj ; Tan 

telaak, (/lis or i/n sf<ife). 
A state, Mowiimajik memajooenook', tmik 
nadoktafichk alsoosood iktook wejealsoom- 
To state, v.. Agunoodum ; Teloodum ; Tel- 

iihskoodum ; kakiihskoodum. 
Stateliness, espaimkawa' ; kcpmaimk.iwa' ; 

Statesman, Noojitploodega'; Ncstooe-noojit- 

Station, EtlekGmooltimk'; Etlinkaadimk. 
Stationary, i. Mejimkadasik; Moo maja'sinook ; 
Melkudek. 2. VVeegadiginnni ak 'msut 
weegadigiinafd nedooiskemkul. 
Stationer, Wegagigdna' malsun ; Noojintooe'- 

skctkid 'msiit tan tasii 
Stature, Tan teleespac. 
Statute, utploo'dakiin 
To Stay, v. inf., Ncnkaase ; Pegitkadum ; 

To stay, v. tr., Nenkaaluk ; Nenkaadoo ; Mel- 

A stay, VVcnakpelakun ; Malkob/ikun ; IVI.Il- 
koeegun ; Malkwciagun ; Chedokigun ; 
Chedoopelakun ; kiileegun ; kulokigiin. 
To come in stays, (Nnut.), keskwegea'. 
A woman's stays, Chetununkupesoode. 
Steadfast, Melkudek' ; Melkiledaase ; Mel- 
kooktum ; Melkigunawaase ; Melkiinei' ■ 
Winpajooktum ; pajooktak'. 
Steady, Weljoogwaase ; VVeljoogwa'dase. 
To keep steady, iMenakijjawaase. 
To steady, »■. //•., kelkam ; Weljoogwaadoo ; 

A steak, Weoos' edoktasik. 
To steal, kemootuna' ; kemootunadiim ; 






To steal from him, kemootiimk. 
To steal his wood, kcmoosoof^rimk. 

To steal his liquor, k^mootiibaaook. 

To be stolen, kcmootuiiase. 

To steal water, or any liquid, kcmootubfi'- 

To steal firewood, kcmoosoogwri'. 

To steal away, (to yo off 6ecrctli/), kcmootun- 

Steam, Piksaak. 
To steam, v. int., Piksae ; Piksaboogea' ; 

A steamer, Booktawoolkw'. Lit., A fireship. 
Steel, n., Ooskoonaak. 
Steel, "'(/'., Ooskoona'i,'awri'. 

To harden steel, (fo temper), Wcskunagoo- 
gvvoclega' ; Wcskuna^oogwodum. 

Steelyard, uikwahakigCinri'. 

Steep, '"//', Tiitkakck' ; Tokchooaa ; kSsilkoo- 

jooaak ; Ncsagaak ; kcsagek. 
To steep, abedaadoo ; Wctkusum ; ctcsumei' ; 

A steeple, SC-sooagweegunutk'. Lit., The hell 

Jul, 1} (lie. 
A steer, Malchawajooit kwedabet' wcnjooteaam. 
To steer, (a " nhip," li'c), Ilkweedum ; esedem- 

kii' ; Ilkvveedcga. 
Stellar, kuloko'wechwa'. 
A stem, I. A race. Tan clagoodiim ; Tan tel- 

uhtabakum ; Tan tcluhtabckse ; Tclkum 

ikse. 2.' ; Wiboogumik'- 
The stem of fruit, kcncskdsum. 
To stem the current, Pcpsiktoogwaam ; 

kcli^vvaam ; kckatcskiim. 

A stench, Winemulgigiiiiaoomaak. 

To step, PL-mefi' ; ctli'igaase ; cleboogooaase. 

To step forward, Pcjele-boogooaase. 

To step on it, ckwcheboogooaase. 

To step in, (udo a "ship" curriage, cf''\J, 

To step into something soft, Nagwosaase. 

A step, cIcbuogODaadimk ; ctiugaadimk ; Na- 
ookt pcmccmk' ; ulgoosoookun, (the step 
of a stair). 

Stercoraceous, Mcjrma'. 

Steril, .Moo kcseinimeketaoo. 

Steril soil, Makumegow' tan moi^wfi' kogooa' 

wt'jcskaleanook ; k^ttook ; Taimkooaak ; 

Sterling, (i<IJ , Aglaseaooa'; Abaktookawa'jooa'- 

yaii ; Mowekuloolk' ; Btjjulekiiloolk'. 
The stern, Scdamk'. 
Too much by the stern, (naiit), kedakche- 


Sternon, und Sternum, Alsooigiin. 
Sternutation, iikskwimk'. 

To stew, Nevvedcstoo : Newcdcstumk' ; Nevve- 
dt'Stovvvva' ; Tooksoboogvva'. 

To make a meat stew, Tooksnbookse. 

Steward, Nadoo wen oonokubcmul movvwe- 

Stewiacke, pr. v., Sesiktaweak' ; esiktaweak'. 

Stick, kumooch' ; Ncbesokiin. 

A small broken stick, Okiinooch'. 

To put it on the end of a stick, Nebeddoum. 

To stick, V. int., (to adhere), Okskedadck' ; 
Ok.skedadcsk' ; Okskedaase; Okskijegooea,' ; 
Okskedak' ; Okskedei'; cinumtesk'. 

To stick, V. tr., Okskedadcstoo ; Okskekadaam ; 
OkskedrdooskiinLim ; Okskekabelum ; Ok- 
skijegooaadoo ; Okskedaadoo ; ehnimaadoo ; 
elniimtcstoo ; elniimik'; elnumaadumk. 

To stick, (stah, pierce with, a pointed instru- 
ment), ciniimtaam ; clnumtestoo ; Pootaa- 
huk; Pi)ota''luigri (.SV^' Stab). 

The skin or bark sticks tightly, ugogwac ; 

Sticky, Okskijegwck'. 

Stiff, Mclkigeak'; Mclkae ; Mclkaadei' ; Mct- 
kwae ; Mclkwigcak' ; Mclkastck' ; Mcl- 
kakumegCk' ; Mclkwomkaak ; Mijlkaasik. 

To stiffen, iMctkwomkaadoo ; Mclkwumkaa- 
lrd< ; Mclkaadoo; Mclkaaluk. 

Stiff hearted, Stiffnecked, .Mctkwcskebei'. 

To have stiff legs, .Mctkwegadei'. 

Stiffness, Mctkwaimkawa'. 

To stifle, kcbhlmaaliik ; Aptiilamaaliik. 



To stifle with smoke, Aptuloosk'; Aplamkak'. 
To be still, Wuntakiiya' ; Wontaktck'; Won- 

To sit still, Wontakpe. 
To stand still, Wontakabuogooe. 
To lie still, Wentakasln'. 
The water is still, Uontakbaktck'. 
To keep the head still, Wontokojin. 
To still, V. it'., VV onlaka'dcga ; Woiitakaaluk ; 

To hold it still, VVontakunum. 
To hold him still, VVoniakunk'. 
Still water, umskutk'. upskulkw'. 
Still-born, Wcskijenooit ncpk ; Wontakinpuk' 

Stilts, (to VHilk on), kijmoojugaclal'. 
To sting, Pakaluk, (To bite). 
A sting, Oopoof;uiiiakun. Lit., Ids weapon. 
Stingy, Amasegae ; Mccloojavvae. 
To Stink, kcsla'; Chichame ; Soogiilugat' ; 

Soogulugamae; W inemae ; elkujf mae ; 

Pcjipkudaak ; VVcchkwipkudaak. 
To stink of oil, Sigema'; Sigcmae; Siggul ; Sik. 
To stink of rum, l^ookiawiclikwemae. 
A stink pot, kcslek'. 
A stinkard, apjikslct. 
Stipend, Abankudooowwa'. 
Stipendiary, Abankudoot' ; Abankudooimk'. 
Stipulate, kesagunoodumei'. 
Stipulation, kcsag ti n 0(x! u in u m k'. 
To stir, V. int., Majaase; Moosagaase. 
To stir,, Majaadoo ; Maja'iiisc. (To stir 


Stirrup, Ookwoda'. 

To stitch, L'ltakcesowwa'; cltakecsum ; clee- j 
suvvwa' ; clocsum. | 

To take long stitches, k(M)brilkwa'bakrim. 
Stitched, ciccsasik; cllakeesasik. j 

A stock, kulokigun ; Poguniakuiuiskvv' ; Sebo- 

kigun. (Mechipchogum, (luea.r nf covn). 
A gun Stock, (a handle), Logumkad'igun ; | 

To Stock a gun, (to put on a handle), 


The stock of a tree, Wibogomik. 

A stocking, rii-su^akrin ; Wciijoopsrigakun. 
To have on stockings, Pcskakunaam ; Wun- 

To put on my own stockings, PcskAkfinaase ; 
Wciijoopsugakunaase. f'AWf.— upsiigakun, 
is the ancient Indian coverivf/ for the fnot, 
inside the moccasin. Wcnjoopsiigakrm, 
a French t^tockiny, or t^ocl). 

The stocks, (an iiistrument of punishment), 

Stolen, kcmootunase ; komootunadiimase ; 

kiimootunognn ; kcmootrimoogvva'. 
Stomach, 'Npooskoon ; Winiskei'. 
To hurt the stomach by lifting, Numnoste' 

A stone, koondaoo. 

A flint stone, (<iuart:), kakalopskiisow'. 
A soft kind of stone, Mesapskw'. 

To hew stone, clapskndaam. 

To be a stone cutter, Noodapskrulaa_,ri ; 

NadTi; skudaaga. 
A white stone, for rod-), Wobapskck'. 
A stone axe, koondawase. 
A stone house, koondaweegan. 
A stone pipe, koondowsun. 
Stoniness, koondawigck'. 
A stone quarry, koondawaakade ; koonda- 

Stony, koondawaya' ; koondawik'. 
A stool, koddiidodc. 
To "go to stool," Taoosci'. 
To stoop, ''. int., Oguifirnkwaase ; cjinkwaase; 

cjcdunikwaase ; Ogulinnkwege — to he 

uiinhle to straiyhten one',^ KcIf up, 
A stoop, OgulCimkvvaadimk ; cjinkvvaadimk ; 

To stop, V. int., Ncnkaase; Nenkud'csiii ; 

Ncnkeiboogooaase; Ncnkudcsk'. ; Palcak' ; 

keptesk. ( The ttpout in choked — stopped vp). 
To stop, c. tr., Ncnkaaltik ; Ncnkaadno ; 

Nciika'dcga; Ncnkoo'dum ; Ncnkooiuk ; 

Nciikoo'dcga ; Pfdaaduo ; Ncnkfidcstoo. 

«w w iB W i> q» >i inftW! 




To stop short of one's journey, or of 
one's intention, Nooclae. 

To stop a bottle, <rn^ (/im., kr-bejokuk. 

To stop up a hole, kebejrikum. 

To stop the flowing of a stream by dam- 
ming it across, kcbloodoo 

To stop the flowing by something inside 

a spout, kc'ptc'Stoo ( To cliuk.c llie, spuat). 

To stop talking, Hoonawistoo. 

To stop up (Imul up) a barrel, kcpsuk. 

To close a door, (»tup up the <li>o'"uu), 


To sodder it up -stop it up with melted 

lead, kcbcstoo. 
To stop a hole by placing something 

over it, kcpsukcfjicdoo. 
To be closing -stopping -doors, kcpsakaya'. 
The door closes itself -of its own accord, 

The river's mouth is stopped by an accu- 
mulation of sand, kcbamkoo'ywck. 
A stopple, uk|icj()ki<;}in. 
A store, Mu^asiin' ; .Malsanogwom. 
To store up food, Mcjipkei'. 
A storm, 'Mtonukt' ; Mt-dooiiaak; Ncscgowvvik. 
A storm of sleet, Mcseegowwik. 
Stormy weather, Mcdooamoogwaasik. 
A story, figunoodrimakrin. 
A fabulous story, Atookwokun. 
To tell stories, agiidoodiimei ; Atookvva'. 
The story of a house, clegfinik ; Atkaktck'. 
One story high, Naookt closanik. 
Two stories high. Taboo cleganik. 
Three stories high, Seest tleganik. 
A story teller, HooKke-agunoodumei'; Booske- 

A stove, cpsaktech'. 
Stout, Mclkigunei' ; Megege. 
Stoutness, Mclkigunode. 
To stow, I'ilkiimadum. 
To straddle, r. fr, Ncsooopctrim ; Ncsoo- 

r.pcdak' ; Nesoookskak'. 
To straddle, v. int., Medaboogooe; Medaboo- 


To straggle, Yalaase ; kcskae ; Yrdasooeiiooc. 
A straggler, Yrdasooenooe ak moo clokwow'. 
Straight, I'cgoksc ; I'cgaak ; kokwuje,; ko- 

To straighten it, oixl him, Pcgogwaadoo ; 

Pc-gogwaaluk ; I'cgogvva'diigri; Sonooiigwaa- 

doo ; Scnooiigwaaluk ; Seiiookpcirimuk. 
To straighten one's self up, Senootkow- 

To push a canoe straight ahead, ku- 


The current runs straight on, kokwojitk' ; 

koku'uflomkitk' ; kokwodanikitk'. 
To go on in a straight road, kokwojim- 

To walk with the toes turned straight 

in front, (axitu Intlian iridlsj, kokwnd- 
umae. (N. B. — Aglaseaook aimakadaka- 
dijik ; lilnoo kokwodiimat', " Tlie ■irliitc 
jn'oph' turn out their toi's tvhen t/ic// tualk; 
the. 1 iiiUon /ivtjxs JiIh in a direct line 
ahead." This is a hona fide utterance of 
an Indian, heard by the writer many years 

To go straight, (to do right), kokwojaase j 

Straight ahead, kokwojooti. 

To carry the head straight and stiff, 

kok wet k vvcdood u m. 

The road runs straight on, kokwotck'; 

Pegomkuk ; Pcgomkiidek'. 
Straightway, cnkfiseiu. 
To strain, {<> Undo, kcda-aase. 
The limb is strained, Sfiwcak'. 
To strain out, Sinkiimistegfi'; Sinkumisiim. 
To strain milk, Sinkumesimk nmliigech, an. 

A strain, kctagaasik. 
A strainer, Sinkiimistakijna'. 
Strait, fiinrro/nj, Chijegwiiach' ; Chijikwtck' ; 

A strand, Sedum ; eimechajegafik ; Pcmam- 

To strand a " ship," Okwodestoo. 


Eycif-lSlI-MlCMAG I)(('TI(iXAI;\'. 


The "ship" is standed, OkwcxlCsk'. 

Strange, I'elooa' ; I'cloofuivvwe. 

To see something strange, I'iltoooptiim ; 

To speak a strange language, Pelooeese ; 

To make it strange, Pelnoaadoo ; I'eloocdoo. 
To make one's self strange, I'clcoa'irise. 
A stranger, J'clooaowwc ; I'olooaacli ; I'eloo- 

To strangle, '■. //•., Aptniamaalak'. 
To strangle, (n^Uk H„n,b'), Aptiilou'sk ; with 

(I /taller, kostoonapilk'. 

My strap for holding the load is on there, 

My carrying strap is broken, BnonSba'. 
A strap, Ooloof^wcs' ; Wiskoboksoon. 
Straw, <i.(ij., kuliimkwoksca' ; kulurnkwoksea- 

Straw, 'Mskei,'ool ; kulunikwokse ; Segoook- 

scdriasiin, ( rcniai ii.-< af'trr the, llirnfihlny.) 

A strawberry, Adooomkcmin. 

straw coloured, 'Alskcgooamook' ; kiilutn- 

Strawy, '.Vfskesoca' ; kiiirimkwSksca'. 
A straw thatched building, 'Mskegooegdn. 

(Also, A lid i/kI <!(■/.■ t(V(l ii (jrain humid:) 

A straw hat, 'Mskcgoootp'. 
To wear a straw hat, 'Mskegoootpaam. 
To walk about with a straw hat on, Yal- 
i mskegoootpaam. 

To stray, Pcsowgwcntumae ; kcskae ; amsal- 

aase ; kevvdwe ; anoose ; Pcsogovvtee- 

mei' ; Pesogovvteckumci'. 
A streak, clabAktck'. 
To streak, elabakiima'dcgri ; clabakumaadoo ; 

Streaked, Streaky, clabaklck ; clabakuma'- i 

dase. I 

A stream, Cheboocheech. 
To stream, Pcmitk' ; Pcimjooik'. 
Streamy, Chiboocheejooik; Pegvvclechiboo- j 

cheejooik. . . I 

A streamer, 'Mtowcgun. 
A street, Owte ; OwtL-cch. 
Strength, IMulgigrmode ; Mfilgigunawa'.soode'. 
Tc Strengthen, Mclkigunawaailoo ; Mclkiguii- 
To act with strength; To "put on 

strength," .Mclkigrinawaasc. 
Strenuous, Winpasc ; raigfinaase. 
To stretch, v. tr., Siplugaadoo ; Siptugaaluk ; 

Scljcgurium ; Scbcgunavva' ; Schegrmumci'; 

Scbcdogum ; Scbedo^ua' ; Sciiootkaaluk ; 

cltrikodcga' ; Yaltukodcga' ; Tookpcliim ;. 

To stretch out the hand, .Sehin>kaase. 
To stretch his hand out for him, Scbin- 

To stretch, r. int., Scbe ; Scnooonkudaasc ; 

A stretcher, Sebeddkigrm ; Tookpelakunutkw'; 

Took|)clakLin ; Niimchcnaksoodakun. 
To strew, Sascldoo ; Sasaadoo ; Sasodega ; 

Sasa'dcga : Sascdcskum ; Sasedeskagik ; 

Sasedcskumann' ; Sakankddoo ; Sakaiikaa- 

doo ; SenooL-gaadoo ; clagaadoo ; Sakanko- 

dcga' ; clcga'. 
Strict, kokwoja'dcga ; kokvvojea' ; kcdiawae. 
To stride, PetlCigaase ; Pctamac; Petlugae ; 

A stride, Atlugaadimk ; Petlugaadimk ; atluga- 

tlaamk ; Petliigadaamk. 
Stridulous, Mr-dcdcsk' ; Tctooct' ; Tctoock' ; 

Pcmtaak ; PC-mtdksit. 

Strife, kamedooltimk' ; Matundooltimk' ; Tag- 

To strike, v. tr., TAktaaga' ; Taktum ; Tak- 



To strike one's self, TakTmuise. 
To strike one another, Takumadooltijik. 
To strike with the fist, 'Mpuiun-taaga. 
To strike with a sword, ospoogwdsik-taaga. 
To strike with a knife, VVokun-taaga 
To strike with a stone, kooiulaootariga. 
To strike with a weapon, Poogoomakuiuaaga, 



r.scT.rsit MK'MAr iuctioxaiiy. 


:i I 

To strike with a rod, Ncbcsokuiuriajja. 

I'd »>iillr. III hfiil, Id /Inff, Mataa{;a ; 
Matfiiik ; Mruaam ; rtki'imk'. 
To be struck, M;1taimk ; Maloksc ; TAk- 

iiniix.kse; 'rakrimiiiik' (See iiiuler TAk- 

taaKa in the Afic7n.(ic-h'ii(jlinli portion). 
To strike fire, Sfikici'. 
A string, Chcbclakrin ; Nal)rij;rin ; ukclicpc- 

To string,, Niibiga; Naapuk ; Napowwa' ; 

To string them into one's belt, Madow- 

weiidouscanik ; ildoosc. 
Stringy, (i<IJ., SiptagogeAk'. 
To strip, Mooscgaadoo ; Moosegaaluk ; Moose- 

ga'dcga' ; amiska'dcgfi ; aniiskaadoo ; amis- 

kaaluk ; Mcnaklak ; Mcncga' 


ima'dcga; Muoscgigunaaluk ; Moo.segigrin- 

To Strip one's self, Mooscga'irise ; amiskalusc. 
A strip, Ckijok()gumakrd< ; iipkcsigun cliijc- 

To stripe, clabAkuma'dcga ; Clabakumaadoo ; 

A stripe, Matuksimk. 
A stripling, ulbadoos ; ulbadoo. 

To strive, i. Cukigiinaasc ; utigunaase ; Win- 

pasc ; Wiiipajooktum ; Nankumodcga ; 

Ilkum. 2. Malunaaga ; kamcdooa' ; Pa- 

dakayfi' ; Wagwamooa'. 
A stroke, Matuksimk; Matok'soode ; Mata- 

gcink ; Takumuk' ; Taktegcmk'. 
To stroke, Namooa' ; Namooeniim; Namoocnk'. 
To stroll, Yillaasc. 

A stroller, Yalasooenooe ; Hooske-yrdaase. 
To be strong, Mclkae ; MclkigCmci'. 
To be so strong, Tclegunei'. 

How strong am 1 1 'lalegunei ? (Note. — 
The various applications of this word as a 
'l>irjie, and of others of a like nature, come 
naturally under the words in the Micmac- 
Knglish department ; but a siiccinwu may 
be here introduced). 

To have a strong head, Mfgatpei'. 
To have a strong neck, Mrikeskcbci'. 
To have a strong chin, Mr'lkuluoogobri'gMnc. 
To have a strong tongue, Mrikcwilnooe. 
To have strong eyes, MMkabuigcgwoi'. 
To have a strong crown of the head, 

To have a . strong forehead, Melkuhtoo- 

To have strong eyebrows, Mclkawitkwe. 
To have a strong face, Mclkeskegwei'. 
To open the eyes strongly, Mi'lkrdkcgwci'. 
To have a strong mouth, MLlkrdkoodunei'. 
To have a strong tongue, Mclkilnooei'. 
To have strong teeth, Mc!k<.*webedei' ; 

To have a strong roof of the mouth, 


To have strong cheeks, Mclkuhkoojinoounc. 
To have strong ears, .Mclkestakunei'. 
To have a strong nose, Mclkiskoonei'. 
To have strong nostrils, MLlketunci'. 
To have strong shoulders, MclketrilniAkunci'. 
To have strong elbows, Mclkeooskrinigune. 
To have a strong breast, Mclkipskoonci'. 
To have strong female breasts, .MCikuh- 

To have a strong belly, Mclkapskudeei'. 
To be strong around the loins, Meikokse. 
To have strong buttocks, rump, Melka- 

To have strong joints, Melkeankwiskei.' 
To have a strong hand, Melkiptenei' ; Mel- 

To have a strong arm, Mclkepetunogume. 
To have strong fingers, Mcikilchig'ime. 
To have a strong thumb, Mclkiltiij'une. 
To have a strong leg, Mclkogunegadei'. 
To have a strong heel, Mclkuhkoonei'. 
To have strong nails, Mclkowkus'awe. 
To have strong toes, Mclkri|)iskiskoonane, 
To have strong lips, Mclkus'awe. 
To have a strong throat, MelkuhkoodAk'i^ine. 



To have a strong Btomach, Mrlkulualjoo- 

To have a strong heart, Mi-lkuhkwoniirim'une. 
To have strong guts, .MLlknhiriksTiwc, 
To have strong lungs, Mtlkuliprmc. 
To have strong blood, McikLinukliMnc. 
To have a strong bladder, Mclkulipiskwcme. 
To have strong skin, Mrlkulimri.^cKii'iii'iK^' 
To have strong flesh, MrlkuliwooosTime. 
To have strong breath, MLlkckamlume. 
Strong breath, .Mi'il;;t'kiimlain()(nk'. 
To have a strong thought, Mclkilcclaase. 
A strong thought, Mulkilecla'sDodc. 

To have a strong palm, MClkilruniklici'. 
To have a strong back of the hand, 

To have strong thoughts, ML-lkcdaswok- 

To have a strong heart case, MClkuhwobis- 

To have strong heartstrings, Mclkuhwc- 


To have strong finger ends, Mclkc kcnis- 

To have a strong ball of the foot, Mcl- 


To have a strong hollow of the foot, 


To have a strong instep, Mclkuhsuscs- 

To have a strong back, Mclkipkamei'. 

To be strong fisted, Mclkci^a'. 

To deem it strong, MClkcdaadum ; Mclke- 

Strong drink, Mt-lkipirinrik' nesSmoogowukiin. 

To struggle, Ncukiidcsin ; Utigunaase; Win- 
pa se. 

A strumpet, Badwoomiineeskw. 

Strung, Naba'iooltijik ; Nabasoo'iligul. 

To strut, W'jlcdoudiim ; cmtcskedoodiim ; cm- 

A stub, Oochegrijeech ; Oocheguch ; Tiim- 
goodeansk' ; Tumchegiin', 


Stubble, IVwipskwfs'igrin; ScgooipskwJs' gun; 


Stubborn, kik/lsfitrini ; kc'kajaase. 

To be stubbornly lazy, kckajinkSje. 

A stud, Malkiifi'-un ; ( 'hcdokigun. 

To stud, .Malki<bakriii. 

A student, NoojokciUHnlumasc; kcgcnooilum- 

Studious, IJodskc-kcMiooduiiiaso ; apchc-kciioo- 

(lumaso ; Wigwosc-kcnoucirimasc. 

To study, kC'gciioodriinasc. 

Stuff, Ian pasfik kogooa' ; NoolSpsoon. 

To stumble, VVcsasakski'imci' ; I'cjectakrimei' ; 

cjakunJL'dcstci' ; rr-skrdcsin' ; Nabcdaljok- 

tcskunioi' ; ajakunjciirstoi'. 

To cause him to stumble, PejociakumO- 

A stumbling-block, rcjcctakumumkiwa' ; 

N a bcda buk tes' k i l; Tni 
A stump, 'lumgoodcansk' ; Oocheguch ; Tuin- 

Stumpy, IV'gwcletumcheegunik'. 
To stun, I'ctkvvcdaak ; I'clkvvodpciliisimk'. 

To be stunned, rctkuodjjcd'csin. 

Stupendous, Pakuleioouk'unik. 
j Stupid, Akudac ; Bogunitpakiiya' ; aweiea' ; 
! Mclkatpci'. 

': To stupify, cloo\vawaaU"ik. 
I Sturdy, .Melkigrmae. 
j A sturgeon, komkudamoo. 
! To stutter, ICnakuna'. 

A sty, koolkwesoongwom. 

To subdue, Wiswiguncmk' ; Pcpsaak' ; Mal- 

To subject, Wiswiguncmk' ; kostcjooaaluk. 

A subject, I. Alsooniimk'. 2. Tan pasuk 
kogooa tan wcjutTda'dasik. 

Sublime, Mowwccspaak; Mowikpumfulk; Mowe- 

To submerge, kcdabaalfik ; aoonpcgvvijaaluk ; 

kcdabaadoo ; aoonpcgwijaadoo. 
To submit, Chcgaak'. 
To subscribe, 'Nweesooniim aweekfim. 


KNdl.rsil Mlc.MAr- DMTft )N.\i;r. 

Substance, Tnn pasTik kofrnoa'. 

To substitiito, ki'Sftril()()ri;;i\krinik'. 

A substitute, 'ITilooc^^ilkrin. 

To subtract, Wcjaadoo; Sasfij^ilcha'. 

Subtraction, Wrjaadonnik' ; Sasuyilchcmk'. 

To subvert, kaki'iksrij^aaddo. 

To succeed well, Wrrtcsin ; Tcl'tcsin. 

To succeed ill, I'aclatrsin'. 

To succeed him in office, etc., Napoon- 

To suffer, Wrnm.'ijac ; Wf'nm.ljcdaasc ; 5ch- 

kuntd^wa ; ki'scnookwci'. 
To suffice, Tal)fak'. 
Sufficient, TabiAk'. 
To suffocate, Ai'irilainaalrik ; aplamkak'. 

To suffocate with smoke, /Xptrdnusk'. 

Sugar, Sfsmo^rin. 

To have a supply of sugar, Sesmojiuiuimc 
To go in quest of sugar, Sesmoyt'iuagak- 



They succeed each other, as the gener- ' To bo making sugar, Scsmnf^unaana. 

ations of men, adSskildooltijik ; Adaka- ^ Brown sugar, Noo^irituketiaak. 

jik ; Ankad/iwaase; Aiikadawa'digul. To suggest, Anictulooa' ; MatkvvcdAk' ; M;"lt- 

To be successful, ("m ImvlhinJ, A|.t()()goole ; kwiMfim ; AimihskoiKlum. 

Aptdiiksikirimci'. A suggestion, Anietuloornik'; kemcwistonink'. 

Succession, (in !»; in the), Anka<.hwaasc; An- Suicide, Naliimkse; Nrdxiksindv'. 

k/ldawaadimk. Sulky, kwCilajac ; kwcdajcgwa' ; kwcdajcdoo- 

Successor, Napoonaook. 

Succour, Abo^uiirmiasoode. 
To succour, Ahonrmrmiak' ; Aboguiuimadum. 
Such, Na icklak ; Na tclamook'. 
To suck, Cliinp.'iktfinic ; CliinpAktrik ; Noonfi'; 
Nodnadum ; Noonaaliik. 

Sulphur, S( 

Sultry, Wclkuiiafdi; NoolmadOk'. 
The sum, Tan trikcok. 
A sum, c-jilclictJikawa'. 

To sum up, Mowcgilcha' ; Mowckcdiimoodiuil, 
Sucker, (<> xpiont), Odchcgucb': Wcskik ; Summer, Nipk. 

W rskikrhecch ; (aftsli), komkwccli. Last summer, Nihun. 

To shackle, v. tr., Nooskwa' ; Nooskwolk' ; 1 Summer before last, Tigenihun ; (/or uktrigc 

Nakfinose. "''''"'") 

A suckling, l^ooskcnoontt' ; Mijooajeech ' Next summer, Nilnnmnk'. 

Nakuiiosrdodt. i Summcrsault, Summerset, Eaboodanskud'- 

Sudation, Tuguneaoode. | esin. 

Sudatory, 'Nkunumakunri' ; ^'c:■gulu^madum- ' To fare sumptuously, WL'skrmhkwodiim. 

umk'. I The sun, Nagr.sit. 

Sudden, Wiskiiu : Cbijegodoku. I How high is the sun ■? Trdittat' ? 

To happen suddenly, Wiskudosk' ; Wiskaa- The sun is so high, Ttlittat' ? 

sik. The sun is an hour high, Naooktajeet' tcl- 

It falls suddenly, Wiskcineseak'. 
To come suddenly, Wiskipkcsin'. 
To die suddenly, \\ iskini)rik'. 
Sudden fear, Wi.ske-wagwodaswnkiin. 


The sunshine, Astck ; Astow ; kiisaduk' ; 

Bakladck' ; Kastadck'. 
The sun shines out, Astaak. 
Sudorific, Triguneaoodea'degck' ; NCgunum- i The sun shows himself between the 

adumuink'. I clouds, Mooskoocaak. 

Suds, riksispaniguiialiod ; nksispadakfmaboo, I Sunburnt, Nagositawiktook wrjekaksc ; (in. 
Suet, Oosuk ; Wcchkiiclik, I an., kaktek.) iMaktawSkse ; (owtck;. 

KNilLlSll-MlCMAi; l>l( Tl(i\AI;Y, 


Sundiiy, Ilr^rmdcawimk' ; HcurindcAwooilc ; 

kr-uuiidcMwimk' ; kcgumlciuvoodc. 
Sunflsh, luproaajit. 
Sunrise, So^.iw.iat. 
At sunrise, (Irma //<»■ rininy of till' Sim), 

Sunset, kulkwasi'ft'. 
When the sun sets, oml, Where the sun 

sets, kulkw.i'^ciuk. 
To sup, (tdkr M)ii)/)er), \VcIo;;wodal'. 
To sup, (li> xi/'J. \Vik|)aktriiii. 

To superabound, I'l'inuak'. 
Superabundant, M()vv[)cgwClk' ; VVCsamclk' ; 

Superficial, Onskitook'; Pc-pkaach. 
Superficies, Ooskil'; koojum. 
Superintend, Alsoiulum ; Alsoomkik ; Ilsoo. 

dc<;a' ; Ilsoodum ; Ilsoomk' ; i\lsoose ; Nun- 


Superior, ajocspac ; .Ijekulonsc. 
Superiority, aic'cs|)riinikawri' ; ajckulon'sonde. 
Superlative, Mowwimsuj^cek ; Mowwimkd'lik ; 

iMowwckiiloolk' ; Mooclikach ; Muoclikach- 

Supine, Adudaskwcsin ; AdooAskwcsfimaasc. 
Supper, VV'cloguodrdooltimkawa' ; \VClagaw;i' 

To eat supper, Wclouwudal'. 
To be supperless, MLilot^nvaadoo, 
To supplant, c;daktci>kak' ; cduklcskowwa' ; 


A supplanter, Hoosketoktcskowwa; Noojetok- 

Supple, Scbikpckse ; Scbik ; Schikpck'. 
To supple, Scbikpaadoo ; Sebikpaaluk ; Scbik- 

To supplement, Ankooeedoo ; Ankoocgaa- 

A supplement, AjcAk' ; Ankooesa'd.lkun. 
Supplementary, ajeakavva' ; Ank()<)c<:;a(lakuiia'. 
To be a suppliant, cdowwa' ; edowwoktumci'. 
To support, aiikwaak' ; Mcmajoo'nidi ; Malko- 


To supjjort myself by holding; on to some- 
thing, aptnso. 

A support, \laikvveo;;rin ; Cliodnkit^rm. 

To suppose, Ic'lL-daa i: ; Tclcda.iilricn. 

Supreme, Mowocspac; Mowwcalsoosc; Mowwc- 

Sure, kcd.awao; kMIawa'; kcddl ; Wcliiichijc- 

To be surety for him, kakumoodCiniak'. 

Surf, Ml kill/. 

Surface, kooji'im ; Ooskit'. 

To surfeit, Nakanulooai.'. 

Surname, < )k()krliawfcso. 

To surpass, AjinlowagadAk' ; Wiswaak' ; I't^p- 

Surplice, Alloi'; Alnnriswukwon. 
To surprise, i. VViskipkcsiti'. 2. I'akilloioo- 

To surround, Owweiii^wc-boofjoodoo-iidAkrit ; 

Oww<;boi);^nijik ; Owwt'lxio^^ooitjul ; aodiic- 

skwnktcskrim ; aooiieskwuktcskak'. 

To survey, i. Noojeankaptutn ; NoojuaiikAmk'. 

2, MakriiiK'f^ow' ciikadrim. 
A surveyor, Noojeilsoodcga' ; Noojinkadrim 


To survive, cskwca'. 

To suspect, Moosuiiooojedrirdi'imk. 

To suspend, clabcf^aalrik : WcnAkpcluin ; 

Wcji-'triwaaluk ootrimudakiinum iktouk. 
A suspender, Wciiakpclakun. 
Suspense, Aswodarulakun. 
To be suspicious, Moosunooojcdaase. 
To sustain, Clicdooiuim ; kclcboo'fjoonuk ; 

kc'muk ; Cliedonnk' ; Ni^psuiiiim ; Tclcboo- 

goonuk ; TClcboogooiium ; Aiikvvaak' ; 

Memajoo'nuk ; csflmk. 
Sustenance, Mcchipchawil' ; Mowikpok-tcm ; 

CJ((sutr>i;un ; Mcmaioookun. 
! To swagger, kinsc ; PCpscda'dcga. 

A swallow, r()ngw(51es'. 
; A chimney swallow, kaktugobunclieech. 

To swallow, MCsa'dcga; Mcsaadoo ; Mcsaa- 
i luk. 






I cannot swallow, Masimsa'dc-ga ; Masim- 

saac'oo ; Masinisaaluk. 
The swallow, (tl'c <j>ill<'(), 'Msedoon. 
A swamp, Ooseogwikt ; Skubakumikt'. 
To dig a hole for water in a swamp, 

(Tlic Ito/c ir/it'ii iIk<iJ. VVolkobcga'dakrin. 
A Mack spruce swamp, 'Mkooo^wotkikt. 
A swan, Wobe. 

Swan shot, Wubcawaal Skulooskool. 
A swarm, Mowwcome; Mowiimajik. 
To swarm, Pon<;vvclemowwedaajik. 
To swear, Mowwclooedumase ; Winaboogooa' ; 


To sweat, '•. /"/., Tcgunca'. 

Sweat, "., Tcgrnicrioode. 

To sweat, '■. /'• , Ncgunumalk' ; Ncgunumadum; 

'rt'i;r:n(.aalrik ; Tcgrmuaadoo. 
To sweep, ITiwoom' ; Paootaam ; Paootaaga ; 

Alooscgegwodcgfi' ; Mooscgegwodum, 
A sweeper, Noojepouaam. 
Sweet, Sesmogunemnak ; VVikvv ; Mcstowikw'. 
Sweet flag, kewcswusk'. 

A sweet apple, VVcguljak'. 

To sweeten, Sesmogunaadoo ; Sesmogune- 

To swell, r. ivi., Makpa ; Wcakweak' ; xMeg- 

wik ; Bastcogobaasik. 
To swell, '■, tr., Abedcsiim ; Abedcsowwa' ; 

Abcdesumei' ; Abeda'dcga' ; Abedaadoo. 
A sweltry day, Wctkimailk ; Pawusik. 
To swerve, Pcskaase : kewovve. 
To be be swift, Naksaase. 
To swill, Pesokusam'oogvvei ; aoosamtum ; 

To swim, ('('■s' (' mil))), Pcniekodcga' ; Panuim ; 

aium ; Pcmaam ; Pemintowiim , fosd beaut), 

To know how to swim, kese-pumekodcga ; 

To swim thither, afduni. 
To swim about, hither and t'nither, A alum. 

To swim across to the other side, lisoo- 

To swim back again from the other 
shore, Abadaam. 

To swim back in this direction, Abaje- 
i gwaain. 

! To swim round in a circle, Owweo-ke- 
I kwaam. 

To be a good swimmer, Ncdowwegwaam. 
; To swim very fast, kakav.'aam. 
I To swim as a beast, ("doij fashion,") Pciuc- 

I KWh'- 

The fish swims, Pcmadcjaasit. 
To go in bathing, TctMsume. 
I am going to have a bathe, Najitkisiime. 
To swindle, kcspcujgwaVlcga. 
A swine, koolkwees. 
To swing, '•. inf., Asoodcsk ; AsooobeAk' ; 

Ji,uuloguiiioogwci' ; Sowinskae. 
To swing, r. tr., JigrdDgumoogvvaadoo ; Jigid- 

ogiimnogwaaluk ; Sovvinskaadoo ; Scwin- 

skaaluk; Sovvinska'dcga. 
A swing, Jigrdo'moogwokun. 
A switch, (a rail J, Xcbesokun. 
To switch, ((a jioij), Ncbesokuntailk ; Nebo- 

sokuiitaam ; Ncbesokiintaaga. 
To swoon, Wigwea ; Nowlaasa. 
To swop, Sasawe ; Sasawaadoo ; Sasavvaaluk ; 

A sword, espoogwosik. 

A two-edged sword, Anabrdook csitoogwosik. 
To hack or stab with a sword, Cspuo- 

gwosiklaaga ; cspougvvusiklaak ; cspoo- 
To cut them all down with the sword, 

A sword fish, keneskoonech'. The lonij-ni.sed 

A sword man, Suma'gunis. 
Sydney River, /'-•. /(., ulsebookt'. 
Syringe, Ciiccchkcioocch'. 
To syringe, (JhcclikCluuCelika'dcga. 


•-'(•. 1 


Tabernacle, Wi^uom ; Segcegunecgun. 

Table, l^ataloode. 

A small table, I'ataloodeech. 

Table Island, pr. ,>., Chegnonkoo'clik. 

Taboosintak, /n: n, fA. B.j, Taboosimkik. 

A tack, Pelcgooch'. 

To tack, (with ludU), kolabaktaaga ; kclabak- 


To tack, (>vith. (I veedle and (/trend), eleesovv- 
vva' ; eleesum. 

To tack leaves of books together, Mowwe- 
kuluoskoodouonui ; Tokoo-kulooskoodoo- 

A tadpole, koolkoojich. 
A tail, OosoiigDone. 
To have a tail, Wcsagoonawit'. 
To have a whole tail, MCsalooot'. 
To have a long tail, Pctalooot'. 
To have a bob tail, 1 egwdlooot'. 
The joint at the insertion of the tail, 

A bird's tail, Wiine. 

To grasp a beast oy the tail, kclalooaaluk. 
To grasp a bird "iv tiie tail, kclilnaalDk. 
To hold a bird ^y the tail, kclilncnk'. 
To hold a beas; by the tail, kcialoocnk'. 
To "cock "the tail, Ncmuikalooaasit. 
The bird has a tail, Wilnawit'. 
A tailor, Noojccsowwa, 

To take, W Cswa'dcgfi ; Wcsvvcu'uoo ; Wcswaa- 

To take it off, Monaadoo; AJena'dcga; Mcn- 

To take it out of doors, T.uva'dega ; Ta- 

waalfik ; 'I'avvaadoo. 

To take it up out of the water, Jiaoo. 

kwijaadoo ; Jiaookwijaaluk; Haookwi^a'dcgfi, 
To take (him) out of a "trap," VVcdal- 

kaduga' , WC'dalkaaluk ; W'Odalkaailoo. 

To take (him,) away, Wcjaadak ; Wtjaadoo; 

To take him prisoner, kokwaalak. 
To take it home, clmaalnk; rlma'dega ; cl- 


To take it away, Poktumkaadoo. 

A tale, a-unoodruiiakun ; Atookwnkun. 

A tale-bearer, Jiuoske-loodumaaga ; cloodum- 


Tale-bearing, Loodumakun. 

To talk, ctlawistoo; kcloost: ; agunoodumci' ; 

To be heard talking in tae distance, 

(liiif iiiit ,-•»•(•//>, VVedawistoo. 

The child talks, Ncdowwa'. 

He cannot talk. Moo ncdowwekw'. 

To talk wildly, MiUoonka'. 

Tall, Pedokse ; Pcda'gokse. 

A grove of tall trees, Pedogumoosegek'. 
A tall tree, Pijn<. 


j To be taller than thf^ rest, Saagwa. 

! Tallow, Mema'. 

A cake of tallow, kumoo. 

To have the head greased with tallow, 

kiimoootpei'. (Lit., lo kave a head of 

A tally, kcdumakiin. 
A talon, Ookwui'. 
A tamborine, liapkwcjedaak. 
To beat a tamborine, HCpkwcjedaaRA ; 

Tame, a^lj, Nokche; Wonse ; Pcps.iinik ; 


My tame animal of any kind, bird, or 

beast, 'Ntooaam. 
To tame, Xokchoolk'. 
To tamper, Scspodt-a' ; SL-spodum. 
To tan csowwca' ; 
Tangier. /</■. „., VVr..spcgcak'. 




Tangier River, /)*■. v., Niktoookpaak. 

To tang'le, Mcmkooskahc^aadoo ; Mcmkoos 
kabcj^a'dcsa; Memkooskabcyaaluk ; Mijc- 
j^abc^a'dcga ; Mije^abc^aalCik ; Mijt'^al)cn'- 
aacloo ; Scspulitka'dcj^a ; Scspulilkaaluk ; 

A tangle, Memkooskudck, 

A tanner, Nooktusowca'. 

Tanterama, /)/•. n., Tantamaak. 

To tap, (to touch sliii/ithi), Scspcdaaga ; Ses- 
licdaam ; Sespcdaak. 

To "tap" a tree, Chelogwcdaaga ; Chelo- 
f^wC'ilardv ; Chelogvvc'daam. 

Tar, upkoo. 

A tar, fii f-ilor), Matclot' ; Alaktcgawenoo. 
To tar, Pcgnogwodum ; Fcgoogwa'dcga ; Pegoo- 
gwaadoo ; Wcjipkoogwnilum. 

To be tarred, daubed with tar, Pegoowe. 

Tar Bay, /"•, »., ujikooa'ka ie. 
Tardity. Tardiness, kcgwaimk , Malogun ; 

Tardy, kegwHe ; Malae ; Bowvvae. 
A target, kweja'dakijn. 
To tarry, Ncnkaase. 

To taste, Wadoodum; kwetum ; Mcstum. 
I take a taste, kcdakumaase. 
It tastes good, Welcmaak. 
I cannot taste it, cjclaadoo 'nkootumun ; 

How does it taste ? Ma talemaak ? 

It is tasteless, Moo trdcmaiiook. 

A tatterdemalion, Mcsulsae. 

T) tattle, .M<ile;:aboogooa'. 

To be tattooed, csegwa' ; aweegoose. 

To tattoo him, Osegwcnk'. 

A tavern, Pciupdgwom. 

A tavern keeper, Peetuba'. 

Well taught, ( jrom ti'iwli), kcsekunoodum- 

To taunt, Mrdegaak'; Malcgimk'. 
Taylor's Head, />/•. a., SCgimagigiiniik'. 
Tea, Pi'iiiiwa'. 

To have a supply of tea, Ootijpawaume. 

A tea kettle, W I'sedoonit. 

To drink all the tea, Sinkwa . 

To teach, kcgcnaiiidoa' ; kc^ennodiimooa' ; 

kcgcnooduinak' ; kcgenoodiiniadum ; kcge- 
To be a teacher, Noojekena'mooa' ; Pomeke- 

To teacL one 3 self, (to study, to obsenr), 


A teal, ukcbugwech'. 

A tear, ftrrj. Sakpegoon. 

To tear, (l".ij. Sogwiska'dcga ; Scgwiskaaluk ; 
Segvviskaadoo ; Scgwiskciiodega' ; Scgwis- 
kenaaliik ; Sc^wiskenaadoo ; .Xowskeiia'- 
dega' ; Nosvskenaaluk ; Now-keiiaa '■>; 
Pegwonega' ; Pcgwoiiogvvodum ; Pf^ auii- 
egvvolk'; ['cgc-iia'dcga ; Pcgenaadoo ; Kd^cn- 

To shed tears, Sakpegoonea' : ritke(K';me. 

To tease, 'ragalfulk'; Malegaak'; Mrdikcba'vvaak'. 

Teat, Uotiiclagcjum oonoocho. 

Teeth, Webetrd. 

To have teeth, Webetfime ; Webedei'. 

The teeth are wide apart, Sigeniskabedae. 

To get ooraething between the teeth, 

To pick the teeth, csogoptose. 

My teeth are " set on edge," kesikskabedci'. 

A telescope, Laboode. 

To tell, Tclooa' ; Tclimk' ; agiinoodumak' ; 

aguiiouduiiici' ; aguiiooduin. 
A tell-tale, Hooskimsugcdum. 
To temper, Wcskoonagoogwodum ; Weskooii- 

Temperate, Ma munaa booskadaloo ; Ma 

iDuiiaa iiesogwodaloo ; Ma munaa pcso-kus- 

A tempest, Mcdoonaak ; aonlanisun ; Medoo- 

annMigwaasik : kcscgidichoosrik. 
A temple, Cikcbe-alasoodCinioguom. 
To tempt, Asiink ; kwcjaaluk ; kwegeiioo- 



Temptation, Asimtimkawa'; iikwchcnoogwol- To terminate, '•.//•., kakayaadoo ; kakayaalr.k. 

^'I^'''^-'^^''^'- Terrestial, Oositkumoooawa' ; Makumcncg- 

Ten, There are tlirce words in Micmac for ftni, i awa' 

viz. :— 'Mtuln ; Naooktinskaak ; and Met- ' Terrific, kvvcdadaptumugawa'. 

las. The last is used only in connection To terrify, kvvedeiak' ; Ncdeiak' ; Chcboo'lk ; 

'.vith certain things arri as a prrfi.r, and the , kvvC(i:iiid<'. 

Jir.t is used o, ly in counting. We may To be terrified, kwcdndase. 

Ten'^'Mtnin'' ''''' ''''''"' "' ''''■''' '■^^'I^^'^'^''^ "*^^- A test, kwcjaldimkawa'. 

XTT ' ' J. . , To test, kwcjaaliik ; kvvcjaadoo ; kwcia'deKa 

We are ten, ff/.n-r ore Uv of us), a verb, Testaceous, Sugasakr.nowua', 

Naookfnskukscek'. Testiclc, 'Nsaktakunum ; ulsook' ; kwcsopcse- 

Tnere are ten things. NaooktinskaagLd. j j^-.,,,]. 

I am ten years old. .Mttlaseboonci'. I m„ +„^+,-f„ -, ,. . 

, . ^ "^ * , 10 testliy, ulooedumase. 

i am sixteen years old. Motla.seboonci chel m 4.-c ^- m ^^ 

, . ,, , ' ^^"*'^^^"'-'"^' i-"^' Testification. Testimony, uloocdumasoode. 

usookuin, &. ., iVc. m u -J. J . .- ..... 

_, lo bear united testimony, W ne-nunvwc- 
There are ten dollars. Mctlasag'igul. loocdnma.soniteck'. 

To hold ten of them in the hand, Met- Tetragonal, Tctmunsugasik. 

_, '•'^"'>"1^''<- ' To thank, Moocwa' ; Moucwolk' ; Moocwodum. 

There are ten barrels, Mctlasoksijik mele- That, .\at ; Alaa ; Tan. 

5^'"'"k Thanks, fl <jivc yoit ihovl-x). kaan ; Wrlaalin'. 

There are ten pairs, Mellasooniimiksijik : That, 'v.„/„m'/H.», koolaman'. 

{■A\so,-'ten tnnnio'.r) Thatch, koolumkuokse ; 'Mskegooccgan ; 

To put ten strings to it, Mctlasootkune- 


It has ten strings to it, Mctlasootkunaasik. 

It is the sixteenth day of the month, ; Sakpaasik 

■\lctla.soogoonit chcl iis'ookum, &c., &c , To thaw,, Abooaadoo ; iNbooa'dcg.a ; 

There are ten grains of wood in thai Abooaaluk; Ncchkemadega; Ncchkemaa- 


To thaw, r.lvf.. Sakidcak'; Sakuncak'; Nek- 
skumaak ; Aboogumcgeak' ; Sakuna'lcgeak', 

tree, Naooklin.'^kcgigooaak 
To tend, Ankwa;lk' ; Noojodiim. 
To tend a net, cskwaaba 

doo ; Ncchkcmaaiuk. 
A thaw, Segowa'segek. 
Then, Tokoo toochoo. 

Tenaer, l^ooskul.i.ak ; Boo.skulusasik; Soogeak; There. Tct ; Nadafd ; Alaa : Alaa tut ; Malaa. 

Soogumcdnk'; .Menajaaie. Therefore, Na oochit'. 

Too tender to bear cold, Menowche; Mcna- , These, Wcget : Neg'oola ; Wo'goola; Wcg'oola. 

gooJL'. I They, Ncgumow. 

A tendon, Tun'ooon, (an original word, I must Thick, Pasafdv. 

think ) 

A tent, Wigwom ; Scgeegunecgiin. 
To tent, VVeege. 
To pitch a tent, awecgei. 
The tenth, '.N'.tidnawa'. 
To terminate, '•. ;/,/., Wagwaak ; Wagwaat . 

Wrdvubcsinkik ; kakaya'; kakayak'. 

Thick ice, I5aspaak ; Bastuk. 

Thick, (n>^ iinrrUbji'), Peitck' ; Pclsit. 

To be thick, ^'.s' a hook), Pa.sankeiak'. 

The boughs in the wigwam are laid 

down thick, PasastuktOk'. 
To have thick hair, Pasaltnogwei'. 
To have thick lips, Paseci'. 



To have a thick breast, Pasipskoonei'. 
To have a thick head, Pasatpei'. 
To have a thick tongue, rasilnooei'. 
To have a thick beard, I'aKwccdooei'. 
The trees stand thick, McstuLiohonjrooi-aj^ul. 
We stand thick together, Mcstufreboogool- 
tcck' ; Mcstabeck' ; Mcslabooltcck'. 

The woods are thick, Sckskatck' nebookti: 

To thicken, v. //■., kclchaadoo ; kclclia'tlcgfi'. 

To thicken, i\ inf., kcldiaasik. 

A thicket, ica.Kikt' ; 'Mkogwotkikt'. 

A thief, kumootuiics'. 

To be a thief, kuinootunos'ooe. 

A thigh, -Mulgoon ; Abogwukiich , VVoIas- 

kudrei' ; Okunik'. 
A thimble, I'ogwodipiina' ; Pogvvosoodea'. 
To put on a thimble, Pogwosoodcaase. 
Thin, I'cpka ijo ; POpkafich ; PcpskTidck'. 
Thin iron, Pcpkaaguk. 
A thin stone, Pcpkapskck' ; Pcpskiisaak. 
To have thin hair, I'cpkaltoogwei'. 
To have a thin beard, I'cjikcidooei'. 
To have a thin head, PcpKaipei'. 
Thin ground, Pepskudek ; Pepskwamkck. 
To place the boughs down thin, Pcpkun- 

Thing, kogooa. 

Some thing, (something), Nadoo koogooa'. 
To think, Tcledaase ; Tcledafidum ; Anke- 

daase ; aiikedaaduin. 
To think of him, (tn think liimj, ankedaa- 

h'lmk ; TC'lcdaillunik. 

To think only about it, Pooktake(hladum. 
To think only of hirn, or her, liookiawe- 

The third, Scstavva'. 

To thirst, kC-doo.sam'ookwei ; kcdoosab'ookvvei. 
Thirteen, 'Mtuln chM sL-est.. 
Thirteenth, 'Mtrdiifiwa' chcl sccst. 
Thirtieth, Nasmska'gaua'. 
Thirty, Nasinskaak. 
There are thirty, "*>. gm., N.isinskukscck' ; 

until, gvn., Nasinskaagiil, 

This, Oot ; Na ; Oola'. 

Thistle, keneskwcjit. 

Thistly, keneskwc'jitawik. 

Thither, Maldiafd. 

Tho', Though, Tulea' 

Thong, OoloogwL's' ; Ooloogvvcsabe. 

A thorn, kowiksaoo. 

A thorn tree, kowiksnmoose ; kogemanokse. 

Thorn berries, kogcminrd. 

A thorny region, kowiksomoosegek'; kowik- 

Thorn Point, /)*•. v., Kowiksomoosegek'. 

A thoroughfare. Owte. 


Ci! uola 

J eg oola ; 

Wcg'oola ; Wola 


Thou, keel. 

Thought, Tclodaswokun : Teledasoode ; Anke- 

daswouiin ; Ankotla'soode. 

A thousand, Hetooiniudtiakun. 

Thra vl, kcstCjoo. 

To thrash, PovvhkvvSdafiga ; Bowhkwcdaam ; 


A thrashing machine, liouhkvvcdaagek 

A thrashf.r, Noojebowhkwedaaga. 

A thrashing floor, Etlebowhweda'gelich. 

A thread, A beech. 

To thread, Nasabeaalrdc. 

A threat, kwedamtimkawa'. 

To threaten, kwedamk'. 

Three, Seest ; Nasijik ; Na.siskul. 

Three Fathom Harbour, pr. n., Asugwiik'. 
Three Rivers, pr. a., (P. A'. /.;, Saamkw. 
Threescore, usookumtasinskaak. 
Thrice, Seest. 

Throat, '.visedoon ; 'Nsedoon. 
To strike him in the throat, Pootakataak. 
To cut his throat, Pootak. 
A throne, ele-awitawa' koodpoode. 
A throng, MowweiJme ; I'egwelkik niow'i- 

To throng him, '•. //■., Teikooadiju!. 

To throttle, kesloonaaluk aptidainaaliik. 






Through, There is no one word in Micmac A thunder shower, kaktoosopesak'. 
corrcspondinfj to tiiis particle. JUit the j The thunderer, Noojekiiktoogovvit'. 
iilca is expressed by the prefix Sab, or \ The thunder strikes, rokumadeget'; Pokiim- 
Sap. aaluk ; rokuinaadnk. 

To go through a hole, Saboodaase. | Te be thunderstruck, Pokumaalimk. 

To put "him" or "it" through a hole, Thursday, Naooowwa' cloogoodimk'. The 

Sabooda'dCga ; Saboodaaluk ; Saboodaadoo. 
To stab it through, Saptum. 
To say it all throftgh, Sabuhskoodum. 
To go through them, Seowteskagik. 
To run him through, (T-ith <i, xirtinl), Sab- 

Throughout, (erp/rijivlitri'), 'Msut tame. 
To throw, ciega'. 

To throw out water, koodega' ; koodaadoo. 
To throw it out of doors, Tawcga ; Ta- 


To throw it down, kawcga'. 

foiirtk irorkilnij. 
Thus, Na tel, ^f.s «. /*)r/;./'j, as ; Na tclaadoo, / 
ill) it thus. 

A thwart, Nil'imjeesi'imoon. 

To prepare thwarts, Numjesiimoonaaga. 

To put the thwarts into their places, 

To thwart, Wclkoolk' ; kekajaalijk ; cdoktcs- 

Thy, keel ; fiktenink tiila. 

To tickle, kii:rdikch(jnovvvva' ; kigrdikchcnk' ; 
To throw it to the ground. Mcskunades- | rjij^^ ^-^j^^ Ookaban' ; alumbegcak' ; Chigvvoban'. 

i The tide is coming in, Wcchkwobaak. 
Slack tide, Ncnkuboktcsk 


To throw hira to the ground, .Mcskiina- 

To throw down from a height, Nesiiga'. 
To throw into the water, Pakusfiaga ; Pak- 

usaadoo : Pakusaalul;. 
To be thrown, olakidimk' ; elakulkoosc. 
To thrust in, Negwasa'dega ; Negwasaadoo ; 

To thrust out, or away, Ejigula'dega ; Ej- 

igiilaadoo; ICjigulaaluk; Tawtga' ; Tawuk- 

tcg.'i' ; Tavvoktiim ; Tfuvoktuk. 
Thumb, 'Mtujin. C'omp. (/*;//'/. 
To have a large thumb, Magowtijiine'. 

( 'oMip. Latin, dukj dad dli/it. 
Thunder, kaktoogwow' ; kaktoogo. 
To thunder, '■., k.nktoogowik'. 
The thunder bellows, kaktoogwow' kedook'. 
Small thunder, kaktoogwafis. Nori:. — 

'lliniiiicr is used a common name. Hence 

kaktogwaas, means " youny thauder," — 

" old tkuiider's son." 
A thunder cloud, kaktoogwolook. 
A thunder clap, kaktoogwow' naookt kedook'. 

Ebb tide, The tide is going out, clmugcak'. 

The tide is out, Ncwcdck'. 

The tide is very high, aoosampaak. 

The tide comes up around me, Mcspdgwa. 

To stem the tide, kekaicskum. 

Tidings, agdnoodCimakun. 

Tidy, VVokumae ; Woknmadega' ; VVeliimac. 

To tie, kejepeedega ; kejepilk' ; kejepelum ; 
kclpilk' ; kclpelum ; keltukijclum ; kcltuk- 
j)ilk' ; kijlpilse ; kclti'ik|)ilse ; .Mcjimkupe- 
lum ; Mejimkupilk' ; Mcjimki^ipilse ; .Meje- 
]abega'deg.a ; Mejelabegaadoo ; Metlabega'- 
deg.a ; MetlTibegaadoo ; Mcjimkupilk' ; Mej- 
inikupelum ; ai)tupelum ; aktubilk' ; Met- 

To tie up a bag, kabooscpelijm. 

To tie the feet up to the body, Mowwig- 

To tighten, Sckabega'deu'a ; Sckabegaaluk ; 

Sckabegiadoo ; Mejinikaadoo ; Mejimka'- 

It becomes tighter, Mcjimkeftk'; Sck.ibegeak'. 



K^T.LTSIr-Mtc^rAC dtctionaka'. 

To press him tightly, Mcjimku<i;ftk'. 

To press it tightly, MLJinikrinrim. 

It becomes tighter and tighter, Pcme- 

sckabcgcak' ; I'cmimchimkcak'. 
Till, pi'i'/)., Mesokoo 
To till the ground, liKadaRoo. 
A tiller of the ground, NoDje-egadagoo. 
A tiller, fu liclm.), kowkwagunutk'. 
Timber, kfimooch'. 

To get out timber for a "ship," Tcloo'ska, 
Time, There is no word in Micmac ior fiinc, 

It is time, ffo do, etc.), TctpCigaak; Tedaboo- 

eak' ; 'retpuu. 
A long time, I'cgejriak ; li! kejaak. 
Not a long time, Mdo ptgejaanook. 
To remain a long time, regejenugaase. 
Timid, Buoske-w'igwOdaase ; Chepalooa' ; Ncs- 

ase ; N esae. 
Tin, (a ti?i cup), Apkagokchijit. 
Made of tin, Apkagokchijitawa'. 
Tipsy, kclkect' ; Wclapskcct'. 
To go on tiptoe, PL-niiguliksetaboogooe. 
To Stanf^ or tiptoe, cgidikselaboogooe; ke- 

gulik .ciaboogoue. 

To tire, '■. fr.. kespunolk' ; kespunase. 

To be tired, kespuna' ; Sowca'. 

To be tired of remaining, or dwelliug 

there, Sulikwodum. 
To '')e tired of sitting, Suhpe. 
To be tired of reading it, Suhkedum. 
To be tired of chopping, Suhtaaga. 
It tires me out, Sewaalik, 
To titter, Wegweda'dcgrt ; Wegwedaadum ; 

W'cgwedrdunnik' ; kemMfime. 

To walk to and fro, cuswaase ; Asooaase. 
To run to and fro, euswecbe. r Hence the 

name ot a " spinning wheel," — casvveelr«m- 

k iwa', Thf ritiiii.i i>g ti) and fro" thing). 
To carry it to and fro, 'ooswaadon eoos- 

wa'ii ga ; eooswaaluk. 
A toad, i^mkokchajit. 
A toad flish, Abooda«aa^it ; ktilok ; kuli 


A toadstool, ulgedoo. 

Tobacco, Tamawa'. 

A fig of tobacco, Wesoonow' tamavvayau. 

To have a supply of tobacco, Ootum- 

To be in quest of tobacco, Tamawa-gAk- 

Toe, Neliksedci' ; Peskooskoonan' ; Piskeis- 

Together, Ma'ooti. 

At the same time, (iogdhrr), 'Nspuu. 
To dwell together, Tokwodumck'; awitka'- 

To go together, clwija'dcck ; Wija'deck. 
All the families live together, MCstugat- 


To walk together, Tnkipumadcck'. 

To assemble together, Mf)wvvitkwaa(Ioolteck'. 

To toil, clookwa' ; keselookwa' ; ulti^iinaase ; 

Toil, Loogowokun ; kestcjooa'dAkiin ; titkigQn- 

aa(hmk ; uttigiinaadimk ; iitkigiinaswokun. 

To toll a bell, Scswakadaaga ; Matega'dcga. 

A tomb, Ootkoodakun. 

To tomb, (hj I'ltrtj), Ootkoodei'. 

A tomcod, Poonamoo. 

Toney River, /</■. n., Booktawaagen. 

Tongs, uiikaloorchkid. 

Tongue, Mihioo; Neehioo ; keelnoo; Weelnoo, 

To run out the tongue, Sokuhiooaase 

To draw out his tongue, Sokuhiooafduk. 

The tongue of a belL Sawakridaagrin. 

A tongue, (" liingaoya). 'Msedoon ; iS'sedoon ; 
Tan tuladooi)' ; Tan cleese. 

A tonsil, Ooluokw'. 

Too, Too much, (Seveial/jjr/f.rcs express this 
idea, as : aoosame ; V/esame; keaspe See 
in Micmyii'-Evglisli nicler these words.) 

Tool, filgowokun ; Loogo vokuna'. 
Tooth, Webeet ; Wiskobe.'t. 
To have teeth, Webectume. 
To have the toothache Nebeet kesencK*- 
gowik'. Lit., My toutk (xuns me. 




Toothless, M()t,nva wcbctr'iinu. 

To extract his tooth, Mi:nalH;(la:iirik. 

To have a tooth extracted, MCnribedaa- 

The top, Ooskitoogfiwa ; Ooskit' ; Ooskija' ; 

kcncskvvaak ; Odskitpakt'. 
On the top, Ooskitook. 
On the top of the water, Ooskitpaktook. 
On the top of a mountain, kakwepiim- 


The top of a "house," keneskiswom. 

To place it on top, kakokoodooaadoo ; kfi- 
k()ki)odi)()a'dL'j^ri ; kilkokoudooaaluk : kakvva'- 
dc^a ; kakvvaadoo ; kakwaaluk ; Tcsogvva'- 
dcga , Tcso^waadoo ; Tcso^waaluk ; VVcs- 
kija'dcj:;;! ; VVcskijaadoo ; VVC-skijaaluk ; ka- 



To lie on the top, kakoodck'. 

To sit on the top, kakoobe ; kakoobaase. 

To jump on top, k.lkwiijsooiijwae. 

To be on the top of the water, VVcskij- 

There is water on the top of the ice, 

\\ c.skitpej;(jak'. 

The top of a river bank, kikwibiinak'. 
On the top of a river's bank, kakwibun- 

The top of a tree, keneskO;;um. 
The top of a hill, keneswokutk. 
The top-knot, f" h'lnl >. Cho<;<)nrimajecjit. 
The top of the head, kakwotpei'. 
A torch, I'lis'ogwoii. 
My torch, 'Ntup'segwon. 
To carry a torch, I'cmamsinurnci'. 
To fish with torches, Saksi-gwa'. 
To light torches, Saksegwa'dega ; Sakse- 

Torment, ■?»., Oonmajo^un ; Oonmajode. 
To torment, Wciniiajodcga ; Arnaskvvibulinlk' ; 

oma>;wilniliuik' ; W'ciimajaak'. 
To be M tormentor, Hooskeoonmajoodcga ; 
A place of Torment, (Hdi), Oonmajogun- 


Torn, Sc^wiskaasik ; Scgwiskena'Iimk. 
Tornado, aoolamsrin ; kcsegowuludioo'suk. 
Torrent, Okunbaak ; Nakunbaak. 
Tortoise, Mikcbikch'; AmSlegunokchecch ; 

To toss, clamka'dcga ; clamkaaluk ; cIAmkaa- 

doo ; clcga' ; claktooci' ; clagi'dk' ; claga- 

dum ; clmcga'; elmcgaak'. 

To be tossed, clakalimk'. 

To toss it to him, Wccbkwoklak'. 

The " ship " is tossed with waves, Ma- 


My "ship" is tossed with waves, Mfidoo'- 

gvva. Lit., 1 am tonsed by the nures. 
Total, 'Msut. 
Totem, Ootiimimul. 
To touch, Sania'dcga ; Sitmaadoo ; Samaaluk ; 

Sanikak' ; Samuiuik' ; Samtaaga ; Sam- 

taak ; Samtaam ; Samtcskuk ; SSmtes- 

kuin ; Aniaktariga ; Amaktak' ; Amaadoo ; 

Samtcstoo ; Samagaaluk ; Samagaadoo ; 

Touchhole, kooljigunichk'. 
Touchwood, Chcgok.sook. 
Tough, Scbik ; Mcdooenaak , Melkcjik ; JMSl- 

To toughen, ''. int., Sebikpeak'. 
To toughen, w. <?•., Sebikpaado ; Sebikpaaluk ; 

To tow, Sowtoogddcga ; Sowtoogcldoo ; Sow- 

loogaaluk ; Sowtoogaadoo ; Pamoodoo. 
Toward, Towards, Tctard. 
To turn toward him, elpaasc. 
To turn in this direction, toward us, 

He turns his face towards us, Wcchkool- 

A towel, kasigiiij ; kasilcbosoode ; kcsego- 

soode ; kasiptimlsoode. 
A tower, Skumakrni ; VVokaloosan. 
A town, Oodiin. (Compare Ivnglish ton, as, 

Viiiirlextoii, die), idichegun ; (n hnj Lu)V)i — 

or citj.J 



To reside in a i,o-?.'a, ukclicKi'mpe. 
To be going to tov/n, ukchcgunkawe. 
The middle of the town, Mcowiikche- 

A toy, AmaltcluniAknii. 
To purchase toys, Amaltcirimei'. 
Tracadigash, /*c. n., Tuirikadcf^aficlik. 
Little Tracadie, pr. v., Tulukadccch. 
Tracadie, /'/•• /'., Tulak'adik. 
A track, PCmoptuk IH.-^ track, ; Pcmoptum, 

Ml/ Irach; I'cmoptrimrm, Ydiiv tnirk. 
To find his track, I'cncheck ; rokchim- 

To track, (to foJIiyw h;/ the fracl,'), INIctliim- 

I'L-mimtajiuiieca' ; 



To track him, rcmimtak' ; Mcdiimak'. 
To make large tracks, Magabookse. 
Tracy's Brook, /'/•. /*., Kgogwasees. 
A trade, 'MtCimodakrin ; I^oogowokun. 
To trade, MAIsanawe. 
This is my trade, fthe ivork of which I am 

niantcrj, Noojelookwodum. 
A trader, Malsan, (Fr, Murchdnd). 
To trail, v. tr., Pcmtukaaliik; PemtTikaadoo ; 

Pcmliika'dcga ; clmutka'dcga ; clmulkaa- 

luk ; cliiuitkaadoo ; Sovvtugaadoo ; Sow- 

tugaaliik ; Sowtuga'dcga. 
A trammel, (t<> /((Ch^/jo^.s o??j, Nabagwaagun, 
To trample on, (inlcntiovdlly), Siktcskum ; 

Siktcskuk ; ckwcheboogooaase ; clkunabocj- 

To trample on it accidentally, Pcjekooje- 

To trample all down, kakcikoojcboogooanse. 
To be tranquil, Sankawae. 
Tranquility, Sankawaimk; Ankoooink'. 
To transact, Nadankooci' ; elookwa' ; eloo- 

A transaction, 'MtumodAkun ; Loogowokun ; 

Nadankonomk' ; Nadankoooktiimumkawa'. 
To transcribe, Naboo-weekum. 
A transcriber, Noojc-nabooweekuga. 

To transfigure, kcwonskamnogwa'dcgfi ; ke- 
woiiskamoogwaadoo ; kewonskar.oogwaa- 
h"ik ; kowonskamoogwalusc. 

To be transfigured, kcwonsknmongwaase. 

To transgress, I'sdadcga'; Padaadoo. 

A transgression, Padaswokun ; I'adasoode ; 

A transgressor, Padatcgawcnoo ; Booske- 


To translate, kewonskeese ; kevvonskaadoo; 

kcykwa'dcga ; keskoovveckum ; kcwonskoo- 

CL'kuga ; kewoiiskoowcekiim ; apskvvcge- 

A translator, Noojekewonskeese. 
Transparent, Scbooasaptasik ; Scbooasiimoot'. 
To transplant, rukcnum. 
Transplantation, uikCnegLmk'. 
Transverse, TakCimudck'; Takumoogwes- 

A trap, Loktaagtin. 
To trap, Loktaguiiega' ; Nasiilagunega; Nasee- 

To pull him out of a trap, kesakaaluk. 
To be caught in a trap, Siktdgwa. 
The parts of a wooden trap, Piikwcdo- 

guiioguni ; Nc'skakun ; Siktogundgum ; 

Malkoosekadigun ; OonakpeU'ikiin ; kagQu- 

ipseel ; Skudaagun ; Abooikpaagiiii. 
To set a trap, Ilsiigadak' loktailgun. 
Trappings, krmsadak'uiiul ; kegrmadimkriwaal. 
Trash, ScgDoimkriiiigun ; kckchaak ; I'cwaska- 

dak'unul ; S(3g()omcs'igun ; Tanul cskweiigul 

ak moo trdegrdnoltinoogiil. 

Travail, Mudooe-loogowokun; Ooskijenoodea' 

To travail, Mcdooelookwa' ; Wcjeoonmajae 

ooskiJL'iiood' iktook. 
To travel. Pcmea' ; Mcdumae; Poktugcne ; 

Yalaase ; alaase ; alca ; Tcdoojaase. 
To travel by night, NCbaase : Ncbcdc^kum. 
To travel all round, everywhere, kakeibah- 

A traveller, Alasooenoo' ; Yalasooeiioo'. 



Treacherous, VVeliksubooi'vva'dc'iri; Moffwfi' 

k I'd I a wail ; WCskijeoolrunkoo-c. 
Treachery, Ouklmkoo'sooclc ; Wcliksuboogwa'- 

To tread, I't'inen '; ckwtulkaase ; ckwcheboo- 

f^ooaasc ; kcskoolkaase. 
Treasure, Milasoodeel ; Sooleavva' pegvvclk'. 
Treasurer, Soolcawaij-noojeankoclcgri'; Noojo- 

tlum sooleavva' clegavvitawari. 

Treasury, Soolcawakunioocle. 
To treat, A<;uno()(irimei' ; Tclaadak ; Tclaadoo. 
To treat him well, VVclsoomk' ; VVc'laaluk. 
To treat him ill, WCninajaak' ; kcstawaaa- 

li1k ; kcstawaak'. 
A treaty, kcsagunoodumakun ; kcsaguiioo- 

A tree, kumoo'ch. (7/ie sume as v.'uudj. 
An old tree, kogum 
A dry doty tree, r.uskuch'. 
A second growth of hardwood trees, 


It becomes a tree, kiimoojeak'. 

He changes him into a tree, kumoojeaa- 

luk ; kcsalajul ookuinoojcclinu. 

A large spreading tree, Wcjebrdoksck'. 

A dry tree, Mujogum ; 'Alsoougum. 

A green tree, iilnogum. 

A tall dead tree, Tumsoodeansk'. 

To be struck by a falling tree, ka'moo 

A dead charred tree, Uptawokiin. 

A district of dead charred trees, upiawok- 


The root of a tree, Oochcbusk'. 

The alburnum, Ot)bkitoguin ; OocbogCim ; 


The heart of a tree, Lamognm. 

The trunk of a tree, W ibogum. 

The bark of a tree, Oolgesk'. 

The limbs of a tree, upsetkoonul ; Ooones- 

The top of a tree, Ooneskwosluk; cloogooaak. 
Hardwood buds, keneskwinemin'. 

Large buds, Wiskusr.k. 
The leaves of a tree, Ncbock. 
The moss on trees, Moosegunutkool. 
To tremble, Ncnkrid(5.sin'; Nciikeiboose. 
My hand trembles, Ncnkiptinaase. 
A Trench, Upsugriagun. 
Trenchant, keck. 
To trespass, Tada'dcga. 
A trespass, Padaswokun ; Pada'soodc ; Pad- 

A triangle, Ncsik'. 

Tribulation, ScspL-nok^^oode ; Ooonmajuguti. 

Tribunal, llsoodakuna' koodpoode. 

To trickle, Pcmijooigrd. 

Triennial, Naseboonkugawa'. 

To trifle, Papelookwa' ; kulooskooukuiia'dcga. 

A trigger, VVcgooaga'dakim. 

To trim trees, Mcntaaga; Mentafds ; Mrii- 
taain ; Nakutiskutlaana ; Nakrinskridaak ; 
Nakunskudaam ; kajipkoontaaga ; kajip- 
koontaam ; .Moosegatkoontaaga ; Mouse- 
gal koontaam. 

To break off limbs, knjipkoonodoo ; kajip- 

To tear off limbs by climbing, Nrdcgit- 

Trinity, Nasasoode. 

To trip, V. inf., Pejeetakumei' ; cj;lkunjcdcstei'. 
To trip, r. fr.. PcjectakumOdidak' ; Wiskooaa- 

luk ; k-'iibcdcskak'. 

Tripe, W'ihiskci' ; Poogoojiimoocjit ; Oolukse. 

Tripod, Nasegadak' koodpoode. 

Triumph, Naktooemk' ; Wiswigunudc.-cmk'. 

To triumph, VViswiguiuldega ; NaktootV. 

A troop, 'Nkoodooncmiksook'. 

To trot, Matkoona'; Natkoona' ; Nencga- 

To trouble, Askeiak' ; Sespaak' ; Wiinmajaak' ; 

Scspodoo ; Scspodega; Siktav.'aaluk ; Mcj- 

ajaairdciScspcgwijaalukiestowwaaluk; Loo- 

govvokuiiaaluk ; Wcdumaak'. 

To be in trouble, W enmajedaase ; \\eii- 
1 majac ; Aiiadaasc ; etlibiuia'; Scspae. 


KNril.ISlI MK'MAf 



To bo troubled about it, Anailiadrim ; An- 

Trouble, /'., OnnmajrHlc ; Oonmajod.i'soode ; 

Srsprda'soodc ; Scspcda'dakun ; Loogo- 


A troubler, Noojcscspudcj;;'! ; Apchcscspo- 
dr<^a ; liooskescspridc'j^a ; H.soskc-loogo- 
wnkuna'dega' ; Huoskc-oonniajodcj^a. 

Troublesome, I'looj^owokrni-a'drf;;! ; Hnoskc- 
scs|i(Hir'<;a : liDoskc-IoogowOkiiii-aadcga. 

A trough, W'olsaklaoo. 

Trousers, rcdagawafd ; Mooscpiitccs'cgrinul. 

A trout, Ada-waasoo. 

A lake trout, 'Mtaksfmch. 

To tumble, v. /c, SiktasimAk' ; SiktclAk' ; 
Chi^itka'dL'ga' ; Chigilkodc^a' ; Chigitktid- 
cskowvva' ; Chigilkudcskun). 

Tune, nklitbL-^^eakun. (Noiiv — The Micmacs 
make III) distinction between a tti.tic and a 
" sinii/." This probably arises from the fact 
tlial they always, in tlieir devotions, sing 
the Htiiiie liijiua to the xniin; tmiit ) 

Turbulent, Sr-spi^nokse ; Mclaase ; Uooskescs- 

The river flows turbulcntly, Medooum- 

Turd, Mcjun'. 

Turf, I'okriiniktaagiina' ; I'okumiktaaj^'un. 

True, Tclcak; kCdiawa' j kedlawaik' ; ked id j Turgid, Mc-wik ; Mckwpek ; I'ootowwasik. 

C-dock j A turkey, AbooirdK-geejit. 

It is not true, Moo teleiinook ; Moo kcdlawa- 1 Turmoil, Sespennksimk ; Scspenoksooltijik ; 

A trumpet, Makekesoodi'mAchk'. 
To trundle, kuhtogwedafi';;'! ; kuhtogwedaam. 
The trunk of a tree, VVibogum, 
My trunk, (m;/ luxlifj, NN'ebcawo. 
To trust, eledaasc ; Makaadak ; elcgase. 
Trust, /'., Legasoode ; eleda-simkawa' ; ele- 

Truth, kC'dklwaoooki'in ; kedlawa ; kedhlwa- 

To try, r. <r., kwcjaadega ; kwcjaadoo ; kwcjaa- 

To try out fat, Sesagei'; Sesagadum ; Sesagalk'. 
To try the taste of it, kwijcium. 
To try it by scratching it, kwcdabaadoo. 

To try to hit it by shooting, kwcjematelum. 

To be trying to hit one another, in play, 

kwcchledaboododooltcek' ; (also, ive me 
tfjihiij to jHCzle noiiiclldvg init). 

A trying, (a ijaetMiny), kwechledabooda'- 

Tubular, Saboodcnaasik ; clnumasik. 
Tuesday, Tabouowa' cioogoodimk. (:2nd 

i\i,L'ivg diii/J- 
To tumble, Nesegeak' ; Nesea' ; Neseak' ; 

Nesegea' ; eiisiim'lesin ; Siktcsin'. 

Scspeiioksouitindv' , Scspcnaak ; Ooiiniitje- 
To turn, ''. /'■., kewonska'dega ; kewonskaa- 
lidv ; kcwonskaadoo ; kewonska'iuse ; kniito- 
gwa'dcga ; kuhtogwaaluk ; knhtogwaadoo. 

To turn it inside out, Aboodega'dega'; 

Aboodcgaaliik ; Aboodcgaadoo. 
To turn back, (to rctarvj, v. tr., apskwa'- 

dcga ; Apskwaaliik; Apskwaadoo. 

To turn back, (t<> rcfimi), v. int., Apswaase. 
To turn it iipside down, kcwonskiboogwa'- 

dcga ; kowonskiboogwaaiiik ; kew6nskil)oo- 

To turn it wrong side out, Abootkusea'- 

dega ; Abootkuscaalnk ; Abootkuseaadoo. 
To turn over something flat, kweskcin- 

keigii ; kcskwismaaiuk ; keskwismaadoo. 
To turn myself over while lying down, 

kC'skwisnia luse. 
To turn him over in bed, kewonskesuma'- 

dega ; kewonskesumaaluk ; kewonskes- 

To turn myself over in bed, kewonskes- 

To turn it off from the road, Peska'dega ; 

I'eskaaluk; I'eskaadoo. 

KNMU.-^H-MfrMAr r>frTTn\.\|;Y. 


To turn a carriage, &c., off from the 

road, rcskaclt'ja'dcga ; rckadi'jaali'ik ; I'iJs- 

To turn, r. inf., kcwoiiskaasc ; upskwaase; 

To turn the head, 
To turn over, '•. '///., kcskwcsumaase. 
The tide turns, krskoohaak ; kL'skoobc^^aasik. 
To turn aside from the road, clipskaasc; 

I'l'skaase ; I'cskadcjaase ; rOskccboolvvfi ; 

Pcskeoboogooa' ; c-sedcmtiimac. 

To turn out the toes in walking, clmAka- 

daa;;;! ; A^lascaook elmakadakadijik, idnoo' 
kokwodfitnal'. TItc. nhitc iiiva turn uiit 
till I r tiH'H ii-licn tlii'i/ villi.-; mi. Imlinn 
Hti'pn Htruiijlit (iIh'iiiI. (This sentence was 
caught from an Indian many years a^n. 
It gave me the words and their meanings, 
and the peculiarities to which they refer.) 

Turnip, VVcnjooesugnbiin. 

Turpentine, (joo-owwa upkoo; Goo owa'ipkoo'. 

Tusk, Webeet. 

Tusket, /"'. '»■, AgkTseawakade. 

Tutor, Nonjenamoofi'. 

Twelve, 'Mtrdn' chel taboo. 

To be twelve years old, Mctlaseboonei' 

clicl taboo. 
Twentieth, Tahooinskugawa'. 
Twenty, Tabooinskaak ; Tabooinskfikseck'. 
To be twenty years old, Tab(joinskrigc- 

Twenty years, Tabooinskfigeboonkuk. 
Twenty days, Tabooinskugegoonaak. 
The twentieth day of the month, Taboo- 

inskugcgoonit deiikimooset. 
Twice, Taboo. 

Twice as much, Taboo eleaje pegwclk'. 
A twig, Nebesokun. 

Twilight, N\'npk, (iiiiiniinn), Akridabrineak' ; 

I'fmealwnmripcAk', (It ix gnnfiini ilurL); 

To twill, Aswnbeda'dc'ga ; a.swuljcchiadoo. 
A twin, ritkiibrific-li ; filkoskwaarli. 
To bear twins, ritkobachwegetiei' ; Citkoskwa- 

To twinge, Wnkchidogw.l. 

To twinkle, Sel)eg\ve(lc'S<)i)ltijik : tlii-ij ir'nik. 

To twirl, kuiitogwaa'deg.i ; kiihtogwaaluk ; 

To twist, .Mimunda, (to apln); Mimrnuloo- 
I bega'dega ; MimfMuloobcgaaluk ; Mimun- 

] doolicgaadoo. 

To twist with a spinning wheel, eliakun- 
I owwa' ; eltak'unum ; eltakimrik'. 

I To twitch, Weswega'; VVeswukrdrd<' ; Wes- 
, wuktoo. 

A twitching of the skin, fninsiilrrnl 
()iiu'iU)Hfi tinit n ntrii'niji;r iKCuiii i iiij), Okska- 

Two, Taboo ; TahoogTd ; Taboosek'. 

Two years old, Tabooeboonei'. 

Two days old, Taboogoone. 

Two years, Tal)ooeboonkuk. 

Two-fold, Taboo-eleadelk'. 

To hold two, Tokoonk' ; Tokooniimaiuil. 

To kill two, Tabooanklk. 

To go two and two, cooche-tabooseek'. 

Two-edged, rdoo'look. 

I A type, Leilakfui ; kenoogwod'igrin ; Nabeg- 
is'igun ; NiibOgigun ; Nabooegakun. 

! Tyrannical, kestejooodegemkawa'. 
To tyrannise, kestejoorKicga. 
To be tyrannised over, kestawe ; kcstawu- 

A tyrant, elegawit tan booskc-kcstawOdeget. 
Tyro, iMfich kenoodumooksit. 




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Ubiguity, Tan mestei-ehk'. 

Ugly, Winab'jiwe ; kctkamk' ; kctkaptum ; 

Winitkwok' ; VVinskowwe. 
An umbrella, Pogwodigun ; Pogwosiin ; Pog- 

wosoode. Lit., A roof, or any shelf er frovi 

ihe weather. 

To walk under an umbrella, Pemboogoo- 

To be an umpire, Noojeilsoodcga' ; Nooje- 


XJmkwe River, pr. n., Amkooik. 

Unable, ejelaadoo. (Mase as a prffix to all 

verbs, adds the idea, " / canvot." See 

under ihe word in the Micmac-Erglish 

Unanimous, (we are), Nfiooktedadakftdeek'. 
Unanimity, Naookteda'dakun ; Naooktedada- 

Unavoidable, Moo kesipsogeanook, (from Vcr, 

ogeak', It escapes). 
Unawares, Wiskuii. (Note. — As a prefix 

this word frequently occurs. It denotes 

Unbelief, MektadaswSkun. 
To unbutton. To unclasp, Apkwagaadoo ; 

My uncle, 'Nkuiamooksis. 
To uncover, Banega'dega' ; Banegaaliik ; 

Banegaadoo ; Bankumega'dega ; Bankume- 

gaaluk; Bankumegaadoo. 
Uncouth, VVegooamook' ; Nentowwaak, 
Unction, Amagcnsoode; Amagcnumumk'. 
Extreme unction, kespe-memAldimk'. 
Unctuous, Memayu'. 
Uncultivated, Moo wclekenoodumooksu ; Moo 

Under, upkawaak ; Toogoonfiak. 
Underground, Lan.kumook'. 
To go under, kejedaase. 

To put under, kejeda'dega ; kejedaadoo ; 

To underrate, PepsSptiim ; PcpsAmk'. 
To understand, Ncstooedaase ; Nestooae ; 

Nestum ; Nesliimclk' ; Nestdk' ; Nestase. 
To understand well, Welinsutoofi' ; Welin- 

sutum ; Welinsutak' ; VVelinsutitse. 
The understanding, Nestooedaasoode ; N6s- 

tooaimk ; 'NsiJtogun. 

To be understood, Nestookse. 

To undertake, kwejaadcga. 

To undo, kakeiskwiska'dega ; kakeiskwiskaa- 
luk ; kakeiskwiskaadoo ; kakeiksuga'dega ; 
kakeiksugaaliik ; kakeiksugaadoo. 

To undo a bundle, Saaadoo; Apkoo.skaadoo. 

To undress, Menaadoo 'ntokwoniil ; amiska'- 
luse ; Moosegaaluse ; Moosegaaluk ; .Moose- 
gaadoo ; Moosega'dega ; Moosegiguna'- 
dega ; Moosegigunaaluk ; Moosegigunaa- 
doo; Moosegigiina'iuse; Menagil'; MenaktAk'. 

To unfasten, apkwaadcga; Apkwaaliik; Ap- 
kwaadoo ; apskwaga'dega ; apskwagaaluk ; 

To leave a job unfinished, eskooloo- 

Unfledged, Miilchiigooe. 

To unfold, Apskwega'dega ; Apskwcgaadoo ; 

Ungird, Mentfigaadoo 'ntukspesoonabe. 

To unharness, kcdalka'dcgfi' ; kcdalkaaluk ; 
kcdalkaadoo ; Apskvvagadega'; Apskwagaa- 
luk; Apskwagaadoo ; Mcnagadcga'; Mcna- 
gaaliik ; Mcnagaadoo. 

To be unhonoured, Hcnokedadase'. 

To be unjointed, kclkwlskad.lsik. 

To unjoint the joint of an animal, kelkwis- 


To unjoint the joint of an article, {a ff^te, 
for instance,) kclkwiskudoo. 



To unite, v. tr., Astooaadoo ; Estooenichkaa- 
(loo ; Nichkodoo ; kulooskoodei'. 

To unite, v. inf., Tokumeiek' ; TokSmadeek' ; 
Nechkik ; Astoocnichkik. 

Unity, Naooktaimkavva' ; Naooktedfi'dakun ; 

Naooktedadakunadimkawa' ; Naookteda'- 

soode ; Naooktedasvvokun. 
Universal, kakeibahkweeekw ; 'Msut tame 

The Universe, Oositkum66'. 
To be unjust, Noojiksuboo^wadega' ; Noojik- 

suboofivvalooa' ; kclooskabawe. 
Unjustifiable, Moo weleanook ; Moo ko- 

To unlace, Apkwaadoo ; Apkwadega' ; Ap- 

To unlade, To unload, Segoolka'dcga ; Se- 

goolkaaluk ; Segoolkaadoo. 
Unlawful, Moo weje-usedadasinook iitplooda- 

kun iktook. 
Unlearned, Bogunitpakse ; Moo welekenoo- 


Unlike, Moo naookta telamook'tunook ; Estoo- 

agiil ; Estooae. 
To unlock, Apkooskaam. 
To unloose, Apkwaadoo. 
To unravel, kuskoolkodoo. 
Unripe, elskegoonik ; Moo kestudenook'. 
To unscrew, Apkwabakiim. 
Unseen, Moo nemedumugul ; Moo ncmegoosu. 
To unsnare, Wcjekcsagadcga' ; Wejekcsagaa- 

luk ; Wejekesagaadoo. 
Unstable, awakudck' ; Matoktesk' ; Matesk' ; 

Majipkudcsk' ; awagipkudcsk'. 
Unsuccessful, Padaktesin'. 
To untie, apkwadega' ; apkwaaluk ; Apkwaa- 
doo ; Apkoosaadega ; Apkoosaaluk ; Apkoo- 
saadoo ; apkwa'luse. 
To untie with the teeth, Spkoodtga' ; ap- 

koopk' ; apkoodum. 
To be untied, apkwaase. 
To untie with a knife, (To cut the knot,) 


Until, prep, Mesokoo. 

Untrue, cksooogun ; eksooogunik' ; aoolemk' ; 

Moo tcleiinook ; Moo kertlawainook'. 
To unvail, or. Unveil, Hanoogwadcga' ; Ba- 

noogwaaluk ; lianoogwaadoo ; Banoogwa- 

To look up, Scmkulabaase. 
Up stream, Petow'. 
To go up stream, Petowwaase. 
To convey (it J up stream, Petowwadega' ; 

Petowwaadoo ; Petowwaaluk. 
To "poll" a canoe up stream, ketkwafim. 
To swim up stream, Petowaam'. 
To go "up" from the water into the 

woods, Sokoguya'. 
To go "up" hill, Tokchooaase. 
To " convey " up hill, Tokchooadcga' ; Tok- 

chooaaluk: Tokchooaadoo ; Tokchooaluse'. 
To "come" up hill, Wecbkwitkojooaase. 

To bring "up" hill, Wcchkwitkojooa'dega; 

Wechkwitkojooaaliik ; Wechkwitkojooaa- 

doo ; Wechkwitkojooa'luse. 
To come walking up hill, Wechkwitkojoo- 

To be going away, walking " up " hill, 

To upbraid, kakawimk' ; Almimk' ; Almidum ; 

Uphill, elmukumegck'. 
Upper, Mowwekakwaak ; kakwil'. 
Uppermost, Mowwecspae ; Mowwekakwaak. 
Upright, (to standj, kokwojeboo'gooe. * 

To be upright, kokwojae ; VVclckokwojae ; 

kokw5jea' ; VVelekokwojea' ; VVejekokwoja'- 

To stand upright in the water, (an a 

"sliip"), kokwotkwitk'. 

Uproar, Sespcnaak ; Sespedoksooltimk'. 

To uproot, ' ketpiskodega ; ketpiskaaluk ; ket- 

Upsatquitch, pr. n., Spsetkwechk'. 
To upset, ketkoo'gwa ; ketkooteskum ; ket- 

koojedeskum ; ketkoojaadoo. 



To upset a log, Tadupchetfskak' tumAktaoo. 
To be upset, ffo famhle il(iivii), kelkod'jcsin. 
Upward, Upwards, kubucleiisaal ; kakwagaal ; 

kubfidaak ; Moo e^iskudoofjwaal. 
To urge, Moonseiak'; Winpajimk' ; Asimk. 
To use, V. tr., aook ; aoom ; Wedumoclega ; 

WedumaAk' ; Wedumodum ; elabcdum. 
To be used to it, Nakalodum ; Nakalagaadoo. 
To be used, >'. /)"s., aooose ; aoomase. 
Of what "use" is it? Tatkaak? lalooega- 


Of what use am I ? TSIooepAkTme ? Tatkac ? 
It is useful, Tatkaak ; Wclahctk' ; Welabed- 

limoookun ; Wclabcdrim ; Wolowtik. 
Useless, Moo elowtinook ; Moo talkaanook. 
Utmost, kespudck' ; Wajiwaak. 

To do one's utmost, Winp.^lse ; Tan tedoo- 

To utter, v. tr., Weskoodum ; Teloodum ; 

etlavvistoo ; Agiinoodumei' ; aguiiooduni. 
The uvula, Oolookw'. 


Vacant, Segwaak : Wcskcdek' ; ansaktek. 

A vagabond, A vagrant, Yalasooenoo'. 

Vail, (S,fe. Veil.) 

Vain, Moo taleguloosu; empteske; kinse ; 

In vain, Saak. 
Valiant, Mclkedae ; Melkigunawae ; kenap'- 

Valid, Melkaak; Melkudek' ; kedlavvaik ; ko- 

kwojcak' ; Wclcak'. 
A valley, VVoIkwaak ; VVolaak ; Mooleagek' ; 

Wolknodaguk ; Wolagiuk. (Compare ivul 

and vid). 
The other side of a valley, kamAkw. 
To descend out of sight, into a valley, 

Valuable, clowtik ; Welowtik. 
To value, l. Nebooywedaadum ; Neboogwe- 

daaliimk, (to edeem hiyltli/). 2. Elowtoo- 

gvva ; Elowtoogvvedfim, fto set <i. prize). 
Valueless, Moo talkaanook ; Moo tebowtee- 

To vanish, kcskadesin'. 
Vanity, Segawa; Moo talegulooltfinook'. 
To vanquish, Wiswiguncdum ; Wiswigun- 

ovvwa' ; \\ iswiguncnik'. 
Vapour, Oonpckw' ; Oonpeg'ooik. 

To variegate, Amalabcda'dcga 







Amaloogwodiim ; Amalesovveadum. 
To be variegated, Amalogwe; Amalabok'- 

sQme ; Amalteaagwe ; MilSmookse ; kakei- 

Variegated cotton, (ailicn), Ama]c<j:nn. 
Various, kakeiyese milamoo'gid ; Milamoo'giil. 
Vast, Meskeek ; Mowimsiigeek. 
A vault, W<51kwaak ; WigwomadAkun. 

A vault for the dead, Adoo'gwenigim. 

(Suck (18 then formerlif buried tliei r (lend 

in. It was built partly underground, and 

had a roof to it.) 
Veal, VVcnjoodeamoochwa'. 
To vegetate, SakuleAk' ; Pemegik' ; Nik. 
A veil, v., Okoonokoopeesoocie ; Okoonokoo- 

gwa'soode ; Ankoo'nigun. 
To veil, (one's self), Ookoonokoo-pilse. 
To veil another, Okoonokoopiik' ; Okoono- 

pelum ; Okoonogwaaluk. 
To be veiled, Okoonokoopcse. 
A vein, Mejaaguch. 
To vend, Nedoocska' ; Nedooeskedum ; Ned- 

To venerate, kepmedaalftmk' ; Mowikpume- 

daaliimk ; Mowikpumedaadum. 


Venereal, (to have the venereal disense), Win- 

Vengeance, useclodakrin. 
Venison, Weoos' piltoofi' ; NebooktooKawa' 

Vent, Togwosit ; Pojjwosijeech. 
Veracity, kc-dlfiwaoookun. 
Veracious, Mou cksockw'; Munaa 2ksooow ; 

Verily, kcdlawa Iktook ; TeleAk'. 
Vertigo, aweie. 
Very, tilnim; Lok ; aoosame ; Wesame ; (the 

latter two are prefixfn). 
Vespers, Me<)wla<;w61asoodumumk'. 
A vessel, (a iU»h), eptakun ; OolAkun ; 

A vessel, (n "shii)," a watercruft), kwedun. 

A canoe. 
An Indian "ship," ulnoo'lkw; A canoe. 
A French vessel, ( n'oti'ivruft), Wenjoo'lkw. 



An English " ship," A<;lase 

An American vessel, liostoonkauo'lkw. 

A "brig," Nab'ifrvvon. 

A schooner, Punasolkw. 

To go away by water, ("in a vessel,") 

To take him away in a " ship," Poktoo'lak. 
A vestibule, Toosade. 
Vesture, Vestment, 'Mtokwon'. 

To vex, VVcnmajcbuliuik'. 

To vibrate, v. tr., Wokcliooiklestoo ; aliikoo- 

jooiktcstoo ; aliktcstoo ; Abooikpedestoo ; 

To vibrate, v. int., Aliktc-^k'; aliikoojooik- 

tcsk'; VVokchooiklesk' ; etuldcsk' ; Asoo'- 

dcsk' ; Asooobcak' ; etla'gudesk'. 
A vicar, Napkak'. 
Vice, cloowawoode ; Padasoode ; Padaswokun ; 

Victorious, VViswigunodtga ; Wiswigunemk' ; 

Victory, Wiswigunodakun; Wiswiguiiodeg- 


To get the victory in a race, eirmdijik. 

Victuals, Mecliipchawa' ; Mijc'simkavvfi' • Mije- 

A village, Oodun. 

A " white " village, Wcnjeswumakade. 
A vine. Grape vine, Alogomanoksc 
Orape vine bearing land, Alogomanoksea'- 

A vine, (or<lii>a.ri/), kakoogvvechk' ; kcdiigoo- 

gvvcchk' ; Tadebogeak'. 
Vinegar, TabunSgulawa'. (From the French, 

\'i iir'tyrt: 
Vineyard, AlogomAnokseaguinikt'. 
To be violent, kenamoogwaase. 
Violin, Abeajeechk. 
Viper, 'M task urn. 
A virgin, Nakws ; Nakskwa'. 
Visible, Ncmedase ; Ncmegoose ; Asuniap- 

tise ; Nemeemk ; Pakamimk' ; Nlasooom- 

imk ; Na'yabck ; Nooskabek' ; Masoooin- 

To visit, emitoogwa' ; emitoogwolk' ; 2mitoo- 


To be going to visit the wife's parents, 

Vital, Memajoookuiia'. 
To vitiate, achkunodega ; achkttnaaluk ; Ach- 

kuiiodoo ; Achkuiiaadoo ; Mcjegaadoo ; 

Vituperate, Almimk'; kakawimk'. 
Vivacious, Sasakuse. 
To vociferate, kcsedawcdokse ; Nedowwa' ; 

Saaskwa ; clkoiiiikiega' ; kcscfrovvwistoo. 
Vociferation, clkomiktegcmk' ; kcsedawcdok- 

soode ; kesegowwistoodimk' ; Saskoodimk ; 

A voice, Tcltoksimk ; Nedovvwcmk' ; etlavvis- 

toomk' ; 'Msedoon ; keluosiink. 

To have a loud, coarse voice, MAkekesoo- 
duiiei' ; (Hence, Makekesoodunachk', A 
xpaikiiKi triimix't ). 

A vomit, (a tiicdicincj, Sokudema'loock 



To vomit, Sokiiclgnie ; NCmkiulae. 

Tc voyage, Hoose ; alAktega' ; aleejik. 

To cause to vomit, Sokudcma'looa 

; Sokud- 

Vulnerable, keseclnlebulnadrimiise ; keseach- 



To vomit it up, Sokuclumuklum. 

To VUlnerate, Chilebulna'dcga ; Chilebulnad- 

Voracious, liooskadal' ; Pesogwodal' ; 


urn ; Chilebulnaak ; Achkuiiodcga ; acbkuti- 

ao()>amlum ; Mcsiktakunei'. 

fiAk' ; Achkunodum. 

To vouch, L'looweeclumase. 

Vulpine, Wokwiswaya'. 

A voyage, Boosimk ; alaktcgcmk'. 

Vulture, kit poo. 


To Wabble, Asodcsk. 

To cause it to wabble, Asodgstoo. 

A Wad, Mistook. 

To Wad, Mistoogcgedoo. 

To Waddle, Madcktcsin'. 

To Wade, (<i)>out in ike, water), Alasoogwa' ; 

To wade along, Pemasoogwa'. 

To wade ashore, Natkasoogwa'. 

To wade up stream, N rd umiisoogwa'. 

To wade thither, alusoogwa'. 

To wade across, usookiimusoogwa'. 

To wade down stream, Hopkusoogwa'. 
To wade through the snow, Alasooeem. 
A Wafer, We<;acliguna' upkoo. 

The Sacramental Wafer, Ooskibunck'. 

To Waft, aiaaliik nvtl alaadoo moose^iskudook'. 

To Wag, Madoktestoo. 

To wag the tail, Makaloool' ; Welbasigat'. 

To wag the head, Nialkwedesin'. 

To Wage, To Wager, Egadoo«)wa' ; Ega- 

Wages, Abankudooowa'. 

A Waggon, Tobakun. (Note. — If we were 
not sure that the thing is impossible, we 
would be led to suppose that this name is 
an atteni|it to say Uer wdyiv, the German 
name for a waggon. Fjr dropping the •/• as 
the Indian must, and using a h for the 
German W.- ,'ii.;, he would have to say, 

To wail, V. 1r., (To hinvnil), Mooemadiim ; 

Moocmak' ; kcsegowwemooemAk' ; etle- 

mawimk' ; Mawedum. 
To wail, r. int.. Wenmajesaaskwa ; kesegow'- 

Wailing, Wenmajesaskoo'dimk ; Wedodemool- 

tinik ; Wedobedoksooltimk. 
The Waist, cpmeje'. 
To Wait, eskumei' ; eskiimalk' ; eskumadiim ; 

eskebcdoo ; eskobfiak ; eskebese. 

To be lying in wait, etleeskobe. 

A lying in wait, fan arabaxk), ctleeskobool- 

A lying in wait place, Etieeskobooltimk'. 
A Waiter, Noodabelase ; alamooa'. 
To Wake, v. int., Toogea' ; VVespase ; Nebabe ; 

\\ obuiiabe. 
To Wake, v. tr., To Waken, Toogwaaluk. 

The wake of a ship, elpegaasik; Ootowte. 

The Wakefish, ruitkwaajit. 

To Walk, I'tmea' ; Alaase ; Yalaase ; Aloosa' ; 

To walk "softly," Nageipumea'. 
To walk, turning out the toes, (an a tvlute 

tun II iculk"), Almakada.iga. 

I To walk without turning out the toes, 

[ (iiH an Inditin xvalhs), kokwodumiie. 

To walk taking long steps, Petumae ; 
1 Patliigaase ; Atlugaase. 

1 War, .Maliuidimk' ; kamedooemk' ; kamedool- 
I timk'. 





To War, MalunrifiRa; Maluiuloolteck' ; katne'- 
clooii ; kameduollcek'. (Note. — 1 he former 
word denotes war between two or more 
vntitnis. The liifter, between indiviiliinh.) 

The war whoop, uktooon'. (From kedoo, 

" / sIlDlll." 

To Warble, kedilbegea' ; Wcliktabcgea'. 

To Warm, v. !r., epsfim ; cpsiik ; epesum ; 
cpcsk' ; cpnoosum ; ebif^womsum ; kesoos- 
kum ; eba'kusum ; cba|)skusunrimei' ; eba- 
boo'sowwa' ; cbaboo'siim ; kesooa'dega ; 
kesooaadoo ; kesooaaluk. 

To warm one's self, aoo-oo'se : kesooae. 

To be warm, <i<IJ.. epse ; eptek' ; espedek'. 

To be very warm, keseboose. 

To be getting warm, Pemeboose. 

The weather is warm, VVttkiinaak. 

It (the weather; is growing warm, Wet- 

To warm the room, cbigwomsum. 
The room is warm, cbigwomkuk ; eblgwom- 

Ick' ; kcsoowi-^vvomkuk. 
A warm coat, kesookwon. 
A warm hat, kesoootpaak. 
The cloth, &c., is warmed, ebegisasik. 
To warm bark, cloth, &c., ebcgisum ; kes- 

To warm wood, cbaskfisum. 
The wood is warmed, ebaskudek'. (N. B, 

—See aiider Eb. in M innne-h'iujllxh). 

To Warn, kcgenooaaliik ; kegenooa'dega. 

A Warrior, NoojematCinaaga ; kena'p'. 

A Wart, 'Mkuchigrim ; Noochkigum kooch- 

kiguni ; UochkiguniMl. (My, iliy, nis uutrt). 
To have warts, Oochkigume. 
Warty, VVechkigrmie ; Wichkwome. 
To Wash, kcsispa'dega' ; kcsispaadoo ; kgsis- 

paaluk ; kcsistakunowwa'. 
To wash the face, kasegwaase. 
To wash the hands, kasiptinaase. 
A Washer, Noojiksispa'dega. 
Washball, (nvap), tiksispanigun ; uksispa'dS- 


A Wasp, A mooes'. 

To Waste, '•. fr., fmdgodum ; kCskaadoo ; kes- 

kaaluk ; keska'dega. 
To Waste, v. int., keskaak. 
A Waste, (unoccupieil land), Tiiipkwaak ; 

Taimkooaak ; k at took. 
A Watch, (tivu'piece), Nagosctawa'. 

To Watch, Ne.spe ; cskebcdoo ; eskebaak ; 

eskumalk' ; cliski'imalk' ; NoosAmk' ; clegis- 

katpei' ; kelegadum ; kCIcga ; cskunwobe ; 

To keep watch over him, Chegaak' ; es- 


To watch quietly for him, Wontokeske- 

A watch dog, kclegct'. 
A Watchmaker, Nagosetawaaga. 
Watchtower, Skumakiin. 
Water, Sam'oogwoii • Sab'oogwon. 

A collection of water, Mowpegeak'. 
Salt Water, Wiskribr.k. 
fty water, for family use, which I have 
brought or caused to be brought 

home, Nuiibin. (This is evidently tiie 
'tiej)e of the iljihii'di/ and (Jree, used in Mic- 
mac only for • iter for domestic use, and 
with the 'p')Hnes/iive pronouns ) 

To lay it on the water, cgwed'unum. 

To put into the water, Pakiisa'dCga' ; Pak- 
usaaluk ; Pakusaadoo. 

To put myself into the water, Pakiisaase. 

Hard water, (mipreyuuted villi plaider), 

kakayogwoboo ; u|.kaoo6boo. 
To immerse in water, kedabaadoo; kedab- 

egwijaadoo : egwijaadoo. 

To stand in the water up to the midst, 

Sagatpa' ; Sagwfi. 

To dash it under water, kwedabaktcstoo. 
To press it down under water, kweda- 


The water overwhelms me, Nasiimtcgaa- 

A water pot, Samoogwonok. 




u ■ 

K ii ■ 

To Water, c /»•., Sabookwona'tlcf^fi ; Siimoo- 
gwona'tlcjifi ; Samoof|;wonaaluk ; Samoo- 
gwonaadoii ; Mcltimooabad'c^'a' ; Mclumoo- 
abailiim ; Mclumooaadoo ; Meliimooaaluk. 

To travel by water, Hoose ; ri-moodoo. 
To come by water, I'tjesoogwe. 
To play in the water, kesaf^ose. 

Water-cresses, kajooemachkul. 
To splash water about, Medabega'dcga ; 

A water fall, kapskw. 

A water rat, (a muakrat), keewesoo. 

A Wave, rukoo'. 

The waves dash upon the shore, Bakabe- 

daajik iitkook'. 

The wave recedes, Senubaktcsk'. 

The waves dash on every side, ChegAlat- 

The waves roar in the distance, Weda- 

The waves roar and dash, MagAtkoo'gwck. 
The waves beat into the " ship," TCbist 


To Waver, Majaase. 

Wax, Waks ; upkoo. 

To Wax, V. tr., Pegooaadoo; Pegooadega' ; 

To Wax, V. int., (to gro'w), Pemege. 
A Way, Owte. 
It is in the way, Mcgiinegavvek' ; Megune- 

Get out of the way, Sabaase. 
To Waylay, eskobiktak' ; cskobiktega' ; csko- 

We, Ncncn' ; keenoo. 
To be weak, Mcnakunei' ; Menajaaje ; aoo- 

laje ; Sawegunae ; Wakajae ; Ncnugasae ; 

My knees are weak, Chowtuktiya'; Men- 


To deem him weak, Menakunawedalumak'. 

To Weaken, i'. tr., Wakajaak' ; Menakunaa- 

luk ; Alenakunaadoo ; Sc-waalit ; Sewaaluk. 

Weakness, Munakunude ; Menakunamk' ; 

Wealth, Milasoode ; Mllasooflkun. 
Wealthy, Milase. 
To Wean, Poonelamook'. 
A Weanling, Hoonedut'. 
A Weapon, OopoogrimAkun ; upknomakun. 
To strike with a weapon, upkoomakun. 

taaga ; upkoomakuntauk ; upkoom^krm- 

To be weaponed, (armed with a weapon), 

To Wear, r. ti., (an a fjarvirnt), ukwtei. 

To wear it a long time, Nadowodumei'. 
To wear them out rapidly, Noksabunse. 
To "wear ship," Mamikskwcgca'. 
Weariness, kcspuncmk' ; Sewcemk'. 
j To be weary, kespuna' ; Sevvea'. 
To be weary of sitting, Sawikchcbe ; Suhpe. 
To be weary of reading, Sulikedum. 
Weasand, 'Msedoonabe. 
A Weasel, ciskoos'. 
The Weather, (No word for this). 
Vrhat is the weather ? Tale<;iskuk > 
The weather is fine, VVelegi.skuk. 
The weather is foul, Mcdouamoogwaasik ; 

The weather is rainy, kikpasanegiskuk. 
What kind of weather is it going to be, 

probably? kcdoo-talcgiskuk cdook ? 

The weather will be fine, probably, 

kcdijolegi.skiik edook. 
To Weave, eltaktaaga. 
To weave it, eltaklaam. 
To beat it up thick as one weaves, csun- 

t ilk taaga. 
A Weaver, Nootaktaaga. 
A Web, ellaktagcmkawaya ; Weiegiiri. 
A spider's web, Owiiejit ootabeel. 
To Wed, Malt-awe. 
A Wedding, Maleawimk' ; Wcdunooltimk' ; 

Mak-aouokun ; Maleawoboo ; Maleawoode. 
A Wedge, Tulakun ; epchestiikiin. 



To Wedge, TulakunegAclum ; Triiakrine<,'a'- 
To tighten it with a wedge, CpchCstoo; 

Wednesday, Scstawa' gloogoodimk'. 
Weed, cnskc'ck. 

To Weed, f/^"/' vp hwiIh), Moosikska'dega. 
Weedy, J'ooswcle-fnskcegawik'. 
A Week, kcfiuiuleawoode. 
Weekday, clnogoodimk'. 

To Weep, utkedcme; Akaycmtfim ; ritkedcm- 

To Weigh, r. tr., TcbAbakum ; Tebabakuga' ; 

To Weigh, v. int., keskool ; kcskook. 
A Weigher, Noojitpabakaga'. 
A " weight," ritpabftki<;un. 

A trap weight, Millkopskadigun. 
Weighty, kcskooI ; keskook' ; .Mcstaksook' ; 

To Weld, Mowkumaadoo ; Mowkuma'dcga ; 

Ankooaga'daaga ; Ankooaga'dafim ; An- 

kooagaadcga ; Ankooagaadoo ; TokooSn- 

A Well, v., 'Nkiinobade; WenjooekiinSbade. 
To well up, (as a boiling sprivg), Pogulkiij- 

Well, (i>lj., Wclae ; WeleAk' ; WelchaweAk'. 
Well, ailv., Wei (ivd, VVcIe as a prefix to many 

verbs. Showing that the word is native 

and not imported, we give a few examples. 
To live well, Wclowhse. 
To sit well, Wclpe ; Weltek'. 
The room is well furnished, Welsagaasik. 
To hear it well, Wclsiitirim ; also, It sou7ids 

■li'cll to my ear. 
I hear him well, nmd, I hear him with 

pleasure, WeisutAk'. 
It is well made, Welekesetasik. 
It sounds well, VVeltaak. 
To work well, VVcllookwa'. 
To speak English well, Wele-aglaseaoo- 

odooa' ; VVeie-aglaseaooeese. 

To speak Indian well, \VcIeulnoo<5dona' ; 

To write well, Wcleweckuga. 
To do well, Wtla'dfga. 

To speak well of him, Wclawistoo ; VVcI- 

To talk well, Welaboogooa'. 
To be well dressed, Wcikoodei. 
To be well situated, Wclkadiim. 
To feel well, Wclaase. 

(To feel so, Tc'laase.) 
Wen, Chok'olcm, 
The West, ritknsunook'. 
The west wind, Tcksfik. 
West Bay, /n: n., ((J. 11), VVolnamkeak'. 

West River Lake, pr. n., Brina'k.ide. 

West River, pr. n., (FirtonJ, Pcbloogowaak. 
West Brook, pr. n., Tulabadancheech. 
West Point, pr. v., VVolnamkeak'. 
Westerly, utkusunoogwaal. 
Wet, kcsabooii' ; esabooa'. 

To get my "seat" wet, Sakpikchiie ; Sab- 

To be thoroughly wet, Sababooa' ; Sabe- 

The ground is wet, Sakpuskck'. 

To wet, I', tr., Saboogwonaadoo ; Samoogwon- 

aadoo ; Meliimooabaadoo; Sakpuskaadoo. 
A Whale, Boot up. 
A male whale, Nabeak'. 
A female whale, Skwaakw'. 

Whalebone, Boottipawigun ; Oonmafiskw; 

adj., Oonmaskwa'. 
A Wharf, kwesowooloodasik. 
What ? kogoofi' } 
Wheat, koolumkool. 

Wheaten, koolumkoolooa' ; koolumkooik'. 
To Wheedle, Aloonseiak'. 
A Wheel, kubtogwaasik. 
To Wheel, v. tr., kuhtogwaadoo. 
To Wheel, v. int., kubtogwaasik. 
When was it ? Tan .? 
When will it be 1 Tanook' ? 





Whence T Tame ? 
Where ? f Tan let ? 
Wherefore, Na oochit'. 

To Whet, cscboodoo ; cscboolk' ; Scbcgcedoo ; 

A Whetstone, kccdAkrin ; Sebekceciakuu ; 

Which ? TcgCn ? Tan. 
A Whiff, Aoolamsuncheccb. 
A While, n., kcnaak ; kcnajeech. 
Whilst, aaskw. 

To Whimper, To Whine, Scsege. 
A Whip, 11., upkooniakun. 
To be marked by a whip, Naniskunanae. 
To mark him with a whip, Nfmiskunan- 

To whip him, Mataak ; Nebesokuntaak ; Ne- 

besokuntaaga ; Nebesokunlaam ; Mataaga ; 

To whip him with a horsewhip, Poogtim- 


A Whip-poor-will, ((i bird), Wikvvclecch'. 
A Whirlpool, kuhlogubegitk' ; kuhtogubcgaa- 

A Whirlwind, aoolamsiin piptogogwaasik. 
Whisky, Booktawich'. 
Whiskers, Wedool. 

To Whisper, kemawistoo ; kcma;^ I'moodumei'. 
To Whistle, Wigwasemoogwa'; Wigwase- 

To whistle to him, Wigwasemoogwolk'. 
A Whistle, Pepoogwokuncheech. 
White, VVobae ; VVobaak. 
The white of an egg, Wobaak waoo. 
To have white eyes, Wobalkegwei'. 
To have white hair, Wobaltoogwei'. 
To have a white head, (hoary head), W6p- 


To Whiten, v. tr., Wobaadoo ; Woba'dega ; 

To be whitened, Woba'dase ; Woba'lookse ; 

Wobalkoose ; Wobaalimk. 
To whiten one's self, Woba'luse. 

To wear a white hat, Wobatpaam. 

To have white feet, VVobegadei'. 

To be dressed in white, VVolii^uMaam. 

A whited wall, Wnbogoopskrniasik. 

To paint it white; To whitewash it, 


To be whitewashing, Wfipsaga'de^a. 
To have a white face, Wul)egwei'. 
To be becoming white, Wobca'. 
White flannel, VVnbtkjcech. 
To have a white beard, Wobcdooci'. 
To be turning white in spots, (ax the In- 
dia ns sDiiK'tiiiu-s do), Woba'isakuya'. 

White cloth, VVobck. 

A stretch of white sand, WobAmkck'. 

White iron, fsilrcr), Wobaaguk. 

A white stone, Wobapskck. 

White flour, Wobnrickul. 

To have some (white) flour, Woba'chkume. 

White Wood, Wobogomkuk. 

White alder, Wobogum. 

To become white, \\'6baase. (Note. — This 
word also means to ujx'n the ci/en, which 
exhibits the ivhite of the cijck, and it also 
shows the relation of Wobae, " white," to 
wopk, the ^Horning lijfht, — " The oiieniny 
of the ('lie of the moniiii<j."J 

The white of the eye, Wobawipkcgwei'. 

A white cloud, Wobalook'. 

The clouds are growing white, Wobaloo- 


To show the whites of the eyes, \V6bab- 

To have the nails clear and white, W6b- 

To have white hands, Wobiptinei'. 
To have on a white necktie, \V6beskw6k- 


A white necktie, Wobeskwoktin. 

To be fading, or turning white from 

the sun, Wobipkaasik. 
To have a white neck, (said particularly 

of a bird), Wobeskwokunei'. 



To have a white foot, (n iIikjx luivn J, W6b- 

A white bank, \V5!)obune^'r-l<'. 

To have a white forehead, fs " liorse), 

To have a white rump, VVoi)iKchci'. 

A white owl, VVobc-k()()'k()oi;vvi:'S. 

To fade white, (to hlciw'), r. //•., \Vobn<;cAk'. 

To whiten, (Itlenrh it), r, /;', Woboksi'mi. 

To be whitened by the sun, (bleached), 


To grow white, \V(5bop;wisk'. 

To have white legs, Wobogimeguncgadci'. 

White moss, VVol)ii!ctko()l. 

To have a white back, WObipkamci'. 

To have a white belly, Wobaskrulcci'. 

To have a white tail, Wobaluo^t'. 

To have a white complexion, Wobalooot'. 

To have white feet, \\ obcgadei' ; Wopse- 

White paint, VVobekogunAkfm. 
There is white paint, ami, The paint is 

white, WobckogimAkuiiik'. 

There is no white paint. The paint is 

not white. Moo Wobekoguiiakunenook. 
To be painting (^things) white, \V6beko- 

To paint it white, Wobekog'uniim. 

To be painting something of one's own, 
white, Wobegoguniimase ; Wobckogun- 


To be in quest of white 'paint, VVobeko- 

guiiAkun-aaga ; 



The bread is white, Wobibimaak. 

White Waters, pr.n., (Cliirerie), Woboock'. 
White Islands, pr. n., Pugumcchoord<ade. 
White Waters, pr. n., (Lower J^ereaux, 

UornwaUis, N. S.J, VVojeeclik. 
White Point, pr. n., Anagwa'kade. 
White Head, pr. n., Kamsogoocheech. 
Whither ? Tame ? Tameej.ial ? 
Whitsuntide, Labalkodawimk'. 

To Whittle, Mcgoodowwa'; Mi?goo(lt^^a' ; 

To whittle it up into fine pieces, iCtum- 


To whittle it round, riptogigoodum. 

To Whiz, rCtntaak. 

Who"? Tan? Tan win ? 

Whoever, Tan i asuk well ; Tan ba W(5n. 

To be whole, Mcsac 

The Whole, 'Msut ; Tan tasiik ; 'Msut tan 

Wholly, ruinu ; Sisumu. A prefix in compo- 
sition, kakci. 

To Whoop, kcdooolk' ; knkwt-me ; kcdoo. 

A Whoop, uktoooknn ; MAtuntoonkun ; (a 

llHir ir/i,i()/i). 

Why, koi^ooa' oochit' ? T.llaAk ? 
Why is it so? kogoofi' wcjetfdadakunik' ? 
Whycogumagh, /»/•. n., Wakogumaak. 
Wicked, cfomvawc ; I'adadci^fi'. 
To be very wicked. To be a devil, Winse. 
Wide, kcskudCk' ; kcskae ; l-'cskciik ; Fiskud- 
dc'k' ; ka'dasik. 

A wide piece of wood, A wide board, &c., 

A wide piece of iron, kcskaaguk. 
A wide stone, kcskapskck. 
A wide river, kcski'itkwck'. 
A wide house, (ratbcr, tke house is vj'ule), 

A wide "ship," kcskoo'lkuk. 
A wide road, kcskudck' ; kcskCidowtik. 
To make the road wide, kLskudowtagum. 
A wide piece of land, kt-skakumogck'. 
A wide piece of water, kcskubafik. 
A wide knife, kcskniook'. 
A wide piece of cloth, kcskek. 
A wide sandbar, kcskamkck. 
A wide sheet, (of hark, eluth, li-c), keskog- 

How wide is the board ? T.alikskriak sakska ? 

The board is so wide, Tclikskaak. 
How wide is the iron 1 Talikskaaguk ? 




The iron is so wide, Triikskan^^rik, 

How wide is the house? Talikskigoodm- 

kuk ? 
The house is so wide, Trlikskitrnnrtrnkfik. 

How wide is the ship? TAlikskoolkuk. 

The ship is so wide, Tcliksknolkrik, 

The "ship" is five cubits wide, Nan 

m<)()Hkrincf>rin Cf^alooch tclikskoolkuk, (i.e., 
Jire tiinnH tlie. Iniiflli of tin' (inn from the 
fiv()er evdn to the elhow. the Indian method 

of measuring.) 

How wide is the "sheet?" T.lliksko- 

gumakrik .' 

The sheet is so wide, Tclikskogumakiik. 
To make the "sheet" wide, ki^skaguma- 


To make the " sheet " so wide, Tcliksko- 

To Widen, v. int., (the river tuidena oat and 

lncomeH (t lake), liAnooafik. 
A Widow, Segoo'skw. 
A Widower, Segnoop', 
A Wife, My Wife, Ntabitem ; Nigumaach. 

(A familiar way of addressing one's wife 

is, aan, .somewhat equivalent to, my dear.) 
To have a wife, Wctabitcme. 
A Wig, Peloooltukw. (French, perriiqiie.). 
A Wigwam, Wig worn. (See Home.) 
A wigwam stripped of its covering, 

The hole in the top of the wigwam to 

allow the smoke to escape, Ooniskig- 

A deserted wigwam, Oosegaagun. 
The edge of the wigwam inside, where it 

touches the ground, keegem. 
To cover in a wigwam, Pedooweegadum. 
To cover a wigwam with boughs, Pedoo- 

To be wild, W^kase. 
A Wilderness, Baktakiimikt' ; Taipkwaak ; 

kdltoSk' ; Taimkooaak ; Pokumiktek'. 
A wild goose, Senijmkw'. 

A white wild goose, Wubescnnmkw', 

Willow, rilrimoojfji'imAnc'^ksc. 
Red Willow, MCgokrimkrijccch ; Inikwalogum; 

Winchelsea Harbour, pr, n., Noodakw5de. 

The Wind, Ooihoo'sfm. 

The wind blows, Wdjoo'suk. 

Which way is the wind? Tame wetfik ? 

T;1ltuk ? 

The wind rises, Pctrmcak'. 

The wind goes down, al.ltunedk'. 

The wind shifts, atiineAk'. 

The wind comes round, kewftnskuduneAk'. 

A head wind. The wind is ahead, Asilme- 

gweduneak' ; rcmatkwck ; WedrmAtkwck. 
To have a head wind, Asumegwcdunume. 
It is tossed about by the wind, WL-naksuk'. 
The wind howls, Wgdawuksuk ; kCsetawok- 

The wind goes down with the sun, aoo- 

To Wind, Totpedodcga' ; Tetpedodoo. 
A Winder, TetpedodAkun.i'. 
To wind a ball, Pipttigopskgdodoo. 

A Windfall, (a fallen tree), kaawSsk. 
Wine Harbour, pr.n., Pulamkeegunuchk'. 
Windsor, /n-. v., Setun. 
At, to, or from Windsor, Sctundok'. 
Window, Too o boot e. 
To make a window, Tooobooteaadoo. 
The Windpipe, Msedoonabe. 
Windward, Ooldun ; Ooldunook. 
Windy, kesuhchoo'suk. 
It is a windy day, The weather is windy, 

Wine, Megobaak ; Mogobaak ; Alagomanaboo. 
It tastes like wine, Megobagemaak. 
Wine berries, AswemAnul. 
A wineberry plant, Asweman6kse. 
A Wing, Oonuks. {dw^). 
Towing his way, BoktQsink' ; glmfislnk'. 
To break his wing, v. a., TSmilkoontaak ; 


To be winged, VVifnnkskc. 

To Wink, Scljoi^wcdcsin' ; M.1jegw5ilCsin'. 

To wink at him, M.ljcKwCdak'. 

To Winnow, I'uoowistCtiri'. 

Winter, kt-sik. 

Last Winter, uksin'. 

Next Winter, uksinook'. 

Winter is coming on, Fcjcbook'. 

Midwinter, Aktabook' ; Mcowwebook'. 

All Winter, Naooklebuok'. 

To Winter, etleboonse. 

Winter berries, kakujoomAnul. 

Winter berry plants, kakrijoomAnSkse. 

A hard winter, Medoocbook'. 

A cold winter, Tcgcbook'. 

A long winter, Amasebook. 

To Wipe, kasum ; kasaadoo ; kasaaliik ; ka'- 

To wipe the eyes, kasipke^ose ; kasabulge- 

To wipe the hands, kajilchose ; kAsiptinose. 

A Wiper, kasa'clakunfi' ; kasurnkwdna'dfikun ; 
kasegosoode ; kaasigun. 

Wire, kusawokabe. 

Wisdom, 'Nsutooogun ; Nadada'soode. 

Wise, Ncstooae; Nfuladaase ; Nadeie. 

To have wise thoughts, Ncsioocdaase. 

To Wish, Mcnwcga' ; kwejedaadam ; kwcjeda'- 
dega ; Fawottim ; Nedaje. 

A Witch, BooiJineeskw. 

To Witch, To bewitch, Boooinwa'dega ; 
Boooinwaaluk ; Hoo<>invvaadoo ; Boooeenuk. 

Witchcraft, Boooinwa'dAkun ; Booiiinwa'- 

With, (Note. — There is no single word cor- 
responding to this preposition, but there is 
a prefix which resembles it in sound and 
which has the same meaning. It is wit, 
wij, ?fH<,— according to the vowels which 
follow, as : 

We go together, (you go with me), Wijadeek'. 

To dwell with him, WijiikodQm. 

To sit with, Witpe ; Witgk'. 

They lit together with each other, Widoo- 

To Withdraw, '■. inf., I'oktrimkaase. 
To Withdraw, '• fr . nikiskaadoo. 
A Withe, Nrimnogfin : Nnmnugrin.lbc ; Nebc- 

Withered, ( it'ltfieiooml) ripskunakunomoose. 
To Wither, r. Int., Ctk ; c-tkul , Sawiptfk' ; 

Wobipkaasik' ; Sawipsijik ; kakaslukcAk' ; 

kakastukca' ; MuIjoguineAk'. 
To Wither, >'. tr.. Sawiptaadoo. 
Within, lk»"il<; LAinfifik. 
Within thohi' se, Lamigwomk. 
Without, k )i-ii.iniK)k'. 
To Withs*^aid, l'ogw5lk'' I^ckajaase. 
A Witn. o, uloDi'dunvV.oode. 
To bear witni^^S, i5U)0cdurn;1sc ; Noojclooe- 

A Wizaid, I^) xiin. 
Wo! Aagci ! \Vu>/iimajr)de ! 
A Wolf, Boktusum. 
Wolfish, Boktusumooa'. 
Wolf River, pr. n., B^ktrisumooa' seboo. 
Wolfs Island, ,»/■. /'., Pcdawoongfk'. 
Woman, abit. 

A woman-servant, Oonokubemceskw. 
The Womb, Mijooajeech week ; Mooskobe ; 

Wompum, ulna'pskw ; ulnapskook. 
To Wonder, Paknieie. 
A wonder, Pakuleioode ; Pakuleioookfin ; Pil- 

Wonderful, Pakuleioookunik' ; Agastalaya'. 
Wonderstruck, Pakuladaase. 
Wondrous, Wegooaak. 
To Woo, Moonsciak'. 
Wood, kumooch'. 
The Woods, Nebookt'. 
In the woods, Nebooktook'. 
To go up from the shore into the woods, 

Natakamatkaase ; Sokvvefi'; eiiskoguya'. 
A hardwood grove, Malikt' 
Fallen Wood, (trees), glokoosk'. 




Green Wood, filnogum. * 

Dry Wood, Muljopjum. 

To be getting wood, kumocjirigri. 

A Woodchuck, Moonumkvvcch'. 
A Woodcock, Oonakpudecg'isoo. 
Wooded, kfimoo'jooik'. 
Woodlouse, Apchemooltimkawa'. 
Fire Wood, Booksook', (fad). 
Woodpecker, Abokujech' ; Antavv<"as; keo- 

kwafiiii ; Oologoone ; kigulaLCWcjh' ; Mak- 

tavvaak abogujech' ; Owwonta'gcjit. 
Woodpigeon, Pules'. 
Woody, kumoojcgck'. 
Woof, Leskuiioookun. 

Wool, Weiigunabccl ; Chechkcloofioochwubeel. 
Woollen, Checlikclooaoochvvobefi'. 
Woollen yarn, Cherlikclooaocchwube kesnoo- 

wosigul. (Lit., Sj)ii/a louol). 
Woolly, Weiogunabea' ; Chechkclooaooch- 

A Word, knlooswokLin. 
To Work, clookwa'. 
Work, Loogowukiin. 
Worker, Loogowenoo' ; Nootiilookwa' ; Noot- 

li igowenooe. 
A Workman, Ncdowlookwa' ; (To know well 

lunv to irork). 
Workmanship, 'Nkesedakun ; Wcgesedakiin. 
The World, Oositkumoo. 
To be worldly, Oositkumoogawa' ; Oosit- 

kumoogavvaach ; Oositkiimoogavvenoo. 

A Worm, Choojech' ; VVcte. 

Wormy, Choojeejooik'. 

To Worry, v. tr., Acbkiinaak' ; WcnmajaAk' ; 

Siktawaaluk ; Wcdumaak'. 
Worse, Ajcwinchiik ; ajccnicgwae ; Ajiksenoo- 

kvvei' ; Ajeaoolaje. 
Worship, Alasoodiimumk'. 
To Worship, Alasooduniei' ; Alasoomk' ; kep- 

mt'daalumk' ; Mowikpiimeda'lumuk'. 
Worth, Tan tclowtik 
What is the worth ? (valae ' price I) Tal- 

owte ? '1 aluvvtik ? 

To be worth so much, Na tehmtik. 

It is worth a dollar," Naooktagik tclowtik. 

It is not worth a dollar, Moo telowtiiiook 

It is worth a cow, Wenjoodcamowtik. 
It is worth a horse, Tasebow-owtik. 
It is worth a straw, kooliimkvvoksaowtik. 
It is not worth a straw, Moo kooliun- 


It is worth while, alowtik; Wclowtik ; kcgc- 

It is not worth while. Moo alowtinook ; 

Moo welowtiiiook ; Moo kogenooaanook. 

To be worthless, Moo taluhtapsoomi ; Moo 

We are wholly worthless, Mowwe-moo- 

Worthy, kepmae ; Telulitapsoone ; Tatkae. 

To Wot, kejedoo. 

To Wound, Chilebulnaak ; Chilbuinadiim ; 

Meltclak' ; Matlaak ; kumoostnak ; cltaak ; 

Chiltelak'; Chciaak' ; Amootelaak ; Askei- 

Wounded, Amoodaasp ; Amootclase ; Chile- 

A Wound, Maltcl'igun. 
To Wrangle, kamedoolteek' ; Tagrdoodool- 

A Wrangler, ]5ooskelagalooa'. 
To Wrap, f. tr., eooneskwcgaadoo ; coones- 

A Wrapper, eooneskwcga'dakun ; Pedoogoon. 
To wrap him up with a cloak, Pedoo- 

To wrap myself in a cloak, Pedoogwaase. 
To be wrapped in a cloak, Peduogwe. 
Wrath, Ookweioudc; Booskuiikvveioode ; kcs- 

Wrathful, kcsubkweie ; Wcgcie. 
Wrecked, Okwodesk'. 
To Wreck, Okwodcstoo. 
A Wren, NumCitkulnaas. 
To fall and wrench one'3 self, kedakadesin'. 



To wrench a joint, fto sprain), ketagaadoo Wrong, «./>. and adv., Moo weleaanook ; Moo 


To Wrestle, kokwad 
A Wrestler, Ncdowwe-kokwa'dega. 
A Wretch, Hooskc-oonniajfie: kcseloovva. 
Wretched, cnici^wae; emegwedaalka. 
To Wriggle, Majeboose. 
To Wring, Chinpcgoonowwa' ; Chinpegoon- 

um ; Chinpcgoonk' ; Chinpcgaadoo ; Chin- 


A Wrinkle, v., Atkegwaamk. 
To be wrinkled, Atkegwae. 
To Write, aweckuga'; avveeki'tn. 
To Wrong, v. fr., Obulaaluk ; Achkunaaluk ; 
achkuiiodcga ; Obula'dega'. 


To go wrong, Pcsogowteemae ; Pesogvvcn- 

To do wrong, Obida'dcga ; Pada'dega. 

To teach wrong, (ivcorredli/J, Pcsogekenoo- 

dumei' ; Pesogekenoodumooa' ; Pesogeke- 


To put a garment on wrong side out, 

It is wrong end to, clmijedck'. 
It stands on the wrong end, elmijeboogooik'. 
To hit it on the wrong end, clmijedaam. 
Wry, Wokchooik': Wekchooa'dasik. 
To make a wry face. Winegwedoodtim. 


Xiphias, keneskoonech' 


A yard, OwwcpLska'dasik ; Eakapiska'dasik. 
A moose yard, WisCmoode. 
To find moose in their yard, keoosa'. 
A yard in measure, Taboo mooskun'isui 

Yarmouth, />r. »., kcspoogwit. Land's End. 

Yarmouth River, pr. n., Mrdigeak'. 

To yawn, Hiktaam; Hiktose; Sebe ; Siptoo 

Ye ! kclow' ! 
To yean, Pcnetkwit'. 
A year, Nfiuokiebook'. 
During a whole year, Naookteboonkuk. 
To be one year old, N.H.okteboonei'. 
A yearling, (tHnn.'<rj, Negcajoo. 

Yearly, mh:., Taseboonkuk. 
To yearn, L^k .se.spcdaasc. 

The yelk of an egg, Lamooow'. 
To yell, Saa.skwa. 
A yell, Saskoo'dimk. 
I To be yellow, ; Wddoptck'. 
Yellow paint, Wodoptogunakun. 

j^ be painting with yellow paint, \V6d6p- 

to^imovvvva' ; W odopto'giinuin. 

A yellow pine tree, Mckwskudajit. 

A yellowhammer, (<i hint), Ooloogoone. 

Yellow dye stuff, Wodoptegawa'. 

To colour yellow, '•. //•., Wodoptegawa'dega ; 

W odoplcgawaaliik ; Wodoptegawaadoo ; 

\Vo( opsaadoo ; Wudoptusum. 
The yellow bird, Nebeaacb. 
Yellow weed, 'Mkuseel. 
To yelp, Wegiliu' ; Wcgit'. 
Yea, Yes, aa, kcdrd cdook'. 



Yest, Saoogwa'dSkun ; Abeda'dSkun ; Saoo- 

Yesterday, Oolagoo'. 
Yesternight, Wglaagwgk'. 
Day before yesterday, Tigeoolagoo'. 
Yet, Mach ; Skumtook ; Chel. 
To yield, kewelse ; kewaani. 
Yoke, Togulawokuna' ; (Lit., A thing on the 

Yolk, Lamooow' ; Wodgptek' waoo. 

You, keel, sing., ; kelow', plur. 

To be young, Maichawa'jooe ; MSlehawaach ; 

To be with young, (said of a woman), Ngn- 

kajae ; kekchegwei' ; (aaid of animals), 

Chetkwit; Tetkwit. 
Your, Yours, kelow'. 
Youth, Nootkwaimkawa'. 



Zephyr, Naoosuk ; Noo'suk ; Wetudeech.